VA Is Lying Meets With Secretary Bob McDonald

VA Is Lying

Later today, the folks at VA Is Lying will meet with VA Secretary Bob McDonald to discuss grassroots concerns of veterans struggling with the agency. I will be on the call as one of the admins of the group to discuss my concerns about Vocational Rehab.

Earlier this month, Secretary Bob McDonald agreed to break bread with administrators of the VA is Lying group, a media activist group founded by Vietnam veteran Ron Nesler.


The group has successfully earned a great deal of support and media attention over the past year highlighting problems at national medical centers linked to the wait list scandal. In major metropolitan areas linked to the wait list scandal, VA Is Lying would raise gifts to fund billboards put up in that respective area.

The beleaguered VA Secretary has agreed to discuss areas of concerns highlighted by the controversial group. Stay tuned.

Yours truly is participating in the discussion. My talking point deals with VA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and their repeated failure to properly assess the feasibility of a veteran’s vocational goals prior to denying reasonable Voc Rehab goals.

Some other participants will discuss other areas of concerns generally blown off by traditional multi-million dollar veteran organizations more concerned with raising funds than doing the right thing for veterans.

This conversation serves as an important first step for agency leaders offering to cooperate with a grassroots veteran group not sold out to the Iron Triangle myth.

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  1. I think VA is Lying.. has started to forget the little guys … no different than the big groups.. tonight. I was made fun of for not wording everything correctly… I have a tbi… I was yelled at by An Admin.. that seems more concerned with his picture of him with Secretary McDonald than veterans.. then was censored by Another Admin because my post wasn’t praising them for meeting the Secretary… I was wasn’t bashing them either..but the post was deleted and then got told by admin… I wasn’t in the military long enough to say anything and told fu before I was blocked… thought the group was on veterans side… but I was treated by them like they work for the VA…. then ignored… blook pressure 210/135… and praying for a heart attack… if this is the best

    1. The statement that you didn’t serve long enough to say anything and therefore you just should not is one of the most goddamned foolish statements I have ever heard one veteran say to another. And I have heard it said more than once.
      If fools like that would use their damn head for thinking rather than a place to park their hat, they would realize how stupid that is.
      Since war began, but particularly in the last 50 years, there have been thousands that have completed Basic and Advanced training before being immediately shipped off to a combat zone, then being wounded or killed before they even have a year in.
      They are still as wounded or dead as those who had 10, 15 or 20 years in.
      To say that you cannot speak on veterans issues because you haven’t served an arbitrary numbers of years as determined by a fool is ignorant.

      They are too stupid to realize someone at the VA may have the same foolish thinking, and decide that veteran doesn’t deserve care because, although they may have service connected injuries, they didn’t serve as long as the VA employee.
      Anyone who has worn the uniform honorably has a right to speak on veterans issues.
      Last I checked, intelligence and wisdom doesn’t grow with years of service. Some seem to get dumber every year they get older.
      In my opinion, that kind of stupidity is why Korean War vets were forgotten, why Vietnam vets were left to defend themselves when they came home, why nobody remembers those who served in Grenada, Panama and Somalia, why we Gulf War vets are told we didn’t finish the job, etc.

      Its the same stupidity shown when VSOs line up defending the VA over veterans who cannot get care and dying because of it.

  2. You can’t “rehabilitate” a TBI until you have an accurate assessment of skill deficits and the patient is aware of them. Anosognosia is difficult.

    1. Have a TBI. Neurologist confirmed this. No one ever told me about any treatment.

      Hell. VA comp doctor wrote in my c&p examination. Veteran was shot in the head.

      Yet the VA refuses disability for the TBI. Stating you were not shot. You were hit in the head With a tear gas canister. How do they know. They were not there.

      Fire Bob McDonald petition is on line. Everyone sign it. Let’s send a message to VA employees.

      We won’t take it anymore !

  3. On the evening news department of Veterans Affairs.still sending out letter that living veterans are considered dead.

    And are taking away their disability. Will take them the rest of their life. To try and get it back.

    Their doing it on purpose or their really stupid ! Eather way the veterans are getting screwed out of their deserved disability.

