VA Wait Times

Disney Ride Wait Times Compared To VA Wait Times

VA Wait TimesVA Secretary Bob McDonald was idiotically caught with his shoe in his mouth when he conflated the VA wait times were veterans died to Disney’s ride wait times.

Most people would never think these two issues could ever be compared to each other in any manner, but Secretary Bob thinks the wait list should not be discussed just like wait times at Disney rides are not discussed in the press.


Here is what CNN cited concerning Bob’s idiotic statement:

“When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what’s important?” McDonald told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington. “What’s important is what’s your satisfaction with the experience?”

Somehow nonsense like Disney amusement rides are now the standard by which American should be informed about veterans dying while waiting for health care – never talk about it.

I do not have a lot to say about this since it would be an insult to my intellect to burn time on the subject. Disney ride wait times are not the same as wait times for sick and dying veterans to see a doctor.

Apparent Secretary Bob missed the memo… or he screwed up the math.

veterans affairs

Instead, Secretary Bob said that “satisfaction with the experience” is what is “important.” Of course, how can they adequately measure the satisfaction of dead veterans who died waiting for health care?

Since when did we become such a country of ninnies, anyway? Somehow if we feel good about being defiled that is sufficient to justify ignoring the violation?

If we do not turn this country around soon, I think it is time we all start to consider moving somewhere that takes the plight of its citizens more seriously than Mickey Mouse.


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  1. I think Robert McDonald needs to realize he is no Walt Disney and the VA system is no “Disneyland”! I could go on, but most if not all above comments, pretty much cover my thoughts.

    1. Mr. McDonald sounds more like Ronald McDonald….!! If the VA is being led by people with this type of mind set. It’s a no wonder we’re having Vets needlessly die.

  2. Too Late for apologies. Tonight, just a few minutes ago on NATIONAL TV, on The Tonight Show With Stephen Colbert HE OPENED HIS MONOLOGUE about the VA Secretary’s comparison of wait lists and waiting in line for a ride at Disney.

    McDonald was JUST called an NATIONAL ASSWIPE!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!


    Tonight on Fox 35, (local Central Florida news), @10pm,

    Secretary of Veterans Affairs “Deeply Regrets” comparing wait times with Disney wait times!

    “Deeply Regrets”, WTF, like this is supposed to make everyone feel better? This asswipe keeps tripping over his d×××k time after time. I think he will do something else, soon! Then he will come out and say he “deeply regrets”, or he “misspoke” or something else. Then he’ll expect us to “forgive or forget” his continuing blunders.
    Only, as far as I’m concerned, this is it. No more trust do I have for VA’s healthcare! None, zilch, nada, I’m done. That’s it. No freaking more.

    I think it’s too freaking late. He should be fired. And since he’s still allowing ‘bonuses’ to be paid, as Speaker Ryan admitted, he should be tried for “Contempt of Congress”!

    If the director of TSA can be fired, along with all the workers, then Sec. McDonald should be fired, along with all of the rest of the ingrates!

    Let all us veterans use our ID Cards for healthcare outside in the interim!

    1. Bet you if they call him in front of congress. His words would be ( under advise of council. I plead the fifth).

      If that should happen the justice department should get involved and make a proper probe.

      And where they will not be swayed to bring federal charges on those who let it happen and did nothing to stop it. Be arrested.

      And charges with accessory to committee crimes against the disabled.

      There are law’s against that are they not.

    1. Roxanne,

      While the link you provided may be a great site it could also lead to a virus. Perhaps you could list the name of the site so people could look it up through google or yahoo.

      1. I did not touch it with a ten foot pole for that very reason. Nothing qualifying it nor affirming whether it was a ‘bot’ that got through.

  4. Sec. McDonald is clearly playing the role of Dumbo in his very own Fantasy Land. Disney does, in fact, monitor how long its customers wait in line because they have the astonishingly simple belief that serving their customers quickly and efficiently is the best measure of overall performance. Their Fast Pass system is credited with keeping park lines to under one hour, and it allows visitors to pick the time that they can get into an attraction. Disney cares because they know that if customers are unhappy, they can go over to Universal Studios, which of course has its own version of Fast Pass, called Express Pass.

