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Vocational Rehabilitation And Employment Renames Itself Without Regulatory Authority

Yesterday, the program formerly known as Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) renamed itself without authority under existing regulations.

In another F-U to rational expectations of the agency following a standard protocol like notice and comment requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, VA internally approved renaming VR&E. The program is still called Chapter 31 and VR&E, but the long name is now Veteran Readiness and Employment.

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The program last changed its regulatory name two decades ago from Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling to Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.

According to agency officials, the new name serves to forecast a new focus for the program. However, unlike the past, VR&E did not submit its new name or focus for notice and comment to the Federal Register. The regulation still shows “Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.”

A recent example of another F-U to the veteran community was the removal of Disability Benefits Questionnaires of the VA website without a rational expectation at the beginning of March post-COVID ramp-up..

Change = $ $ $

Why did they change the name and how much did it cost?

A program email to participants states the following: “Through talks with Veterans, Servicemembers, and Veterans Service Officers, we learned that the words ‘vocational’ and ‘rehabilitation’ create stigma and confusion about our program.”

The new name, which seems to make the purpose of the program more ambiguous, not less, will allegedly help lessen the stigma and confusion.

“We also believe our new name will help lessen confusion about program benefits, build greater awareness, and increase participation in the program.”

Will It Help?

I have helped veterans better understand what VR&E does for more than a decade. And I can tell you, due to poor messaging from VA and traditional VSO’s, veterans are no less confused today about what the program does by way of vocational rehabilitation services than in the past until they get to our Facebook group.

With a $1.5 billion per year budget and a monumental propaganda budget of the VA as a whole, the agency was apparently unable to properly message veterans about what the program can do before this newest rebranding.

What could you do with $1.5 billion?

So why would the program not broadcast on the highest mountain tops that it can help qualified disabled veterans become attorneys and doctors?

Well, that is expensive.

So, now the new messaging from the program, again, without regulatory authority, is to change the name due to “stigma and confusion.”

Too Sensitive

Apparently, agency officials think veterans are too sensitive for the old name, which, in my opinion, is at least more specific about what the program does versus the new name.

Vocational rehabilitation is a term a person can look up on Google to learn more of what the program is supposed to do. But, because the agency’s own messaging sucks, they need to change the name without proper notice and comment. And, it is pathetic that the agency does not simply spend more on informing veterans of their rights and these benefits can do.

The new messaging is certainly no better the old. What is “Veteran Readiness”? Ready for what? What about “Veteran Readiness and Employment”? What does the program do?

Why not just say “Veterans Get Ready For Employment”?

Holding Veterans In The Dark

I can tell you agency officials are not terribly excited about you knowing the agency can pay for you to become a physician or attorney. And, it certainly looks as if the new name obfuscates the intent of Congress when it created this program more than 40 years ago.

The flip side of this is that veterans, while VR&E is pushing this new form of propaganda, are still waiting and hoping for benefits while being stonewalled by their counselors. What exactly is the priority here?

The new logo looks like either an elephant trunk or a Hebrew shofar.

How much did VR&E spend on the new logo?

All of the new ads for the program will be vetted and developed and pushed out by private sector ad agencies.

Best Use Of Funds?

Again, in the middle of a COVID 19 shutdown, when veterans cannot get copies of their files after waiting many months, VR&E was spending likely hundreds of thousands of TAXPAYER DOLLARS, not on facemasks, but on ambiguous rebranding.

All the while, VR&E asserts the new approach without regulatory authority will somehow help.

“We made this change to emphasize our mission to help Veterans reach their employment and career goals. We still provide the same services and your program will stay the same. We just want to make you aware of our name change.” (emphasis in original)


Is this truthful?

A press release from VA Secretary Robert Wilkie suggests the program is changing. So, who is lying?

The title of the press release says a lot, “VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment service signals transformation through readiness”.

“The new name puts an emphasis on the Veteran and the department’s mission to help them reach their employment goals,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “The service will also maintain the VR&E abbreviation allowing it to remain identifiable.” 

Human-Centered Design

The press release provides more detailed information about the backstory behind the name change that I will FOIA about later. Taxpayers deserve to know how much VR&E paid for this rebranding (mis)adventure mid COVID:

“The process of renaming the program began with a comprehensive Human-Centered Design (HCD) research effort to better understand the program’s strengths, pain points and opportunities to increase program awareness and enhance the delivery of VR&E services. Data collection activities and information sessions were held with Veterans, service members, VR&E employees and Veterans service officers at the various stages of the HCD research process. VR&E learned that confusion and stigma around the former program name deterred some potential program participants from seeking services.”

