Democrat Turns On AFGE Union, Sides With Republicans

U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn turned coat on public sector unions like AFGE to fight back for deep reforms of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Thanks to the Diana Rubens scandal, Walz finally joined the camp of realists (not just Republicans) who … [Read more...]

House Hearing Shows Graves Demoted, Rubens ‘Wore Out’

  The recent House hearing on Veterans Affairs last night confirmed suspicions that Kim Graves, former head of East Coast Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), was ill-equipped. It also confirmed that Diana Rubens, now director of … [Read more...]

Veterans Divided On Hickey Resignation

Veterans are clearly divided following the Allison Hickey resignation last week. Some veterans are certainly supportive of her work and direct help with a variety of disability compensation issues. Other veterans felt ignored and are generally … [Read more...]

Allison Hickey ‘Final Love Note’ To VA Employees

Under Secretary Allison Hickey stepped down on Friday but not before sending a "final love note" to VBA employees across the country. Questions still remain about why Hickey covered for VA executives linked to allegations of pay fraud and nepotism. … [Read more...]

Why Was Allison Hickey Covering For Rubens, Graves?

On Friday, Under Secretary Allison Hickey stepped down just prior to a House Committee hearing, October 21, 2015. That hearing is about allegations of pay fraud by Veterans Benefits Administration executives approved by Hickey. Late Friday … [Read more...]

Chicago NOVA Conference Covers New Blue Water Case

Yesterday marked the start of the fall NOVA Conference (National Organization of Veterans Advocates) this year being held in sunny Chicago, Illinois. Today started with covering new case law benefiting blue water veterans. Today, I am tuned in … [Read more...]

Senator Seeks Investigation Of ALL Veterans Affairs Execs

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) called for an investigation into the apparent fraud committed by high-level Veterans Affairs executives to orchestrate unlawful bonuses. Sen. Blumenthal claims high-level executives were engaged in a “scheme to … [Read more...]

VA OIG Takes Action Against SES Employees

VA OIG just revealed that it is referring two Senior Executive Service (SES) employees to the US Attorney from criminal investigation. The SES executives were caught in a possible fraud scheme to circumvent pay raise restrictions while working in … [Read more...]