    “Secretary McDonald seems Frozen in the past, incapable of understanding that if veterans do not get an appointment in a timely manner, it could cost them their lives, or at the very least, adversely affect the outcome of their treatment”.

    Yes, Disney DOES measure their wait times in lines and are constantly investing in ways to solve/fix them. That’s what “industrial engineers” do at theme parks. The number one complaint at Disneyland Parks IS the line wait time. You pay for a one day pass to get in — you would like to see the lines move so you can visit an increased number of rides during that day. In essence, you get less for your per day pass money if the lines are very slow.

    This guy Bob McSlick went to Univ. of Utah to get his MBA before his one trick pony 33 year stint at P&G, serving the last 3 years there as CEO, before coming on with the VA two years ago (exactly). U of Utah is a decent school, but not tops whatsoever for it’s Business School. McD is kind of a “bird-brain”, it seems since we have all got to know him in these two years.

    Mc D is pushing for his tenure to continue indefinitely at the VA, because he believes the VA needs to be “corrected by a solitary person” for the next ten years. He wants a mandatory ruling by Congress to protect him from being released next year or later. He said that in one of his interviews a few weeks ago. Senator Isakson from Georgia is backing him up, and is in talks about this with the president. I’m sure a deal will be created. After all, no one wants to follow Shinseki and McD and be the third loser.

    All this makes me sick. It looks futile. The country is definitely split in two on this as it is on most other issues — ones that like the VA, and ones that feel it is corrupt and should be teared down immediately if not sooner.


  5. So much of what we are saying about the Veterans wait times has become rhetoric and we all must be feeling as I am. READY TO EXPLODE. Are we the only ones listening? I came an inch from dying this month due to VA lies. Ben, I have very little understanding as to what brought you to this blog, but sir, you have the patience of Job. Last thing; I believe that the Veterans need an advocate set up by other than VA. THE VA, from top to bottom, needs an overhaul. VA is so dirty everywhere, Vets are going to suffer and die, at every turn.

    1. Were all very proud of Ben. Without him veterans would have one less good guy standing up for veterans.

      Seems your new here. Thousands of veterans have already dead and it has to be stopped.

  6. Sorry Ben, I gotta disagree. I don’t think I need to move anywhere where veterans would be treated better. I would rather do what I can to try get these nitwits out of their jobs or out of their political office, or get them to actually do their jobs.
    McDimwit says these idiotic things, then you have supposed statesmen like Johnny Isakson chairing the Senate VA committee saying he wants McDimwit to stay on.
    As for his comment, it makes it all the more infuriating when you really think about a few things.
    Imagine the outrage in the media by the media and politicians if some Disney patron burned themselves to death because the park was closed when they got there.
    Imagine the FDA and other federal bureaucrats investigating Disney if they served food to their patrons knowing they had cockroaches in the food.
    Imagine the public outrage if 40 people died waiting for the Dumbo ride, or just couldn’t ride it because the operator couldn’t speak English.
    Imagine the public outcry and congressional investigations if Disney were looking the other way when drug dealing was going on inside the park, while the park manager was giving toxic drug cocktails to patrons. I doubt politicians would be lying about what they knew was going on.
    Imagine how fast Disney would be shut down if Daffy Duck beat an elderly veteran to death, then Disney gave Daffy a paid week off.

    There is not a damn thing Disney has that will cause permanent injury or death if a patron does not get it in a timely manner.

    There really is no excuse for this kind of asshattery by either McDimwit, or the politicians who should be holding him accountable.

    But nothing will happen because Isakson is too stupid or lazy to do anything about it, Miller is AWOL with Cinderella and no other politician will step on their toes.

    1. Isakson took a BIG BITE of Sleeping Beauty’s left-over poisoned apple and has been ‘Sleeping Schlep Isakson’ for quite a while…and NOBODY wants to kiss him to try to wake him up! 🙂 🙂

      McDonald Duck has become Mad As A Hatter in VA Land. Too much ‘Tea’ at the Disney Exclusive Lounge perhaps?

  7. I went to a VA Outpatient Clinic yesterday and when reporting-in at the kiosk, I was asked to rate my experience from “Outstanding,” “Satisfactory,” etc. BEFORE I ever was seen by a medical provider. Each VAMC analyzes patient satisfaction differently. The VA has been reporting for a long time that Vets are satisfied with their healthcare using skewed data.

