Doug Paxton Resignation Roseburg VA

Agency Shuffles Around Roseburg VA Chief Doug Paxton, Again

In a typical shuffling of the management deck, VA Central Office is moving the current Roseburg VA chief Doug Paxton to Huntington VA, in West Virginia.

The move comes after a variety of complaints against Roseburg VA for failing to treat veterans in a manner consistent with common sense and human decency. Paxton was brought in to the Roseburg VA in 2015 to reform its corrupt culture, but he was apparently not up for the task.

Paxton is now stepping aside after allegations surfaced and were confirmed that Roseburg VA used the equivalent of a death panel to decide who does or does not qualify for healthcare at the agency.

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Doug Paxton Shuffle

Former VA clerk Susan Neeley May said she was disappointed Paxton was being allowed to keep his job rather than being removed from VA employment entirely.

“I’m super excited for our VA, but I’m really, really angry because the VA is doing what they normally do. This is not holding people accountable. This is doing the VA shuffle and saving face and just moving them so they’re becoming another VA’s problem where they can still harm veterans and staff,” she said.

May previously alleged she was bullied by Chief of Surgery Dinesh Ranjan while working at the agency. She believes Paxton should be held accountable for the actions his leadership engaged in while running the facility.

Chief of Surgery Dinesh Ranjan

One commenter, Gary May, Susan’s husband, had this to say about his disappointment in the creation of a job for Ranjan rather than terminating him:

Paxton managed to create a job for Ranjan to step into a week before his transfer, and from home. It amazes me that the DCVF presented Paxton with a 100% NO CONFIDENCE vote on Ranjan, but Larry Hill commander is ok with Paxton putting Ranjan in another job/area to fail Veterans. So it seems that Mr Hill has more confidence in Ranjan now? WOW its show how out of touch he is in the VA management as well as whats actually going on there. So he visited the boiler plant… I was employed for 23 yrs and my wife Susan 17 yrs who was abused, intimidated and bullied by Ranjan and Paxton allowed it even tho he claims he has ZERO tolerance for it. I am a 100% SC Veteran, retired from the VA 2 years ago yesterday, I agree with the DCVF’s NO CONFIDENCE vote, the difference is I AM IN THE KNOW and I STILL vote 100% NO CONFIDENCE in RANJAN in ANY position anywhere. As far as the memory unit and new building, really Mr Hill you believe it was Paxton? the money is earmarked, use it or lose it, it would have happened regardless of who was the director. I am also a member of the American League but after the comments I wished I could get back my money. The Bible says let your yes be yes and your no be no. Either you feel he is CONFIDENT or you don’t? As for me, my wife, other employees and many many Veterans NO CONFIDENCE is still 100% our vote.

Paxton will report to the new facility as Assistant Director at Huntington VA starting February 4. He will be replaced by David Whitmer, another bureaucrat who VA says is a “proven leader”, perhaps just like Paxton.

My guess is the entrenched bureaucrats at Roseburg VA will chew up Whitmer and spit him out just like they did Paxton.


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  1. The VA leadership (if we can appropriately call them this), contains many leftovers from the Clinton, George W., and Obomber Era. They need to be radically removed from their positions of the VA. And then, truly offer, with incentives (use the bonus monies), to give all Veterans that qualify, the opportunity to continue in serving not only their Country, but each and every Brother and Sister of the Militaries. It’s a good start given all the corruption occurring in and out of the VA.

  2. I wish I knew how to post links as well as letters I’ve written, responses I’ve received, as well as documents/records. While Congressman DeFazio and Paxton have all of these letters/documents that I’ve sent them, it would put more light on just how bad the problems are at Roseburg.

    1. Dr. Saeid Mohammadi – speaks /writes medical records in broken english, doesn’t do required exams then falsifies my medical records saying that he did. He didn’t check my problems/medication lists and knew nothing about my medical conditions/service connected disabilities.

    I recorded my first May 10, 2017 appointment with him on my cell phone. I gave him a list of 12 things we needed to discuss and because of my hearing I decided to record the visit. all that Mohammadi accomplished was his failed attempt to get me scheduled for a neurosurgical consult and putting me on diabetes medication (Metformin starting at the Maximum dose 850mg 3 times a day (TID) and the problems I experienced with that, then adding glipizide on top of that)He even instructed me keep taking the max dose but to cut the metformin in half and take more frequently and sent me a pill splitter. the warnings say these pills should not be cut in half. (His bottle dosing instructions didn’t mention “take with food”). Even after monthly bloodwork showed my A1c dropping he calls me and wants to put me on Lantus (insulin injections) which I refused. My A1cDropped from 11.9 in May to 8.3 in August. This wasn’t because of the meds, I had to stop those because of all of the gastro-intestinal problems. this is all documented in my medical records.
    I reduced my daily carb intake to less than 50 grams/day and started taking Cinnamon Extract.

    Hearing Aids were also on my list. Mohammadi was also a low talker. A 2013 white city VA audiogram showed I needed hearing aids and was supposedly put on the waiting list.

    He said he examined me and I had no complaints with my joints (he didn’t even review his nurses notes about my complaints about my joints) he said he listened to my lungs etc. which didn’t happen (theres a lot more than I’ll write here) but Nurse Jamie came in for the last few minutes of the appointment and said we would go over the rest of my list at my next appointment (in 3 months). Being put back on blood pressure medicine was also on the list.

