New Opioid Addiction Fix May Work But Cost Big Bucks

opioid addiction

The FDA may approve an implant treatment to help patients fight opioid addiction that may work but cost patients huge money based on market demand.

The new implant, called probuphine, could resolve some of the dangers of other opioid treatments because it is implanted under the skin for six months. Some of the test subjects reported that the implants help them feel “normal all the time” by providing steady relief.

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The only downside of the fix is that it may cost a great deal based on market demand. While the company making the drug promises to be reasonable in pricing, one never knows exactly how that will go in reality.

According to Health Care Financial:

“The company says it will price the implants to be competitive with other injectable treatments used to battle opioid addiction, including a shot that costs about $1,000 a month. Buprenorphine pills, in comparison, typically cost $130 to $190 for a month’s supply.”


Opioid addiction is a massive problem in the US and has been for some time. Nowhere within the Department of Veterans Affairs was hit more squarely on this topic than Tomah VA located in central Wisconsin. Nationally, VA has turned back its opioid prescriptive practices in response to the problems of addiction, leaving many veterans without a solution.

Now, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals plans to market the probuphine implant should the FDA approve the treatment. In January, an FDA advisory committee recommended approval of the implant. The final agency decision is expected May 27.

For the thousands of veteran patients VA doctors turned into addicts, let’s hope VA is able to negotiate a fair price. One of the current addiction alternatives, buprenorphine, is the third most confiscated opioid. Use of the implant should discourage the drug trafficking while providing a reasonable alternative.

Hopefully, once approved, VA will not ration the treatment like it has with the Hepatitis C cure.


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  1. It’s APPROVED!! Well in Wisconsin that is idk about at the VA? BUT IT SHOULD BE! This implant is what’s helping save and change my EVERYDAY life in a HUGE WAY!!I usually don’t put my personal business online because you never know who will read it and I don’t need all the negative opinions from complete strangers cuz I’m already hard enough on myself but…this implant has changed my life so much idc who reads it! I’ve been in recovery for 1yr 5-1/2mo and I had to drive 30mi(RTrip)to be dosed with the buprenorphine (suboxone/strip) being reminded every single day hmm you have a incureable disease that had you living in hell on earth for so long, now your trying your damnest to get clean and yet it’s still controlling your life everyday for about 2 hrs, holidays, weekends, not to mention all the gas money!So a little over 2mo ago my dr said “how would you feel about trying this implant” and explained/discussed it with me..After asking how many he’s done so far and being confident with his number I signed the papers that day! It does cost $5000 and about 3 weeks to approve which most insurance company’s will cover.
    I did this because doc explained getting the implant keeps you level all day where as when taking the strip every morning I would wake up feeling/looking like crap get in my car drive to the clinic take a drug test get my FULL DOSE at 8am so like most meds by 3-4pm i could tell the medicine was wearing off/wore off. (Even tho they say it doesn’t wear off, “half-life talk”it does!) I was a lump of crap the rest of the day! With the implant the medicine is gradually dispersed thru out the day and you don’t even have to think about it! As they said in the article it does make me “feel normal all day” EVERYDAY!(normal like any other healthy functional working adult) I can’t remember the last time I felt this good Just all around! Don’t get me wrong I still have my bad days, and it’s not some miracle happy drug, but the day I got this implant dedicated the next 6mo of my life clean months so it is indeed a miracle drug for me, my family, and my friends who stuck with me thru my long long horrible journey of addiction knowing that my only other way out of that journey was death!

      wow, the slavemaster gave you another drug.
      guess you’re really happy. more drugs. from the destroyers.
      you’re doing good, sis.
      keep it up, they love you.

      btw, cannabis resin extract will take away all crave for opiates and relieve pain and fix the problem.

      no, people want drugs. if you’re even “people” at all. i’m beginning to wonder. you druggies don’t seem like people. it very confusing. lol.

    2. Tell you what I am proud of you. # 1 you were smart enough to known you were not in control.

      # 2 YOU sought treatment.

      # 3. You realized that this was not only hurting you, it was hurting you love one’s.

      To many gave not found the will to help themselves. They’re are right once you become an addict you will always be an addict.

      The same with people who used alcohol as their drug of choice. But you can now become a former addict.

      I gave a daughter that her boyfriend got her hooked and of course left her. I tried everything I could to help, that is impossible !..

