Help! Which 2012 Candidate Supports Veterans More?

Who will support veterans more?

Over the past two weeks, it has become clear that I need your help. 

I need your help to pull together a list for veterans so that we can see which candidate is more “pro-veteran.” In a year when NO CANDIDATE served in the military, this information is vital. 

Last week, I ripped on Ted Turner for comments about military suicides. I was called a “Repiglican” because my source was Fox News and Yet, the real source was Ted Turner since it was a video of him talking. 

This week, I’m called a Socialist because I used an exact email published between Gov. Scott Walker and Paul Ryan where the issue was a refusal to support a veterans home for the elderly. The source was Huffington Post, which published the exact email from Walker’s staff

The arguments are passionate for both sides.But here is what we need. We need facts – youtube videos, news articles, emails, etc. 

Here’s what I don’t want. Passionate emails that are not based on documentable facts that resort to ad hominem attacks. Personal attacks are a logical fallacy and really pointless. We just want facts. 

We have two days. I’ll post the results either Thursday or Friday. That will give you time to double check my facts so that you can vote accordingly. 

And for the record, I have voted for Republican and Democratic presidents. So, this is not a pro-either party exercise. 

Thank you for your help!

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  1. Veterans have gotten more under Obama than any other president since the GI bill. Republicans just went home without voting on veterans training and jobs bill. There was a Republican holding up COLAs for the families of those soldiers who died in action. Tell me, what Romney has said, tell me what republicans have done for veterans other than fight against veteran? Heck, Romney hardly mention troops or veterans at all during his entire campaign. Obama

  2. I am a Vietnam Vet with VA disability. Whether Romney is pro or against VA benefits pails in the light of the fact that his opponent is a Marxist who is working with the Muslim Brotherhood to defeat the US, Israel, Capitalism and our free enterprise system. I suggest that you vote for the one that loves this country, our heritage, and our constitution. I would not vote for the one who left our men behind in Benghazi Libya and watched them die over a 7 hour period.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have said that this country is being divided up mostly by special interest groups, minority issues, socialized healthcare, immigration reform and welfare/food stamps. As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” With this in mind, everyone needs to stop looking at their small issues, and focus on the nation’s health and economy as a whole. NOW, more than any part of our lifetime, our Constitutional rights are being threatened and trampled on. Obama signed an executive order allowing the government to take anyone and hold them indefinitely, without representation indefinitely, and to take anything they want that you have. That is without a trial, without an arrest warrant, and without due process. It’s one thing if it is an illegal immigrant who may be suspected of terrorism. However, they are talking about everyday citizens. He signed it at almost midnight on a holiday when no one would be paying attention. Doesn’t that sound suspicious to you? I know it’s too late for the election now, but our entire country needs to wake up and realize that the government is not about the people right now. It’s about the government and how much they can invade our lives. They are trying to get everyone so they have an internet ID…not just a computer ID. They can even spy on anyone, even citizens, without a warrant. It is not right that the government thinks it’s above the law, and that they can change the law as it suits them. So, with that in mind, and I say this with all respect because I do care deeply about our military (my dad was in Vietnam and my fiance fought in Desert Storm), but the main thing that should motivate you is whether anyone is the RIGHT person for the job because of their commitment to our Constitution, OUR country over others, and OUR people over the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. The problem is people are only looking at their own needs instead of the SERIOUS needs of the country. JFK said it best with, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” This is more than just an adage for the military, but it applies to every American.

    2. Oh my Gawd!! Did you know those on the right were against the GI bill? Guess what they called it… Guess…. Socialism. You see they have this thing about labeling things foreign to scare people into getting their way. They always do this. They want to privitize the va for gawds sake. If that is done, you can bet in a privatized va, their concern will be about the bottom line, profit. Than see how that’ll work with our claims ever getting approved. They’ll have people following vets around to determine whether they are really disabled.

  3. I agree with Benjamin Kruase. It is not about being a republican or a democrat, it is about finding out the facts. Many of us struggle tangled between the dense forest of half-lies, half-truths, half everything that is out there. In the military we were taught to do the right thing. Unfortunately, our elected leaders do not follow that rule. The candidates rather insult each other with claims of socialism practices and or being Hitler follower and so on. I hope that we as veterans can put aside the vague and unfounded name callings so we can concentrate on the facts. Many people talk about the deficit and how to fix it. But it is rarely mention what the wars is and will cost us. History has taught us that they are expensive, but we keep denying this to ourselves. If as it is, we are struggling with keeping with the nations wounded veterans, I cannot see how it would get any better if the issue is not fix now. I am almost sure that someone will call me a non-soldier supporter or whatever. Calling names is a childish game that is played by people that have no real arguments to support their own arguments. We owe our nation and to the future veterans in the years to come better. Because it is the right thing to do.

  4. I think we are in BIG BIG trouble whoever wins ! I’m 100% & 60 % & SSD from USMC . I guess I’ll support Obama , but I don’t wanna ! He seems to support Vets more . How the HELL did We get these TWO ??? We deserve better ! Don’t We ?

  5. 1) romney wants to get rid of the VA. He wants to privatize it, put us on a voucher system, all in order for some corperatio to make money. As is the VA about one thing – taking care of veterans. Big business is about one thing as well – making money. 2) i gave bo idea why veterans are ignoring the fact that Romney was a draft dodger durung Nam. I served during Nam and i take issue with draft dodgers PERIOD. Too many youngsters, who didn’t want to be there either WENT ANYWAYS! Many never came home. But not Romney. He was busy BEATING IT TO FRANCE. And out of five sons not ONE of Romneys kids have served in the military. Also the GOP has argued ongoing that veterans benefits are too HIGH!! The GOP tried desperately in congress to defeat the Veterans work bill. The GOP is wonderful for starting wars but then they don’t want to pay for them and the first place they go to cut is the VA. btw, during the Gw Bush years rhere were more cutbacks and denial of benefits to veterans than other time since 1900. There were huge scandals due to the horrid treatment of vets coming back from Iraq/Afganastan. Most of us call Bushes 8 tears in office the lean years. AND the man who Bush had hired to head the VA (he had to resign in disgrace in 2007) who made a mess of it is the guy Romney wants to HIRE AGAIN for making veterans suffer!

    1. You have to remember Romney is from the United States of Mormons not the United States of America. He is a draft dodger and went to France. I was in ‘Nam on a gunboat in the delta ’66 and ’67. 75 firefights.

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