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I thought I’d follow up today about dental care for veterans. Disabled veterans and veterans in Vocational Rehabilitation are two groups that might qualify for dental.

However, it can tend to be a crapshoot in qualifying depending on where you live. If you notice what Mari said, some vets are told no cleanings can be provided. Just realize that I personally did have numerous cleanings – this means some vets get what other vets do not get depending on location and situation.

One thing I will say is that some people have better luck than others. Sometimes kindness can go a long way. Keep that in mind in everything you do, even if you feel it does not matter.

Every Friday, I pick my favorite Facebook conversation. This week’s conversation comes from the Facebook group I founded called, Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab. It has over 1,300 members.

My goal with publishing the convo here is to lend some insight from the group to those veterans without Facebook or who are outside the group.




Post from the Veteran:


Does anyone know if CH 31 recipients are eligible for preventative dental services under the VA such as regular cleanings? As always, thanks for the help.


From the Facebook Group:

Mari No, cleanings.

Ben Krause Generally the answer is no. If you qualify for dental regularly, then maybe. The dental people are like the pirates of the VHA system. You can never tell what they will provide or when until you apply. But generally, no dental cleanings for Voc Rehab peeps.

Reuban i was told emergency treatment only. even w that it was like pulling teeth to be seen by the dental clinic. pun intended.

Chad I am receiving full dental while in the program, my dentist said it lasts as long as my program is going so mine runs out in 2013 so they are hurrying to get my teeth fixed up and I have had a cleaning, I have 3 appointments this month for wisdom teeth removal and getting my fillings all re done. Just tell your counselor you have tooth pain they submit a form to the dental office and you should be good to go.

Mari I am glad it works for you Chad, I had all the paper work, but I was told that I couldn’t get cleanings. It depends on the attitude of the dental crew, I guess. Most of them will try hard not to do anything.

Ali I’m actually right with Chad. I told my Voc Rehab counselor that I needed a cleaning. I also went one time again to the dentist because I thought I had a cavity. Anyway, ask your counselor. At a minimum cleanings are covered.

Mick Technically, the VR office writes up a referral to the Dental Clinic. Then the Dental Clinic performs an examination to determine what services they will perform. The VR office can not dictate professional services to be performed by any other department.

Mick This is the pertinent clause of the regulation pertaining to provision of medical (to include dental services): M28 5-01 c (1) Full documentation of consultation with appropriate DM&S professional staff members, including completion of VA Form 28-‑8861, Request for Medical Services-Chapter 31. In item 11 of VA Form 28‑8861, the case manager will describe to DM&S staff members in detail the medical questions to be answered. When making these referrals for treatment, the DM&S facility should be asked to provide information on limitations and residual capacities and how they impact on the rehabilitation objectives, which the veteran hopes to achieve.

BriGette ILP here, I have had dental for the last year or so. My benefits are expanded now because of the TP IU award but I had them before.

Kathleen I had my teeth taken care of by outside dentist while using Chapter 31, Voc Rehab benefits.

Cyndi Thanks…that is good to know….about the dental while using Chap 31 benefits.

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  1. The Secret Horror Story of Dental Care from the Veterans Administration
    We’ve had more than enough of these vapor/half-baked dental plans from the Veterans Administration and Congress which are currently in effect or in proposed bills. Shame on them when they say they are supporting our heroes. The new pilot insurance plans or bills are more of the same barbarian coverage presently provided, and no one should be fooled by all their substance-less talk.
    Provide “all” veterans enrolled in VA Health Care “complete” dental care at VA facilities without current draconian limitations. The VA can never honestly claim that it is providing world-class medical care when they only provide dental care to an extremely limited number of enrolled veterans. Even the care for this small number of veterans is severely limited, in some cases only to tooth extractions. The VA staff and the veterans are extremely frustrated with this situation. The health and quality of life of our heroes are being severely impacted by this lack of care. How can someone eat properly and be in good health if they have rotting teeth, rotting jaws, or chronically infected gums? We should not have to determine who is a veteran by looking into their mouth.
    Please sign and pass on the petition at https://petitions.moveon.org/sign/comprehensive-outpatient Please also write to your Congresspersons and demand that they provide this complete service to all veterans via the VA.

  2. I find it atrocious that dental care at the VA is so severely limited to a very few veterans. The VA plan to shift veterans to two private insurance companies, Met Life and Delta Dental is also a sham and expensive for veterans later in life who need regular expensive dental care and can not afford it. In contrast I understand that prisoners and prisoners of war are given free dental care without all the limitations imposed on veterans to provide such care to the very few veterans who receive it. This is no way to treat our heroes, and does not represent a world-class health care system for veterans. It is long past time to provide this important health care service to all veterans in the VA health care system with no exceptions whatsoever. I know people who participate in the Veterans Affairs Committees and they note that this is discussed, but fails to pass each year it is discussed.

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