How In The World Can Veterans Get VA Dental Care?

130418 Dental Care

A veteran commented on Dental Care the other day. Veterans in general have struggled to access this care.

Here is why. The regulations on dental care are different in every regional office regarding approval. An operator explained to me that the reason is because dental staffing varies from in every VHA. Since the staffing varies, VHA in the Central Office refuses to provide an across the board qualification list.

This means that veterans who qualify for dental in the Portland VHA may not qualify for dental in the Minneapolis VHA. I know this because I personally had to figure out that mystery after moving to Minneapolis two years ago.

It took me a couple hours on the phone to figure it out because the language on my disability rating from 10 years prior was not worded in the way the Minneapolis VHA needed for a quick approval. I eventually got it sorted out, but thousands of veterans are not as lucky.

I wanted to grab some information from the VHA that may help some of you find answers to this problem. Information is on myHealthVet. There is a PDF on the webpage titled, “Learn If You Are Eligible For VA Dental Care.” Check this out for input.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a Facebook chain on the subject. In the mean time, here is an email from veteran about his experience. Please comment below it if you have any input that might help veterans who need dental health care.

Email from Veteran on Dental Care:

“I get dental benefits since I have a combined rating of 100%, but I have observed that the dental care is unfair in regard to these two issues:

1) Dental Implants. Only veterans that live within the “catchment” of one of the main hospitals (that normally go to that facility for everything else) get a chance to get tooth implants while others are pushed aside (their clinic or hospital are told not even to refer veterans to them because of a waiting list with hundreds of people on it).

Examples: The Durham, NC VA does implants, but discourages referrals from other VA hospitals in NC or Virginia to send people to them. The New York City Harborside VA Hospital does implants, but surrounding VA hospitals in NJ and Conn and other VA facilities in NY State are discouraged from sending candidates to them. The VA hospital in Columbia, SC turns veterans that don’t normal go there away. And so on in every part of the country. This is very unfair and lopsided of course, but that’s how it is, and has been this way without any explanations to anyone – the veterans or the facilities – without any improvements. We are only told there is not enough money to hire the doctors that can do implants.

2) Hygienists. At the largest VA hospitals, there are only two of them handling an expanding patient load that gets larger by the week. We are only told there is no money to hire enough hygienists to meet these needs. If you need periodontics maintenance every 3 months as per prescribed and recommended by your dentist there, forget it. You’re not going to get it – you’re lucky to get scheduled every six or nine months maybe/perhaps/good luck.

The inner workings of the VA dental care services, their allocated money and what they are doing with it are never found anywhere on any website. All the staff, dentists and assistants are completely frustrated with this.

I would like to know who we all should contact to shine a light on this matter and expose this lackluster to everyone. I myself phoned Wash., DC and spoke to a person in the VA health care subcommittee, and they told me they are fully aware of this issue with the dental services. The directors of all the hospitals are fully aware of this issue and frustrated on what to do. So if you know, I’d like to hear.”

Sadly, I am not sure what to do. I know Congressman Jeff Miller has talked about it during some hearings. He was told that the VA has no ability to provide the care in a timely way right now. I believe that was in 2008.

I think the only advice I could lend is this; when it comes to dental care, do not count on it regardless of how disabled you are. Perhaps seek out dental insurance in the meantime.

