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Any website today must focus on search engine optimization, which includes appropriate moderation of reader comments and deletion of off-topic comments.

Our policy here on allows comments from readers, though many publications no longer allow comments for a few reasons. The biggest I can think of has to do with search engine optimization and quality of comments. The gist of it is the general understanding that comments need to reinforce the topic of each post. Topics that are off-topic or spam can and do hurt the search engine optimization of a topic. For that reasons, to avoid the issue, many news publications stopped allowing readers to comment to prevent topic hijacking.

Topic hijacking is the general practice of diverting attention from the topic in a blog post to a topic a reader would rather talk about that has little or nothing to do with the actual topic. This practice not only harms the discourse amongst readers, but it also can dilute or harm the search engine optimization of the article and ultimately the website.

And why is improving this important to you?

The more writers we can pull in, the more diverse perspectives we can highlight. The more perspectives we highlight, the more value this website is in the eyes of policymakers and private sector decisionmakers. The more readers we attract, the more informed the public is about the topics I write about and the feedback on those topics that you provide through commenting here and on social media.

We want more policymakers to review this website to get informed about how veterans are affected by the policies they create in Washington DC.

As for comments, there are some rules concerning those comments to ensure continuity and inclusion of veterans from all walks of life. If you follow these basic rules, your comments will be fine. If you are unable to follow these rules, I will not allow your comments.

Here are some general rules so we include everyone’s perspectives:

  • Debate between commenters is encouraged and healthy.
  • Both conservative and liberal perspectives are allowed.
  • Off-topic comments are not allowed.
  • Simply cutting and pasting an entire article from a different website, whether on or off-topic is not allowed.
  • Anything potentially violating copyright is not allowed.
  • Trolling of commenters simply because you disagree is not allowed. Trolling is generally making ad hominem attacks against a person because you disagree with their perspective or viewpoint.

Anyway, I hope this helps explain the direction I am taking with this website. It is immensely useful for some on Capitol Hill, and I seek to maintain that value and continuity by enforcing the terms of use I have previously established.

I am working to create a forum for veterans to use that allows posting of topics from around the web that is not directly related to veterans. However, that is not the highest priority for me right now.

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  1. Who posts Ben’s daily articles on their Social Media sites? Anyone? When time prevails outside dealing with the VA, I post on a daily basis. I always copy and paste James Clement’s post on how to fix the VA. Which to many is most likely above your head in offering reasonable solutions to fix this corrupt agency.

    So what are YOU doing to make the VA change its wicked behavior towards many Veterans? Most likely not a damn thing but reading. No action. You probably don’t even say anything to a VA employee in which you know is doing you wrong or is breaking VA Policy. That’s if you even know VA’s Policy.

    Vets lives are the most important thing. That’s why the VA was created. Not for employees, not for unearned bonuses, not for nepotism in getting your love one a job, etc.. And there are times when speaking nicely, diplomatically, and not cursing is appropriate. But the VA’s behavior has been going on for decades. And being nice, well the VA will just eat that up, and use it against you and not for you.

    No mercy for Veteran Assassinators.

    Stand up or get out of the way. There’s plenty of Vets that are tired of how the VA is operated. Tired of the corruption, tired of VA employees coming first, tired of VA not adhering to their own VA Policies of Patient Care and following Claim Processes.

  2. Resd This To Know Me – I never complained about you mentioning “whining.”

    My beef with you has to with your lack of putting Vets first (see your first comment you posted).

    And to the one that mentioned misspellings and grammer, did you not think something isn’t happening which your clueless perception didn’t pick up?

    My eyesight now is blurry due to VA not fulfilling their crappy promises of In-Home Physical Therapy. I’ve lost well over 20% muscle mass (atrophy), and my ligaments and tendons have shortened as well. My muscular and connective tissues can’t support my skeletal-frame (bone structure).

    Your fellow Vet is laying in a hospital bed in his living room wasting away. VA promised me Home Based Primary Care, but I lay in wait for many months.

    I’m an Investigative Research Biologist, train my own PTSD service dogs, refused VA medical directives due to VA Policy and non-urgency of care, has made my health and life worse, and negatively effected my wife and service dog, as the VA’s tenticles reach WELL BEYOND the scope of care (all documented).

    Plus, being accused of taking an unprescribed Opioid, which VA PCP Nurse Practitioner couldnt tell me which Opioid.

    Then I called a False Positive, where a re-test should of been performed, but VA denied. Then I demanded a Polygraph test on spot, and it too was denied.

    Then a week.later, and out of the blue, I get a call from VA accusing me of also taking an unprescribed Benzodiazapine. Too late to call a False Posituve, but I did anyway. And again VA denied my request of a re-test, but this time a week later after the original test.

    With your superb intuition, fantastic furensic medical detective ability, and good judgement making, do you see a pattern here? Are ya felling my dispare, the threat to my cred, and the fixing up of false medical record information file?

    You have no clue of whats going on with how the VA is hurting my wife, my PTSD service dog, or my simpleton Vet life.

    So bro, I came down hard in you, because I’ve witnessed and personally felt the fakeness. And its no more. Feel me?

    Abd not once have you mentioned about what the VA us wrongfully doing, ir coming straight up in full flavor in favor of Veterans. Like I said, you laid in wait for the comments from some to be posted that’s been labeled as regulars.

    And again, your wrong. Lately I’ve backed off from posting due to being slightly overwhelmed by VA. So if you back track, because I know how obserant you are, you’ll see that I’ve been posting less frequently.

