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Veterans Affairs Illegal Hire Of Bankrupt Brain Surgeon Linked To Veteran Death

Iowa City VA – An illegal hire of a bankrupt surgeon by the Department of Veterans Affairs is linked to at least one veteran death and multiple injuries to other patients.

A USA Today investigation revealed negligent VA hiring of bad doctors with long malpractice and disciplinary histories resulted in a veteran death.

Often times, the negligent hiring results in veterans being injured or killed from malpractice that may have been avoided if the veteran was allowed to seek non-VA care.

The most disheartening examples published in the investigation were those of a neurosurgeon, John Schneider, with a dozen malpractice claims that left patients maimed, paralyzed or dead.

Negligent VA Hiring Of Bad Doctors

According to USA Today:

He was accused of costing one patient bladder and bowel control after placing spinal screws incorrectly, he allegedly left another paralyzed from the waist down after placing a device improperly in his spinal canal. The state of Wyoming revoked his medical license after another surgical patient died.

Earlier this year, Dr. Schneider applied for a job at Iowa City VA. He informed the agency of his multiple problems and loss of a license. Dr. Schneider was hired at a salary of $385,000 despite his poor history of caring for patients.

After being hired by Iowa City VA, veterans experienced problems with his care including death and injury.

Shortly after he was hired, one of his brain surgery patients died after Dr. Schneider performed three additional surgeries in one month due to complications from the first. Veteran Richard Hopkins died of an infection August 23.

During its investigation, USA Today identified 15 malpractice complaints. Four were settled and two were dropped by plaintiffs. Six others were deemed valid by a trustee after Schneider filed bankruptcy in 2014 based on court records.

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Dr. John Schneider Arrested, Bankrupt Surgeon

Dr. Schneider was arrested in September, not for killing veterans, but for lying and trying to conceal assets in his bankruptcy case. While he was away, he did not tell his VA bosses what happened, resulting in patients showing up for surgery without a surgeon.

When he returned to work later that month, he told his bosses about the criminal arrest and was allowed to continue working for VA.

Illegal VA Hiring Practice, Death Results

After USA Today exposed an earlier scandal of the questionable practices and covering up of bad doctors, VA officials concluded Dr. Schneider’s hiring was illegal. Federal law prohibits an agency from hiring a doctor whose license has been revoked.

Apparently, a VA human resources agent was confused by Dr. Schneider having a second license that was valid in a different state, Montana.

This news makes it likely all veterans injured or killed by Dr. Schneider since his negligent hiring by VA may have a claim against the agency for both malpractice and negligent hiring practices.

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Sexed-Up Psychiatrist

Muskogee VA hired psychiatrist Stephen Greer despite knowing he was previously disciplined for sexual misconduct. Right after being hired, Dr. Greer engaged in an unlawful sexual relationship with a VA patient. Dr. Greer went on to tamper with a witness and pled guilty to witness tampering.

Psycho Psychologist

Lafayette VA hired a psychologist with numerous felony convictions on the application. After being hired, the psychologist was later fired for being a “direct threat to others, (and) to the Department’s mission.” He was then fired. There, VA chose not to perform a criminal background check until after they hired him. The background check showed eight arrests including burglary, dealing drugs, and reckless driving resulting in death.

Candyman Psychiatrist

Most readers are familiar with the Tomah VA hire of candyman psychiatrist David Houlihan. Dr. Houlihan was ultimately terminated by VA after his prescriptive practices were linked to a massive opioid epidemic and death of at least one veteran. The psychiatrist was previously disciplined by the Iowa Board of Medicine for taking medication home and for maintaining an inappropriate relationship with a patient.

These were just a few examples USA Today listed in its report released yesterday.

USA Today Bad Doctors Investigations

This report comes on the heels of a GAO investigation and House Committee on Veterans Affairs hearing into VA intentionally covering up for bad doctors and nurses by failing to report adverse incidents and malpractice to the national reporting board.

These actions were taken after USA Today Donovan Slack exposed a number of problems including hiring bad doctors and hiring back previously terminated leaders accused of misconduct but now employed back at VA.


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  1. 12/07/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Real Reporting is not upon the horizon for the VA Scandal unless there is pressure from external forces.

    Karl Icahn and his Gannett/USA Today/Arizona Republic can only do so much—and that is an overstatement—it is almost as wicked as Copley’s Daily Breeze [they had to tear down their building in Torrance–too many memories]—1998 Cox Report.

    As this insane behavior continues over and over and over and over and over again…when do I hear of a plan of action?

    When do I see Protest from the Veterans?

    When do I see Protester Civilian and Veterans marching on the Senators Offices?

    Corrective actions have not been taken from the Middle ranks, Trump has done a lot in the last 11 months…but he cannot do it by himself. McCain and Flake are on their way out—I weigh more odds on McCain to do something for the Vets, now.


    Don Karg

  2. The problem is that these MD’s dont have a stake in the game so they dont care. Same with the people hiring them, the recourse to public tax dollars comes from suing the federal government and most of the time the issues are let go instead of pursued because VA refuses to accept responsibility and hides the culpable facts that they uncover.

    The solution is to make the system more in line with the idea that each individual is responsible when they fail to follow the rules set down by Congress and the Secretary of the VA. I dont have anything against them having the US Taxpayer protect them against innocent errors in judgement, but I wholly disagree when they have been negligent and fail to follow provide current standards of care that cause injury to the patient veteran. This includes those who hire MD’s with problem records who should not serve in professional positions, as well as the MD’s and other medical professionals who are responsible to provide that standards of care in the industry.