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  1. I am a service connected disable vet, should be 100%, Voc Rehab said won’t let me finish school because I’m unemployable. So why ain’t I on 100% unemploymentability? I can’t even get pain meds for herniated disc in my back. Can’t walk haft the time do to the excruciating pain, hands turn numb constantly, expert Dr. Clanced at me walking by in IU hospital Indianapolis ask me are you in pain? I said yeah why? Ain’t you a vet? Yeah! Shook his head walked away. My primary chicken shit doctor kadah was prescribing me morphine because he knew I needed it but DEA decided to take over now I’m was cut to zero. Do these assholes understand people need pain meds to stay out of pain to take least a quality of life? I bet they ain’t in excruciating pain do to their herniated disk or I’m sure their pussy asses would be first in line to get pain meds. Last MRI ordered by chicken shit Dr kadah, showed even more damage. MRI tech even made a comment “how are you walking?” I see why your in so much pain and why your hands are staying numb. Despite the evidence and radiologist report reflexes what she seen. Chicken shit Dr. Kadah refuses to prescribe me anything for pain. He even lied to my wife and I stating he would just cut me back on the pain meds to 150mg daily from being previously prescribed 475mg a day. Which I agreed. Now my question is he thought I needed 475mg a day but now I don’t need anything. Why I call that SOB who I protected his freedom a chicken shit, doctor, us he’s so damn afraid of those asshole DEA people. They are not doctors, it’s the idiots who don’t need pain meds who gets them and sells them and the ones who actually need them can’t get them because we are honest and don’t lie. So DEA solution to this epidemic of opiates just cut them all off. Who care if they are in pain. Now as for dental. Ain’t that a joke too, what little rotten teeth I have let I want to get removed I have no teeth on bottom because these jackoffs think it’s not necessary for veterans to have teeth. My teeth on bottom were so bad that I got a blood infection then hospitalized. Had to go and get a out side oral surgery to get them all removed. $1,500.00 that VA won’t pay. Now he won’t see me again, because of no payment from VA. Even after I ended up in the hospital again for uppers infection getting in blood again. They told him to remove all uppers asap, he refused because of non-payment from VA. So he’s expecting me to pay it. Now I went to Chicago clear choice to see what it would cost to get them all removed and implanted well if you never been there before very nice people professional but estimate was $20,000.00 I said you realize I’m a disabled veteran? Oh really we can help discount it to $15,000.00. Nice to save $5,000.00 very generous but I guess they don’t understand what we get a month! I asked if they take dental insurance they don’t of course. So moral of this story I’m 57 have no bottom teeth, very little uppers that are rotted, need removed, no pain meds for service connected disability, so I just lay in pain sometimes so bad I can’t get up. Really bad days my wife has to watch me be in tears do to the pain. Do I want to be on opiates hell no! But gotta have a quality of life too. Hey Trump you got all those billions that you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for people like use to protect your freedom. Why don’t you help us out. I’m sure paying for some disabled vets teeth would cost you less than your lunch you eat. Why not help huh? Or you another rich ass politican bullshitter all about yourself. Oh that’s right your rich because your tight ass doesn’t let go of your money. Yeah I heard you was trying to cut medicade too. Well I just hope you do what you promised. This is really sad veterans have to beg for help that should already be there. I wonder how they look on TV campaigning for votes with no teeth, rotten teeth. Sad thing is mine where causes from all the damn pills VA prescribed over the last 35 years. Can anyone help me please. I think my wife called wounded warriors but she said they were more worried about getting a donations than to help. Isn’t there any grants we can get? Oh wait you have to be related to a politician or be a friend. Why can’t we get grants? Why can’t I get a grant to open a business? Opps I’m not a foreigner. You notice all gas stations owned and operated by foreigners! Hotels too. Plus they don’t have to pay taxes for what 7-10 years too. So we give them the money they don’t have to pay back plus pay no taxes. Nice. Why don’t they do thingies veterans especially service connected vets.

