US Army veterans Class Action

Yale Law School Files Class Action On Behalf Of US Army Veterans, Tens Of Thousands Of Them

US Army veterans Class Action

Yale Law School is representing thousands of US Army veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in a class action lawsuit against Secretary of the US Army.

The lawsuit names the present Secretary of the Army concerning less-than-honorable discharges unlawfully given to soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The lower discharges were intended to force mentally ill soldiers out of the military without the retirement, benefits and care to which they were entitled.

The lawsuit implicates unlawful discharges of tens of thousands of veterans who were victimized by unlawful scheme perpetrated by the US Army to reduce the taxpayer burden of the present wars. It involved falsification of administration and mental health diagnosis to force servicemembers out of the military without help or compensation.

Instead of forcing taxpayers to internalize the cost of the wars by way of paying the full price for benefits and health care for veterans affected, the fraud scheme wrongfully placed the burden onto the shoulders of state programs and family coffers.

Said a different way, taxpayers got off the hook for the true cost of the wars (veterans benefits, military retirements) despite continuing to elect officials who place our brave servicemembers in harm’s way to fight wars that never end.

When taxpayers internalize the real cost of war, it is likely the chickenhawks will be forced into a position of accountability. Until then, we will fight covert and overt wars on every continent.

US Army Madigan Fraud

From 2007 to 2012, the US Army engaged in an unlawful scheme that injured soldiers suffering from PTSD. That scheme was implemented in part by medical staff at the Army Medical Command located in Madigan.

There, forensic mental health professionals refused to diagnose at least 40 percent of the soldiers seen with PTSD to save taxpayers money. In a lecture, one Madigan psychiatrist told colleagues that a PTSD diagnosis can cost taxpayers $1.5 million if medically retired.

At Madigan Army Medical Center, soldiers would have their PTSD cases reviewed by forensic mental health professionals to verify the diagnosis before granting retirement. Over 40 percent of the soldiers seen at the facility had their diagnosis changed or reversed entirely.

Soldiers impacted would then receive general or less-then-honorable discharges for behavioral abnormalities linked to PTSD.

US Army Discharge Fraud

Journalist Joshua Kors of The Nation reported the first story about Army soldiers getting screwed by military doctors, and I have broken that process down into ten steps here from an older article I wrote in 2013.

The sequence of events that defrauded many servicemembers went something like this:

  1. Servicemember enlists and is not diagnosed with personality disorder (PD)
  2. Servicemember goes to Iraq after training
  3. Servicemember is injured with traumatic brain injury and/or PTSD
  4. Servicemember seeks treatment from military mental health
  5. Military doctor diagnoses servicemember with pre-existing PD
  6. Servicemember gets pressured into signing personality disorder discharge
  7. Servicemember gets bounced out of the military without proper benefits
  8. Pause and repeat for thousands of servicemembers
  9. Gov saves $12.5 billion in disability and medical payments
  10. No government official is sued for fraud, while veterans’ families suffer

Records indicate that 160,000 veterans may have been impacted when factored into the Madigan scandal, too. Many of those veterans were forced out of the military under these or similar circumstances. Last year, Army finalized its Madigan PTSD probe of the cases but initially chose to withhold the results of its investigation.

The point of fraud here was Army’s violation of the principle of the presumption of soundness. The gist of this presumption follows the “you break it, you buy it” idea. Those who pass through the enlistment and training process are presumed to be fine. All conditions that manifest later while in service are presumed to have occurred in service without some specific contrary evidence.

Instead, Army claimed they missed the defect in an effort to save a buck on the backs of veterans. Shameful.

Kors covered the story of Army soldier Chuck Luther, which looks like the first real exposure of the PTSD scandal. Kors told the story of his investigation into Army’s scandalous policy to Congress in 2010. According to his testimony, Army officials coerced Luther into signing a Personality Disorder discharge after forcing him to endure torture techniques like sleep deprivation and confinement.

During that same Congressional Hearing, Chuck Luther presented his case to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, wherein he claims he was basically tortured. Army Maj. Gen. Gina Farrisee (Ret) denied the allegation of sleep deprivation and generally deflected questions from former Rep. Bob Filner about her knowledge and involvement.

As far as responsibility, General Farrisee was Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel in the Army at the time. She was in charge of policy related to personnel management, which likely included discharge policies. However, the full scope of her involvement in the fraudulent policy against servicemembers is unknown.

It is important to note Farrisee went on to head the Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resources during the wait time scandal where few if any employees were terminated despite placing veterans lives at risk.

RELATED: General Reprimanded For Tillman Scandal Now Heads HR At VA

She is still floating around VA playing clean up no doubt.

US Army Veteran PTSD Lawsuit

That leads me back to the PTSD class action. It appears the US Army veterans have signed up with Yale Law School to sue the Army for its misdeeds.

While the lawsuit may not be a winner (it is very hard to sue the military), the discovery phase of the lawsuit should reveal a great deal of information about the scheme and what the US Army did to the bad actors.

But let’s be honest here.

We know the majority of those involved in the fraud scheme were probably promoted so long as they stayed out of the public view.

I hope these men and women win. What do you think?


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  1. Psychiatry is also not biblical. You are sinning against God by running to false counselors for help with the sins in your life. REPENT!!! The Kingdom of God is at hand!!! There will be a sign in the heavens September 2017!!! The scriptures are clear of what is going to take place. I write this because none of us should fret over this psychiatry nonsense. I try to tell myself that when I get angry about it. It will all come to an end soon. Only God can heal your pain, not a psychiatrist. He loves you no matter what sins you have committed in your life 🙂

    1. Sin is an archery term meaning, to miss the mark.
      Anyway, do you still believe in santa too?

  2. The military did this to me, too. I joined in 2003 in perfect health. I was pressured by a relative to seek mental health in 2007 when I was honorably discharged. I never saw a specialist like this before so I did not know what I was getting myself into. They gave me a couple of picture assessments, and claimed I had a personality disorder. I have never heard of this diagnosis before because everyone’s personality is different. I disagreed with it because something did not feel right afterwards. I am also against taking medication, so I declined that, too. Time went on, and I enrolled in college to get my degrees. I was scheduled to deploy in 2009. I admitted to seeking mental health, and since 2009 to PRESENT (2017), I have been going through non-stop medical boards and it seems that every new unit I go to, they seem to know I was arriving. I won my case twice. I am in for another one it looks like. BUMED continuously finds me unfit regardless of the documentation I provided by their request. I conducted research and found out (along with this article) that psychiatry is FRAUD!!! It is for population control and they claim they are here to provide help to citizens. I think NOT! This is diabolic. It is inhumane and heartless to label someone to save money and careers are destroyed because of it. God have mercy on us…

  3. This cause is a matter of justice, plain and simple,” said Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, who attended a press conference at Yale Law School on Monday.

