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Pro-Marijuana Bill Passes Hurdle In Congress To Bypass DOJ Roadblocks

A pro-marijuana bill just passed through the House Judiciary Committee in an important step that could, if passed, give Congress control over medical marijuana research by bypassing the Department of Justice.

The Act, called the Medical Cannabis Research Act, increases the number of federally-approved manufacturers of research-grade marijuana from one to three. It also sets criteria for those manufacturers to obtain and retain the registration. The University of Mississippi is presently home to the only research center approved.

US Representative Matt Gaetz is the sponsor of the bill.

A couple years ago, DEA was allowed to increase the number of licensed growers, but a logjam at DOJ under Jeff Sessions has stalled forward movement. Certain political groups cite the lack of studies to support not moving forward with more liberal laws. Meanwhile, restricting access to research-grade cannabis inhibits research.

According to The National Review, below in italics:

According to Gaetz, “The Medical Cannabis Research Act helps break that logjam, allowing researchers to study medical cannabis without fear of legal jeopardy.”

The bill also includes permission for doctors employed with the Department of Veterans Affairs to discuss medical marijuana with their patients and are allowed to provide information about federally-approved cannabis clinical trials to their veteran patients.

The bill, however, contains a contested provision that prevents anyone with a “conviction for a felony or drug-related misdemeanor” from being affiliated with cannabis research cultivation programs. This has caused some alarm among constituents, particularly The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Human Rights Watch, and the Drug Policy Alliance who have condemned the provision, urging Congress “to strike this unnecessary, punitive ban on individuals with previous drug law violations.”

Representative Gaetz, who drafted the bill, testified before the House Judiciary Committee that the drug conviction aspect was not included in the initial draft of the bill. It was only added after he consulted with people already involved in the cannabis industry, who urged him to add the language in an effort to head off those already opposed to the license bill.

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  1. Let me assure you that I am strongly wanting to resist the urge to
    type something towards the effect of “You must be stoned to know all of the variances of clinical research findings. Perlowin’s experience certainly makes him a high authority about the industry, along with a top advocate for it. Hemp Has Numerous Food Uses – Hemp seeds through the hemp plant have several food uses.

    1. Spammer.

      “Hemp Has Numerous Food Uses – Hemp seeds through the hemp plant have several food uses.”
      “High authority,” high (?), on the industry, advocate?’

      No shit Sherlock. We aren’t discussing the many generations old uses for MJ or Hemp that is older than uses by our forefather’s beginnings on this Continent. Or pushing some carrier oil with some low levels of something in it claiming to be something it’s not or does what it doesn’t do. Profiteering from snake oil.

      Must have missed past posts about some authorities, experts, scholars, scientist, coming out finally complaining about their intimate knowledge of government pressure to lie on tests, reports or findings. That many lie, are bought off, have their own agendas from the court room on up to the CDC and beyond. That all the above should be subject to questioning, ridicule, suspicion from the courts, colleges and to wherever? That we have been led astray and brain-washed for generations.

      I haven’t heard anything about the countless thousands with their lives ruined for picking the non-high hemp in past years to make things from it’s natural fiber, etc. That “authorities” knew was just rope hemp, not the high inducing type. That were still growing in waste fields from the 1940s or previously. Maybe I need more coffee or back to bed.

  2. This is a crock….

    “medical marijuana” is nothing more than a smoke version of alcohol. The fact that they are trying to add “research” facilities for med pot is obviously a money issue…
    The VA of all people should NOT be allowed access to pot, marijuana, or whatever it may be called as an issuer or manipulator.
    They are already smokin the shit….

  3. Before anyone gets too euphoric, I’d want to read the fine print. I am compelled by a devotion to cynicism and therefore must assume that this was written by, and for Pig Pharma.

  4. There aunt shit any government research facility is gonna tell us that 15,000 documented years of historical fact does not already. Erik the Healer of Rome is often regarded as modern medecines father and fully 30% of his medicines contained some component of cannabis. These remedies were acclaimed by those who suffered. Now we are gonna dump untold wealth into a few geographic regions in order to regurgitate whatever line of bullshit the government deems supportive of the current regime?

    This is sham and scam and bacon fir a bloated secondary education system and the insanity of such a timid and anal response to now a world wide legalization is a mockery of so called US leadership. We are stuck with a pale white Jeff Sessions who frankly needs to get laid or something for God’s sake in a position to put the big green weiner to America over some crusty morality stand? My God what needs research here??? Stroll on down to my oncologist and just ask him what the hell folks in Oregon use when pharmacuticals and chemotherapy leaves us puking. There is plenty of research vomitted up daily by chemotherapy patients and they want to cut a slice off America’s bread and toss it to the acedemics at a couple places?