    1. Well I am class IV. Which I get dental care easily from my office here in Spokane I have numerous disabilities and am unemployable so I am am entitled to any necessary dental care. However recently my teeth have been falling out and ha e increased dental problems from the anti-seizure medications I take. The VA outsource Ed me to a specialist who I have seen on my own outside
      The VA when I started loosing teeth for he recommended implants and said back in 2013 if I started to loose more teeth that he would recommend full implants. Well All of my lower teeth need to be replaced due to being loose and decaying so the VA sent me to hm for what I thought was for implants. When I arrived he said the VA wanted to have all of my lower teeth removed by him and the VA dentures. Well I was surprised and the dentisr sent them his recommendation for implNts but the VA said no. Also my Neurologist recommended Implants for dentures would pose a chocking hazard during seizures. So I am now sending the VA additional information trying to get implants for other VA facilities are doing them. I am having seizures without any warning and have had grand Mal seizures for over 4 hours last one was in middle of street and if it wasn’t for a person with medical knowledge that gave me my emergency medical medicine I carry 24/7 I might have been hit by a car for she also called an ambulance to take me to the emergency room to stop my non ending seizures for I am not able to move or not being able to remove anything from my mouth. I also sent the VA advocate a study on patients like myself with numerous medical disabilities should get implants for they are now the standard of care in the real world for a number of reasons, for implants allow the jaw to be able to all,y pressure and keep it from not deteriorating with lack of pressure that dentures would do as well as dentures can allow padri else to become entrapped under the. Implants allow the patient to chew nuts and hard foods and keep the patient more healthy. I cute toy have to chew over 299 times to be able to swallow my food for chewing only allows a very very few teeth to gating my food, other Vza facilities do implants but not mine I am currently arguing with the VA to get implants for all of these reasons and I submitted the research to back up my case we will Sr. For any needed dental care does not.say anything about white it is offrtrd. For I just had another grand Mal srizure from stress over this issue. Ishtar now it is not ok hard for me to even type this I need to take a nap and relax for any mental/ physical stress have caused them. My Neuroligist just increased my Vanas implant
      Output to go off every minute which is quite u usual because of having no warning of seizures coming to warn others to seek medical help. For I even have a seizure detection watch with a GPS system to tell my fami,y of my seizure by phone as well as a great call device I press to get medical services. . Sorry for the non stop writing for I h e OCD due to 30% brain loss as we
      L as numerous mental problems going along with it. I’mnow I hear that other facilities offer implants but not here ? Why can’t I get them here? I have to stop.

  2. The Veteran of Foreign Wars offer Met Life Insurance Cover Insurance for all members of VFW.
    Monthly $59.36 $30.18

    Member + One Dependent (Spouse/Domestic Partner and Children)
    High Option Low Option
    Monthly $118.74 $60.38

    Member + Two or More Dependents (Spouse/Domestic Partner and Children)
    High Option Low Option
    Monthly $178.10 $90.56

  3. through the years i try to see the v.a. dentist in my area, they tell me 100% disabled only way to make visit. but i cannot work for my disability and i should qualify that way. but no one seems to want to talk about that. my teeth need work, and i have no insurance can’t afford.

  4. Somehow this issue has to be fixed!!!
    The thing that eats at me is which one of our Presidents will fix our care.
    We all have given up much to just be forgotten. They have to see that when dental care is denied it causes other health issues.
    I pray that God opens the doors needed for Veterans to get the proper care needed not only to survive. But, thrive in Society.
    A smile is the first thing people see.

  5. When I was in the service I went through a few trips to dental to have work done on my teeth. After discharged from the service I received some help. That was it since then my teeth have rotted away. I asked if i could get some help and was told no. I don’t get it, Finally I spent what i had to have the teeth removed due to multi infections but never had enough to buy the dentures so i live with out teeth. You would think since they ruined my teeth with the many root canals they did. At least they might give me at the least dentures…with the money they spend each month on my meds. They would at least give me dentures. It’s not a good life to not be able to have teeth and not be able to chew food properly. But all and all it comes down to poor dental work from them in the first place as a a soldier and a vet. It’s sad and I’m sure others have the same problem…

  6. I was authorized implants at NY VA. NY VA pulled all bottom teeth. I then moved to DE, & they told told me NO & to go back where I came from. I wrote senator & he said it’s up to VA. I’ve had no teeth since May 2015 & I have a letter from Mental Health stating to give me implants. HELP ME PLEASE……..

  7. Just try getting the receptionist who continues to put you on hold when you’ve called six times through out the day. No wonder soldiers kill them selves with all the run around. The words soldiers hear “thank you, we love you”, what they experience “we hate you you annoying pest”.