    After the appointment i walked across the hall to the ER to have the doc look at my knee and shoulder who sent me for xrays and ordered Roseburg MRIs performed May 30,2018 (which were flawed studies but still showed I needed surgery. How’s this for a waiting time-my first appointment with the knee orthopedic surgeon wasn’t until October 11th and my surgical consult for my shoulder is coming up on February 12th, 2018. There were numerous attempts through the white city/grants pass to get MRIs and surgical consults since 2015 which were all denied. I even asked DeFazio’s office for help in certified letters in 2016 and again in 2017 when I tried to self refer to PVAMC for help. Its all well documented. Whitney Couture (DeFazio’s Vet Rep) admitted she had dropped the ball on this. Did I mention during a 10/22/2015 VA Comp/review exam the examiner asked me to pick up an imaginary $1000 from the floor, that my screwed up right knee exploded when I squatted to do this?

    It wasn’t until I received a denial and an appeal letter for an unusal and excessive burden request that I did not make that I decided to look up my medical records on myhealthevet on August 9th to find out what this was all about. On July 25th Mohammadi made this request on my behalf saying I could not travel to Roseburg to see him for my second appointment on August 10th.

    This is when I dicovered he falsified my physical and verbal exams on May 10th and falsified my medical records to say that he had. he makes other comments in my medical records as well attacking me for wanting to get my medical problems addressed stating i was dictating to him what to do. he even states a dirruptive behavior complaint may follow and that no one should meet alone with me. His Nurse Jennifer ellington called me on May 25th and was pissed that I didn’t tell Mohammadi about my knee and my shoulder at the May 10th appointment and as for the other things on my list she said we should do these things because your Mike Berns? Apparrently she hasn’t looked at my medication and problems list at this point either.

    there is so much more to this that I have not mentioned. My medical records have documented all of this. i never did or said anything that warranted the filing of a diruptive behavior complaint and one was not filed. Mohammadi knew he falsified my exams and records on May 10th. The May 10th nursing notes, my list I gave him and the ER Records all prove his guilt.

    Something else which Paxton Admitted to at the Brookings Town Hall on November 29th, Dr. Mohammadi calls veterans after hours. I’ve gotten several of these phone calls. the caller ID says private. he called me on July fourth at 8:30 at night and he takes his work home with him and makes entries into my and other veterans records from home. the time stamps in my medical records are well documented that he does this and another doc whom I will not name told me Mohammadi is slow and cannot keep up. A nurse told me I was not the only one who could not understand what Mohammadi is saying when he talks. What are my medical records doing on his computer at his home anyway?

    Dr. Mohammadi was addressed in my august 10th letter to him which was also given to Paxton’s office on August 10th and sent to Defazio certified mail. i addressed this at the August 16th Roseburg VA town hall in Brookings as well as my August 16th letter to Paxton which was also delivered to Acting Director Dana Brice at that town hall and sent certified mail to Defazio’s Office.

    theres more on my efforts to address this which only revealed Paxton’s willingness to protect this bad doctor. I’m just tired of writing right now.

    These are just the Mohammadi highlights. I need to figure out how to post letters and documentaion.

    I’ll address the flawed Roseburg radiology studies if I can figure out how just put that jointly addressed letter to DeFazio and Paxton. DeFazio made inquiries in 2016 and 2017 into the disappearing arthritis from my spine on the 2011 Roseburg and 2014 Portland MRIs.. Dr.Wang the Cheif Radiologist (a stand up guy) found it, it was right there in the images of those MRIs but not reported by the radiologists. Dr. Wayne even admitted his mistakes on his radiologist report of my right knee and recently ammended that report. We spent an hour and a half on the phone after christmas. he admitted there were some procedural errors he would correct as well as problems with the MRI machine itself that can’t be fixed without replacing the outdated machine. Its a small bore (tunnel) but there are other problems as well. there are problems with the Roseburg computer that has problems accepting some non VA discs of images as well as the policy of Non VA radiologist reports not being accepted for scan into Veterans radiology records. they want to see those side by side comparisons showing the problems.

    Sorry for the journal guys. Maybe it will do some good posting who knows.

    1. @Mike- FYI- another great Veteran site is ‘had it dot com’…a lot of documented VA fuckery over there as well but also equally informative.

    2. Mike, your best bet is to take the opportunity that Whitmer is being assigned to Roseburg knowing the heat is on him for cleaning up that mess.

      Addressing the false medical records first would likely help you address many other problems later, unless those problems involve getting safe medical care. Take care of those problems first.

      Having Ranjan removed is going to help you. If Whitmer and the Privacy Officer want to do the right thing, they might not care about throwing Ranjan under the bus.

      I would start with contacting the Privacy Officer by phone and asking for his email address. Tell him you have a number of issues that need to be addressed, and email would work best for you. Email provides automatic date/time stamps, and you can send attached letters in PDF format.

      Once you get the Privacy Officers email address, send an email asking how your issues will be handled given your complaints are about false medical records involving the husband of the Chief of Staff. You may even want to ask DeFazios aide for his/her email address so you can copy them on these emails. Make very clear you believe your records are such a mess that you might need help from DeFazio, so you want to make sure they are fully informed.

      Keep issues separate. Address medical or medicine problems separately from your medical record issues.

      For false medical records, send a list of dates of your appointments and what the appointment was for, and ask how you can address correcting all of those records.

      The problem you have here is that you will have to get copies of all records that are false, then write up how they are false, and submit that back through the Privacy Officer. Typically the Privacy Officer would have the Chief of Staff submit your letter to the doctor for response, but your doctor is the CoS husband. That is why you need to ask how this is going to be handled. I would not agree to a process where she is involved. Ranjan himself is going to have to respond, so be prepared for him to lie, or make excuses.