      Anyone using whatever must hit rock bottom before they will seek help or as you said end up 6 feet under.

      Anyone heaving a problem with alcohol may want to ask your doctor about taking a medication called naltrexone.

      This medication takes away the craving and I was told that if you drink 6 beers to get a buzz, on this medication you would have to drink a case to get the buzz.

      I don’t know if that is true or not, all I can say is from the first day I started taking the medication I have not touched one drink.

      I did not like what alcohol did to my body mind and how it effected my love one’s.

      If my mind thinks about having a drink, I remember pretty quickly. Really. ! What happened to you when you use to drink?

      That’s all it takes to keep me sober, so I miss it.? Hell No !

      My daughter has been sober for over a year and has her live back and so does the family.

      This scourge has ruined many famlies and is ruining this country.

      VA needs to guit calling veterans names like drug addict and remember why they are there to care for veteran’s with problems.

      So, you should be proud that you took the first step to help yourself. The rest will fall in place.

      Thanks for your post, people have to hear stories like this to understand they are not the only one going through hell.

  2. legalize MJ for all oh wait Big Pharma will lose money! people will get healthier an grow their own medication make oils for essential oil rubs too! if US Govt can own several patents on MJ then something deeply wrong for far too long!

    1. nobody will care about that.
      i’ve been talking and sharing this info about cannabis resin extract.
      “people” act like it’s nothing.
      oh, hmm, cannabis cures cancer. haha. ok, where’s my chemo and doctor and surgery?
      i’ve posted patents and articles and comments and proof.
      crickets. especially here.
      so-called gov locks up plant users.
      and then give everyone drugs.
      everyone happy. but not, obviously.
      not unhappy enough to look at it or change it.
      or even find out more.
      of all the posts i’ve posted, i have never had anyone contact me about this.
      nobody interested in a plant that can cure most anything, that you can grow yourself, and don’t have to go to doctors. “no thanks” or not even that polite is response.

  3. The Veteran’s Adversary has gone over board with it’s opioid addiction prevention methods. I recently had a large second degree burn on my leg. I am also diabetic so the healing process takes longer. I asked my primary physician at the Veteran’s Adversary for a stronger pain reliever like Tylenol 3. I had used Tylenol 3 while in the Army and never became addicted. I don’t like medicine at all, but if I have to take it to normalize my life, then I will. I could not get the physician to recommend any thing stronger than OTC pain relievers. I was taking five to seven Acetaminophen, Naproxen or Aspirin daily. All of those have side effects and can cause long term problems. And they are not the type of pain relievers that work well on severe burns or after surgery. Needless to say, I suffered several days from severe pain due to the lack of response for a stronger pain reliever. I don’t think a private physician would have had great difficulty understanding the severity of the pain and better medication for a short period of time. But that’s not how it’s assessed at the Veteran’s Adversary.

    1. Physicians have become impotent and sold their soul and sacrificed patients wellbeing to keep a job they can’t lose. Anti-inflammatory drugs are being passed off in the e.r. as a morphine class drug which is a lie. I’ve had psychologist tell me,even though I have verifiable adverse reactions to Lyrica to go sit in the e.r. waiting area,that way once the adverse effects began someone could observe my distress. Of course,I told him that he was asinine for suggesting since psychologist aren’t permitted to prescribe nor suggest what medication to take.(they’re not M.D.s)
      Earlier I related my PC was decreasing the fentanyl patches from 50-37/ 3 weeks I began withdrawal. Not fun,repeatedly I contacted without success; however the next month the very same dose PLUS120 tablets of oxycodone5mg medication I have repeatedly told the PC I can’t take. Now,I am off fentanyl patches however Monday I was first told the medication was terminated,Tuesday I received the fentanyl patches 12ul -q72hrs; YET, I’m already withdrawn. I was told the PC stated I had to go back on the patch since she had not given me permission to stop using due to withdrawing. Instead of common sense,she wanted me to readdict my body and go through withdrawal at her convenience. I have not used the fentanyl patches the boxes are still unopened..

    2. If you cook cannabis flowers in coconut oil, then make a poultice of the cooked flowers, keeping the oil separate, this will take all the pain from burn away, plus it will heal the damage.

