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Congressman Jeff Denham (R-CA) won the Badass of the Week Award for his gutsy comments to DOD and VA about their ineptitude in giving the American Taxpayers what we paid for.

To date, DOD and VA have already spent $1 billion of the $4 billion that has been allocated for the integration of the VA and DOD medical record system.

On February 27, 2013, Congress held a hearing on the matter. Neither the VA or DOD gave a cogent explanation of why they are now totally changing direction.

Here are some highlights of comments from Congressman Dehnam, a veteran himself of the US Air Force:

  • “You need to get it right, or we’re going to force you to get it right.”
  • “You’ve been given a directive by the president, by your agency secretaries, to get this done. My belief is that you don’t have the will to get this done.”
  • “Damnit, it’s time to get over the excused to get this fixed.”


Jeff Dehnam’s Biography

Congressman Jeff Denham represents the 10th District of California in the U.S. House of Representatives. His district includes all of Stanislaus County and part of San Joaquin County. He was first elected to Congress in 2010, and is currently serving a second term in the 113th Congress.

Rep. Denham’s public service career began with the U.S. Air Force, where he served for 16 years between active duty and reserve status. He fought in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope in Iraq and Somalia, respectively.

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Rep. Denham worked in the agriculture industry as an almond rancher and entrepreneur. He understands the critical importance of agriculture business in cultivating California’s economy and maintaining employment.

In his work as a California State Senator from 2002-2010, Rep. Denham focused on balancing run-away spending in California and protecting taxpayer dollars from wasteful state projects. He was a proven and courageous leader in the California Senate, where he gained renown for his refusal to vote on irresponsible budget proposals.

First and foremost, Rep. Denham is a family man. Jeff and Sonia Denham have been married for 19 years, and they have two children, Austin, 17, and Samantha, 14.

In his new position as a U.S. Congressman, Rep. Denham will continue to focus on representing the long-term interests of California’s agricultural businesses, finding a solution to the long struggle over water storage and conveyance, transportation interests in California, and fighting for the rights, protections and benefits America’s brave and heroic veterans deserve.


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  1. I know this is an almost 3 year old thread but it would be really nice Benjamin, if we could see more “Badass Of Week Awards”, if there’s any time to do so.

  2. the VA is staffed by lazy bureaucrats who think they can coast through their jobs everyday and not do anything but pass the buck and exploit vets. the next time you have contact with the VA tell them you will not accept no for an answer. i just had a surgical procedure that seems to have gone okay, except for the fact that they insisted i did not need pain medication or anti-inflammatories that they should have prescribed. the Mayo Clinic says they should have prescribed both to help the healing process from the incision and cauterizations they did. the VA f’s up everything. they make it look good and intimidate you while they are doing it. here, watch me cut you open, and this really won’t hurt later because you are used to pain. their attitude comes from the Nazi experiments they did no the Jews, like invasive surgery with no pain killers of any kind while the patient is awake and screaming. at least they gave me a local, but they really should have, according to Mayo Clinic experts and “real” doctors, given me something to offset the pain and help healing instead of me still being in pain and not able to sleep even worse than i normally am. don’t you just love the VA?

  3. We need more Congressmen with the fortitude and intelligence to speak out for veterans and the time wasted to get an answer. He’s right, they don’t believe they need to get it done, they believe their jobs are secure! We need to show them that they are no.

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