    They just don’t ❤. Way to fix the problems at the VA. Bob McDonald’s office.



  4. Hey Elf,

    I see “Lisa Noe, formerly Mental Health Chief for the scandal-plagued Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in March was named associate director for Geriatrics and Mental Health Services at the VA’s Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in Chicago.”

    Another undeserved slap in the face for Veterans.

    “Tomah VA supervisor accused of misconduct gets promoted”


    1. Hey Seymore,
      Yea I read that article a day or two ago. A real slap in veterans face.
      Do you think it was to get her outta Tomah so she wouldn’t have to appear on the 31st? Bet you it was!

      Also, today Mr. Trump was at “Rolling Thunder” in Washington DC. They said around 600,000 were showing up. That’s the largest gathering to date. And, only a small percentage was allowed to get into the area where the speakers were.
      When Mr. Trump spoke, he said next year he would allow everyone entry. Just like when Dr. M.L. King spoke there.

      One of the quest speakers blasted (Songbird) McCain and (COWARDLY) Kerry over their not allowing people to go after our POW’s 40 years ago. By sealing the records.
      As far as I’m concerned, Both of those asswipes need to be in prison!

      Here’s the thing to google:

      “Donald Trump Speaks at Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Event (5-29-16)”

      Great speaches by all involved! Wish the wife and I could have been there!

      1. P.S. Seymore.
        Bet there’s going to be a lot of people hearing “YOUR FIRED” come 20 January 2017!

    2. I’ll try this again.
      Hey Seymour
      Yea I read about her a couple days ago. I wonder if the transfer was to keep her out of the meeting this week? I bet it was.

      Here’s something to watch.
      Google on Utube this;

      “Donald Trump Speaks at Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Event (5-19-16)”

      Great video.

    3. Hey Seymour Klearly
      For some reason my reply and/or comments keep disappearing.
      It has “your comment is awaiting…” something. Then gone, poof, missing. Is anyone else having problems?

      1. Meeting with Bob and then this starts happening. I think that someone has hacked into this site. Extracting data !

        If they are they should see that veterans from all over are not getting the proper care and have to jump through hoops trying to get their disability (service connected) and the veterans are or were being told their military records were destroyed in the saint Louis ?.

        And lied about that. Because I was discharged after the fire and only after hiring an attorney from Topeka Kansas.

        Did they found them ! Surprise surprise

        And after all that 40 year’s and 22 year’s of federal service with the department of Veterans Affairs as an administrative assistant.

        Small community and if you say something about an employee and that employee would hold that against you and falsely accusing me of disruptive behavior and that employee was not required to provide proof of the disruptive behavior.

        So this employee that had their feelings hurt. Took her revenge out on me, when they made her lead administrator at our local clinic.

        They should know that the disruptive committee lead by the Denver chief of staff (believed ) and proceeded to punish me.

        They had or have any proof of this ever happening and instead of correcting it. The chief of staff admits they have no evidence and used hearsay.

        They should know that the head of the disruptive committee. Wrote into my official medical records That If they should ever hear that I have become disruptive again !

        That they would have me arrested and federal charges placed upon me and that I would be banished from all VA care.

        This committee is illegal and hurting veterans they very same people they are there to help.

        And they should correct this injustice they done to me .

        Do the right thing to do !

  5. Here’s a good article. Which came out yesterday, 27 May 2016 by V. Saxena from the “Conservative Tribune”

    “Newt Gives Trump Some Advise About His First Day in Office…And It’s Going Viral”

    1.) It’s about how Trump and Congress needs to work together.
    2.) Newt uses the VA incompetence as an example.
    3.) What do y’all think about a Trump/Gingrich Ticket? Personally, I like it!

  6. To all.
    This whole week Ol McDuck has been catching hell. All I can say is, GOOD! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving asswipe!
    Here’s an article from Friday 27 May 2016, by V. Saxena of the “Conservative Tribune”!
    “Newt Gives Trump Some Advise About His First Day in Office…And It’s Going Viral”

    Y’all gotta read this. It’s great. Newt Gingrich informs Trump to work with Congress to make a law which will allow him to fire the ones causing the problems. And Newt uses the VA as an example!

