VA Is Lying

‘VA Is Lying’ Billboards Up In Minneapolis

VA Is Lying



Benjamin KrauseNumerous “VA is Lying” billboards that just went up will now greet VA employees going to and from Minneapolis VAMC and St. Paul RO traveling along Highway 62.

A local VA spokesperson said the complaints about VA dishonesty contradict VA “data” that proves otherwise. However, group supporters disagree:

“I believe that most of us wish to simply send a message to the VA administration that their level of care is unacceptable to many veterans,” said Roger Taylor, Maple Grove, who is a member of the group’s facebook page. He said the money for the billboards comes from private donations to the groups’ gofundme page.

“Sometimes it comes from donations of individual members to the Facebook page VA is Lying,” said Taylor. “A lot of it comes from standard $5-$10 donations.”

“I belong to the VA is Lying Facebook group because it has been almost a year now since we have asked the director here for a Military Sexual Trauma (MST) group and in that amount of time there has been no action,” said Brian Lewis, U.S. Navy veteran and Hamline Law Student. “The MST coordinator here has basically took no action. As a disabled veteran, I am tired of the VA stringing us along for good quality care.”


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  1. Dear Mr. Krause:

    “Keep on trucking,” just continue doing to VA personnel that do not meet the requirements, what was now done to Richard Griffin.

    Aren’t there no requirements these VA employees must meet before been hired? if there are and don’t meet them why are they hired?

  2. Dear Mr. Krause:

    An urgent message to all veterans please try to refrain from using profanity, and switch to prayer; you would be surprised how efficacious that is, what we need is Divine intervention, you would be surprised how that helps.


    1. I find prophesizing and pushing religion just as offensive. The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality. Critical Thinking and Expression should never be censored. Done!

  3. y’all need to Google the following by “Streetwise Professor”
    It’s title;
    “Dear Mr. President: FU
    Sincerely, the Pentagon
    posted by the Professor on September 8, 2015

    Enjoy, I did!!!

    1. From the Los Angeles Daily News
      “Is the VA getting any better?: Guest Commentary”
      by: Sally C. Pipes Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 – 4:01 p.m.

      “The Department of Veterans Affairs just got another black eye – This time from its own internal auditor”.
      Ms. Pipes discusses the inability of “Socialized Medical Care” to be properly administered by any government agency. She references England’s and Canada’s poor healthcare for it’s patients….
      This is a must read.

      1. How can VA say such crap about how great things are, when, by all other accounts, it’s gotten worse!!!!

  4. Dear Mr. Krause:

    We need help from what ever source, here goes a suggestion that to me has proven to be very efficacious:

    A prayer to God’s warrior angel, if anyone of our readers is not Catholic he/or she can use their own judgment:

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection
    against the wickedness and snares of the devil,may God rebuke
    we humbly pray;and do thou Prince of the heavenly host by the
    power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander
    through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

  5. Dear Mr. Krause:
    i am 100% behind the V.A. Billboard idea, it’s about time someone took active part in putting an end to that abuse and tyranny rearing its ugly head in the country for which we were ready to fight and lay down our lives to protect, it is one of the rights we have in our Constitution; The Second Amendment, and anyone that doesn’ recognize it I would suggest they go where they find a government that suits them, and leave the rest of us in peace, who appreciates the freedom we and our children enjoy.

    In the meantime I wish the activist veteran the best of luck and God’s blessing to proceed with the mission he now undertook, I am with him all the way.

    God bless you and be with you all the way; you are not alone.

    Yours for God and Country
    Frank P.{another disabled veteran} Calderon

    1. Do you realize what all of this does to Veteran care? It makes it worse…ever hear of the Choice Act…brought on by this type of website and Veterans thinking that the country owes them something. The only thing this country owes a veteran is care for the wounds he or she received while serving this country. Veterans should be required to carry other insurance to cover care they receive that is not service connected.

  6. a few years ago, a few veterans orgs i was in contact with regarding a claim had made this same remark that McDonald said. that is, that is why there is such a backlog and delay, it was Vietnam-era veterans flooding the VA. really! what BS. and you know now the VA they sleep with got them to say that.

    i kid you not, that is what they told me. never mind the often fraud at VARO and the fact many of us slipped through the cracks via VA and/or VSO’s hands.

    i can’t even think of anything to say regarding this new ploy from VA and its head dead puppet. i really can’t. even more so when i think this isn’t an old problem, its been going on for years and they want to screw the current “wars?” veterans. good grief, and not one single LAW-MAKER can/will reign in this very corrupt VA, not one. think of that next time you vote.

    great for the billboard movement!! keep it going, i’ll donate a little more. no reason to feel alone now, veterans as a collective know without a doubt the VA crap isn’t isolated and its deep all the way through the halls of Congress and then some.

