Camp Lejeune

Outgoing Sec VA Allocates Billions To Camp Lejeune Veterans

Camp Lejeune

On Friday, outgoing Sec VA Robert McDonald approved massive payouts for an estimated 900,000 veterans exposed to toxic Camp Lejeune water.

The plan is estimated to cost $2.2 billion over the next five years to finally compensate veterans exposed for at least 30 cumulative days to toxic water at the Marine base in North Carolina. Payments are set to start in March for qualifying veterans.

The decision was reached following years of research and haggling between veterans, Veteran Service Organizations, and internal stakeholders within the federal government.

Secretary McDonald concluded there was “sufficient scientific and medical evidence” to established a connection.

That connection was between exposures to the contaminated water and eight medical conditions believed to be linked to the exposures, from August 1, 1953, to December 31, 1987.

Camp Lejeune Presumptives

The conditions covered for qualifying veterans are:

  • adult leukemia,
  • aplastic anemia,
  • bladder cancer,
  • kidney cancer,
  • liver cancer,
  • multiple myeloma,
  • non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and
  • Parkinson’s disease.

Camp Lejeune Presumptive Background

Veterans groups have prosecuted the matter for years once word got out that fuel tanks and other toxins leaked into the drinking water for Camp Lejeune soldiers and family members. Tests confirmed that the drinking water there was unsafe for drinking.

In 2012, Congress passed a bill signed by the president to provide free medical care to veterans and family members affected by the toxic water. However, veterans and survivors were not automatically provided disability compensation or survivor compensation benefits.

In 2015, VA began rewriting its regulations in support of presumptive service connection for disability benefits for veterans who could show they were present at Camp Lejeune during the required period of time for at least 30 days.

The presumption creates an easier path for service connection for disability compensation. Now, veterans can bypass the typical requirement for a nexus letter from a medical examiner showing that a connection may exist between the exposure and a veteran’s present condition.

The standard is generally that the president disabling condition is at least as likely as not linked to the in-service condition, injury or exposure.

Before Friday, VA agreed to provide presumptive decisions for 15 conditions that allowed affected veterans to secure health care benefits.

Now, veterans with any of the 8 conditions cited above will also be eligible for compensation pay to offset the impact toxic exposures had on their earning capacity after military service.

Around 1,400 disability compensation claims are pending related to Camp Lejeune exposures that will be reviewed to determine if the new policy will allow swift adjudication of claims.

This decision has been a long time coming for many veterans who died while waiting for benefits. And for those still with us, the benefits allocated starting in March will provide much needed relief.

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  2. Just hoping this recognition of service related illness will be extended to include Ft McCllellan, Ft Knox, and Edgewood Arsenal (the triple whammy if you were unfortunate enough to be stationed at all three in the 1960’s)

  3. One important issue that’s clear and very disturbing to me is how they try to limit and ignore the amount of damage done to just 8 persumptive conditions, surely they don’t think that we are that nieave to believe that only those conditions, which is probably 10℅ probable cause will only be approved, and deny and reject the other 90℅ of Marines who has been diagnosed with other health related conditions outside of those approved that could very well be a result of the toxic water, i would suggest that every one go and request all health records from every Veterans hospital that you may have been treated for in the last 3 to 5 years, my personal opinion is that ever Marine that was stationed on camp lejeune for 180 days or more and have been denied time and time again, filing claims throughout the year and meet the time frame should be compensated PERIOD!!. I have three letters typed and ready to send to the appropriate offices addressing this very issue. We can’t continue to sit idle any more, the clock is ticking for many of us and we must act.

    1. Tony, I am actually shocked they allowed 8 conditions. That would suggest to me they had plenty of medical evidence showing the prevalence of those diseases. It also says they have plenty of evidence of any other condition you might claim.

      The problem you are facing is the exact same problem Agent Orange, Gulf War, Burn Pit and other vets are facing.

      The VA treats veterans for years. Hell they may even have special examinations for Agent Orange, Gulf War and Burn Pit vets called registry exams, but the VA never admits to how prevalent some diseases are among those thousands of veterans examined.

      What is so contradictory about the VA claiming that disease X did not result from your exposure, but if you look at other areas government or even private medicine is involved in, there are all kinds of warnings or safety measures demanded to minimize exposures and disease X.

      For example. If you were exposed to Benzene in the water there, and that exposure is known to cause stomach cancer by the CDC, Institute of Medicine, FDA, the state of California, OSHA, etc., the VA will ignore all those outside entities and claim it has not been proven that Benzene exposure causes cancer, while at the same time denying hundreds of claims for veterans with stomach cancer.

      For years the VA denied Gulf War vets were suffering any health effects from chemical exposures. When it was proven we were exposed, the VA claimed it was at too low of a level to cause health effects. Many years after the Gulf War, a study was performed of health effects in Gulf War veterans, and they found that the closer a veteran was to Khamisiyah when munitions bunkers with chemical weapons stored there were blown up, the worse the veterans health was…if they were still alive.

      For you, the VA might claim you were not there long enough to be exposed to enough crap to cause disease. Or they might claim the levels were too low, as if they know what those levels are.

      If you truly want to make headway, find out what contaminants were in the water. Find out what civilian agencies or health organizations say about health conditions causes by exposure to those contaminants. It would greatly help you argue your claim, or argue for proper health care.

      The VA likes to think they are the only authority on what disease is caused by exposure to X substance. They are clueless, or intentionally ignoring those more knowledgeable.

  4. I have had a clain in for four and one half years on my back. I have a nexus letter from a qualifed back surgeon and an injury listed in my service record. I had an NOD hearing two months ago. My VSO is a nice guy but does not know what he is doing. I guess it is about time to give up!

    1. Mike, Send me an email and I’ll give you a referral to my attorney. “[email protected]

      If you have to go to the CAVA you shouldn’t have to pay her 20% fee. . At the BVA level, where my case is now, we have to pay the attorney’s 20% fee. Not sure how it works for a remand. Maybe Benjamin can answer that.

      For my tort (SF-95) claim I expect to have to pay 1/3 in attorney fees but will ask the court to award the fees in addition to any award I get if I can find an attorney to take the case. Not many attorneys in Wyoming that do VA cases or medical malpractice cases.

      Your experience with a back problem is the same as mine although mine is a secondary MVA claim from a previously undiagnosed seizure condition from my service connected TBI

    2. Mike, the backlog a the BVA is huge because the adjudicators have not been granting even the most obvious claims. Don’t expect anything for 7 years or more unless you get your VSO to get you an advancement on the docket. I’ve been waiting over 19 years and just recently got a letter advancing me on the docket because I’m over 75. You can also be advanced for hardship or health. But I’m not very hopeful, having been advanced, that I’ll get a decision in less than 3 years because a FOIA request won’t be finished until mid 2019.

      1. Lem, I believe you are like many other veterans. Thinking the VA is on the up and up and will finish your claim in 3 three years. 78 years old. I’m afraid they are stringing you and thousands of veterans along. This is the VA MO, make the veterans wait, wait, wait and after they get the veterans Death notice, sends out letters your claim has been granted at 0 percent or just get your records, Box them up and that case is closed.

        I am sorry, but the VBA and VA have proven over and over, that they are not their to Assist. They are there to string veterans along, until they give up, let their claim lapse or hopefully Die.

        What excuse have they given you ? Remember in 2015 over 200 thousand veterans died before their claims had been Adjudicated. Records were (thrown) every where in a basement for years.

        And then there are veterans like me, where they said my Official Military records were destroyed in the Saint Louis fire in May of 1973. That could have not been true, The EVIDENCE that they could have not been in the fire, Is I was discharged in October of 1973.

        Veterans are being given false hopes. In other words the DECK is STACKED against them and the VA could care less how many veterans DIE before getting what they really deserve.

        People like Diana Rubin’s and Graves are running the show and care only about each other more that the veterans they were to serve. For every claim they deny frees up money for them to receive over $400 thousands to move and live with each other.

        They told their employees when called to testify “go ahead and laugh, we will see who has the last laugh”. went in front of Jeff Miller and the VA committee and the VA Attorney’s told them to plead the 5th, Now these were not Lawyers hired by the Two, the VA paid the Attorney’s to defend them.

        That money paid to the lawyers, was your and my money and the citizens of the united states. So VA employees get free lawyers and Veterans have NONE. They are doing the same thing with yearly Bonus money, they use this money to keep employees in line, sort of Blackmail. They dish it out like candy.

        They say they have to pay the bonus’s to keep qualified employees. Qualified at what retaliating against Whistleblowers and former VA employees. It should be called yearly BLOOD money.

        I know we would like to think everything they are not killing veterans. But the truth of the matter is they are. By denying veterans their deserved disability in order to qualify for treatment.

        Yes, veterans should never stop trying, trying gives them hope and hope is all we have. Even if it is a FALSE hope.
        Veterans that had enough and express their concerns pay for expressing themselves to VA employees and they are being reported to the Disruptive Committee as being disruptive. Its not just a few hundreds if not thousands are being reported and have no avenue to defend themselves.

        Veterans using Choice are being retaliated against by the VA not paying the providers for their services and many veterans are being taken to collections. That will teach those Veterans for wanting to use private doctors. They said using private doctors would not effect their care within the VA, that’s another lie.

        If a veterans uses choice and need medication right away, the veterans MUST pay for those medications out of pocket. If the veterans don’t have the money to pay for emergent medication they go without and tell the veterans they have to have the doctor Fax those to a VA hospital to be filled.

        This happened to me, very bad Lung infection and luckily my daughter had the money, for me to obtain the needed medication, without getting those medications that day, the infection could have killed me.

        VA SO WHAT !

    3. Your like 90 % of veterans will GIVE up. You are doing exactly what the VA has predicted. I want you to think of something that the VA does want Veterans to know. If you do not keep your claim up to date and keep it an open case, you the veteran once you are granted you claim, you will loose out on all the Back pay you deserved.

      The VA is counting on you to give up, they love quitters. For every veteran that quits is more money for them to dish out each year in Bonus money.

  5. Seymour Clearly. Must be nice to have all the answers. I am 80 and functioning but was also referring to still being in close contacts with Vietnam buddies who are now reaching 70 or more. What is your military experience and LEN also?

    1. Some short timers aren’t aware some of us went in late and stayed longer. I’m 75 and got out in 1974 at 33. That means I served with men 16 years younger than I am.

