Philadelphia VA Outs Attempted Appointment Fraud

  One leaked email from a Philadelphia VA manager outs one VA hospital for trying to encourage Philly VA employees to commit appointment fraud by canceling consult requests put in during the week of Thanksgiving. Apparently the … [Read more...]

Bob McDonald’s ‘Failing’ Appeals Process Blame Game

Secretary Bob McDonald says the appeals process is “failing veterans” because the tools and procedures are too “cumbersome and clunky.” Is the process failing veterans because it is too clunky or is it because too many VA employees are allowed to … [Read more...]

Covert Surveillance Used Against Disabled Veteran

The Department of Veterans Affairs made use of undercover agents and covert surveillance strategies against one veteran with multiple sclerosis in a malingering sting. The veteran was convicted of wrongfully receiving $1.5 million in compensation for … [Read more...]

Veterans Affairs $4 Billion Computer Mess

Veterans Affairs Inspector General provided testimony to Congress that VA’s 30-year Paperless VA quest from VETSNET to Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS) is a total mess. Titled, “1988 to 2016: VETSNET TO VBMS: BILLIONS SPENT, BACKLOG … [Read more...]

VA Execs Demoted For Scam, Finally

Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledged Friday that it finally demoted VA execs Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves for manipulating pay systems for personal gain, but lawmakers question why they will not be prosecuted. Doesn’t this make you … [Read more...]

Massive Claims Backlog At St. Petersburg VA Regional Office

VA OIG found a massive claims backlog at St. Petersburg VA Regional Office employees sat on over 41,900 mail packages submitted by veterans to support their claims. OIG also found over 1,600 boxes were also awaiting processing at the CACI scanning … [Read more...]

Veterans Affairs Wrongly Denied 50 TBI Cases

Veterans Affairs wrongly denied 50 veterans with TBI access to benefits for the complex neurological condition because they used unqualified doctors to diagnose the condition. NBC KARE 11 in Minneapolis published a 4-part series last weekend … [Read more...]

Democrat Turns On AFGE Union, Sides With Republicans

U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn turned coat on public sector unions like AFGE to fight back for deep reforms of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Thanks to the Diana Rubens scandal, Walz finally joined the camp of realists (not just Republicans) who … [Read more...]