veteran shower room

VA Leaves Corpse In Shower Room, VSOs Gush Over Sec McDonald?

veteran shower room

News that a veteran’s corpse was left in a shower room for nine hours linked to a cover-up as dinosaur VSOs call on Trump to keep Sec McDonald.

Last week was a real humdinger for veterans waiting in the lurch for President-elect Donald Trump to pick a new leader of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald wrote a piece asking Trump to not privatize VA, which was clearly done to further a false allegation perpetuated by the Clinton camp called out by Polifact months ago.

The allegations was called “mostly false.”

Meanwhile, Military Times reporter Leo Shane III wrote an article asserting our country’s dinosaur and irrelevant Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) wanted Trump to keep Sec McDonald.

Leo Shane the Third failed to name which of the “numerous prominent veterans organizations” wanted this outcome. But he clearly excluded Concerned Veterans For America, and organization that made no bones about getting rid of the present Secretary.

If nothing else is clear, Shane is a sellout and VSOs have no clue what veterans want.

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Secret Rating System

That same week, VA was caught with a secret rating list it refused to publish claiming, according to McDonald, that veterans should not be informed of these quality measures because it would “distress” them.

How is that for confidence in the leader pushed forth by our dinosaur, out-of-touch VSOs? Isn’t it time we audit those folks? They never seem to have our best interests in mind anyway while giving us free (but crappy) help with our benefits claims.

Something about the leaked ratings might surprise you, and I’ll touch on that below.

Failed Cover-Up

Adding insult to injury, VA was also caught in a failed cover-up at Bay Pines VA where agency health care workers were caught hiding a veteran’s corpse in the shower room to evade accountability.

Curiously, Bay Pines VA received a 3 out of 5-star rating in 12/15 but no rating 6/30. Why would they have no rating in June? What does that even mean?

If I were a betting man, I would bet $5 that Bay Pines VA did not get a rating in June because of the cover-up scandal that is explained below.

Based on the above, is it safe to say our disjointed, greedy VSOs are not looking out for us with their $200,000+ salaries?

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Shower Room Scandal Explored

In February, hospice staff at Bay Pines VA abandoned an elderly unnamed veteran who died. Rather than call the proper transporter, they ignored their duties and forgot about the veteran’s body.

The corpse was left in the room, then moved to the hallway, and later placed in a shower room for 9 hours and allowed to decompose. Once hospital supervision learned of the failure, VA employees generated false reports to whitewash the incident.

Once the issues were exposed, Bay Pines VA supposedly resolved the matter but stopped short of confirming whether the unnamed hospice employees were punished.

We have to thank Tampa Bay Times for uncovering the scandal. Through a FOIA, VA provided the 24-page report, heavily redacted that also revealed the following per the Times:

  • Hospice staff failed to check a 24-hour nursing report that would signal whether the death was properly reported and failed to ask personnel involved about the handoff.
  • Questioned later by investigators, some responsible for oversight at the hospice blamed a shortage of clerical staff — a claim they later recanted.
  • Staff failed to update a nursing service organizational chart, hampering efforts to determine who was in charge.
  • The hospice unit lacks a structured plan for educating personnel on best practices.

I guess the take away is that veterans need to choose wisely when they select where they die.

Oh wait, we don’t have a choice under the current administration and our dinosaur VSOs want it to stay that way.

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Why No Rating?

So why did VA not give Bay Pines a rating in the secret rating list published last week by USA TODAY? What other facilities lack a rating and should we FOIA the same?

Practically every VA facility in the secret rating system lacked star ratings in June except facilities with one, two and five stars. All those in between lacked ratings.

Why? It is clear VA is so dysfunctional it cannot even conduct its own secret ratings much less those that are supposed to be public but are not.


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  1. For the life of me, I simply cannot fathom how horribly our veterans are treated. This article made me sick. I know this has been going on for a long time but the shock factor is still there. I live in St. Petersburg and that Bay Pines VA is the one my husband goes to. We have had more than our share of problems with these clods. Clods is putting it nicely. There are a few good people that work there but the rotten apples spoil the barrel, unfortunately. I am a student nurse and am appalled at how this deceased body was treated. This is NOT the way I was trained to perform post-mortem care. I will tell you though, as God as my witness and with everything in my power, I will never treat anyone this way especially our beloved heroes, the Veterans. I am hoping I can publish this anonymously because my plan was to get a job at Bay Pines when I am done with my schooling for several reasons, the most important one, giving the best care I can give to these men who deserve so much more than being treated like garbage. I want to make a difference, even if it’s only one person that can help. I am so sorry for all of you that are not getting the treatment you deserve!

  2. Scandal after Scandal after Scandal after Scandal. And the Brontosauri VSO’s at DAV et al STILL want to keep McDipshit as SucVA. Amazing!

    I remember when Honolulu had an average wait time of 145 days, and Dr. Wayne Pfeffer suddenly retired. All of our State Lawmakers were calling for him to be fired, but the AFGE – – – and our valiant VSO’s protected his ass, along with McDipshit’s help . . . plus he got a bonus for screwing over us veterans. Happened less than two years ago.

    Given that some of our lawmakers are Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, you would think they might pay a bit more attention to the VA. NOT!!!! Too busy making “names” for themselves.

    Time to send this ship to the bottom to let a new and better ship slide down the ways . . .

    Let the Brontosauri VSO’s go down with this wreck.

    1. What’s interesting is in that timeframe I specifically recall McDonald making a trip to HI that was supposedly under the auspices of “To end Veteran Homelessness In HI”….I am thinking that might have been for something else, as I just recently viewed a program on how there still indeed is a growing homeless segment in HI, so interested to hear your take on that little trip…I think McDonald left HI and went up to Alaska from there….my memory may be off but that stuck out and I want to think he wasn’t well-greeted up in AK.

      1. @namnibor

        Yes, he did. Many lovely golf courses in Hawaii on which to hold meetings “To end Veteran Homelessness in HI”. I would wager that many of Hawaii’s veterans did not even know he was in town.

        Our homeless population continues to grow daily, and we have far more than our share of homeless veterans in Hawaii. I have been homeless on more than one occasion – – – and may be again.

        Seeking help from the VA in Hawaii is akin to going into a whorehouss for a kiss.

  3. Namnibor, what does the acronym VARO stand for? It’s hard to keep up with everyone at the VA, their titles, functions, while trying to take care of your health. Very tiring. Thanks bud. You too Seymore!

    Please post future replies below. Aloha, ANutterVet

      1. No dah. I should have known that it was the Veterans Affairs Regional Office. I have requested Carisoprodol [Soma] for at least 3 yrs. Why didn’t one of my VA PCP’s tell me to take this to the VARO? As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago one of my PCP’s [had 6 PCP’s in less than 3 years] gave me a script from his personal rx pad. He practiced medicine in the same state where the VAMC is located. He now lives on the West Coast. I had better medical while I was on active duty!

        Seymore, is there a special VA form when submitting requests through the VARO?Thanks Seymore. Aloha

  4. Symptoms of Sudden Onset Of Trumphobia – When Civil servant Cling-ons begin actually doing their jobs in an effort to cling-on to those jobs. After years of failing to actually work.

    Prime examples:

    “Paterson can’t get answers about site in FBI probe”, JOE MALINCONICO, PATERSON PRESS

    “FBI Looks Into Congress’ Claims VA Lied About Hospital Costs”, December 13, 2016 4:09 PM

    1. Looks like Robbie might be a good candidate for one of those Federal Correctional Retirement Centers.

      1. Maybe Trump is seriously considering McDonald for a position in his administration.

        I job that might better suit Robbie’s talents. Such as Printing license Plates in Leavenworth.

    2. Also note from the articles that the Aurora VA money pit will not be opening in 2017 as promised again. Now they are saying maybe in 2018.