  6. I was a marine sergeant stationed at Camp Lejeune 1/6 Battalion from 1977-1980, and I also lived on Tarawa Terrace after I was transferred to 3/8 marines infantry, from 1980-1983, I have been filing for compensation at the Veterans administration offices, from Dublin Georgia, Montgomery, Alabama, Albany, Georgia, and for the past 15 years here in Birmingham,Al C&P IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, and for over 20 years I have been constantly denied time and time again, filing appeals after appeals, I submitted a previous letter to the veterans administration in 2008 when I was first notified by the office of the judge advocate general in Washington about the discovery of the unregulated chemicals found in the water system, so when I went back in to submit this new evidence to the rating board, only then did they decided to increase a condition that had been previously denied, what a coincidence, I was 19 years old when I reported to Camp Lejeune in 1977, all my symptom started there, my medical records confirms that, because I still have my original sickbay records even to this day, but my conditions worsened in the years to follow, 20 years ago is was 38, continue trying to prove my case, I’m 58 now, and I just don’t believe I have 20 more years of fight left in me to deal with the pain and mental stress the va has put me through, and yet still most of the reason given was that my conditions was not military related, I have reported to them so many different ailments, symptoms and conditions that I believe is a direct result to being exposed to the toxic water at the marine base, now this toxic water can not be confine just to certain cancers, as their findings so indicates, when I had entered my information on the official registry in 2008 I found out how many more marines was experiencing the same symptoms and conditions as I was, I was married at the time and my wife and I sadly lost a child through miscarriage, and my daughter who is now 32 was diagnosed later with a learning disorder and and she required special need at some point during her early years, but I was told that I couldn’t do anything now because she is an adult now, and now with this newly development settlement they still continue to slap me and others in the face by wanting to restrict, exclude and limit the many of the other conditions that hundreds of thousand of my fellow veteran brothers and sister have that may not be on their approve list, but that won’t hold water with me. I’m going to file a new claim based on all previous conditions and on the presumptive service facts that my records reflect that from 1977 to 1983 myself and my family was exposed to toxic water contamination at the marine Corp Logistic base at camp Lejeune and have been rejected for many years, as early as 2003 in receiving compensation based on facts and condition to which, again may be a result of the toxic water.

    1. HEY TONY i was also there 72-73-then 76 my medical records also show i was always sick when there but they ignore the facts

    2. This sounds like Gulf War veterans.

      Many of the exact same symptoms reported, but the VA only agrees to a few, simply because of overwhelming evidence.

  7. @ANutterVet, this is so wrong on so many levels. You are entitled to receive good care. If you are in chronic pain they have to treat you or fee base (choice) program. No surgery, the credentialing and priveledging can be corrupted in the va system. I would ask because your private sector doctor prescribed it. If they still say no try a different avenue ask for choice program.

  8. @ANutterVet, i googled dept. of veterans affairs. I put the med. in search bar. Took me to definition of medications and i think it said e veteran library. Gave descript. Of med. and how to take it.

    1. @Ex va – Carisoprodol [Soma] is on the VA’s formulary, but they are tapering patients off of it.

      “” —> see VA Product Name List – Excel Spreadsheet (updated 1/10/2017) —> see MS200 —> VA is tapering Veterans off of this medication. All of the other muscle relaxers the VA suggests to use, do not work in giving me relief. Even though I’ve been on Carisoprodol for over 3 years in Private Sector with no contraindications, if you request it from the VA you’re more than likely labeled as a drug seeker.

      Go figure. On one of the VA’s pdf file, it states that if no relief is noticed by other muscle relaxers than surgery is suggested. I may be barking up a wrong tree in requesting Carisoprodol. They would rather slice me open. Yea, with all their first class orthopedic back surgeons. Right.

      1. @ANutterVet, you are asking for the lesser of pain management medications. There is no excuse for them to deny you your previous medications.

      2. @ANutterVet, they would have done a drug test in the beginning and wouldn’t prescribe the more stronger pain med. if you had a problem. Chronic pain has to be addressed.

      3. The private sector is now very reluctant and resistant as well in prescribing muscle relaxants in-general these days using Medicare. I have incredibly debilitating leg cramps, mostly at night, related to both neuropathy and medications side-effects. I have asked and suggested nicely a few times now in last year and they only like to quote, “evidence-based medicine”…well, the evidence from my perspective is I have freaking bad cramps and I would really like relief.
        Instead, I beefed-up my magnesium & potassium supplements and I seemed to have helped myself….now, when I tell them I resolved it via these means they just look at me with a question mark…”Evidence-Based Medicine” is a cover name for “Textbook-Based Medicine”…all I am saying is it is not just the VA, it’s a movement within the medical community that makes those of us that NEED such medicines SUFFER because they are removing such meds instead of dealing with both drug-seeking patients and the M.D.’s that cater to them…FACT.
        “Evidence-Based Medicine” uses the reasoning of, “Since Patient X abuses this medicine, then ALL patients are Patient X and should be treated as such BUT never ever address the REAL problem. (SOMA is only one that has worked for me as well) Instead, a natural compound that I also have received some relief taking supplement of Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple juice and in the pineapple stem. People use it for medicine. (only found naturally in nature in quantities in pineapple core…can be juiced). Helps with inflammation and muscle spasms.

      4. Cut your carbon dioxide intake through cutting out carbonated soft drinks. Should relieve your nightly leg cramps. Been there. Docs don’t know the basics of cramps. Cramps are caused by a build up of carbon dioxide in the muscle tissue. Thus runners get cramps in long distance races, etc.

        Your pulmonary system isn’t able to keep up with soft drinks especially as you get older.

      5. I can’t recall the last time I had a soft drink, soda, pop, whatever.

        I have leg and foot cramps nightly.

        They became worse after my last knee surgery.

      6. Deletion of soda pop is the quick fix for most who have nightly leg cramps. But there are lots of other reasons when that isn’t the cause that need to be investigated. For example the first I would suspect is ample blood return vessels due to your knee surgery. But there are many other reasons such as liver disease or lung disease or heart disease. Usually with lung disease and liver disease you also need 02. Too few PCs do the needed tests.

        Shortness of breath. Did you know caffeine is an aggravator?

      7. @Lem-
        #1- I never have liked nor drank anything carbonated, not even beer.
        #2- Has absolutely nothing in my case to do with CO2. My particular complex health issues and the complex, very expensive three drug cocktails I need to take daily to remain on planet earth, are causing such side-effects and disease itself is one of the many varied symptoms patients such as I experience.
        #3- Had I continued to utilize the VA I would in-fact have been dead about 7 years ago because the VA would not recognize the very well-respected ID Dr.’s phenotype/genotype showing my exact mutation strain and resistance to two entire classes of meds…the VA wanted instead ignore that renown research Dr.’s packet and wanted to place me on drugs from mid-90’s that were actually killing people faster than the disease itself…still on the VA’s freaking Drug Formulary.
        #4- I was one of the very unlucky recipients of infections from untested/tainted blood products…in-service and it came to finally bite me about 10 years ago and I have been through highway to hell and back and then some and I have learned that I know more about my illnesses and treatment than my PCP, but I have full faith in my Medicare paid for non-VA Infectious Disease Dr.
        #5- The VA in their unsanitary ways also gave me 3 different incredibly chronic cases of MRSA and also C-DIFF.
        #6- Three of my Veteran best friends were killed by VA’s direct negligence in just the last 7 years and two others by suicide.
        #7- So you can see where from my point of view, under Obama’s and McDonald’s VA, how they failed me and all in my periphery and even if things were rosy for ME *personally* and I could use the VA without fear, I still would not cease advocating for my brothers and sisters-in-arms and their survivors, and Veteran Suicide and Homelessness is actually made a thing of the VA’s dirty past…I will not cease.
        #8- My Gastro Spec. has tested me already for CO2 several times when also testing me for various other things…my CO2 is fine.
        #9- Nice to know all is peachy for you and your healthcare at the VA. That’s an exception to the norm.

      8. To all, I don’t know if this applies to your situation or not. I wouldn’t recommend it either. For an anti-inflammatory, I receive toradol injections, as for your neuropathy and cramping……I had neuropathy so bad I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I would pass out after being awake for days on end. I had a script for Morphine for my back sitting in the cupboard for a long time. My back was acting up, and was more painful than usual. I decided what the hell, and took my first Morphine, it didn’t do shit for the back pain, but for the first time ever, the neuropathy was completely gone, along with the leg cramping. I looked it up, and I admit I didn’t look too deeply, but found out that opiates were indeed a treatment for neuropathy. The cocktail the VA has me on is crazy, and right now I am forgetting where I am going with this, even after re-reading what I wrote………………I fucking hate living like this, this isn’t living. Anyway, I hope this helps in some small way. If not, just forget my post altogether. Sometimes I have no clue what points I am trying to make. I apologize up front. Drugs+TBI=part-time idiot.

      9. I found just after knee replacement surgery that morphine does nothing for me for pain.
        Or the severe leg cramps I had while still in the hospital.

        Percocet was what worked for both, but the doctor believed it would be hard on my body, which meant the nurses were slow in providing it on schedule.

      10. That is one thing I appreciated about being hospitalized in Japan for pain distress. The medication was adequate and delivered timely. No wonder they are in the top 3 of the WHO standings and the U S is 37th, 16 under the top 19 industrialized countries.

      11. Right on cj! Keep trying until you find relief. Mine was capsaicin cream 0.75%. All kinds of pain medications gave little relief and I started capsaicin as an adjunct for heat without a heat pad.

    1. @Ex va – Please send me the link. Is it on their formulary? I have been requesting this medication for over 3 years, ever since I entered the VA system. Ex va thanks a lot my Brother.

  9. I found these articles that talks about Veteran addictions.



    The VA wants me to take more pain meds instead of prescribing a muscle relaxer that was giving me relief from additional spasms and pain. It was prescribed to me in the Private Sector, then when I entered the VA they took it away from me. I deduce that the VA is dangerous. My PCP prescribes me pain meds and is not even trained in Pain Management.

    On the back end of prescribing pain meds, the VA doesn’t recognize that pain meds contribute to accelerated aging. I have been arguing with them for over 3 years to no avail. My wife and I spend over $100 month on antioxidants.

    And, due to the current restrictions on pain medications, now the Pharmaceutical Companies are taking advantage of other countries that are less restricted. Like the tobacco industry did overseas.


    1. Hey ANutterVet,

      Did you check out the undercover videos by Project Veritas on VA prescription practices on the page like in my post above?

      Vid #1 “”
      Vid #2 “”

      1. @Seymore Klearly, they talk and say those things and admit as being like an everyday normal business routine. Where is the humanity? Or their morality of ethics as health care providers. If they are admitting it is wrong why do they do it? They are soulless and empty. I would say good videos, but it makes me furious. Their behavior is criminal and negligent. The system is so sick.

      2. @Seymore klearly , @Ex va – I saved these videos. They should be charged, convicted, and locked up.

    2. Long term use of muscle relaxants (more than 30 days at a time) will cause you to have the inability to have an ejaculation and result in prostate problems. Be careful and read your side effects of the med.

  10. Here something I believe is important, even if others don’t!
    Have y’all ever wondered this one thing. When it comes to any and all government agencies. It seems, no matter what scam or criminal activities one talks about, it always comes down to one aspect —–!!!! MONEY!!!!!
    No matter what we’ve asked, talked about, complained about, speculated over, etc., etc., etc.! The bottom line ALWAYS comes down to —-!!!MONEY!!!!

