Appeals Board Corruption Still Unchecked

Former “political prisoner” and disabled veteran Keith Roberts is still waiting for reinstatement of his veterans benefits by an appeals board following a “trumped up” prosecution for wire fraud that has since been disproved. Think it is possible … [Read more...]

VA Fixes Disability Backlog With Shredder

Los Angeles VA Regional Office was caught with key elements of veterans’ claims “inappropriately placed in shred bins” within the facility during an audit. California lawmakers are now questioning the integrity of the facility workers. This is a … [Read more...]

DBQ Scheme Shifts Cost Burden To Veterans

Slides from a 2014 presentation about Veterans Affairs new DBQ scheme show flaws within the system including a shifting of the cost burden from VA to veterans. DBQ is short for disability benefits questionnaire, and the scheme has caused a blow out … [Read more...]

Your Mental Health Exam And The Dubious DBQ

Have you ever been given the 'brush off' by a provider when seeking a mental health exam on a DBQ?  Turns out that the VA instructs its providers to do just that very thing. This is Part 1 of a 4 part series that exposes insider VA policy talks … [Read more...]

Why Did A VA Advisory Laugh At Chief Judge Kasold DBQ Critique?

A VA Advisory Counsel laughed at a critique about disability benefits questionnaires (DBQ) from US Court of Veterans Appeals (CAVC) Chief Judge Kasold. And I for one could not believe what I was reading during my analysis of FOIA documents I recently … [Read more...]

Veterans Choice To Be Fleeced For Hepatitis C Veterans

Veterans Affairs unilaterally decided to dip into Veterans Choice to fund antiviral medication for Hepatitis C veterans. The recent decision mandated that all infected veterans be outsourced to Veterans Choice effective immediately. Last week, … [Read more...]

Allison Hickey Takes Swipe At Congress

Head of VA Benefits Administration Allison Hickey took a swipe at Congress yesterday at a hearing focused on the trouble-plagued Philadelphia Regional Office. Hickey hit back against Congressional complaints by pointing out Congress withheld … [Read more...]

Reversal Of Agent Orange ‘Boots On The Ground’ Policy

The White House Office of Management and Budget this week may approve a reversal of VA’s Agent Orange policy of requiring boots on the ground for some veterans. This possible change is the result of public outcry and political pressure following … [Read more...]