    On a side note: I believe Newt Gingrich would make one hell of a Vice President!




    1. First of all, the comments have never not been moderated by me. I use a software system to keep bots from posting spam or porn links. Today, that software system started triggering on everyone including me. Not sure why.

      1. Thank you for the quick response. Really looking forward to hearing how it went with the meeting.

  8. Just posted a comment and see a message stating:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Are all comments now being moderated or just mine??

  9. I wish you all good luck talking to the VA or should I say the Wall,They have heard our complaints for more than 20 years and if anything they have only become more Deaf and un-Caring over the last 20 years,I expect to win the Power Ball before these career Politicians Change,They would rather take care of refugees instead of those who fought for them to have their Cushy Jobs.By the way,it is much worse here in the Philippines,there are actually 2 benefit Manuals and the one here in the Philippines has less benefits even though we all fought in the same Vietnam War,WHY?!! I have written to Congress but they are to busy to answer!!!!!! Semper Fi

  10. Mr Krause:
    I’ll give you a 1970’s jet gun (Pedojet) if you talk to Sec McDonald about making jet guns an official risk factor for Hep c.

  11. I would think that this would all end up a lot better if they postponed it until Trump is elected…Under the current admin…to hope that they will take steps to correct the corruption inside the VA…is like…thinking that a cow can really jump over the moon…!

    1. If Bob does not listen. After the election Ben and whom ever can go to him and we veterans can write letters to the president and let Ben deliver them. If he’s willing.

      1. @James

        Maybe President Trump would allow Ben to give a proper tribute to McDuck, Gimpy Gibson and Shitty Shulkin personally. You know, those two little words Mr. Trump has used so many times in the past —-
        “YOUR FIRED!”

      2. We have to remember he just hired how many Lawyer’s ? Soon he will plead the fifth !

        Under councils advice !

        Free lawyers !

        Where’s the Free lawyers that assist veterans and free ?. Bonus.

        I can’t see the justice in that !

  12. Good first step toward a solution, I trust both Ron and Ben to bring the issue’s straight out, I agree with them both on 90% of all the issue’s. Bob knows my thoughts anyway, I don’t just complain I bring how to solve to him, If he reads them I have no idea, but has replied to me a few times. I also make sure he knows when he is doing something right, I don’t want to be just a person who complains. Sometimes it is easier to start with what is right, In VA case it is smaller list and easier to understand. My big thing is if the VA is truly for Veterans than why is their annual budget enough to get all Veterans free healthcare and 100% disabled pay? I don’t know the exact numbers but they don’t add up, it is more about jobs, and putting Government money into communities. Someone must have had the idea to use VA to do this as they would not be questioned as much about spending, just say it is for the Veterans and get a social free pass. but it became to big and left the core reasons for existing behind.

    1. And that’s what wrong ! They forgot ! They forgot me for 40 year’s. With untreated PTSD and after the fourty year’s. Finding out I had been living with a TBI.

      Had am x coworker frame me disruptive behavior. Employee was not required to furnish any proof.

      Chief of staff Denver vamc punished me for 5 five year’s and did so with no evidence. No proof !

      And then wrote into my official medical records That. If they should ever hear that I become disruptive again.

      You will be arrested and federal charges placed upon you and you will be banished from all VA care.

      Rember no evidence. No proof. Chief of staff admits they have no evidence. Proof !

      Yes they forgot and who paid the price and me and my family !

      And as you can see. I’m not the only one. They sure care !

      Oh yea the forgot !

      That should be their Moto and kudo that.

  13. Hey Elf,

    Ever feel like you have been screwed in the backside by VA Healthcare. Here is an article on a physicians Assistant showing just how much he cares about Veterans.

    “Trial set for former VA physician assistant”


    1. Another Great read:

      “Cincinnati VA warned about AWOL docs”

      The warning was given last year and started the who sha-bang with Barbara Temeck and the move to get someone from the university in to the VA as Chief of Staff.