    This is why, in my opinion, we veterans need to understand the workings of the criminal mind.
    The government, no matter which department, entity or agency, must be dealt with as a criminal enterprise. They have, with the Federal Reserve, caused this “Constitutional Republic” great financial harm.
    That is why I, and a few others on here, understand the workings of the Federal Reserve. Realize if they continue to hold the people in a “Share Cropper” status, (As the Democrats have done since the early 19 th century, continuing until today), we will loose all aspect of financial services as we know it!

    1. @Crazy elf – And that is exactly what they want. In this way, they will have us all under their dam thumbs. A modern day slave comes to mind. And race doesn’t matter.

    2. Hey Elf,

      Speaking about criminal activity did you catch the new project Veritas release on the planned attack during the inauguration: “Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration”, posted today


      Some one needs to be arrested today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Also you might remember Project Veritas undercover investigation in to the VA.

        All the VA employees and Doctors caught on tape saying what was going on at the VA with the VA causing Drug Addition and Deaths while they were drinking.

        How they are also prescribing pills just to do it and how they just change prescriptions just to mess with Veterans.


  11. I found this site pertaining to different topics inside the VA System. Don’t know if it can be used by anyone for snooping purposes.

    Remove quotations —> “”

      1. @Lem – You have to register to log in. Use s pseudo name to not be tracked. Out of rants. Break time. K9 is all over me.

      2. Did that part and tried to find a way to post. Couldn’t find the tab or at least one that worked. Tried the “folder” by VA and the one active post which wasn’t very active. Couldn’t see a way to post. May have to wait until tomorrow after the computer updates the site and picks up my registration.

      3. Some sites require an admin approve your registration before they will allow you to post.
        Some are fast at it, as if the admin receives an email or alert that a new registration is waiting.
        Others take awhile.

        Since its a VA discussion site, your initial registration will likely be denied, you can appeal, and maybe in 18 months you can post. But only 3 sentences at a time.

  12. Does anyone know what a “Sensitivity 7” on the VARO side is.

    It delayed my attorney from getting a copy of my file and caused a severe editing of what she received. Also only a “Sensitivity 7” officer was able to see my file. Nothing in it that is sensitive as far as I know unless you think being suicidal or nearly having gone postal is sensitive. All relative to my TBI and residuals of that.

    I’ve never been able to get a definition. Is it related to a Top Secret clearance prior to the head injury. Even with the clearance I never saw anything labeled Top Secret or even Secret because I never had the need to know. The clearance was standard for serving on a Naval Communication Station.

    1. @Lem,
      I’ve never heard of a “sensitivity 7”. Would it have anything to do with a ‘Top Secret’ or ‘SAS’ clearance is anyone’s guess.
      I had a “Top Secret/Crypto” in the Army, and a “Top Secret” in the Navy due to my “MOS” and “NEC”, respectfully.
      The only thing I believe this could be attributed to is any documents you would have in your “201 file”, (Army) or “Personnel Records, (Navy)! Other than that, did you ever work as a civilian for the government, (militaries) after you “ETS” out?
      The reason I ask is because, at every VHA I’ve been to, the personnel can’t even view my VA or VHA records.
      This had to do, according to the VA, is because I was a “civilian contractor” for “special ops”.
      I too am confused as to why no one can access my medical and other records. Unless they have some type of security clearance!

      1. No problem on the Medical side. The problem is on the VARO benefits side. Could be because I demonstrated for veterans with organic brain syndromes from 1995 to 2001 on the DC mall and in front of the VA Central Office on Vermont Street in DC. Was primarily while I was an expat.

        Eventually a reporter wrote an article on veteran’s with TBIs from IUDs. Possibly got the background from my handouts when I was demonstrating. Anyway I got an additional 40% as of 2009 in 2011 to bring me to 70% from 50% and may make me eligible for UE at 100% from 2009.

        If anyone is on the board that had a prior to 2009 TBI and hasn’t requested additional compensation they should get a claim in. They’ll only take it back one year from date claim is filed. I’m trying to break that under 38 CFR 4.42 alleging the first C&P was incomplete for the injuries I had claimed leaving me to struggle for years with untreated subtle temporal lobe seizures which were also responsible for my abrupt shortened career in the Navy (13+ years).

      2. Its not sensitivity. Its likely a ‘sensitive level 7’. Which means only certain folks with that type of access can look at your VBMS records. Perhaps someone is/was employed by VA in your family (now or in the past), or maybe you worked for VA in the past (VBA/VHA), or you had some type of connection/employment to VA in the past.

        Sensitivity levels, for the most part, require different levels of access (at least for the providers) to review. That’s all it is, as far as I know.

      3. Did have a Top Secret clearance because of a station I was on but never handled a Top Secret document even unopened to transport. Did transport some Secret and Confidential.

        But I don’t think that has anything to do with the VA’s “Sensitivity 7”. My attorney couldn’t even get a copy of my file and finally when she got a copy the most important documents were not included. I think it has to do with my demonstrating in DC beginning from 1995 to 2001 for Veteran’s with Organic Brain Syndromes. It is a bust because only one operator admitted the problem with getting copies of my record was because I was a “Sensitivity 7” and only Sensitivity 7 officers could release information from my file or respond to my attorney. Neither of which happened until I got a copy of a very disorganized file from the VA with many documents missing. Especially those related to my demonstrations and related to my TBI.

  13. Here is a site that lists free Clinical Trials for possible medical help —> “”

    Copy without quotation marks, then paste in your browsers URL bar.

  14. To All – Does anyone receive the muscle relaxer called Soma [Carisoprodol] from their PCP at a VA Medical Center? If not, do you know of any other Veteran that is prescribed this medication? Your help is greatly appreciated.

    1. @ANutterVet, i went to dept. of veterans affairs website and typed in carisoprodol. Directions for use of this medication came up so it is being prescribed in va system.

  15. The VA does the same thing like the State of Hawaii does to the Hawaiians. The State depends on infighting by the Hawaiian leaders for power. The State then just sits back and does nothing. There is no unity. The Hawaiians have been waiting for decades to get back taxes from Government Agencies using their land, and they dribble out homestead property to the Hawaiians at a snails pace. I see many similarities.

    Then if you piss them off too much, they’ll do the same thing that they did to my ancestors, the Native Americans. They play dirty really well. After all they’ve been doing this for quite a long time now. May be I’m wrong. I sure hope so.

    1. Or they are just offering hope and everyone needs to file a new claim so they can delay some more.

      1. @Seymore Klearly – That’s more like it. Keep on stalling. Got to find a way to stop this demeaning tactic. Dam these snowflakes.

      2. This is where you are different than Crazy elf, Seymore. You offer assistance to your fellow veterans and are independent politically most of the time.

      3. @Lem – Crazy elf and Seymore Klearly mean well, and they really do care about all Veterans whether they have different political views. Lem, their frustrated because they are tired of hearing and watching Veterans and family members getting screwed over by a corrupted system. They want the best for all Veterans. And, they have been in this quagmire for a long time. I bet you, if they personally knew you, and you were in a jam [getting screwed over], that they would help you out. Their just tired of the same old shit, and when they smell it that can’t help but to call it as it is. No offense or disrespect in stating this. They really do care, like I believe that you care in your own way. The main issue is that the VA system and its cronies are the problem. And, we don’t need to be divided by their cunning tactics. Kapeesh [spelling].

      4. Lem,

        Elf has offered the same assistance at least a hundred times on this blog. Also I have made my politics known on these blog repeatedly.

        Here is one example:

        Today I read an article titled “These Democrats aren’t attending Trump’s inauguration” published by CNN a network I call a fake news network or even the Clinton News Network.

        Any way, the article listed responses from 32 Democrat Congressman and senators that were not going to attend the inauguration. When I looked each of them up more than 80% were people of color. When I read their reasons for not attending it was all the Dems talking points against Trump.

        I really didn’t know until today that the Democratic party had so many openly anti-white racist. I am just floored by this. I used to be a Democrat but voted for trump because of who they picked “Hillary” to represent the democrats. Now I am an independent.


      5. I’m a liberal independent that voted for Trump to shake things up and because I didn’t like the dishonesty of the DNC and the “entitlement attitude” of HRC. It turned me off as much as the “entitlement” attitude of the Romneys did. I believe Trump’s heart on veteran’s issues is in the right place as well as on citizenry health care. Tom Daschle butchered the ACA by turning it over to big medical and pharma and insurance to write the law. I think Trump will actually get something that will reduce costs and provide better care for all. That remains to be seen. I’m encouraged by the appointment of a VA Director that has experience in the ACO (Accountable care organization) area which was the lean of Dr. Cutler, the original point man for Obama in his campaign for President. The proof of ACOs viability will be in the pudding. If it doesn’t work we won’t be any worse off than we are now with medial costs the fasting increase in the % of GDP of any segment.

        FYI I don’t take the boycott of the inauguration as “anti-white” other than the retaliation to the birther movement and the appointment of obvious racists to the Trump Cabinet. I don’t remember who the quote is from but I believe Trump is following it: “Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.”

        I from a family on my father’s side that moved to Missouri from SC and passed for white as white racists for several generations following the Civil War. The first Bray on my father’s side in the U S was an English sea captain who married a black woman in Boston and moved to South Carolina. I personally gave pro segregationist speeches in speech class at the University of Wyoming in 1959. I subsequently had a life changing experience there when the only black student, a Kenyan called, Barry was rejected from a Fraternity. He was a friend and coworker in the Student Union. A fellow coworker pointe out my hypocrisy when I protested to my speech class classmate in front of Barry. And I realized I was defending my father’s beliefs and not my own. Barry switched to the University of Hawaii after the first semester. He could be President Obama’s father except he was shorter than I was at 5’9″. Could have grown between December of 1959 and the Birth of President Obama. I think he was only 15 or 16 and very intelligent.

        I’ll point out that the University of Wyoming was the last land grant university to desegregate. And it took an on field (football) protest by black member of an opposing football team to point that out years after I left UOW to join the Navy.

      6. What do all these side comments have to do with THE LEJEUNE WATER CONTAMINATION LIST I`M ASKING. Can we stay on topic here?

      7. ED: Which is how I led the comments astray. Fed up with spamming of political views off topic which resulted in an introduction of my background in response to another poster and directed at that poster.

      8. ed mays

        No one is preventing you from reading other post. But you are bothered by our comments.

        Piss Off Troll!!!

      9. ed mays,

        In an earlier post, you claim that you are affected by IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that you now have a 4-year-old claim for unemployment disability. You also claim to have been stationed at Lejeune for 1 month back in 1956 so you are what 79-80 years old.

        You also state “It has been my pleasure to serve with a great bunch of guys who I still stay in close contact with all these many years.”

        Got news for you ed that bunch of guys you served with and stayed in close contact with are mostly dead. Given the average male lifespan of a male in the US is now around 68.5 years.

        Your claim for IBS and unemployment disability. Not happening largely due to your advanced age and you inability to work because of that.