  5. “Paterson can’t get answers about site in FBI probe”, JOE MALINCONICO, PATERSON PRESS

    “Butler, who works in the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs at William Paterson University, could not be reached for comment. Herbert Guston, the lawyer representing the Butler center, said he was not aware of the city’s alleged attempts to contact his client. “I don’t know what they’re talking about,” Guston said.”

    “PATERSON — The private organization involved in a federally funded renovation project being investigated by the FBI has failed to respond to Paterson’s repeated attempts to revise its contract with the city, according to public records.

    Almost two weeks after FBI agents began seizing documents on Nov. 3, a staff attorney for the city issued a memo questioning whether the private group that benefited from almost $180,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding was in violation of its agreement with Paterson.


  6. FBI Looks Into Congress’ Claims VA Lied About Hospital Costs
    December 13, 2016 4:09 PM

    “FBI looks into Congress’ claims VA lied about Colorado hospital costs”

  7. Breaking News from WFTV, channel 9, Orlando, Florida – 13 Dec. 2016 @ 4:53 pm.
    “Staff at Summerfield VA Hospital prevent active shooter from harming anyone”

    It’s located in Marion County, at the “Villages Outpatient Clinic”. It occurred this morning at around 10a.m. where “shots were fired”. There were “no injuries”. And, as of my writing, there was “no motive”!
    They have not released the person’s name.
    It will be broadcast later this evening on Channel 9, WFTV.

    1. Update; from News 6, Orlando, Florida @ 7:28 pm w/video (3:12 minutes)
      by: Erik von Ancken, staff reporter
      “Suspect in VA shooting told doctor:
      ‘Now you’re going to have to listen to me'”

      From the article, quote; “Steven Cometa was armed with AM15, several loaded magazines”

      In my opinion, This is what many veterans have been complaining about for decades! Only this veteran took matters into his own hands. He just wanted to be heard!

      1. And NOBODY should take things to such levels, and unfortunately, I can see the VA rat bastards actually using this to not only further vilify we dangerous Veterans but possibly in some twisted way I could see McDonald and Friends using this event to somehow paint themselves as needing to remain as VA Sec. to PREVENT FUTURE events like this happening…blah…blah….I can already hear the Meat Grinder’s gears turning on this one and hope to be in error. This is the VA and get ready for them to paint this Vet as a dangerous animal…wait for it…

      2. I have no doubt this Vet was being harassed and seriously mind-f*cked with. Again, this is the VA and it’s what they do very best.

    2. Stephen Cometa, 60. He told the doctor, “now you’re going to have to listen to me”.
      A “civilian” in the room struggled with him. Was that another veteran? The article I’m reading doesn’t say.
      It says they are trying to figure how he got into the building carrying the gun, described as an AM-15, which looks to be a sizeable rifle.

      1. “THE VILLAGES – Marion County Deputies along with SWAT and FBI were called out to the VA Clinic in The Villages located at 8700 SE 165th Mulberry Lane early Tuesday morning in response to an active shooter incident.

        According to one witness, a patient allegedly walked into the clinic early Tuesday morning with a gun with the intent on killing his doctor.

        A single shot was fired according to the witness, however, the shooter missed and was taken down
        Occupants in the building were evacuated as Marion County deputies and SWAT cleared the scene.

        According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the shooter is in custody and the situation is has been contained.

        The FBI has assumed control of the investigation and deputies are assisting agents during the investigation.

        Officials are urging all residents to avoid the area to prevent any further traffic congestion”

      2. If you search that village-news dot com site, they have another post there that is very recent, but did not show up in Google’s search pages until page 3.
        That news article said he recently went through personal upheaval, divorcing on Dec 1, and recently losing a pet in late Nov that he had for 20 years.
        They quote a couple Facebook posts from him, along with an interesting letter to the editor written in Oct. 2015.
        He has a post at 2ida dot org from 2014 looking for others who served in Korea in 1976.

    3. A report in the Village-news dot com says he was a mental health patient of the therapist he shot at.
      He had two mags of 25 rounds each taped together, along with a 9mm in a backpack and a video camera.

      1. @91Veteran,
        According to the articles I’ve read. Cometa didn’t deliberately “…fire his weapon at anyone…” it “…accidentally went off in the struggle to disarm…” the vet.
        Google the “updated” version of the incident from Channel 6 news. It has a video, (3:12 minutes), explaining what went down. Of course, it’s only the VA’s version!

        @namnibor, I also don’t condone this type of “Taking the law into your own hands” kind of behavior.
        Yet, we all know this will happen. Maybe, more often than not, if things don’t change in “VA’s vulture culture of corruption!”

      2. You are correct Elf, and in one of those Village news articles, there are already commenters saying since he was a mental health patient, the VA should have told the police and have the police go to his house, search it and confiscate his guns.

  8. Who does a Veteran turn too when they feel that they fear for life due to the incompetent medical care of the VA. I have been asking for help via additional medical services, but they don’t care. Ever since I entered the VA health care system, it has been nothing but a fight to get help. Plus the trust level factor is so bad that the PTSD symptoms are off the charts. Does anyone know of a good source for care that is not connected to the VA?

    1. Unless you also have Medicare or Medicaid, as a Veteran you are more or less left with only the VA, but to answer your question even, there’s so many variables to your own situation such as means test/income, where you live even plays a considerable role, and whether married or single or almost retired but medically unable to work, are you 100% Svc. Connected as in receiving compensation accordingly? Lots of questions, I know, and will even go as far as what your specific health issues are, the private medical end of things has become very compartmentalized and specialists.
      Unfortunately, unless one is very rural, and even that is no guarantee, most of the private medical centers can also be connected to the VA’s cookie jar. As I found out, even in the very private medical outpatient med management Psych, I finally had it because it was as bad as the VA with constant change of faces, all trying to give a brand new diagnosis, here, take this…and guess what? These same psychos were leaving after graduating with residency requirement to go work for….the VA.
      What I am getting at is the lunatics are training the future lunatics.
      Psych Care in the completely private environment, private practice is incredibly expensive if you have no insurance but if you happen to be taking college courses at a Univ., you can get that counseling for free.
      I have not helped one bit, am sure of it but know you are not alone and be strong.
      Do you have a pet? Helps immensely with my own anxiety/PTSD bad moments.

      1. Namnibor, I’ll answer your last question. Yes, I have a K9 PTSD & Alerting Service Dog. The problem is that the VA would not prescribe me medications that I was on in the private sector. I went through an extensive trial and error testing of similar medications to no avail. I already went through this in the private sector before receiving medical care from the VA.

        I’m getting really upset talking about this. The bottom line is this, the VA could care less about the loss of my other services dog which I had for 14 yrs. When I got my new puppy, after many requests, the VA finally gave me a script for the medication that worked for me. The script was for 21 days.

        When I was on this medication, I was able to move around more and train my new puppy. After the 21 days, the VA would not renew another prescription for me. I become more sedentary, couldn’t fully train my new pup to my standards, and what happened; my pup got attached to my wife and now sees her as the alpha.

        Totally fucking backwards. They hurt me so dam bad I shake from being so pissed off. For over a year, I have been requesting additional help. Their answer was to take more oxycodone. I refused. They were never concerned with my total health in the first place.

        I’m in a worst medical condition now then what I was before. The VA has went against many things in which I was taught while obtaining my Biology degree.

        During college, I did more direct research than anyone else that attended the college in 21 yrs. I also broke an 18 yr. Organic Chemistry Lab record by beating the time by 9 hrs. My core focus was Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Virology.

        The VA acts like I don’t know nothing. And, now what?

      2. ANutterVet- Don’t know what State you are in but down in Texas and other States, there’s more and more no-charge to Vets training of and service dog info and this one for instance is called Patriot Paws-“The mission of Patriot PAWS is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and PTS in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. Patriot PAWS intends to build partnerships with state and community organizations to help develop and support this goal”

        Other States have similar organizations where at least on the PTSD & Alerting Service Dog side of things, with a few web searches for your area you can get some help there and these org’s have popped up more and more because the VA has been lackluster at best…same with replacement or even 1st wheelchairs.