    They should be held liable both personally and professionally to the victim when they fail to provide the standard of care in their specialty, no matter if it is a brain surgeon or a nurse practitioner. The VA has spend countless millions of dollars on the software that makes this job easy, the failure to follow the guidelines is inexcusable and the taxpayer should not be put on the line to pay for it when they do not follow it.

  3. The Buffalo News once reported that “70% of Doctors who have criminal backgrounds work for the VA”

  4. I looked up the therapist at the Vet Center I was seeing and found out he’s not licensed by the state. That’s a major problem since he’s not being held accountable. He even got passive aggressive with me when I left by saying I could speak to his supervisor, which is really saying that his supervisor isn’t anyone he’s worried about. So if you’re seeing a therapist or doctor at the VA I recommend you look into government records to see complaints on the or if they’re even certified by state or fed gov’t to be practicing.

  5. Breaking: on ABC news with David Muir.

    “CVS is wanting to merge with Aetna for $86 billion!” It’s reported one can “…get a check-up from a doctor and then get your medications…” in a “one stop shop!”
    It would have to be approved by Congress first.

    [I can’t remember. Didn’t Shulkin says something about CVS a while back?]

    1. I thought he announced, or proposed, some kind of same day walk in clinic for vets at CVS.

  6. Off topic: I was wondering do any of you fellow vets
    partake in the surveys sent from the VA? This particula one as
    regarding an appointment coming up in about a month.
    I myself rarely volunteer in any i formation but I was wondering
    if this is mandatory? Thanks

    1. Jim,
      In one word – “NO!”
      Actually I could have used two words, as in –
      “HELL NO!” Or, “FUCK NO!”

      I believe the VA shitcans all the “negative survey responses” and only publishes the “positive responses”!
      That’s why the “…VA pays $25 million dollars a year to a public relations firm!”
      Ben put a ‘blog’ on about that public relations firm some time ago.
      $25 million a year could pay for lots of veterans medical needs! Just saying! Instead veterans get [alleged] medical professionals out of the bottom of a trash can! You know, where “…the scum and slugs of the earth live!”
      I also believe, today’s blog is just the tip of the iceberg over the illegal hiring practices by VA. And IF “Shithead Shulkin” says he’s “unaware”, I’ll call him a “fuckin liar” right to his face! He’s been part of the bullshit for some time now! Remember, he was the head of the VHA for quite some time! Before becoming the Secretary!

  7. The MD that was responsible for crippling me by ignoring my back problem was shipped out of state in 2014. I just found out that she is back in state working at Bay Pines VAHCS.
    The VA said she did nothing wrong. I have no idea if they even investigated it.

    1. “js”
      Bay Pines has one of the worst reputations. I’d definitely think twice about going there!

      1. “Bay Pines” has a certain ring to it as in *that place* crazy uncle larry is kept at and he screams for mercy until Nurse Ratched hits him with a hammer. THAT kind of place…like…’Naughty Pines”.

    2. “js”,
      Do you remember her name? Please post it!
      That might help a veteran going to Bay Pines to change physicians!

      1. Elf, thanks. That’s what I was thinking. I also never signed
        up for that million man veteran. Or whatever they call that BS.
        Bless, jim

      2. Hi Elf,

        Her name was Zaborski. They sent her to Louisiana on short notice from Orlando VAMC, now she is back in state.

  8. And my friends think I’m crazy when I say I’ll never see a VA doctor. I have chronic pain, need dental work and nope, rather suffer or pay out of my pocket than go to the VA.

    No comment from Shulkin? Awwww 🙁

    Great news story, but really, I had no idea it was that bad. As I read about each of these flunkies, I literally felt the hairs stand up on my neck. These guys sound like characters from all your favorite horror stories, like Frankenstein, House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel.

    1. TaB, isn’t it interesting to think of the quality of care at a VA hospital where some quack can perform 4 brain surgeries on the same vet….

      …and nobody at that VA thought, “wait a minute. Perhaps we should find out why”?

      1. @91Veteran- Also, think about the unqualified TBI exams the VA tried to pass-off as qualified then even have been dragging their feet on the new law that was a Band-Aid kick in ass to make the rat bastards follow medical science? Now, how many MORE unqualified Dr. Frankenfurters are still working at the VA? With that said, those of you considering the VA for sexual reassignment surgeries, wouldn’t your odds be better with a paper clip, dental floss, and maybe an unemployed Haitian witch Dr. than with the VA?

      2. Good point nam. I don’t see any difference between unqualified hacks doing TBI exams and a podiatrist doing brain surgery.

      3. 91Veteran,
        when you put it like that. Boy that is some f*cked up sick sh*t what that VA quack did.
        F*cking VA doctor should be strung up (like many other VA quacks at the VA, mind you) by the XXXXX. Operating on a man’s (vets) brain like that 4 times. cracking into the dude’s skull. Most likely, he might-of-been a vulnerable vet or a disabled former soldier, that was isolated, and had no social network, nor any family.
        That is who the VA really screws, those vets and former soldiers who can not fight back…
        Then how could he fight back anyway, after the VA quack turned his brains into mush…

      4. The vet was married, so his wife may have had a chance to fight back, but you are right. Whether vets have family members or not, we are at the mercy of hacks who we are led to believe are competent and qualified.