    1. Seems. Like all the time..It’s catching up to them. Need more pressure from Washington. To demand change (yesterday).

      Haven’t they seen and heard enough is enough and they mean if it takes employees to be arrested in droves or one at a time.

      With as many federal agents aa needed.

      This is real and can not be tolerated. These are real lives that defended this country in peace and war.

      God bless all veterans and their families. With out veterans these people be infront of someone wanting to cut off their head’s.

      Don’t send anymore of our kids into harm’s way. Until the department of Veterans honors our veterans.

      Not themselves !

  8. I’m certain Mickey Mouse was offended. He’s smart, helpful and courageous. If only McDonald were as good.

  9. Even Disney didn’t want to be associated with McDonald.

    Disney responded, and they apparently take their lines very seriously.
    Here’s what a spokesperson told him:

    We take wait times very seriously. We continually push the boundaries to give our guests the best experience possible. A large team of highly trained industrial engineers are tasked with improving our guest’s experiences, from transportation, to guest flow, to ride comfort and certainly wait times.

    And as the spokesperson pointed out, they make sure to put interesting things (like little interactive games and other things to capture your attention) around the lines so that you’re not grumbling the entire time.

    And on top of that, Disney actually has an entire guide online on services for guests with disabilities who are unable to wait on line for very long.

    So yes, they’re very serious about accommodating disabled people. It would be great if the VA remembered to do that all the time…

    There is the difference, a business who is dependent on people’s good will and money and the greedy government hacks who have neither common sense or compassion.

    1. @Dan F
      Evidently Bagdad Bobby McDonald didn’t get the memo. Over how Disney DOES measure the wait times.
      There’s a lot McDonald could be doing. Besides running his mouth BEFORE thinking!
      As Robin Mitchell remarked, he must have gotten into Uncle Walt’s drug stash!

    2. I agree with what you said Dan F, and read the article about Disney’s response.

      All I could think of though when I read it was, “shit. The VA will read this, spend $150,000 on a honey water fall in the gastro clinic waiting room and wonder why vets complain of all the flies it attracts because the contractor used stagnant, colored sugar water.”

      The VA will never learn from this.

      1. Better add a few zeros to your decimal point figure for that VA Gastro Clinic Honey Waterfall. It would also be cultivated honey from African Killer Honey Bees, and part of a Medical Research Program determining if Veterans can be Hybridized by Killer Bees, brought to us by Dow Chemical and the VA.

        I think you are absolutely correct in that the VA will learn absolutely nothing and unless continual pressure is exerted, nothing will happen to McDonald either.

        I am only truly surprised McDonald did not make that Disney comparison on a Friday, late in the day before Memorial Weekend. It’s almost always the crap the VA wants hidden in weekend news cycle so this Friday should be a biggie if the VA Spin Machine was unable to curtail Bobby’s Foibles on this one.

      2. @91Veteran
        Let’s not forgeta huge rock to quiet the patients, (like in a Northern Calif. VAMC), was reported on sometime ago! I think VA paid a shit pile full of taxpayer’s money on that “art”!

      1. You are probably correct, James. I had not really thought of that but now I am sure Disney will want to immediately disassociate with the VA and VA Secretary **unless** some underhanded deal was made for McDonald’s Disney-fication of the VA?
        Seems to me McDonald was trying to use he and Sloan Gibson’s new redefining of what “accountability” means to the VA by dismissing the ‘lines’ and all else for the satisfaction factor. Profuse vomiting from he VA Tilt-O-Whirl. Not satisfied.

      2. Yup. He just can’t be trusted. He has the God syndrome really bad.

        What do you think he does 8 hour’s a day ? It can’t be work. ? Or many employees would be out of work !

  10. There is absolutely no correlation between waiting hours, days, or months in excruciating pain at the VA as opposed to a casual day at Disneyland while enjoying an Ice cone! Sec. McDonald’s inference being both Disneyland and the VA result in a satisfying experience. Far too many veterans life threatening experiences with the VA are not satisfying all. Veterans have to go back to the VA consumers don’t have to go back to Disneyland. You can always ask Mickey for a refund!!

  11. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I still do not understand, but have an idea, why this caliber of people that “work” supposedly for the VA. are allowed to get by with anything even the murder and terrible abuse of veterans at the VA. and no one does anything.