    Abd now that Momma had given me a thumbs up to.go against the VA, thats all I need bro. About time the VA gets a good swallow of their on measures.

    Oh, how is my spelling and grammer now? Better?

  3. Your website, your rules. Simple Simon said to the pie man. Thank you for helping veterans Ben.

  4. Ben,

    I appreciate your need to change the tenor and temper of comments. I appreciate that you are trying to run a business. I respect that this business was likely born from your own experiences with the VA, in the arenas of health care denial and quality, and barriers in other benefits thrown up by an often soul-less bureaucracy. You’ve provide a forum for veterans to voice their experiences with the VA, and clearly have gotten noticed in venues that many of us could not have on our own.

    It appears you have gained momentum and need to take your business, and your legitimate mission for veterans to the next level. You have determined that certain of our collective behaviors may put your goals for your business at risk. It is my personal belief that it is incumbent upon all of us to honor your request and “clean it up”. You’ve demonstrated an ability and commitment to support our causes. Far be it from me or anyone else to challenge your vision for your business. What has been good for you has been good for “us”.

    From this point forward I’ll do my best to stay on topic and avoid the obvious “keywords” that could trigger the sensitivities of those who could use that as fodder to discredit your good works.

  5. Really simple website equation that we have here. Ben’s Blog. Ben’s Rules. Ben’s Decision. No one else’s.

    1. Who do you think is driving the decision to change Ben’s Blog, Ben’s Rules and Ben’s Decision?
      Do you think he woke up today and decided to restrict comments to somehow make his blog better? You don’t think that Ben is feeling the heat from Facebook, Google, Paypal, Youtube, his Internet Service Provider or his Host?
      Don’t pee in my cornflakes and tell me it makes my cereal better and that the milk man/dairy conglomerate has nothing to do with. I’m sure Ben will grant you an additional “Good Boy” point for that DAV comment.

      1. In samsara; the endless cycle of suffering, we are always winning and losing the same game. Yet somehow, we are still expecting to make progress.

        We spend part of our life trying to get it together, and the other part watching it fall apart.

        We don’t realize that if we try to gain something, we had better be ready to lose it.

        As soon as we have time, ‘I have a whole hour free’ – – – we are losing it.

        We work hard to have a relationship, and then it breaks up. We come together for a holiday party, and then it’s over. We buy a new car, and the fender gets a dent. We are playing the game of What about me?

        If I gain something, I will be happy. If I lose something, I will be miserable.

        Competition is unstable. Even when we win, we have not really won. We always must prove ourselves again.

        Gain and loss are meaningless preoccupations. True victory is not being caught by the illusion of permanence. It is not being hooked by negative emotions. It comes about when we free ourselves from the illusion of me.

      2. What are you possibly talking about????

        Stop with the eluding and talking around what you are trying to say, and simply come out with it in easy to understand sentences. Jeez!

        And why do you have to be so sarcastic about it? What’s the point? You can’t make a discuss-able point straight away?


    “I’m moderating my comments section like a blue-haired California communist, and here’s why that’s a good thing!”

    Do you really think if you crack down on the wrong-think in your comments section, the social media barons will allow you a seat at the adult table? This is why libertarians are a complete joke along with any cuckservative or centrist nerd who isn’t fully on the populist/nationalist train.

    Ben, you’ll have to be dragged kicking screaming to the right side of history as you scream, “BUT I’M NOT A RACIST, I LOVE MINNESOTA SOMALIANS!”

    Re-evaluate your life and your beliefs.

  7. I got the message re: Email saying something out of hand and not truthful. (or meaning this) I said nothing wrong and did not indicate a threat nor did I in anyway threaten or insult a named individual. Merely a comment on the VA which if is wrong then we are in serious trouble.

  8. I usually see the same guys on here each time I visit the site. Most of them are griping in some form or another, which is ok, especially since some of them are hurting or not feeling good, therefore are in a bad mood.
    I too was mistreated at the VA. I won’t go into too much detail, but I was really pissed off at the smug little attitudes I experienced even though I was respectful and courteous from the get go! These people acted like I was inconveniencing them or bothering them for asking them to work or do their job! On the other hand, I have also experienced some really good folks that work at the VA. Unfortunately, some of the time it all depends on which race of the person you are talking to, and at what location and what race you are. That is just the truth. I am SOOOO glad that the President finally made it so these folks can be fired…Maybe they will lose the attitudes or VA will let them loose. Here are my experinces ratings at a few VA’s. VA Houston = Not so good, VA Austin = Pretty good, VA Manila, Philippines = Great!
    I prefer to read comments that aren’t so long. I skip the ones that are more than 2 paragraphs or are so chock full of mispellings and incorrect grammar that I can’t even understand them. Thanks for letting me spew what is on my mind…First time posting here….

    1. We’re not bad guys. You just have to understand our quirks and our problems that we have. You have to look past some of our remarks and critisizoms of situations that concern our well being. You can get well informed here if you check in once in a while. Don’t be to quick to judge until you have indulged. Peace.

      1. I’m with you Nex, and I totally understand. Apologies if I sounded judgemental, it wasn’t intentional. Have a good day Brother!