  4. OK this is one of those WOW Moments. I believe YALE and anyone working in this arena should consider expanding their timeline going back a few more years. Possibly to the BEGINNING of the wars, or even to Sept. 12, 2001. In my situation while at FT BRAGG, NC gearing up for OEF, I was injured on post in the performance of my duties as NCOIC.
    During my weeks of medical runaround,[ one Dr would explain I was suffering from an injury, another medical person( NOT a qualified MD, a nurse or Nurse Practioner ) would state I am fit for service. This was confusing, complicated and extremely frustrating.
    ANYONE who complains or shows any kind of problem medically/ mentally was run through their gauntlet, given a laundry list of drugs to take which helped several soldiers to become psychotic and attempt suicide. I was kept under lock and key.( never charged with anything) fed medication. And then discharged after a mental health hearing as having a PERSONALITY DISORDER. This was in 2005 and it seemed it was their SOP for handling soldiers who did not meet up with the standards of military requirements. Admin personnel were ordered to make sure soldiers with any kind of medical complaint who would be a threat to the command were flagged and they all ended up being discharged with PERSONALITY DISORDER.
    In my case Officers were brought into the hearing to give testimony about my mental state. ( these ” Doctors” lied under oath as to their treatment and assessment of me as their patient. I was Never seen by them )
    THIS was the most unusual military hearing I had ever seen.
    The Army was allowed to bring in witnesses, and show their evidence.
    I was ordered out of the room so I could NOT hear their testimonies,
    I was not allowed to speak with any form of legal counsel prior to the hearing.
    I was denied the normal concepts of DUE PROCESS. And I was refused any Right to Appeal the findings of this military hearing.
    They proceeded to discharge me as UNFIT due to PERSONALITY DISORDER.
    This concept of the military breaking soldiers and then leaving them to rot is not new and it goes back a long time.

    There seems no end to the amount of damage the military will do a soldier and then toss them into the trash heap as useless. The VA is very Quick to pick up the pieces and then glue them back with as little glue as possible. Some soldiers may even have special ratings or secret codes placed in their files ( ie; Whistle blower, Troublemaker, etc ) that follows them through the VA once the military is tossed them out.

    1. Guilty conscience. Yale Medical School graduates did the bogus study that denies p. falciparum malaria victims compensation for their loss of mental functions similar to TBIs. Yale Medical School also collaborated with the VA to do a study denying sharp waves in temporal lobe EEGs were signs of partial and complex partial temporal lobe seizures classifying them instead as psychogenic or pseudo seizures.

    2. Do more research into this maybe you can join the suit or learn how to get your dischage upgraded.

      The VA is supposed to treat veterans such as you self for an evaluation anyway.

      Never stop trying to correct this.

      Good luck

  5. The supervising attorneys on the case are Visiting Clinical Lecturer in Law Margaret Kuzma, Clinical Lecturer in Law Aaron Wenzloff, and Professor Michael Wishnie ’93 of the Yale Law School Veterans Legal Services Clinic.

  6. I was discharged with general discharge under honorable conditions . Before I was discharged I was sent to the to the Brigg for hard labor. While in there I hit a gaurd and was sent to the hole while waiting on a medical discharge for a brain injury. I took a general discharge and was stripped of my rank. I went out as an E-1 and ran as far and as fast as I could away from the military’s I could. Fifteen years later it caught up with me and I needed help. Thank God I meant one of greatest service officers at that time working in the VA. I was very lucking because a few months later he retired after I was awarded a rating of 70 percent disability for PTSD and traumatic brain injury after my second hearing. My E-1 status is still on my VA card today and I dare anybody to ask me why. My wife says today that I should have been back payed for those fifteen years, and you know what ? She’s right. I was awarded 30 percent the first time and while waiting for a desicion on appeal the second time, I chained my self to a tree and went on seven day hunger strike at are DAV Chapter 44 in Claremore Oklahoma. It made national and world news. I did it because we had 336 veterans in our chapter who were denied there votes in our DAV state elections. Myself and man named Herman Furguson who is deceits now, who was a two time prisoner of war were the chapters delegates. At the convention we were past over and our delegates votes were not counted because of one man, Herman as well as I stood up in protest and would not sit down. It was one of the proudest days of my life standing next to him. We were told later that there was nothing we could do, but they were wrong. I was not going back to our chapter and tell those World War 11, Korean , and Vietnam Vets their votes didn’t count. So I changed myself to the tree next to our tank infront of our DAV with Herman Ferguson standing by my side . Seven days later and one tornadoe and with the help of around five hundred Veterans rallying together we won. About two weeks later I won my appeale. Today I am again at war with the VA in Muskogee Oklahoma. Sunday the twenty third of 2017 the VA called me at home twice and told me if I did a stand down at VA hospital they would arrest me on spot . I told them I had to much respect for our veterans to endanger anyone
    at the hospital or those coming to recieve care or to delay any worker trying to get to work, but that I did have a place in mind and only two blocks away, Honor Heights Park and with proper permits they could not stop me. I did not chain myself to a tree today or anything else, but I thought about it. Yes I did I thought about chaining myself to their flag at that VA which I have seen flying tattered and torn so many times , and I don’t stand for that iether , and I will let them know it. Disrespecting our flag and our veterans, desceased and living .Today they no when I’m coming and if that flag is torn it better be replaced before I get there because I will stay there until it is .As I pulled into the VA hospital today I had a security vehicle pull up behind me and as I walked into the business office they were standing there watching me as if I was going to murder someone waiting to pounce on me at any moment. My issues this morning were different this time but similar in stature. In all reality it’s about people who think their in power , they think they know more and that their better then us. When in all reality their just a bunch of low life incompetent assholes who work for the VA. American and foreign doctors , psychiatrists ,General advocates, Social workers, Chief of staffs, hospital Directors and anybody else I may have left out that fits that mold, which is most of them. If your a veteran and have gone to a VA hospital or outpatient clinic you at one time or another have encountered one or all of them. Word of advice, if you don’t confront or take them on these imcompetent morons will spit right in your face by spewing their rederict and with no regards for you being well being or being a veteran. If you let them thell run right over the top of you. Writing negative comments in your files and laughing at you as your walking out the door. Well they called me on the way home today but I did not answer .I have called them so many times only to get an answering machine or waiting for the weekend to pass, or dropped calls or just waiting for that fucking music to end just to be put on hold. So like this past Sunday when it was oh so importent to call me just to make sure that I wouldn’t screw up their Monday from their fun filled weekend of playing and watching golf or I would be arrested . ” Fuck You ” the same thing I told them the first time and it definitely won’t be the last . Although I am not the type to stand on the sideline when I feel like I am being run over or if I see any of my fellow Veteran being bullied by these incompetents, I go into combat mode . So I am known as a trouble maker, an outlaw, a crazy psychotic delusional gun toten vet and many other things. I was just asked today by the VA police if I would seek health care outside the VA. That’s what they want it makes their job easier on them because I draw negative attention to them and the VA hates negative attention and I don’t have to tell you what I said. I know today I am very blessed to have my disability benifits and I pray that all Veterens receive theirs and in the mean time I will continue to fight these assholes till the day I die! Yes I remember when Muskogee was called the arm pit of the VA hospitals in America and Sionora Synar pumper stickers with the cross hairs on it. I still see one now and then and it makes me laugh! I also remember when we had to get there at 6:00 am in the morning and get our tickets ,waiting for our numbers to be called to see some male nurse with a thesicope around his neck acting like a doctor passing out Motrin.Then waiting in lines for hours to get our meds, and if it wasnt for those veterens in every state VA hospital that came before me and yelled out this is”bullshit” ,we would still be waiting on our numbers to be called because it sure wasn’t the politicians that brought about change. The only thing that hurts veterans today is our silence!