    They think it all is nothing but a big joke to them, but all I will say is this; beware when the chickens come home to roost, as the saying goes, they will not like it one bit.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  12. There is absolutely no correlation between waiting hours, days, or months in excruciating pain at the VA as opposed to a casual day at Disneyland while enjoying an Ice cone! Sec. McDonald’s inference being both Disneyland and the VA result in a satisfying experience. Far too many veterans life threatening experiences with the VA are not satisfying all. Veterans have to go back to the VA consumers don’t have to go back to Disneyland. You can always ask Mickey for a refund!!

  13. Just called the number given for Bob McDonald. Call was forwarded to a machine.

    Left message. Requesting a phone call from Mr McDonald. Do you think he will call himself ?

    Bet you. He won’t call !

    To busy waiting in line at Disney world or has a second job there as Goofy.

  14. The media reported that the head of TSA was fired. His salary was $180,000 and he received 9, $10,000 bonuses for letting wait times exceed any form of sensibility. I wonder who made the decision to do that nasty deed?…………Hey congress do all of us a favor and appoint this person to run the VA………..

    1. Let me clarify my statement, appoint the person who fired the dirt bag to the VA………………sorry bout that….

    2. I read that article and thought, gee, some federal agencies can move rather fast when firing an incompetent manager.

      Too bad McDiddle is looking at Disney for lessons on how to manage the VA.

    1. Ron,

      I know for a fact you would most certainly do a great job of Vet-ting Bob and his speeches.

      I also see Robbie McDonald is now standing behind his statement. Shred the Records Bob, is now saying it is all about those surveys. Since they get to pick and choose which survey responses they want to include and shred the rest.

      Guess Bob is truly living in a Disneyland in his own mind.

      May 24 2016, 12:50 pm ET

      “VA Secretary Bob McDonald Stands by Comparison to Disneyland”


  15. I wonder if he would say the same thing if we used his statement in paying him? Would he then complain about the long wait before he received his paycheck?

  16. Someone on Twitter put the following;

    @SpeakerRyan Secretary Robert (Bob) McDonald
    Cell phone number (513) 509-8454

    What will Ryan do? Probably not one damn thing!

    1. Hey Elf,

      Breaking news!!

      “Senator calls for VA chief to resign over Disney remark”


      “House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) stopped short of calling for a resignation but called for the secretary to clarify his remarks.

      “I don’t know if he should resign,” Ryan told reporters Tuesday morning at the weekly press conference for the House leadership team.

      The speaker described McDonald’s comments as “beyond the pale” and said he’d withhold final judgment until some greater clarification by the VA’s leader.

      Other members of Ryan’s leadership team were equally condemning in their rebukes but also declined to call for an outright resignation.”


      In other words Ryan and his House Leadership Team also need to resign or be voted out of Office.


      1. From Paul Ryans office

        “Secretary McDonald Compares VA Lines to Disneyland”

        May 23, 2016|Michael Shapiro

        – See more at: “”

        His wait and see what Robbie has to say approach show just how out of touch he is with the problems at the VA.

        Any Senator or Congressman not calling for McDonald’s resignation needs to be voted out of office.

        Under Robert McDonald’s watch every Department of Veterans Affairs employee who is a dues paying member of American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union can now stand up and hang their heads in shame.

        Then can also honestly state “Not only do they work for the most corrupted US Government agency, but they also financially support that corruption by being a dues paying member of the union that has the most Criminal Misconduct by its Officials Since 2014 in the United States.”

        See more at:

        “AFGE Leads All American Unions in Criminal Misconduct by its Officials Since 2014 ”


    2. @Seymore Klearly
      Here’s the newest article by NBC NEWS
      written by Elizabeth Chuck
      May 24, 2016

      “VA Secretary Bob McDonald Slammed for ‘Tone-Deaf’ Comparison to Disneyland”

      Also, if anyone wants to contact Disney here’s their email address.

      “”[email protected]””

      The young lady I spoke with wasn’t aware of what was being said by bobby. Once I explained the “what”, she was very interested.
      She gave me this email and said any communications would be sent to the proper people.
      I gave her this website and other ones also!