    2. Here I am. The one who directed my now infamous “Whiner” statement toward “some” of the regulars. You know damn well who you are. This post, and that of several others who also concur that the “commentary section” here is more depressing than the majority of Bens great posts exposing the bottom of the barrel within VA. Dont thnk that for one second Ive experienced insane treatment and ridiculous amounts of wasteful time with VA myself! However, the one choice I make for myself is not to bounce off into a tirade that goes so far off topic, littered w profanity and threats, and in whats clearly either some seriously deep rooted anger or mental health issues. To live life like that is not conducive to good physical or mental health whatsoever. Therefore I make a cognitive choice not to. Some of you will hopefully understand this feeling, and of course some of you may not. I honestly dont care what Nutter has to say behind the keyboard. I wont retort, threaten or think twice about any comments pre, or post this reply – to what I truly believe were words well written. Thank you for such an open mind, and clear desire to gain something from what Ben decides to post, not whats here via scrolling to the bottom of the page. Have at it Nutter. I literally laughed out loud after skipping thru what ya littered above! ?

  9. Allow me to say, please, without further comment, that I came here after reading Ben’s email today. I try to avoid scrolling down the page on Ben’s articles, seems to be of little value much of the time. I think I’ve posted twice in the past year, but I don’t come back to read the replies. Too often it’s just many of the same posters with the same comments, which I think has the opposite effect of what they intend. To be honest, I’m not sure if some of these posts today aren’t purposely being ironic, which says a lot. I found it particularity interesting that one post mentions “whiners”, and for the sake of an argument, respondents assume “he’s talking about me!” If they didn’t jump to that conclusion, what was it they really wanted to contribute to the conversation? I applaud Ben’s stance, I might actually scroll down in the future for any valuable contributions. But as a 30 year veteran, still see the need to cut & paste Ben’s articles before emailing to former servicemembers I’m still mentoring, because I feel they’re still too vulnerable in their IDES process to get sucked into the vortex of this comments section. Peace be with you. P.S. – I won’t come back to read any replies, so I apologize in advance if you’d hoped to provoke a response with any barbed comments.

    1. And there you go folks, a fine performance indeed. Now moving along to our next act we have a dog and a pony. A really big shoe!

    2. SgtV ? Hit and run tactics, great debates today. Obvious to see who is what what is who and those who refuse any debate or to break down posts and remark as I will with you, for example. Another example for which I speak of… activist tactics and phooey.

      There are no – mere assumptions- and plenty of reasoning and examples about your pick of the word “whiners.” It’s been used as a blanket statement for all out here with complaints, and directed towards individuals.

      Because something is useless or boring to you, and other activist, or possible vet of some sort, maybe, doesn’t mean others will not find any value in something. Like knowing they aren’t alone in a world of crap or any other issue. Especially the many who read but are afraid to post for obvious reasons and there are MANY of those.

      Quoted: “But as a 30 year veteran, still see the need to cut & paste Ben’s articles before emailing to former servicemembers I’m still mentoring, because I feel they’re still too vulnerable”… Un-Quote.

      From the 30 yr SgtV. Mentoring ‘vulnerable’ “servicemembers” via email? Cut and pasteing so as to protect the vulnerable???? Are you serious?? Is that like the stopping of pain meds cause some segment on TV news has some trophy wife or actor on there claiming her gunnery Sgt and others couldn’t understand the directions on the pain med bottles or anti-depressants and ate them all in one day??? You and some others better check and make sure you’re college IP addresses and email services aren’t showing. May not get paid if caught playing the game and lose class credits and beers from the college and Antifa meet-up bars.

      People can’t get through a few paragraphs or at times a few sentences but can go through all the pharmaceutical warning sheets the VA thinks can or wants vets to read?? Plus all the other paperwork, insane methods of sending out heavily interspersed med files, pounds and pounds worth, and suggested reading be done, or anything else for some personal growth or knowledge??? Or myriad of daily long winded materials and forms for daily living needs????

      Alot of people vets included around here read Ben’s FB and material being emailed around. Many afraid to even join on FB or make comments out here… FEAR. Why is that? Why is it that those with real names used are not openly attacking others on FB that would reflect who and what they really are and to whatever they are connected to or part of????? Some citizens are aghast at what they’ve read about Voc Rehab to what vets are having valid issues over and the praise given for those daring to speak up against it all. And would love to jump in and set some things straight with the trolls and activist, but don’t want to get deeply involved or known about. Fear! And knowing FB is nothing much but about info gathering and censoring. Unsafe in America for free speech and truth or to express themselves???? Probably lose their jobs if found out??? Get real. Really sad and pathetic stuff. With the knowing of many of the naysayers, cheerleaders and activist don’t give one diddly damn about anyone’s life out here or in their locale. Love one sided debates.

      1. Ben, there you go!

        Anyone shows up and comments on your site who isn’t one whom T or Nutter or a couple of others can identify, they brand them as non-Veterans, activists, VA staff, agent provocateurs, interlopers, government agents, and worst of all according to them, “liberals”. The list is longer.

        If you wonder why we don’t come back much or for some, only visit once or twice and then pass, it’s due to this belligerent abuse and ridiculously childish and neurotic venom they paint your site with.

        Good luck. There are many more of us who leave or just check-in every so often to gain some new insights from your articles. But why comment or even try to have a discussion with these clowns running the show?

        Not interested anymore. And yes, I am a Veteran. Army, grunt, w/Purple Heart; although those idiots who have commandeered your comments sections want to paint everyone they don’t know as anything but a Veteran. What an undermined waste of effort and expense for you.

        Good Luck!

      2. Don’t Visit? Ahhh again side track the finer points. You and others attack, assume, insinuate and we are supposed to play the door-mat game and bow?