    1. I am happy that you fought and won. Many veterans have spoken out in one way or the other and the employee’s used the illegal and unconstitutional disruptive committee to punish them.

      Also the VA has a bad habit of denying claims making up excuses as to why and veterans are paying the price.

      The has stated that they do deny claims and 90% of those veterans will not reapply. They are banking on this stat. This assists in the back log. Shuffle your records from regional office to regional office and then they can not be found.

      You can have your discharge upgraded to honorable. When I was attending the PTSD program in Topeka the Army sent one of its soldiers still on active duty attend the program. I made friends with him and he told me that one day he was at a gas station putting gas in the vehicle and someone grabbed his shoulder and he reacted and hit the person.

      The person was an office, he also stated that he would be pulled over by his local police department for driving in the middle of the road. He said he was so use to driving in the middle to avoid mines in the road. No ticket ever written.

      I have stated before that when it is confirmed that a veterans suffered from PTSD or Traumatic Brain injury and lost rank while on active duty. Those veterans should be allowed to get their rank back.

      you can also ask for an earlier effective date from when you first applied. After they deny you, per an attorney, can then hire an attorney.

    2. The stellar employees at the Muskogee Regional Office denied my claim 3 times, then bounced it to 2 other regional offices twice over 5 years before I testified before congress.

      After I testified my claim was approved within a week.

      1. Way to go, you not only helped yourself, you have helped a lot of other’s by taking a stance.

        Someone cared enough to listen to you !

        Bet you felt vindicated. I hope one day I will be vindicated

  7. @ANutterVet – – – Good talking with you this morning! Brah, Keep da’ coconut wireless open, no shame.

    @(260) – – – Great conversation. Thank you. Hope to again!

    Had a fire in the building where I live this past Saturday night. Second fire since October 30, 2016. Have some clean up to accomplish – – – then back in a few days after Ben’s World reading catch up. Hope everyone doing well.

  8. I was discharged with other than honorable. My CSM had me go before our 1 star and he put a stop to the discharge. It took 10 years and 3 claims to get my benefits which is now at 70%. I was also medically retired with severance. Don’t give up no matter how long it takes. I really hope this lawsuit helps those Veterans wrongfully discharged like I was!

  9. @ANutterVet, I can only say, I feel some of your pain, frustration and anger. I have no idea what’s coming next. My clinic is useless to me. The VHA is dangerous for my life. Our Country’s history is sadly puts Veterans in harms way. The wars are crazy, and what Veterans get for medical treatment, is insane. Point being; We need you here, ANutterVet, if there’s anything I can do, just let me know. I’m healthier than many my age, and am willing. I’m poor, but still alive. No thanks to the VA.

  10. Whatever “Private Number” left voicemail on my phone this morning – – – Please call again. Your voicemail was 90% garbled. I did hear “reader of Ben’s blog” – – – then AT&T went tits up. No other way to contact you except this.

    Call. And unmask your number.

  11. Too bad Suicidal Veterans that set themselves on fire or die in VA parking lots do not even receive 1% of the mainstream news coverage that this Cleveland, OH madman has that murdered someone live on facebook has received.
    Pretty sick of evil in this world. All flavors of it.

    1. @Namnibor, @cj, @Ex va, @91Veteran, @Jo3n – Totally agree. Veterans are the United State’s forgotten people. People go no further than telling me, “thank you for my service,” and that’s it. One thing that I’m going to tell them the next time I here this stale statement is, “THANK YOU, BUT NO OFFENSE, YOU GO NEXT TIME.”

      I say this because I enlisted. And, with all my heart, this means no offense to those that were drafted. Why would anyone want to fight a battle, when they didn’t totally believe in their heart that the War was a righteous one to fight in and to jeopardize their life.

      Nam, sorry to say, this Brother is getting a little tired. Really. It gets hard when your local family or friends don’t even care by checking in on you to see how your doing. If it wasn’t for @cj calling me or to call in for my medications, I’d cancel my phone service.

      VA’s medical care is dangerous. I’m tired of being pseudo-upbeat about things. I love my wife dearly, but I don’t like who I am nowadays. I’m not me, the VA doesn’t care, and I’ve run out of the reserves of trust that I’ve stored up for my family, friends, and society.

      Sometimes, I feel like a Hummingbird flying from flower to flower looking for nectar in order to survive. I don’t even know if what I’m writing makes any sense. I’m trying to be positive about matters, but it seems like I can’t reach my goals and potentials in life anymore.

      I only wish that I had the Vet and College Professor support that I had when previously living in Hawaii. The Aloha spirit and truthful caring from the local people of the Sandwich Islands always helped. Take care my friends.

      A note to some Veterans that are on Ben’s blog. Let me say that before I share this, I mean no offense to anyone, but here it goes. Your stories are informing, entertaining, and nice to read, but I wish that there were more people that had a heart like @cj does. I know from personal knowledge, that if this man were financially able, that he’d help out as many Veterans that he possibly could. For me, I wish that I had that special piece of caring in my heart like @cj does.

      And to others that I don’t know and you have the same goodness in your heart, I wish that the rest of us would truly mirror image in how and what you precious Veterans do for other Brother and Sisters that are in our corps. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you. Keep up the goodness. We need it because this beautiful and warm type of caring is dramatically lacking in our Government and in our society. God bless you folks.

