Tomah VAMC Flu Vaccine Video

LEAKED – Corny Tomah VAMC Flu Vaccine Video

Tomah VAMC Flu Vaccine Video

Benjamin KrauseEver wonder how Tomah VAMC is educating its health care workers about flu vaccines and other valuable pieces of information that affect the health care veterans receive there and across the nation?  They apparently create these ridiculous videos to convince coworkers into getting flu vaccines.

I realize this is not news. It is probably not even interesting to most people. But I thought a few readers might find the below video worth a laugh.

Tomah VAMC has a huge $150 million budget and is probably the one of the biggest employers in Monroe County, Wisconsin. What I cannot figure out is, with that budget, how could anyone create a video like this thinking it would do anything other than make viewers pee their pants while laughing? Honestly?

One VA employee was kind enough to forward this amazing piece of VA Americana for my readers to view. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


This is one of the corniest training videos brought to VA employees compliments of Tomah VAMC staff. It is certainly worth a laugh, and I hope it raises certain questions in your mind about where our taxpayer dollars are going and who is spending them.

“There’s something infectious in the VA… Who you gonna call…?”

Whatever you do, do not call Tomah VAMC.

At the end of the video, the VA employee highlighted gets a shot. VA says it is hoping to increase the number of Tomah VAMC vaccinated employees from 56% to its 2015 goal of 60%.

When it comes to health care, you would probably be better off calling Ghostbusters. Their overstaffing, lack of stroke training, and total lack of give a damn resulted in the death of my client’s father.  Another veteran died the same day a VAMC doctor failed to timely diagnose our veteran’s stroke. They cannot help you in an emergency. Go directly to Tomah Memorial Hospital or anywhere else outside of a common cold.

That is my public service announcement here.

Think Tomah VAMC bothered check with the Ghostbusters franchise to be sure they did not violate Copyright?

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  1. Aren’t these people supposed to be professionals and intelligent enough to decide whether or not to get a flu shot without a video designed for the 2nd grade level?

  2. And we are the psycho veterans. The things that pass for knowledge, I can not understand..

  3. Hey, y’all, visit this site.
    “Militarycorruption dot com”

    If y’all think the VA has corrupt individuals. Take a walk on this site!

  4. The new “heath care ” is just a business. organ theft an all. We can thank the legislators who backed Kaiser with all of it’s frankenstein evidenced based medicine. since the 70’s, all thanks to Nixon’s idea of making more with less that permeates all agencies in our government including the DOD/VA/ Add the CDC, h&hs,dol, doj…etc.. all of them like a cancer… Medical boards and the AMA have been infected with the same disease. IT’S called carnivorous corporate greed. That’s what business MBA’s has been doing to help Wall st. high investors along in their quest for every cent they can get their hands on, every single cent. The world isn’t the same much less this country’s legislators whose only goal is just to garner access to all of our money, dead, alive or in pieces. Because you are worth a lot, dead, alive & in pieces. BTW, Kaiser knows about body parts, that’s why they are in China and not just for the herbs they try and sell the Chinese. Imagine, selling the Chinese herbs??? Well, just maybe kaiser with its own drug company via the military can now afford to do crazier crap.
    And no, i didn’t fall on my head somewhere. We’ve researched Kaiser’s ways to steal, lie and manipulate federal tax dollars and the DOD lets them do it all. just like it does with the VA. Everything that happens at the VA happens at Kaiser, everything.