        You deny there are no agents, provocateurs, etc., out there… here… in mass?? No ‘stolen valor’ types or those playing veteran with no proof just what is written or claimed? Some of us have gone public, known of by emails and contacts. Are the complainers and trolls doing anything but complain and support the wrong doing at the VA and around.

        WE aren’t supposed to point out BS and the same stuff being used all over to create problems?

        Where are those “many more” that would post but because of us posters that Ben wants input from don’t join in because of ‘US.’ Besides the “many” that don’t because of fear and the reality of attacks in real life or losing their jobs due to “identity politics’ or not being part of the ruling herds or local big time employers.

        You avoid questions, actual discussions, it always leads to the two party paradigm of shit slinging instead of making comments per article or never ever posting any links or articles that could be of use to anyone. No instead you and others seem to attack info providers, and on it goes.

        I don’t post on Ben’s FB site cause it’s about Voc Rehab, period. I spread the site around and have never heard complaints about this site unless they want to play politics or support the VA, their employers, the associations and all things connected to them and those who attack those like me and part of the retaliation gamers. Vets too because half or more seem to not care about others and have to fit in or play the VSO quid pro quo games or not wanting to get involved for obvious reasons.

        Ben wants input. Blogs depend on input or fail or go the way of agenda driven activist only, oh and with no negatives allowed about anything. Just Unicorns, fairy dust, and Matrix. I’ve copied and saved info about how YOUR kind of stuff has closed down news forums, chat boards, and the censored news comments sections that don’t want input other than those in the herd, their activist or party. Same things and exact games and wording used here now.

        Ben is young like others. Probably, more than likely has NOT gone through or been down the rabbit holes of corruption, or violated by the VA and by many others some of us have. Most of the time attorneys, their connections and such to para-legals don’t have to deal with such depths of depravity and malevolence cause the wrong doers would be found out and get their butts sued off. Not so for a huge population of us and all the fear out there proves most of us are out of luck. And having to deal with activist and wrong doers at every turn…. which is the plan of many. I won’t waste space or time listing all the agenda driven enemies of us and the nation.

        Now run off, or upstairs, and tell mommy a mean old man scolded you.

  10. Myself, I would comment more often but I’m always in great fear of some VA or other government agency hacking this site and taking down names and stuff. I’m still too young to be let die and too old for Guantanamo. I guess I’m a coward in that respect. I’d like to feel that I can say what’s on my mind but in this day and age of pc and other bs the 1st amendment is literally gone! Can anyone confide to me that it’s safe to comment on this site?

    1. Dennis P and others. Don’t mean to be a blog hog on this fine day when I should be out with my signs doing my thing. But already out here communicating with some stationed over-seas. So I am up for “debates” and exchange for a while more.

      Dennis your’e a vet, not a coward, and many have to ponder about self-preservation and those close to you in today’s cultural climate. I’ve already been down the rabbit-holes and in the fight with great sacrifices made over many years, then came the VA crap and other stuff that just keeps layering on. Lost countless loves ones and can empathize with Ben and others on that aspect alone too. I can also have empathy and can imagine the hell he may be going through with his vocation to keeping this board up and running. I trust no-one really, and can’t, but will go out on a limb and say I would trust Ben but staff and secretaries may be another matter… due to vast negative experiences and the dots/spoors leading back to those sorts. Only Ben has some special insights on things we don’t.

      That said. I don’t like corruption, nepotism, liars, phonies, bullies, intimidation, threats, nation busting activist, evil, etc. Quit good jobs because of it or to take some stands. Too old, tore up, concerned about others, the youth, to allow well paid activist or others to shut me up or silence me totally without a fight. I go out with my signs knowing after some phone calls, other physical actions in public by many, I can be shot, set-up, arrested, EDed, just for show, power plays, and kicks..etc. And the powers that-be couldn’t care less and keep it out of the news too like they have other deaths and needful info. Things are not what they were thirty or more years ago either, not at all. I also have my affairs in order. I got another thing hanging over them. I don’t give a good damn if I live or die, with a strong… period, a sela, an amen. Kinda like ‘give me liberty or give me death.” F it bring it, whatever.

      Hopefully and day dreaming I’d like to get the hit from an Amish drive-by. Yeah, I can jest about this stuff too. Out holding my signs. The sounds of clippety clop clippety clop is heard then along comes a black horse drawn carriage. Bang bang…. clippity clop clippity clop…fades away as do I. No F-ing big deal, seriously.

  11. I don’t disagree with the direction you want to take your site Ben, but I DO disagree with the reason why many news sites no longer allow comments.
    1. Many news sites no longer allow comments because those news sites find it much harder to push biased or blatantly false “news” when commenters can correct the record. News sites censoring those comments prove that they are not interested in facts.
    2. Quite often commenters today can add much more context to a news article, or they can provide many more facts than what is in an article, and commenting makes the author look lazy or sloppy in their reporting.

    In the end, you are paying for the site so you can do what you like…whereas news organizations claim they provide unbiased news to inform the public. And they fail miserably.

    1. Good points Nutter but I didn’t want to ‘babble’ on about how long some communities with state and Fed approvals have totally censored news comments and now defunct chat boards for at least thirty years and to the point there is total censoring going on. I have posted about this time and time again and with every communication I have made to the whole networks, people, authorities, admin, and agency out there.

