2,100 Reservists Not Eligible For Agent Orange Presumptive

Last week, Veterans Affairs tossed out claims from 2,100 Reservists filing for disability from Agent Orange exposure on old C-123 planes with residue of the herbicide from the Vietnam War. The Institute of Medicine recently concluded the … [Read more...]

Lone Activist Wins VA Procedure Change

Veterans Affairs director of compensation Tom Murphy announced his program is making a needed VA procedure change following pressure from lone activist turned veterans benefits attorney. The agency is now changing its language covering certain … [Read more...]

VA Handcuffs Veterans Law Attorneys

VA is handcuffing veterans law attorneys be refusing them access to the paperless system unless they first sign a VA contractor agreement that waives privacy. Failure to sign the agreement, called Rules of Behavior for VA Contractors, prevents the … [Read more...]

Get The Truth On ‘Scientific Literature’ For VA Disability Claims

Some VA examiners and VA doctors alike are confusing veterans and Veterans Benefits adjudicators about what 'scientific literature' actually is when denying a claim. Do not be fooled. Personally, I think some VA examiners are misleading veterans … [Read more...]

New VA Forms ‘Obliterated’ Non-Adversarial Process

Many veterans organizations claim the new VA forms required to file disability compensation claims “obliterated” the non-adversarial process VA is required to adhere to. Ron Abrams, head of NVLSP, stated: "This is the essence of the … [Read more...]

Former VA Chief Of Staff Linked To Gulf War Scandal

A new Newsweek report claims former VA chief of staff John Gingrich is linked to the initial Gulf War chemical weapons cover-up as an Army battalion commander in 1991. The Newsweek report claims Gingrich not only knew of the side effects from US … [Read more...]

Possible Link Between Head Trauma And Brain Tumors

Veterans hitting roadblocks connecting their head trauma to brain tumors like meningioma will be relieved to learn researchers linked head trauma to some tumors. Those with traumatic brain injuries or who suffered blast exposure should take note. … [Read more...]

Veterans Affairs Unveils New Website Platform

Veterans Affairs sent out an email today proclaiming its new user interface and web design for veterans filing for benefits. I do not have a ton to say about it other than that the new Veterans Affairs website looks pretty fantastic. Let's hope it … [Read more...]