Are VA Employees Conspiring Against Rights Of Veterans?

Recent revelations of a secret VA employee website may spawn a new investigation into allegations that C&P examiners may be conspiring against rights of veterans with PTSD. Check out more on an old law we looked at that may apply to VA … [Read more...]

MMQB – Did VA Contractor Sterling Medial Rip Off VA By 33 Percent?

Sterling Medical, a leading contractor for VA health care, was linked last week to a wait list scandal in Hibbing, Minn., in the equivalent of a multi-million dollar scam if true. According to the Star Tribune, VA employees were instructed to … [Read more...]

Washington Times Lobs Grenades At Severely Disabled Veterans

Yesterday, Washington Times lobbed grenades at severely disabled veterans following a newly released Government Accountability Office report. The title of the Washington Times article was deceptively titled “Veterans caught triple-dipping on … [Read more...]

Judge Gives VA Agent Orange Denial A Roundhouse Kick

One judge finally gave a VA Agent Orange denial a judo chop followed by a roundhouse kick when reversing a denial of a veteran formerly stationed in South Korea. Well, kind of. The decision was not totally on point – it denied Agent Orange … [Read more...]

Check Out The Updated VA M21-1MR Disability Manual

Department of Veterans Affairs has hundreds of guides, handbooks and manuals including download PDF of this entire M21-1MR Part I VA Disability Compensation Manual. The M21-1MR Disability Manual manual details VA requirements for processing … [Read more...]

CBO Proposes Huge Cuts To Veterans Disability Program

On the back of one of the most disgusting scandal against veterans ever, our government took a first look into cutting VA's veterans disability program. Yesterday, Washington Times (WT) published a predictable anti-veterans benefits article in a … [Read more...]

St. Louis VA Regional Office Disability Program A Mess

Agency watchdog VA OIG just released its report discussing findings on the ground concerning disability compensation at the St. Louis VA Regional Office. Problems existed all over but temporary 100% grants were the most problematic. VA OIG … [Read more...]

$40 Million In Improper Payments Due To Hickey’s Provisional Rating Scheme

Agency watchdog VA OIG found the agency failed to accurately rate 32 percent of ratings due to Under Secretary Allison Hickey's provisional rating scheme. This inaccuracy caused over $40 million in estimated improper payments – which are defined as … [Read more...]