Black Friday

Happy Black Friday, America!

Hope you all have a happy Black Friday from, whether you avoid the crowds from the safety of your recliner or mushed in crowds of hundreds of crazed shoppers.

Personally, I am on the hunt for a 34″ monitor, some additional tech, and used law books. If you know any lawyer or estate or law school looking to offload antique law books or even slightly used Thomson Reuters collections (or Lexis), hit me up in the comments.

Now, if Santa were reading this, I’d ask for a used edition of any of the following to help me beat back corrupt VA officials to protect veterans, and yes, I know these are pretty expensive:

So, if Santa is reading this, I have been a relatively good person compared to many VA leaders. Please feel free to leave a few of these under my Christmas tree…

Have a great weekend! I’m taking the rest of today off.

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  1. Ben,
    I you need a monitor I got just the deal! I know this guy that has a cousin down at the VA hospital. He says sometimes those kind of things just stop working and are tossed out as “broken” – in almost new condition! I can score you one for $25 if you want? Heck, sometimes to get the things working again all you have to do is take them out of the original factory packaging… just remember to mail in the warranty card and remember to God Bless America, right, and your investment in tech will be safe.

    At VA it is always a sale, we don’t wait for Friday!

    P.S. (please use the usual drop location for the money. Use password “chicken”)

    1. I’m betting those expensive books Ben wishes to obtain could be acquired from VA Office of Special Counsel and I *BET* they shred them each year and brand new volume edition is released…waste not want not….the shredder is hungry. (meet behind the industrial shredder in the VA warehouse. Use password “crow”)

      1. And I bet the guy that has the shredding contract is giving a xmas bonus to the special counsel…No special password It’s a hand sign …Palms up…LOL

      2. Are your pockets full yet…
        The new guy they hired used to pick pockets The contractor hired him to fill them, u won’t feel a thing It’s painless that’s why they have him booked until after the first of JAN. 1

  2. Hey, brothers and sisters,
    Stayed home yesterday. Today was no different out in the stores. Wal-Mart wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be. On the other hand, Lowe’s was!
    For those of you who served in the U.S. Navy, here’s a juicy article out from;
    “The Horn News”
    Dated: 25 Nov 2017
    By “On the Holmes Front, with Frank Holmes!

    “One-Third of all Navy Brass caught in huge foreign bribery scandal”

    Wait till y’all read this. This is almost, IF not equal to, the “BRIBERY SCANDAL”, “Uranium One Deal Scandal” and the “FAKE TRUMP DOSSIER SCANDAL” going on in Washington D.C. by our elected and appointed officials.
    The “BRIBERY SCANDAL”, which was first reported in 1997 until recently, has paid out over $17 million dollars to “hush up the accusers of sexual misconduct charges” against these reprobates!

    1. Those same Navy Brassholes will ultimately end-up working in upper SES VA Management or other parts of our Feral Gov’t. Wait for it…

      1. Yep, I just made that word up: ‘Brassholes’ can be applied to any idiots that work in a management position and should not even be allowed to manage a kitty litter box. Note: some ‘Brassholes’ are only in the ‘Pre-Brasshole’ stage, but will eventually grow-up to fully Dysfunction Brasshole Class (the, other DBC)

  3. Here’s the guy working at the VA who I think has been handed marching orders to cut Veteran’s benefits. I’ve notice some of the people under him won’t even listen. They act like they’re writing a novel on how you’re having sustained improvement with your mental disorder. It doesn’t matter what you say, the progress notes will always say “Patient is improving” as if these VA therapist are magicians. Why can’t it just be a guy with a normal American name?

  4. @Dennis, sometimes I am not sure what you say is totally accurate. Black Friday, maybe. A lawyer needing law books. Shouldn’t they ALL he online? I have moved across country to Roseburg Oregon. So far, it is SO different from Alabama. I haven’t read anything in three months. God Bless y’all

    1. I know Roseburg well. My blood pressure peaks just beyond severe stroke warning levels as I turn down Garden Valley Blvd….. it must he the Fred Meyer that spooks me….