  8. I have been able to get fair dental here at Spokane because I am 100% disabled but I have lost 6 teeth because of anti-seizure meds and have many more loose teeth with only a few teeth being able to make contact with constant mouth sores but was told I am not a good candidate for implants because they don’t do them but my outside Dentist wants to charge $5-6 thousand for 1-2 teeth and says I am an good candidate for implants. Va just doesn’t want to do them either because they don’t have the expertise, or what I believe don’t have the $ or time to care for veterans as we age or suffer from complications of medications that are service related. For they never believe a veteran unless documented 3x over. For we were never in Cambodia for they moved the border and the first thing I asked my Commanding Officer do we still get paid combat pay now that we are in Vietnam? For the first day there we were rocketed and mortared as as plane even landed. So I asked my commanding officer if I could volunteer for guard duty for we wernt given weapons until we were assigned to our duty station! Because of paper work. Wasn’t done yet! And we wernt in combat? Unless we wre involved in a campaign and received a combat medal ever! What would you call going out on patrol and engaging the enemy in returning fire? I guess target fire! Where we were the targets!

  9. Seems to me that congressmen and senators should have to get their medical and dental work done at a va facility. If they have to go through the same process as vets do, I would bet things would chan very quickly.

  10. Humana offers great dental insurance to gets and it’s actually a very good plan and is very cheap. Also, met life and delta dental offer plans/insurance for vets now.

  11. I’m 100% service-connected permanent and total. I’ve been a VA nut case for many years. I personally have never had problems getting VA dental care. They don’t want us nut cases to lose-it, I suppose? I’ve had problems with the dental care the VA has given me from time to time, but never problems getting VA dental care. I used to live in Rhode Island. I used to get VA dental care at the Providence VA. When I had lived in the White Mountains in New Hampshire for a year and a half the nearest VA dental clinic had been located in White River Junction, Vermont at the main VA hospital. So the VA, at the time, used to give 100% DAVs Fee Basis regarding dental care instead of having to travel all the way to White River Junction, VT. I’m currently getting Fee Basis Dental now from Bay Pines VA here in Florida. After one dentist here had messed-up my top front teeth I had stopped going to the VA for dental care for a year. Then I decided to take action since my teeth had needed help with broken fillings and worn enamel. I took photos of the teeth the dentist had messed-up and sent them to the Chief of the Dental Clinic at Bay Pines via MyHealthVet messaging. The VA dentist that messed-up my top front teeth had used the wrong color resin and the work he had done looked awful! Anyway, the Chief of the Dental Department called me the next day after reading my messaged letter and seeing the photos. She suggested my seeing another VA dentist she’d been confident would do better work.. She also told me I could go on Fee Basis if I wanted so I chose to go Fee Basis finally and was given the name of a local dentist not too far from where I live. So far things are going well seeing the new dentist. We’ll see if the VA pays the bill.

  12. I am a 70 percent service connected vet. Almost all of my teeth have broken off at gums, the ones that are left are rotten and broken with half missing. They are causing other health problems and the VA hospital in Charleston, SC damn near had me arrested because they wouldn’t even let me see a dentist because I have to be 100 percent. I was in an accident while on duty where a drunk driver hit me head on. I have also been diagnosed bipolar which the va won’t connect to my disabilities, even though I sustained a bit of head trauma and actually pronounced dead at scene of accident until they started cutting me out of car. Can’t get work, barely survive each month having to go to food banks to make it thru month. I’ve sat for days with a gun in my lap even though I’m not suicidal or I would have pulled trigger already. I’m tired of excruciating pain day in and out. Can’t sleep because of pain. I need help, 55 years old with a year old grandson I’m ashamed for him to see. At end of my rope.

    1. Since commenting on this site , two days later I received call from va to have rating reviewed, given 10 minute physical and today informed my service connected disability rating will be lowered 20 percent because after fifteen years I’m getting better. Has anyone else ever received backlash from complaints made on this site?

