John Watts Self-Immulsion

‘Desperate’ Veteran Sets Self On Fire In Protest At Georgia Capitol

A Georgia veteran apparently desperate and upset set himself on fire using firecrackers and flammable liquid yesterday.

“He was strapped with some homemade incendiary devices (and) firecrackers, and doused himself with some kind of flammable liquid,” Georgia State Patrol Capt. Mark Perry told the AJC.

John Michael Watts, a 58-year-old Air Force veteran from Mableton, Georgia, walked from his car to the Georgia state Capitol building to commence self-immolation.

Several loud explosions followed, and a nearby trooper put out the fire. The nearby roads were closed while bomb crews cleared the area of further potential hazards.

Watts burned over 85 percent of his body and was subsequently rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.

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Commenting on the story, “’[D]isgruntled’ per the  article,” said Carter Agent. “I get disgruntled when I get the wrong order at a drive thru. The veterans who set himself on fire was a tortured and desperate man who had given up hope.”

Agent continued, “How insulting to choose that language to describe the veteran.”

This is the second self-immolation story we have heard in the past two years where a desperate veteran set himself on fire – – that is at least as far was we have heard.

Charles Ingram Suicide

In March 2016, Charles Ingram committed suicide by fire outside a local CBOC in New Jersey. In IG investigation into Ingram’s suicide confirmed the agency botched his mental health care that included use of telemedicine services.

Ingram reportedly waited longer than one month for appointments on a regular basis since 2011, when he started getting care at the Northfield VA facility. Prior to his death, he had not been seen for more than one year after repeated cancellations where follow-up appointment attempts were never made.

VA did not reach out to him despite requirements to do so.

“We found no attempts to follow this process,” the inspector general said. Ingram died while waiting for VA to schedule non-VA health care from a mental health care provider. At the speed with which VA processes non-VA mental health care, Ingram would probably still be waiting.

“(S)taff failed to follow up on no-shows, clinic cancellations, termination of services, and Non-VA Care Coordination consults as required,” the inspector general wrote in a report released Wednesday. “This led to a lack of ordered (mental health) therapy and necessary medications… and may have contributed to his distress.”

As for the list of failures, here is my tally of the noteworthy failures from the IG summary:

  1. failure to provide timely appointment
  2. failure to follow overbooking instructions
  3. failure to follow up after clinic cancels appointments
  4. failure to follow up on patient no-shows
  5. failure to provide follow-up appointments
  6. failure to refill prescribed medications
  7. failure to document lack of appointments
  8. failure to acknowledge lack of appointments
  9. failure to provide outreach to a veteran in distress
  10. failure to schedule community care
  11. failure to supervise clinic processes

After reading the report, I wonder how only one veteran committed suicide given the shoddy care VA dished out at the location. Numerous removals and reported terminations followed the suicide due to the colossal failures evidenced.

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Back To Watts

So what do we know about Watts?

Not much at this point, and I suspect VA will try to look the other way on this one following its poorly performing spin on recent suicide numbers released by the agency.

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Despite spending tens of millions on suicide awareness and suicide prevention, VA just published another report showing veteran suicide numbers are still over 20 per day.

Is VA pushing fancy websites and other forms of propaganda to merely appear like it’s doing everything that can be done while not in fact doing everything that can be done?

Would veterans benefit from taking the funds spent on fancy websites and instead use it to hire new counselors?

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  1. Did ya’ll know only 20% of veterans use VHA, because they’re poor and can’t afford healthcare, 80% don’t because they can afford not to, should be an indictment against VA.
    The more better VA mission statement retains ‘Choice 40’, the rule that excludes most veterans from Choice.

  2. I’ve thought about going to DC and bleeding out on the wall…but I would only be a stat and it would change nothing because most of America, congress et all…don’t really GAF!!!

  3. Puerto Rico VA Pharmacy Tech May Only Get 2 Years For Stealing $6.75 Million In Insulin
    7:29 PM 06/26/2018
    Evie Fordham Daily Caller

    “A Puerto Rico Veterans Affairs pharmacy technician is pleading guilty to stealing millions of dollars’ worth of insulin from her facility in San Juan, but she may receive a sentence of less than two years due to a plea agreement.