        As far as the meds, you have to put your foot down and request that medication to be prescribed OFF FORMULARY and the VA will pay for it, but your Dr. has to do the paperwork and get it approved, regularly. If they refuse to even entertain your request take it up a level or two to VARO or higher. Many times these hacks are simply too lazy to take the time to jump through the hoops of having a non-VA Formulary RX prescribed….I know, I went through a similar thing that made me ultimately use Medicare only now and private medical.
        Until then…for my own PTSD, Cymbalta, which now has a cheaper generic, helps and I cannot take antidepressants but it also helps with nerve pain/PN.
        Also, with PTSD, it helps to have a hobby that you can focus your attention and hands and mind with…I use music. Even if you think you cannot draw a straight line consider learning watercolors and apply your Biomedical interests in doing old school medical illustrations and you will be still doing something you enjoy. Hope that helps a little bit and keep your chin up man, and pet that puppy…you are the ALPHA….be the alpha!! 🙂 Peace.

    2. ANutterVet

      One question. With pain and other meds prescribed did they put you on Tramadol at any time?

      1. Seymore Klearly, yes I’m on a generic form of Tramadol. This generic does not work, but in the past I had Tramadom from Rite Aid and it helped some. Before entering the VA, I was on Carisoprodol [Soma] and this was the only muscle relaxer that works for me. I had a trial of muscle relaxers in the private sector and in the VA, the only one that gives me relieve is Carisoprodol.

        After about 6 requests for Soma, the VA finally gave my a 21 day supply of them. They worked fine. As I mentioned earlier, I was on Soma for quite a while when I was getting medical care in the private sector. And, I had no side effects and was able to function normally.

        The bottom line is that the VA would rather me to take more Oxycodone [Schedule II medication- very addictive], compared to Carisoprodol [Schedule IV- not proven to be addictive, depends on the person]. I was taking Carisoprodol [Soma] instead of taking more doses of Oxycodone.

        I don’t understand their dam logic and reasoning. And now since the haven’t prescribed me Carisoprodol, I had no choice but to take additional Oxycodone. Rotten MFers. These people are dangerous.

        I have been put through the mill by these incompetent jerks. I found out later that the VA has a history of prescribing a lot opiates. Sorry Seymore, I’m getting a little worked up due to that it seems as though I’m fighting a loss cause. Don’t know anymore?

  9. There are 3.5 million illegals in CA. alone and yes working for one of the largest HMO’s called kaiser, they used their own employees for experimentation’s and vaccines and the same for their patients, especially older women and minorities including their children, the elderly and poor. It is one of the reasons why the medical community were going to classify certain patients and declare them diabetics or prediabetics like blacks and Mexican heritage. They make the top in experiments and kaiser as I’ve said before is in charge of the VA medical care protocol. and the whole medical community has patterned itself after kaiser which led the way on how to make money-profit by denying care which includes lots of medical malpractice. It’s all just about profit by denial and nothing more and kaiser is the winner of federal contractor fraud along with it’s business union SEIU that is the largest in this country. I look at kaiser as nothing but a bunch of nazi’s and SEIU as commies but they work in tandem with the DOD & VA and all health care and education, DOE and other agencies. It is truly stunning that a federal contractor like kaiser that receives many billions every year to harm the very people that pays those federal tax dollars it so enjoys for free and that the money they use doesn’t go for actual medical care but for it’s many subsidiaries to profit some more. Perhaps one of the biggest scams going and we’re all paying for it. The illegal’s situation was also prompted by unions like SEIU, they were brought in by railways, buses, airplanes, boats, all union controlled for all employers and many of these illegals just do as they are told, no real training and yes there are the American people who are illiterate and incompetent in just about all employers because the pay is cheap in comparison to.. And now there are millions of injured workers along with vets who have nothing. The American people got snookered and no real representation is no accident. It’s was all designed and planned this way.
    God Bless America!

    1. I agree that the misdeeds we see on this site are only the symptoms of the disease. It is called indifference. The People have been indifferent to the needs of American veterans. Since generally speaking the “needs” of most vets (Bob says 80%) have been met, Bob chastized others as ignorant to critisize his plan.

      Since I am clinically insane, I will go out on a limb here and assume that Bob is right. This means that 8 out of 10 veterans have “good outcomes” (the term he gave to the 80%). Look at the sentence closely.

      “Indifference” in this context means that a Secretary of the VA is openly candid enough to leave off the suffering of the other two vets, because he doesn’t even bother to give a name to the outcomes that they can expect. He does care about vets. He does try to do a job. But, Mr. Sec. Bob, how can you expect those you lead to care as much about the 20% as they do about the other 80% when you yourself seem to be giving the 20% a high school “bare ass”? Those are the two groups you have grouped us in now, right, and you sure are proud of the 8 in 10, right? I am sure you have high hopes for the other two unmentionables (maybe some good kidneys in the bunch?)…..

      Did your boss tell you to divide us up, or was it just a whim?

      That seems prety indifferent to me. And as long as The People tolerate government dividing us up into manageable chunks, then government becomes what it is today at The Department of Veterans Affairs. It must be a decision by The People to stop this indifference. I think it is why Trump won and Hillary lost. Hillary was indifferent to vets. Trump was not.

  10. In 1995, I found comfort at the national Center for post dramatic stress disorder in Menlo Park. Since then, the VA is gone downhill in every way . Every VA, clinic I have been to , has changed my diagnosis , change my prescriptions , and basically I have been redefined . I can’t stand the VA , they have done nothing for me . Their diagnoses are wrong , what they prescribe is wrong , and their attitude sucks . I’ve now gone public . I don’t have the problems I had with the VA . Now, if I could just get a hearing .

    1. Hang in there man, I went through mis diagnosis for 9 years from uncaring worthless pos towel head.

      Stay persistent and make sure thet are hearing you….most of the mist imprtant thing you can do for yourself is stay on thier ass and do not settle for nothing short of proper care.

  11. Why do so many not have stars for the latest rating?

    Simple. It would be a little hard for McDonald to convince anyone he should be kept in if those ratings showed a drop between the latest rating period and the previous one.
    Why include the 1 or 2 stars? Well, they’re an embarrassment anyway and nobody would believe their improvements, innovations or any other happy horseshit we try paint it with, so we might as well be honest with them. Besides, we’ll throw in the 5 star hotel ratings and it will balance out.
    Just ignore the liquifying veterans in the showers and we’ll be good.

    OTOH, if all of those missing deadlines are from VA managers that missed a deadline to report their results, then that means they are useless dead weight that likely ignore many other deadlines, so they should be fired.

    I’m in a really shitty mood after that fiasco yesterday with so many VSO organizations kissing McDonald’s ass. I bet if there were 30 of them gathered in a room, only 3 would be getting health care at the VA, and those 3 were filling prescriptions they get on the down low for Viagra.
    If Trump is convinced to keep his worthless ass as SecVA, I will be mailing the WH my VSO membership cards with an explanation why.

    1. Back in Feb or March of this year (’16) I blogged what I read then about Sen Isakson having talks with Obama and Isakson agreeing to let Obama “creating” some kind of “law” (with more stickiness than an executive order which can be stricken when a new president gets in) to keep McD on indefinitely in exchange for things Isakson got from Obama in return. I remember the article being in military times I believe – or somrthing like that. The article told of McD insisting he needs more time (like 5-10 years or so) with himself at the helm to “get the job done”. Isakson bent over before Obama and sealed the deal. So I am thinking maybe this is the hold up with Trump Team recommending a new Sec. thus far. Isakson is a complete sell out and can’t be trusted. The truth will come out soon, but I will not be shoked if McD stays on due to this secret agreement back then. “Several lawmakers, including Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Johnny Isakson, (R-Ga.), have publicly urged Trump to keep McDonald.” says a current article.