      1. @Seymore Klearly

        During Ryan’s address to the news medias this morning or last night, he admits VA, (McDonald), is STILL handing out bonuses!
        Even though Congress said not to. That means he’s “…in contempt of Congress!” Which means he can be tried on felony charges. I believe he should be arrested immediately.


        Just like TSA is still handing out bonuses while people are STILL missing their flight. So, now all the passengers are being taken care of by a private firm. All the TSA People were let go!


        Hey, Seymour, have you ever noticed the medias only put “negative info” on when Obamy is not in CONUS?
        Right now he’s in Japan.
        I will bet anyone he WILL apologize to the Japanese leaders. Even though he said he wouldn’t!

    3. Hey! What if all VA employees, including but not limited to the Elf Lord himself, were required to get all their care through only the VAMCs? And by all employees I am including all the contract employees, also… What would the Elf Lord do if he could only get care from the VAMCs he won’t fix?

      1. I will definitely add to that, make EVERY member of Congress with no exception, use the VA in their respective States for ALL care as a litmus test of sorts. Would be magically ‘fixed’ in a week or two and better toilet paper in the common bathrooms. 🙂

        I have thought this to be a very pragmatic way to even the playing field for quite a while fellow Veterans and friends say I am just talking silly commonsense stuff.

        It’s elegantly simple. I would also fully endorse a full military draft again with absolutely no exceptions based on ‘privilege’ or whatever…matter in fact, pick them firstly. 🙂

      2. That should include all our congressmen and senators. Mother.father’s and their families.

        The tune would change.pretty fast !

  17. I think he said what he meant. Look at the body language. I think his head was somewhere else like maybe the canceled hearing today. It wasn’t when he said this

  18. I’ve said it for a long time. The head’s of VA got togather and meet with Bob and after a time told Bob McDonald.

    Your our leader.but we are the expert’s. Let us do our job’s and you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    All you have to do is attend ribbon cuttings. Attend award ceremonies and that’s all you have to do. We know what were doing. So trust us !

    Higher management ? and dined him.smiled in his face and convinced him to be satisfied with the title.

    He said the new VA. Would be called my VA and he ment it. It’s his VA and not the veterans VA.

    I have seen this over and over.get a new director and after awhile. He/she is partying at one of the section chiefs house’s acting a fool.

    That’s where they get the goods on them. After a few mixed drinks and telling them all the B.S. they want to hear.

    And thing’s go on and the director would look the other way !

  19. I think Bob found uncle Walt’s left over cocaine stash and snorted it all by himself.

    In other news the House VA hearing on CHOICE and benefits fiasco was cancelled late yesterday so fast even top VACO people this morning didn’t know it had been cancelled. Or, congressional staff who were supposed to be there.

    Wonder why? VA meltdown. Let it just rip? Right before Memorial Day?

  20. Disney lines 30 minutes to 3 hrs. VA wait more than 30 days. Walk in MRIs and Endoscopies are available in the Japanese Health Care system. They are number 1 in the world health ratings by WHO. The U S is number 37. And that is not just the VA.

    At least I can get seen as a walk in at the VA on an urgent care situation. Have to wait 2 or 3 days with the civilian option of Choice. Difference? 5 minute drive or 1.5 hr drive. 1.5 hr drive is shorter than waiting 2 or 3 days.

  21. So I was so upset about the secretary comment. I wrote the speaker of the house and told my husbands story. The secretary should be asked to step down, gross misconduct…. We have waited in that amusement park line for the wonderful ride on the VA health care , and we have delt with important diagnoses not told to us, waiting still for very important specialty clinic refferals and going to the doctors just 2 weeks ago to be told we don’t have a doctor for you…… So no the pay off for waiting isn’t the wonderful care you receive, it’s sickness and for some vets death…. What an ignorant man and who appointed him?

    1. Mary,
      Your last question is easily answered – Our Muslim Radicalized Islamic Terrorist POTUS “appointed” McDonald!

      1. POTUS did it but only after Shinseki gifted no-bid contract to Xerox document corporation [XRX stock symbol] to administer V.A. benefits and then the head of the board of directors at Xerox, BOB MCDONALD was appointed by POTUS as Sec of the VA. Make you wonder who owns stock in what?