  13. I think it is horrible my husband is 72 and has no teeth cant afford dentures and the VA only gives dentures to people with 100% disability my husband is only 30% disabled.He does not need thousands of dollars of care just 1 pair of dentures one time cost done and finished.Is that too much to ask for him fighting for his country for 5 years.

    1. Catherine,

      I am a dentist located in Maryland. I have been trying to set up a program to help people like your husband, but none of the veterans organizations I have spoken to seem to be interested. If you are willing to travel to my office, I would be happy to discuss the specifics of his situation and what I can do to help. Feel free to contact me via email at [email protected].

      1. You should have mentioned exactly where you live so people could provide a focused answer. See my comments below about some free or nominal priced dental programs below which are done by humanitarian people like the dentist below. If I had my druthers, I would avoid the VA for dental care as their procedures are substandard from what I have seen. Until and if their system is reformed, I would generally stay away. However, for simple dentures work I might try them. Again geography is important because depending on where you live, what is offered at the VA will differ. I had a grandpa who could even chew on meat although he did not have any teeth–I always found that hard to believe. Here in NJ they have State/county facilities for people who can not afford dentists which offer a sliding scale, but they are so in demand that it may take months to obtain an appointment. Even Montel Williams realized the need for veterans to get dental care so arranged a reduced price dental program for veterans in the NY State area. However, I felt that it was too expensive for me. I was shopping around for the best price and quality. People always had said to go to the dental schools, but apparently they have raised their rates and are not much of a bargain. The U of Nevada has a free program provided by their dental school but they only provide this service to veterans who live in the Las Vegas area.

      2. I AM 100 PECENT VIETNAM VET.I was wounded in battle and my front teeth were broken.The dentist pulled them out and now that implants are common they won’t do this for me.
        It has been over 45 years now,I would like to have my smile back.I am willing to travel.
        [email protected]

  14. I guess that I am kind of throwing a hail mary here but I thought that I would give it a shot. I am a veteran and I do work. I don’t have alot of money and do not have dental insurance. I go to the VA for medical but I try not to use them if I do not have to as I feel there are others who need it much more than myself. I have looked for free dental but from what I have found they won’t help you if you have an income. It seems like you have to be unemployed or something of that nature to qualify. I have bad teeth by heredity. My mom had all her teeth removed and got dentures by age 50 and my brother has had most of his replaced in his 30s. I am 40 years old. My teeth hurt me badly every single day. For years I have coped with it and probably phase out more pain than most could handle. Unless it is to the point of tears I haven’t gone to the dentist because I cannot afford it. The work i need done is too extensive and even with dental insurance wouldn’t be affordable. Dental insurance generally will cover one major thing. About 8 years ago I had quite a bit of dental work done but my teeth are just rotting and they hurt me so badly. My brother was telling me about a friend of his that just died in his sleep from an abscess and he was only in his 30s. I really don’t know what to do. I have had some extractions but they are so costly and the fact that without dentures or veneers my face would droop. I hope that maybe someone has a suggestion or if anyone knows of a place that would help me. I appreciate it so much. My tooth is hurting me so bad. I have taken all the medicine i can take and have been gargling whiskey all day and it’s just not cutting it. I am going to say a prayer and hope it feels better when i wake up. Thank you and hope that everyone has a great night.

