Retroactive Induction in Chapter 31 Extended

Induction into Voc Rehab extended to point of qualification

What this means. Previously, most Voc Rehab Counselors would only reimburse disabled veterans for out of pocket training expenses incurred to complete incorrectly disapproved training for up to one year after payment.

Now, veterans can apply for Retroactive Inducation all the way back to when they would have qualified for the benefit. For example, let’s say you wanted to get your undergraduate degree but you were only approved for an associates degree. If you continued on to complete your undergraduate degree because you could not find work with your associates, then Vocational Rehabilitation may have to pay you for the additional out of pocket expense incurred to complete your training. Now, if you continue on to get additional training despite being able to find work at the termination of your approved training, you will likely not be eligible for the benefit. This can be very useful for veterans struggling to gain the cooperation of their respective counselor.

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  1. my dad was in ww2 and was captured in tunisia africa by rommels forces. he spent 2 yrs. 2months and 7 days in german prison camp. the tank he was in was hit by german shell and he blown out top. he had burns and flash injuries to his eyes. a british medic attended to him at prison camp. he had bad eyesite {wore coke bottle thick glasses} a few yrs. after war. he had frequent rashes on his arms ,and bad nerves.we moved a lot and he switch jobs fairly frequently. today it would be p t s s. he and my mother both applied for service connected disability over yrs. he died in 1973 from lung cancer, mom died in 1999. is it possible to reopen his claim and follow it thru, and still be awarded back pay to his children?

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