      TV news, paper, didn’t matter, doesn’t matter now. If you disagreed with some news comments, editorials, community happenings, didn’t support things like Antifa or open borders, fake news, some action by those in the happy perfect communities it was deleted. “No negatives allowed just positivity.” That includes on tombstones and can prove that too!!!! “We don’t allow our communities to be blemished.” If not by media types then by local politicians and their thugs as well who have access and powers to do so. Just like me being banned from the freaks on their FB for asking why, get strikes for comments elsewhere and on it goes. It’s full circle, years long beyond pathetic and has been to the point of tyranny to open fascism. Who wants to live in the community at large with surrounding counties enveloped in this evil crap?? Open air prison camps and not joking, period. America???? Seems the fearful sheep do or their livelihoods depend on silence and following the herd. Others love their authority, powers, to harm and destroy others. BS.

      Not to forget how entire major hospitals, CEOs, staff, VA or not, again the whole sheebang, will stand by, or join in the ‘fun,’ while vets or citizens has to endure (families, associated) with every unethical, immoral, wickedness, all kinds of gross professional mis-conduct, disgusting attacks and harassment they’ve thought of, and beyond that. With activist and activism tactics ruling the ‘the top.’

      Damn sad when people may be oppressed and attacked so bad they have to go out of town and out of county to get plumbers, tree trimmers, electricians, etc., to do what we can’t do easily for ourselves in our predicaments. And the enemies have access to our ills from leaked medical files info, and those file holders can withhold them due to being ‘civilian types,’ With all the little rats and mobsters immune from any prosecution but allowed to run rampant due to nepotism and entire towns being mob ruled, etc. Then jokers want us to be totally silenced, oppressed, tyrannized, bullied by the bullies by the ones claiming to want to stop all bullying in or out of the indoctrination camps called ‘schools and academia?’

      An old gimped up dude alone due to local fears and connections, nepotism, vast corruption, has to hit the streets with signs hoping to get the word out, ask WHY and HOW communities like this are allowed to continue on while destroying some of us, under such dictatorships akin the N. Korea or the USSR which the USA has gone the way of for we the non-compliant. Then to hear the threats on news by scum like Clintons, Waters, CNN, and etc? Calling for attacks on people??? Done been happening here for a generation. Just to see how much fear to the total uncanny numbers of uncaring people is really out there and how much fascism and such has easily taken over? Plus to hear some stories from people who just by your signs can see you can be trusted and is one highly upset and harmed individual and veteran. People need to get real or start drawing some hard lines in the sand, maybe do things like called sacrifice or stepping outta their safety zones if possible.

  12. I’ll wait to see of what, if any spanking comes from Ben, and directed to whom?

    I’ll not participate in this bullshit in allowing FULL-BLOWN VA employees, or trolls, that lay in wait for their opportunity to spew their venom. A snake, that twists, diverts, and deflects facts and truth.


    1. Nutter, Ben says debate is good too and allowed. However trolls and cheerleaders will not debate nor will they provide any aid, offer any, etc. Or use their real names and positions. But want total censorship. I live in a community wide hell hole and complete enemy territory so I am more than accustomed to dealing with certain types of folks and can smell them right off. Or just by usage of words, looks, excuses, inaction, tactics, or labeling.

      Locals, the VSOs, et al, will not debate and don’t like questions or none allowed at some event over corruption or the airing of issues for public consumption. The tactics today and has been to totally shut us down who complain over whatever. Mob rule, make local town meetings impossible to attend, scare off, attack, knock out, destroy, property damages, harass, stalk if possible. Ensure zero support or representation for us who can provide proofs of harm and abuse. Don’t talk to us, don’t interview us, don’t debate or have conversation with us evil people. Censor and do all damages possible. It comes from all tangents in life even the religious and medical fields.

      We have to overlook so much abuse, attacks, and scamming while forced to take stands against other issues of importance, or all at the same damn time. Take stands against any corruption, scamming, attacks, whatever we become the enemy of the cliques, clubs, and associations. We are “too negative to be around” and as “vets give off bad vibes” to “not being tolerant or loving.” Doesn’t matter if we are discussing fishing or the weather with smiles ear to ear. If we are known enemies of any of the others, heavily gossiped about, or about “identity politics” or seen as enemies of the VA, we the “whiners,” we are unfit to be in these “tolerant loving global progressive communities” and to be black balled forever.

      I said “too late” to Ben about image. Years back to-date even animal rights people and those loving HSUS shelter types came out and made some comments about veterans with issues or PTSD should not have pets due to instability issues or being “mean” or as loving as they wish. When the minutes recorders at meetings or cameras come back on… Oh but then they put on a happy face and have commercials and wanting donations for service dogs and how much they care about vets. This stuff and more is what we really have to deal with in the modern America. It’s going to get much worse regardless of poly-ticks. Too many just want us “old folks to just die off.”

    2. ANutter:
      Your comment:

      I’ll wait to see of what, if any spanking comes from Ben, and directed to whom?

      I’ll not participate in this bullshit in allowing FULL-BLOWN VA employees, or trolls, that lay in wait for their opportunity to spew their venom. A snake, that twists, diverts, and deflects facts and truth.

      — END QUOTE —

      That’s exactly what is not allowed!

      You can argue it, stomp your feet, insult, and otherwise try to intimidate others; but all you are doing is driving the SEO of this site lower and lower. You obviously don’t understand what the topic of this article is about. All you are doing with your abusive (which are off-topic as well) comments is driving this site out of business. That’s your choice.