        Let me guess GH, dam Martinez? Got a little time off before your next shift at the Hole?

    1. Joseph I found a page that may help you answer that question. But it is a VA page so the reliability of the information is debatable.


  16. You Old Boy Network penile sucking and ass kissing frigging perverts. You’re WAYYYYYYYYY out of touch with mainstream Veterans.

    My fellow Veterans, I appeal to you to complain to all of your Senators and Congress Members on how you believe the VA needs reforming now. Enough is enough. These trolls are getting away with murder. They treat Veterans like a bar coded slab of pork belly fat.

    Tell all of your family, friends, associates, and colleagues as well. Mouth to mouth advertising about the VA scandals can bring the spotlight on these ratbutt characters. Don’t give up. Tell everyone that you know how the VA is shafting Veterans.

    So what if the people you tell get tired of hearing about the VA. If they don’t want to hear it, I guess they’re not in your foxhole. I’m tired of reading about all the misfortunes of my fellow Brothers and Sisters.

    PE Trump, make good on your promise and keep your eye on the new Secretary. Our eyes are on you. Mr. Trump if you don’t follow through with reforming the VA, then Veterans might follow through during the next Presidential election. With all due respect, you’re disposable like Veterans are according to the VA’s dipshit Administrators. Put the reformation on a fast track. Veterans are dying.

      1. @Lem – To keep knocking on their doors until they get tired of Veterans asking for change. Got to find some way to make them move without violence. Other seasoned Veterans may have a better plan. But truthfully, something needs to be done.

      2. What are your specifics. ex: easier to fire and replace to get better? How do you achieve that? The psych of many government employees is one of getting a position of power and if you don’t exercise power you don’t have it. Look at how few police have a service ideal. Look at IRS agents who automatically presume you are a tax fraud, rake you over the coals and never apologize when they are proven wrong, etc.

        And do you think that changes in a private position? A nurse at the local clinic I go to seems to have taken a petty vindictive attitude toward me because in trying to get my Choice entitlement straightened out as far as prescriptions I got her error and inefficiency pointed out to her supervisor. I didn’t know whose fault it was that I didn’t get my meds. I was just concerned about getting them without paying for them as a 70%service connected veteran. And that I got my large depends as well.

      3. @Lem – Like you, I’m a Veteran who is tired of the same ole, same ole. Tired of the intimidation, being treated unfairly without true compassion. All I want is to get well. I agree, the problems in the VA system are deeply rooted, and corrupt-incompetent VA employees don’t want to give up their position of power. The VA is a mess. I’m game for trying anything, less violence, to speak out for change.

        I don’t care if they put me on the Disruptive Behavior or the EPER list for Veterans in which a designated employee believes that you are a danger to VA workers, patients, visitors, and-or property. I have a security clearance so they can do as they wish.

        I’ll obtain as much information as I can, then try to find loop holes in the system. But these buttheads have been using the VA system to their advantage for years. They also set up rules, guidelines, and regulations that benefit their best interests and not Veterans.

        Sometimes like people, agencies create their own potholes in which they fall into. Its a special operative game, searching and looking to expose their weak areas or links.

        I don’t have a team, and I’m not interested in becoming a VA Secretary. And, if I was the VA Secretary, I’d recruit Veterans from this blog, including Ben, and clean house faster than a New York second. Frigging heads would roll, and if not, I’d make their life miserable.

    1. Thank you for your post ANutterVet. Only thing is when my husband and I go to the VA and talk to other Vets they don’t want to hear it. They tell me that I need to get my husband away from the internet. I tell them at least he is informed. The VA has changed his and my Status and address so many times I lost count. They don’t want us to be informed or married or his Vietnam boots on ground to be on record.
      If they are doing this to us how many others are they doing this to?
      Hope you have a great day.

  17. Ray Goff
    I would be a Billionaire, if I were a Hearing Aid Salesman. I did not realize how many Deaf People are in the VA Organization, starting with Robert McDonald. Every argument I have made/submitted regarding Prostate Cancer not being on the list of 8, has fallen on DEAF EARS. I can accept that if the VA denied all claims regarding Prostate Cancer. What I am about to state, is public knowledge and in fact has been provided by the VA Regional Office in Louisville, KY. They have documented how many Claims for Prostate Cancer they have processed, how many were denied and how many THEY APPROVED. If they only approved 1, isn’t that precedent setting? How can they approve some and deny others? What is it about PC that does not qualify for consideration, when other Cancers are on the list. Mr. VA, as a Prostate Cancer patient, I can tell you, CANCER IS CANCER IS CANCER no matter what name you put in front of it. We who have Cancer, learn to deal with it. The VA, in recognizing only selected Medical Conditions and not including other known Medical Conditions, is their way of not dealing with the issue. This will be tweeted to President Elect Donald Trump to provide to the incoming VA Secretary.

  18. The VA Lejeune list should have added IBS…Irritable Bowel Syndrome..which I have for far too many years. Was there living in the barracks one month during AIT in late `56 and again with 3/6th Marines from May 0f `58 to Nov of 1959 until separation. If bad drinking water didn`t cause IBS I don`t know what would except later Army infantry service in Vietnam in 1967. I now have an almost 4 year old unemployment disability claim shuffling back and forth between Wash, DC and Newark Regional Office and no decision yet but always asking for more evidence including repeat evidence of my Vietnam service. Guess my DD214 showing it is not enough. Like us vets say, the VA is waiting for us older guys to just give up. go away, and die. I hope female vets with a claim are being taken care of quickly and not shuffled around like the rest of us. Semper FI and Army Strong! It has been my pleasure to serve with a great bunch of guys who I still stay in close contact with all these many years. God Bless.

  19. Kudos when kidos are due. Thank you Mr. Sec. for doing something that will aid my brother Marines. I served just south in Beaufort SC and at times went to Lejuen for various little details.

    Of the 2.2 billion, how much of that is compensation for the VA workers who will be helping? Is the 2.2 billion for staff increases to help? Bonuses for VA workers who service their requests? Is the 2.2 billion a number that simply gears up the VA or is the 2.2 billion meant as direct cash support?

    My hunch is that 80% of the money allocated is allocated to hire more VA folks, and/or bolster VA budgets in anticipation of Marines seeking aid. Am I also to assume that VA will be trusted to fairly dispense this money to my brothers?…… hmmmmm.

    I am not being cynical at all; it is just that when the Bull takes a crap in the waning hours of daylight, it may ineed be the sweetest looking 2.2 billion dollar crap in the meadow….. but it still smells like bullshit to me.

  20. $2.2B for a settlement is an outright disgrace. Reminds me of what happened in Flint, Michigan. Typical offers from unsympathetic selfish greedy bureaucrats. What do you really expect from our Government Agencies? We don’t want to cut in on their bonuses now do we? The amount that each person, who they determine is eligible for compensation, will be peanuts. Did you expect something different? All you have to do is evaluate their track record. Those scumbag anal buttflakes are doing it again. They’re predictable!

  21. Doing some math. 2.2 Billion divided by 900,000 possibly affected people =$2,444.00 divided by 5 yrs = $488.00 a yr.
    2.2 Billion divided by 23,000 total files claimed =$95,652.00 divided by 5 years = $19,130.00 a yr.
    2.2 Billion divided by 1,400 pending claims = $1.5 Million divided by 5 = $300,000.00 a year, not
    going to happen, period.
    I served at Lejeune Aug 76 to Dec 78, had Bladder cancer May 92. So. Since I already had it and it’s still in remission, I am sure I will be fucked over and receive nothing. I also heard that they want to spend over 8 Billion for contractors to fix the VA problems. And finally I heard that they want to look into or take away Concurrent Receipt of Retired Pay and VA Disability. I served this country for just over 24 years, 21 plus years active duty and this is what my government does for its veterans?

    1. The attorneys will receive your share. And that is not in your calculations. At least they have been able to take care of their fees and a little but not much more. The decision needs revisiting by new attorneys.

      I sent Benjamin some “studies” on how these things are worked.

      How are you doing on that research Benjamin. Did your neurologist show any interest in getting the actual data on the cerebral malaria study? Does it show a skewed conclusion in the report mimicking the conclusion that the B study group exaggerated their “wellness” post acute phase because they wanted to go home instead of exhibiting the “anosognosia” effect of brain function depression similar to ETOH intoxication? I’m certain if I wanted a shorter tour I would have played dysfunctional not asserting I was better than before I entered the service.

  22. Ft McClellan vets ( which includes most every female ( us army) who served until the base was closed) are left out of the discussion.

  23. While finally the vets are being assisted I have one simple question that I have not seen addressed yet.WHAT ABOUT THE FAMILIES THAT RESIDED ON BASE AS WELL AS THE EMPLOYEES THAT WERE EMPLOYED THERE.Do they no also need to be taken care of? Or would the government rather not talk about this large elephant in the room?

  24. Thank you @ANutterVet, I am writing this down, i need the help also. I am on so many meds i will have to have my doctors look at this to see if i could do this. It sounds great, i would really like to go to a more natural approach to my health problems. Thanks again, i will see what i can do.

    1. @Ex va – Don’t be surprised if your doctor is not fully aware of these supplements. If things get really hectic, I suggest seeking advice from a Naturopathic Physician. Also, you may want to Google the items, and also search for databases that checks to see if the supplements have any contraindications when using your current medications.

      To make slushes, if you can’t afford the Vitamix blender, the Ninja is an excellent choice as well. Make sure you purchase the Ninja with the most wattage. We have a Ninja and really put it to good use. Good luck Ex va, glad I could help.

  25. To All – Many Veterans have symptoms of extreme anxiety, insomnia, and are hyper. Here is a short list of the supplements that I take. This is for informational purpose only, please check with your health professional.

    –>5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan (5-HTP) is a naturally occurring metabolite of the amino acid tryptophan and is the direct precursor of the inhibitory neurotransmitter serotonin.
    •Supplementation of 5-HTP raises levels of serotonin in the brain that can improve mood, impulse control, learning, behavior, and sleep patterns.
    •Low levels of serotonin are related to depression, anxiety, aggression, irritable bowel, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), PMS, drug use, chronic joint and muscle pain, migraines, carbohydrate cravings, and obesity.
    •Studies have shown that 5-HTP may be as effective as Serotonin-Selective Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) for managing depressive moods.
    •Because serotonin is a circadian rhythm regulator, raising it levels at night with 5-HTP promotes circadian rhythm balance.

    –>Phenyl-GABA (Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a derivative of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) that has supportive effects on anxiety, tranquility, and muscle relaxation.
    •Phenyi-GABA has natural calming, relaxing, and sleep-improving effects.
    •Phenyi-GABA is a “smart nutrient” that improves mental functioning and enhances physical performance.
    •Phenyi-GABA causes GABA receptors to release GABA for tranquility and increases dopamine levels like β-phenylethylamine (PEA).