  5. What is that thing their song starts with, when it says, “There’s something hiding at the VA.” Let me tell you one thing they are hiding. Let me lay groundwork first. Okay, forgetting your personal views, Congress is doing a major investigation into illegal tissue and organ harvesting at Planned Parenthood, and what could be worse than encouraging women to get abortions, and using federal funding to do it — yes, what could be worse than using fetuses! Well, here’s one thing at least as bad. Namely, VA hospitals that deliberately get vets killed with what appears to be random poor medical care and poor decision making at their ER’s and across their system. Why would they do that? Answer: because of the VA’s close relationship with civilian and University hospitals across the country. Surgeons and other medical staff constantly go back and forth on a daily basis between VA and civilian hospitals. Also, if a VA employee, or any patient at one of these hundreds of hospitals around America, need an organ or tissue transplant, what better place to get a donor, than at the VA? I have named one such civilian hospital along with a large VA medical clinic that was clearly doing this, that is, murdering veterans and civilians alike, to harvest their organs, under cover of what appeared to be just one crazy heart surgeon who was doing unjustified heart surgery and killing lots of people in the process. He went to prison, but no one else was even suspected in the network, and certainly no one at the VA, nor the truth that it is still being done all across America. I won’t name the hospital again, that was not far from my home, but it was on state and national news a few years ago, the whole story was, but made to look like one lone crazy surgeon was doing it all on his own. This is one major reason my wife, me and my son were all arrested, in an effort to silence me. When the VA arrested earlier this year they even tried to frame me for conspiracy to commit murder. My Congressman got involved and got the VA off my back, I got a letter of apology from VA police for what they cite as a “mishap”, namely that false arrest frame job they were doing. That same Congressman is actively going after the perpetrators of the aborted fetus organ harvesting to prevent use of federal funding, by backing new legislation for that purpose. The VA is much more sophisticated, with a vastly greater multi-billion dollar budget, and they know no one will ever be able to stop their illegal organ harvesting, and deliberate medical murders of vets. Also, it would be interesting to track the path that a vet suicide victim’s body takes after their death, and find out where the death actually/really took place. That’s a lot of organs to harvest, a couple dozen hearts a day, along with the rest of the veteran. No, the VA would never do this sort of thing! Right?

    1. I have a close friend who, after two back surgeries, found out “med students” at the UCF performed them.
      If y’all could see his butchered back. You’d understand why a lot of vets don’t want VA to operate on them.

      1. I was lucky that the VA jacked me around for years about the shoulder surgery they were going to do. They finally said it was too late, too long after the injury, to do any good, and that they might make it worse — they said from the beginning that they might make it worse, and for once they were telling the truth, especially since the clowns that were going to do the surgery were unqualified quacks. I went in several times to the very big medical center in a huge city, where two surgeons sat with my wife going over the MRI with us. You could easily feel a golf ball size lump in my chest from balled up torn pectoralis major muscle, but then they sat there and told us they weren’t sure I needed surgery because it did not show on the MRI. The VA is not a real medical provider; they are a fantasy organization that has tons of money that they always misuse. The thing about the flu shot. Why would a vet get a flu shot from the VA? How many vets have they exposed to AIDS and hepatitis by using used needles? Thousands! Google it if you forgot the story from a while back or think I am kidding. VA should be called Area 51, or Dreamland. It’s one giant delusion, one big bad dream.

  6. Google this one:
    “VA whistleblowers discuss corrupt VA culture”
    by Pete Kasperowicz
    10/1/15. 8:52 AM

    Great article + video

      1. Just now on Channel 9 news (WFTV, Orlando, Fl.) The Government wants all veterans who have less than 20 years service to get an IRA Account. If y’all haven’t been paying attention. The government wants to get all monies from savings accounts and IRA’s etc., etc.
        That’s because our National Debt is now over $18+ TRILLION.
        Now, here’s facts. When Bush came into office (2002) we had a $2 Trillion debt. Then we were at war in multiple countries. When he left in 2008, our debt was at $8 Trillion. When Obama got in 2008, till now, we are at $18+ Trillion. Why are we so high? That’s an increase of $10+ Trillion in less than 6 1/2 years.
        Think on this, since Obama took office, there’s less war AND less military. So why has our debt raised so much? One reason could be because Obama is supporting many countries. Which by the way are our enemies. (Iran, Cuba, and more) Why? In my opinion, it’s because the majority of people haven’t got off their asses and told our elected officials to stop his shit. Stop giving other countries our monies. Get out of the White House. Your an embarrassment to America…
        Rant over…

  7. I could only stand this asinine video for about 10 seconds! But, let me tell you the hidden message. It perfectly delivers the message that the VA is a disease. It even shows VA employees dressed up like germs, viruses, and disease symptoms. I won’t go back and listen to the intro again, but I think the lyrics start with, “There’s something ‘hiding’ at the VA.” That is for damn sure! In fact, there’s a LOT hiding at the VA, and much of it is right there, hiding in plain sight as they say. Namely, again, the employees and staff!

    1. You lasted longer than me, Bruce. My wife watched the whole thing and laughed so hard she almost puked. Then she got pissed and wanted to have all those idiots fired.