    1. You really need to look for special programs for veterans. There are several throughout the country. There is a medical group in conjunction with the VA in NJ. The U of Nevada at Las Vegas has a program at their dental school for veterans, but you have to be a resident of Las Vegas as one of their requirements. In NJ they provide service for free or up to about 1/2-half of a regular dentist charges. I have a Move-On petition for legit, full dental care to be included for all veterans in the VA health care system. It is going nowhere since it takes 10,000 signatures to get it to the White House. It is currently under 500 signatures:, it should be signed for posterity. The VA had started a test dental insurance with MetLife and Delta Dental. These were severely lacking in what they provided. The VA probably just did this program for window dressing to say that had a program. I had written to Bernie Sanders to complain about the state of dental care at the VA, and that he can not consider that he has done a good job on it and veterans benefits considering the current state of the VA. You should also realize that going to the VA for dental care will provide the maybe less than 1% who qualify for it via a maze of regulations with severely deficient dental care. And that is not even getting into the differences in application of the dental requirements in different VA offices. Again, this so-called dental care is essentially only window dressing. If you have dental pain you can take cloves and crush them and put this on your teeth overnight or more often. The cloves have eugenol which fights pain and is actually used by dentists for that purpose. The eugenol also is antibacterial and fights infection. However, if the infection goes into the gums and jaw, it can cause some very bad health effects, and really needs to be handled by a professional. Generally, use of eugenol is only for a temporary relief when you can not get to a dentist. I know and have written to the President of the VVA, and he said that they had pushed true dental care with the Veterans Affairs Committees, but every year this has failed because of the cost to expand the very limited VA dental care offering. After having my Congressman intervene, the VA still would not include my teeth in their dental program. Their lead dentist at the hospital I went to gave advice to just have the tooth pulled by a private dentist and not fill the space. This is absolutely barbaric advice, and not dental industry practice as leaving a missing tooth space is not good for chewing and the opposite tooth may partially move into the space. Additionally, your other teeth will move to fill the space of the missing tooth and mess up the alignment of all your teeth. I tend to believe that all VA health care is just the minimum that can be given. and not of the highest quality that veterans should be given. I believe it is best to use their “care” sparingly or not at all. My VA doctor asks me why I go there for health care when I do not agree with most of their recommendations. I told her that I did follow one or two of their recommendations, and that I am very knowledgeable about health care and do not agree with most of what they tell me. When she asked why I would not take statins or aspirin for high cholesterol, I said that I don not believe in the lipid hypothesis. Recent research has actually discredited the cholesterol as cause of heart problems. I try to keep to using natural treatments as I read Dr. Mercola and listen to some of what Dr. Oz says. I also do not vaccinate for anything..

    2. Read your comments & empathize w/you! Try (if you have access to computer/or check w/VA) “COMMUNITY CARE/PURCHASE CARE, or “CARE IN THE COMMUNITY)in your VA area (state wide)/region. This is not the same as “VETERAN’S CHOICE” program for reimbursement to Vets who live too fare from treatment source/VA; but function is the same. HOWEVER, you likely have to FIGHT THEM to get FINANCIAL SUPPORT to PAY PRIVATE DENTIST in your community (I’m fighting/THREATENING then now w/APPEALING/CALLING congressmen) & I’m 100% rated❗️Pulling all ones’ teeth is same as an AMPUTATION W/PROTHESIS, but VA says dental help is “ELECTIVE”, but ARM AMPUTATION W/PROSTHESIS is STANDARD/PRIMARY CARE❗️And STANDARD DENTURES are not much help, i.e. Loose, sore gums, changes you face, etc. Insist in IMPLANT HELD DENTURES OR SOLID BRIDGE. Call your congressman-woman & COMPLAIN & send them copies of comments from this (MOVE ON.ORG) to show how much of a problem we have. If no help, tell them next WAR WE HAVE we will let them fight it THEMSELVES❗️ Good luck my friend (from a Vietnam Vet/’67-68). Dan K Redding, Ca

  15. This is really nice because it well informative. Such kind of illinois are cant manage by kids. But it really helps to know about it. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  16. I am rated at 70%, and after I was medically retired I went to Durham, Nc VA for them to fix the class four problems within the first 180 days deal. Well I saw them once and than they couldn’t get me in within 5 he 180 days so 8 sitting here at home trying to figure out what to do about my teeth. I can pay my rent and keep a roof over my children’s head or I can get 1 tooth fixed out of the 12 I need implants for, I know everyone on this forum understands tooth pain. It just never ends you know fucking suck it up like we were always told as we weep in the closet from the pain. My teeth are just going to fall out and the pain is going to continue to get worse and 5 heirs nothing I can do.