      1. I’ve read some of those articles about Isakson, and I always wonder why we don’t ever hear from that worthless bag of hot air over these scandals.
        It does not matter what deal he made with Obama. It is Trump that decides. Is it possible Isakson can push McDonald? Yes, but I also believe Trump has shown with his picks so far that he listens to a number of people before he makes the decision.

      2. Yes, this was one of the three articles I viewed back then, but wasn’t precisely the article that detailed Isakson meeting with Obama or what McD was saying about himself staying on. It was a related article to this whole story and I was really upset when I read it. I might have mentioned the sources back then when I blogged on the comments here. It’s a cabal of these people – Isakson (and some other senators), Obama (the president), McD fits in there, and of course the union (Cox). The article strongly suggests a very STRONG/UNBREAKABLE agreement was made, but had no detail. I never read about it again, but I now feel that is holding up the works.

  12. I just spent two weeks i a VA hospital that is on that “ten worst’ list. The old “delay and deny” culture is being rooted out and replaced by a new,, enthusiasic, patient-oriented ulture that has everyone from doctors to janitors pitching i9n to make sure the job gets done and the best care is delivered. No more “not my job” as evidenced by ayoung doctor who made my bed so she could exam me properly and an ICU nurse who pushed my wheelchair to Radiology because she had some time on her hands. A lot of the old crew at that hospital have disappeared. This is the result of McDonald sending out teams of inspectors to interview veterans waiting in this hospital. The people who have left had Civil Service protections and union presentation. So that is was done at all is a major accomplishment. Change is happening but there needs to be a lot more of it. So Bob McDonald has to be allowed to finish the job. Otherwise it will go back to the old ways which we all hate.

    1. Rotten Cabbage, anyone?

      Waiting for 2.5 years to do anything remotely tangible at this late hour would be nothing more than McDonald seeing the writing on the wall that his days are down to two digits…nothing else.

      I really DO smell rotten cabbage. Is it just me?

    2. That’s a bit like allowing the electrician to continue replacing the faulty wiring in the house he built and set on fire three times because of his own faulty wiring. Or if you like, a metaphor for the definition of insanity, VA Style.

      The VSO’s must have come out from under their bridge to play something similar to Pokémon Go but instead McDonald Can’t Go.

    3. @Francis,
      I, along with others, are happy your getting better treatment.
      Only, in my opinion, your facility may be the only one out of how many?

      The “VA Horror Stories” keep coming on almost a daily basis! So, for your facility to do a 180 is a rare occurrence.

      When there are VA employees sent to prison, then we might see all the other VA & VHA facilities fall in line!
      You see, when VHA employees, like the ones in today’s blog aren’t held accountable, then there’s great distrust among “us vs. them” attitude!

      1. It’s not that I am possibly unhappy that someone is receiving the best care ever that happens to be at one of the 1 star rated VAMC’s, it’s just highly suspicious of the timing and the VA and VSO’s have a distinct pattern of blowing pixy dust each and every time one of these type of events are the news. It only matters….when they get caught, so statistically, we have a systemic cesspool of a swamp needed drained.

        What the VA and VSO’s do regularly is called Ethical Hacking.

    4. Tell me precisely why a Phd was making your bed again? You praise Bob for instituting programs now that require the Phd medical doctors to make patient beds? What do the janitors do that they arent normally supposed to do for Gods sake! Do they lend a hand in surgery? How exactly does a janitor “pitch in” under Bobs plan in order to dispense health care!

      If you have not noticed, janitors are normally the ones who take out the trash. I suppose the nurses do that now. I wonder which group pitches in on the Disruptive Behavior Committee? Senior Staff from the cafeteria?

      I suppose the AFGE union leader that vowed to kick Bobs ass is emptying the bed pans now after Bob sprinkled faeiry dust upon the whole place? Tell me sir, who emptied your bed pan if your doctor is making your bed?

      1. Bed pan contents straight to the cafeteria since they are now handling all the lab-work. However, the meat is still loafing in the showers.

    5. I am happy to hear that things are changing, but I have yet to experience it.
      I get the same old ho-hum responses as before.

      As for McDonald and any changes he may or may not be enacting, I will not believe it until I witness it first hand. He has been caught repeatedly lying, which tells me he cannot be trusted in any way.

      My own personal experience with him tells me I cannot trust a thing he says.

      Since that is the case, I would rather see him gone and see someone new in that job.

  13. I really think that TV series called “American Horror Story” should have one of their seasons theme be called ‘The Veteran’s Hospital”, but place all the creative minds on paid leave and utilize only the true horror stories coming out like clockwork at the VA-true live horrific accounts that will mention these are based on how our current Veterans are being treated before and after each episode….as a way to reach a large audience of the true American Horror Story: The Veteran Hospital taking place under their watch.

    The directors and underwriters of the show can call it a public service and write it off next year’s taxes. Win/Win.

  14. It would appear there are many cities, and other States that are now, or have been, Sanctuary’s for aliens. I don’t worry about that, here in Alabama. I do enjoy history. In a few years, reading about this election and all the crap coming out of this election, will be some good reading. For now, I can focus on the Veterans and their plight with American politics. As of right now, we Veterans are losing. Klearly, I am waiting……..

  15. McDuck was just another figurehead in a long line of figureheads who, may at first, had hopes of changing the culture, but found out you just have to go along to get along.

    The solution is simple, the way to get to it much more complicated.

    The old line VSO’s like the system just the way it is. They have power and know how the system works. To change the system would mean they would lose power, hence why they lobby for the status quo while, at the same time, complaining it isn’t working. So, the first thing is that we don’t need to listen to the American Legion, VFW, DAV, Vietnam Veterans of America (which I am a member of the previous two) or to the IAWV (whose leadership is no fan of Trump and has also a power structure which doesn’t like to be challenged). Obviously these groups have had minimal impact on changing the culture at the VA.

    Full privatization is also not the answer. However, veterans who find it a burden to go to a VA, whether that be distance or a waiting time, should be allowed to seek private care and be able to have it authorized in minutes, not days, weeks or months.

    This would make the VA compete in the real world.

    Secondly, the union must be broken and new civil service rules enacted. The ridiculous system which exists now, saps innovation and protects the undesirables.

    It will be up to congress to enact the laws and a strong Secretary who has a take no prisoners attitude to execute the changes.

    Until that point is reached, we will continue to see these type of reports.

    1. “This would make the VA compete in the real world.”

      Why not just send vets to the real world and abandon the fantasy world of VA hope?

      Since vets live in the real world the straight line distance to it is zero. I am not sure how far it is to the fantasy land where the Federal government can do ANYTHING better than private companies or private services, but I think the crow gets mighty tired trying to fly there.

    2. VA ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET FROM AFGE UNION CONTRACTS HELLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I do not agree with needing authorization? We are not children and should not be forced to play momna may I

  16. After they poisoned me in 1986-1990 In Hawaii on Schofield Barracks with Trichloroethylene after EPA said the water was bad. I have no respect for any of them. They let kids drink water full of chemicals! None of them said a word. Same with other locations. They all deserve to be fired, and the entire VA rebuilt. I would suggest that a Women take the rings at VA as it don’t seem to work with a Man trying to keep the place honest. Not sure why? Superfund of EPA and reports says it all. No one stood up for all the people in the country that have been subjected to all the bad chemicals in the water, that people drink, showered in after we ran miles to stay in shape for service, we got to come back to barracks and guzzle poison and they knew it. Fire them all. No offer to supply bottled water, no mention of it. In fact hardly any claims from Schofield barracks as they kept it quite. But if you look the soldiers up who was there with me, you will find liver, kidney cancers, autoimmune conditions, and leukemia etc…Most if not all, never knew the cause. VA cover ups need to stop and Veterans need to have care from top notch professionals who act like they care about being in charge of the worlds largest Health care business. Now they operate like a bad episode of Dallas.