    Carmen Medina-Serrano was indicted on July 24, 2017, for stealing quantities of insulin with a market value of $6.75 million, costing the VA approximately $762,000. Her sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 21.

    Medina-Serrano’s guilty plea is the latest news of employees taking advantage of their positions at the VA Caribbean Healthcare System (VACHS), which includes Medina-Serrano’s workplace.”


    1. The person who said crime dosen’t pay must have never worked at a vA, crime does pay if you work at a vA. An unbelievably light sentence. I know people who done a whole hell of a lot less and got a great deal more. Wonder how many vets were killed or harmed because of lack of insulin, the VA won’t say i guess. Thanks Seymore for the report.

    2. THAT plea agreement engineered sentence is really not a sentence at all, is it?

      Seems to me that that she should receive a far harsher punishment than that.

  4. SAD for the Vet. Mr. Krause has become a hukster selling hopium and B.S. to disabled vets hoping for an answer to VA problems.

    1. Where does one go to find trust in what they say about the VA? I ask because one liner statements are usually sharp and to the point, just like yours. So I thought, hey this dude knows. I’m seeking other resources, and quite sure others are as well. Thanks for sharing the wealth to other Vets.

    2. Dave, how is he “selling” hope? Maybe selling some hope in offering help or ideas when dealing with naughty Voc Rehab clowns that are more concerned about helping their local cliques, illegals/DACA and buddies rather than doing much for veterans.

      He’s given us an open forum for news, sharing, etc. News that we would never hear about elsewhere, etc. Huckster? C’mon. He has made it clear what he does or may not deal with. This open forum since it is nationally known of and some of us have spread it around the country to every social level there is shows how all those reading it care and how the many refuse to get involved and actually do something. No, instead the the games continue along with all the propaganda of things changing when they are not. Especially on the local levels like I have shown.

      Aside from all that. We all know, or should know, that no town, agency, college, institution, sports arena, whatever wants “negativity” or too much truth about their town be open for “public consumption.” Bad for business, bad for sports crap, bad for the college community, the tourist traps, etc. All they want or is interested in is profits, revenue, traffic, facade. All claiming to be number one hoping for some business to come in or to benefit the Chambers of Commerce or some other group of self-serving clowns.

      News here? Nothing about the vet. Plenty on the smiling communist, illegals, college kiddie opinions on life we are all supposed to bow to, “unions not being political” AFL/CIO crap, the want of no borders, how a socialist slut in New York 28 yrs old won a primary, and other all lefty BS worthy of MSM being like a typical college rag. Oh but everything is just peachy and perfect.




      1. Well said, T.

        Let me play Devils Advocate for a minute, though. Just for the sake of argument, let us suppose that Dave is correct. Ben is “selling/spreading” Hope. Fine with me.

        After my dealings with the VA – – – and my past suicidal behavior and ideation, I do not see a bit of hope as a bad thing.

        Mr. Krause, You, Seymore, Elf, Nam, Rosie, Angela, Windguy, and a few others have provided hopium and encourageamentium enough that I am still here. And that to me is a blessing, now that my life is definitely taking a turn for the better.

        Big Ben and others may be providing hope, but it is not false hope. We just got to keep on keepin’ on sloggin through the mud until we see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it is there.

        Glad to see the SCOTUS decision re: Unions. Opens up opportunities over the next few years that veterans have not previously had.

      2. James, beyond thrilled to hear your report. Keep on truckin’ buddy and the best to you and yours.

        Yep, Ben’s blog has been a huge blessing in many ways.

  5. @sunvale, Stay Strong and continue to fight the fight, scream from the rooftops… But don’t “check out” on life.

    I too, struggle on daily basis, seeking adequate care from horrific excuses of VA Mental Health services and staff.
    It pisses me the F*∆9 off, how they continue to get away with the way they treat Veterans.