  12. This is EXACTLY what the Army attempted to do to my husband just 2 years ago! We had to fight for two solid years to get him the rating and medical retirement he deserved! Through it all he was mercilessly abused by his chain of command and the Army in general. His chain of command told him that “if he was able to answer a phone then he is fit for duty” even though he was suicidal. When he was hospitalized, they didn’t give a shit, they even tried getting at him to push him in the hospital, and the staff had to bar them from contact. They even tried to mark him AWOL for being unable to work while having doctor’s notes AND being hospitalized, they stopped paying him out of the blue FIVE month prior to his medical retirement (out of retaliation), and just recently we received notice that they are trying to sent us to collections for $1000…stating they “overpayed” him while on AWOL even though he wasn’t being payed over the entire 5 months! My husband and I have said it time and again; his chain of command was trying to kill him off. They see PTSD or any other mental issue as a weakness that will not be tolerated. This stigma in the military is fostered by the top and spread like a disease all the way down, and their is zero empathy for these soldiers. They would rather have them kill themselves and then put out some fake news article about how “terribly sad the loss of yet another soldier due to suicide” than help them and have to pay for them throughout their lives. It’s utterly sickening. My husband was a stellar soldier and NCO who did 2 tours in Afghanistan and has much love from the solders he took care of. He would never have allowed this type of behavior to happen to another. It’s horrifying and has changed him forever. He now has secondary PTSD from his own chain of command’s actions and can barely even handle hearing about the Army at all.

    1. @Hummingbird676: Sorry to hear of the abuse your husband had to endure. It is criminal im my mind, how honorable men and women, can be treated in the military. I also find it criminal, that these criminals, are allowed to recieve honorable discharges, after abusing fellow soldiers. I find it even MORE criminal, that dirtbags in the civilian sector, who never wore a uniform, are treated better than those that have, but were screwed over by their superiors. What a screwed up world we live in. Best wishes to you and your family.

    2. @Hummingbird676 – I know what you folks are going through. I too have had the symptoms of PTSD escalate to where again I need treatment. I had this beast [PTSD] under control by treating myself, then let the VA know that I needed help. Then this is when the merry-go-round started. First the VA offered me Clinical Tele-Health, then said they couldn’t, then said they had no such service, the informed me that Behavioral Health [BH] would contact me for Tele-Health Services, and then BH said that I needed to make an appointment. It gets tiring.

      I wish you folks the best in getting everything taken care of. Keep reading the posts on Ben’s blog, and submit when needed. Our leaders need to tame the VA and make it run smoothly to provide proper and caring medical services. Although, this change has been needed for decades.

  13. I like that Yale Law school took on a case. This could be a beginning. How about Columbia Law school, take on Vietnam Veterans. There are hopefully more law schools than conflicts.

  14. This is nothing new the US Army has been screwing medical retired and/or medically discharged veterans for years. I was forced into a medical retirement in 1986 for Asthma/COPD. I had over 15 years in the Army, my condition was stable and I had not had any serious problems in over 2 years when in 1983 the Army decided it was time to get rid of soldiers that had P3 profiles. I had gone thru a medical board early in my career when I was in the Infantry, I was allowed to reclassify into a different MOS and stay, then 13 years later the hammer came down. I ended up with 30% from the Army and then went to the VA and ended up with 70%. Back in 1986 there was no re-look board for medically retirees, or those medically discharged. Congress finally did something when it was learned that after 9/11 the Army was forcing a lot of soldiers out with less than 30% ( which is what is needed for retirement) to avoid paying retirement benefits, and medical care for dependents. So while while something was done for the newer medical retirees/medical discharged veterans guys like myself were screwed for life. And to this day, Congress is also fucking chapter 61 ( medical retirees under 20 years). The congress allows 20 year retirees to collect both retirement and VA compensation. imagine a 25 years MSG E-8 or CSM E-9 retiring from the Army ( or any branch) and going to the VA and getting a 100% rating .. it happens a lot… And when added together that is almost as much money as they earned on Active Duty. The system has always screwed the little guy. I just never understood how medical personal ( who are committed to doing no hard) could screw their brother in arms. I hope the veterans get what they deserve, with interest, and I hope some of those who conspired to defraud these veterans go to jail.

    1. @Rick b: I do hope one day you get justice, as all others. I agree, always the little guy getting screwed. And those who conspired should indeed be in prison.

  15. Off topic, I believe it was 91V, Who brought up supplements. Does CBD count? I’m back and forth with questions. Thought I would ask. God Bless the Veterans and their families.

  16. @Namnibor, sounds simple. Makes one ask; why ask how? Well, I doubt they met over line. They crossed paths somewhere. So many new Veterans, but the stories are the same. The question is the same. When is the VA going to stop fucking The Veterans? How many ways will Veterans have to ask, before it just doesn’t matter?

  17. Off topic, another VA director fired at Topeka.

    Seems he was sharing sweet chats with another VA employee in North Carolina.

    How did the two first get to know each other? Its not like you surf internal VA instant chat rooms looking for hook-ups is it?

    He chose not to fight being fired. Likely because any chat transcripts would have become a part of the record.


    1. @91Veteran- “[…How did the two first get to know each other? Its not like you surf internal VA instant chat rooms looking for hook-ups is it?…]”

      Easy as pie…please mind the pun. 🙂

      The way the VA’s Whack A Mole System (W.A.M.S.) constantly moves employees around, the agency is like a large Rubik’s Cube and sometimes the hacks match-up. Biology takes it from there… Easy as pie.

      1. I hear ya Nam, but according to the article, she was asking about jobs in the Kansas VA offices.

        I get the idea they hooked up at some conference or other meeting, and she wanted to get closer.

        Certainly gives insight into VA hiring practices.

        I also wonder how much each ignored their jobs while passing little love notes back and forth.

    2. @91Veteran: Ya gotta laugh, I mean…………he got fired for inappropriate conduct related to sexually charged messages. Soooooooooo…………lemme wrap my pea brain around this. It is okay to leave dead veterans in showers, let rotting veterans corpses to explode, beat elderly veterans, lie about wait times, not give proper medical attention to veterans in crisis. Hide veterans suicide from the public, fraudulently deny benefits. But damn it…………try to get laid……………………and your outta here? Okay, let’s run with this. time to recruit some Nigerians to entrap VA leadership in sex scandals. I figure it will be faster, and much cheaper in the long run, then waiting on elected officials. What ya think?

      1. @cj- “[…But damn it…………try to get laid……………………and your outta here?…]”

        That’s not really a consistent pattern with the VA because I am pretty sure Diane Rubens and her lover that schemed fraudulent moving expenses, rearranged the very deck chairs in management across USA just so they could be together…and pretty sure the end-game was to get laid…as grizzly as a mental picture that paints, there you go.