  17. 12/13/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause and Seymore Klearly,

    Bad Medicine, we have talk about over Medication, and no Medication; but the group has not discussed “Bad” Medication. We know that Baxter was nasty;

    “Baxter Sued Over Contaminated Heparin That May Have Killed TX Woman
    A Texas family has filed a lawsuit against Baxter International and its suppliers and distributors after one of their family members was allegedly given contaminated heparin, suffered a brain hemorrhage and died. This is the latest in a series of lawsuits over the contaminated product that, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has been linked to over 80 deaths and nearly 800 adverse effects.”

    And we know about the Opiates and the synthetics.

    What do we know about the “Bad” Medicine?
    We reviewed the system’s IV drug cost report for FY 2014. The total cost of IV CSPs
    dispensed was $2,483,977. Pharmacy personnel reused 7 percent of dispensed CSPs
    (5.2 percent of dispensed cost). However, pharmacy staff destroyed 6 percent of
    dispensed CSPs (4.6 percent of total dispensed cost), resulting in a total cost of
    destroyed CSPs of $114,858.
    Several staff members, including nursing and pharmacy staff, told us that patient units
    were not equipped with medication storage refrigerators. Refrigeration greatly
    increases the stability of commonly ordered CSPs and allows the pharmacy to reuse a
    larger percentage of CSPs and significantly decrease pharmacy CSP waste.

    June 15, 2015

    I remember MDA Industries, Inc. [Huntington Beach, CA] was too cheap to buy me two (2) old Refrigerator [100.00 for both] to make CalComp Rollers [500.00 each at the time] for the Plotter Machines using Foamex Material out of Torrance, CA, back in 1990.

    Is the Administration too cheap to buy refrigerators to save medicines? Is this an area of extreme waste?


    Don Karg

  18. Hey Namnibor,

    In a comment above you said “Yeah, a bit over the top”. Personally I think you were right on the money and not over the top. Remember this is the age of no accountability at the VA.

    Looking back at the VA’s history makes it seem like that is a policy at the VA. Back in 1992 they would just take the dead body out in the woods and throw them in the Bushes. Then the VA facility, doctors and nurses could go on getting paid to care for the dead Veteran. Let’s not forget they do bill Medicare and Medicaid.

    “Va Hospital Draws Fire Over 3 Missing Patients Found Dead”, By Sue Anne Pressley, Washington Post, May 14, 1992

    A little from the article:

    “In the history of the Veterans Administration, I don’t know any other place where they’ve found three bodies in two months’ time,” said Alma Lee, president of the American Federation of Government Employees local, the union that represents about 550 of the hospital workers and already had criticized the facility for what it said was poor morale and stressful working conditions.”

    “If they continue to look, there’s no telling what they will find. I hesitate to think what would happen if they drag the lake,” she said.”


    “The discoveries come at a time when the care provided by VA hospitals nationwide to more than 1 million veterans is under question. After the problems at Salem, VA officials reassigned the facility’s director, and the General Accounting Office is investigating the employees’ complaints.”

    “This week, the VA medical inspector’s office concluded that the policy for looking for missing patients at the facility was “totally inadequate” and that the only searches for the most recent missing men were “cursory” checks of roads and hospital buildings.”

    “The VA investigation also found that after McKenzie was listed as an “unauthorized absence,” a nurse noted in his medical records that he had slept well through the night and had made no complaints.”

    “After Cunningham was reported missing in February, a nurse and a doctor wrote orders twice to renew his medication, privilege status and diet – the last time a month after Cunningham had disappeared.”

    “Since the patient was obviously not present on the ward,” the report said, “written renewal orders reveal the staff’s lack of concern or awareness of the patient’s status.”


    1. Nice sleuthing there and what a horrific story. I guess my creative mind was not so Salvador Dali after all. If you can think it, the VA has done it and probably still is. Rat Bastards. 1992-2016…22 years+ and no fucking improvement.
      President Elect Trump….DRAIN THIS SWAMP CALLED THE VA…..please help….!

      1. From the sounds of the article they were not only trying to keep the death of the Veteran off the books but were also waiting for a special person to pick up the body nicknamed the Transporter.

        Wonder what he does with the bodies.

      2. The ‘Transporter’ may have a dirt floored basement. You never know. The ‘Transporter’ also works part time as a clown. No relation to John Wayne Gacy, but a killer clown all the same.

      3. Or the Transporter may have a gator or hog farm for disposal. In any case it seems clear he had no problems with the paper work not being in order.

        I wonder how many billions the VA will be charging for dead Veterans that slipped through the VA grinder this Year alone?

        Can you imagine the outrage if they did an audit on that alone at the VA?

        Each facility holding dead Veterans just to claim more money needed for treating inpatients at VA facilities while they are dead and liquefying in the Morgue.

      4. Or instead of an audit maybe they should release the Dead Veterans Waiting list and just compare the amount of time they spent on the books as an inpatient while dead and waiting for their paper work.

    2. From the sounds of the article above it would seem that they kept the body in the shower for more than 9 hours waiting for a special person to come and get the body. That way they could still keep the Veteran on the books. Medicare can pay up to $645 per day per Veteran in a nursing home that is not including the medical charges the VA can bill Medicare.

      1. Remember the Dead body whose remains were liquefied. His death had not been properly recorded either.

        That is demonstrating a pattern.

      2. Some VA Public Relations Bean Counter probably determined that releasing the # of 9 hours was somehow more pleasing on the public senses than say, an entire 3 shifts.

        What’s even sicker is you KNOW why they chose the shower location? Let’s just say there’s a handy drain in event time passed and the corpse liquefied without a body bag. Some thought was put into where to stow the body, so I am thinking there’s much more to be had about this dialogue but the VAOIG will recommend the showers be moved closer as to not cause any more physical strain on VA AFGE employees. Yeah, over the top, but when will this shit cease?
        If this took place at the Univ. Medical Center I go to at a huge university with a huge budget, it would be a malpractice suit so large every homeless Veteran in USA would have a nice place to live.

  19. This is difficult to accept.24hrs being moved around dead. I just don’t know what type of human beings could have done that. 3 shifts. They may be unaccountable, but they are not untouchable. It must have taken more than one at a time. That’s at least six healthcare professionals who knew they were breaking the law. I get why McDuck didn’t want his rating known outside the VA. The VA is ROTTEN from top to bottom, and they are only as strong as their weakest link. In this case, McDuck.

  20. President Elect Trump,

    Please as your first act in VA reform invoke two powers at your disposal; Executive Order, and Eminent domain. Accountability of those who harm our vets is in the best interest of The People.

    Please call this Executive Order Number One – true accountability.

    “By Executive Order the power of Eminent domain is hereby excersized to place a Federal Easement on the front lawns of the homes of every single senior executive the works at VA. By Executive Order, the families of ANY veteran may elect to have the body of their dead veteran buried in an open casket ceremony in the front yards of the same VA employees so compelled to provide their own front lawns. Veterans may also specify this in a living will. Homeless dead vets with no preference will be given preference to have their open casket ceremony in the current Sec VA’s front lawn if room is still available. This order is in effect until Hell freezes over.”

  21. I have a question that I would like to ask everyone on this blog. Are you having problems with generic medications from the VA Pharmacy that do not work or don’t work as well?

    I’ve noticed that when the VA Pharmacy changes to a new pharmaceutical supplier, that some of my medications don’t work as well or don’t work at all. I had a similar problem with one medication when I was receiving medical care in the private sector. I then changed to another generic of the same medication, and the this generic worked.

    I brought this up to the VA Pharmacist and her response was, “We are FDA compliant.” I knew this was a sidetracking answer.

    I’m a Research Biologist and I’m having a very hard time trusting these people [VA Medical Providers and Pharmacy]. My family members think I’m getting overly worked up and my reasons aren’t totally justified.