      Again, I would not agree to have his wife, the Chief of Staff involved. Why? Well, for starters…she had no problem with him making notes in medical records at home. Long after the appointment is over.

      1. Thanks 91, its not ranjan its Mohammadi the Iranian doc from who graduated medical school from Tehran in 1985. this is the guy you did the research on for me.

        The problem is Dr. Mohammadi is incompetent and falsifies exams and medical records to cover for his incompetence. my medical records and other veterans medical records are the proof of this incompetence.

        I have spoken with Rick Weber the privacy officer in Roseburg. Cleaning up my records and deleting this irrefutable proof isn’t the problem. its welcomed by the Roseburg VA. this option was even offered to me publicly at the Nov. 29th Town Hall by Paxton himself.

        Protecting this bad doctor and allowing him to continue to see other veterans is the problem.

        DeFazio’s office was notified about MoHammadi when they received my certified letter about the matter which i mailed on August 9th, the day before my second appointment with Mohammadi when I discovered what Mohammadi was doing.

        I filed an OIG complaint online about the matter the night of August 9th.

        On August 10th I showed up 2 hours early for my appointment and delivered the same letter I sent to DeFazio to Paxton’s office as well as asking for and receiving a VA police escort (Lt. Jones) to my Mohammadi appointment because I didn’t want to be alone with this doctor.

        I told Paxton at the Nov. 29th town hall, when a veteran comes to your office and asks for a police escort to his medical appointment because his doctor is falsifyng exams, medical records and excessive burden requests, i would think that some immediate effort should have been made to at least discuss this with the veteran and find out whats going on. That didn’t happen.

        Theres more, but i’m starting to write another journal here.

        I will take your advice and give Whitmer an opportunity. I’ll call Roseburg and DeFazio’s office on Monday. thanks 91

      2. Sorry for conflating the two Mike, but the advice on correcting things In writing still stands.

        As for Mohammadi. It may help to get substantial corrections in writing. That is the proof of his malpractice. Once you get it in writing, you can then push Whitmer on what he will do about it.

        The only other avenue I can see is calling the hotline, contacting the OSC if the IG refused to investigate, or submitting a complaint to the state licensing board where he is licensed.

        Arizona if I recall correctly. Maybe Arizona would be interested given the scandal at Phoenix.

    1. Seymore,
      I read the memo. It’s the amount of illegal and immoral activities of those at the top, not unlike those in the VA, that stymies the brain cells!
      What should occur, and what will occur, is the next question of the day!

    2. I think that memo is an explanation of why it is taking so long to see change in the VA and any other federal agency.

      If you recall, there were several anti Trump activists in federal agencies that declared they would refuse to implement his policies.

      Look for groups like “Alt National Parks” or “Alt EPA” or “Alt NASA”. Many have declared they will resist Trump policies. Its shocking how many national parks have employees willing to resist. Does this translate into fucking with any park visitor wearing a MAGA hat?

      The memo describes what we see when federal agencies take it a step further and uses their power to do more than resist.

      It makes me curious how many in the VA believe the same.

      And sad to know how long it will take to clean up.

  3. It is truly very strange how the VA whack a mole system works with the transfer of turdage from one VAMC to another.

    Given Doug Paxton is being transferred to the Huntington VAMC. Which just received a rather glowing Comprehensive Healthcare Inspection from the VAOIG on 1/31/2018.

    Paxton will receive, what at least $200 thousand plus, in his relocation package, to a job where he will be required to do less work and will undoubtedly continue to receive the same level of pay.

    Is he being rewarded for screwing up Roseberg? I mean really that is what is happening here.

    Also with the VAOIG report giving Huntington such a glowing report are they transferring this trudage there so he can help stink up the place and help bring it down to the standard VA Level?


    Comprehensive Healthcare Inspection Program Review of the Huntington VA Medical Center, Huntington, West Virginia 1/31/2018


    Full Report:

    1. That’s the VA’s cutting-edge, world-class medical experimentation with fecal transplantations.
      Remember: “One turd always leads to another…”

  4. I thought the practice of shuffling incompetent people from one office to another was dead. The man has been busted for not doing the job and collecting enormous pay so get rid of him. Use the words of President Trump, “Your Fired” and be done with him

    1. Are we REALLY counting on the well established swamp being drained? Really? I’m overwhelmed with the positive changes, to date, none that I perceive.
      The campaign promises made, the camera lights turn off, all is forgotten, until they need the Veteran Vote. And we become Charlie Brown and the football. Again.
      Sad fact, bless us all!

  5. No doubt it will be a big weekend at the VAOIG for releasing reports that they truly don’t want seen or talked about. With the Super Bowl on Sunday and of course everyone who has seen a news broadcast is waiting to get the Memo! Major events to cover the VAOIG weekend document dump.

    But in the mean time is a little info from the VAOIG website on one of the reports recently released. Apparently although most VAMCs have complied with preparation to handle treats from Veterans almost all have failed to set up teams to manage threats from employees.

    From the report:

    “review at 29 VHA medical facilities during Combined Assessment Program reviews performed across the country from October 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017. The OIG noted high compliance in multiple areas, including that all facilities had implemented policies addressing prevention and management of disruptive/violent behavior and had conducted annual Workplace Behavioral Risk Assessments. However, facility directors needed to address employee-generated violence by establishing required Employee Threat Assessment Teams.”

    With VA employees repeatedly getting away with murdering Veterans. They are now realizing that the major threat to VA employees is other VA employees.