      1. @Seymore Klearly

        At least the asswipe is close to a real good prison.
        I wonder if the still make “little rocks” outta “big boulders” out there, LMAO!

    2. @Seymore Klearly
      Everytime I go to the VA I feel like I’m getting screwed.
      Ain’t nothing new. Just a bunch of punks and punk ass wannabe aleged veterans running the place. There might be a few good people, only if they never become “whistleblowers”, then their just a bunch of punk assed whiners, liars and asswipes!

      1. Hey Elf,

        Just pointing out the case of Mark E. Wisner the Veteran Administrations Physicians Assistant that not only had the ability over prescribe meds to his patients. He used this ability to sodomize an unconscious Veteran he had over medicated. In all he sexually abused at least 7 Veterans at the Eisenhower VA Medical Center where he worked.

        Of course the VA has been trying to cover it up but he has been forced to surrender his license and is being prosecuted by the county district attorney on charges from aggravated criminal sodomy to charges of sexual battery.

        A copy of the Kansas State Board of Medical licensing and it surrender is at: “”

  14. i’m thrilled to hear of this too. glad to see Ron and his group getting a dialog with McDonald, if it is with McDonald. and too, i sincerely hope some good comes from it but i have my doubts.

    didn’t the VA target Ron’s group or something like that awhile back?

    McDonald and VA snubs their noses at America’s lawmakers and these lawmakers haven’t enforced hardly any VA rules/policies. have they? just maybe a grassroots group and the pen will prove to be mighty, Congress is too busy scavenging for money and trying to get reelected. here’s to grassroots growing into millions of acres of amber waves of grain.

    good luck to Ron’s Team and Ben.

    1. Yes. They have one chance at this and I hope Bob does not start yawning and saying ya. Ya. Ya. ? Ya.

      It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. So meeting over. Bring me my Pena collotta.

      Sorry. But they just can’t be trusted !

  15. I am thrilled to hear about this, Ben. I know you will be an excellent advocate for veterans. Please remember the magic words: By when will this happen? And, when can we meet again to discuss progress?

    I have often said that the notions and concepts of “rehabilitation” can apply to agencies as well as individuals. Take an full and honest assessment of strengths and challenges, set specific and measureable goals towards the clearly defined objective(s) and then make successive approximations and course corrections until the objective(s) are achieved. Include specific ‘by when’ dates so that there is clear expectation of progress.

    Like I have some vets for whom the process takes 10 years, and others much less time, the VA has some pretty intrinsic cultural and attitudinal issues that the leadership are actively addressing. I am hopeful that we will continue to see progress as we work together to make this agency serve the veterans for whom it was created.

    1. You, lady, are a coconut. Go dish out your belief in truth, justice and the American way on the planet Krypton. The government’s strategy as being dished out to everyone, is to talk as if they “plan” to do this and that. They are not going to do anything. Ever. Never. About any issue. They don’t know how. That goes doubly for the VA. McD has to do this stuff to follow on what he said a few days ago to make amends. McJiffy-Lube and the rest of them …honorable Gibson clown, frown faced sulking shulkin mums-the-word…all of them don’t have a clue. Jiffy-Lube wants to drag this “I-is-a-fixin -the-VA- give me indefinite time to do it…and lay some more billions on me baby” shit don’t work. Get it yet?

      1. You have the perfect name. Ben will do his best and if does not prevail. He will not give up !

        At least their trying. If they don’t listen to the veterans. Then the rest of use will struggle along side of them.

        Until they listen. Many of the veterans on this site have been wronged by the department of Veterans Affairs and we will never stop.

        Until change is complete. If you don’t want to help. Stay away from someone who cares.

        You sounded like a bullie or VA employee. Who hates veterans !

      2. They say every journey begins with the first step, In this case it is the first March, But problem is that there is to much cadence going on and it is hard to stay in step or in the right direction even with the needs of the Veterans, as to many want the VA administration to march to them. They should be listening closer to what we are saying, and a meeting is a great start. Not the answer to it all, and they will get out of step again and will need to be verbally told to pick it up or lay it down. But it will happen if we keep pushing and stay positive, and be patient. As someone else said, “Failure is not an option”.

