Despite VA Efforts Disability Claims Taking Longer

Since VA Secretary Eric Shinseki vowed earlier this year to shrink the VA “backlog” to 125 days in 2015, it may be surprising to some that the claims process has actually lengthened in the past year. The average claim time in October 2011 was 223 day and as of August this year it has increased to 260 days. Add to that the fact that the actual backlog has doubled since 2008 and it seems unlikely that claims time is going to approve in the near future.

What do you think the VA can do to actually reduce the claims time and backlog?


 The VA’s benefits-aspiration web page shows the average claims-processing time was 223 days in October 2011, 246 days in April 2012, 257 days in July and 260 days in August. In fact, the backlog has doubled in size since 2008, congressional members report.

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