        So, “getting laid” is not really a forbidden driving force to be fired at the VA, am thinking it could be used as an excuse when nothing else works in a pinch. See, even the VA cannot be consistent with their own employees, let alone standardized third world medicine.
        Rat Bastards.

      2. You want to know why? Because Johnny isakson Senate affairs committee remains uncommitted to the Bill !

        We all need to write, e-mail and call him and let him know how you feel about him letting employees hurt veteran’s and nothing is done.

        One person should not be able to deside important matters like this. They are blaming him for the Bill being held up.

        The Secretary, state’s he must have this law passed or nothing will change !

  18. I missed the deadline to post my comments on this previous article on TBI so I’m posting it again because I need my story on this to also be told..

    The X VA medical center did this to me too. My c&p exam for my TBI they had me walk in to a conference room with probably 8-10 people sitting around this table (so right away this seems strange to me) they each took turns going around their table grilling me with questions about my head trauma from when I was in Iraq and the trauma prior. After feeling like I’d been verbally attached abused what ever you want to call it but not a good feeling, they send me to the next room where a doctor (super fast) does a “physical” but i felt he went too fast and didn’t ask me anything either it felt like a high school check up we’d use to get (again that was strange) so then after that they have me sit by myself in a separate room while they (I’m assuming) sat around their table coming up with an answer as to whether I suffer from (had a) TBI or just migraines. So after about 5 minutes maybe not even (quick decision making right??) they pull me back into that uncomfortable room and sit me down again. They say “mr x, unfortunately we decided that you did not experience a TBI because you never blacked out during your injury”(even though I had bashed my head open that bled light a stuck pig requiring 6 large stitches) ok so how was this fair at all to me the veteran? It was unbelievable. I just thought I’d share my story to expose the wrong that was done to me a few years ago. So what do they do for me? Like they do for many vets pump us full of either addictive sedative or unsafe (lots of side effects) type drugs and send you out the door. It’s a crime how the va treats veterans, I truley hope our new president will help us vets and get the va straightened out so that future vets who are injured won’t have to go through the unfair and poor treatment that I am many of my brothers and sisters have gone through. My experience with their cardiology doctors/department is even better I need to get my story out there as it will blow your mind.

    Continued.. I left out something very important. So when I was explaining the incident over in the sand box my head injury I “did” tell them I feel I what they referrred to as “blacking out” for maybe a second till my buddies were able to get me to med. they responded with “you have to had blacked out for 3 or more seconds to be considered as having a TBI”. Again, unbelievable pathetic just wow. And to this day I continue to suffer from the neurological damage of my head injury/s from my 15 years in the army. Thank you to for having a website where we veterans can have a voice and expose these types of “crimes” crimes against the men and woman who deserve so so very much better. Sad but true. Thanks for allowing me to get my story out there..

    1. W2 Team Leader,

      Sounds like the same experience I had with my medical retention board in 1983. I had to appear in full dress uniform in front of a board of officers, which included 1 full bird, and one Command Sgt Major, (CSM.) The rest were majors and captains, and the only doctor the full bird was a pediatrician. The CSM is the one that really screwed me after asking me a few questions I was told to leave the room. Ten minutes later I was called back in and told that I would have to appear before a Medical Board. I was just over 32, had served over 15 Years and was forced into retirement for asthma/COPD. The when I was retired I went to work for the Army as a GS 11 doing the same damn job I did in the Army. I finally retired from that too but on my own terms…..

    2. Your case sounds similar to my SF-95 and 38 CFR article 3.154 claim. I can send you what I’ve done so far together with the responses from the VA General Counsel.

      Contact me at: “[email protected]

  19. Why stop at PTSD? What about guys like me who were told “your heart condition is considered correctable through surgery” so we can’t retire you.. The Army gets sick of you not being able to do the job you signed up to do. I end up a supply NCO for three years while on physical profile. Then after no improvement (the VA just stuffing my body full of nasty medicines like Multaq) The VA tell me “sorry we can’t operate because our doctors are only 76% success rate at fixing your type of heart condition”. Then at the yearly physical my Army doctor tells me your on what???! (referring to the Multaq) he said you need to get off that sh** before it kills you”. I ask for a medical retirement or discharge and am denied. They tell me some BS answer that “We called the doctor who makes these types of decisions and he said you cannot be medically boarded for your condition”. I still to this day don’t believe that anyone was actually called. It was all a farce to push me out. Then the pressure intensifies from my chain of command. I’m on there head count they have to pay me and I’m broken. So I finally decide to seek medical help outside the VA system (since there cardiology doctors at X VA medical center) sucked. And I seek surgery from a local hospital a doctor who specializes in repairing AFIB and who had a 99.3% success rate (compared to the VA’s success rate) Get better doctors!!!! Anyhow back to my story, so one month away from surgery and I try to reenlist but get harassed and pressured once again by my 1SG and Commander into taking the Honorable Discharge. They refuse to sign my year extension. I get my discharge. One month later I’m under the knife for 6 hours of surgery. The surgery fixes the AFIB but then puts me into congestive heart failure. Heart failure in my 30’s. And that’s where I’m at today.

    My point is that there are many veterans like myself out there who were unfairly denied medical retirement and should be fought for! Btw I was at 15 years service only needed 5 more to go..

    Thank you for listening to my story as I find this website to be a great way to vent and get the truth out there. Speaking of the truth. Here’s some more truth..
    A veteran who has service connected injuries and illnesses has to wait years for the VA to make an appeal decision. Meanwhile any John Doe non vet who never gave a d** thing for his country puts in for federal disability and is approved (sometimes 100%) and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with these people. They bottom feed off the working class citizen. Now is this not a crime? a month maybe two.. even three and the Feds give your disability and welfare like candy on Halloween while us vets wait years.. years while we “suffer” waiting on the VA to come back with a decision. It’s a crime.

    1. @W2 Team Leader: Hell yes, do not stop at PTSD, or TBI! Any soldier that was wronged should recieve justice. We all deserve to die at peace, peace comes from justice. In a free land Justice for all, should include soldiers. I sincerily hope you win this battle.

  20. @ANutterVet, As usual, the way you would deal with ALL afge/others is great. So, as Veterans, we know that won’t happen. Should apply to all new employees. I’m finding it extremely difficult to begin thinking what’s on POTUS’s mind or agenda. I wait and see. Although, my hyper side effects much of my patience. I still just look for the next tragedy initiated, committed, or orchestrated by our screwed up leaders.

