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New York VA Audit Shows 30% Veterans’ Claims Improperly Evaluated

New York VA Audit

New York, NY – A New York VA audit revealed the New York VA Regional Office failed to properly evaluate 30 percent of disability claims in the sample. Half of those claims improperly evaluated had the potential or did affect the veteran’s … [Read more...]

MMQB: Vietnam Vet Hammers Others For Seeking PTSD Benefits

PTSD Benefits

Commentators are coming out in full force against veterans seeking PTSD benefits by employing anecdotes and bad science to undermine many disabled veterans. Denver Post just published an article from a veteran citing anecdotes of Vietnam veterans … [Read more...]

GAO Report: High Rate of Military Sexual Trauma Victims wrongly Denied Benefits

Military Sexual Trauma Denials

VA has consistently treated Military Sexual Trauma (MST) victims poorly over the years, and the current GAO report states the agency is slow to address the problems. In its report, “Improvements Made, but VA Can Do More to Track and Improve the … [Read more...]

Why is the VA Scandal a Foreign Policy Issue?

140610 Foreign Policy Report

Foreign Policy Magazine circulated its newsletter yesterday with surprising coverage of the VA Scandal. In its National Security Daily Brief, Foreign Policy included a great variety of commentary on the VA scandal from a number of sources … [Read more...]

VA Screwing TBI Vets – Here are the Quick Facts for Your TBI Evaluation

TBI Evaluations

VA gives tons of TBI evaluations every day, but before your TBI evaluation, make sure you are armed with the facts. Today, I put together this down and dirty collection of most of my data from VA regarding its treasure trove of traumatic brain … [Read more...]

VA OIG Cries Foul, Agency Duped by a Gun-Toting, Felon, Sex Offender

Cheat VA

  Yesterday, VA OIG touted its big win but left out the obvious, that its own doctors did not detect if a person was in fact a paraplegic in a VBA disability claim. The VA OIG headline read, “So. Carolina Man Faces $250K Fine, 15 Years in … [Read more...]

Do You know Who can Conduct Mental Health C&P Exams?

Mental Health Credentials

Do not be fooled, there are specific rules VHA examiners must follow when conducting mental health C&P exams – and not just any old VA employee will do. Always remember - just because someone has a white coat on does not mean everything coming … [Read more...]

Research suggests 99.4% of Veterans don’t make Fraudulent Disability Claims

Fraud puzzle concept

Just in. An Army PTSD policy memo buried deep in the nether regions of the internet highlighted supremely low levels of fraudulent disability claims made by veterans with PTSD. I personally searched for this report for the past two years until … [Read more...]