        I keep thinking what a disgraceful travesty it is that this hack cut on him 4 times before the vet died. I could understand a second time if there were complications or even an infection, but 4 times suggest the quack was doing the surgery on the floor of a local chicken barn using rusty tools after the quack picked dead rats out of his toilet with his bare hands, and only used his snotty handkerchief to wipe his hands.

        You also have to wonder exactly what the hell kind of patient safety oversight goes on there. You would think if a 2nd surgery was required, it would raise some eyebrows. A third surgery should have resulted in a shitload of questions from Chiefs of Safety, Staff, Nursing and even Sitting Bull if he was handy, which should have stopped a 4th surgery.

        I read earlier today after searching on Schneiders name some of the crap he was into in Wyoming and Montana, including insurance fraud and declaring a surgery as an emergency so insurance would pay for it rather than the patient going elsewhere.
        It makes me wonder why this vet was not transferred to a competent hospital after the 2nd or 3rd surgery.

      5. I agree with you 91veteran.
        1. Hopefully, the wife can do something. Sadly. At least he had his wife and some family. For some-of-us, the VA has taken away everything, systematically destroyed us MVP American citizens, and destroyed everything we might have had. It’s like the VA is “A No touch Torture Program” targeting ceratin vets and former soldiers for poverty campaigns or to simply kill us. Giving us big amounts of mind control meds to make us sleep, not have sex, and comply with the lying doctors, and so we dong fight back, or think through the VA’s lies. It is like the VA is KULT. Run by KULT members…

        2. 2nd, 3rd, and a 4th brain operations. Cutting into one skull. My gosh. We’re always saying this with the VA: Should’ve been, should’ve been, should’ve been, and What-the-hell, what-the-hell, what-the-hell…etc…
        There should’ve been some accountability. I believe the VA has done this stuff tens-of-thousands of times to former soldiers and veterans. And doing much much more…
        I think there is no end to the sh*t the VA is doing, and the VA has done. The VA is medieval, and pre-date modern health care (it appears), and it comes down to those “the morally bankrupt” VA employees running the institution of the VA. The sh*t the VA employees, adminstration, and leadership are doing is bull sh*t. Like I said, its like “A Kult of Money” or “A pedophila Ring”. The VA employees should be punished.

        3. My personal belief. Through my experiences. I believe many of these VA employees are Non veterans, Draft dodgers, and non veteran catholics and non veteran jewish people that social networked to get into the VA, for great paying jobs, and great VA benefits. Just following the money train! The percent I’ve seen at the VA in Ohio and experienced at the VA in Ohio is higher than the general population. I just dont get why so many of these individuals have specifically been assigned to me at the VA in Ohio. I am not one of them. It can not be by chance, that so many of these inividuals surrounded me at the VA in Ohio.

        4. These non veterans that surrounded me in Ohio. I am not what they are. So why did so many surround me at the VA in Ohio? So many. That quietly hate veterans, and former sodliers, and these soiciopaths are carrying out the devil’s work with smile. The ones that encircled me (VA employees), certainly were what I am saying. I am saying this without any prejudice towards my fellow man.

        5. It is like they are engaging in some-kind-a “VA Patient Blacklisting” or “VA Patient Discrimination”, so to keep you from getting benefits and your claims to live better. It is like a VA KULT! I see it. Experienced it! These VA employees in Ohio: The VA employees in Ohio are actively Covering-up injuries, Engaging in VA Employee Gang Rape, covering up symptoms, intentionally miss diagnosing injury disorders, engaging in blantly mal-practice, lying on top of lying, omitting facts (omitting key facts), losing key medical notes that support claims and injuries. Not documenting complaints of discrimination or complaints in general.

        6. Then these VA employees in Ohio lie again, even when they are caught lying in the first place. So there is no evidence. You name it, these VA employees in Ohio have done it to me. Everything! Too much “Tom Foolery” going on with the VSC in Ohio, and VA, and possibly others vets organizations.
        *But I am not saying this alone. The Lawyer told me they were doing this to me. Private Meidcal Notes crosing matching VA medical notes. I was being told by the lawyer, what I am telling you. Private doctors told me what the VA employees are doing to me. The State reps have the evidence.

        7. The VA is just like a KULT. A kult of money. It is like a federal F*cking VA money train. It seems like these non veteran VA employees in Ohio are covering up for veterans being hurt in the community also, being hurt by other non veterans at their jobs, and working with other non veterans in the surrounding community to cover-up sh*t being done to vets. Then these VA employees are covering up where you been actually (first injuried) hurt. So they can deny your benefits and your claims.

        8. And then this crazy sh*t is traveling right into the VA health care system where the va employee pedophila ring covers-up that sh*t up. It is like the veterans and the former soldiers are being targeted, not just at the VA but anywhere there is federal money, state money, or grant money from the Govt. This non veteran kult has their hands in the gov’t money jar. Almost like “A No Touch Torture Program”. The VA is just really f*cked up!

  9. Here’s a new revelation out from;
    “Net4Truth USA”
    via; “”
    Dated; Dec. 4, 2017

    “NFL takes from Vets & Cancer Victims to give to SJW causes”

    It’s 05:19 minutes long.
    $89 million dollars is the amount!