  21. I was discharged in the mid 70’s, and it was common practice back then to give out Other Than Honorable [OTH] Discharge Papers, and entered Military Separation Codes or Separation Program Numbers [MSC’s or SPN’s] in the DD214’s that are in error. I know that 10’s of thousands of Vietnam Era Veterans have MSC’s or SPN’s that aren’t correct on their DD214’s. Inaccurate MSC’s or SPN’s can effect obtaining employment, mortgages, and loans. Something else that was deliberately withheld from Veterans.

  22. This is not a new practice by the military. This was done to me by the Navy in 84 after several injuries and an unsuccessful surgery in order to deny me a medical discharge for my physical inability to return to full duty after a year and a half of limited duty during which I never recovered and still have not to this day. How do I become a part of this effort? If nothing else I could be a witness to the long standing practice of premeditated negligent malpractice thru false diagnosis and delayed or denied treatment.

  23. A century ago the term shellshock was applied to soldiers that completely lost it during the artillery barrages of World War I. Now they call the medical issue PTSD. “Every chemical explosion creates an electromagnetic pulse,” (EMP) and that statement was from a Los Alamos National Laboratories report. Read, “The Electromagnetic Pulse Cause of Shellshock” to get the real story.
    Oddly, they develop techniques to protect electronic equipment from the EMP but not soldiers in the field.

  24. this has happened many times many places and has hurt some otherwise good soilders, it is a travessty! and the military uses the most seedy toxic almost out the door dirtbags, to do the dirty work.

  25. *Additional Thought* – I believe that there are many options that are available to President Trump to fix the VA System as a whole. I’m getting the feeling though, that at the present time, even though that there are many illegal activities going on within the VA [and the White House most likely knows this], that attending to the matters of the VA is not a priority to the President. I hope that I’m wrong. 100 days though, are only right around the corner. Any feedback?

    1. @namnibor: I agree 100%, Nothing is going to change……….nothing. He could have easily fixed this mess through executive orders, same as any president. I expect nothing, and that is exactly what will change, nothing. Lied to again for votes. There is a way, it is written in the Constitution……….I do believe it is time.

  26. *A Thought* – There is so much corruption in the VA that all employees should be given a Federal Polygraph Test by a Registered FBI Certified Polygraph Analyzer in order for the VA employee to maintain being employed by the VA. The current VA employee should be asked many types of questions, to detect any type of lying, pilferage, time theft, corruption, manipulation, bullying, mobbing, . . . etc. I know that this thought will raise many questions per its validity. But, here it goes . . .

    If the VA employee fails the polygraph test, they are terminated from the employment of the VA. And, to save any benefits due the VA employee because of the length of employment, the ex-VA employee is given the opportunity to admit to the offenses, and to inform the investigators [Federal Internal Affairs], of any other employee involved in illegal employment activities, and the types of crime that is being committed.

    This is followed by an immediate and thorough investigation, per the information that is gathered from the ex-VA employee during questioning and the exit interview after the VA employee is terminated.

    This process MIGHT BE ABLE TO BE IMPLEMENTED BY A EXECUTIVE ORDER. If not this, then fire ALL the dam corrupted and incompetent bunch of hooligans, rowdies, louts, and roughnecks. Remember Boot Camp? If one person does something wrong, everyone was punished. Well then? Please chime in and state your viewpoint.

    ** This thought is intended to keep Veterans all fired up about the need to change the status quo of the VA. Don’t be fooled. I was taught to never count my eggs, until they were in MY basket.

    1. @ANutterVet- All great ideas as far as the polygraph tests,but your eggs are not only in your basket to count before hatched, but in this case specifically, it comes down to this little problematic technological fact: They have YET to invent a polygraph that can get any accurate base lines when electrodes are applied to the outer layers of a walking piece of shit and then there’s outer layers of a Purple Team VA Nurse to consider.

      May I suggest an elegantly simple solution? Simply fire anyone that received a performance bonus in the last two years when they broke the law and Congressional Budgetary Sequester, and the very order that no bonuses were to be paid out. Correct?

      I’d say an AFGE VA Employee receiving a Performance Bonus would be much more accurate than any polygraph and the only layers and folds you would have to sift through would be public domain.

      Yep, the VA requires a massive enema. Reset.

      **Mark My Words** The VA will use today’s article topic to ask for more cash under the guise of “anticipated flood of Vets”….wait for it…

  27. Benjamin, how do we get involved? Did they have to sign off on having a PD? My husband was kicked out in 2007 but he went before a board of peers who gave him General Under Honorable. He still did not get what he deserved. He is 100% for severe PTSD with major depressive disorder and was diagnosed in the Army but because he was self-medicating, they used it against him instead of helping him. General Under Honorable is not Honorable and has affected him for 10 years. They stole his pride for his service away and tossed him out like trash. We are in the process of appealing it but I wonder if this wouldn’t help him. I have contacted his attorney with your story. Thanks for all you do!

    1. My heart and prayers are with your husband and also, with you! I have been fighting the VA for over two decades! I think, I might be winning the war, however, my husband is so very sick, PTSD and physically ill! Yes, the VA’s fault! I will advocate for you in any way I can. I care about all our veterans. Please, reach out to me, if you wish

  28. Seems like I’ve heard all this before. Also seems the discharge and how the Army handled it is familiar. My diagnosis has been changed each time I go to a new VA. I’ve had basically the same medication, but, diagnosis has changed, quiet regularly. PTSD, to bipolar, anxiety disorder, depression, nerves, hell, can’t remember all of them. Since I left the National Center for PTSD, and diagnosed with PTSD, not one application for PTSD has made it anywhere. I’ve got to file again. When is enough, enough?

  29. What do I think? Well, it’s nothing more than fraud because the military wants it both ways.
    In your linked article, it mentions Sgt Bales and how he had routine checks before his 4th deployment. As if any Army medic, nurse or doctor would document some kind of problem resulting in a soldier not deploying.

    Its easier to blame a pre-existing condition than the fact a doctor may have missed something, or intentionally overlooked something so as to have a warm body to deploy.

    The other issue the military and the VA likes to use or ignore depending on what benefits them is baseline medical testing. If a baseline is present, it is ignored in favor of a personality disorder diagnosis, or if one is absent, they point towards the absence of one to claim it was a pre-existing condition.

    I would not normally support suing the military because it gives one false hope, but in this instance, with such a large class, they should sue the hell out of them and set a precedent.

    If nothing else, a suit might get congress to actually pay attention to what has been going on for years. One would think they would be interested in the results of legislation they pass.

    Another thing to mention is that in the linked article, the focus seems to be on lack of benefits, or what soldiers stand to gain by claiming PTSD.