    2. @merri busch
      You must be a Sanders supporter. He believes the same as Hit-LIAR-y. You remember, the scandals were “…not as wide spread…” as reported.
      Remember how that turned out for her? Not to damn good!

      He was just on a radio show out in California yesterday. He made a complete ASS outta himself. As a matter of fact, after the “radio host” blasted Sanders over the VA scandals and other facts, he ran from the show.
      Sanders will end up, if he wins the Presidency, turning America into another Argentina. People are starving down there. Reports are “…the majority of the people are eating food out of garbage cans!”

      “Socialism” does not work! It has never worked and will never work.

  16. I truly hope that some one at ask McDonald about the status of the CandyMan from Tomah!!

  17. Mr Krause: I know you are a democrat, but I forgive you due to your help with veterans. WHEN Trump wins we will be able to access REAL medical care in the private sector. When that happens, all you will hear in the hallowed hall of the Veteran hospitals is crickets and VA employees threatening each other because all the Vets will be gone!!!

    1. @Ralph D Carmona Sr.
      I too am waiting for Mr. Trump to get the outside healthcare companies to bid on a state by state venue!
      When the price lowers to where my wife and I can afford it. Trust me. I will do my best to get it.
      Right now the cost is preventing me from obtaining it!

  18. McDonald know that he is out of a job as soon as a new president is elected. But the damage he is currently doing before he loses his job is going to cost a lot of Veterans lives.

    If your Senators or Congressman are up for re-election this voting period consider weather or not they are calling for McDonald to resign now, or saying he will be replaced after the election. With this proposal by Shulkin to replace doctors at the VA and the fact they have not been hiring new Doctors it is going to cost a lot of Veterans their lives.


  19. Let’s see if he offers half the panel a job so they’ll go away quietly. That’s usually how they handle negative PR.

    1. Make. Ben head of the VA or OIG or president !

      He would do a better job than what is running the VA now !

      I think Ben would be able to see through these guys. If he keeps looking into their eye’s.

      The eye’s reaction tells a lot about how a person is reacting to questions.
      Or facial expressions !

    2. Hey Chesty Puller,

      Though you were dead and buried. You can copy and paste the link below and remove the quotes or google. “‘Chesty’ Puller buried today”


  20. I am very grateful for what VA is Lying and you do Ben, unfortunately I see the VA doing what they have done for many years, although I hope not and this will be different.

    The VA might address your specific concerns, or those raised by Ron and others, but they will ignore the exact same problems that other veterans are having.

    The impression the VA wants to convey is that they are helping veterans, and any veteran still having problems ignored must be unique, or there is some additional, unspecified problem with that veteran.

    In some instances, the veteran helped may even become an advocate for the VA.

    As I said, I hope this is not the case and you and the VA is Lying group are successful in helping all veterans.

      1. We’ve been lied to so long. I hope all of you God’s speed and hope and pray your able to bring some common sense into Bob’s position.

        Make the most of this meeting and don’t let them smile in your face. They like to stab you in the back.

        Guess what I’m saying is what ever they say take it with a grain of salt.

      2. I know you are Ron. You don’t do what you have done without it affecting unknown veterans far beyond those you can see.

        Hold their feet to the fire!

        After several weeks of emailing McDonald, Pummill, Shulkin and others, I finally got a response today from McDonald.

        It was a smart ass response likely because I pissed him off.

        I don’t give a damn. I had emailed about 4 times previously on serious issues with no response from anyone.

        Since McDonald was in California today, was he on the call?

      3. None of them like the truth and when you tell the truth and they get pissed off.

        They want you to plead and beg. They as said before by someone else they forgot about the veterans and are holyer than thou.

        Bob has to go the trader.

      4. Call me jaded but if it was in the common good why not video tape it and release it to the common veterans the same day? Why wait until Tuesday?

        It makes it look like a true record was not kept or needs to be edited for public consumption.

      5. When the new president is elected we need to get every wrong we found and copy it. Box it up and get an on line petition do veterans can sign or get veterans to stand in front of store’s and have them sign it.