      2. After that in just past couple years, Xerox and it’s subsidiary, ACS, which also handled a majority of Consolidated College Student Loans, moved it’s operation overseas to France, I believe.
        My college student loans were consolidated with them and also paid entirely off just before their prance to France. (not sure how or if they service the VA after that merger/move)

        The problem is there’s quite a few just like McDonald in the higher echelon of the VA cesspool and then there’s that AFGE Union President…they must breed this kind of ilk on a farm someplace and they are not Disney Characters. No, these are unicorns that blow pixie dust and rainbows along with silent but deadlys while 22 Veterans take their own lives each and every day.

  22. To all.
    The name of the person running against McCain is
    Mrs. Kelli Ward.
    I received the email yesterday. Which had the petition for McDonald to resign.

    “VA Secretary Must Resign”

    This should take y’all to the link. Help her out by filling in the info. I don’t give monies to anyone. So at least fill out her petition to stop McDonald!!!!

    1. Hey Elf,

      Trying to find a link but am unable to. When I Google “VA Secretary Must Resign” ti leads to links on the former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. When I add Kelli Ward to the search it leads to info on her resigning her state legislative seat to campaign full-time.

      Any chance you could post a URL in quotes?

      Thank You

      1. @Seymore Klearly
        I’ve tried to get a link on here which will help. To no avail.

        I suggest contacting her People out in Arizona and asking for the petition to be sent to y’all by email.
        Hope this helps.

  23. This article will surely distract the VA Trolls from their computer game playing time while ignoring Veterans and expect the March of The Trolls on here, as I smell the stench already approaching. 🙂

    **Under NO circumstance should you feed the VA Trolls at the Disney Park** 🙂

    1. @namnibor
      “Troll Alert” is at ‘defcon 5’!


      Now on to “krc”!

      I do agree with you, somewhat, that VA’s problem’s are due to upper management, the upper GS level scumbags and SES’ers!

      Yet, this does NOT alleviate, or condone, the “willfull mismanagement, misconduct or illegal acts, committed by the lower rank and file VA employees!”

      That being said. Why hasn’t a majority, say 80-90%, of these “lower rank and file VA employees” come forward and disclosed these egregious and illegal acts, instead of continuing to do the bidding of upper management?

      You have probably heard this saying sometime during your life – “If you stand by and watch an illegal act being committed and do nothing. You are just as guilty as the perpetrator!”

      We, on here, have heard a myriad of pitiful excuses by those VA employees. Or, if you wish, those we call “TROLL”!

      Don’t you think it’s time for ALL those “lower rank and file VA employees”, that you want to defend, to come forward and disclose what they know? Don’t you think it’s time for them to tell WHO is MURDERING our brothers and sisters? Don’t you think it’s time for them to “…spill the beans”?


      Right now on Channel 9 news (8:25 am 24 May 2016). Many people are calling Disney and all of our local news outlets over what McDonald said. Saying it’s “…very disrespectful…” for what McDonald is saying!!!!
      Veterans and taxpayers are “…disgusted…” over that statement.
      McDonald IS catching HELL over this! I’d like to hear his ass has been fired!

    2. They can go to my twitter page and get fed heartily (at) closetheva

      Where I was told I made Diane cry (Bob’s wife) by posting his Windermere address. Bob owns the 69th most expensive house in the Disney area. Bob “I Don’t Care” stands in no line, ever!

  24. I am looking for either.

    Wither shorter waits or saitisfaction with the experience.

    Or just qualified providers once you make it down the list.

  25. It might be time to dismantle the Veterans Hospital Administration (VHA) and the Veterans Benefits Administation (VBA). When the leader who was brought in to clean-up says something so asinine, there’s not much hope to clean-up the bureacracy.

    McDonald and company still haven’t figured out how to cleanse the bureacracy of corruption and get rid of senior leadership who misbehave. They waste billions on computer programs that fail and training personnel that take 2-3 years to learn a job only to be fired under a year.

    No doubt there are outstanding caregivers and workers in the VA but it is a horrible culture and mimicking a Disney work model isn’t the solution. It may very be time to shift Veteran healthcare and benefits’ management to the private sector.

    1. Medicare and also CHAMPVA is very efficient. I use Medicare only, not the VA and I have absolutely no complaints. Yes, it costs me more as a Category Group 1 Disabled Veteran P&T, using Medicare and Private Specialists, but just as one has to make the choice to pay higher rent to be in a neighborhood where gunfire was as common as gnats in air, so goes it with healthcare with one’s safety with chronic health issues, it’s worth the extra cost for competent care with no head games or attitude.