It stands to reason the previous two decades were therefore not human-centered design-centric.

What company provided the “Human-Centered Design” research VR&E relied on to make the change? Do they have other contracts with VA? If yes, which current or former VA executives have relationships within the contractor or related vendors?

Important questions to ask at this stage in the game.

Again, veterans are still wrongly being denied benefits and even access to their records to help fight adverse appeals.


What do you think about the name change? Does it make you better understand what the program does?

For years, I have heard rumors VR&E was slowly transitioning into the Department of Labor, which will result in the program being restricted.

Presently, veterans are able to gain approval to become a physician. Tomorrow, veterans might be lucky to gain the approval of a Bachelor’s Degree if the program is moved to the Department of Labor.

With a name that includes “Veteran” in the title, the change may be a signal of an intent to transition to a new agency.

If that happens, it may be likely the existing VR&E counselors get furloughed. If any of them are reading this, or their AFGE union, I hope they begin to ask questions.

VR&E is a great program. Any transformation into something else should be scrutinized by stakeholders who know what the program is supposed to do according to Congress, not, perhaps, the toothless dinosaur VSOs that have sold out veterans over the past four years.

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  1. Way off of today’s topic, I know! But, I stole this very important Fb post to share with all of you because it is complete with FACTS & COMMON SENSE!! My sincere gratitude to the original poster.

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    • surgical masks
    • filter or cloth masks

    Okay, so upon further inspection, OSHA says some masks are okay and not okay in certain situations.
    If you’re working with fumes and aerosol chemicals and you give your employees the wrong masks and they get sick, you can be sued.

    • N95 masks: are designed for CONTAMINATED environments. That means when you exhale through N95 the design is that you are exhaling into contamination. The exhale from N95 masks are vented to breath straight out without filtration. They don’t filter the air on the way out. They don’t need to.
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    The CDC wants us to keep wearing masks. The masks don’t work. They’re being used to provide false comfort and push forward a specific agenda. For the love of God, research each mask’s designed use and purpose, I bet you will find NONE are used in the way of “viral defense.”

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    *Occupational Safety & Hazard Association sited.
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    I know, facts suck. They throw a wrench into the perfectly (seeming) packaged pill you are willingly swallowing. Facts make you have to form your OWN OPINION, instead of regurgitating someone else’s, and I know how uncomfortable that makes a lot of you. If your mask gives you security, by all means wear it. Just know it is a false sense of security and you shouldn’t shame anyone into partaking in such “conspiracies.”

    If select politicians stopped enforcing it, no one would continue this nonsense. Don’t drink the kool-aid.

    1. @Rosie,
      The whole thing comes down to “how much power do elected and appointed officials have, before all hell breaks loose” in America!
      This crap of: *”They’re being used to provide false comfort and push forward a specific agenda.” will only go on so long!

      1. Ben, back in the late nineties, the VA overall invested in the veterans to a much greater degree in care and honestly everything. As the years progressed, the VA, the Service Officers, and all surrounding the VA just became too politicized. And is still politicized. Not any sense with how many have conducted themselves and are what they are doing..

      2. Ben, it is not what type research Human Centered Design provided to the VA; but, in my opinion, this change is just more research at the expense of veterans’ lives. I hope my opinion is not correct.

      3. Benjamin, do you realize I have service connected condition that has never been fully seen about or corrected? VA failed care in the past. I have been doing without care along with many others due to virus. But, however, also, due to the tasks and responsibilities that I have had to take care of have prevented me from getting any issues seen about. I do not qualify for the choice program because of mileage. In all honesty, VA had acted in ways to try take me out. Ben, you have no idea. Yes there was positive with them in the late nineties in the Northeast VISN and during the years of 2007-2009 in VISN 8; but, the rest of the time they were doing their best to take me out. With all of this, it was in my best interest to leave. If it was not with care, it was with blocking my efforts in some updated training so I could reenter the workforce.
        During the VRAP, I was not functioning at a high enough level at that time to be successful at completing any program.
        Not only was it not feasible due to my functional status but they were not adhering to care either. All I see is in recent years and even during the early 2000s is they were trying to take me out. The VA did not care and could careless. I will say Mr. Wilkie has improved some aspects of the VA. Ultimately, though, even with the new legislation by President Trump, none of the legislation has applied to me at all. VA has no idea. With what I have endured under them, I zero interest in dealing with them at all.

