European Google Censorship

Leaked Report, Google Censorship Of Americans Under European Model

Breitbart News just published a leaked Google briefing showing Google knows and approves of its own role in pushing European-style censorship onto Americans.

The Google briefing, titled “The Good Censor,” admits that Google and other tech platforms now “control the majority of online conversations” and have undertaken a “shift towards censorship” in response to unwelcome political events around the world using “European” censorship models.

And if you think this is a joke, or that private companies can do what they want whenever they want, think again. Google and Facebook, for example, profit from certain exemptions they enjoy in connection related to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act because they claimed to be “neutral” while out of the other side of their mouth also endorsing censorship that only publishers can execute.

They also profit using the technology and hardware owned and paid for by the American taxpayer.

As for the briefing, it says unfettered frees speech on the internet is a “utopian narrative” that cannot be allowed due to “bad behavior” by users (i.e. Americans supporting free speech). Google says “bad behavior” includes sharing of “conspiracy theories”.

And Hillary’s ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’?

As an example, Google cites the Trump conspiracy theory that Google was suppressing search results of users seeking negative information about Hillary Clinton.

Of course, this alleged conspiracy theory turned out to be true… and now we know Google secretly pushed European censorship at the time, 2016, and that Google, Facebook and Twitter have accelerated the censorship.

Current Google Censorship

For more than a year, reports from Conservative publications and some Liberal publications reported Google and other social media companies are engaging in un-American European-style censorship.

The report reveals the company is not only aware of its own censorship actions but that it condones the shifting role to censor free speech of Americans in the face of neutrality laws. Those neutrality laws hold that companies like Google and Facebook are not liable in the same way as publishers because they are neutral and not censoring users. However, the acknowledgement shows Google, Facebook and Twitter perjured themselves to Congress.

In the report, not only does Google admit to censorship, but it even encourages the use of European-style censorship now used by social media companies including Google.

The report was leaked to Breitbart News and posted to Scribd. I repurposed that PDF below for all of you to review and SHARE with anyone who believes the censorship is okay. Here are some photo excerpts of the Google censorship report:

Google Says Neutrality Incompatible With European Censorship ‘Tradition’

Before Censorship By Social Media

Current Censorship By Social Media

Why Social Media Shifted Toward European Censorship

Google Censorship

Six months after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, many Conservative websites experienced serious declines in readership. My website was included in that list, and we noted an immediate drop by 50 percent.

Since I created this publication, around 2010, we have seen an increase of around 20-30 percent in readership each year… until June 2017. Our readership was cut by around 40 percent at that time. Now, when you compare the growth lost in furtherance of Google’s unlawful transition from neutral service provider to censoring publisher,  we are actually down around 70 percent.

As an American and disabled veteran, I am hot about how rich silicone valley types thumb their nose at the Constitution and the laws we fought to protect. What Google is doing behind the scenes is unlawful and a breach of contract with the American public.

Further, let’s not forget Google’s artificial intelligence company DeepMind (based in England) now has access to our health records. So, how safe do you feel about Google also engaging in censorship online? What are they really doing with our records?

If they were willing to mislead Congress and the public about their secret censorship scheme, moving Americans under the European model of censorship and then lying when caught, how can we trust them with our health records?

I think we should all send VA cease and desist demand letters revoking any real or perceived consent to allow Google or its companies any access to our medical records. Period.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

PDF Index

Below is the Breitbart index of interesting pages within this leaked Google report that you should review for yourself followed by the full PDF:

  • P2 – The briefing states that “users are asking if the openness of the internet should be celebrated after all” and that “free speech has become a social, economic, and political weapon.”
  • P11 – The briefing identifies Breitbart News as the media publication most interested in the topic of free speech.
  • P12 – The briefing says the early free-speech ideals of the internet were “utopian.”
  • P14 – The briefing admits that Google, along with Twitter and Facebook, now “control the majority of online conversations.”
  • P15 – Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is linked to Google’s position as a platform for free expression. Elsewhere in the document (p68), Google and other platforms’ move towards moderation and censorship is associated with the role of “publisher” – which would not be subject to Section 230’s legal protections.
  • PP19-21 – The briefing identifies several factors that allegedly eroded faith in free speech. The election of Donald Trump and alleged Russian involvement is identified as one such factor. The rise of the populist Alternative fur Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) party in Germany – which the briefing falsely smears as “alt-right” – is another.
  • PP26-34 – The briefing explains how “users behaving badly” undermines free speech on the internet and allows “crummy politicians to expand their influence.” The briefing bemoans that “racists, misogynists, and oppressors” are allowed a voice alongside “revolutionaries, whistleblowers, and campaigners.” It warns that users are “keener to transgress moral norms” behind the protection of anonymity.
  • P37 – The briefing acknowledges that China – for which Google has developed a censored search engine – has the worst track record on internet freedom.
  • P45 – After warning about the rise of online hate speech, the briefing approvingly cites Sarah Jeong, infamous for her hate speech against white males (Google is currently facing a lawsuit alleging it discriminates against white males, among other categories).
  • P45 – The briefing bemoans the fact that the internet has until recently been a level playing field, warning that “rational debate is damaged when authoritative voices and ‘have a go’ commentators receive equal weighting.”
  • P49 – The document accuses President Trump of spreading the “conspiracy theory” that Google autocomplete suggestions unfairly favored Hillary Clinton in 2016. (Trump’s suspicions were actually correct – independent research has shown that Google did favor Clinton in 2016).
  • P53 – Free speech platform Gab is identified as a major destination for users who are dissatisfied with censorship on other platforms.
  • P54 – After warning about “harassment” earlier in the document, the briefing approvingly describes a 27,000-strong left-wing social media campaign as a “digital flash mob” engaged in “friendly counter-commenting.”
  • P57 – The document juxtaposes a factoid about Russian election interference with a picture of Donald Trump.
  • P63 – The briefing admits that when Google, GoDaddy and CloudFlare simultaneously withdrew service from website The Daily Stormer, they were “effectively booting it off the internet,” a point also made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the FCC in their subsequent warnings about online censorship.
  • P66-68 – The briefing argues that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are caught between two incompatible positions, the “unmediated marketplace of ideas” vs. “well-ordered spaces for safety and civility.” The first is described as a product of the “American tradition” which “prioritizes free speech for democracy, not civility.” The second is described as a product of the “European tradition,” which “favors dignity over liberty and civility over freedom.” The briefing claims that all tech platforms are now moving toward the European tradition.
  • P70 – The briefing sums up the reasons for big tech’s “shift towards censorship,” including the need to respond to regulatory demands and “expand globally,” to “monetize content through its organization,” and to “protect advertisers from controversial content, [and] increase revenues.”
  • P74-76 – The briefing warns that concerns about censorship from major tech platforms have spread beyond the right-wing media into the mainstream.

Leaked Google Briefing

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  1. Try reading a book called “The Screwing Of America” – The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the Middle Class picks up the tab….just like what is going on now…

  2. Thank you Ben, for posting this.
    I first want to say that the book 1984 by George Orwell was just predicted programming. We have being living in totalitarian state for a long time.
    There is three books that I have in my library that I`ll highly recommend to study and pass on to other veterans.
    1. The Rape of the Mind; Joost A.M. Meerloo MD.
    2. Brainwashed into Slavery; Kenneth Goff (Can be downloaded for free on American Deception website)
    3. The Federal Reserve Conspiracy; Antony Sutton. (If you can get any of his books please do, prepare yourself for some core belief changes).

  3. Leaked Transcript of Private Meeting Contradicts Google’s Official Story on China
    Ryan Gallagher — The Intercept — October 9 2018, 9:11 a.m.

    ““We have to be focused on what we want to enable,” said Ben Gomes, Google’s search engine chief. “And then when the opening happens, we are ready for it.”

    It was Wednesday, July 18, and Gomes was addressing a team of Google employees who were working on a secretive project to develop a censored search engine for China, which would blacklist phrases like “human rights,” “student protest,” and “Nobel Prize.”

    “You have taken on something extremely important to the company,” Gomes declared, according to a transcript of his comments obtained by The Intercept. “I have to admit it has been a difficult journey. But I do think a very important and worthwhile one. And I wish ourselves the best of luck in actually reaching our destination as soon as possible.”

    Gomes joked about the unpredictability of President Donald Trump and groaned about the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China, which has slowed down Google’s negotiations with Communist Party officials in Beijing, whose approval Google requires to launch the censored search engine.

    Gomes, who joined Google in 1999 and is one of the key engineers behind the company’s search engine, said he hoped the censored Chinese version of the platform could be launched within six and nine months, but it could be sooner. “This is a world none of us have ever lived in before,” he said. “So I feel like we shouldn’t put too much definite into the timeline.”

    It has been two months since The Intercept first revealed details about the censored search engine, code-named Dragonfly. Since then, the project has faced a wave of criticism from human rights groups, Google employees, U.S. senators, and even Vice President Mike Pence, who on Thursday last week called on Google to “immediately end development of the Dragonfly app that will strengthen the Communist Party’s censorship and compromise the privacy of Chinese customers.”

    Google has refused to answer questions or concerns about Dragonfly. On Sept. 26, a Google executive faced public questions on the censorship plan for the first time. Keith Enright told the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee that there “is a Project Dragonfly,” but said “we are not close to launching a product in China.” When pressed to give specific details, Enright refused, saying that he was “not clear on the contours of what is in scope or out of scope for that project.””

    Full Article At:


    Building the New Wall of China

  4. “Online Advertising”, Facebook and Big G’s Life Blood, the flow needs to be restricted or maybe ever constricted in order to weaken them and strengthen us.