      As an alternative, why don’t you start your own site and make all the defeating comments your want about everything in your world that you don’t like; and leave this site to those unified to making it work, and that’s according not to you, or me, or even Ben; but to the search engines that assign rankings and search result placements. You obviously aren’t getting it. All you are doing by continuing to interject your off-topic comments, and spouting a lot of anger and attempting to intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree with you 100%. This misdirected use of the site has already lessened its ratings in the search engines. And that’s because of YOU and the others who think this is your and their site and you can do anything you want. So keep it up if driving the site into a state of not being able to support itself is your goal, because that is exactly what your comments are doing. THAT’S THE TOPIC OF THE ORIGINAL POST. The reason this is happening is because potential advertisers drop interest in advertising because the site can’t get decent placement in search engines because of abuse, off-topic comments, and a lack of open discussion, which you and others disallow by your attempted bullying and non-discussion insulting. You don’t know how to discuss. Instead, you prefer to demean, insult, make false or unsubstantiated statements. In other words, you drive down the SEO ratings for the site; but it appears you don’t care, as long as you think you have the right to do so. Tell that to Ben when the revenue drops below the break-even point.

      Your choice. But I think you and others would be happier on sites such as, where you can go as far afield as you like.

      1. Don’t visit much. Ahhh. This article was meant to inform us and for comments that blogs and such are for. Again it goes to …. “I think you and others would be happier on sites such as, ” Blah blah. Back to “identity poly-ticking.” Again those like you show your true intents. I haven’t seen any debating or logical or real discussing between some trolls who are not using their handles if here before, or those who just want to create chaos and use the normal tactics being used all over social media. Oh, and the demands and excuses for censoring the out spoken or seen to be “deplorables.” Why change to a new handle to post now? Odd. Discuss that. Along with seemingly support for others like you or non-sensical posts like SgtV censoring his mentored fragiles by email so they aren’t exposed to some truths or experiences. Are you kidding me? Trying to fool many apparently and do and act the same as seen on many others boards and chats to create issues and attack those not totally on the …. left.

        Ben used this article to lay down the ground rules in future posts. I can handle that but it seems this thread also shows how little real debate or discussion is wanted by certain activist and those we have no idea who are actual vets, just VA staff, agent provocateurs, or some other form of the multitude of activist doing their normal things to stifle truth and free speech. Along with those out there that actually hate vets just for being veterans stabbing us in the backs at every turn or mention of corruption or wrong doing against us, or part of us. Not all of us are ignorant townie hicks that have never dealt with activist or retaliation in every form imaginable. Especially with what is going on in today’s culture of facade, to the American culture and discussion haters. Now change your name back if here before and see if you and those others like you can play the game.

      2. Your a Sell Out. And it was you and another that briught up liberalism and conservatism. And which I’ve been labeled as both.

        Since you don’t know where I stand, I’ll telk you, “its on the total side of the Veteran. Not the VA, not Ben, not DisabledVeterans org, but 100% trudat for Veterans. And, the demarcation point is getting clearly more defined.

        IMO, I’m concerned about the VA working better in the behalf of Veterans. VA employees and buildings are after or second thoughts.

        Ben, I hope you don’t fall like the others; all about the numbers and bucks. This isn’t you from what I’ve learned of you in the past.

        But yes, its your site. Folliw the crowd or carve out your own road. That quality is what also drew me to this site. That quality was you!!!

  13. Reader Beware – NOTME IS A DANGEROUS VA PR PERSON or CRONEY.. One that is surely NOT looking after first-born Veterans, but rather second-thought VA AFGE employees. A twister of fact and truth.

  14. Finally! Thank you for stepping up on this issue Ben. Each time I read one of your articles I already know the names of all your regular whiners. Everyone who picks up proverbial rocks and hurls them at VA on a daily basis should really stop and think if these volatile remarks even accomplish anything. Do you actually think that shouting with all this anger does anything productive whatsoever? Sure it may make you feel better to scream and vent over the matters Ben chooses to write, but what can you people actually GAIN from being so over the top angry? Do you seriously believe that dropping F Bombs every other word, brutally ripping apart any VA employee mentioned can help expedite your claim or appeal? Thank you Ben for putting a lid on those who always paste every article they find here too! I often wonder what some people do all day that they show up in every articles comment section? Get out, voice your opinions, validate your frustration, reinforce your stance toward issues you disagree with, or just be more of a professional adult role model for any NEW Vets who may pick up Bens traffic and wish to visit on a daily basis. What image do you think the commentary section here depicts if its nothing but anger, hate, and mistrust?

    Think about how you write/type/say things here and how they could be interpreted by others externally. No one wants to be in the company of persistent complaining, rage, or vile slanderous words over and over. Dont you see what environment you create with such hostility? Is that the way true Leaders in our military run their units? (I won’t even go into that) All Im saying is that your words paint a very dark picture of who you are if its consistently negative. Think about that before you start the flame thrower on me now. Were you a Platoon Leader or Plt Sgt at some point in your military service? If so, step back and think before you act. That way youll have a much bigger impact on those around you, and for those who have yet to come.
    Let it begin…

    1. NotzaMea for damn sure on what you wrote. You need to flip the on true traitors, of why MANY VETS voice the reality onto the VA.


      Its people like you, that Vets would throw you outta fox hole on your ear. Your post takes the approach like the VA’s xmcorruotion is the Vets fault. How much of an asshole can you be when most if Ben’ s articles pertain to the actions of VA policy, executives, ir regular power hungry ratty ratster VA employees.