    Report Summary At:

    Full Report At:

    1. Another didty from the VAOIG website.

      With all the money being appropriated to the IT systems within the VA it turns out that VAMC in Orlando is using millions in medical appropriations funds to purchase IT hardware, software, and installation services. Rather than spend any of the IT appropriations money.

      It is my guess it is easier to steal and launder the money from the IT budget then it is to steal and launder from the medical appropriations funds. Besides it looks like they are then spending more money on medical care for Veterans even though they are not.

      Also, it mean that Shyter Shulkin can claim they need more money from congress just to stay open and continue providing health care for Veterans, because all the VA medical appropriations funds have been spent. During his next semi-annual plea to Congress for more money just before they break for recess, or the VA will not have the money to provide medical services.

      Shame on you Shyter Shulkin! You should be in jail not running the VA.

      Summary At: “Review of Alleged Funding Security Issues of the Veterans Services Adaptable Network at VA Medical Center Orlando, FL”

      Full Report At:

  6. Looks like Bessey has a nice little side business going.

    I wonder if Paxton let Bessey set up shop in the entrance to Roseburg to sell his trinkets.

    Check out chiefsquarters dot com.

    Did Paxton take a cut?

  7. Interesting. I did not know Paxton was shuffled in to supposedly “clean up” Roseburg in 2015. That suggests he was shuffled in after screwing up elsewhere. Right about the time it was hitting the fan at several VAs.

    KQENnewsradio dot com is reporting that Paxton is being reassigned, which suggests it wasn’t voluntary. It also quotes Carolyn Clancy as saying the move is necessary to improve care at Roseburg. If that truly is the case, why not fire Paxton? I suppose its a relief he is shuffled to a spot below a director, but why not to the unemployment line? Why not shuffle these turds to Shulkins office and let him deal with the incompetence?

    Clancy talks about Whitmer using generic buzzwords used in business, and somehow that is supposed to translate into improving care for vets.

    Paxton creating a job for Ranjan? Working from home no less? Hell that suggests Ranjan will be staying in Roseburg and logging into email a couple times a week. If Paxton did pull that off, he did it with the approval of that regional leadership. How the hell does an agency claiming to be so short staffed manage to pull off creating a job and filling it without competition from others? I would say the IG or congressional committees should investigate that corrupt bullshit, but we know how well that would work.

    As for the corruption at Roseburg going on for years, it looks clear some significant blame can be put on that little good ol boys club, the Douglas County Veterans Forum.
    If you do some searching, you find a short web page off a local American Legion page there. This bunch looks like their little Legion post was dwindling, so they created this DCVF to try suggest they speak for more veterans and groups than just the Legion. If you look at their group officers and boards, you see several are officers or have positions in the Legion, including 1 being District 9 Commander. Why would the Legion need to create some subgroup made up of Legion flunkies? To make it appear this group speaks for more than just Legion members? To give the posers in their group more clout, including the Fleet Reserve guy scamming the VA on PTSD? To continue that bullshit Save Our System Legion program giving them more reach? They proclaim to speak for all Douglas County veterans. Did they squeeze some kind of financial support out of Douglas County?

    Its no wonder Roseburg was a festering Shithole for years if this bunch was speaking for veterans there and looking the other way.

    Think I’m off the mark on Larry Hill and Bud Bessey? VA Ass covering flunkies of the DCVF?

    Well, here they are in a December 2016 news article speaking for all veterans about how great Paxton is, and how awesome Roseburg is. If veterans want to see improvement at their VAs like Roseburg, we need to be telling fuckers like these two they need to stop claiming they speak for all veterans.


    1. 91Veteran,

      You asked “How the hell does an agency claiming to be so short staffed manage to pull off creating a job and filling it without competition from others?”.

      Simply put it is a family kind of thing. Given Ranjan wife is the Chief of Staff at Roseberg and as such in charge of creating positions, also the hiring and firing for those positions.

      Although their black market fake Bachelors degrees both from India may qualify them to work as Doctors and department heads at the VA. It does not provide them with common sense.

      But Hey, They were raised in India under the caste system where they were at the top and can do no wrong. While they consider Veterans to be the untouchables or the lowest in the caste system. Expecting that no one would question them about anything they decide.

      1. Seymore, I agree she might have the authority to create new jobs at her location, but the earlier comments I read was that he was being reassigned to the northwest regional office. That would mean someone within that regional office would have to agree to that new position being created, who would be his supervisor, what his duties are, and what his duty location would be.

        Its like the TO&E in the Army. It spells out what equipment and personnel are allowed or authorized in a specific unit.

        Its like a Company commander getting a new soldier for a driver, but the new soldier is assigned to Battalion. The Battallion commander would have to agree to that soldier being assigned to Battalion, but working somewhere else.

    2. 91. That is one huge issue we have to contend with. The media, VA, VSOs, poly tick tians, and all the rest can always find people or actors to get on TV and proclaim how great the country is doing, how great a town is, how wonderful taxes are, how peaceful MS-13 is, how great everything is and they (whomever) are #1 concerning everything. Then we have to report to some people we talk to about some of the total insanity we have been told or gone through when dealing with the VA or a multitude of other issues. Or try to educate and show them how corrupt everything seems to be along with our personal struggles. They look at us like we have a third eye and go one believing the myths and commercials, or official reports.

  8. The VA never ceases to amaze me. Same old stuff different day!! And it seems there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it!!