    2. Heads up!
      This half hour vid explains A LOT! Please, watch the entire vid. As always, do your own research for the truth.
      Is your City/State a “sister” City/Province with the CCP? Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook | In-Depth Report | NTD NTD 35m”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-GOUilgoJ8″. I am profoundly grateful that our Federal Government is on top of this. It is high time the Universities/Cities/States Governing bodies spine up and get real. I can’t help but paraphrase Paul Harvey here, ‘Now you know, the rest of the story!’ You young’uns out there, there’s good stuff in his stories!

      As a side note. This morning GMA reported that Trump has asked SCOTUS to scrap ObamaCare.

  2. @Those readers with a serious case of “butthurt”,
    I’ve read this site for several years and there’s sometimes a smattering of comments that slam the choices that Ben makes for his caseload interests, or which articles to write, or what air to breathe. There are still only 24 hours in every day, and if chosen wisely, there will be enough time to do a wide variety of things that hold one’s interest. If anything, the longevity of this site and the relatively few comments to which Ben has replied, proves to me, his level of fortitude and integrity not only in business, but as a human being.

    1. Finally, I do not believe it is about stigma at all or the name. Their claims are
      non truths and poor reasons for changing the program. Since when is the VA even with being Republican run concerned with reducing stigma. I would not believe this in a hundred years. Some Republicans and all Democrats are minion dictators. So I see the change as being a way to throw even more veterans under the bus while bringing in more China H1B Visas instead of giving Americans a chance. After all that has happened due to China and some companies have been very discretely still bringing in H1B Visas from China. I see the actions by the VA along the same lines.
      I say the best thing for anyone to do is to take of all as best they can themselves.
      Because big government in my opinion is not in anyone’s best interest. With the change in healthcare with comparing it to the time before the Obama administration, I do not see any aspect of the healthcare in anyone’s best interest either. Zero bed side manner and zero medical care. So the VA claims for the change in the program, I do not believe at all. Best.

      1. @Angela,
        President Trump just “…put a pause until the end of this year…” on those visas recently!
        I believe I read about it on “Western Journal”!

      2. Typo,
        I meant the reasons the VA claims for changing the program are not the most truthful reasons.
        Ultimately, though, I do not have the time to deal with the VA due to what I have had on my plate and have on my plate. Regardless, I hope whatever they are doing helps.

    2. @Rosie,
      Which is why I love to inform readers of Ben’s Blogs of other articles/videos he’s unable to print.
      Information is a powerful tool – if used wisely!

  3. I file for equipment in July o r August got appointment in October was told the equipment I wanted was no longer available as of the previous month before appointment I though the claim started when I filed ???

    1. Just look at the money they may have spent to change the name and or rebranding itself. The money could have been used to retrain many veterans more than likely. They are always looking outside the agency or themselves to find reasons for blame. The name of the program and veterans being too sensitive has little to do with the success of the veterans in the program or has little to do with the lack of participation in the program or has little to do with the veterans not completing the program or has little to do with veterans applying to the program. The bottom line is the VA has not wanted to improve veteran lives to the point where they could establish themselves in a career while needing the VA less and less. In all honesty, the VA modality has been one of the opposite. With the veterans being able to establish themselves in careers with little dependence on the VA would mean the VA would have to provide enough funding to veterans for them to land in careers such as law, medicine, engineering, CPA, economics, software engineering, and many others. Ben, the federal government is not and has not been about this at all even if the veterans qualify for such funding. Ultimately, big federal government does not stand for success period. Big government shuts down success for all except for themselves. The lack of participation or completion has to do with the VA setting the stage for this to be the outcome by the actions they deliver. The VA has not fully educated and informed the veterans of the hand up assistance that is available to them. Notice I mentioned hand up Ben and not hand out. The VA has denied many veterans who have applied. Even in these situations, many physicians in VHA will not even follow through to support veterans for Chapter 31. Veterans have had to fight to just get anything done. Also, even while veterans are enrolled in Vocational Rehab, VHA would not and did not provide timely and accountable care so veterans could stay on schedule. Also, VA employees would be too involved in AFGE union tasks which prevented them from delivering in a timely manner. The VA too has shut down many veterans. VA also decides for veterans which is ultimately saying I know what is best and the veteran consumer does not. I agree with you. The Human Centered Design will eliminate many Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. Using technology to deliver the
      Vocational Rehabilitation process. Please give me a break. Technology can never replace empathy or all the other attributes that are part of the human condition. Ben, for them to change to this may have to do with money for one; but, also people working in the VA Vocational Rehabilitation program may not have the interpersonal skills to work as counselors.
      To effectively work with people in human service positions, they have to exhibit a degree of genuineness, connect-ability, and human respect towards others. This would mean the VA cannot remain in the one sided top down positions which they love. Though in today, many people lack principles, good ethics, and respect for others which points to the cultural decline which has been happening.
      Cultural rot is resulting from Establishment Elites and Globalists doing their best to destroy the country and the American people too. What they have forgotten is the ruling class was already engaging in such actions long before now which lands the why of the outsider who is the current president. Best.