    1. Here is my petition for dental care from the VA for all veterans enrolled in their health care program: Even what is given today to the very few who qualify is extremely substandard—does not meet private dental standards, Besides meeting these standards, and has been frequently pointed out the need to standardize across the dental system, the VA dental care needs to make a quantum leap in quality. The VA health care system can never be considered world-class, as they keep claiming if quality dental care is not provided to all enrolled veterans. What they have now is a sham, and is dental care in name only.

  17. 100 % SERVICE CONNECTED .. But did that do Anything ?
    I went to Dentist maybe 6 times in a Year before I was told You come here
    1 more time All Your teeth will be pulled..came back next day as tooth on bottom was still loose so what’s He say ? You have a cavity ! didn’t see 2 days ago r Appeared All of a sudden ?gave Me a shot passed out pulled Out All my teeth an now when I complain a Year later ..who did that ? wasn’t done here
    So no I don’t agree with supposed Veterans who say they get Ideal Care an put down other’s who don’t – Not everybody is Treated the same

  18. I feel all of your pains! As a disabled veteran at 60% rating, still working full time and for the state no less, I have horrible insurance and even have immediate access to VA facilities, but can afford anything more than preventative care as the price is beyond my grasp for any procedure! As a divorced single father, my money has no other route than to take care of my kids and dental procedures are never within my budget. I was raised as a military dependent prior to serving myself and I have had Military dentists in my mouth since my first dental visit. It is also the reason for the downfall of my dental health as well, the substandard dental care due to equipment and supplies given to military dentists have almost all failed, every filling has failed resulting in cracked teeth, teeth having to be pulled and some I have actually had to pull myself, yes….I did… (I went in for an extraction and they refused saying I needed a root canal instead which bumped the price from $100 to over $1000) It would be nice to see a program geared around Vets and Disabled Vets, which took into account the sacrifices we made and offer low cost implants, corrective procedures and financing that is practical and forgiving, as we were not offering a choice to those we defended or the freedoms they continue to observe due to our service and sacrifices!

    1. Amen Brother, I was told by Orlando, fl. Vet. Clinic that they only work on Handicap Vets.
      I am so sick and tired of my teeth falling out, loosing weight. I went to an outside Dentist, Said after looking in my mouth. Even with Stupid Gov. supplied Insurance, the receptionist said that would $3,000.00, Will that be cash or charge. I said sure I always carry $3,000.oo dollars in my wallet. What the hell. I said if you took payments instead of being greedy, you would have a line out the door and way down the street of people wanting service. (If only ALL DENTIST would take payments, But no. (GREEDY SON OF BITCHES.)

      1. I am a100% I was told that jest because I want implant do not mean I am going
        To get them.I think that means I have to pay Dr Vickers at the birmingham alabama VAMC under the table to get help that I need. You would that they
        Were here for use VET.

      1. If you are in Maryland by chance, I can help. You can call my office at (301)770-7878
        Dr. Levit. Just make an appointment with me and remind me about this post. But keep in mind, dentures take several visits

      2. The programs from the VA are barely minimal for those few who qualify, and their new scheme with two private insurance companies are a joke. I have a petition on MoveOn at It would need 10,000 signatures, it only has 399 signatures. The 10,000 signatures would get it to the President and Congress. However, the petition has some interesting comments from veterans. Current dental care from the VA is pathetic and our Congress should be ashamed of this. Please sign the petition and pass it on.

  19. I am fighting the VA for dental care under Class VI and am not rated disabled. I contend that I meet the requirements, but getting denied dental treatment. I asked my Congressman to look into it, and have a meeting with the Director of the Dental Clinic tomorrow. I expect that they will not do anything, and you are correct that they are as frustrated as you. I am talking to a veteran advocacy legal aid lawyer, but have not been told that he would take the case. I also have a petition I looked at VDIP and a Bernie Sanders legislation, but do not think much about these either. I have also been seeing dentists for free consults, and spoke to a medical center dental clinic associated with a medical school which wants
    thousands for work on two teeth which would probably be a crown and an implant. I even called the University of Nevada at Las Vegas regarding their free program for veterans. Unfortunately, they won’t take out-of-towners.