        And box them up and send it to them or send someone to hand it to the New president and demand action.

  21. Please ask about their silence on Improved Pension with focus on senior veterans and their widows who need this pension to pay for care.

  22. How many of y’all actually believe McDuck will meet with the “VA is LYING” group?
    I see it happening this way. McDuck will send one of his cronies to say he’s “…way too buzy…” this day. But, I, the punk crony, “…will be happy to give McDuck all your concerns…”!
    Maybe even “Shitty Shulkin”, or even the new Director of the OIG, will show up and try to “brow beat” the group into submission.
    I don’t see anything good coming out of this meeting. It could also be a “ploy” on something more sinister.

    Maybe I’m paranoid, maybe not.
    Only y’all have to remember, some of the great veterans, and spouses of veterans, who come on here – have had law enforcement show up at their doorstep. Is that conducive to VA being a great organization to veterans?
    “ABSOLUTELY NOT”, is the answer to that question!


    @namnibor & Seymour Klearly

    I understand what you’ve said about the “(NO)Choice Program!”
    For some time now I’ve been looking at outside healthcare plans. As soon as I find one for the wife and I, trust me, I’m joining.
    I really don’t care if there’s a co-pay! As long as it’s affordable!

    I knew about the outside healthcare not being paid down here in Central Florida for some time. I think that’s why many are opting out. I know all the pharmacies have! (Mainly because they don’t want to have the DEA show up at their doorstep!)
    I just didn’t think it was that wide spread down here.

    1. It will not be shulkin that might sub, as Robin Mitchell has stated he is off at a secret meeting with the union at Northport VA today. Really glad to hear you are looking out for you and your wife by finding an alternative health care provider.

    2. Crazy elf, I don’t see Ben or Ron being beaten into submission. What I do see are claims that the VA will address the concerns raised, and those concerns either addressed minimally or ignored unless Ben, Ron and others press hard for acceptable answers.
      I see the VA putting on a public show of concern, then trying to ignore fixing the problems later.

      You might recall my comments on the American Legion town hall held here, and attended by the VA director, several flunkies, American Legion National officers and a number of upset vets.
      The VA director made a public show of being concerned, but of the issues I raised, there has been zero response from him or any other VA flunky.
      I suspect it is the same with any other veteran who attended and raised serious issues.

    3. i finally got a medicare supplement a few years ago. took a few years to find one that was worth it. i pay monthly for it now and that gives (me) choices vs being assigned whomever. i now have a good neuro/surgery team and find myself more “stable” healthwise than before. the VA neuros were total jerks. if a veteran can afford the cost, which isn’t much with some programs, i advise to get one of them. but we veterans are on disability payments so have to watch the pennies wisely.

      used to be a VA doctor would work with you regarding getting meds that say, aren’t on the VA formulary. now they tell me they have no control over that. passing the buck? hard to say. they now say its the pharmacists that say yea/nay to getting non-formulary meds. this is where the medicare supplement insurance has helped me along with some financial grants to help with some meds.

  23. Ben, Maybe you can ask Bob McDonald why he hasn’t given congress his report due by April 1st on how he used equitable relief that was due. Congress can’t find a copy.

    Or, why under the TBI scandal he hasn’t developed a presumed item list of the constellation of symptoms of TBI that is universally accepted by private medicine in 2016. McDonald still makes vets prove each and every symptom is service connected.

  24. Dr David shulkin meets with the union in secret at the Northport VA today. Memorial day weekend and the union is more important than the veterans.

    1. Of Course he is meeting in secret with the major push by him and the union to replace Doctors at the VA doesn’t want the AMA finding out about it.

      As for his meeting with unions on Memorial day instead of Veterans. Why would he ruin his holiday weekend talking with veterans. Who are nothing but Laboratory animals in his eyes.

      Instead he can start it off talking with the people he representing and has been making some great headway for and are part of his plan.

      “To cut wait times, VA wants nurses to act like doctors. Doctors say veterans will be harmed.”
      By Lisa Rein May 27 at 6:00 AM


      “VA Proposes to Grant Full Practice Authority to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses” May 26, 2016


      1. Also a link to the proposed rule is provided below. You can voice your opinion on Dr. Shulkin’s proposal at that link.