  7. I read McDonald’s interview. He’s trying to focus attention away from VA and shift the focus on us Viet-Nam vets and how expensive we are to take care of. I think it’s all about a budget resolution he’s seeking with the O’Bama order to appease the O’Bama admin. I think that’s what McDonald is trying to do. He wants to cut us Viet-Nam vets now that we’re older and are having more health problems and are becoming more expensive to care of. I think he’s going to try and s**t can all presumptive diseases associated with Agent Orange. And no telling what all else! I didn’t trust or like McDonald from day one!

    1. Dennis, good reasoning. Still, McD would also have to cut many of the current veterans compensations also. That would be a bad move on his part.
      We all may be older, yet don’t count us out or down just yet. We can, and must, make him realize, doing so would be disastrous on him and all upper management.
      Lawsuits, can keep him and VA upper management busy for decades.
      There’s a veteran right now who has a suit against a manager, physician, claims adjudicator and department head in Louisiana. His is a separate litigation against VA. Ours can be a class action. McDonald really doesn’t need or want that kind of publicity.
      Anyone else have an idea?

    2. I do Agree with your Post, 100% as a Vietnam vet. However The “Name” of this POS Admin. O` BAMA, I felt suddenly (somewhat) linked to the turd in a suit from Kenya. Occupying the “Peoples House” As a “BAMA” Fan from the (Heart of Dixie) Alabama. I wanted to clear any misconception that “Bama” has NO Connection to Berry “The DICK-TATER Liar” Soetoro AKA Obama. Nor any Friendship with as far as Patriots are concerned in the Entire Great State Of Alabama.
      That said Sir, Please pardon my interruption. Please continue.

    3. Tried to reply to Dennis, but the site would not take it. Have a son who did Vietnam and know that he is experiencing many problems now at this time in his life. So much becomes reality as we all age past 60. Makes sense to me that this is the time when our huge number of Vietnam Vets are needing major medical care. And wasn’t care recently given to mechanics who worked on planes from Agent Orange areas?

  8. The va has been lying to we veterans for decades. 33 years ago they took my career away from me because several of their boys decided they could rape me and be rewarded they were right. They were rewarded. I on the other hand lost my career choice to sit in an admin office for 6 years then discharged under general and again ignored for 30 years with PTSD. Now they want to offer me bits and pieces of help. Too little too late VA! Too little too late!

  9. I surly do hope McD and company find out just ho hard their lives are going to be made when Donald Trump becomes the next Commander in Chief!
    He’s definitely gonna want to know, right down to the penny, where all that money went! He’s probably gonna be at war with the union, also!
    All I can say to McD is, get ready to know the new orange jumpsuit you’ll be wearing is not civilian attire!!!!

  10. Thank you, Ron, Ben, and all of you who have made these billboards possible..

    We can now only hope they will produce some change.

    1. Reminds me of a great 70’s movie, “Groove Tube” in which a company called “The Uranus Corporation” makes a substance that anything can be made from it, becomes harder than steel, and you can even eat it, and it’s called “Brown 25″…and coming out of the VA’s Uranus is a whole HEAP of Brown 25. (showing my age now)

  11. These liars certainly live in a bubble. They claim their data says the VA is not lying, just after they were caught defrauding TBI veterans.
    Did that brilliant Shulkin come up with that little claim?

    1. A prime example of a ‘polished turd’, presented to USA by Dr. Shulkin and the Maniacal Menagerie Troupe.
      Act I -Our Data Shows Otherwise-
      Act II Turd yet to be fully polished

    2. Well, He did say he was tired of all the negative press. And that he was only going to state good things (paraphrasing). So what do y’all expect from VA? We also have to “REMIND” VA of all the other egregious acts done by those pukes from top (McDonald) to bottom!!!!!

      Question, Since we are now militarily engaged with ISIS. But, it was/is not a “declared war by Congress”, will the returning troops receive healthcare from VA?

      1. They got a very special shaft. (correct e if mistaken), but Pres. Bush and Pals actually significantly reduced their benefits to a certain period because a buddy of mine is now not even eligible in Indy VAMC and part of his time was some screwed-up things in Cuba (all can say on that), but you all know where I mean.

        Also, MANY of the National Guard that have been activated (because troop level low and stretched too far), have been pulled back from Active Duty DAYS BEORE the magical 24 months of Active Duty required to qualify for such benefits and this sill happens. No links for you but google will certainly give them. So as we speak, troops now in hell-hole largest cat litter box in world, the middle east, are getting short changed.
        We need to fix the VA for all Veteran of all eras and for future of USA.