  20. My teeth are falling out and I am a Veteran. The Gov. promised me free dental care when I retired. I am now retired so where is my free dental? You Suck !

  21. I had dental care (?) done at Palo Alto VA hosp. for several years, mostly not favorable. The last was by a Dr. Smith (hyphenated Smith) from College of Pacific. I had him for 2 or 3 years. Due to shortage of dentists it was sometimes difficult receiving consistent care. I had a small gumline cavity at first then a second one. Dr. smith took it upon himself to make a partial plate that I did not need. When near finished I asked if he would get the cavities scheduled. He said to understand he outlines the work to be done & not to worry about the cavities. The partial fit terribly & so he made another one which was just as bad. Asked again about the cavities & again told as a reminder he outlines treatment. Cavities became big, & others appeared on other side of mouth. Finally second partial was finished, had a mouthful of work needing to be done & after a 2 to 3 year duration of my time & expense he was gone without scheduling needed work. Befor he left I did ask what I should do with the 2 partials & he just said throw them away, they are too far off to make repairs. Some time passed befor I could get an appointment. Then I moved to Texas. It took 7 months to even get an appointment at a clinic for a priority one vet.. I had a front upper tooth that was accidently broken off. took a while but when I saw the VA dentist he decided to make a partial plate to fill the hole of the broken tooth. I watched this show previously. The plate was finished & was such a bad fit I had to see another dentist & he said to throw it away. Next appointment was at a different facility & was told I needed a root canal on my other front upper tooth. They did & put a half sized metal cap on it & said I would have to wait to fix my missing 1 & 1/2 front teeth. I ran around for a year & a half missing 1 & 1/2 of my front teeth. Socially it was a very dramatic embarrassment for me. Next appointment & they decided it would be better to pull teeth which they did & sent me to outside dentist under an insurance program the VA pays for called ‘operation hero’. I have dentures now but the bottom unit refuses to stay in place more than 1 meal. Now back to ‘Operation Hero’. You have to be kidding I am no hero, just a vet that would have been better off without VA dental care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Amen Brother, I was told by Orlando, fl. Vet. Clinic that they only work on Handicap Vets.
      I am so sick and tired of my teeth falling out, loosing weight. I went to an outside Dentist, Said after looking in my mouth. Even with Stupid Gov. supplied Insurance, the receptionist said that would $3,000.00, Will that be cash or charge. I said sure I always carry $3,000.oo dollars in my wallet. What the hell. I said if you took payments instead of being greedy, you would have a line out the door and way down the street of people wanting service. (If only ALL DENTIST would take payments, But no. (GREEDY SON OF BITCHES.)

  22. Great insight on Dental care and the VA, The only partial solution I have found is fee basis referral which usually requires an inquiry by your Congressman or Senator to get that process rolling and completed in a timely manner.

    1. Congressmen or Senators are the one causing all the problems, They should be in our shoes and have a mouth of rotting teeth, missing teeth. Then maybe they WOULD DO SOMETHING.

      1. They get excellent care as government reps, but keep failing to pass real meaningful care for veterans. I hear this from vets I know on Vietnam Veterans of America board. The current dental care at the VA, which is only given to very few veterans is known to be rather substandard, and in my opinion barbaric. In some states there is very low cost or free dental care for veterans. I currently know of this in Las Vegas and NJ, but understand that there are others. My petition for comprehensive dental care on MoveOn is going nowhere with far fewer signatures that the 10,000 required to get it to the White House. It is at The VA and the Congress should be put on the hot seat for this. None of the veterans groups would help circulate this petition to their membership for me. What good are they?

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