    Below is my current tirade that keeps me going:

    Letter written to WA Senators Cantwell and Murray in support of “Decriminalize Marijuana: The legislation would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level by descheduling (removing) marijuana from the list of scheduled substances under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act of 1970;”.

    The only true way of ensuring that Our Nation’s Veterans Services are “not withheld” due to personal choices for greater Daily Quality Of Life, by Marijuana use for Chronic Pain, PTSD, ANXIETY, Sleep Disorders, etc., versus VA normal protocol’s mixture of addictive OPIOIDS, BENZOS, and slew of damaging antidepressants, et al.

    Example: The VA CBOC, located in Mount Vernon WA, specifically the Mental Health Clinic Staff, repeatedly refuse to provide adequate VA adequate Mental Health services and needed ADHD medications to me the past few years, due to my legal Marijuana use for above medical issues.
    I’m struggling DAILY.
    My Daily Quality Of Life declines daily without ADHD stimulant meds, which allows me to focus on using EMDR to manage my exhaustive Chronic Nerve Pain, anxiety, PTSD, etc.,
    Marijuana was/is my gateway drug away from OPIOIDS.
    While Marijuana is large part of my overall Pain Management PLAN, alone it’s unable to effectively work when my damaged brain is scrambled 24/7 due to ADHD, multiple minor TBI’s, PTSD, etc.

    Please help our Veterans fight for their rights to adequate health care within the federal system. We’ve lost entirely way too many Veterans lives due to horrifically inadequate mental health services by subpar Staff hirings and outdated policies.

    Decriminalize Marijuana: The legislation would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level by descheduling (removing) marijuana from the list of scheduled substances under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act of 1970;

    As your constituent, I urge you to support the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act, which removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and provides funding for the expungement of criminal records for those with past marijuana convictions.

    Passage of this legislation is necessary to resolve the existing and ever-growing state/federal divide over marijuana policy. Thirty-one states regulate medical marijuana use and nine states regulate the plant’s use, production, and sale for all adults.

    Sixty-eight percent of registered voters — including majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — “support the legalization of marijuana,” and 73% support expunging the records of those previously convicted of marijuana-related offenses. according to 2018 nationwide polling data.

    Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act is supported by voters and comports with the changing legal, cultural, and political status of marijuana and those who consume it responsibly. I urge you to support this legislation.

    USN Retired Disabled Veteran

  6. When is President Trump going to take notice of what the VA is doing to us. I have been fighting 29 years and the VA continues to waste taxpayers money and will not address my arguments. How can you get help when the federal VA employees will not submit your claim to the Secretary for equitable relief when ask to do so to cover up their own mistakes including violation of jurisdiction == placing wrong information on VACOLS to give the Board illegal jurisdiction and admitting to doing it to get a remand. That is not the way the claim system is suppose to work and the person violated 38 CFR 5905 qne still drawing a federal check. This is wrong and disgraceful that veterans widows and orphans are being done this away.

  7. So after the first man who took his life waiting such a long time for health care and the VA failed him, and they found so many failures, How many people lost there jobs at the VA? I mean clearly people did not do there jobs, So how many where for this? If this was a private run business and you failed to do your job you would have been fired……. I am willing to bet money no one lost there jobs , this is why this is still going on. This is why nothing is getting fix. Because it is the same people doing the same thing over and over and over. When no one is held accountable for there actions the why would anything change? Until the public can held people who work for the federal government accountable for doing a bad job they will continue to do so. This is not only at the VA, but many of our elected officials get away with the very same thing. These people who do poor jobs should be fired.

    1. You want to know why nobody gets fired? I’ve got one word for you Sir. Union.

  8. While this incident is truly tragic, it is but another pointer among several that America’s decline is in a steady downward spiral. Moral nation? Nope. Not anymore.