        I would like to also point out that many of the advanced credits the nurse earn are from attending events like the following. Where the VA not only foots the bill due to the credits earned by attending these events including registration, airfare, and lodging. Also The VA pays a stipend for attending these events. Some stipends are as much as $10,000.


        “Mid-Year Assembly, April 2-6, 2016 | Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel


        Advanced Credits earned for attending this lobbying event in Washington:

        Accreditation Statements: This program has been prior approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for 8 Class A CE credits; AANA Code Number 1032209; Expiration Date: 04/6/2016.

        Also a link to the unions countdown to congress clock:

        The main event before the vote on Shulkin’s Proposal can be found at the link below. While there you need to really scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the AANA corporate partners who sponsor these events and the proposed rule change to the Federal Register. Big Pharma & Medical Devise Manf.


      2. I don’t know if those nurses would be union members or if doctors are not members.
        Shulkin could be convincing the AFGE to allow possible union members much greater authority.
        Or it may be Shulkin making a play for AFGE support for him to be VA Secretary.
        Or it may have to do with the Fox News report out today showing that between 2012 and 2015, out of more than 39,000 new employees added, less than 10 percent were doctors, or 3591.
        …but they added 175 new lawyers in the same period bringing the number of VA lawyers to 1060.

      3. Sounds fishy hu. Lawyers why if their on the up and up. It’s because the shit is about ready to hit the fan.

        They are not there for the veterans !

      4. 91Veteran,

        Great Points on the Fox news coverage. Also would like to clarify that it is less than 10% hiring of 3591 “Medical Officers”. Not just Doctors.

        That less than 10% by hiring 3591. The 3591 is the total “Medical Officers” which includes not only doctors who work with Veterans but also nurses, nurse practitioners, psychiatrist, Medical Graduates completing their residency requirements, Medical students working as Interns and Medical Researchers working with both Veterans and/or animals at facilities at VAMC Pittsburgh, VAMC Atlanta and a number of other VA facilities that have animal research facilities.

        Be willing to bet the animals don’t have to wait in line.

        Here is a link to the “” report used in the Fox News report.


      5. Also here is a link to show all of the advanced Credits the nurse practitioners can earn while attending the lobbying events in Washington D.C..

        They can earn what 30 CE credits in in just 3 days while lobbying and partying in Washington. Surely they are then prepared to replace Doctors at the VA Right? and certainly eligible for Doctors level Salaries?


      6. Veterans deserve quailifed doctor’s office to me a nurse is not a doctor. They are assistant to a doctor.

        Going to let someone who is a dental hygienists. Do your dental work.

        To me it’s the same thing.

        A lot of credit for a short time. Maybe they can send me for a week and I can become a VA surgeon?

        Or one hour and get Bob McDonald’s job.

        America. Has become a disgrace and veterans are being treated like 5 th class citizens.

        Oh well. Our kids will think it’s normal.

      7. 91Veteran,

        Regarding VA Doctors and Nurses being protected by the AFGE. Yes, they are represented by AFGE.

        Let’s also not forgot that the AFGE Leads all Unions in the United States for having the most Criminal Misconduct by its officials since 2014. That is according to the Office of Labor-Management Standards of the Department of Labor.

        “AFGE Leads All American Unions in Criminal Misconduct by its Officials Since 2014”


  25. All well and good start that the “infantry on front lines” are meeting with the “lackey Officer” from “The Meat Grinder”.
    I would make sure to have everyone wearing LARGE-LETTERED shirts/flashcards that have that VA Kryptonite “ACCOUNTABILTY” printed on them but in any case am thinking this is more about “making VA IS Lying to cease visual message”, and I would feel better about this if the new OIG were present as well.
    In any case, am also glad Benjamin will be attending as well. Keep us posted.

    This is the perfect long weekend for the VA to attempt to bury some news. Wait for it.