  4. MMj is hit and miss depending on your PCP and area. About a year and a half ago my San Diego based PCP approved me using MMJ while taking morphine (enables me to use WAY less morphine) and even though I’m still required to take tests for “street drugs,” since getting his approval it’s not been a problem when I’ve tested positive for MMJ. On the other hand, I’ve run into a lot of San Diego Vets who were told point blank by their PCP that they would terminate their pain killer script if they test positive for MMJ.

    1. @MS, yes, that’s the point i was trying to make with my post, though not as clear and concise as how you wrote it. glad you posted.

    2. Actually,I have a question.I’m not so fortunate to enjoy the Mary jane brownies,I found out out while AD that being anywhere close to the smoke,or someone who recently had,I break out in hives. Very embarrassing,so if there is a tablet of this medicinal plant,would the same thing happen?

      1. Sounds like your allergic to it or something else your near.
        Have you been to more than one place and it happens.

        If your going to the same location it could be something else causing this or you may be alergic to the MJ.

        Not a doctor. Food for thought !

      2. Having severe allergic reactions to a number of things since returning from the Gulf, I can only say you would have to try it.
        My reactions sometimes happen to a number of things, or a single ingredient, plant or pill, and can range from numbness to severe swelling causing my lips to split and pain anywhere I have been injured.

    3. Yes this has to change. MJ. Helps !

      But it’s not a cure all and other medication May be needed.

      To me it’s just a big game and they want to play God.

      We control you !

      Again. They don’t test for alcohol and anyone can deny drinking If they know. The VA would take their medication away.

      Alcohol. I’d way more dangerous !

      1. James, You’re just wrong about that.

        Cannabis CURES many diseases. Cancer. Diabetes. Alzheimers. The medical mafia wants you to believe what you wrote… that marijuana doesn’t cure anything, you still need doctor drugs. This is a big fat lie. Many many people use cannabis and it cures the problem. You will never hear that on the news. And your “doctor” (if you’re foolish enough to have one) will tell you cannabis cannot cure anything. They are liars.

        watch this documentary: “Run from the Cure” by Rick Simpson.

      2. No what I said is MJ Helps many people. But it’s not a cure for everything !

        Therefore. Veterans will need other medication. Besides MJ !

        Please don’t twist my word’s !

        That’s what VA employees do !

      3. no other “medication” (aka drugs, aka poison) needed when you use cannabis resin extract.

        if you don’t believe me, go to us patent and trademark office and do a search for cannabis.

        i haven’t twisted any of your words, you’re obviously on drugs of some sort. not making much sense.

        did you watch the video recommended? you can spout like you know something, but you know nothing of it. you have only empty words that are already a twist.

        now continue your “medication” lol, and eat every one of those words.

    4. the real point is that they don’t need prescriptions when you use cannabis resin extract.
      these people that take drugs are totally dependent on the doctor and these plans of the doctors’ boss.
      why do they trust doctors who have been lying about cannabis all these years?
      so, is this the way it goes,
      you go to the doctor and ask for permission to use a plant to help you decrease the amount of addicting poison the doctor gives you.
      then the doctor (aren’t you there for help?) tells you if you use this helpful plant he will not give you poison drugs “medications” anymore.
      now, you are denied helpful plant by helpful doctor?
      so, you forget the helpful plant idea and keep taking addicting, body and mind-destroying drugs while making the doctor and his boss rich.
      ok, got it.
      carry on. drugs for all.

      1. Yes the VA will stop giving out opoids to veterans using MJ. Good.

        No need for them. PTSD and traumatic brain with migraines MJ helps.

        Close down the VA, open up medical MJ clinic’s. My father told me when he would go to the VA for chemo, the VA would give him a joint to smoke before his chemo in the facility.

  5. Here’s an interesting article from the;
    “Wisconsin Watchdog”
    May 26, 2016 @ 5:40 pm

    “Tomah VA Supervisor Accused of Misconduct Gets Promoted”

    There’s some quotes by Ryan Honl in it.
    Google it. It’s quite a piece.