      So damn spin in your comment. We have Vets that their life is in immediate danger, abd a spouse has to work extra hours outside the home in order to protect their love one. I KNOW ASSHOLE, BECAUSE I’M ONE IF THEM!!!

      And I’m an Investigative Research Biologist, and I use to able to train my own PTSD service dogs, that is until the VA’s corrupt tenticles sucked the life out of me, in pro-actively participating in m y own healthcare.

      I’ve done plenty if scientific research in the day, and I will not let you spew your twisted comment of misleading information that surely will present false pretenses about the posts from seasoned Vets, and ex-VA employees.

      And thru all your chaotic, and unmanaged rhetoric, creates a false image of the true picture of the VA’s problematic structure if disservice care.

      Your attitude fosters, ongoing future sick behavior, of how MANY VA ratty ratster, CORRUPT AND UNACCOUNTABLE VA employees treat Veterans.

      Read the VA’s policy’s. Your statement addresses none if them, abd you completely undermine the experiences of Vets with the VA = Veteran Assassinators.

      YOU, NOTME ARE A DANGEROUS BREED. Recognizing and fixing nothing interally of the VA that benefits Veterans, but only the corrupt STAPH inside the VA. Staph that needs to be removed, autoclaved, abd disposed of in bio-hazard bags, and incinerated. PUKE!!!

      1. And this is one of the posts I was speaking about Ben as this is not helpful. Calling another Vet a puke because he does not see your point of view is not helping anyone and in fact it is driving people away.

        These are the posts that need to be stopped. If this poster wants to rant and rave then do it on his own time in his own house. Not on a public forum and not acting like a 3 year old spoiled child.

    2. We can debate the issues or that about “whining” and those who want to totally silence us or our lives near ruin for being out-spoken and real. At least some of us are still alive to “whine” unlike the multitudes of others who have died, afraid to “whine,” or committed suicide due to it all or not having any platform to expose what they are enduring or did for years. With those calling us “whiners” could care less about others. If we play door-mats for your likes we are wrong, disliked. If we speak out at any chance we get… we are seen as attacking people, in the wrong, “whiney,” not fitting in, or should be totally silenced. How dare we be constant when our enemies and wrong doers or activist are on the ball 24/7/365?

      Are these “orders” like we were told at the VA “to follow or else?”

      We are NOT in the military any longer, period. No team work out here for the harmed or wronged, or those who dare to question.

      It’s obvious who or not has been harmed or constantly harmed by the VA or it’s networks of retaliation. It’s easy to sit back and hate others for “not forgetting” but others can claim to “never forget,” while pushing their agendas – constantly and everywhere- without censoring, or protecting their own.

      Another point. You assume to be speaking for all vets or new vets? Can predict the future or what others think or need? Or we shouldn’t sound alarms or share our experiences for the ones already finding out the ins and outs of the system of things? To get the word out that there are countless others out there thinking they are alone in this cesspool of issues we all deal with. Except for the ones seemingly not having any issues at all, but quick to silence others that just make things worse. Grab a sign in protest about the way things are and listen to some quick comments or stories some want to share but too afraid to because of the labeling, seen as weak, or whiney. Wish I could record some. Especially when trained to suffer in silence, be tough, don’t weep, or told to vent, speak truths, share, spread some hope/info but not too much truth it’s not PC or be too negative for the cheerleaders and cliques?

      Did my wanting a definition of “liberal” create some knee-jerk reactions over contemplating or the concerns of how many are suffering today and the body count of vets over-night is………?

      Nice flame throwing being used against us “whiners.” I’d suggest to ‘check YOUR fire.” Try dealing with some reality, and if possible, ponder about the lives of some of us out here, out there, besides being so self-centered and thinking everyone is in happy land or not having any issues to complain about. Also about what Ben has been trying to do besides the mess some Voc Rehab along with others create.

      The body count is constantly on mind along with all the suffering and death I’ve seen over the many years. Some out here are really coming out of the wood work showing what their minds are on. And no I’m not forgetting or forgiving just like many before who would not bow to the herd, corrupt, or cheerleaders.

      Oh have a nice day after the ‘babble.’ 🙂 Body count is???

    3. Dan and NotMe are the only ones posting here who understand what this article is about.

      Ben, this ship is going down in low SEO due to CONTINUING belligerence in the posts of the ‘regulars’, as few as they have become. As long as they are allowed to continue with taking articles such as this one and turning it to ‘what is liberalisms anyway’; or, ‘Beware Readers, so-and-so is a VA PR person’ (especially without any proof); Ben, you’ve lost the battle to turn it around before you even get started. Question is: What site will they pee on when you’re gone.

      Been in the commercial web dev biz for decades. Yoast is correct, as is nearly always the case.

      As long as these counter-purpose commenters continue, as they have for years, this site is going nowhere. Who needs it. You’re better off working with reporters like the one at KARE11 and others. Those few regular commenters on this site take, take, take for there own purposes — usually anger venting and turning the conversation to their own political beliefs. It’s too bad.

      Good luck, you’ll need it as long as you allow those few to ruin your efforts. This site will be indexed as a right-wing political sarcasm site, nothing more.

      1. While Vets continue to suffer and die. Seems like I hit a nerve Ben, as I write from personal experience.

        And I guess you’ve got a choice to make too. I’ve noticed a of the so-called regulars. Regulars that out the heart and soul into their comments.

        Regulars that don’t sugar coat the issues, or not afraid to call out the VA for its corruption.

        I for one, have learned a lot from previous contributors. Contributors tgat truly want the VA to change.