      Also, I still think the cancer to the entire VA is the AFGE Union…kick it out and now.

      The VBA/Benefits end could also be handled within the Social Security Admn. and not that it’s a quick system, as it’s actually much harder to obtain Disability Rating with SSDI because you are either 100% or NOT, but…at least the Soc. Sec. Admn. has oversight an intense accountability.

      I know several Veteran Surviving Spouses and NOT ONE complains about CHAMPVA, yet the VA failed their Veteran Spouses and these were all within last 15 years and the tales of fighting the VA for their Veteran Spouses are sickening and each one of them wished their VETERAN Spouse had the same excellent care they had with CHAMPVA or Medicare.

      This is all about keeping their Ca$h Cookie Jar afloat in manufactured pixy dust from Mickey’s A$$.

      “Integrity 101” at West Point must have become an optional Elective rather than mandatory instilment when McDonald was there.

      1. I meant…one MOVES FROM a bad neighborhood at sometimes a higher price for one’s safety to a better/safer one.
        I do realize majority of Vets do not or cannot make that choice. Still, one cannot emphasize enough how important one’s sense of safety and confidence in provided healthcare and promise of a square deal.

        That square deal is more like a Disney Carnival Game where it’s always rigged against the Vet but the House (VA) always benefits in end.

      2. It’s not an AFGE Union issue at the VA. The AFGE doesn’t represent management personnel. The problem is management lack of accoubtability. For decades the political apointers like Sec. McDonald didn’t know it was a management problem – but now they do – and are still trying to figure out how to create accoubtability.

      3. Sorry, but no, it is everyone below that has become INFECTED by years of corrupt leadership, which does not exempt the “non-management VA personnel” from being culpable and even in collusion.

        I told you before on here, at the Nuremburg Trials immediately after WW2, all the lower rank in file Nazi’s in lockstep with “upper echelon” had the same defense you present on here and that’s, “We were only following orders”…not acceptable answer nor plausible to point your fingers upward in blame when you have two or three fingers pointing back toward yourself in that gesture.

  26. As most of y’all know. The wife and I live in Central Florida. That’s where “Disney World” is located. Only, because Disney owns many medias, y’all don’t hear the bad sh!t that actually occurs there.
    Trust me, Disney’s reputation, ever since Michael Eisner was CEO, has never been stellar! As a matter of fact, their reputation AND “botton line” ($$$$$) has suffered greatly since then. I’m not going to go into all the specifics. Because it would be too long.
    Only one thing though – Old “Bagdad Bobby McDonald” wants to equate the wait times at VA to Disney!? Well, evidently he missed that memo – because Disney has come under fire, by the local media here, about those long assed wait times MANY TIMES over the past few years.

    And @namnibor
    Disney has let people die also. You might be able to google articles on Disney!


    On a side note. The female running against McCain out in Arizona is calling for McDonald’s resignation over this issue.
    Can’t remember her name. She has an “online petition” to tell McDonald to step down!
    In the polls, she’s beating him!

    1. I will look for that petition as well as I have indeed heard of Disney’s antics, but wanted to focus on the ridiculous head-in-sand statement VA Sec. McDonald said and the proper analogy to VA Deathcare.

      As far as McCain…at this point I do not think a Snapping Turtle in a wheelchair or a box of rocks would have any problem beating McCain. I am hoping her run against McCain will bring again to light the blind eye being made toward VA Wait Time Scandals and also this thing with McDonald was on 4 different mainstream national news in a revolving cycle as well as BBC.

      As Bug’s Bunny would say, “Bob, what a maroon”!!!!! 🙂

      If anything, I see this VERY telling that McDonald is KI$$ING the A$$ of Di$ney for a Plan B…which sounds like it could be sooner than next President…Sloan Gibson must be drooling this morning, feeling that potential power of ‘Interim VA Sec.’ and possibly others floating to surface tension level of the VA cesspool.

      Rant out. Cannot make this news up. The VA is dysfunctional enough to manufacture the manure efficiently in salvos.