    2. You are absolutely correct on that statement! They are doing the Guillain-Barré shuffle. They are estatic because with Guillain-Barre Syndrome it is hard to diagnose without doing a spinal tap. Many incidents of vaccinations have been linked to flu vaccinations and other methods of injections i.e air guns, hep c. Here is a brief synopsis of the Syndrome:
      Guillain-Barré is called a syndrome rather than a disease because it is not clear that a specific disease-causing agent is involved. A syndrome is a medical condition characterized by a collection of symptoms (what the patient feels) and signs (what a doctor can observe or measure). The signs and symptoms of the syndrome can be quite varied, so doctors may, on rare occasions, find it difficult to diagnose Guillain-Barré in its earliest stages.

      Several disorders have symptoms similar to those found in Guillain-Barré, so doctors examine and question patients carefully before making a diagnosis. Collectively, the signs and symptoms form a certain pattern that helps doctors differentiate Guillain-Barré from other disorders. For example, physicians will note whether the symptoms appear on both sides of the body (most common in Guillain-Barré) and the quickness with which the symptoms appear (in other disorders, muscle weakness may progress over months rather than days or weeks). In Guillain-Barré, reflexes such as knee jerks are usually lost. Because the signals traveling along the nerve are slower, a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test can give a doctor clues to aid the diagnosis. In Guillain-Barré patients, the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the spinal cord and brain contains more protein than usual. Therefore a physician may decide to perform a spinal tap, a procedure in which a needle is inserted into the patient’s lower back and a small amount of cerebrospinal fluid from the spinal column is withdrawn for study.

      This production video needs 2 thumbs up (up their ass Siskel & Ebert style)

  8. To All,
    I just got a letter from Dept. of VA. It concerns a “MILLION VETERANS PROGRAM (151B CERC)”.
    950 Campbell Ave. Bldg 35A
    West Haven, Ct. 06516-9849

    It’s a postcard they want me to fill out. If I want to participate. It says it has over 400,000 members and it will “transform healthcare for generations.”
    I see on the return address it’s to the “Veterans Health Administration”
    “Research & Development”
    “Improving Veterans Lives”
    Or, “”

    There’s really no explanation other than what I’ve said here. If anyone can shed some light on this, I’d really appreciate it.

  9. Breaking news,
    “There was a ‘mass shooting’ of 25 people in Chicago this past weekend in a gun free zone!”
    The shooter was Black. And there has been NO word out of Obama on it.
    It seems silence from the “White House” is the norm when a black is the perpetrator.

    1. Yeah, this kind of injustice just sickens me. Obama has YET to sick his DOJ Team on ANYTHING related to Veteran’s Lives…and Obama has done this before when the perpetrator happens to be of color, it gets a “clean pass”…but God Forbid a real crime is being committed, the lack perp. tried to either grab police’s weapon OR what they are actually doing NOW is trying rip-off any “Camera” they also may be wearing…and if it is a white police person or citizen shooting people of color, then Obama’s DOJ and the NAACP is on it like flies on shit…truth.

      I am SO SICK of Veteran’s Lives apparently NOT MATTERING by this Administration. It’s blatant discrimination coming from a President that makes deals with known terrorists and put our troops in harms way to rescue a know deserter from battle field.

      Hope the door slams him really hard when he leaves office…which could not be soon enough.

      Obama loves to make excuses and call these Black shooters, “Disenfranchised Youth”, and matter-in-fact Obama skipped an unveiling of a Disabled Veteran Memorial last year in lieu of attending a “Disenfranchised Chicago Youth Event”…screw the Veterans being killed by the VA….sorry for rant but this shit pisses me off to no end. I am not a racist thinking person but this President’s Policies and preferential treatment for thugs has made this a very hard pill to swallow.

      1. namnibor, I get ‘military dot com’ emails. Today I got one where the defense attorneys are trying hard to get Bergdahl many different types of discharges. Amoung them an “Honorable under medical discharge”! How’s that for for someone who left his “guard post”!?

      2. They need to give a detailed account on how they are obtaining these weapons as they do with these other mass shooters. The plot thickens on where they are coming from because if they can get information on where terrorists are getting them from, I don’t see a reason why it is not being disclosed here in the USA!