    Pure Insanity brought on by a blind arrogance, fostered by hate, and motivated by personal power.

    1. Well said. We all know the Goobermint is way behind the times when it comes to getting anything done that might benefit disabled veterans in any way. Hell, they more than likely count on our chronic pain as a distractor when we file our claims. Easier to make a mistake on those forms when your pain is at level 9 or so . . .

  5. This out from:
    “The Western Journal”
    “Trump Signs Law To Lower Drug Prices, Ends Gag Orders Against Pharmacists”
    By Evie Fordham
    October 10, 2018 at 2:06pm

    President Donald Trump signed a law that ends insurance companies’ pharmacist gag clauses in an effort to lower drug prices Wednesday.

    1. Yes Siree !!! Funny that what the gubbermint calls ‘Devil Weed’ causes much less hell on the body and mind than the ‘modern legal medicine’ they have been prescribing for years.

      How many veterans lives have been made MUCH MORE DIFFICULT by trusting VA QUACKS (Candy Man Houlihan, anyone?) that can fix you right up with a pill?

      Opioid Crisis? More like a VA QUACK ASSISTED PLOT TO HARM those they pledge to care for . . . whether through design or ignorance . . . the ‘good veteran outcome’ is the same. Another destroyed life. Rotten Bastards.

      NEVER in my lifetime have I ever met anybody who was addicted to marijuana. Cannot say the same about Alcohol, Nicotine, or a myriad of other legal substances . . .

  6. It’s just a matter of time before it’s goes nation wide, soon the military will be dispensing for a minor headache’s, we’re all going to be high and having the munchies, don’t know if this plan will work but if it really helps the veteran or veterans who could use it instead of devestating treatment then it’s worth a shot

      1. …And 100x more effective than the VA’s salvo of gov’t surplus gabapentin and a heaping side order of unnecessary bullshit that accompanies it…

  7. Irony: a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

    An example of Irony – publishing several articles on the negative affects of censorship on a website while changing the structure of the comment section to censor comments.

    1. Don’t know about censoring but had to spend extra time and effort trying to find the subscribe link. Then again and again and again thinking I am missing something on my part and need to go back to bed, regroup, then try this computer crap again. Not getting updates like with Utube or FB for some reason. Already had my WordPress to instagram accounts hacked and ruined. Instagram issues coming from Brazil. Much thanks to translating sites to communicate with even after dealing with the English speaking side of things. Oh happy day.

      1. PS. Not to forget all the censoring and banning going on.

        Another point. Hard telling what kind of stuff and hacking attacks Ben is dealing with.

        Another cutie. Local voting machines are already screwing with early voters, changing names on ballots voted for, not allowing straight ticket votes. Just reported once. Check those vote ticket read outs.

        Put the blame on voters not using a stylus or pressing too hard on machine screens…. riiiiiiiiight. In a town run and controlled by nothing but Democrats and their buddies the neocon comrades.

    1. Never seen that one before. Doesn’t matter. This state and the so-called X-tians and tyrants have already had prosecutors and others having conventions then reporting things like Mary Jane will never be made legal here. By the time I heard reports about Kratom helping vets with pain it was made illegal here…. fast. Acupuncture needles and goods peasants in other parts of the world can use legally… is also illegal here to attain. Very high dollar treatments today unlike back in the seventies or so. Will they act so fast to help some vet with the VA or community dealing with retaliation or professional misconduct and corruption? Hell no. They support it all to protect the “We are numba one,” “we are all so free,” “a perfect community or state to live in’ facade.

      Wanted to see a local clinic supposedly using CBD oil for pain, no go, and civy hospital still refuse to hand over copies of my med file or give referrals to the clinic. So much for being black-balled Masonic and mafia style totally supported by all the clowns above we tax serfs and peasants.

      Spent big money on 2 ounce bottles of legal CBD oil, a waste. 5mg (cannibidiol.) with Hemp 19mg per serving. “Full spectrum hemp extract.” Over seventy bucks a bottle. No effects, zero, not the slightest help at all. Same reports from all those (5) that went to check the stuff out and purchase the crap with me. While some around here claiming huge relief and such. Oh that’s on TV and then see the same working in the stores selling it. Actors. Total rip-off and more propaganda from TV and talking heads. Told this stuff is different than what those seen on TV with seizures are allowed to attain by special MDs.

      So much for two faced hypocritical X-tians too.
      ” And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which [is] upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which [is] the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

      “Better [is] a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.”

      “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; ”

      Posted since noticing so many little crosses on the suits of LEOs and prosecutors on some reports and news. Generations of vipers.

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