    Practical nation? Nope. Given what we have seen from the VA/VSO/AFGE/Politicos combined committee over the last decades, the ONLY thing they are interested in is “optics”. VA neither cares about me or you. If practicality were to factor into the “veterans care equation” this is what most veterans would be seeing happening:

    1. IMMEDIATELY recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into military barracks-style housing for homeless veterans. These will be run with military-style rules to promote good order and discipline.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in XX state? You need to be LICENSED in XX state.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits to the VBA that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. Should a veteran file a false claim to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that the claim was falsely submitted. For filing a false claim, the veteran will be subject to ALL of the following:

    (A). The claim shall be denied. If the veteran has received any form of benefits because of the false claim they will be required to fully repay the benefits at cost.
    (B). The veteran will be banned from all VA facilities for the remainder of their life.
    (C). The veteran will lose any benefits they originally have or had, and will not be allowed to file for further benefits.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA. This will help to protect the legal rights of veterans against corrupt and incompetent VA employees.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent or dishonest personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    But we do not, and most likely won’t in our lifetimes. Why? Because our politicos are more interested in being lawmakers rather than leaders. Both sides as a rule, rather than exception produce nothing but SNAFU after SNAFU after SNAFU. All one has to do is watch the current news.

    In my experience, very little has ever been fixed by legislation. Dreams and Hard Work are what get things done.

    Fortunately for me, I don’t have much time left. So, getting out of Hawaii is just the first major step. There will be others in short order. And soon, I will be living the life I desire in spite of the obstacles the government throws into my path . . .

  9. This made me cry yet again. Why did the monks who set themselves on fire during the Vietnam war get so much media coverage yet we will barely hear of this brave mans protest for change? We can all see the parallels here. I am to appalled and angry at the VA to attack them on this reply. If any veteran ever feels like they have to end it then reach out to EACH OTHER because I know this veteran will help and will UNDERSTAND as well as most others. Maybe the VSOs need to step up their game in dealing with this crisis because I fear it will get worse before better. Maybe this veterans last wish is to give us a voice like the voice the Parkland survivors have. Keyword survivors we ARE and have to remain survivors. Tears. Yes I am a male and a 2 tour war vet but I WILL NOT let the USA government kill my empathetic soul or any other part of me. WE, not our Government kept each other alive and WE have to now!!! We can do it!! Rest in peace brother. I know he has not passed yet but as a Combat Trauma Nurse I know 85% is, well, Rest in Peace brother.

    1. The reason why self immolation was reported abroad is because it happens “over there” somewhere. As Americans when shit goes down “over there” it’s tolerable. It’s still well within our comfort zone because it didn’t happen here it happened “over there”. When things like this happen here it becomes more immediate and more urgent. It makes us as a society “uncomfortable” and then we have to act.

      I doubt this veterans prognosis is favorable. I do hope he pulls through so that we may know and that others may know what about his situation with the VA drove him to this act of desperation so that it may be fixed.

      1. Agreed. We both know that their exists a very slim chance that he will pull through. Vast majority of burns with that coverage are fata. If not from the burn itself, then secondary infections.

        One thing may be counted on for sure though. If this veteran dies, the newsies will move on – – – and the VA will get another free pass.

        Damn! Such a travesty . . .

  10. It occurs to me that the only time a veteran suicide gets any type of media coverage is when there are other “victims” involved otherwise it’s just not really all that “sensational” I’m sure we’re all old enough to remember that old Don Henley song Dirty Laundry. Side note I almost committed an egregious faux pa by wrongly attributing this to Huey Lewis & the News.


    We got a bubble headed bleach blond
    that comes on at 5.
    She can tell you about the plane crash
    with a gleam in her eye.

    Pretty much sums it up for me right there. Dead veterans simply don’t matter to the MSM despite their 1st amendment rights being bought and paid for with the blood of patriots. They don’t seem to understand that in the event of a foreign incursion on American soil it will be veterans who will take the fight to the enemy if the military folds. It certainly won’t be the average fucking Joe Snuffy citizen they’ll be too busy trying to tweet to their followers and pressing the reset button on their router wondering why their internet is suddenly out. The MSM doesn’t seem to understand that the entire reason they don’t have government handlers handing them the official party line to print/report is because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. (I understand the previous is not the actual quote but still fits). The MSM doesn’t seem to understand that the reason reporters aren’t black bagged and disappeared in the middle of the night is because we wouldn’t fucking stand for it.

