Former VA Chief Of Staff Linked To Gulf War Scandal

A new Newsweek report claims former VA chief of staff John Gingrich is linked to the initial Gulf War chemical weapons cover-up as an Army battalion commander in 1991. The Newsweek report claims Gingrich not only knew of the side effects from US … [Read more...]

Possible Link Between Head Trauma And Brain Tumors

Veterans hitting roadblocks connecting their head trauma to brain tumors like meningioma will be relieved to learn researchers linked head trauma to some tumors. Those with traumatic brain injuries or who suffered blast exposure should take note. … [Read more...]

Veterans Affairs Unveils New Website Platform

Veterans Affairs sent out an email today proclaiming its new user interface and web design for veterans filing for benefits. I do not have a ton to say about it other than that the new Veterans Affairs website looks pretty fantastic. Let's hope it … [Read more...]

‘Trailblazer’ Allison Hickey Highlighted By Washington Post

In the run up to the disability backlog fix deadline set by secretary Eric Shinseki, under secretary of benefits Allison Hickey is highlighted in her work to meet that deadline. Allison Hickey is a retired brigadier general and currently one of … [Read more...]

Little Rock VA Caught Defrauding 48 Veterans

VA OIG conducted a surprise inspection at Little Rock VA looking into previously overlooked claims found two years ago and discovered regional office employees gave the claims fraudulent claims dates potentially saving VA tens of thousands in back … [Read more...]

Military Sexual Trauma Survivors Take Backseat

Survivor stories and legislative reforms focusing on military sexual trauma have taken a backseat over the past year in major media outlets, but that does not mean the problems related to treatment and VA benefits have improved. I wanted to take … [Read more...]

Oakland Regional Office ‘Lost’ 14,000 Veterans Claims

In 2012, VA OIG found 14,000 informal veterans' claims jammed in a cabinet at the Oakland Regional Office. Management at the Oakland Regional Office then lost those 14,000 informal claims after being notified, according to a recent follow up VA OIG … [Read more...]

West Point Professor Dan Gade Says Disability Pay ‘Harmful’

Professor Dan Gade says disability pay for disabled veterans is “harmful” and that it causes the veteran to “lose the sense of identity and self-worth that can come from work,” according to a NY Times article yesterday. Do you agree? The Lt. … [Read more...]