      2. To your question, I think that would depend on where the soldier was deployed. If in Iraq, where Congressional authorization has already been provided, I would say they would get health care. If they were in Germany and some recent refugee jihadi attacked them, I don’t believe they would be eligible…unless Congress took action. I could be wrong. There may be legislation related to the “Global War on Terror” that would authorize it.

  12. Yep. A fuckin bunch of 2 year old bunch of spoiled brats.
    And now, everyone up in Washington is blaming the Republicans for the “Planned Parenthood Fiasco”! It ain’t just them. It’s all those lying Basturds. Now I hear we’re heading for another “Government Shutdown”!
    Just like before, “If I can’t have my way. I’m gonna take my ball and go home!”
    When will the public wake up and tell those pukes, “Take your ball and don’t ever return!” “You ain’t welcome anymore!”

    1. The sad truth is a certain few of those “Pukes” are So self-serving that they would cause another government shutdown JUST to try to help their Presidential Candidacy Poll Numbers…at the chagrin of The Nation.
      Like Lucy pulling the football at the last second from Charlie Brown, they would evade causing Vets and Disabled to go without pay by hours and pat themselves on the back while celebrating on caviar and champagne at the 11th hour…while Rome literally Burns.

  13. “McDonald Says VA Increasingly Taxed by Needs of Vietnam-Era Veterans”

    I have a hypothesis: Since the VA would more obviously be “taxed” by the oh, what?, 14 years of constant War and STILL in Wars, but not wanting the VA’s new founded need for Billion$ more, maybe they are trying to lay the sound bits that will lead up to justifying asking for even MORE $$$ by “blaming Vietnam Vets for GETTING OLD”…and part of this is this Gov’t weird denial of fact that proper funding and treatment for all Vets in these damn wars we are STILL in?
    Last time I checked, we all get freakin old. Should have planned for that, shouldn’t they have?!

    You mark my words, this is the fairy dust being spun making a path for VA justifying more money to be thrown down the black hole. Never mind the insane insult to Vietnam Veterans.
    Sorry, but that’s so inexcusable and disrespectful, and I seems the VA is pushing back because of the Billboards. Like a child. With sharp pointy teeth.

    1. That clown should ask his VA managers if it would have been less expensive now to treat Vietnam veterans, or any other veterans, if they had provided proper medical care long ago rather than waiting for medical conditions to get much worse…and expensive to treat.

  14. “[A local VA spokesperson said the complaints about VA dishonesty contradict VA “data” that proves otherwise.]”

    As long AS the VA is *producing their own vile data* and rely on same, is not to beat horse here, but it’s “The Fox Guarding The Henhouse” and even worse is this “Data” is always relied upon as if their ‘holy grail’ of a never-expiring ‘Get Out Of Jail Card’ for the VA…the VA is acting in similar way huge corporations have become now legally to do and have “citizenship”, and with that *always* has the high Probability Of Profits Over People (POOP, if dyslexic), and the VA seems to have this Spin Machine that has Absolutely NO morale compass…none!
    It just regurgitates rainbows and farts fairy dust.

    The whole lot of them even interpret Title 38 dramatically differently from VARO and State to VAMC…that lack of “structure” that *should* have the Veteran on top, always. THEN all those at VA are to Serve Us, as we serve and served them. Consistency and Standardization is really needed. Like a huge “RESET” of the VA and someone like Ronald Reagan, whom would fired the lot, eliminated their Union, and casually eat jelly beans while he did it…!

    Damn! I am so tired of hearing Vietnam Veterans being used to wipe the VA’s a$$e$. Really?

    Cannot make this $hit up?!!! Yeah, word of day, $hit.

    1. I think I will check out the linked article and see if I can find a name of the idiot who said their data says otherwise.
      I’d like to ask them if that data is as accurate as their wait time data before 40 vets died and proved otherwise.

      1. They didn’t give a name in the article. Just a “spokesperson”!
        That’s the VA way, brother.

  15. Great Job, Brothers and Sisters!
    Maybe this way, the VA (AND THEIR CENTRAL POINT) the C&P will
    eliminate their “DELAY, DENY,WAIT TILL THEY DIE” mission!
    (or will be eliminated completely)
    By the way, I have 27 inches of scars, totally, on my body ( mainly from surgeries at WRAMC). But the C&P, MFs Found 0 scares!
    I recommend that you are going to the ROI after all the C&P appointments,
    get a copy of their reports and STUDY IT CAREFULLY.