    Instead we get…well not much really. A slap in the face. A finger. A hollow “thanks for yer service”. And, above all, silence.

    We can be outraged at mass shootings that happen.

    We can be outraged when people target our leaders with violence.

    We can be outraged when people fly planes into buildings

    We can be outraged when people bomb a jogging contest.

    Yet we have no outrage when the indifferent and morally bankrupt attitude of a rogue federal agency causes “22” Patriots each and every day to take their own lives.

    Here’s an idea that occurs to me for the more social creatures among us. I don’t include myself because I’m a pretty hardcore isolationist. When out and about if you happen to see a reporter walk right up and ask that reporter, on camera, how come his/her station isn’t reporting on veteran issues? Don’t be aggressive don’t be impolite but also, don’t back down until you get an answer. If you happen to be out and about in a downtown area and you see a news building. Go right on in and ask to see the programming manager then ask that person why their not covering veteran issues.

  11. The VA is not health care it’s I DON’T CARE? ?praying for all my fellow veterans ♥️??

    “Former Treasurer Ordered to Pay $58,150 in Restitution after Admitting to Swindling Federal Union Members in the Twin Cities”

    “ST. PAUL, MN – The State of Minnesota’s 2nd Judicial District Court in Ramsey County has sentenced Latasha Lee Rosetta Wilson – former treasurer of American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 1969 – to 20 years of probation and 100 hours of community service after she pleaded guilty to making $58,150 in unauthorized cash withdrawals from the union.

    The court ordered Wilson to make full restitution to the local union that represents U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs employees in the Twin Cities area, and fined her.

    The May 21, 2018, sentencing follows Wilson’s March 16, 2018, guilty plea to one count of theft by swindle after she admitted to making unauthorized cash withdrawals between Jan. 8, 2013, and Dec. 12, 2015. Investigators in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) and the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed that Wilson stole at least $58,150.”



    Another one of the thieves that has been collecting a paycheck from the VA for not doing her job and while she is stealing from the AFGE.

    1. Oh, and for the rest of the AFGE union members around the area if you are wondering what your Union Dues are being spent on. That is union dues after the typical corruption tax administered by the most corrupt union in America.

      They are going to help fund the fight against President Trump’s executive orders.

      Also, going to help fund political campaigns. See “AFGE Endorses Wisconsin’s Randy Bryce for Congress
      Largest federal employee union says Bryce will fight for working families”. He will also fight to hide the number of Veterans used and abused by the VA and the AFGE.

      Oh, and lastly worth mentioning, is the fact that a considerable amount of the union dues were spent on losing in the Supreme Court. Trying to protect the AFGE’s self proclaimed right to force all new government employees. Even those who do not want to join the union of losers or help pay to help maintain the union’s losing unethical standards and their candidates.

      To quote Nelson from the Simpsons, “Ha hA”.


      “Supreme Court deals major blow to public sector unions”
      CNN Digital Expansion 2018 Clare Foran
      By Ariane de Vogue and Clare Foran, CNN

      1. Also worth noting is that President Trump now has the job of replacing the Supreme court Justice retiring Anthony Kennedy

        “Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Announces Retirement
        His retirement opens pivotal vacancy on the high court going into midterm elections”
        By Brent Kendall, WSJ, June 27, 2018 2:25 p.m


      2. Just got a butthurt recording urging me to donate and participate in butthurt union public fuckfests. I love me some union tears I could lick them right off the cheek.

      3. Oh and this 😀 😀 😀 which made me chuckle. Of course Mitchie will outright try and steal this seat as well.


  13. It would seem the leftist MSM’s would be all over this. If for no other reason, but for the promises by President Trump!
    Seems everything he does can’t be done correctly!
    Of course, with the leftists constantly attacking him what can he do right.

