The Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics PACT Act on the desk.

Enhancing Awareness on Veterans’ Health Care and Benefits: Brown’s Impactful PACT Act in Fremont

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) delved into the critical aspects of health care and benefits for veterans affected by toxic exposure during military service in a recent roundtable at VFW Post 2947 in Fremont. The catalyst for these newfound benefits is Brown’s bipartisan achievement, the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act of 2022, signed into law earlier this year. Brown’s commitment to raising awareness and aiding veterans in accessing these benefits is evident through the 35 roundtables and events held across Ohio.

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Comprehensive Support for Veterans

Brown emphasized the PACT Act’s significance, declaring it the most expansive expansion of care and benefits in the history of supporting veterans exposed to toxins. “We’re diligently spreading the message to veterans across Ohio. If you were exposed to toxins while serving our country, you deserve the care you earned. Period. No exceptions,” he remarked.

The legislation is a tribute to Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson, a Central Ohio veteran who succumbed to lung cancer in 2020 at age 39 due to exposure to burn pits during his deployment in Iraq in 2006. Brown’s partnership with veterans and advocates has led to the PACT Act, providing access to Department of Veterans Affairs health care and disability benefits for those exposed to toxins.

Local Impact and Gratitude

Terry Stanforth, Director of Sandusky County Veterans Services, expressed gratitude for hosting the event in Fremont and praised Senator Brown’s instrumental role in veterans’ issues, particularly the PACT Act. Stanforth highlighted the legislation’s long-lasting impact on Post 9-11 veterans and drew parallels to the struggles faced by Vietnam Veterans in recognizing the effects of Agent Orange for VA Disability. He stated, “The PACT Act has proven that our government can work together for the greater good of those who served our country.”

Provisions and Actionable Steps

To further assist veterans, Brown encourages Ohio veterans and their families to explore provisions within the PACT Act. Detailed information on claiming benefits can be found at

Additional Resources for Ohio Veterans

For Ohio veterans seeking more information and resources, the Sandusky County Veterans Office can be contacted at 419-334-4421 or visited at In times of crisis, veterans can reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line at 988 (Press 1) or text 838255, accessible through


What is the PACT Act, and how does it benefit veterans?

The PACT Act, or Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, is a landmark legislation that expands health care and disability benefits for veterans exposed to toxins during their service. It represents a significant stride in addressing the long-standing issues faced by veterans in accessing necessary care and benefits.

Who was Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson, and why is the legislation named after him?

Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson was a Central Ohio veteran who tragically passed away from lung cancer in 2020 due to exposure to burn pits during his deployment in Iraq in 2006. The legislation is named in his honor to recognize and address the challenges faced by veterans like him who were harmed by toxic exposure.

How can Ohio veterans access benefits under the PACT Act?

Ohio veterans, along with their families and advocates, are encouraged to visit for comprehensive information on how to claim benefits under the PACT Act. Senator Sherrod Brown is actively working to raise awareness and assist veterans in navigating the process.

How has Senator Sherrod Brown contributed to veterans’ issues in Ohio?

Senator Brown has been instrumental in advocating for veterans’ issues, playing a key role in the development and passage of the PACT Act. His commitment is evident through the numerous roundtables and events conducted across Ohio to raise awareness and ensure veterans have access to the care and benefits they deserve.

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