    –>L-Theanine is an amino acid in green tea that can reduce stress, tension, and anxiety without the tranquilizing dulling effects found in many other calming agents.
    •L-Theanine stimulates the brain’s production of alpha waves, making the user feel relaxed but still alert and not drowsy.
    •L-Theanine helps the body calm down by increasing GABA, the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain.
    •L-Theanine improves emotions by shutting-down signals from the limbic system and by increasing levels of dopamine.

    –>Melatonin is the major neuroendocrine hormone of the pineal gland and functions as a timekeeper for normal daily circadian rhythm balance.
    •The Melatonin secretion cycle has a clear 24-hour rhythm with a nocturnal peak.
    •Serum melatonin concentrations are often low in individuals with affective disturbances like depression and bipolar disorder.
    •Taking Melatonin has been shown as useful in boosting low moods, stabilizing mood swings, promoting sleep, and maintaining circadian rhythm balance.

    –>Vitamin B6 is essential to the manufacture of all monoamine neurotransmitters in the brain—serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.
    •Vitamin B6 levels have been found to be low in depressed individuals.
    •Taking Vitamin B6 has been helpful in boosting moods and increasing levels of both norepinephrine and serotonin.

    These items are available at most health food stores. If any of the above supplements give you noticeable relief, then approach you PCP [whether in Private Sector or the VA], and ask them for a prescription. Albeit, your likely to get the run-around with the VA because the their medical staff are mostly pharmaceutical [prescription] trained. And, these supplements are not on the VA’s formulary list.

    Remember, check with your Primary Care Provider before taking any supplements.

  26. McDonald May have authorized it, now people like Diana Rubin’s and Graves and others are huddled together, Figuring a way not to Grant Veterans what they deserve. One hand give’s and the other takes it away.

    These veterans will apply and some excuse will be made not to pay them. The VA way ! Hope I’m wrong !

    Doubt It.

    1. There has been VA employees coming on here defending bonus money and need the money to live on.

      VA employees make 78 percent more money than the average worker.

      Any one that state’s veteran’s with disabilities is greedy asking for their deserved disability.

      These people saying this. Has to be a VA employee and is pissed. That a veteran would date. Take ? away from the VA Bonus money.

      78 % higher than the average worker !

      Telling disabled veteran’s to get a job. !

      I would love to work again. Seems many veterans are considered worthless after obtaining their deserved disability and worked for 2 decades. Is no longer a person Who can contribute to society.

      Unable to work because they are considered unemployable once they receive 100 percent.

      I think taking or making a veteran unable to work. Can make them sound worthless.

  27. Here’s two videos out today.
    From: “Next News Network”
    “BREAKING: Ted Cruz Just Put Everything On The Line For Donald Trump”
    Posted 16 Jan 2017 (3:02 minutes)
    He’s introduced a bill to “…cut funding to the United Nations!”
    We should never have funded them in the first place!

    From: “” via “Fox News”
    “Katrina Pierson Defends – Donald Trump, Obama Is A Waste Of 8 Years”

    Posted Jan. 16, 2017 (41:26 minutes)
    Lots of stories here. Plus, the “snowflakes” were out all over the nation this past weekend.
    Good video to watch.

    1. Case in point! What does any of these have to do with the topic? And how valid are these above posts?

  28. To All – Concerned about the end of the times, or need protection from unwanted visits by the VA Response Team? “Say hello to my little friend,” “”

    Remove the quotation marks.

      1. @OLDMARINE – I have mine rigged up and pointed at my front door. Na, only joking. It is ready to go though. Each round is about $40.00 each.

  29. Here’s my thoughts for today.
    Over $19 TRILLION in debt, correct?! Plus, in the past eight years, over $9.35 TRILLION accumulated by Obama. For some reason, I just can’t fathom this much being spent for our nation’s agencies and wars. Especially when no other POTUS accumulated this much debt.

    So, let’s just examine this practically.

    We know, for a fact, many agencies have been caught dealing in possible illegal contracts. These contacts deal in BILLIONS of taxpayers monies.
    Example; One such contract was for a ‘boulder’, used for “patient calming”, at a VHA clinic in Northern California! Where thousands of dollars were paid out to a company as “art work”! Now, that being said, was there any form of “kick-backs” to the VHA director of that facility? Were there any “kick-backs” to local, state or federally elected or appointed officials?
    That was just one example I’m questioning. There is many, many more which should also be questioned as well.

    So, *IF* our lawmakers were really interested in catching those individuals making a profit from the contracts, then we would see them punished. The Congress has the “Power of the Purse”! This is what makes them accountable for every dollar spent.
    *IF* they are going to break the nation’s Cabals, this would be a great place to start!

    I don’t think things will ever get straightened out, financially, if Congress doesn’t start, in the new administration, handing over documentation to the FBI and DOJ for Investigation and prosecution for those involved in illegal schemes to enrich themselves!

    As namnibor has pointed out, where are the taxpayers monies actually going!!!!!!!
    How is it possible for elected and appointed officials to become so economically powerful in such a short time frame after taking office?

    1. Crazy elf or communist mole?

      And with unpaid for tax cuts will be over 30 trillion with in 4 years of the tax breaks. Look at what happened with the last two tax breaks that mostly benefited the top 1% and corporations. Who needs to have corporate money come to the U S other than Wall Street. Raise their tax rate to bring it home and make them stimulate over seas markets with that capital in over seas markets or pay the price to bring it to a more secure market. We have too much money in the capital pool now. In order to inflate stock prices Wall Street tells us to never mind buying stock in a company that has no fixed assets to back it up and the stock holder will be holding the bag after executives get their golden parachutes. Look at the American Airlines bankruptcy in which the executives paid themselves large bonuses of stockholder wealth by sticking it to the stockholders in favor of the money exchangers.

      1. Hmmmm, I guess now I’m considered a “communist mole”.

        All because I, as probably others, have questions concerning how some of our elected and appointed officials have become richer. While serving in positions not really meant for them to gain from possible illegal contracts.

        Plus, because the tax breaks PE Trump, as did President Reagan, is wanting to set in place, which will cause our economy to thrive.
        Because, for the past eight years, under Obama, has stagnated at less than 2% GDP!
        And, even before PE Trump has taken the reigns of the presidency, he’s brought back tens of thousands of jobs for the people!
        Well, *IF* that’s the definition of a ‘communist mole’, I guess it’s better than “Liberal Democrat”, lolol…..

      2. It is all of your “fake news” posts that get me, Crazy elf. You don’t seem to post much factually based verifiable news posts. Just questioning the motivation? Seems we do have some Putin moles out and about on the internet.

      3. Hey Elf,

        Don’t waste your time with Lem.

        He is just a total troll at times.

        I agree with you on the money and how it just keeps getting eat-up by the corruption in our government. Keep up the Great posting.

      4. Really? Actually Seymore you do occasionally present items on topic. Much more often than Crazy elf and with much fewer “false news” reports. I call a spade a spade. What is your problem?

      5. @Lem,
        Just what did I post do you find as “fake news”!

        “Illegal contracts where VA upper management were just sentenced to prison”? As was reported by news sources in Ohio recently!

        “Art work of the Bolder at a Northern California VHA clinic”? As reported by the GAO last year.

        “Stagnation of the GDP”, (-2% for the past 8 years), as reported by
        “The Wall Street Journal”!

        Or, how about these articles.

        A murderer brought back to Indiana in August 2015! After he been hired by a VHA in Southern Illinois in April 2015. Reported on here by multiple people.

        Or, the contract of putting a lighted “Braille” Board up at a VHA parking lot. So blind people could “see” phrases “spoke” by influential persons. When entering the parking lot.

        Or, how about tens of thousands of dollars spent on “color changing walls”, “lavish Plush Leather couches and chairs” and more at the Las Vegas, NV VHA hospital. As was reported by the VA-OIG last year.

        Or, how about the $1.7 BILLION dollar, over budget, VHA hospital in Aurora, Colorado.

        Do you really want me to continue? Ben, Seymore, 91Veteran, myself and a multitude of others have posted comments on here, concerning the illegal contracts, mismanagement of taxpayers monies, corrupt VA employees (from top to bottom) much longer than you.
        Your B/S you’ve spread makes me wonder *IF* your even a veteran!
        Don’t make a fool out of yourself by replying.

      6. Elf,

        For Lem, if a news organization didn’t repeatedly say that Hillary was going to win and that there was no way possible for Trump to win, then it is a fake news organization.

        Of course those Hillary will win news orgs all call the real news orgs fake news.

      7. Either Lem is just trolling, or he is a Veteran who may mean well, but has problems with his reasoning capabilities.

        But more and more it seems that he is trying to engage people just to waste there time and to kill discussion on subjects.

        Which is it Lem? Are you a troll or do you have issues?

      8. Lem,

        You have attached me, namnibor and others in the past. Now today you are after Elf and a few others on this blog. I don’t want to get down on you but I believe the questions I have asked are reasonable at this point.

        Which is it Lem? Are you a troll or do you have issues?

      9. Attached or attacked? I have disagreed with several posts but not on a personal level. I may have forgotten myself on occasion and if so I apologize to any who are on here about the care of veterans. If you are here as a political troll or a Putin operative you deserve no apology. I hope this is the only time I get of the subject of veteran’s care.

        If anyone would care to point out any specific instances I’ll make a specific apology in the place of this general one.

      10. As for issues, I have reported them on several of Benjamin’s threads. Primarily under 38 CFR 3.105(a) and 3.154. In case you don’t know what they are 3.105(a) has to due with compensation denied by “Clear and unmistakable errors”. 3.154 is related to malpractice. If either of those apply to anyone on the board and their VSO representatives (as is usual) never brought them up then I suggest you get an attorney.

        Benjamin seems overloaded and primarily works on the “rehabilitation” side. There are now attorneys who specialize in VA compensation. I presently have one and if you would like a referral contact me personally. If you relate details that I believe are actionable I refer you to her. If I don’t believe they are actionable you are on your own to search the net and find someone who believes you have a case worth pursuing the way I did. “[email protected]

      11. As I was saying, I love trolling the trollers who name call. Welcome to the circle jerk that is going nowhere, Ralph.

        Or possibly you could post something on topic and of value–anything on topic is of values to someone.

    2. Case in point! While accurate I believe you find the budget problems are the purview of the Congress. Find where a President has miss spent appropriated money and you may have a point. Apparently you don’t understand Constitutional powers, Crazy elf.