    2. YEP! …………….Am I surprised?…………….NOPE! “It`s the White guy`s that`s Dangerous, You know………..!
      And just wait until Clinton plops her “Ample Duff” (Trying to sound British) In that “Top Slot” Seat.
      You Ain`t seen Nuthin yet!
      I`ll BET You`ll get your A$$ Off that couch when it`s time to VOTE, THIS TIME!

      If NOT we deserve what we get.

      A ONCE Great Nation, I hate to see her go like this. Killed from Within like a Cancer.

      Not directed at you friend, Just a response to your comment.

      1. When Obama leaves the White House, he and family are moving to NYC. Why isn’t the a$$hole going back to Chicago? As a matter of fact here, why hasn’t he or family visited Chicago in awhile? Is he afraid?
        It’s been reported on many news stations, Chicago has a very high murder rate. I’m not sure what position it holds, but I’ve been told it’s right up there!

  10. I watched the video. this is another fine example of what taxpayers monies go for!
    Just like that “Rock” (@ over $460,000) out at the Palo Alto, Calif. VAMC. The sad part is, that “ROCK” was part of a $1.3 million beatification upgrade. Rep. Miller questioned that “expenditure” just last week. Saying (paraphrasing) it could have been used for veterans healthcare…

    On this video today, I hope Tomah IS sued for a shitpot full of money. They deserve to be brought to their knees again!

    1. Google-
      “VA art budget comes under fire in Congress”
      by, Travis J. Tritten
      “Stars and Stripes”
      Published: October 1, 2015

  11. I just found out from a pro music forum I belong to that “Huey Lewis and The News” actually sued Ray Parker Jr. for knocking-off their “I Want A New Drug” song…and WON based upon blatant plagiarism and “Huey Lewis” is pretty quick to sue based upon any form of “publishing of that song without specific permission”…just wanted to correct this in event anyone wishing to contact Sony to speed things along…LOL!

    1. Ray Parker Jr was sued by Huey Lewis successfully for the “Ghostbusters Theme” song being a blatant rip-off of “I Want A New Drug”, so proceeds from any “publishing” of that Ghostbusters Theme, (publishing includes using it in any official way and even posting on internet without specific permission)….not huge news, but I am betting the VA could care less about any infringement in their embarrassing training video using that song because after all, it’s just $$$ ear-marked for VETERANS…so nothing new here.

      I am just still really amazed at how the VA considers 54% to 60% immunization compliance IN A HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENT is fully acceptable. A 4% increase is all they aspire to. I am betting if there were a VA BONUS involved for getting shots, the VA would have 100% compliance and employees would get all the available shots, not the Veterans.
      How about the % at Tomah for Veterans getting flu shot?

  12. “[VA says it is hoping to increase the number of Tomah VAMC vaccinated employees from 56% to its 2015 goal of 60%.]”

    Sure am glad the VA has such HIGH aspirations as far as meeting and surpassing goals…56% to 60% increase of **employees @ Tomah VAMC only**….my God, how about making that 100% as to PROTECT VETERANS FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES?????!!!!?

    This is ALL about the VA Employees and per usual, seems the VA FORGETS they are there to SERVE VETERANS. Does their Employee Union allow them in a HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENT to “opt-out” on flu shots and immunizations?
    I ask because in the civilian healthcare world, at least the civilian system I go to, and some relatives in various States that work in healthcare, it’s MANDATORY…not an option if you want to KEEP YOUR JOB!

    By the way, Ray Parker Jr. OWNS SOLE COPYRIGHT of “Ghostbusters” Theme Song and has been quick in past to sue infringements upon same in past, successfully.

    1. namnibor, I also read on a site somewhere, the CDC said “this years flu shot isn’t effective”!
      But, who knows for sure. Look at all the ads by ‘Sakolove Law’ and many other attorneys out there, suing for billions of dollars on medications that cause everything under the sun, (side-effects) including death. Seems our medical professionals are getting worse every year!
      There’s also a thing called, “profiling”! The pharmacist is supposed to make sure meds don’t conflict with each other. Their supposed to inform the physicians if that happens. Kind of like a backup for the doctor. Even then, docs don’t do it. I believe this is what’s caused my adverse effects to meds I was recently received.

    2. I find it APPALLING that less than 60%:of our health professionals at the VA take the annual flu shot. How many susceptible patients catch the flu from un-inoculated staff?!?! This is totally unacceptable! !

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