    1. We The People as individuals are NEVER defeated CW4 until each of us begins to believe in our hearts that as individuals we can do nothing about it. We can never get this shit back into the horse but we can sure find a different critter to carry the burden and this is the message.

      We begin by demanding redress of grievances then never, ever, stop demanding. This is a fundamental and key part of our First Ammendment – the right to demand redress of our grievances and to keep demanding until We The People are satified with the answers. So far VA, we aren’t.

      Keep tugging the chain and never miss an opportunity to do so.

    2. Having trouble posting and awaiting moderation so will try this one here again.

      Pretty damn sad with all this high tech crap, all the investing and boasting about how great the electronic records sharing or getting access to our info can happen in an instant or notify some emergency room we may be coming in for some kind of treatment or emergency. Only to find out like I did, again, recently that we can get lost in the Medicare/health care systems over use of a misplaced comma, or something stupid like not having a middle name, or wrong code put in, that will block your care, or access to insurance coverage, or being admitted to a hospital. But activist and militants seem to have easy access to our records to be abused and used at times to harass us or make some fun of. I guess I’ll never be able to track those sources down but have a good idea of all involved in the processes around the state and town.

      On top of that while having issues like the above to be asked. “you aren’t involved in any VA experimental or testing programs are you.” I said, “nope” why? She said it was just a question on her monitor she had to ask that popped up to be able to go to the page she needed to switch to so as to get through the registering process for my surgeries. And told her that is why I was at a civilian hospital for care and not the VA due to the many issues I was having with them. And being tired of playing lab rat and target for all the VA scum/activist and local political hacks. She said…” A lot of vets must feel that way.” No need to dig for more info from her. I won’t get it.

      All the bragging these local colleges do, all the bragging from the likes of Eskenazi connections, all the Google training here and more to come, the bragging from the VA, the contractors, unions, IT groups…things are sure going down hill instead of making much progress or ease of use.

      Senator Tester and more articles about the lousy lying VA and gaming:

  9. what will it take for the DC Swamp to realize something rotten in the VA is causing a total shutdown. If in the various department of the VA things look like shit, smell like shit and have the appearance of shit, it has to be shit

  10. From one opioid disaster area to the next, Huntington W.VA. I was looking at the VA star rating system and something isn’t right with that, it’s rigged it just got to be. All i can say is this, the Lebanon VA takes care of veterans like OJ took care of Nicole.

    1. Here in the Midwest, the opioid and heroin epidemic is killing people faster than any of our wars…I may be in OH, but it’s really bad in all neighboring states. Just the babies being born addicted to heroin at birth and their #’s is staggering, then there’s the cost in all owners of any property, cars, homes, you name it…if the zombies can rip it off, often in forms of home invasions…the medicine cabinets being first place to hit, then peel siding off house, exhaust off vehicles…it’s a freaking zombie heroin apocalypse out here!

      With that ^^ said, the VA chose to relocate a top tier troll of a human being disservicing veterans, placing them in harm’s way…how is Paxton going to benefit an area that by sounds of it, are very similar out in OR as it is in W. Virg. as in the opiate epidemic?
      Will Paxton be taking charge of the W. Virg. Disruptive Behavior Committee…you know, to deny care and turn Vets to the street drugs for a quicker death?

      Rant Out!

      1. This manufactured opioid crisis is really upsetting, and i believe they will eventually do the same thing they did during the crack epidemic in the early 80’s, call it a crime wave and you know the rest. So far the only thing done is repackage imodium AD. Now are leaders caused this problem, same as crack epidemic, with there imcompetence and greed. I just hope the people get the help and care they deserve, its upsetting and i would be very surprised if anything meaningful is done.

      2. From what I deduce, there’s more attention and news in the prescription side of Opioid controlled substances, than the side of illegal shipments of Fentanyl coming into the US from China.

        I believe that the authorities, DoJ, DEA, Trump Administration, and such, wants the America Public to think that the major problem is still directly linked with prescribed Opioid medications. Otherwise, if they told us what was really happening, that these Fed Agencies would not look good in the eyes of the Public.

        To me, it’s hard to believe that the prescription side is still causing all the overdoses and deaths. All the monitoring and intercepting applications in all the Pharmacies, State to State verifications, and even with the VA prescribing, that’s responsible for tracking the illegally prescribed Opioids prescribed to Veterans.

        I know of information per the USPS Drug Detection Dogs, that it would be dishonorable for me to publish. If I did, the information that is not being reported, will (not can), dramatically hinder the reduction of the importation of this dangerous, very powerful, and the non-medical use of Fentanyl being shipped into our Country on a daily basis.

        The whole crisis doesn’t add up. Even from the perspective of when this epidemic was first reported. The uptick in use was plotted earlier compared to the first reports given to the Public, via MSM. Plus, most Pharmacies keep track of what’s being prescribed, what’s the expected future need determined by the number of scripts written by Physician.

        Do I totally believe what’s being blurted all over the news, NO, there’s a lot of scam in the mix of things. In the first place, the Medical Community doesn’t want to take more responsibility of their short comings in monitoring the prescribing of Controlled Substances, before the epidemic was hailed as being such. IMO, and still like before, vigorously SMH.

      3. Want to read another shocker? Or should I say more control, more oppression that was started by the United Nation’s supposed, global war on drugs, and zero privacy rights for veterans or civilians when it comes to pain meds or health care.