      1. For them to eliminate stigma which seems what they are claiming, in my opinion, the answer is not to replace humans with technology.
        Ben, stigma, discrimination, and biases cannot be eliminated from human beings. Sorry humans are fallible. However, these perceptions towards people can be improved by the way of marching down the road of truth with acknowledgement and with acceptance.
        The use of technology can still only reveal and determine what it is set up to reveal and determine. The algorithms can be set by people in charge and set how they want the algorithms to be set in which does not eliminate stigma or discrimination or biases at all. They can change the data. I did not review the human centered design information that I posted to you. I am only assuming why they have chosen to take such actions. I do not agree with their justification for the change though. Best,

  4. The VA, and it’s infinite wisdom, bunch of hypocrites, it’s confusing enough with all the BS that goes around and more needless spending on frivolous nonsense

  5. Hey Ben! When are you going to get a real job?? Maybe you should apply to work for team VA and make a real change for Veterans instead of all the bitching you do. I doubt you will though. You’re a keyboard bitcher with a law degree. Your contribution to Us Veterans is what again? And who paid for that degree again?!oh yea the VA is what you claim right?!

      1. I agree. Sounds like whiny bitching. The VA didn’t buy me a car or a house or that new radio or that blah blah blah.

    1. Sounds like you are jealous of this man’s hard work. His advise personally helped me get approved for VR&E. He responds personally to my emails and I have never paid him anything. If you actually researched what Ben does, you would see how much he has done for the veteran community. You are the keyboard bitcher. #Hypocrite

      1. Lacey you are the perfect example of a whiny bitch who needs bum Ben to talk to your government to get the welfare you think you are entitled. It’s all about you and it all about bum ben

    2. @NINTEENFIFTY, I love anonymous posters, speaking of “keyboard bitcher.” American taxpayers paid for my degrees through VR&E, which is what my bio says. Why would I become a W-2 employee for anyone, much less VA, after a decade of being an entrepreneur? That. would. suck.

      1. Ben, thank you for sharing your comment. Do you realize this one comment by you has influenced me to reapply to Chapter 31? I have your guide and information that I obtained from you last fall. Which program would they use? The original or the newly branded on??? One way to determine how truthful VA Secretary and his administration are with their comments is for me to walk through the new door. Ben, I believe that I will be able to tell the before, during, and after. Based on the actions taken and the verbal comments made in the past by the VA of the sunshine network leads me to believe they are either not informed or really do not care or are not qualified enough to understand the happenings and the consequences. Points to newer leadership and newer providers. I was retired into an entirely different VISN and VA when separated from the Navy. The Navy hospital and the VA handled my services and care at that time. My point is there were and there are differences in care, services, and attitudes directed towards me between the two VISNs. Though, Ben, I understand your position totally.

      2. Ben,
        VR&E carried out and delivered to you in the manner that it is supposed to. Of course though, this only happened after you fought them tooth and nail to make it happen. American taxpayer money was used appropriately in my opinion. The taxpayer money was used to educate and to train a veteran so he can earn, can serve, can innovate, and can contribute which is how it should be. Ben’s situation is a model situation and the VA should apply across the board.
        If they did, we would not have such homelessness, suicides, low income, poverty level employment, and multi-medical conditions. In other words, veterans would be able to live healthier and more productive lives even within their limitations.