      1. Hi-Ho-Yippie –Ki-Yaa for you to do that, you are professional !! I do same thing in very same way with my genitals in general direction of my Senators and Representatives to share my belief how to improve hiring VA doctors. And so does my pal Arnold.

  10. I have experienced at a bare minimum of 12 languages at the various VA clinics. Problem was that I could not understand any of them

      1. mannibor,
        “The Tower of Babel”. More like the VA is “Sadom and Gomorrah” with a number of individuals (much like a pedophila ring) protecting their tit (money source)…
        And in the end. In the end though, what happened to “Sadom and Gommorrah”, and those who looked back?
        *Those who looked back: (Metaphor for those who looked back: VA non veteran corrupt employees, religiously bankrupt employees, who supported the VA corruption, and stole from the vets, lied and cheated the soldiers while protecting their purse strings, and cheated the citizens of the U.S. Gov’t)???

    1. If you create the fear of death in these bureaucrats’ minds, they will do right, but NOT UNTIL they fear the ultimate………………………………………………….

  11. In Colorado, there is a law known as the Michael Skolnik law, which requires every medical provider practicing in the state to have a public profile. Searches for profiles, including any disciplinary action and information on the law are at:


    Searches for disciplinary actions are at:


    There are several VA providers, including the Chief of Staff who is licensed in Florida that have profiles on the state web site, so they are aware of the requirement.

    I searched at the state web site on every provider listed on my VA’s web site, and the following do not have that profile as required by state law. That is a Class 6 felony.

    Steven B, MD
    Deanna C, PHD
    Janice C, DPM
    Randall C, MD
    Daniel E, PharmD
    Julie L, MS, PHD
    Shauna N, BA, BS, PharmD
    April O, PharmD
    Emily O, PharmD
    Nicholas P, BS, DO
    Ashley R, PharmD
    William R, MD
    MARK R, BS
    Kimberly S, MD, MPH – profile shows her license expired in 2003.
    Travis W, MD

    The above may be licensed in another state, but they do not have a CO profile which is required by CO law.

    Those listed below are listed in their DORA profile as having been sued at least once, have settled malpractice claims, or have received a Letter of Admonition, including a VA nurse, Cindy M as having had claims and settled for malpractice while at the VA in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 and 2012.

    Another, Joel S, shows he settled a malpractice claim in 2015, but does not say if it was at the VA.

    Stuart A, BA, MD Settled 2 malpractice claims in 2002 and 2006.
    Walter B, DO, MBCHB License is Active-With Conditions. Malpractice claims settled in 1996 and 2004.
    Anthony B, BS, MD Malpractice claim paid in 2015.
    Randal F, MD Settled 2 malpractice claims in Utah in 1991. Received a $3000 bonus.
    Jerry G, DO Malpractice claim settled in 2008.
    Randall G, MD 2 Malpractice claims settled in 2003 and 2009.
    Eric G, MD Settled malpractice claim in CT in 1999.
    Cindy M, MSN Has settled 2 malpractice claims at the VA in Arizona 2011 and 2012.
    Joel S, BA, MD Settled Malpractice claim in 2015.
    Paul S, BS, MD Settled 2 Malpractice claims in 1999 in Utah and 2002 in Colorado.
    Patrick S, BA, DO Settled a Malpractice claim in Colorado in 1994.
    William S, PSYD Letter of Admonition in 2007, Failure to maintain patient confidentiality. Received $1000 bonus.
    Donald V, MD Settled 2 Malpractice claims, 1 in 1994 in Colorado and 1 in 2005 in California. Received $1000 bonus.

    I have been seen by at least 3 of those listed above.

    So, 17 cannot follow state law, an additional 13 working for the VA have been sued or settled malpractice claims, with 7 of them being sued twice, including one who received a $3000 bonus.

    Now, a search of the USA Today bonus database shows 413 bonuses given to staff at the Grand Junction VAMC. That bonus database also shows the job title of the recipient. By looking through each of the 413 who received bonuses, there are an additional 17 that received bonuses that are not listed on the Grand Junction VAMC web site. 13 of those do not have a profile on DORA, and the remaining 4 show their licenses are expired as recently as October 21, 2015, or as long ago as 1992, yet their title in the bonus database shows they are still in a position providing medical care.

    They are:

    B, Rhonda R. $1000 Nurse. Dora shows license expired in 2008.
    D, Cindy. $1000 Nurse. Not in DORA.
    C, Shari. $750. Nurse. Not in DORA.
    C, Mary E. $700. Nurse. Not in DORA
    D, Jessica J. $700 Nurse. Not in DORA.
    C, Mimi A. $700. Practical Nurse. DORA shows expired on Oct 21, 2015. Texas Disciplinary action.
    D, Patricia J. $700. Practical Nurse. DORA shows license expired in 1992.
    S, Jean Gail, $700. Practical Nurse. No DORA listing.
    E, Michael J. $700 Staff Pharmacist. No DORA listing
    W, Sandra M $700 Practical Nurse No DORA listing.
    H, Larry N. $400. Social Worker. DORA shows license expired August 31, 2015.
    J, Steven M. $400 Pharmacist. No listing in DORA.
    S, Cheryl S. $400 Pharmacist. No DORA listing
    S, Deanna Lynn $400 Clinical Psychologist. No DORA listing.
    W, Stephanie A. $400 Licensed Prof. Mental Health Counsel. No DORA listing.
    K, Mary O $200 Practical Nurse. No DORA listing.
    E, Sarah N. $200 Pharmacist. No DORA listing.