    1. MSG VAM,
      I have no scars and yet my latest increase if for scars post arthroplasty surgery. I had this done in 1984 and I had five quarter-inch scars from it. I now can barely make out one of them and it is maybe an eighth inch long. I was told that it was changed because someone saw that I had the surgery and decided to put that in as the disability.
      The Regional Office stated that the VA made a mistake and it should not have been changed. I asked about it being changed back and was told that I would lose my current rating if I did that. So how can I get a rating for something I did not have? I continued to complain about it and they re-arraigned the wording to make the knee problem first.
      I can believe that they did this. They have no idea of what they are doing. I hope that you can get yours changed.

  16. C&P denied a claim of Claymore wound to soldiers back. Purple Heart awarded and wound document in personnel record.

    VA attending physician said, “The concussion blast from three mines had no impact on veteran’s spine!”

    Now, I suspect the VA used GP doctor and should have used a qualified Orthopedic surgeon.

    VA doc constantly had to refer to the VA’s instruction for conducting my exam.

    TBIs may be the tip of the iceberg!

  17. McDonald said on Wednesday the Vietnam Veteran was to blame for VA’s problems today.
    Because we got older. And the diagnosis’ of yesteryear aren’t the same as today! Wait a minute, who’s he trying the sell snake oil to? Think about this, today we call a “concussion” a (TBI) “Traumatic Brain Injury”! The definition is the same! So, again, who’s he trying to kid?
    VA has known about “PTSD” (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or “Shellshock” for longer than most of us have been alive. So, again, who’s he trying to fool?
    “Agent Orange” had been used way before Vietnam. There were complaints back then also.
    How about “Spinal Injuries”? How many civilians and military members had been diagnosed with that ailment? When, or what were they called 100’s of years ago?
    These are just a small sampling of what I, and my wife, came up with. Anyone else got some?
    Now, McD, stop your bull. It ain’t flying. As a matter of fact. I hope you enjoy your “Golden Hammer Award” from The Washington Times”! You deserve it!!!

    1. In case you missed it. Here’s the article’s title:

      “McDonald Says VA Increasingly Taxed by Needs of Vietnam-Era Veterans”

      Sept. 9, 2015
      by Amy Bushatz
      Tell your story to Amy by emailing her at;
      amy dot bushatz@military dot com

      Her story was republished, by permission, on “The Daily News”!!!
      Check it out……

      I also wanted to add something on TBI’s or Concussions. It’s a saying I saw a veteran wearing on a t-shirt recently.
      “I believe a man wearing a helmet to protect our Freedoms, Should be paid more than a man wearing a helmet protecting a football”
      If one has been following the news lately, the NFL (National Football League) has been under fire for this very same disability occurring to “players”!

    2. I can think of a FINE place for him to put that “Golden Hammer Award”…and the sun s not shining!!
      The VA is simply in HEAVY DENIAL of their very own short-comings and faults…it’s that simple and scary. So instead, they lash-out and BLAME the Veterans…and in a TRUE Medical/Psychological sense, the VA is doing what is called “Projecting Blame”, never willing to fess-up, and admit THEY are screwing-up!
      I am *truly ashamed* of Sec. McDonald…it’s official…he is a weasel and part of the damn problem!
      McDonald projecting BLAME on VA’s problems onto Vietnam Veterans is as logical as trying to place blame on victims of 9/11 for being in the Twin Towers in first place rather than the very terrorists we are fighting!!

      SHAME ON YOU VA SEC. McDONALD!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SHAME ON YOU VA SEC. McDONALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      1. namnibor,
        “The Golden Hammer Award” came from “The Washington Times” article on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015. It was written by Kellan Howell. It’s title was/is;
        “VA’s record of waste, fraud and abuse keeps piling up”
        check it out. Great article. McDonald deserves much more than that. If “Laugh In” were still around, he’d probably get the “Fickled Finger of Fate Award” and a good water dousing of “Sock it to Me” like ex-president Nixon received!!!!!

        Yea, I’m that old.

      2. Yeah, I read that from yesterday. Just not the best of mood to hear smoke being blown-up our collective a$$e$ by this MORON McD. and Company!!!!!!!! (I read a lot)

        What did the VA do to him in the relatively short time he has been VA Sec.? Complimentary lobotomy to ensure he is in-step and same level as the rest of the shitheads?!!

        Yep! In a *mood today and so very sick of the VA acting worse that a room full of 2 year olds that all have their hands up their a$$e$.

        Maybe all the higher-ups at the VA are actually Disney Robots?!!! Wait…the robot would obey Title 38 so that was an insult to all robots…sorry about that.

        Damn! Now, where’s that reptile tranquilizer I saved for times like these?

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