  5. A Congressional version of Thanksgiving.


  6. I will do my best to be a Santa Helper and will look for you in my adventures to second hand stores and yard sales.

    You are the Santa’s Good List !

    All I want for Christmas is for my Good name be restored after a VA employee was able to accuse me of wanting to be a Murder and a disruptive behavior all done without a shred of proof.

    VA regulations require VA employees to put any disruptive in writing or Documented. But since when has the VA followed VA regulations when it comes to VA employees.

    or should say Follow any Regulations. They do as they please. No matter how many veterans they let DIE.

  7. Holy Shit BEN I checked those prices out, They sure know how to Overprice them to keep them out of a Common Mans hands…

    1. The United States Code, Annotated (Full Set) appears to be a REAL bargain at $19, 793.00 . . .

      Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Have had limited internet access last two weeks – – – and the worst flu onset I have ever had.

      Congrats Jo3n on your relocation to Roseburg, OR. May you find the life you desire there . . .

      Got 60% of my travel gear for departure E of 180. Just awaiting the arrival of a few documents – – – and an order from Cabela’s.

      One bag travel – – – less than 15 KG. That’s the ticket . . .

  8. Black Friday sounds so ominous. Maybe racist. Truth is it refers to the color of ink used in accounting ledgers of old. Red meant loss. Black meant profit.

    They call it Black Friday because it is sort of a green light on that day to those among us who love to spend money on pointless fluffy frilly things that have no purpose other than seperating cash from the folks that have it in their handbags to engage in competitive spending. For runners they wait all year for “marathon”. For the shopper chicks… it’s “Black Friday”, and the starting gun has sounded!!! Both are pure grueling competition with other seasoned competitors who will each give their all (effort and money) in neck to neck competition with others to be the first to get the very best pointless shit for Christmas out the mall doors. Pure excitement, blood, sweat, and chicks. Sort of like the NFL only just the crazed cheerleaders with a debit card, a game plan, and the vengeful will to succeed, right? During both events there are those who simply cannot go the distance but always just the effort to give all you have seems to be the point and not the actual trophy you bring home.

    At first glance Black Friday may look like business as usual at VA. Huge sums of cash transfer from the spenders to the receivers. It looks like a collosal cluster fuck from afar. It looks like a collosal cluster fuck from up close. Still though despite the similarities and enormous sums of cash being burned up on fluff, frill, and fancy, with the VA America has yet to see one red cent in profit from it. Nothing looks black on VA spreadsheets, just lots and lots of green.

    Tell me again, what is the return policy on this bargain?

    1. “[…Tell me again, what is the return policy on this bargain?]”- So sorry to have to inform you that the VA *only has* a layaway plan. Now, that plan includes possibly a Veteran is placed in VA layaway, which is code for ‘let’s see how long it takes for the body bag on layaway to explode’….but sadly, no return policy.

    2. I misspoke, this is the VA, so that layaway return policy may be in-effect if the VA causes a zombie apocalypse, then that’s where any kind of Lazarus type ‘return’ in valid. Check your receipt from VA Hotel California: No returns, ever.

  9. All I asked from Santa is my two front teeth. I’ve received an early Christmas from Santa over last few days as I had major oral surgery day before Thanksgiving and go back this morning to have sutures checked…instead of just two front teeth, Santa ensured I received brand new fitting (important) upper and lower dentures.
    Sadly I could not trust the VA to actually sanitize any dental tools and I could not have on my conscious if I were responsible for indirectly infecting another Veteran or Dependent with my tainted blood….so Santa, since this was ALL out of my pocket/savings, can you please replace my savings and I promise to try to stay off the naughty list for a few weeks in coming year?

  10. If your system has a HDMI output for Video you may wish to consider a 50″ Monitor.

    I currently use a 40” Led TV for mine. Just have to turn down the resolution so you don’t get sunburn from the monitor.

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