      1. @namnibor
        I got a feeling your correct on McDonald. He just may be looking to take over at Disney.
        I wish “Uncle Walt” was still alive or even his brother. (I believe Walt would have told McDonald the VA is NOT like any of the Disney Theme Parks whatsoever!)
        Remember the “brother” was “forced out by the board” some decades ago. He wanted to continue Walts ideologies, ie: Keep the many parks as “The happiest place(s) on earth!” But, that wasn’t to be. Too bad also, because the brother was just like Walt Disney!
        Say what you want about Walt Disney. He was a great man. A man who valued the “family values ideologies!”

      2. Definitely, Walt Disney’s original ‘vision’ was and is great but it’s become a corporate machine and this goes back as you said, Eisner. I have watched some investigative reporting shows that Disney has been recently and going back years, exploiting the USA Foreign VISA Laws, bring in lower paid “interns” and Disney actually forcing ALL these original genius creative minds to TRAIN THEIR REPLACEMENTS and then Disney tosses AMERCANS jobless now onto streets, while hiring the foreigner and giving them citizenship…I love Walt’s original vision and older movies, but as Disney exists now, I see it being the other evil stepsister of the VA. 🙂 (troll alert again)

  27. The only way one could compare any waiting in line for an amusement ride at Disney to Veterans waiting for care is if you were to pass out, fall incredibly ill, at least Disney would immediately call an ambulance while their own health team does what they can in the interim. At the VA, the Veterans either die while even waiting in line to be seen by someone claiming to be a medical professional, or are injured/killed by said eventual ‘care’, or even get the Golden Ticket to Admission and get a Dr. that prescribes a deadly combination or completely take you off meds that worked for years to some experimental drug that kills the Veteran….the main difference is the Veteran does not ENJOY the experience.

    “[When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what’s important?” McDonald told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington. “What’s important is what’s your satisfaction with the experience?]”

    ^Are those the ‘metrics’ that Sec. McDonald and all of VA believe most important?^

    Hey Bobby! Guess what? The majority of Veterans are not satisfied with the VA’s Tilt-o-Whirl Ride called healthcare and the entire experience causes profuse vomiting of that precious Disney Kool-Aid and Cotton Candy being spun by your VA Spin Machine!
    You have become that Kool-Aid and are delusional. Veterans have and are dying and the VA Is Lying.
    What an embarrassment for a so-called “leader”, but I doubt you have the morale compass to understand this at this point. You are indeed very much part of the problem when you mock Veterans as you effectively did in your public ‘boot in mouth’.

  28. Many will say this is just optics and the VA PR machine will say Bob misspoke, not what he meant. The substance however is telling. This is the kind of dismissal you hear from politicians and the unions that pay them off. But the thing that is really telling are the lies that veterans love their care according to VA surveys, nothing to see here. Some really do like their care but BS like this completely dismisses those who have been harmed by an unaccountable bureaucracy. I am embarrassed that this man is from my alma mater. It is not what was taught to him, doing the harder right.

    1. Ryan,

      Just have to say thank you for supporting Veterans and being the Very Honorable Person that you are.

      Your actions at Tomah have, and continue to, demonstrate a very high level of true Integrity. You are a model of what every VA employee not only should be but needs to do when faced with the problems in Veterans care you had to face.

      Thank You
      Kirk R

      1. Ditto, we need more VA employees to step-up to the plate like yourself and who knows, with Sec. McDonald with both boots in his mouth, it brought to light by Speaker Ryan about VA and TSA Bonuses given out even though not supposed to be, this will cause other VA employees that are good employees but do not want to be taken down by the rats jumping ship to cover their asses and job security. A shake-up. Popping popcorn all weekend.
        This was REALLY exceptionally heartless and *thoughtless* of Sec. McDonald to state what he did when the news cycle was starting to bring out the “Veteran Props” for Memorial Day Weekend…thanks Bobby, sometimes BAD NEWS IS GREAT NEWS! Baah-ha–ah-haaaa! Can’t make this stuff up! 🙂

        However, I am waiting for McDonald to say, “I misspoke”, but some of these sociopaths cannot nor will not admit when in grave error.

      2. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Growing bolder everyday. But what goes around comes around !

        I just hope it comes around soon.

      3. The truth about what happened at Tomah by the Very Honorable Ryan Honl and be found at:

        “The Op-Ed piece the Journal-Sentinel Won’t Run”


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