        All the lying about drugs, all the corruption, all the propaganda, phony studies, false claims put out by media to brain-wash the public, etc., is why I quit, in part, helping run a local sober club years ago when this crap was in the planning, and doing volunteer work. We were expected to toe-the-line so the states, locals, special interest, towns, law enforcement, mental health scum, prisons, jails, can all get funds and grants, and equipment, spy shit, create more courts or drug courts, so-called charities, to social workers, to pacify all those greedy lying bastards in control. And that is what it’s all about, intentional suffering, more control, money money money, more revenue, more loss of privacy rights, more power for the overlords, less red tape for insurance companies and so-called doctors. On it goes. But you can’t talk to a brain-washed public.

        Also so states like Indiana can sue out of state drug companies in class action law suits for opiates hoping to make more money from the game. Of course while we suffer. Or are told to go take chances on breaking the law, per VA, to hit the streets to find pain meds, heroin or crack, or for us to go back to drinking to ease our pain and problems. Nice huh?

        The doctors or mental health people that came out complaining about the damages being done plus all the suffering over the false claims of opiate pain pills was NOT the major issue the propagandist are making it out to be were swiftly silenced and news reports scrubbed. Like we have discussed before. Were the deaths claimed really by accident or suicide and who is claiming just what and for why. But that is too much reality and power brokers and fascist refuse to discuss this stuff in depth or dare allow anyone to question their actions or why they are pulling this crap off. Oh, while the elite, the ‘professionals’, one of their own, can get whatever they want.

        Then people wonder why we here in the United States are getting bombarded by so much BS we can’t keep up with it all, including veterans, and the corrupt behemoth governments locally and federally we have to deal with while those who could help us refuse to get involved or be very vocal about any of it.

      4. PIG Pharma gets even deeper in the mired muddling of things. Now producing drugs that contain microchips to determine when, how much, in conjunction with other meds, efficacy, etc.. All for the betterment of us, mankind. Yeah, right. More like more controlling by others, of others.

        Also just wait until the big push begins with the acceptance of the implanted microchip. You may not like it, but its coming, and will be a required application if you want, or worse, need such services, or products to survive.

        I’m not for this technology, its not for me. But, per marketing, observing others behavioral shopping trends, the information gathered by such practice (chip implanting), will offer yet, another closer real-time purchasing trends, right down to each individual preferences. How much do you think this information will be of value to list providers, the marketing departments of SWIG Alcohol, etc.

        It’s coming to one of your hands soon. Better get ready to load, unlock, and clear the way for a sweet bead on things. You know what I’m talking about; protecting oneself from the evil wickedness of others. Ain’t no time for peace, when the damn aggressors are on your heels.

      5. Copy and am ready.

        Things are going bat-shit crazy in Indiana from all sectors and no happy place or letting up from it all to be found. ‘They’ just keeping pouring it on. Hell, even some churches are planning to get chipped, some have already for easier tithe auto-payments so go figure. The common serf, brain-dead, complacent, the trendy in-crowds, sheep, lefties, neocons, globalist, communitarians, Trilateralist, etc., seem to fine with it all. Including how vets are treated to the hard core censoring.

        Chatter about militarized law going more full high tech, drones/spy tracking drones, spy gear, national license plate readers and trackers, smart meters, etc. Like all the military surplus stuff, listening/seeing through walls, Sting Ray stuff, and MRAPs aren’t enough. Damn Twilight Zone, Mad Max, or Matrix crap.

        Now we have to prove citizenship for real ID. Or else we can’t fly,get on to federal lands/bases, and where that begins and ends nobody really knows. Or can claim the limits on it when asked. Just that it’s good for us and the nation. But illegals are still flooding in here like crazy along with all those Asian Visa companies/workers/EB-5. Like I would want to enter a nuke plant anyway. The idiots.


        Yep, it’s all coming to a boil.

    2. The VA star rating is bullshit since it is only based on statistics of incidents that the VA cannot cover up.

      If you look into the metrics used, that becomes clear. If you can avoid that metric being measured by other means, then your star will rise.

      If I recall correctly, I believe a couple of the metrics measured are having to be readmitted to the hospital after surgery, or an infection after surgery.

      If the VA can do their damndest to keep from readmitting you, then it doesn’t get reported and does not get measured. Same with any infection. I suspect if it can be treated as some unknown, post-operative condition, it won’t get reported as a post-operative infection, and your star rises.

      Finally, if you can prevent veterans from getting care in the first place, then all kinds of things won’t get reported, and your star rises.

      For anyone that doesn’t believe this star rating is seriously manipulated, you must have ignored how many VAs manipulated their wait lists for bonuses.

  11. Have you Heard Veteran Medical Center in Manchester., New Hampshire don’t have Veteran Medical Center Director.

  12. Well hurray and isn’t this just the finest fucking news in the world?

    Yesterday Roseburg defied VA D.C. again and openly this time. They are refusing me a PACT team assignment and refusing to assign any care AT ALL and have entered it in my records like this after they cancelled all of my online requests for an appointment, “Veteran had refused a Choice referral but also has refused care offered at VA.” and they flat refused the D.C. mandate to assign me to a team and place me on the waiting list for a doctor.

    The D.C. chick said they had never run into this before. She was pissed. She said, “We have made it quite clear what they are instructed to do and it boggles my mind why they refuse. I can see we will have to make it clear who is in charge!” Then she too said, I was the one who initiated the case against them for retaliation against you and I know your case. She said this new event was clearly just further retaliation would be acted on and corrected.

    Uh huh. Right. Holding breath now.

    Roseburg has a core group of wink wink, nod nod, folks that control who does and who does not get into the building. Most vets simply give up and walk away. Paxton leaving don’t mean shit unless you shut down that bastardly DBC group thas had the same folks now for years serving up the same bullshit. Roseburg DBC controls the place – they are all senior staff and collectively control all access to care. DBC kills far more than ANY death list policy.