  5. Is their a template ‘cease and desist’ template worth using for the mentioned VA reason? And where to send it.

  6. When I saw reference to “Breibart News” leading into this topic, I knew right away it would be full of hate, fear, alternate facts (lies) and lack any semblance of credibility just like donthecon, liar in chief. That source is known for its twisted, fake so called news. Gullible people sucking up the bigotry and hate coming from that site and the hundreds of other just like it are at the heart of what’s wrong with America.

    1. More Hate Mongering from DonF!!!

      Guess Antifi and Black Lives Matter turned him down as a member because he is to much of a pussy!

      1. Don you really should spend a few cents more and get two ply TP. Other wise you end up with that alt right movement while wiping and sure as shit your fingers are going to go strait through that single ply and with that alt right movement not only do you end up with the fingers slipping in.

        You seem to end up with not only a few fingers slipping in but it takes your whole hand, arm, shoulder head and neck. With all that stuck in there every things you say is nothing but shit.

  7. Once Google (and any other profit or non-profit entity) receives government assistance, they cannot violate basic rights that us, the citizens of this country enjoy – such as freedom from censorship and/or control of information.

    I’m upset, but not surprised. Google, Facebook and these other losers didn’t become rich out of luck and/or sheer genius. Appears that they are the giants they are because they are helping our government spy on us and manage information that is disseminated to the public. So wonderful, we are becomming no different than some socialist or communist country (think of N. Korea, Venezuela) where government controls the press/media and online access.

    1. “Google, Facebook and these other losers didn’t become rich out of luck and/or sheer genius.”
      You are soooo right, More like front men for the cia and homeland insecurity …LOL

  8. For those who’ve never served in the military, there are three things an “oppressor needs to do to oppress a people” –
    1.) Take over communications!
    2.) Install a “puppet government!
    3.) Install a “puppet law enforcement agency”!
    Once this is done, forcing people into submission/subjugation is relatively easy!
    Most of us who’ve served understand this process! There’s been a few movies made about this: “Red Dawn”, although fictional (?), is one great example!
    namnibor has pointed out “1984”, by George Orwell, has become more relavant in the passing days!

    Remember one thing –
    When a people’s freedom is taken, only one “remedy” will resolve it! Which, by the way, has been shown throughout our World’s History!

  9. Making George Orwell’s ‘1984’ more of a relevant prophetic written piece than the Bible ever was…

    1. namnibor,
      It’s too bad people don’t read the Bible. Especially the part as to why the “Exodus” occurred!

    2. Almost have to fully agree with you but when you are talking about the Bible you also have to consider which version and which audience you are addressing.

      Such as, if you were talking about the Cotton Patch Series version of the Bible which is the Modern Black American idiomatic, e.g. rendering Jew as white man; Gentile as negro; Ephesus as Birmingham, Alabama; Rome as Washington, DC; Jerusalem as Atlanta, Georgia

      Or you are talking about the The Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) version of the Bible that is still under-reconstruction with a Democratic twist. You will never guess in a billion Jiffys who the evil guy in the book of revelations is unless you guess Trump.

      “List of English Bible translations”

      Oh and a single Jiffy: The jiffy is the amount of time light takes to travel one fermi (about the size of a nucleon) in a vacuum. Just to clarify what it means to get something done in a Jiffy.

      1. Gotta get those new translations too. Hell, I have more translations and materials that our censored public library has. If I tried moving to Alaska and pass into Canada I’d be arrested on the spot just for the books I own and notes. Hate speech, hate preaching, hate literature. Heck it’s already here in ‘Merica.’ Like usury and harmful money games were illegal in the early churches, Christian, not today. Just one small thing about the changes and occupation of America.

        Censoring has always been my big personal beef with the culture today. Censoring has helped get us all where we are today. Then we “Boomers,” the outspoken are supposed to catch the blame for everything today. Without freedom of a real media, sharing of information, speaking freely in some commie town meeting or academia, exposing corruption like the churches are supposed to be doing but don’t, to our own experiences we are toast. Toast we are.
        As a kid we were just told to shut up about things in school or racial issues, the SDS, we were just trouble makers, stupid kids and lack life experience. Unlike the toddlers and college kiddies are told today. Like go out and attack and kill those you hate and not part of your herd. lol

        Elf was correct. The enemy has usurped every point in American life today, everywhere. Academia, media/communications, entertainment, churches/most, targeted children and women, government, banks, making themselves above the laws and immune from whatever. Just like back in the USSR with the Bolshevik take-over the Marxist in American love and emulate.

        Orwell (Blair) was an insider (hated it) and knew more than others too.

        Joseph Pulitzer Said:
        “Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together,” Pulitzer wrote. “An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations.”

        1861 Salomon de Rothschild | Secret Origins of the Civil War |

        Attkinson, Fake News like our in Brazil

        SGT Reports with JBWells

        Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth, and Life on Earth

        Oops. Accidental massive leak by Googly.

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