  14. Unbelievable – My heart aches for this veteran. I too have experienced this frustration and despair, when at a time when you are at your most vulnerable and seeking legitimate healthcare from the VA, to no avail. Round and round you go, where you stop nobody knows.

    If reference to the above comments, I agree, keep the faith and don’t give in to your despair. Keep fighting for your earned healthcare from the VA or Non-VA (preferably). You know the saying “Deny, deny, deny until you give or die”, well, don’t give up!

    Although with an after thought, it is also an affliction, to have to spend the rest of your life fighting for your VA benefits in which you spent your earlier years fighting to preserve. Hummmm, the irony.


  15. And not a peep on any media – mainscream or otherwise. This morning we heard an NPR host interviewing an NPR reporter regarding today’s hearings regarding the latest beltway bandit to become VA Sucretary. The diligent newshound said, “most veterans love the healthcare they receive, but are frustrated by the red tape”

    Red tape is something that takes a little extra time and patience to get to a goal, e.g. means to an end. The VA version of red tape for most involves handcuffs, dead phones, denials, cancellations, fuck you’s, fuck your pets, and “who are you again”?

    1. Yeah, Veterans are either hanging themselves WITH that red tape or using it as a fuse to light themselves on fire…not ONE PEEP on various news outlets yet and it’s 12:02…Fuck The VA!

    2. You guys are right, not a peep, bad for business i guess. The msm is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the corporations and the gov anymore. Yeah they’ll quash this story, i kinda knew they would, and it sounds like you guys knew it too. VA Red tape, does than include VA goons trolling my every move at a hospital or on hospital grounds or is that just standard procedure.

      1. That’s standard operating procedures, but if you want to have some real fun…(and do so at your own life’s risk)…*attempt* to park in the closest parking spaces @ any VAMC and the safest and all wheelchair handicapped accessible spots…the employee parking lot.
        The Barney Cops will be on you in no time and if you look over your shoulders as you’re trying to drive away, like Groundhog’s Day, you may catch a rare glimpse of the Patient Advocates flocking out to check their parking spots…then like a retreating cuckoo clock bird, back to their offices to hibernate for the cold season…

      2. Yeah, hmmm, you know i never park up front, because, well i leave those spots for vets that need them more than i do, kinda glad now i never parked there. I’ll keep what you said in mind. Anyways these two clowns were in civilian clothes, first time i noticed VA police in plain clothes at this small rural clinic.

  16. That will be the beginning. The latest opiate scare takes pain meds out of the vets hands and leaves him/her to their own devises and than when the pain become unbearable, they check themselves out
    I’m close.

    1. @Sunvale: Don’t give them the satisfaction. If I can have 7 teeth pulled at once with absolutely nothing, not even aspirin given…and at same time deal with my day to day life shit sandwich of pains, *you, Sunvale* can endure as well, and place all that energy from your pain into irritating these assholes like sand in hemorrhoids on the beach.

      You have a collective force out here that DOES give a shit…about YOU! Don’t allow the VA a final victory lap!

    2. Don’t sunvale, like namnibor and wydlechylde said we care about you, we really do, and please talk to us, and remember we care about you, your one of us, and we’ll always have your best interests at heart.

  17. I am a paitent at the Atlanta VA in the lousy mental health program. Like many of my fellow Vietnam vets, I was diagnosed with PTSD in 1987 and received no treatment until 2007 and then I had 6 intake interviews and no follow-up until 2010 when I threaten a senior abuse complaint. Finally aftet going through several VA mental health workers I find out that there are NO veteran mental health workers in the VA system in GA. Doesn’T this sound ridiculous! All these VA Employees that claim “ I want to help veterans” is just plain BS, its all about their resume.
    I say close the VA’s and we would receive decent care from compent health care workers.
    The competent workers would just go to work across the street at some other healthcare center, the bureaucrats will just find some other government agency to defraud until they retire and we may have a chance for some quality of life.

  18. Listening to/watching all my local central Ohio news and…now…Good Morning America…~~~FUCKING CRICKETS~~~

    (not ONE iota mention of this Veteran’s plight and fight with VA, let alone any story about what he did yesterday at Georgia Capitol…fucking crickets…are YOU PROUD NOW, Curt Cashour, VA Spokesfuck?)