        Ben, your site is in jeopardy of following the EXACT way of other NON-SPUNKY SITES. will not be the same, nor serve the same purpose.

        Plus, many other commenters that some non- regular commeners complain about, are valuable ex-VA employees or very seasoned Vets, with much insight into the TRUE workings of the VA, and ones not to curl up in fear, and bury their heads in the easy to enter silty dust bed of yellowness.

        Ben, the sites past history is what drew me into participating. Seems to me that its obvious that some newbies don’t have any spine against the VA, and act as though nothing needs fixed internally of the VA.

        What to do? Glad I’m not in your shoes. Going to.join them? Ir set the line of demarcation more clearly defined?

        And to my critics, I don’t bow down man, especially the ones that are corrupt inside the VA. I wonder what the others were trained for? Do they need a ninny? I got some on the cheap!!!

  15. I dont see any need to change anything. For instance if a person is replying and showing another poster that his or her claim is wrong and why, they should be allowed to post the evidence to prove it. Now I dont mean posting 300 pages as a summary would do, but still.

    The ONLY thing I see that should be changed is involving politics in the post. You can clearly say what you want about the post or the issue and not have to go into the “this party bad, this party good” crap that invades a lot of posts lately. If we wanted to get this we could watch MSNBC-ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-or Fox. It should not be allowed here. Or the constant name calling of VA people. Yes we can agree they are assholes in 99% of the cases BUT if they come here and read this then no matter how educated we are or what points we are trying to make, they are going to go back and either ignore it or dig their heels in harder instead of taking it and trying to change.

    You get my points. Other then that there is nothing that needs to be changed with the site.

  16. I appreciate that the Rules will be more enforced especially the off-topic bullshit could be associated with ptsd or just Today’s Six seconds of attention spans. I wish you could go back to allowing shorter comments, than the Article after article, Babble or Mini E-books one would see….

    1. What you demand or want is ‘debatable’ MK considering some of your past posts condemning, wanting silence, from all others you dislike or disagree with. But will post something like this that makes no sense at all.

      “especially the off-topic bullshit could be associated with ptsd or just Today’s Six seconds of attention spans.”

      What ever that is supposed to mean. Some of us are just trying to be kind, thoughtful, and helpful. You? Thanks for this waste of my attention span.

      1. I have no problem with the somewhat helpful comments, but some of you guys will post the same old articles over and over and same tired ass comments. We know the VA is super screwed up for many decades, but to write 5-10 paragraphs on it for what? To improve your writing skills, send that letter the admin who it will matter to…not an fkn blog post.

      2. MK. Don’t bother me with your comments or advice. Keep the fun Ad hominims and usual troll complaints to yourself. At least I try to communicate, wordy or not. I don’t side-step, ignore, or play your style of games/tactics. YOU? You are showing your activist agendas quite well as usual, typical. Same ole same ole.

        Next up? Who wants to come and try to prove me wrong in any manner or subject? Not hiding like you MK and other trolls or paid activist to ruin forums and create chaos which is highly intentional and used everywhere.

  17. Understood. However. Why do people keep calling modern “liberals” “liberal?” I am and was a classic mid-road logical “liberal” but nothing like what they claim to be or are today? That word or label has been ruined intentionally like other words. Yes, serious question I’ve asked many with no answers but the illusions/facade and lies continue on. And is a deceptive usage trying to perpetuate part of the grand activist lie from many sorts. Or then it turns into the flip-flop ambiguous labeling of “progressive” we are told is more PC. Since it seems we live by college land rules seemingly instead of by a Constitution or Bill of Rights, etc. Haven’t met or know many true “Conservatives” either. There are other examples but I digress. But, kinda like funneling us down to use the word-smiths and others expectations for us to say or write/use ‘a democracy’ instead of ‘Republic.’ No big thing for many,… but actually is. especially when such words are used by all on “Capitol Hill,’ and is in fact deceptive. And nothing like with some other issues will change the funneling of public conception or word games trying to make things more appealing, acceptable or positive. Guess we have to keep playing in the two party paradigm of delusional circus maximus.

    Those “policy makers” demand we be honest, real, tell us to contact them, demanding that they have all our info, files etc. Claim they want to know about our issues, or hear from the public… or from vets. On their terms. Then they take no action at all, no investigations, same ole same ole over the years. But sure seem to support many forms of retaliation top to bottom, vice versa. No anonymity wanted, accepted or will be eligible for aid or response. For being our “representatives” and such they sure don’t do any reaching out to their constituents or tax serfs unless it’s time to ask for a vote.

    Whatever. Hope the SEO thing goes better and well. Also would hope your Blog and info makes it to the “Library of Congress” so future generations, if any are left, can look back at some of our struggles, some deceptions, and can read some reality and truth that is stifled for normal, public’s, or public library consumption.

  18. Ben, unless someone makes a direct threat of bodily harm against a ratty ratster VA or Goobermint employee, or threatens to cause property damage of a VA or Goobermint facility, or their actions can and will cause harm to another Veteran or Civilian for that matter, what promise does a contributor have that their idenity will be kept completely private and secret by you and your staff?.

    I ask this with no offense, but because I know how the VA is vindictive, and many times will undermine a Veteran.

    And there may be others that are thinking the same. I want to be assured that unless one outright and purposely violates with harm or destruction, that the persons information on file with, will be kept in full and strict confidentiality. Thank you.

    BTW, I agree with comment changes, so that SEO isn’t negatively jeopardized. I get it.

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