    On another note, interestingly, on my local news they did a story on that “implant for pain relief” spoken about in yesterday’s article and then in a few Big Pharma commercials, and that 6-month implant was JUST approved by the FDA. An RFID looks to fit perfectly within that implant, just saying.

    1. @namnibor
      “RFID”, “tracking veterans” made easier by VHA!
      Sounds like a ‘slogan’.

      I wouldn’t trust McDonald! What’s he going to do to make things better? He’s proven so far, he’s just a “figurehead”! He has ABSOLUTELY NO AUTHORITY! If he did, VA would be “on track and in line!”
      He’s a punk!


      I mentioned on one of Ben’s Blogs recently where I’m having to wait more than 30 days, and travel more than 40 miles one way, to get an “xray” at the new and approved VHA at Lake Nona, Fl.
      Just one of these would have qualified me for “Choice”. But NO, the physician said I wasn’t qualified! Because she was trying to use the ‘excuses’ of two years ago!
      Anyway one looks at this, I was qualified. So, why wouldn’t the physician do it!

      1. It’s all about ‘control’ for some Dr.’s, especially VA Dr.’s, or those claiming to have qualifications to practice medicine in the Third World and are now part of the VA Meat Grinder.

        Yeah, when I saw that implant on news, it looks exactly like shape of an RFID Chip. When cattle branding veterans is not feasible, why not put animal tracking devices in Vets? LMAO.

        McDonald meeting with VA Is Lying might as well be just as effective if the meeting just has a large photo of McDonald, as I cautiously viewing this as an attempt for “VA Damage Control”, nothing less, nothing more.

      2. Hey Elf,

        On the x-ray and the VA no-Choice Program. The reason you don’t qualify is simply put that Health Net doesn’t have a provider that will work with them doing x-rays in your area.

        One of the many reasons providers are not working with Health Net is that if providers sees a problem and records that problem and the VA doesn’t want that problem being found they simply don’t file the paper work properly so the problem isn’t recorded at the VA.

        Because the paperwork isn’t filed properly the bills owed to the providers do not get paid. So of course not only does the record of the problem go away but the providers that won’t remove the problem from the records also goes away.

        It’s just simple Criminal Economics 101 at the VA and Health Net.

        Regarding McDonald and the job he is doing. The answer depends on who you ask.

        If you ask Veterans who know that he is doing a horrible job in providing health care to Veterans. Not only increasing problems and danger to Veterans with our health care but also making it profoundly clear that VA Health Care cannot be trusted. He is doing a horrible job.

        If you ask the research organizations, big pharma, medical devise Manf., and the Senators and Congressman they support. McDonald is doing the best job ever. With McDonald’s reorganization replacing all the Chief of Staffs at all VA facilities with researchers and department heads employed by the research organizations. They are now in control of the Institutional Review Boards controlling the Human Subject Research. Also with McDonald’s reorganization replacing Doctors with Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners whos licenses are controlled by the researchers. He has not only setup a total end run around the controls established to protect Veterans used in research but removed the problems of those ethical Doctors who might blow the whistle.

        Lastly if you ask the American Medical Association and some of the Doctors that are being replaced. Since they are just starting to wake up to the problems of McDonald’s reorganization of VA Health care facilities. They are calling for an end to the VA Health care system.

        “Doctors oppose replacing VA physician anesthesiologists with nurses”


        “Panel weighs closing all VA health care — vets’ groups raise conflict of interest”


        “Care Commission Shocker: The Push to End VA Healthcare”


        Personally I will not use VA Health care after the care I received at a VA Health Care facility.
        I also believe that anyone using VA Health Care is putting not only their own health and lives at risk but also putting their loved ones and everyone around them health and lives at risk.

      3. My Dr wants me to have an MRI for neck/shoulders I requested Choice which was denied from my med records it states: “Distance alone is not sufficient to justify use of the Choice program. If the patient is unable to get an appointment within 30 days from when the order was submitted AND meets the travel distance criteria, then one could utilize Choice program.”

      4. If it’s a clinic and your more than 40 miles from a VA hospital you qualify.

        That’s I was told. I live two block’s from my VA clinic. Choise is as bad about making appointments as the VA is.

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