    There are many others working at the Grand Junction VA that are not listed on the VA web site and do not show up in the bonus database, but they do have a DORA profile. I don’t know why the VA has so many providers working for them who are not listed as providers.

    So it this nitpicking? Well, the state of Colorado regulates Athletic Trainers, Barbers, Cosmetologists, Esthetician (look it up), and Nail Technicians to name a few. If I can find out whether I might get a bad haircut from a barber, I should be able to find out whether my VA surgeon might kill me.

    I have offered this data and all the links needed to verify it to several in the media and at least 1 congressional committee.

    Nobody gives a shit.

    1. Great sleuthing. What this article also reminds me of is 9 yrs. ago I was still waiting on my VA and SSDI so found myself covered by State Medicaid for short while and the Gastro Specialist I saw (non-VA) just happened to be a 20 year USAF retired Gastro Specialist. He told me back then he did not blame me if I used Medicare instead of VA because he wanted to help Veterans and with these current wars, give back and applied for one of two open positions at the brand new Columbus, OH VAMC and guess what the VA told him on two occasions? Yes, you may have guessed it…HE WAS OVER-QUALIFIED…which means none of HIS patients have died in VA-speak.
      That ‘World Class Healthcare’ is certified by many lies, every time, with hands out for more please.

      1. Yeah, overqualified and nothing in his past that could be used to control him, such as preventing him from speaking out on other shitbags hired by the VA.

      2. Ring that same wavelength of thought. The AFGE leverages corruption against corruption to keep all the maggots in one big pile of poo. 😀

    2. Another instance where a Writ of Mandamus to the Colorado Agency to revoke these licenses and prosecute all involved.

  12. The VA, is the most prolific serial killer, this country has ever seen!!!!

  13. Here is a copy and paste from VA website;

    “VHA Vision

    VHA will continue to be the benchmark of excellence and value in health care and benefits by providing exemplary services that are both patient centered and evidence based.

    This care will be delivered by engaged, collaborative teams in an integrated environment that supports learning, discovery and continuous improvement.”

    VA is obviously continuing to “learn” how to bypass law, has “discovered” how very easy it is to do just that with the trash that works there, and is “continuously improving” on this technique. They have vision…. and more, and more, and more, and more vets die every fucking day at a rate faster than they can get them burried.

    Maybe Brother Nesler missed the point a bit? VA Lies and Vets Die true, but equally true is VA Lies, America could give a fuck.

    Until America fires up the bulldozers and flattens every single one of those fucking facilities each and every one of us, The People, is guilty of letting down those who were willing to,lay it all down for America. We have let down the Oath Takers who once pledged their own lives in defense of ours and our way of life. We The People allow this butchery to continue decade after decade and we turn our eyes away from heros and let me ask you this – what does that make you and me? What does that speak to in your own heart?

    The most corrupt agency in America’s history will forever kill, maim, and destroy the lives of vets in their time of most dire need, and they call it “vision”. The VA is a dark red stain right here on American soil and all my vision sees is an America that turns its back on our warrior.

    Today, this blog about VA has made me ashamed of the American people. VA is a mark of shame that brands us all as a nation. You blame VA Ben? I blame We The People because we fucking well know what kind of vermin work at VA and we fucking wait until somebody dies needlessly again, again, and again. America’s shame is that every swinging dick in the land and every mother, sister, daughter and niece understand wha VA has become – and we turn a blind to it.

    We have left the gate unlocked and The Huns just walked right in and made a home…. and one more veteran dies, again. VA must be dismantled. This, and only this, will stop the carnage.

    1. Just give me a quick safety orientation on bulldozer operations and I’m in. I’m pissed for exact same reasons you more eloquently expressed. The only thing that makes remotely logical sense is the VA is this way on purpose and it’s always been Uncle Sam’s septic tank, err, slush fund. Anything else really is quite literally, the definition of insanity.

    2. You are right Dennis. See my post below. Facts can be provided that show a firey train coming down the tracks, but nobody gives a shit until it goes off the rails wiping someone out.

    3. One of the problems is that the Veteran organizations buy into this bullshit. The VFW says they are against more choice as it will diminish the excellent care received now and that most veterans support the VA. I ask myself what planet are they on?

      Well, that leads one to wonder what is the leadership of these vet organizations smoking. Or, perhaps, better yet, what dog they have in the fight to keep VA care unchanged. I have long ago given up on the Vietnam Veterans of America and the DVA as advocates for VA healthcare reform. A further issue is that Congress listens to the morons who run these organizations. Someone needs to investigate them and their leadership. Where are they getting their money, how many Mercedes are they driving, how many homes do they have, what kind of hotels do they stay in and what kind of salaries and benefits do they receive?

      The only group which seems to understand the issues are The Concerned Veterans of America.

      I have been the recipient of crappy doctors who have misdiagnosed me, ordered wrong medication, failed to realize the medication then prescribed could cause a fatal reaction and the list could go on for another couple of hundred words.

      I have long said, in most cases, only the bottom of the barrel is working at the VA or, a doctor who likes 40 hour work weeks with a lot of vacation time who enjoys only having to see 20 patients a day – about 1/3 what private sector doctors see. How many world renown surgeons, oncologists, cardiologists, etc can the VA name who are on staff? Let me guess, zero. Yet they are the largest healthcare provider in the country. Hmmmmmmmm That should say it all.