  30. Did anyone notice it started with 12 different diseases and now is eight. I’m sure the union will find someway to skim off their share

  31. Had a thought: Will the VA be so cunning to go ahead in addition to whatever particular “payout” the VA dishes-out, to also include *paid for private medical CHOICE outside of the VA”, but then be so wile and turn around and not *pay* those bills, requiring affected paid-out Vets to fend for their own in a “Limited Liability” Non-Disclosure kind of way?
    I know this is over-thinking it a tad but we have witnessed of span of years and recent months how the VA *always* moves at glacial speeds when *paying out* to Vets but by golly if you *owe* the VA anything you are threatened with enough to make anyone with PTSD to go manic when they threaten to cease or garnish/withhold from compensation.
    Just like the TBI scandal, and announcement to all erroneously non-qualified TBI exams affected Vets to send all their stuff to -1- central location…but mum has been the word since…will this Camp Lejeune just be a mountain of $$$ that has absolutely no accountability?
    Why should we trust them to not skim off the top, middle, and bottom of that pile of $$$, even going as far as charging “VA administrational fees” or some crap similar? Will the AFGE Hungry Hippos and Dinosaur VSO’s also graze on that pile of $$$ before affected Vets see a dime? Will it be taxable income? Will it offset/affect those Vets already receiving 100% for perhaps something entirely different?
    What about the Surviving Spouses of Deceased Veterans *from* that toxic Marine Base? Am I asking too many questions? Nope.

    1. Also, what about the Veteran Spouses/Children that ALSO drank that same water on that Marine Base? What about Gov’t/Fed workers and Contractors? That pile of $$$ will be grazed-down rather fast or all non-Veteran type claims of this nature handled by DOD separately from Vets?

    2. @namnibor, i have a lot of questions also. The stress of financial responsibility for delays of payments makes a lot of people manically and unneedlessly stressed. It is not right to do this to Veterans and their families who are disabled and seriously suffering illnesses. Veterans i know feel responsible even though the disease is service connected. The families do everything they can to contribute because they love their family member. This stress should never be on the Veteran and their families. I have seen elderly parents doing everything they can to save their disabled son. It is so sad and unfair and the va acting so callus like it is no big deal to let suffering continue. It really angers me at times.

  32. I can only hope this plan provides some ‘relief’ for one of my cousins who was stationed at Camp Lejeune who pretty much disappeared into the Montana wilderness to get away from everything & everyone.

    What the heck is going on at Fort Hood & Fort Bliss… so many dead soldiers? Ft Hood will be tainted forever, that was a terrorist attack not a work place violence incident. Denials & cover-ups never cease.

  33. To my brothers and sisters,
    First, I want to say, how the fuck does this new VA bull shit help the “Former Marines” who’ve died. Like my “brother” did last year. He’d been fighting the VA for years, once he heard about it. Will his spouse receive anything? I doubt it! Now, I believe, like us who fought VA for the “Agent Orange” exposure, will be dead before the truth ever comes out! Hell, I’ve never met one vet who received anything from that “class action lawsuit” which was settled back in the early to mid 1980’s!
    That’s all I gotta say about this shit!


    I received this late last night. Thought it might explain, in better detail, how the Federal Reserve operates. Something we need to know, especially since our new POTUS will be running the country as a business.
    It’s kinda long, about 40 minutes. Yet, very informative.
    “END THE FED – Glenn Beck Got Fired 10 Minutes After This Live Show/Share With Friends”

    He also has two guest speakers which explain how the federal reserve came about, how the reserve never properly worked and who was responsible for the many recessions and depressions. Which caused massive unemployment throughout our nation’s history.
    If your a reading junky, I suggest getting a copy of; “The Creature of Jekyll Island”! A great read.

    1. @Crazy elf – Here is a website “”. Explains Federal Reserve as well. We’re all being shafted.

    2. I agree.

      That is a good read about the Fed and should be read by all, but won’t be. Most people want to remain ignorant to a multitude of things.

      There should be a free speech forum for vets to air their issues, but can’t be found. Censorship is rampant and forums like the one at Military dot com went the path of the far left and is now ruined.

      Politicians and others want to keep kicking the can down to future generations to deal while trying to always bury the truth or what others have had to deal with. Agent Orange issues and others in that list has had a high mortality rate plus all the rarely heard about side issues of doing battle with health care professionals to daily living. For example, how many know that in the state of Indiana the first thing that happens to vets and others who file a medical bankruptcy their home insurance is automatically cancelled. Yep, and then put on a high risk list for crimes, possible arson, to suicide, or other insurance ‘crimes.’ Because those evil veterans and those driven to bankruptcy can’t control their money, it’s all their fault, and can’t pay out the huge medical costs or for special care. So they turn into a righ risk tax serf, wage slave, or consumer. Not a mere hurting patient needing help and for somebody to care, or to make things right. NO they are shamed into silence by polite society and corporate America, and all involved in the great scams of the USA like the Federal Reserve, the VA, or modern medicine. But the lawyers make plenty of money.

      Another insult to injury is in this state we may be told or see on TV that social security disability or VA disability is exempt from bankruptcy. Not true. It happened to others and then happened to me. Being told the Trustee can take your back pay, empty your bank account, and does not have to abide by so-called ‘exemption laws.’ I don’t know how it is in other states or towns but that is how it works here in corrupt Indiana. The open air prison camp of the USA and don’t dare expect any outside help or dare to speak of truth or personal experiences with all the vast corruption going on here.

      The real stories behind the scenes with those suffering families would probably have to be rated as ‘Mature Audience Only” and then be blasted by the corrupt for being a “Conspiracy Theory.” Of course while the majority of USA citizens are more concerned with Hollywood, Kardashian, or sports, instead of the more serious issues that need constant attention. The true amount of misery behind the scenes is really heartbreaking and totally uncalled for by our so-called leaders and so-called professionals in the system of things.

      Try to have a good day, all.

      1. PS.

        The bankruptcy thing forces people to file a Chap 13 instead of a Chap 7. Meaning there is forced payments of some amount instead of starting over with a clean slate. Also the attorney gets an extra couple of grand in dollars for seeing to it that a Chap 13 is filed. Then we are told not to worry, we aren’t the ones paying for the extra amount charged for the ‘forced change’ in filing. How the hell that works or who pays is beyond me. I fired my attorney, took it over, and then found I had to hire another lawyer to close it all out. It’s against the law and impossible for a mere citizen to do such a thing without having to pay out more, or be forced to use another legal beagle to get something done. Another mere four hundred bucks to simply close the case. Must be nice having such a profession to railroad people with every move we have to make today legally. While not being able to find any legal aid at all with all the vast amounts of corruption and censoring, or attacks going on.

      2. T, I did an undeclared bankruptcy when I gave up trying to be employed in 1991. I simply let all payments go until they were turned over to credit collectors. At that point the interest goes to 0%. I only had VA compensation and SSDI at the time–just before the new bankruptcy rules went into effect. Since both were not attachable I could maintain one low limit credit card paying off monthly to maintain a reasonable credit score (not my FICO is about 730 and my unsecured credit lines total $102,510.00 2 years after going through those 7 years of threating credit collectors) [American Express was the most reasonable and will be the only one paid if I receive back payment under 38 CFR 3.105(a) and 38 CFR 3.154].

        After 7 years the debts became uncollectable. Seems like a long time but it is really not. I still occasionally get a letter from one of those old account but I simply respond–prove that you own the account, I made it, and that it is collectable. The collector will sell it off and I continue to do the same thing with the next.

        There are lots of fraudsters out there looking up old credit reporting accounts and praying on people that don’t know they have no right to collect an account they never purchased or never purchased legally and an account that the SOL (statute of limitations has run out or shit out of luck whichever way you want to read SOL)

        I now have purchase a home which essentially the bank owns and I pay rent on. If I live 15 more year I’ll have some equity to leave to someone. There are no outstanding collectable debts that haven’t been made since 2012. As far as I know Student Loans are the only thing that can attach your social security retirement payments and then there is a limitation on the point they can attach.

        To protect my bank accounts I had my SSDI and VA payments direct deposit to savings accounts and then transferred money to checking to pay the bills. My savings (very little) cannot be attached because it is totally from the not attachable income. Any other income that would be attachable goes directly into an attachable checking account and used to pay bills as quickly as possible.

        The only purpose for a filed bankruptcy is to allow you to continue employment or business whether chapter 7 or 13 or find a way to save some assets like a home or a car. A family member can lend you a home and a car. Nice to have an extended family who cares.

      3. Lem. I don’t know if I could have got by doing that or not. The phone calls from collection agencies was insane. So were the threats that are supposedly illegal, but no-one at the state or local levels seem to want to do their jobs, or to protect citizens from any or all of the predators, or corrupt nasty people out there.

        I was informed my savings could be drained too as well as any possible incoming disability back pay.

        I spent a weekend in jail years back for not making payments on a medical bill. They messed me up, lawyers didn’t do their job either, a law suit was a failed attempt due to the corruption and “Professional Courtesies” and etc. After it was said and done, hassled and constantly taken to court out of a sick bed to be joked about, lawyers and judges laughing in court seeming to have a good time playing games, torturing, I was told it wasn’t over medical bills but over failure to “abide by a court order” to make set payments I couldn’t agree with during a forced court room visit, or subpoena to appear. Exact words were “violation of court orders.” Which I was told later is completely legal and Constitutional. But here everything they do and say is “Constitutional.” Even censoring us and using authority figures, shady night cops to code enforcement or thugs for retaliation or pay-backs for daring to rock the local boats of the “corrupt machine.’

        Nothing like going to jail either for a DUI and other stuff when I wasn’t drinking at all, then having words with the cop who was sent out by the cliques for some of that “loving treatment’ to show me where I stood on the social ladder. To show their powers, and as I was told in court once, shown to know there are people here not to be messed or challenged. Oh, yes, I didn’t have the right to demand a blood or alcohol test, the officers word was good enough. I was a bad boy for doing my union’s job and upset the local millionaires and the cliques. I ended up with something like 14 supplemental charges for cussing them all out and telling them what I thought of the entire region and system in Indiana. My town being one of the worse. The real sad part is they could kill me off and no-one would be the wiser and they know they can get by with whatever they want to do. Especially since we have zero support here and zero media or real journalist, just everyday cover-ups and corruption in Terre Haute. But don’t ever come here and mention “nepotism” question the censoring, a Constitution, or mention something that might show a negative light on our happy far left global village run by

        I wish fate or family didn’t call me back to this state when I finally got out. Make a political or business etc., enemy here they are enemies out for harm and evil for life. Family after family member and generational, lawyer after daddy lawyers and on it goes.

        Have a pleasant evening folks. Isn’t the new Progressive America just grand and great.

      4. The only “jailing of a debtor” that I know of that is constitutional, is false statements, “refusing to pay with money in your mattress” or delivering an attached asset such as hiding a car, especially avoidance of child support. You can be put on a work gang in some states to pay off your child support unless you willing come up with it to keep a high paying job. None of those applied to me. I couldn’t drive because of the absence seizures for which I haven’t had the VA compensate me and is part of my article 3.105(a) claim.

        I’m not sure if the old debts will be collectable if I receive back payment going back to 1974 based on my 3.154 claim.

    3. Case in point! What does Glen Beck getting fired have to do with Camp Legume or even the VA period?

  34. Benjamin Krause, JD – On average, the payment adds up to $2,444.44 per person. Is this enough? When in total it seems like a large settlement, but per individual its worth a high end stainless steel refrigerator. Seems kind of low per the medical conditions that are listed in your article. I mean it doesn’t surprise me that the Government offered a meager payout. Again, Veterans getting shafted. That’s how I see it. Correct me if I’m wrong?