    Has anyone had the same or similar experience with any medications that they receive from the VA Pharmacy? Also, please share your story if it closely relates. This Veteran appreciates your help. Thank you!

    1. ANutterVet,

      Personally, I do not take any medications, and will never ever even consider taking any meds from the VA. As a veteran and a Research Biologist you may want to consider the VA’s track record of failures and the risks of contamination when scripts are produced or repackaged at Compounding Pharmacies.
      Here are a few links if you are interest in the subject.


      VAOIG report titled: Healthcare Inspection, Medication Management Concerns, South Texas Veterans, Health Care System, San Antonio, Texas June 15, 2015
      1.) A pharmacy technician prepared a medication that was 1000 times the correct ordered strength for a patient.
      2.) Pharmacy staff diluted two CSPs with incorrect solutions.
      3.) Pharmacy staff prepared a CSP with the incorrect concentration of medication.
      Available at: “”

      USDOJ Offices of the United States Attorneys “United States Announces Approximately $10 Million Settlement With Four Physicians And Two Compounding Pharmacies”


      “U.S. Compounding Pharmacy-related Outbreaks, 2001–2013—Public Health and Patient Safety Lessons Learned” Nadine Shehab etc all, November 21, 2016


      U.S. Illnesses and Deaths Associated With Compounded or Repackaged Medications,
      2001-Present, The Pew Charitable Trust, November 2015

      1. Seymore, thank you so much for bringing up major problems pertaining to compounding pharmaceuticals. Since I’m having problems with generic non-compounding medications prescribed by the VA, I will never trust the VA’s compounding pharmaceuticals.

        It has been well documented that generic [capsule, tablet, gelcap] medications can act differently per each individual [i.e. my wife is more sensitive than myself]. Even the inactive ingredients can interact with the active compound.

        My problem is that the VA doesn’t even recognize what I stated above. I’ve been receiving medical care from the VA for almost 4 yrs. During this time, I have found that the VA doesn’t want to recognize or do anything to help me with the problem of efficacy per the particular generic medication that is prescribed to me.

        Therefore, due to severe chronic pain and muscle spasms, I have become a lot more sedentary. Actually, this has been negatively affecting all aspects in my life. It is so bad, that I don’t trust their medical advice. I question everything, then they either get upset because I question them, or they have no other solutions. I can deal with them getting upset, its that they have no other solutions to help me.

        I find this to be baffling. With today’s knowledge in medical science and medications, the VA should be able to offer me other options. And, I do question how sanitary the laboratory area is when transferring pills from a bulk bottle to the prescription bottle before it is sent to me.

        Seymore, thank you for your input.

  22. What are you complaining about? Your medical care is FREE!!!!

    This was actually said to me by a VA employee @ the VA hospital in Ann Arbor MI.

    I told her I paid my health insurance premiums in full when I was 18 years old, and what she was doing when she was 18?

    I then asked her where she went for medical care? She said that that is not important. She went on to say that 99% of veterans think it is great care they receive. She then noted in my medical record saying I was loud and disruptive.

    This is the attitude amoung most va employees I have met. It is “free” so shut up your lucky to have this.

    I view the entire va medical system as the evil empire.

    I cold write a book about what these pricks have done to me.

    I dont even changed my phone # to keep them from calling me.

    Be careful out there

  23. LIKE A BROKEN RECORD VA DC HQ IS A FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE UNION CONTRACTS THE MAFIA IS MICKEY MOUSE TO IS 182 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FEDERAL VA DC HQ RACKET IF THE TRUMPER DOES NOTHING NOTHING WILL HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. On yesterday’s blog, a ‘defender, “WR”, of VA-Sec McDumbass’ came on here and basically said everything was fine and dandy at all VA’s. And, that McDumbass was the right person for the job. That he loved veterans. That he used his own finances and more B/S!
    What a crock of shit!

    That being said, I wonder how the “TROLLS” will try to ‘spin’ this horrendous act, committed by a number of VHA employees, today?
    Will they attempt to play it off, by saying something idiotic? Will they try to imply the VHA employees were “…only following procedure!”? We know that’s not true.
    We also know, in almost every state (if not all), there are criminal charges which could be brought against those who “defile a corpse”! There have/has occasionally been reports concerning this issue in the medias.
    So, what’s going to happen to these VHA employees? In my opinion, NOT ONE DAMN THING!
    What happened to the “unnamed veteran” is beyond criminal in nature. Those VHA employees should be brought in front of a judge. If the “unnamed veteran” has family, they should be allowed to voice their displeasure against these VHA reprobates! Make them feel like shit.
    Then, when those VHA employees are sentenced, let “bubba” know they are coming to his cellblock!!!!!!!

    1. I never said everything was ‘fine and dandy’! I said it was moving in the right direction. Our care has been great, but there are problem facilities throughout the US. They only have 350,000 employees and thousands of facilities! Changing all that in 2 years is like raising the Titanic. What I told you was the truth- even if you don’t want to believe it. I agree that what happened in Bay Pines is criminal! How horrible! So why do all these VSO’s praise McDonald and want him to remain?

      1. Status quo- They like the Veteran Cookie Jar just the way it currently exists. We Vets are the ticket to enjoying that taxpayer-supplied cookie jar that runneth over for their abuse and a brand new word, “Abusement”. [Abuse+Amusement=Abusement]

        They get “ABUSEMENT” out of such stories as today’s article because they are sociopathic wretches.

      2. They praise Bob because they have struck a deal with him. They get invited to the staff picnics and get to present the golden watches for retiring VA folks, and in return their veteran flocks have a real shot at “good veteran outcomes”.

        The shepards are praising the fox because the fox promises that their herds will be safe. A full five star safety net. I have been at many sheep auctions in our local livestock yards. Maggots are just a part of what gets into some of the sheep if they aren’t kept sheared (although the bidding starts real low for the maggoty ones).The VSOs are experts at shearing their flocks, so they just do not see the same problems – and Bob promises that they will get top dollar.

      3. @WR,
        I do believe namnibor, Dennis, 91Veteran and others have explained, thoroughly, your misguided praise for McDuck.
        His inability to take the reigns of this corrupt institution, and correct these MANY egregious acts, is enough to say he’s been a complete FAILURE!
        Either he’s a failure, or, like when he was CEO of P&G, he figured out how to enrich himself!
        You really don’t want to disagree on what happened to him at P&G!

      4. Because they all get table scraps thrown at them while the dead veterans they claim to represent are liquifying in the shower?

        Clear enough on why they are kissing his ass?

      5. So now veterans are throwing other veterans under the bus so they can have a staff picnic?? Seriously! I have yet to find another vet who does not care about vets. And yes, McDonald has taken the reins and in just 2 years is actually doing something- although we would like it to be quicker. Four million more appointments, homelessness in half, 500 websites down to 1. And how did he enrich himself at P&G?? From Ohio and know his contributions there and to the city.

      6. You can spout VA statistics or talking points all you want, but in over 25 years of looking at VA statistics, I’ve come to learn that figures lie and liars figure, and the VA are Masters at lying figurers lying.

        There is no number presented by the VA that is not beneficial to the VA, and if that means completely manipulating the facts, they will do it in a heartbeat.
        As for McDonald, all I need to know of him is he is a liar. It doesn’t matter what BS excuse he offers for lying, he still decided to lie. Blatantly. More than once.
        The other thing known about McDonald is his looking the other way when faced with scandal after scandal. Don’t tell me he cannot be more forceful at holding his underlings accountable. If he wants the paycheck then he should do his damn job and earn it!
        If he is not willing to refer criminal actors to the DOJ for investigation and prosecution, then those criminal acts will continue.
        If he’s willing to watch one of his top staffers run a sham charity right under his nose, then lie about knowing when confronted, then what else will he lie about?

        You want to spout VA talking points and cheerlead for that liar, go down to some VSO bar, slop down a few beers and tell war stories there. They might buy that bullshit.