      1. Ironic that you mention the VVA. Some VVA flunky commented on the USA Today article about how it is all Republicans in Congress fault for not funding the VA.
        He mentions other VSOs, but fails to realize or mention exactly what they have done over the years to fix it, other than protect their gravy train.
        He, and all other VSOs also fail to mention how fixing the AFGE stranglehold on the VA might help, likely because many AFGE dues paying members might be dues paying members of his own group.

        The lack of VA following policy in hiring competent medical providers is not a left or right funding issue, but it is a left AND right oversight problem.

      2. 1. I am a strong advocate of dual health care. Private health to counter the VA’s problematic health care.
        The Veterans that are happy with the VA. Are the injured veterans or the disabled former soldiers, that never had health care before they were granted their benefits, or granted their claims only after many years. The VFW, primary supporters. The vets that are happy with the VA health care are veterans, that never really had any other choices. So dont care about the injured vets and disabled former soldiers, that are fight to get their claims approved and get health care…

        2. Here is why. Some of my story:
        For me I had a private MD, and counselor (with 30 years of experiences) in the private sector here in Ohio. After many years of being cut loose from the service without “knowing” how badly I was injured, or understanding the consequences of the injury. Taking loses left and right in life! Being denied treatment for many years at the VA. I was then found disabled, 100% disabled. In which the private MD and clinical counselor explained how I was injured in the military.

        3. Then entering the VA Akron Ohio after only many years with my officer’s letters of injury. The cover-up started:
        These two VA doctors 1. Eric Canna Catholic Non veteran, and 2. Pamela Sue Sherer Catholic Non Veteran began lying to me, manipulating my notes, omitting facts, and misdiagnosing me, and prescribing high amounts of meds in order to mask the origin symptoms. These two nuts were telling me the exact opposite of what private care providers, well educated were telling me. In fact, they were omitting information from me. They were lying and covering up my injuries these two. 1. Eric Canna Akron Ohio VA and 2. Pamela Sue Sherre Akron Ohio VA. In doing this, these two doctors tried to convince nothing was wrong with me (outright lying to a disabled former soldier and injured veteran). They were snookering me. Playing the jedi mind trick on me.

        4. So I left the VA quietly. I Searched for a private expert. Consulted with a representative at the DAV and a private veteran’s attorney. I then searched for a private doctor with military expertise in Ohio (VA approved, but that does not matter legally). I had private insurance because I am a disabled former soldier. So I used my private medical insurance to for the new private doctor in Ohio. I paid for another doctor outside the VA.

        5. Immediately in walking into this private doctors office in Ohio. Explaining to the doctor what happen to me in service. Verifying everything through letters. And evidence, and medical notes from other private doctors. This new private doctor in ohio stated, “I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU. YES I KNOW WHAT YOU GOT. YOU WERE INJURED IN THE SERVICE AS A KID. HERE IS HOW THROUGH MED LIT, and MED RESEARCH. OF COURSE YOU WERE INJURED AND HURT. AND HERE IS WHAT YOU GOT.”
        *This is how private insurance can help an injured veteran and disabled former soldier.

        6. Becaue Private medical insurance. A 2nd fully developed claims was developed, Nexus letter, 2nd DBQ, MMPI History of disease, and a 5 page “Origins of Diseased Report”:
        This new private doctor in ohio explained my injury, (Exactly how the first two private doctors did in the first two paragraphs, that I mentioned above). This private doctor explained through medical lit, med research and a modern DSM V how I was injured. How my life had been destroyed. And how my entire life has been destroyed by the injury in service, and how due to the lack of care by the VA, denial of care by the VA, and the blantly mal-practice of the VA, and absolute corruption by the VA, they (the VA) had continue to injury me.
        *So I am a strong advocate that today’s injured vets and disabled former soldier need their own private medical insurance.

        7. In trying to cover-up for what 1. Pamela Sue Sherer Akron Ohio VA Catholic Non Veterans and 2. Eric Canna VA Akron Ohio Catholic Non Veteran, and trying to cover up for what had happened to me the in service injury. The VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Louise Stokes got this C and P exam hatchet man. PETER M BARACH NPI #1396773610 Ohio, License #3280 Ohio Jewish Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973. And this klown, lied, lied, and lied through this 20 page C and P “False Narrative”. Peter M Barach “The VAs LAPDOG, The VA’s Forensic Whore, and The VA’s paid Forensic Prostitute, Cherry Picked medical notes from only one doctor, and then cherry picked sentences in those medical notes.
        *Peter M. Barach should loose his license for what he did in Ohio, and be labled “A Forensic Prostitute”, or “A Forensic Whore”…

        8. Peter M Barach retaliated against me for contacting my state senators Sherrod Brown Ohio, Senator Rob Portman Ohio and Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio. This is “Known” also, the retaliation for reaching out for help…

        9. The VSC Veteran service center Summit Co Ohio The caseworker their was re-filing, re-filing, re-filing my claims without my permission. Over and over again doing this to me. Behind my back! Doing what the previous article on Ben Krause site described. Buying the VA doctors time to manufacture b.s. notes on me. In the face of a 1st developed claim already submitted. As chris attig says, “Development to Deny” or Delay to Deny” by buying time to build an alternate story.

