West Point Professor Dan Gade Says Disability Pay ‘Harmful’

Professor Dan Gade says disability pay for disabled veterans is “harmful” and that it causes the veteran to “lose the sense of identity and self-worth that can come from work,” according to a NY Times article yesterday. Do you agree? The Lt. … [Read more...]

ANECDOTE ALLEY – Do Veterans Read VA Claims Denials?

Like many veterans, I did not read my claims denials for the first seven years I fought against VA for erroneous claims denials. This anecdote is my own and an embarrassing confession as to how long it took me to sober up to the reality that trusting … [Read more...]

Reporter Blows Lid Off Military Corrections Board Scam

Investigative reporter Alissa Figueroa blew the lid off the Military Corrections Board scam of denying male sexual assault victims the justice they deserve and uncovered a bigger scandal. In her four-part coverage of the scam, Figueroa uncovered a … [Read more...]

The ‘Mystery’ Sources Of Special Monthly Compensation Law

One veteran’s wife contacted me recently about Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), and I’m embarrassed to say I did not have a great answer for her off the top of my head. When I bounced the situation off a couple other veterans lawyers, they were … [Read more...]

Are VA Employees Conspiring Against Rights Of Veterans?

Recent revelations of a secret VA employee website may spawn a new investigation into allegations that C&P examiners may be conspiring against rights of veterans with PTSD. Check out more on an old law we looked at that may apply to VA … [Read more...]

MMQB – Did VA Contractor Sterling Medial Rip Off VA By 33 Percent?

Sterling Medical, a leading contractor for VA health care, was linked last week to a wait list scandal in Hibbing, Minn., in the equivalent of a multi-million dollar scam if true. According to the Star Tribune, VA employees were instructed to … [Read more...]

Washington Times Lobs Grenades At Severely Disabled Veterans

Yesterday, Washington Times lobbed grenades at severely disabled veterans following a newly released Government Accountability Office report. The title of the Washington Times article was deceptively titled “Veterans caught triple-dipping on … [Read more...]

Judge Gives VA Agent Orange Denial A Roundhouse Kick

One judge finally gave a VA Agent Orange denial a judo chop followed by a roundhouse kick when reversing a denial of a veteran formerly stationed in South Korea. Well, kind of. The decision was not totally on point – it denied Agent Orange … [Read more...]