    Not mentioned is what is likely a much harder life by that soldier labeled with a bad diagnosis and a bad discharge, so the veteran has an impossible time getting proper treatment for the correct diagnosis, but also a much harder time getting a good enough job to support themselves or their family.

    What is disgusting about this is the claim by officials that they want to overcome the stigma of PTSD, but their actions show the opposite.

    Their actions show they are willing to overlook injuries that are easy to ignore, unlike a missing limb or other obvious wound.

    1. Not to mention the routine MMPI that is given to every inductee during the induction phase of boot camp which is supposed to screen out anyone with that diagnosis. So all that is needed is to get a copy of the report that graduated these men from boot camp.

      1. Exactly Lem. That baseline testing d9be in the MEPS station or in boot camp could prove lots of things…If that documentation wasn’t conveniently lost or ignored.

        I have yet to hear an explanation of how a soldier can go through induction, basic training, school, function at a regular duty station, and only show a personality disorder once they have a combat tour.

        I doubt any of these hacks can produce the medical evidence to support that.

  30. Bodes well for my SF 95. Need the case number and the court which is not in any of the links.

    This has been going on since the Revolutionary War. Nothing new other than the mode. We used to be labeled as “adjustment disorders” until it was put on the rating schedule as a ratable disability.

  31. Well, one thing is certain. Young Yale students probaby spent a minimum of 18-24 years around the same dining room tables and dinners as their older Yale fathers, uncles, and friends also from Yale. The Legacy system works pretty good at taking care of Yale kids.

    Wondering out loud now….

    How many men in real power are from Yale, and therefor have the same friends and eat at the same tables?….How many Army Generals are Yale and not West Point? How many men of real power from Yale University stand to lose if Army and VA lose?

    More than one? Two maybe?

    What do you suppose they are gonna discuss over dinner, and with whom? My bet is that not one soldier wrongdully discharged is from Yale…so I guess the dicussion is something they will miss. The game, as they say, is rigged by men who favor rugby over sand lot baseball.

  32. Lp there was a class action on this for Vietnam veterans. This has been going on since the begining of time. Now that this is being properly addressed. The next class action I wanna see is for all the rape victems to recieve the same justice. Along with the offenders being rounded up, thrown in prison, issued Dishonorable Discharges, stripped of all retirement, forced to pay back any pay after the incident, and same for those up the food chain, that turned a blind eye, both to the rape victems, and the OTH victems. We can start with those generals, who signed their name on the letter to Senator Shoelicker Schumer, admitting to these illegal Discharges. I told you at the time that was a stupid thing to do. Maybe some day the DOD can also be served legal papers, for all the damage reverse discrimination has caused, and continues to cause, throughout the military. Racial quotas have no place in the damn military. You promote based on ablility, not the color of your skin. Leadership roles, should be filled by leaders, not tokens. Tlhe swamp is much bigger than DC. You want tokens in the military? let’s start with Jessie the jestor Jackson, Al not so Sharpton, and good ol Frankenstien Farakhan. Oh, and how about O fucking bama? Let’s put his sorry ass in an Isis uniform, he would feel right at home next to his GITMO buddies. Don’t for a second, think this is hate speech, it isn’t, it’s called common sence. Deal with it….. They can fuck off with the second and third generations of officers, from the same damn family as well. That is how people like Senator McFucktard McCain happens…..See? no racism, I am an equal opportunist, when it comes to incompetant assholes. One more item to make my rant complete,,,,,,, those in charge at Ft Bragg, that denited there was a suicide problem? Fire every single one of those incompetant assholes as well, OTH their sorry asses into oblivion.

    Hot damn, that felt, oh sooooo goood.
    Rant out.

    1. Let it out Brother cj, let it out. No use keeping it pent in. The VA won’t give a dam one way or the other. Its better to relieve oneself by writing, and not physically hurting a VA employee. Don’t worry about their feelings, they don’t about ours. The Rabid Ratsters.

  33. F————–AMEN,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,, this should be done,,,as any government entity,,that evinces by design,,,by abuse ,corruption of power,,that reduces its citizens.vets,,to absolute despotism,,should be sued,,,,,,big time,,,,,,great work Yale law,,,,,,maryw

  34. 04/17/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Yale University, hum (?), anything is possible in this world, or maybe someone is finding out that government’s position is a no-win situation.

    You stated, “While the lawsuit may not be a winner (it is very hard to sue the military), the discovery phase of the lawsuit should reveal a great deal of information about the scheme and what the US Army did to the bad actors.”

    You are correct; but when?

    I bet [Morrison Foerster] thought their lawsuit[250 allegations +/-] were going to be something too in 2007, in their 73 page document. It took 10 years [plus 8 years for discovery] after the massive effort in California to get the 1998 Cox Report.

    Where will you be in 2027-2035? The way I see it we [you and I] won’t be around. Just like Karlheinz A. Halter they ran him into the wall, and kept blocking him until he starved to death in Torrance, California [Slidematic/Precision Components/Puch International].

    These people are professionals at the 5 Ds.

    But all is not lost—the Name of the Stadium is coming down here in Phoenix—-quietly.

    The VA Secretary is spending more time on the Phoenix, AZ Hospital and the veterans, according to Carl Icahn’s Arizona Republic Newspaper.

    If you took note of the Washington DC Veterans Hospital problem—“ The inspection found 18 of 25 [sterile(USA Today)] storage areas for supplies were dirty and that $150 million in equipment or supplies had not been inventoried in the past year,” NBC News.
    So let us look at those figures 25×4= 100% 18×4=72%

    The Washington DC VA Hospital has 28% clean storage facilities.

    Just maybe—they are getting the message.

    If Yale wants to be a player in the future they too have to clean their act up and show some effort.


    Don Karg

    “He is risen.”

  35. The Department Of The Army AND The Department Of Veteran’s Affairs are BOTH sooo full of shit on so many levels! One of their favorite and time tested methods is to force a veteran applying for some percentage of service connected disability for PTSS and/or TBI to submit to a psych exam conducted by a veteran hating examiner. Instead of concentrating on the meat issues of being exposed to way too much blood, violence, noise, brain matter and severed limbs as I was, they try to steer the convo to mommy, women, and childhood, then claim that most or all disabilities were caused entirely or partially by preexisting conditions and trauma, some dating all the way back to childhood! At that point, the examiner recommends claim denial or approval at minimum percentages based on disparaging, completely FALSE, illegal, immoral, and defamatory diagnoses! The already desperate and needy veterans are forced to accept the compensation offered at the ridiculously low percentages and monthly dollar amounts based on slanderous, libelous, and false diagnoses, or be forced to go through the same years long process AGAIN!

    1. True about that Rick.

      As if mommy not tucking one in at night is much more mentally problematic than being exposed to what happens on a battlefield.