        Thanx. Injured veterans and Disabled former soldier need their own private medical care (insurance). The VA doctors, and staff at the VA do not have the disabld former soldiers and injured vets best interests in mind…

    4. No one could have said it better; Action, Action, Action. missing persons reports at VA facilities, surprise drag races on Vernont Ave, N.W., Washington, D.C. Crash the gate, file five thousand lawsuits for immediate court orders I have seen so much corruption the Va and when they came up the hall to arrest me outside of the Administrators Office, I asked them: ”You boys coming for me?” They said, (4 VA cops) “Yes we are, ‘sir’ ” I replied: “Great, cuz I could use the money!”

    5. Ben: You need to give us names; What is the name of the VA shitbird who gave this shitbird “brain surgeon” his job? What is his/her name? Can’t focus on a target if you don’t have a specific target………………..

  14. You know, this quack had his license yanked in 2014.

    Any sane person could have saved many veterans from a lifetime of pain or death, yet the VA could not even Google the name Dr. John Schneider?

    Yeah, it took .44 seconds to find all anyone should have needed to know about this quack.

    1. You know, I’m starting to think the only way Veterans and AFGE can coexist is if these fucks are required/mandated to receive ALL their & their family’s AFGE members AND ALL Dr.’s to get ALL healthcare at the exact same hack we Vets see…these self-indulgent indifferent assholes just need to be banned from providing healthcare to Vets…or better yet, BANNISH the fucking union…NOW!

  15. Interesting to see how the VA can fire hacks when there is will to do so.
    Any bets on whether Schneider was reported to the NPDB? A veteran cannot find out since the data is hidden behind a pay wall.
    So Schneider, who had at least a dozen malpractice suits, negligent care resulting in permanent injury and death, with his WY license revoked because the state board found he posed an “imminent and immediate threat to public health safety and welfare”, yet the VA hired him anyway.

    How many injuries never made it to a lawsuit? How many victims have been denied, or paid paltry amounts by the VA?

    I wish Donovan Slack would continue digging into this, and request the credentialing documentation through FOIA showing what the VA reviewed prior to hiring him at $385k in IA.

    He told the VA of his past, but the VA hired him anyway. The excuse of a VA HR staffer being confused over a MT license is bullshit. VA hacks are shuffled around the country, so many are licensed in more than one state. No. Not confusion. The VA followed policy and knowingly hired an imminent and immediate threat to public safety. What the fuck do they care? They won’t be treated by this quack, and they won’t have to pay any malpractice claims. Even if federal law prohibits hiring him because his license was REVOKED, no VA flunky will be held accountable. Having a license in another state doesn’t suddenly mean the pile of malpractice suits are mistakes.

    I can’t think of any better example of how broken and useless the VA credentialing system is, and why they should be barred from continuing it.

    Will anything result from this other than maybe a harrumph from a couple congressmen?

    1. Those groups like NPDB, JACHO, and any organization even like CIGIE are like boys and girls clubs. NO jurisdiction. They collect fees and only will out someone if rheir conduct makes them looj bad. ( That means getting caught) When something goes bad with a medical procedure there are normal risk factors, but covering it up and not admitting to fault is the arrogant human nature of man’s own demise.

      1. Exactly right CU. We saw that in Wisconsin where the state ignored Tomah until the media started reporting on a dead vet.

        And gee…Houlihan just happened to have license problems over the river in IA.

    2. The brain surgeon congress critters are at an ignorant is bliss pace on stairmasters in their districts.

    3. Timme to take the law into our own hands, and take the good doctor along with the shit who hired him “shark fishing” FOR REAL

  16. Benjamin: I must say that what hit even harder home to me in a weird way with today’s article and your “Bad VA Art” is I happen to look almost exactly like that Veteran in hospital bed with surgical scar of VA hack brain surgeon…sans the scar on forehead. I cannot imagine a situation where I could trust the VA with my health rather than just let nature take it’s toll if no other option.
    Why can’t these congress critters debating healthcare or budget see these “bad outcomes”?

    1. How do you get the attention of a mule, a nasty kicking mule? You hit him in the private parts with a steel bar……………………. Immediate brain surgery for the rat who gave him his VA “doctor” job, I kid you not.

  17. WTF, VA? Really?! Great article Ben! If anything like these hacks were in say, oh…The Mayo Clinic and say…working on Insane John McCain…those hack brain surgeons @ VA would quickly be attending Satan’s injuries in Hell. FUCK YOU, VA! Dear POTUS: Your Swamp is growing and the mitosis is at a critical state…we Vets are fucking tired of waiting! Damn, I am pissed this morning!!

    1. Yes, this pisses me off severely. I have been bitching about hack VA doctors working after multiple malpractice suits for a long time. At least USA Today is reporting it, but nothing from congress.or Trump.

      They can bitch about the NFL taking a knee on the anthem, but say nothing about the VA taking a knee on hiring competent doctors.

      As I have said before, many states regulate plumbers and hair salons more closely than VA butchers.

      I will post later all of what I found at my own VA.

      1. Just kidnap the VA official who ordered this hack “brain surgeon” and take him to a competent machine shop for brain surgery. I kid you not.

      2. I gotta sneaky suspicion President Trump knows MORE than we give him credit for. This morning’s “tweet” by him, supporting Judge Moore, has “VA in his sights!”

    2. Pissed off…….same here as I am most times I read Bens posts an articles? I’m scheduled for a medical procedure by my local VAMC at Roseburg,Oregon tomorrow, after reading this article I cancelled it. How do I go about seeking my health care outside the VA.