    1. Like all VA fixes since the Revolutionary War, it is a “look nice” for the voter, not intended to be a real fix that would cost the 1% their fair share.

    2. I get 30 percent for my kidney witch comes out to about 407.00 a month and any secondary claim they deny……..give me my kidney back minus the cyst and they can stick their 407 up there ass

      1. @OldMarine, sorry about your disability and injury, i think you need to put in another claim for this so you can get an increase. Take care.

      2. Yes, you have to continue reapplying, every time they do one action. Don’t let you claim lapse !

        The VA has done this to thousands of veterans and hope you go away or die before the veterans obtain the deserved rating, One could be 100% disabled and the VA will nickel and dime the veterans 10% then 20% and so on, but the veterans must keep disagreeing with their decision.

        As stated before the VA admitted that for every claim denied 90% of those veterans will stop applying or let their claim lapse and when they finely obtain their disability and their claim has lapsed, they loose out on all their back pay.

        The VA is doing this on purpose and don’t care if your harmed or don’t received the proper amount of disability. For every dollar they pay out to veterans, that’s one dollar taken away from VA employees.

        God forbid they have to give up a bonus. They are not happy that they make 78% more money than the average citizen. So, tell any veteran you know not to stop reapplying for a higher disability, The VA is counting on veterans to give up. and it works.

  35. This is great that the outgoing VA Sec. is throwing Veterans a deserved bone but I have to wonder just how long they sat on this decision with all that time involved ignoring it like agent orange? With that said, we all know how well the VA complied with the presumptive for agent orange and Vets are still wrestling with the VA if they are still alive…how will this huge payout for Camp Lejeune be any different from the huge mess agent orange presumptive is still with the VA?
    I see one area that may be an issue of contention and a way the VA will give affected/effected Veterans the royal VA runaround: “[…The plan is estimated to cost $2.2 billion over the next five years to finally compensate veterans exposed for at least 30 cumulative days to toxic water at the Marine base in North Carolina…]”————KEY WORDS: 30 CUMULATIVE DAYS…and we KNOW how the VA is so bad at Math and how the VA has found many ways around paying Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange by playing the numbers game requiring and placing FULL BURDEN of PROOF on the Veterans to PROOVE to VA they were indeed stationed where their DD214 stated they were stationed….how will this be any different?
    Will an outside accounting firm keep track to ensure the VA does not hire another interior decorating team or perhaps some color-changing furniture instead of going to affected Vets?

    Yeah, I am cynical in whether the VA will actually pay anything out in a TIMELY MANNER and was this late release in McDonald’s tenure originally designed as a gift-wrapped thank you planned for keeping McDonald on as VA Sec and since that did not pan-out, three days before the door hits him in the ass….oh, here you are, good luck with that….? I worry that $$$$ will not go where it’s supposed to and guarantee at least 40% of it will NOT reach Vets….wait for it…

    1. @Namnibor – Totally agree with your statement. Veterans getting a 4-finger prostate exam. Ouch, stop that, it hurts you asshole. I mean my asshole.

    2. Personally I suspect that there is a good measure of Trumphobia involved. Also that if Trump hadn’t been elected this would not be happening now.

      If Hillary would have won. I do believe that this would have been one of the issues swept under carpet.


      1. If the news on Camp Lejeune had been released before or during the election it would have put Veterans up front and center. Something that certainly would have helped Trump.

        Also I believe that it is only coming to light now because he is about to be sworn in and McDonald knows issues like these are going to be front and center for the new IG.



      2. …more research is needed….

        $2.2 billion and 1400 claims comes to a little over $1.5 million per claim.

        That’s a LOT of salary for multiple claims denials.

        I’m curious how they arrived at that 2.2 figure.

      3. I am with you on that 91Veteran.

        It also shows just how broken the system is.

        Makes you wonder how many Veterans lost their lives or had them destroyed because of the problems. How much money was spent to cover it up for so long and all the less than honorable people who got paid to do it.

        In a system that respects active duty personal and Veterans the research would have started the minute they realized there was a problem with the Water. Instead they spent 20 years of covering it up. Letting men and woman suffer and die instead of doing the right thing.

  36. @Ex va – Well my Brother, its 4am and the sack is a calling. You have a good night, and we’ll chat later tomorrow. I may take a brake for a little while, but who knows. Depends if I get fired up or not with some postings. That Dan Martinez, I had enough of that dude. We’ll just turn him over to @Seymore Klearly to set his buttflake to melt.

  37. Rofl. That is funny. Sounds like you have a lifetime of knowledge and talents. That is cool being a biologist. I like the sciences didn’t make it on the professional level where you are at that is a lot of education. I have had a wide range too in the working side of life. I will keep that in mind about the gemstones. I don’t understand the big deal about diamonds colored gemstones are more interesting.

    1. In closing, remember that common diamonds are not rare. They are a commodity. They control the price by only releasing so many at a time. Greedy. Ex va, where I lack is things like woodwork, car repair, home repair, etc. I can do it after reading a book, but it takes me a while. With that my Brother, good night.

      1. You would be surprised at the instructional videos you can find on YouTube.

        Some are much better than others.

      2. @91Veteran – Yes, there are a lot on YouTube. But to put a nice gemstone specimen in your hand for examination is another thing. I was intrigued by gemstones late in life. If I started collecting Tanzanite back in the late 60’s early 70’s, I would be very well off. What the Jewelry Stores are passing off as Tanzanite is mostly low grade material. The material has low saturation of color.

        Our friends in whom our country is indebted too [Chinese], are buying the rough stone before it exits the mines. About 5 years ago, the Chinese pulled a slick move and corned the Russian Chrome Diopside material. Go figure, its a green colored stone. This made the price sky rocket.

  38. @Ex va – Besides being an Investigative Research Biologist, I also went to Baking School for 3 years, worked for Hewlett Packard where I redesigned production lines, and interviewed, hired, and trained new PhD graduates from major Ivy League Schools in Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. For the past 15 years, I’ve been educating myself in Colored Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones [not diamonds]. I find science to be very fascinating. So, if your looking for some gemstone bling, give a shout out.

    Oh, and when I turned 10 years old my father encouraged me to make my own money. So I had 25 fresh water fish tanks. I would especially breed cichlids like Tiger and Regular Oscars, Jack Dempsey, Fire Mouths, Convict Cichlids, and many other types of what is referred to as Old World Cichlids [rare East Rift Zone Cichlids from Eastern Africa]. I would sell the tropical fish to the Pet Stores.

    The only thing I didn’t do was open a Cat House. And that’s not feline either. LOL

  39. @ANutterVet, I am a believer too. Christian television helps me too. I would truly be lost without God. I pray a lot. It helps.

    1. I thought you were. That’s why I brought it up. And, I can tell just by how you write, and what you put into it. That should give you some good confirmation my Brother. I wouldn’t marry wife until I knew she truly gave her life to Jesus. My first wife, well God Bless her.

      1. I try to lift people up if i can, i feel responsible if someone is in need. If i can’t lift myself up sometimes helping someone else helps me get there. This life is so hard on people sometimes, i try not to make it more of a burden on anyone else. You don’t know where some people are at in this life and what they are going thru. A little kindness and respect can help some people when they need it.

  40. @Ex va – I find that it helps me to watch late night Christian TV. I don’t share this too much, but I once was an Associate Pastor at an Assembly of God Church in Hawaii. I’m far from perfect, but His blood covers my shortcomings.

  41. @ANutterVet, that is one lucky dog. I didn’t even think of the bacteria side of it. I didn’t give any of my dogs raw meat and i am glad. She just wants to eat whatever we eat and that little caesars food and beneful. PetCo prices are out of sight. Can’t afford and i have bought expensive and dogs don’t like some of it. I tried the yogurt cookies and treats, they wouldn’t touch them. Milkbones they like and dental sticks. I need to get some dog books too. That sounds helpful.

    1. @Ex va – To save costs, cook liver and remember to save the juice. Since your dog likes table food, you can always add vegetables, and brown rice to make the food stretch, and also to cut you pet food down. Remember, do not give your dog onions [disrupts stomach enzymes], uncooked garlic, grapes, raisons, or dark chocolate for these are toxic to their system. We always use the brown rice because it helps keep their bowels tight, has a lot of vitamins, and it is an excellent nutritious filler. When I was younger, that is how I was able to raise and breed Alaskan Malamutes. Boy can they guff food down.

      1. Those Alaskan malamutes are beautiful. I had one when i was a kid. Saved my life from a bull coming after me when i was crossing a field. Gave me time to get thru a barbed wire fence. Scared me didn’t know it was in the field.

      2. Have to write this down, didn’t know about the brown rice. I knew chocolate is deadly. Didn’t know about the other stuff being harmful too.

      3. I found that the females are more homey type. Where the male likes to roam. They are good family dogs. Unless you get one with a chewing problem. I had one named, Snook, and he pulled out the side of a brand new mattress. That bugger cost me some bucks. His head was more than a foot in diameter. I use to race them too. And, I would take them to the store when going shopping. Put the kids on the sled, and park in a car stall. I remember picking up Christmas trees when the roads were closed due to snow. I had good times.

  42. @Ex va – If you need any help with dog issues let me know. At one time, I had my own Dog Tip Show on an L.A. Radio station that aired across the country. I got that gig by saving the producers dog from being poisoned. The Veterinarian didn’t have a clue. Strange how things work.

    1. Sounds like you have a calling to help our k-9 friends. When i was extremely sick my dog wouldn’t leave my side. That is how loyal she has been to me. Thanks for the advice. I like to think a higher power helps us so we can help others. I have seen things in life that could only be explained as miraculous. Coincidence does happen to, but have seen some really good things happen for people and that makes me feel better about life.

      1. @Ex va – Yes, I feel it. I love dogs, love to help people with dogs, and to help owners from getting over billed [saying it nicely] by veterinarians.

  43. @Ex va – I put Crazy elf in an above post. Shows you what lack of sleep does. Oh well, it all good. Yes, we do cook all meats for the boy. Before cooking, we wash the meat then pat it dry with paper towels. Can’t trust those bacteria nowadays. My boy even eats tangerines, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and yogurt balls. He loves meat fat. The next time you go to the Pet Store, price out the cost of Pet Fresh Dog Food. Expensive stuff. I have a collection of over 35 dog books covering all aspects of diet, health, home remedies, and training.

  44. @ANutterVet, that is great. My dog is spoiled too. She was a rescue with a lot of problems. She is extremely loyal. Do you cook the liver? I know some people give their pets raw meat and i heard some say it is good, some veterinarian say no.

  45. @Ex va – All is quiet on the home front. I’m here trying to do my best teaching my buddy new commands. He is a ham, spoiled as can be. He loves freeze dried lamb lungs, and fresh liver. He has more toys than I did when I was a kid. And I was an only child. Go figure.