    2. In the various news articles I’ve read on this, they all refer to a miscommunication during a handoff.
      That suggests to me either they found the guy dead and were handing him off to someone else to transport him to the morgue to liquify, or there was no mention of him still needing to be transported when the shift changed, or handed off. There are mentions of ignorance of who was in charge, but you can bet your ass whoever was in charge makes sure they collect the pay for a position of someone in charge.
      Finally, there was the attempt to make excuses about not enough clerks, until something was pointed out to them showing that their excuse was ridiculous, so they recanted.

      Nowhere in their description of these events is any hint of concern over the dead veteran.

  25. What is the definition of a NORMAL veteran? I was at Bay Pines in the 1990’s. I was well taken care of there at that time. This tells me, the idea that direction and culture (being good or bad) start at the top must have a lot of validity. I would assume that the director there now is not the one who ran things when i was there. Just a real observation.

  26. I guess the document shredding machine wasn’t big enough to destroy this particular piece of evidence. The campus garbage incinerators must have been malfunctioning that day too. Quick thinking to hide a corpse in the shower; VA management avoids clean places.

    Thank goodness we caught the VA hiding bodies, mutilating, negligent homicide, tampering with evidence, and gross official miscoduct the first time they tried it! This will really teach them not to try this again! I wonder if the food service folks kept sending the meals up for him? Who ate those? Hard to say with the VA folks I saw.

    Did the pharmacy wonder why he wasn’t coming to the window for his pills? The janitor staff isn’t medically trained, so I can see why they didn’t notice the showering vet was decomposing.

    VA Sec. Bob, was it irresponsible of the newspaper to print this? This might influence us veterans in a way that might produce a bad veteran outcome. Very irresponsible of them to report this, Bob! Some vets are beginning to believe the stories about Dr. Frankenstein now, or at least the stories of his castle and methods – although Frankenstein had it backwards from VA. He created morbid life from death. VA does it the other way around, but the stories otherwise illustrate the same way.

    Bob, you need to help us vets make the right choices, and screw the newspaper! They just tell stories about maggot infested bodies, decomposing corpses located throughout VA, experimental surguries on non-human subject, and sadistic dentists, and death, after death, after death. These stories upset me, Bob, so please help me. Help me find a good outcome Mr. Sec. VA.

    You tell me a story, Bob! Tell me about the happy veterans. Tell me a story about the 80% of veterans you spoke of who approve of VA care like this. Hum a little tune to make it better. Make the story a lullaby, because I am VERY weary of VA stories the newspapers tell and need to sleep. Sing me to sleep Bob with your VA story of green meadows, sunny days, and bluebirds chirping. Sing to me a VA dream, because the VA nightmares are just too much.

    People are just dying to hear the lullaby this time Sec. VA Bob.

    1. VA DEATHCARE IS SATANIC @ DEMONIC SEND VA DEATHCARE TO NORTH KOREA VA DC HQ WOOULD FIT JUST RIGHT IN NORTH KOREA FROM HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Just as President Elect Trump is finding it difficult to appoint a “Secretary of State”! In my opinion, he’s having a difficult time in trying to find a “Secretary of VA”!
    I think namnibor said it best, (paraphrasing), “Anyone actively seeking the job, of VA Secretary, may not be qualified!” I agree wholeheartedly with that assessment!
    If “McDumbass” is actively seeking, with the VSO’s blessings, to stay on as SEC-VA, then something is terribly wrong with this picture!
    Maybe, President Elect Trump will “play him like the fool McDuck really is!
    Reports have surfaced over how President Elect Trump “played with Romney” over the “Secretary of State” position.
    When Romney insulted President Elect Trump, many times, during the campaign. He basically doomed himself to NOT receive any position in the upcoming administration.
    President Elect Trump will first have to figure out what it will take to dismantle the strangle hold VA employees have over veterans. The union and VSO’s are/will need to be “brought to heel” first. Treat them like the criminals they are! Just as Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers Union, back in the 70’s.
    I too am sick and tired of looking at those pictures of Obama and McDuck at the VA’s!!!!!!

    1. Okay, I will say something about how bad things have progressed with the VA. This story would not have shocked me one bit if it were determined that in those 9+ hours that Veteran’s Corpse was left to neglect in a shower at the Bay Pines VAMC, that what was really happening was the VA employees were fighting amongst themselves on who shall continue to collect his VA Compensation once and if they determined no family member would notice that the Veteran was missing, let alone no longer alive or, what kind of research $$$ could be gleaned at the Chicago VAMC since after all, this was a NON-HUMAN SUBJECT, and surely there’s more $$$ to be squeezed from the VA turnip one last time.

      Yeah, a bit over the top…just as it’s over the top INSANE what these hacks are allowed to continue that’s called VA Deathcare, but that would not even be accurate because that would imply even at death, a Veteran is treated with the respect they deserve by the VA but nope, the VA cannot even get proper handling of a corpse correct.
      END THIS EXPERIMENT CALLED VA DEATHCARE. NOW. Nothing less. Give us true choice and place these hacks responsible in a handy local swamp where the alligators can teach them a proper lesson, but am thinking even the alligators would be smart enough to know to avoid VA Meatheads.

      DRAIN THE SWAMP. Send all responsible to be immediately airdropped in Syria with clothing sporting range target art. DONE.

      1. That range clothing art would also be glow-in-the dark for training purposes on the nonhuman VA hacks.

      2. VA ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE UNION CONTRACTS FRON UNION HELL VETS FIGHT BACK NOW OR DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VA KILLS VETS FOR THE BONOUS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      3. Boil it down to simple terms.

        Swamp creature comes on duty, grabs 6 donuts and a liter of Diet Coke. Settles in for a long day of updating Facebook. After the 3rd donut, on his way to the bathroom, decides to check out the noise that’s been annoying him for the past hour. Swamp creature finds Korean War vet flatlined, resets the alarm and skips to the bathroom dribbling down his leg.
        He then settles back into FB and Angry Birds while ignoring the Angry Eagles waiting in the waiting room.
        His Coworker looks up from the rat claws she’s been painting since she came in (late) and asks what the alarm was, and Mr. 3rd Regimental Private in the Skin Flute brigade remembers the old guy going bad in the room. Its nearly quitting time so he tells her it was a false alarm, they go back to their important work, then leave early for the day.
        The next shift of warriors report for duty, and gets a report from the nurses aide, she changed the sheets for that old vet, and he didn’t move a muscle. She thought he must be really sleepy, so she left him in the hallway so she could catch some TV in his room while tidying up. One of the others on duty thinks the guy is in the way, moved him into the shower and argued with the other person why they can’t watch a different channel.
        An hour into the next shift, another nurse has to bring a vet into the shower, discovers the old vet lying there, and the excuses start flying faster than Little Cox chasing a dime rolling towards the donut cart.

        Ask me if I give a shit if any of those “employees” have hurt feelings from my comments.

  28. It is my opinion after forty years of dealing with the VA that unless Pres Trump finds a way around the Business end of the VA primarily the Pharmaceuticals and of course top management. Those are the ones w ho set the pace.
    Wait time is merely a letter out to a veteran with a claim in progress asking if the veteran needs another thirty days to get more evidence. The veteran does nothing and the thirty days turn into sixty while the VA waits for a response. If the Veteran writes back and says no, well guess how long it is going to take for the letter will get to the right person? The letter might be VA employee generated or I do not know.
    For Bob to suggest we do not need to know is totally dumb, even when we know it is dangerous.
    This is not something that is going to be repaired with a band aid. It has been going on forever. Like veterans are not worthy of VA help. What a crock. We need to write letters to the editors to the editors of our local news papers in order to get out the Word, congressmen are clueless and are figuring out a way to make money off of the VA and veterans.
    contact Pres. elect Trump and relay your concerns he will help.