  6. Thanks for the write-up. You hit the nail right on the head as always. Most, if not all, Voc Rehab counselors will leave you in the dark when it comes to continuing your education “training” to attain an entry-level position that requires either a Masters or Doctorate. Unless you read the Voc. Rehan handbook, which is several hundred pages long you will never know that Counselors are supposed to include your final goal, or degree, on your initial IWRP. I only speak for experience, but thankfully I was assigned to a different counselor that goes BY THE BOOK and made that correction. Sometimes I wonder if some counselors even know the regulations they’re supposed to follow.

  7. Ben, why are they worried about words when they are always denying? “Vocational and Rehabilitation” words create stigma and confusion according to the VA. I do not think so.

    1. Thanks for information. Why are they eliminating the regulatory authority? They did not follow it anyway. Referring to many of my situations. They do not follow up with work supervisors when the veterans are under the work supervisors in the extended evaluation program. Counselor is gone for 2 months of maternity leave and the counselor who is supposed to substitute while primary counselor is out on maternity leave does not have a clue what is even going on in regards to the veteran. The veterans do all the work in regards to the leg work. VHA physicians refuse to fill out paperwork. Social workers refuse to also fill out paperwork; but, eventually left the VA because Social worker did not like was even going on in the VA.
      Ben, it does not matter either even if a VA social worker runs into a veteran in a publix supermarket. VA social worker brings up topic and if veteran disagrees with the social worker, social worker just walks away when the veteran is correct. The Department of Veterans Affairs is one sided period.
      In regards to the words, “Vocational and Rehabilitation” words creating stigma and confusion, I do not see that at all. It is not the name of the program. The stigma, biasness, and discrimination belongs to the actions of the VA Leadership and VA counselors by the way they handle the veteran Voc Rehab consumers. Ben, there are many in the American population who view the big American government as oppressive in their governance. Getting back to the name of the Voc Rehab program and when the VA speaks readiness, I do not see how any veteran can hardly be work ready. Do you know why I say this? Because if the veteran is constantly having to straighten up behind the VA, behind companies, and deal with their own to do lists, situations like this make it impossible to be positioned to hold employment and even complete education and training. The bureaucracy is still out of touch. They are just in Washington DC dishing out. Institutions and all too focused on status. VA has sabotaged when they were involved so as for Chapter 31 I do not care to be involved. VA sends employment opportunities. They are truly missing the boat. Opportunities they send I am not qualified for zilch of them.
      However, I could have been. But, see they were too busy trying to sabotage my efforts to head into substantial employment or employment of demand that requires updated degree and or certifications and or licensure. I do not see how changing the name does anything except maybe move it out from under the laws. Look at it this way. See how the presidents enact executive orders to go around the Congress. In my opinion, this is the same. What is their real reason? I more than likely view it as another path just to help the agency get out of training veterans for paths of their choosing.
      Who knows Ben? Best.

      1. The term used here is “Too Sensitive”.
        Since when is a person or an agency or institution supposed to determine and decide the emotional state of the veteran population? The VA is engaging in blanket intellectual and emotional dishonesty when they decide for the veteran population. VA, VSOs, and politicians attaching stigma reasons linked to the name of the program and to why Veterans do not access program or apply to the program is demeaning. To all of the top leaders, the politicians, and top people who want to cherry pick everything to death, do you honestly believe this is veteran human centered as you claim? Or Fair? Or Honoring veterans rights of individual thought and individual choice? Or honoring veterans education and training that delivers them to professions such as physician or attorney? When people of senior positions believe they always know better, can’t you leadership see that this is racist being all of you are in love with believing this country is systematically racist? When you decide for others and you do not validate veterans positions and their own knowledge, you are engaging in stigma, discrimination, and bias yourselves against and towards the veteran consumer? I am directing this to VA leadership and politicians who are loving cherry picking everything to death which needs to stop.

    2. They just want to create more crap. Ben, you made the statement about the agency not wanting the veterans to know what the VA could really pay for. True, because they line their own pockets. Though, let me shift my comments in this direction. I do not want them to pay for any education and training in my case honestly. Reason why is because they will find a way to sabotage the process. Also, Ben, the educational system has declined. The schools do not focus on the content to be learned. Many of the colleges and the universities focus on too much house keeping, theory, and drama. The educational institutions have forgotten the purpose for why they exist. The universities have become just more money laundering systems. I would say there are only maybe a handful of decent colleges and universities in this country. Also, the country has not been being governed with how it was founded. This is what the current generations do not understand because they do not know the past. They believe today and recent administrations have been full force Capitalism. And this is not the case. Our founding has not been being followed for years and years going back to the Reagan Administration. Reagan Administration was full forced Capitalism while honoring the Constitution. Current president is trying to bring it back but is being attacked at every turn. America is not a racist country. People for political reasons have to create situations to make it seem racist. What is going on in VA is they are up to more research Ben. Tune into Intelligent Systems and Robotics. Institute of Human-Centered Design located in Boston, Mass.