  46. The man is the anchor i believe that keeps everyone safe in a harbor. That is what i have seen when they suffer the family does too. A family needs their husband, father, grandfather and they have to continue for the family. I have seen dogs cry when family members cry. An animal can suffer from loss, so how much more does a human suffer?

    It is hard to see suffering or experience it. It is something people do not like to talk about because it is painful. People try to avoid pain and when your sick it seems the majority of your life is pain. I keep trying to move forward in pain, but it is difficult. Don’t like taking meds, but it is a lot worse if i don’t. And took me years to get on meds that would even give me some relief. Loss of sleep i cannot get it back. I go days hardly sleeping then maybe i might get 6 hours. I think the pain keeps me up. I think they did come out with a study about dogs experiencing PTSD also. I think that is true that they do.

    1. @Crazy elf – The more we chat, I believe that we closely have related problems and are experiencing many similar symptoms. If you ever need information [I can’t give out advice] on supplements, just ask away. I steer you with options the best I can. All natural of course.

  47. @ANutterVet, i hope you can get the correct medications from the va soon. I hate the circumstances that you are in. It took my brother in law a few months to get the heart medications he needed, It was so wrong on what they were trying to do to him. He was in Vietnam.

    Now my neighbor who is Vietnam Veteran hasn’t had too much trouble getting services. He wrote some letters and they started helping him right. I worry about him, he is very antisocial because of all he has suffered in war. He doesn’t trust anyone. But, he is a real good guy and would help anyone if asked. He was exposed to agent orange and has had some problems.

    1. @Ex va – I had many Veteran friends when I lived in Hawaii that were exposed to Agent Orange. It took the VA a long time to recognize the issue with this defoliant too. They get away with things for a long time. It broke my heart watching my friends suffer, as they were complaining to the VA. A lot of pressure on the spouse, kids, and even their dogs. The last I heard, the VA doesn’t even believe that dogs can be affected by Veterans with PTSD. You and I know that’s bullshit. I see its another sleepless night. It catches up with me.

      1. @Ex va – I ended making Chamomile tea with L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine mixed in. Then did powdered GABA for a boost. I have no recourse but to due what is referred to as bio hacking [no not related to Russia]. This is true news. I have been studying and experimenting with vitamins, supplements, organic compounds, nootropics, essential oils, and raw juicing for over 40 years. I still have an old Acme juicer that my Grand Mother gave me in 1975. No the Acme machine was not ordered from the Road Runner Show. Although I consider myself to be a coyote, stalking the VA during nightly sessions of thought.

        One day I foresee me creating a special formulated K9 dog food that is currently not for sale. It will come. Like I’m a guinea pig for the VA, my current K9 is a guinea pig for my experiments. LMAO

        When the GABA kicks in, it gives your body a little tingle feeling. Feels good though.

      2. @ANutterVet, i did some juicing and i need to get back to it because it did make me feel a little better. Tryptophan is in turkey right? Makes you kinda sleepy. I need to try some of those supplements. I take some vitamins and supplements. That sounds like a nice juicer.

        I got a good deal on mixer it is like a vita mixer it can pulverize anything. You could make some good $$$ with the dog food idea. Everyone spoils their dogs now with specialty foods. I will have to look this GABA up, haven’t heard of it. I am in the dark about a lot of supplements. My chiropractor tried to get me on some, didn’t see much difference.

      3. I used to be on 3 mg extended release Alprazolam daily plus up to additional 2 mg for breakthrough panic attacks and when even now in private healthcare they were giving me such a damn hard time and wanting to screw around with meds as a human pin cushion after 19 years of a med actually helping and working, I said ENOUGH and am focusing my mind and learning new stuff with my serious hobby of music and occasional artwork…and…I take copious amounts of Valerian Root…nature’s Valium. It’s by-far nowhere the relief I got from Alprazolam and still have trouble sleeping and nightmares and panic attacks, but as long as I keep my mind focused on things that relax me, breath, and most importantly (for me) recognizing those particular triggers that set-off my crap, which quite often is just other humans, I just avoid those triggers.
        I live a classic somewhat isolated PTSD life but laugh if you want to but my now 9 yrs with me Maine Coon Cat-Mix keeps me on schedule (patterns), and is way more dependable than most humans. I cannot have a dog where I live but even if I could, I would still just have a large cat.
        Therapy Dogs are common in people’s minds but do not discount the calming effects of a fish aquarium in both visual stimuli but also inherent noises and gurgle of water have ambient positive benefits as well as of course music.
        No matter how shitty I feel on a particular day, not 30 minutes go by from being awoken by your pet to be made to laugh by that same loyal animal, having that beneficial rush of endorphins.
        I still take generic of Cymbalta as it also helps with peripheral neuropathy pain along with Lyrica and Cymbalta has been the only antidepressant I can tolerate in certain amounts…but also decided I did not want the harassment over pain meds and also the liability of that these days…even if taking a legally RX’d pain med and say you get in a fender bender, you USE of being on pain meds, although prescribed, can be turned now into both a lawsuit from other driver and DUI….through now-common blood/urine tests with accidents….at least in Ohio. So I said no more and still keep the ample old RX locked away for extreme breakthrough pain.
        We should not have to fight for the right to be somewhat comfortable with our particular health crap….but we do.
        Valerian Root in capsules is best, not a tea because Valerian Root smells very much like fresh vomit on a hot inner city public transportation bus or train…it’s nasty.
        Rant Out. Valerian Root Reboot.

      4. @namnibor:
        >>We should not have to fight for the right to be somewhat comfortable with our particular health crap….but we do.

        true, we should not. reality is as you say, “but we do”. and oh does it get so blatantly tiring. like a beat-down some weeks. legal MM isn’t any better either as VA is federal and its their nature to jerk a veteran around so i’m too skeptical to try it.

        second the music as a big plus!! great hobby for the mind and finger dexterity. i have the isolation tendency too.

  48. @Jo3n agreed. Yes, i think a lot of people in this country do not understand the depth of all of it.

    1. Sgt Tony r Paige USMC camp lejeune, NC, Feb 12th 1977- July 10th 1983, I will never give up, been filing claim after claim for over 20 years, only to be denied over and over. Besides all the conditions I have, my Daughter, was born with medical neurological problems and my wife at that same time lost a child to miscarriage, now they want to limit the claims to certain conditions. I’m in the process now of filing a new claim under job condition while stationed at the marine base. BELIEVE me don’t think for one second that we veterans who were exposed are ignorant to the FACTS, the red tape, the lobbyist, political leaders, medical doctors, pharmasuedical companies all about greed one way or another,.We get it, and we know the game. Many of our fellow servicemen and their daughters, sons and wives have passed away already. We must continue to fight for them especially.,

      1. Yes ur right about the VBA doing whatever they can to deny veteran’s their deserved disability.

        I am so sorry what you had to go through. I know how it feels to loose a child. My wife and I lost twins. Premature.

        This was done to veteran’s that were exposed the Agent Orange. I was not exposed to Agent Orange. I was shot in the head and I knew I was suffering from PTSD and the VA denied my claim over and over. Until I hired an attorney.

        Because they denied my claim. I did not know that due to the ? shot to the head. That I was also suffering from A traumatic brain injury.

        This took 40 year’s. Besides not being treated and knowing that I had a Traumatic brain injury.

        I am now suffering from guilt. Because I had to make the hard decesion of placing the twins on tubes and was told that they may die because they were so little.

        Told they may if kept alive. May have major problems growing up. I made the decision to not take the chance of them being very disabled and I had to bury them.

        I think if the VA would have not lied about My military record’s being distroyed and denying my claim and treated me. Maybe I would have made a different decision.

        My daughters would have been 37 year’s old !
        People tell me that it was not my fault. But my Brain. Won’t let me stop thinking about it. So that’s something I will have to live with the rest of my life.

        There are attorneys now that can help veterans like you. It’s to late for me.

        Ben Is an attorney. You can Google his name and you can tell him about it. If he’s unable to assist. There are other attorneys.

        I have been suggesting that veteran’s March on Washington and demand trump keep his promise to fix the VA.

        Veteran’s have seen the women protest by the thousands. Are we so wipped that we will let other’s fight our battles for us.

        I know we can make a difference. IF WE WILL GET OFF OUR BUTT’S. Anyone can complain and we seen what complaining has done Nothing!!!!!

        Thanks for sharing your story. Were going to have to do something or these stories will continue and the VA will keep denying veterans claims.

  49. @Benjamin Krause, JD – Was there any mention of Veteran’s families being awarded benefits [payments] if a claim was filed by a Veteran who is now deceased?

    The more that I learn about the VA, is that they are like Big Corporate Businesses that are protected to the hill from being prosecuted in a timely manner. At least the VA is not like those Pharma companies that are protected from law suits, due to the affects-effects of tetracycline that destroys the integrity of a person’s second teeth after being exposed. Individuals are referred to as Tetracycline Babies.

    These Pharma companies lucked out on being sued for many billions of dollars. In the meantime, like the VA, many lives have been severely medically and psychologically affected-effected.

    1. It is called RISK management and the less that is paid out on claims, then they can have the insurers reinvest the money on Wall st. and get dividends that perhaps does not have to go back from whence they came, the risk management insurance department which is used to show lower amount of claims and a false perception of the problems besetting our veterans, this is how they get the investments back, no claims, more, investment money back to the VA & DOD, FREE MONEY, UNACCOUNTED FOR MONEY This happens in local, state federal govt and private corporations too. MAYBE someone needs to find out just how if the VA & DOD are privatized and receive THESE insurance rebates from wall st. investments, rebates’ by not filing the insurance claims by the veterans, saving and making millions of ghost money. Billionaires like Buffet and companies like AIG (parasites) are known to make like this too.

  50. Very few marches over the years. Seems Veterans endure, and hopefully their families can endure. But, the bonus army and any references associated with, as a march on ??? Where ever, may become more than just a choice. What Martin Luther king said, about, we are not wrong in what we are doing, because if we are wrong, then the Constitution is wrong. In all our actions, we must stick together. I believe we need a way to be heard.

  51. This is great news for Veterans, again why does this take so long for benefits and why did they let this problem continue when they had knowledge of a problem? From 1953 to 1987 and the life threatening diseases resulting from this exposure.
    If asked no one would want to be exposed to poisons to cause deadly, suffering diseases. All the recruits going thru boot camp, disgusting to deliberately expose them to this. That is inexcusable.

    1. Why does it take so long? It takes so long for at least 3 reasons. 1. VA researchers that look on issues like this as a kind program where they can work researching the issue for years.
      2. Senior policy makers in the VA ignoring independent evidence and with no clinical experience whatsoever declaring no harm from the exposure. Agent Orange, DU, Burn Pits, etc., come to mind.
      3. The impact to the VAs budget. This is why McDonald is doing this now on his way out the door. Its no longer his problem, so he’ll happily dump it on Shulkin and the next administration.

      1400 claims are 1400 that have clearly fought very hard. The tens of thousands of others will face an even tougher fight.

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