    Hurray that the VA is scraping the mold off the cheese at Roseburg but the cheddar is shot through with mold. Without a 100% change of ALL staff above the paygrade of janitor NOTHING will change. It is the worst rated VAMC in the system and has a massively corrupt core element that has driven all honest folk from their midst often within days or weeks of new folks showing up.

    When they interviewed those five nurses about the leaderships illegal activities they all said the same thing to the NR reporter (Roseburg paper), “This is just the tip of the iceburg.”

    Is that like a cold foreskin?

    1. Logically. I would think since you and others have the documented history and paperwork (hard evidence) to back-up your troubles with the VA that some serious action by the powers that be would be immediate. Guess not. But we are not dealing with logical, rational, moral, decent, truly concerned, ethical, oath keeping people. On any level I might add, VA, politically, civilian, media, whatever.

      I guess those like me with much less documentation, proof, or had stuff simply deleted that proved some things, to being totally ignored by those with the powers to call for investigations or clarification is just totally shit out of luck.

      1. @T
        Don’t take it too personally from them to be shit out of luck. Apparently those of us with the documentation share the same fate lolz.

      2. LOL. I don’t. I figure I may be up the creek without a paddle like others… I am in the same canoe with some good people and good company. Damn. We could pull over to shore, start a fire, do some Smores, suck down some green tea, and have some damn fine chats to pass the time.

    2. Dennis,
      Are you getting that “sneaky suspicion” there’s a possibility, albeit slim, Washington DC; or: Shulkin isn’t being informed of all the criminal activities in a lot of VHA’s across the country?!?! If he’s not being informed, then the Washington DC upper echelon of VA might not be informed!
      Just a thought!!!!!
      Think about this. Why isn’t that lady you’ve been communicating with, gone higher up in Washington DC? Or, if she has, why hasn’t she gone straight to the top? She seems to be on your side.
      Just thinking out loud, Dennis!

      1. Apparently they have a unbreakable chain of command. In person, by letters (snail mail too) I could not get past patient advocates, techs, secretaries, and the VA hospital directors, the suits, clinic heads, didn’t seem to give a damn either. They all went in protection, defense, attack or ignore mode.

        That is as big a joke as trying to talk to a state’s governor in person or on the phone. Not going to happen. I am not in any clique, elite group, wealthy contributor, or whatever it takes.

        I was always, like with Indiana’s veteran agencies or state offices, was told to communicate and work things out through patient advocates… period. Same thing told to me by all the VSOs I contacted. Same thing from some local doctors too. “You have too many issues to deal with on top of chronic pain issues, you need to go back to the VA and discuss these issues with
        the PAs or clinic MDs.” “We don’t take patients with chronic pain issues.” Etc.

      2. Here is how it works as she explained it and it makes sense. When you call her or the others you get the hotline team members. Their job is specifically vet centric meaning for example she spent nearly an hour this time asking questions and listening. Four other calls always more than half an hour and they document in full. They often ask for a brief pause while they document because I get ramped up and speak fast. She is part of the first rung in the chain of command. Listen for that term “chain of command” because I habe heard it spoken now twice by seperate facilities using it in my case. It sounds like a Trump thing because I never heard it before.

        Then she said they pass it to the seperate teams who each have a seperwte mission. One team has the sole purpose of obtaining needed care. They have no other mission but to get needed care for a vet. They are not tasked with correcting anything else. In my case the hotline eatablished a second case number under the heading retaliation after they learned of the things I talk about here routinely. For instance the transcript I posted on this site about a seemingly innocent call about VA police “outreach” I told her about got an instantaneous emotional reponse lolz. She said flat out that is being forwarded immediately to the (team for retaliation). She went on to say that such a policy of outreach by VA concerned her greatly but again her sole duty is to just take the info and decide who next in the chain of command to send it to. My hunch is that as things progress it will always move up the chain as an issue because normally the other links are tasked with ensuring it does. At least if the commander is worthy.

        I agree with you CE that we can’t trust a VA promise nut it does make sense to isolate the teams like that from each other because this too is a way to defeat corruption. By this I mean that they do not share the same break room, water coolers, or locations, which at least halts the rumor mill plus it alows then for the system to be self monitoring.

        If, for instance, the DBC committees were broken up into say three groups all from different VISN staff and all at different locations which reviewed any vet behavior then likely DBC (as much as I loathe the very idea) would not be as corrupted as it is. Since a vet is not allowed to defend or attend a DBC meeting it would not matter if the committees were split this way. It would short circuit long term grudges instantly because the other groups involved would never care to be involved in a local chest thumping match.

      3. Dennis,
        Basically, it’s a “waiting game” up the “chain of command”!
        Just as is the “slow as molasses waiting game” in Washington DC has!

      4. Chuckle. The swamp act?

      5. CE, I am just speculating, but I wonder if the hotline operates as an entity separate from the VA. When I called them about an issue, and my local VA called shortly after, my local VA made it clear it was because of my call to the hotline. As if my local VA was called directly by the hotline.

        It seemed to me the hotline was calling VAs directly to resolve problems. I get the same impression with what Dennis is describing.

        What the hotline needs to figure out with Dennis is that they need to speak to someone higher than the flunky playing games with Dennis…and follow up to find out why that flunky is still employed.

        I hope that is the case because involving VA upper monkeys just invites bureaucracy.