    Scrubbed already!

    1. This Veteran would have received all kinds of coverage had he only gone to the USA/Mexico Border, you know, where all the reporters are crooning over all the immigrants wanting in the USA while we’re still in ACTIVE WAR…but a Veteran being treated indifferently by the VA AFTER serving his/her country…fucking crickets.

      Question: What if immigrants at the border set themselves on fire? Coverage then? …thought so…

      1. absolutely acceptable bro

        I’ll see your illegal immigrant coverage and raise you a “See a corrupt fedgov official shoot a corrupt fedgov official”

      2. According to City of Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance-Bottoms, Trump needs to have our government set aside funding so lawyers can represent people coming across the border…


        A veteran who risked his life and sacrificed for this country better somehow find money or a way to deal with the “red tape” of the VA, yet people who illegally force their way into our country should be provided legal representation free of charge.

        This is an insult to me as a veteran and child from a family of immigrants – who followed the law and had to find our own money/way to get immigration papers done. I have relatives right now that we’re putting together money for their papers and where is the “help” for us?

        So lesson is, if you are a law abiding taxpayer, you should be taxed for people who come from countries full of resources – but are too cowardly to demand their corrupt countries take care of their own!!!

  19. “Tortured and Desperate” must have been the “words” to describe what this vet was believing.
    He must have felt he was being,
    1.) “Tortured” by VHA healthcare.
    2.) “Desperate” to receive proper healthcare by the VHA!

    Time for the VA to be SHUTDOWN!

    1. Just another dishonor of our veterans by the VA Dept. Not keeping their promise carved in stone “to care for those who borne the battle, and widows and orphans” I have been fighting 29 years now for another year has rolled around and the VA is still playing games and wasting taxpayers money.

      I ave made 4×8 plywood signs and ready to put them out if things don’t change and the VA don’t stop wasting taxpayers money on my case. I have proof of all allegations on my signs. If I knew how to put them with this posting I would but just not knowledgeable on how to do this.

      1. I’ve thought of having life sized cardboard cutouts of my favorite VA inaction figures printed up, all of them in their natural states of inaction, like hand in pockets, or shrugging their shoulders, and saying things like ,”i don’t know” or “I dont’t care why should I”. And stake them in the ground or tape them on the walls.

      2. Those would make good sighting targets for…surveyors, or course….HA HA ….

      3. 2 more of my favorite saying for my cardboard cutouts, “Isn’t he dead yet” and I just heard this one the other day “I don”t want to see him”.

  20. va dc hq one big big big federal rico crime reackets vets yo are sooooooooooooooooo screwed by va dc hq deathcare from hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The AJC is a worthless piece of crap – hence why they force their newspapers on people’s lawns.

    Betcha this is just a joke to a lot of people. The VA is probably celebrating that this is just one more C-File they can close so they can go back to screwing over more vets.

    I’m still waiting for Issakson, Trump and all these people who wanna claim they did veterans a big favor in the past year – to come forward and address this.

    1. Trump’s first big “favor” was to launch the White House Veterans Complaint Hotline, which calls, or so he said, he might personally pick up. (Has he ever? Anyone out there with a good word for his Hotline? Anyone?)

      1. I called the hotline. It wasn’t answered by President Trump. After I explained the situation I was switched over to the VA main number to inquire, myself, just why the holy fuck my case was taking so long. The hotline did nothing except waste my time acting as a useless switchboard operator. My attorney has been more instrumental in resolving this unexplicable block which, incidentally, happened around the time I got a knock knock from DHS. That could also be my PTSD induced paranoia though…

      2. Also, additionally, as far as I’m aware the hotline isn’t even located in The White House. So, unless President Trump is actually sitting in a cubicle somewhere answering the phones for a few hours, I wouldn’t actually count on hearing him pick up the phone, unless he has one installed on the back 9 at Mar-a-lago…

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