  8. Hey, Ben and all, here are the,
    “White Supremacists”
    White Elites on both sides trying to destroy everything while trying to shove all down American throats.
    Ben, I disagree with what they are doing. Always spending money on dressing up situations and propaganda.
    All Democrats and some Republicans. The Marxists, White Supremacists, Socialists, and Communists are far from being Capitalists. SAD .
    Ben, I do not see how this helps the veterans honestly.
    Ben, this is similar to what the universities in California are doing with removing the SAT and ACT score requirements from the admission process. Removing policies, procedures, and regulations. See this Ben… and all.

    1. White supremacy does not exist. The USA is 75% white. Get over it. Mexico does not have hispanic supremacy. The are just 89% hispanic. Every country has it’s own racial majority. Stop hating on white people. Ugh. I am so sick of this hate, ignorance and nonsense that people spread because they are so miserable in their own lives.

      1. When I speak white supremacy, I am not referring to regular every day whites. I am referring to white liberal elites who want to turn the country into another Venezuela. Strip Americans and transform country into full globalism. This is what I mean. Koch brothers, Sanders, Soros..etc.

  9. Great insights, Ben. Let us know how much it costs when you find out.

    You only touched lightly on one of the biggest drivers of the name change: In the last 15 or so years agency heads have been getting rewarded for figuring out creative ways to reduce benefits to Veterans. While benefits under VR&E are technically entitled by law and under the fair application of that law should never come under the constraints of budgets, senior officials have been rewarded for slashing benefits without going through any of the required legislative changes needed to change the program.

    The name change is a veiled way to deny Veterans more benefits under VR&E. By using the term “readiness” the agency can use Veteran’s disabilities against them to require additional periods of medical or psychiatric care prior to participation in Chapter 31. A Veteran with PTSD or TBI, signature disabilities of the GWOT (Global War on Terror) can easily and quickly be declared “not ready” for participation in training or employment and be denied benefits. This sets up as an advantage for the agency to focus on those Veterans who are “ready” to participate, and thus are less costly to rehabilitate (oh, a term no longer used, sorry). Senior execs smile all the way to the bank with prestige, promotions and bonuses for operating the program with less money, while the most severe Veterans who are most entitled to benefits are denied participation simply because they require more services.

    Additionally, I should add that the term “Vocational Rehabilitation” is a technical term that has been around a long time and applies to getting injured people back to work in private, state, worker’s compensation, and federal arenas. There are national certification bodies that insure the credentials, training, and ethics of counselors are standard across different agencies. For the VA to take Vocational Rehabilitation out of their name further signifies the shift away from helping veterans with disabilities to overcome barriers to employment, and more toward a focus on the most “ready” veterans who can reach employment outcomes (agency statistics support bonuses) more quickly. It’s all geared toward the VA looking good at the expense of the Veteran.

    1. I file for equipment in July o r August got appointment in October was told the equipment I wanted was no longer available as of the previous month before appointment I though the claim started when I filed ???

  10. This is the same as renaming ‘Mental Health Clinic’ to ‘Behavioral Medicine’. Which, has prejudicial overtones.

    Question, “How are disabled Veterans supposed to be ready? Ready for what? . . . to die needlessly at the hands of totally ignorant and incompetent dumbasses?

    Then there is the employment part which I know a hellofalot of Veterans are strugling to work with disabilities that prevent them from getting a decent job.

    I suffered a severe head wound while active duty military and when I went in to get help the very next year after I was finally released from medical care during active duty in 1997 they accused me of lying and faking it. A Senator had to step in and tell them to “KNOCK IT OFF!”

  11. Certainly it will help. It would also help if the VA renamed itself under the same act to Veterans Adversary. To lessen the stigma and confusion when discussing issues and benefits with veterans.

  12. This is bullshit. VA counselors do not do their jobs. Instead they rely on staffing agencies. So what in the hell do the counselors do? I wanted a job in the legal field….Indianapolis VA counselors had NO clue as to what to do to assist. Fuck VA and ALL its BITCHES.

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