      6. 91Veteran,
        Your speculations are the same as mine.
        It’s as though the hotline sends complaints right back to the VHA’s in question.
        If that’s the case, bureaucratic fubars will continue!

      7. Yeah, I dunno CE, we will have to see how this plays out.

        In Dennis’ case, one would assume after another call to the hotline reporting Roseburg still playing games that the hotline would call someone with some serious authority to unfuck whoever is playing games.

    3. File a tort and 1983 claim for abuse of process making it a requirement for General Counsel to certify indemnification for those employees. SF95 clearly stating the facts and an outside care documentation of the harm to you it caused as a result.
      The individual employees actions need to be certified by General Counsel.

      1. @CorpsmanUp!
        The reality of justice in America is that lawyers need to eat too. From what I can see suing the government is horribly expensive. When the VA defended it’s employees against a Restraining Order in court it was just me on my side with a few paperclipped papers and a whole lot of apprehension.

        The VA employee walked in with my medical records in tow dressed in a suit. Beside him was the Assistant Attorney General with a $2500 leather briefcase full of documents just in case he needed the defense to go that way and who was assigned as my opponent in court. The judge did not show any real courtesy to the AG as the AG began spinning the tail in legal ways I could not possibly be prepared for and when the AG began suggesting sanctions be placed on me as a result of me losing the case the judge said, “Sir you will shut up now.” to him in a way that solicited IMMEDIATE silence by the AG. REMEMBER that this was CIVIL court. Here walks in the AG amongst mostly housewives pissed at their husbands and seeking orders to keep the low life bastards away from them.

        Hardly a place the Assistant Attorney General usually goes to under any circumstance lolz. I think I even saw him use sanitary wipes on the chair and table before he sat!

        My point my friend is that it takes a team of lawyers if you are to match the team of highly experienced lawyers that they will bring. The government pays their lawyers enough to afford food but the average Joe? No way. It has nothing to do with lawyer not caring but it is a practical situation really – you need a team of expensive pros to pull off this stuff becaue one lawyer cannot defeat an entire Attorney General staff that has unprecedented access to all the evidence. You need LOTS of money to sue these guys.

      2. Let me please add PRECISELY what the restraining order against VA actually ordered them to stop doing. I have never told you all before just precisely what I asked the judge to stop the VA mananger from doing.

        The courts all have boiler plate language in the RO about behaving in general but they have specific rules tailored for the case, and it is the rule that you as the “molested” are asking be imposed. Simple as that.

        Here is what the Assistant Attorney General was sent to civil court for so he could remove the singular restriction placed upon the CBOC manager and which was the ONLY thing that I asked for;

        The restraining order specified that he was to cease calling me at home personally.

        That’s it. The judge throws in a lot of language about not retaliating and such because of the order but the judge was ALSO VERY CAREFUL and specific to note that order did not apply to him when I was in the CBOC. She only said avoid contact if possible while I was there but I did not ask for that – she put that in.

        The facts of the case were not in dispute on appeal. The AG said the mumbo jumbo that translated says, “Respectfully you honor, take a hike because our power is bigger than yours.” America calls it Executive Priveledge and used this as the argument to restore a VA employees right to call me at home and rant.

        This too is in the public record right down at the courthouse. For those of you who have forgotten what a courthouse is, it is where they keep the justice. uh huh.

    4. You are spot on about much more needing to be done at Roseburg Dennis.

      Paxton is involuntarily reassigned and Ranjan is out, but flunkies there keep playing games and doing it in writing.

      Yet DeFazio is talking in the press as if everything is good now that Paxton is gone.

      1. @91Veteran
        Ranjan is not out. Here is a copy and paste from Eugene Register Guard from 10 hours ago;

        “Paxton’s removal follows an announcement earlier this week that Dr. Dinesh Ranjan, the Roseburg VA Medical Center’s chief of surgery, will be transferred to the VA’s Northwest ­regional office in Vancouver, Wash”

        Its like scraping the mold off the cheese then using the same unwashed knife to cut the slices with. It just spreads it all over.

      2. Or…like 16 Navy Submariners on shore leave after 6 months underwater and only one prostitute and she has a triple helping of herpes…more than enough to go around.
        (mold and cheese works as well with the geriatric prostitutes.. 🙂 )

      3. I agree he’s not out of the VA. I read either news reports or other comments that said he was reassigned, but its some bullshit work from home job…which suggests he will be staying right where he is at.

        At some point in a few months, it would be interesting to FOIA what job he is assigned to, and whether any special pay he was getting for being in a Physician slot has been removed.

        This reminds me of another hack Ben reported on that was reassigned to some “special projects” job. Don’t recall who.

    5. Dennis,

      Have you ever thought about trying to ping Jacob Leinenkugel – Trump’s guy who is supposed to fix the VA. One would think on the heels of current turmoil in Roseburg, he might be able to move the mountain – assuming he’s supposed to do anything. Just a thought. Finding him, other than through the brewery in Chip Falls, WI – that’s another issue, but maybe Ben has a way to contact him.

  13. “Mr. Magoo” plays Whack-A-Mole at the VA. Great ‘Bad VA Art’ today, Benjamin. Definitely ‘Mr. Magoo’ with a hint of ‘Elmer Fudd’.

    What about that “Accountability Law’ the POTUS and VA Sec. Shulkin spoke so highly about? You know, the one where Federal Employees can be fired at the drop of a fat hat?
    This Whack-A-Mole BS needs to cease because it’s only making it another region of Veteran’s problem and placing lives at risk…still.

    Definitely Mr. Magoo.

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