Veterans Choice To Be Fleeced For Hepatitis C Veterans

Veterans Affairs unilaterally decided to dip into Veterans Choice to fund antiviral medication for Hepatitis C veterans. The recent decision mandated that all infected veterans be outsourced to Veterans Choice effective immediately. Last week, … [Read more...]

Allison Hickey Takes Swipe At Congress

Head of VA Benefits Administration Allison Hickey took a swipe at Congress yesterday at a hearing focused on the trouble-plagued Philadelphia Regional Office. Hickey hit back against Congressional complaints by pointing out Congress withheld … [Read more...]

Reversal Of Agent Orange ‘Boots On The Ground’ Policy

The White House Office of Management and Budget this week may approve a reversal of VA’s Agent Orange policy of requiring boots on the ground for some veterans. This possible change is the result of public outcry and political pressure following … [Read more...]

VA OIG Calls Out Fraud And Abuse At Philadelphia VA

VA OIG just released its conclusion of an investigation into Philadelphia VA confirming allegations of fraud and abuse committed by VA leadership at the location. The VA OIG report is titled, “Administrative Investigation Misuse of Position and … [Read more...]

WSJ Says New VA Disability Calculators Too Veteran Friendly

Wall Street Journal, the newspaper of the 1%, criticized the new VA disability calculator speeding up claims. Some VA employees came forward to complain that the new system rates veterans too favorably. If nothing else, this unwitting story … [Read more...]

IAVA Survey Upends Department Of Veterans Affairs Claims

A recently released IAVA survey upends questionable claims made following a similar evaluation released by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) survey highlights the impact of the disability … [Read more...]

Dear Government Contractors Who Tap Phones

Some veterans have written in recently about an abnormal amount of surveillance pertaining to their communications with loved ones and family. I agree. It is obnoxious to have your phone click on like an old cassette recorder when traditional records … [Read more...]