  36. Great news, Benjamin. They may not win but even if a judge and court sets some precedent, it could start to put cracks in the crap the VA dishes-out just by the course of discovery and investigations.

    What I am saying is perhaps this will lead them to follow the corruption and $$$ trail right to the Bad VA Psych Dr.’s that are either still in military or have crossed-over to work at the VHA.

    “[…During that same Congressional Hearing, Chuck Luther presented his case to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, wherein he claims he was basically tortured. Army Maj. Gen. Gina Farrisee (Ret) denied the allegation of sleep deprivation and generally deflected questions from former Rep. Bob Filner about her knowledge and involvement.

    As far as responsibility, General Farrisee was Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel in the Army at the time. She was in charge of policy related to personnel management, which likely included discharge policies. However, the full scope of her involvement in the fraudulent policy against servicemembers is unknown.

    It is important to note Farrisee went on to head the Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resources during the wait time scandal where few if any employees were terminated despite placing veterans lives at risk…]”

    Farrisee is nothing but a cleaner…a bit like a Sloan Gibson or BVA Murphy…all concealing corruption in the world’s largest whack a mole game covering all of USA.

    This lawsuit should be enough for the VA and piggy VSO’s to go running with their empty hats begging for more $$$$ to **anticipate** a new deluge of Veterans that were wrongly-discharged to…save fucking $$$.

    Rat Bastards! I hope they win. Win, as in shining the accountability spotlight on these corrupt war profiteers, and that these Vets all receive corrected discharges and VA benefits. I do not see any cash cow out of this, it is the Army/U.S. Gov. after all, but am really surprised Yale grew some balls. 🙂

    1. I am guessing Yale is doing this as a sort of public service class project for their law students.

      I see it as a good thing, and wish it was done for veterans much more often.

      1. Yale Medical School Neurology Department is involved on the other side. All they have to do is walk across the campus to get the evidence. Perhaps a whistle blower is acting as the Medical School’s research department’s conscience.

    2. @Namnibor – Lets hope, that if the Yaler’s don’t win, that any information obtained by Search and Discoveries is not Court Ordered to be barred [Sealed] from the Public, and that there aren’t any Court Orders to keep ones mouth tight lipped outside the Courtroom. I hope these Ivy Leaguers can go all the way when dealing with one of the most ruthless Federal Agency created by our Government. For me, I surely hope that the VA’s backend, side end, underground, second books, . . . ect., are fully discovered and disseminated to interested parties to expose all the wrongdoings that have plagued this Agency for decades. Veterans deserve to get righteously compensated.

    3. @Namnibor, @91Veteran, @Lem – One thing, of many, that bothers me, is that if the Liberal Yaler’s mess up their Search and Discovery process, that this will give the VA a heads up in protecting any incriminating information from others. Of course, this has never happened before, has it [hiding information]?

      It is quite common for Law Schools to take on cases for Directed Research Grades and experience. I hope they are 4th year Law Students, and that they aren’t sloppy, therefore clogging up the Judicial Process for possible future lawsuits against the VA. Many Professional Graduate Schools will let 3rd year students participate in Directed Research.

      @Benjamin Krause JD – Will you be taking on any role in this lawsuit? If so, are you able to elaborate? And, will you follow up on this case as it proceeds? Or, if your not contacted by the Liberal Yaler’s, are you planning on contacting them to see if they need your assistance? The reporting of these matters will be a good read.

      Ben, I want to thank you for your dedication in continuously publishing both print and internet articles, participating in interviews, answering and responding to letters written by VA leadership, and all the research, writing, and editing time that you expend in keeping ‘’ in a current position online. Therefore, helping to keep Veterans, love ones, and caregivers informed of current news within the VA Healthcare System, Claims Filing Processes, VA’s Management Changes, Policy Updates, and the VA’s New and Clever Projects. It’s not easy to keep up with the Moinkers [Federal Employee Cows and Pigs bountifully grazing on the never ending VA Farmland].

      1. The Yale Law Clinic has an advantage if Yale Medical School hasn’t all ready dumped its collaborative research papers and minutes of meetings that led to them with the Military, VA and lobbyists.

        I have two papers that were done by the Yale Medical Neurology Department that were quite obviously predetermined outcome papers. I’m going to call the Yale Law Clinic tomorrow or find an email address to contact them with the information I have.

        I’ll ask them for the details on this case to add to my SF-95 claim evidence of “deception” under Title 28, Section 2401 (a) of 3 years from August 15, 2015 instead of (b) and further claims a “Misrepresentation of Facts” under the citation of Title 41 in Title 28, Section 2401 (a); Section §7101 (9) definitions of Title 41.

    4. Human Resources is a govt startup which permeates in all agencies and corporations and one known HMO, Kaiser helped in all of this, replacing govt and corporations own personnel departments and becoming a huge business along with another business of the 90’s, Office Management. These are the evil heads of the fraud & corruption both in govt and corporations. Perhaps it’s where much money has been stolen and funneled as well. HR has access to ALL of the records on each and every each soldier. It is time for those who are hired for both of the businesses of HR & Office Management to be held accountable, fired and then jailed.

  37. honestly anybody who claims PTSD as a reason for their OTH should have that OTH rescinded immediately. That would be a very small first step in the right direction for our fucked up government

    1. also as a side note this has been going on well before the 2001 timeline that everybody seems to be throwing around. I was given a OTH with PD when in fact I was deliberately given PTSD due to conflict with my immediate section chief one Sgt Damien Santiago. I processed through MEPPS in Springfield MA in 96 and was marked as fit for duty. I was bounced in 2000 and have been suffering ever since.

    1. You are exactly right. You know this has been going on for decades.

      I also believe that they should not only change the discharge paper’s, but if they took any action against the soider. That resulted in loss of rank. That they be given back their rank and a letter explaining what happened.

      Vietnam veteran’s that this happened to should also be able to join the suit. Not only that but given back pay from when they were discharge.

      How many veteran’s were denied treatment because of this illegal tactic. Using this ploy and telling thousands of veterans that their official military record’s were distroyed in the Saint Louis fire in may of 1973.

      And later found out that the veterans were lied too and denied treatment, should be able to obtain all back pay and monies for pain and suffering.

      The Secretary needs the new law implementation now not tomarrow. The law is being held up by the chairman of the Senate committee on veterans affairs.

      It sounds like he is trying to block it. They should remove him as chairman. If Miller was still be there, this would have passed as soon as the letter was open.

      Let’s all call him and tell him, every day he delays, 20 veterans are dying. Dirty shame one person can speak for veteran’s and if it does not pass, this guy should be arrested for assisting in veterans suicide.

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