      1. Contact the Chief of Staff and address your concerns about the confidence you may have lost at VA and request to use the Choice Program. You can cite as evidence the OIGs recommendations and findings from a 7/11/2017 report.
        Looks like that place has some problems even without Bens Articles.

  18. Veterans who would you contact your Senators or Representative if you want to contact the Veteran Affairs Committee try to share your belief how to improve Veteran Health Benefits .

    1. Both, as well as flood the VA Inspector General with complaints. The VA is corrupt and needs to be shoved off of a cliff

  19. First, let me say, “Thank God the veterans scheduled for surgery didn’t have surgery!”
    Secondly, While traveling through Iowa, in 1992, a friend explained what “Iowa” stood for. Especially for most of their representatives and VHA employees.
    “Iowa” = “Idiots Out Walking Around!”
    Sounds about right!

    1. Well Arkansas couldn’t even figure out what to call there state so they looked around their borders and kind of liked Kansas so they called themselves Ar-Kansas …..And who came up with the word tooth-brush, W.V. , The dentist only had one tooth…..
      And there is your his-story lesson,….LOL

      1. My only experience with Iowa was a smelly one summer of ’90 I agreed to ride on a motorcycle with a friend to Sioux City, Iowa, where we were pitching a tent for a few days in a park overlooking a river…problem was that river’s stench’s source was the meat packing plant across the river where cows/pigs entered on trains and nothing was wasted, except the ensuing stench. Yuck. No escaping it.

      2. Forgot to add that back in ’90, I had never seen SO MANY obese humans all in one place before in my life. Remember, nothing was wasted at the meat packing plant. Nothing. Moo!

  20. The President should passed a new Veteran Benefits Law who is a Veteran Professionals to share their belief how to improve Veterans Health Benefits to their Senators and Representative.

    1. The President cannot pass laws. Only sign or veto. However, the President CAN launch tactical nuclear weapons, low nominal yield, and retarget just four of our multiple warhead independently targetting re-entry vehicle ballistic missiles to deliver an independent warhead to each VA facility for DNA analysis (Detonated Nuclear Arsenal).

      This is actually a pretty good year for this, right? I mean a whole lot of us still have those lunar eclipse glasses that lets you look directly at the sun during an eclipse, Arnold. It was a very festive event and brouht folks together. Why don’t we gather on the hilltops, 15 miles away from each place, and don those glases once more and again witness a historic and VERY bright event.. we can shed some REAL light on the matter at least until the matter deconstructs into individual atoms.

      This is me sharing my belief about how the matter should be handled. Can you pass this along to POTUS for me Arnold, and remember – wear your glasses eclipse glasses BEFORE the event… I bet even the chicken finally gets cooked completely at VA under my plan…

      1. @Arnold- I suggest not consuming that VSO and Congress Critter Kool-Aid that “The VA C.A.R.E.S.”. It’s all a smoke & mirrors slight of hands magical hat trick. Money goes in and the rabbit eat it, repeat. It’s all about hats. How about that?! 😀

      2. Corrine Brown , part of the House Vet Committee was just sentence t0 5 years.
        If the VA house Committee oversaw everything for the past 2 decades culminating to the arrest and conviction of Congress person in their Committee, it should be disbanded and jurisdiction and oversight taken away.

      3. She will write a book and teach classes on Hut Studies while occupying a country club congress critter ranch somewhere…the book will require an interpreter for each sentence. Title: “Corrine Brown vs. A Food Processor: Which Makes More Sense?”

      4. Another reason to file a writ of mandamus to remove the oversight committee for incompentence or co-conspiracy

      5. CorpsmanUp,
        So far “crickets” down here on our local news outlets!
        Maybe later in the day!

      6. That is serious , because that committee allowed her to sit in many legislative hearing process while the criminal conduct occurred.

      7. So did you interview go ok, did she say or do anything. I had posted on Facebook about Brown sitting in the veterans committe for what 20 year’s.

        I believe she had to be doing something illegal dealing with the VA higher ups. Pay me and I will take the heat off you.

        I just felt something was wrong with this person. Always seemly to agree with what ever the VA feed her.

        Oh well she will have to pay for her misdeeds, so one down and bunch more to go.

        Some of the committee member’s let the VA again have both barrels, concerning the lack of transparency dealing with bad doctor’s and has expanded the pool of provider’s that can be reported.

        Once again we veterans must sit back and wait to see if we will be the next subject.

      8. You know how many horses had to give their manes up for that disheveled wench? At least 1 year’s worth of Kentucky Derby contestants. Of course, Corrine Brown is also a horse, of course.

      9. Again, Dennis, your humor is outstanding especially when it is used everytime to get the right message accross.
        If a lawsuit was filed everytime shit like this happens, AND a writ of mandamus to remove many of these shitbirds who employ shitbirds, then you flood the judicial system to the point that the corrupt VA is put asunder; but it takes many bites at the achilles tendon to put down the buffalo. semper fi and keep up the good work. (A writ of mandamus requires a public official to do his job)

      10. Love your plan, Dennis. You’re more brave than I though because I’d be afraid the VISN Directors would somehow mutate from the radiation and Helman and Graves will be more than a sandwich with a special sauce. Maybe Neutron Bombs will eliminate all chances of a Grave mutation?

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