    1. @ Fred i do not understand what you are stating that the wait time is merely a letter out to a veteran with a claim. Have you waited to get an appointment in an outpatient clinic? I knew Veterans who had to wait 6 months for the next available appointment because of the wait times that the va providers created. It is a scam or a scheme because the doctors do not want to see more patients then few a week.
      Veterans wait for years for their c & p exam. Then when their time comes for an examination they make them wait for hours in a chair. I saw them do this to Veterans just because they can. The providers are sick and twisted and have no consideration for a disabled person.. I have seen them do this to over 70 year olds to 19 year olds with no hand, no feet, no prosthetics. The system is more than broken.
      Please do not blame the Veteran. Some of the younger ones are so messed up just being discharged with trauma, not sleeping, not eating. Terrified out of their minds in a disorder that they cannot even function in. They are not mentally stable but the va wants to treat them on an outpatient basis. Please do not think this is not real. It is sadly the truth and it makes me sick. It brings tears to my eyes remembering this. I didn’t want to believe this when i was seeing this myself. I am sorry you probably do not understand the reality and the truth. If i had a choice i probably would choose not to know too. That ship has already sailed. Sorry, i am truly upset.

  29. Totally disgusting, how all the VA employees at Bay Pines played several rounds of hide the body and not my job. What totally disgusting putrid fecal matter everyone who works at Bay Pines is.

    Speaking about putrid fecal matter leaking out of the VA. Robbie gave a recent interview about what he hopes will happen now that he knows he is history. I am sure in his twisted Disneyland version of reality Robbie may have thought for a moment that he might have a chance. After all it is Robbie’s continually screw-ups that helped hand the Veterans vote to Trump.

    Robbie now claims to be working with Trumps transition team to hand over the VA. I can just imagine the laughter if Robbie asked any of them if he had a snowflakes chance in hell of staying on. One thing that we do have to love is how the VSOs put their necks on the line for Robbie. Now that Robbie is out the door it will be off with their head with the VSOs.

    Oh and another putrid piece of fecal matter emanating from the VA, Gibson. While out campaigning to stay in his current job. He stated that he was really going to hold an employees accountable while campaigning at the Tucson VA. Really maybe this time he might actually hold means it. Naw, just kidding we all know that neither him or McDonald would ever actually hold a VA employee accountable. Robbie was always too afraid of getting his ass kicked by that Union loud mouth.

    Speaking of that Union loud mouth. He has got to know that his job is over as the head of the Union with the most corrupted in there leadership for 3 years running.


    “Bob McDonald Expects Next VA Secretary to Build on His Work”, Jay Clemens, Executive Gov, December 12, 2016 “”

    “Hospital services in Tucson will improve, VA deputy chief says”, By David Wichner Arizona Daily Star, 12 13, 2016 “”

    1. Seymore,
      Check this out.
      from; the “Daily News”
      “California is About to Become the First Sanctuary State!”

      Gov. Brown signed the “Trust Act” last saturday. It’s basically telling the federal government, and President Elect Trump, to fuck off. Brown’s doing everything he can to keep everyone who’s illegal in his state.
      There’s lots of taxpayers monies at stake. Millions, if not BILLIONS, which will not be supporting illegal immigrants if they don’t stop their bull crap. Illegals have no rights under any law, and especially under the Constitution.

      I googled the following.
      “California to become a Sanctuary State”
      I got a lot of sites to visit over this issue. When will the Dumbass Democrats, and some (Liberal) Republicans, realize they’re not going to get away with not following the laws?

      1. I have to wonder if Brown is hoping to be re-elected the next time his office is up for Grabs. Given that California is the land of Highways and they will not be getting any federal dollars to help pay fro maintenance and new construction.

        Voters in California are not going to like losing all those jobs and that bumpy road.

      2. The 3.5 million illegals get everything. medical care, all free schooling (college), food stamps, SSI, low interest home and business loans, everything that regular taxpayers who foot this bill, cannot get. I figure that for every injured worker and vet who cannot get benefits it is because it is going to the illegals, which by the way, was signed up since the Reagan 1984 Social Security Act and the Reagan 1986 Amnesty Bill .
        Since Trump got elected it is all coming out about how many illegals there are, here in CA. but also how they are protected and what they do get in benefits that the American people pay for and cannot get.
        Injured workers are denied the basics, have to accept SSI and not SSDI if in fact they can get it now. The same injured cannot get food stamps or medical care and certainly there is no training of any kind or the ability to have a home or be able to start a business , all that was taken away in 1991 by Congress and state legislators. All the money we pay for is for illegals and the AFL-CIO with SSA/Medicare, thanks to Congress & Reagan made this all happen.
        AS with vets, there are sick, hurt, homeless and dead injured workers all because the corporations wanted illegals, the unions aide and abetted with federal and state agencies to arm and deny us everything just so they could pay cheaper wages but subsidized the illegals with our money via every benefit possible.

      3. Dina

        Wasn’t that terrorist also working for state or county services out there? That terrorist and his wife who shot up the Christmas party in San Bernardino.

        Here is what Wikipedia has to say about them.

        “On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed and 22 were seriously injured in a terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, which consisted of a mass shooting and an attempted bombing. The perpetrators, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple living in the city of Redlands, targeted a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health training event and Christmas party, of about 80 employees, in a rented banquet room. Farook was an American-born U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, who worked as a health department employee. Malik was a Pakistani-born lawful permanent resident of the United States.”

        Did you ever hear of any reports regarding their education? What country they received their professional degrees from?

  30. 12/13/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The Daylight “Nightmare” continues to haunt those who have a brain.

    The explanation for the VA events had been given months ago.

    Veterans dying with maggots in their wound, Veterans liquefying in the morgue, Veterans being frozen alive for organ harvest, Veterans given cancerous/diseased tissue transplants, Veterans being exposed to diseases and other medical events such as HIV, hepatitis, Legionnaires’], Veterans denied health care through loss of paperwork/files/and wait times, Veterans denied a voice on the phone, Veterans Medically abandoned, Veterans denied “Representation,” what do you call this?

    Smell the coffee!

    There will be plenty more stunts [Dead Bodies in the Bathroom] like this one along the way [in Torrance Reporters slip and fall in Hospitals/Tony/and die], do not get “misdirected” there are at least “293” dead in 2014 in Phoenix and “215” dead in October of 2016 in Phoenix or 508 dead Veterans, and some think the number is around 1,200 Victims/“Homicides;” the Hospital Senator Flake stated deserves an F.

    Keep focused on the task at hand, and don’t go picking the “low hanging fruit” like Senator Flake and Reporter Dennis Wagner, of the Arizona Republic/Gannett/Carl Icahn, with the Senator’s latest law proposal.


    Don Karg

  31. Alot of data concerning Veterans are pulled directly off of the Veterans records. The population is monitored by many agencies. How, what, when, where, and other information is a collection as a mass overview of what is going on in the operations in clinics and medical centers. This is how funding is sent, hiring decided, anticipated visits/treatments of the Veteran population. They know where the poor performing medical centers are located and they try to address alot of the problems with throwing money at it. The thing they don’t get is that those facilities already mismanaging and corrupted will never improve until serious reform is taken on and mandated by congress. When they try to hide their disgusting acts like what is in this article and how do they expect to have any credibility with the average Veteran?

    1. “Serious reform” has no meaning within the context of a culture that hides bodies in the shower. There is no reference point from which to reform that any sane mind would recognize as being anything of value.

      You cannot reform that which clings to the shadows to hide the truth. It is like trying to reform the habits of mold.

    2. It’s clear from that circle jerk reported yesterday they don’t give a shit about what veterans think of their credibility as long as some useful tools can sit up and pant at the table scraps tossed their way.

      I’m Commander Pugnucky of the American Pan Flute Warriors and I am here representing 423000 Skin Flute warriors. 422500 don’t like the VA, but that’s not important right now since I’m getting ready to dance to a tune.

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