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NPower Empowers Veterans for Tech Careers

Veterans bring unparalleled skills and dedication, qualities highly sought after by companies like Boeing and Deloitte. However, many face challenges transitioning to civilian work culture. NPower steps in as a game-changer, offering a platform for Veterans to engage with top employers and overcome reorientation struggles.

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What is NPower?

NPower, a 501C3 nonprofit organization, provides free tech training and certifications to Veterans, spouses, and young adults from underserved communities. The program addresses challenges through expert-led training, social support services, and professional development, creating a supportive cohort environment.

How does NPower facilitate job placement for Veterans?

NPower’s proven solution involves instructors’ expertise and a dedicated job placement team, ensuring Veterans secure industry-level tech certifications. Top firms like Accenture, Northrop Grumman, and SpaceX actively recruit NPower graduates, offering promising career opportunities.

When does the next NPower tech fundamentals course begin, and what regions does NPower serve?

The upcoming NPower tech fundamentals course starts on Feb. 5, 2024. Veterans residing in California, Texas, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, or Ohio are encouraged to apply by Jan. 26 for timely consideration. NPower strategically operates in specific regions, fostering ties with agencies, mentors, and employment partners.

Real Stories

Porfirio Lopez: Overcoming Career Transition Anxiety

Porfirio Lopez sought a fresh start post-military service, considering law enforcement. However, he discovered NPower and applied to the tech fundamentals program. Despite initial concerns about starting late, NPower equipped him with computer basics and professional development, leading to an internship and a role as Compliance Risk Management Associate Analyst at Citi.

Rasheda Walker: Navigating Challenges with Determination

Balancing motherhood, employment, and Army Reserve training, Rasheda Walker faced numerous challenges. NPower Texas, with its supportive team and flexible approach, empowered her to succeed. Walker’s determination, coupled with military training, resulted in her becoming an information technology apprentice at Citi.

What advanced courses does NPower offer, and who is eligible to enroll?

NPower extends its impact by offering free classes in cybersecurity and cloud computing. Eligible participants include Veterans with an honorable discharge residing in specific states, contributing to NPower’s decade-long mission of preparing individuals for employment in technology.

Generosity in Action: How NPower Sustains Free Programs

NPower’s ability to offer free programs stems from generous grants received from various donors. The organization remains committed to its mission, ensuring Veterans succeed in the tech industry.

Transforming Lives with NPower

As a retired Marine and National Recruitment & Admissions Manager at NPower, Sergey Zabarin attests to the program’s authenticity. NPower goes beyond promises, providing a five-month transformative journey that paves the way for a successful tech career. Veterans can be proud graduates, ready for a new pathway in life.

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