    @namnibor, Next Tuesday is the meeting. I guess we’ll find out about everything then……

  6. Nov 14 to Feb 15 I quit taking VA Morphine after 12 years. Let me tell you, even though I tried to ween myself off this poison, the withdrawals were hilarious. I have had a problem with my shoulder since then and I have seen 7 doctors or Physician Assistants (VA shell game), 5 of them at the very least offered me more Opiates and one doctor lied to me about an Opiod drug. She also sent me Morphine, in the mail, without my wanting it and without my knowledge. I am currently DRUG FREE even though I’m in 7-8 pain. The VA doesn’t want you off Morphine. LOOK! If you are home in front of the TV slobbering down the front of yourself, stoned on dope, you are not AT the VA jumping up and down trying to get REAL medical care. Let me lay this fact on you.
    “The Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that VA prescriptions for four highly addictive opiates, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Methadone and Morphine SURGED by 270% nation wide between 2001 and 1012.” The Omaha VA (my VA) SURGED 375.9% in the same time periods. It’s only through the use of pot that I have not blown my FRIGGIN brains out!!!

    1. Ralph, For 8 months I’ve been dealing with a torn ACL with a PC who has prescribed between 10-12 narcotics I neither knew I was getting nor could take. Attempting to return,I was almost arrested,however security admitted they won’t accept the medication because they don’t want to do the paperwork.What was said about VA wanting to keep us on narcotics,I was on fentanyl but was decreased so much I started withdrawals,I repeatedly asked for help,nothing,however the next month’s script same low dose plus a bottle of OXYCODONE,120 tabs.I don’t take this medication,For a month I attempted to return no one would take it,I killed a few rats in the sewer.My name has been on every bottle of medicine I didn’t ask for or know I was receiving. My name has been put on some narcotics list that I can’t clear. Recently,the lower fentanyl I was told,I wasn’t permitted to detox,even though it’s been 2weeks without any withdrawal symptoms,the Dr stated I’m to use it because no one can get better unless the VA gives permission. I haven’t used it yet and don’t plan on it because it’ wasn’t given on a whim however at our VA, houses DAP,SATP,so everyone is suspect,no matter.
      The VA patients,which were active duty,couldn’t call in sick,and staff just don’t get it. We paid our dues plus,but sadly today’s VA is nothing more than a glorified welfare clinic for veterans,and God help the pre-911 veterans who have almost been completely disenfranchised.

      1. Start a paper trail first to the director and one to your congressman. This way you will have evidence. If they should try and acuse you of abuse or something else.

        These people are out of control and someone better stop them.

        Half of them have to be drug additcs and syphone off half of what they send veterans.

        They all need to be tested. Unexpected !

  7. I don’t think it was our congress that mad the VA. I think that as the year’s went by. The VA has been infiltrated by employees whom hired their friend’s.

    And their friend’s hired those employees family members. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

    This is were they cover up for each other. You fight one. You will end up fighting them all and they won’t stop. Until they stop you.

    In smaller communities this is a big problem. These manager’s can and do have your and my ? and this ? is used to keep their employees in line.

    Can you imagine having money that is not yours. But you have access to it once a year and the employees that are good boy’s and girl’s and don’t rock the boat. You get a bonous.

    And then you have employees who become part of management and they get the God syndrome and think I am holier than you and I can control you and if you don’t like it.

    I will make your life a living hell. I have seen employees make false statements against their employees and if someone does not back up the employee their toast.

    Now.I think congress inaction has imbolded many employees and the employees see that nothing will happen to them if and when they do their misdeeds.

    So anarchy is born and it spreads like wild fire and here we are !

    So if our elected officials would get off the ☎.trying to get citizen’s to give them their hard earned monies.

    They could see right through the misdeeds and take action to put a stop to it and all this illegal actions would stop.

    1. Should red I don’t think it was congress. That did this to the VA. The VA did it themselves and our elected officials were not doing their job.

  8. 05/26/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Recently, at the large factory, some old-timers [young in age] are upset with anyone new coming into the work place.

    Anyone with experience from other factories is looked down upon.

    Any new item is quickly tossed from the conversation.

    This has been “the American Way” since the 70s/80s, big time.

    Why would we not use this probuphine implant as a tool to fight this huge opiate epidemic?

    Why is this subject [Implants] being discussed as Memorial Day is approaching, and the Second anniversary of VA Scandal–“the Five Alarm Fire”–“A Sad Joke”—“A National Embarrassment,” goes unchecked?

    How far has the Koch Brothers [Super PAC Freedom Partners Action Fund of Arlington, Va.,] and the remaining “Hedge Funds” brainwashed our heads with their tainted activities? Did Congress really make the VA System worse? “The US Government’s “Internal War” Against American Veterans,” article by Joachim Hagopian, date 05/23/16, might spark some interest along with “Did the Program Meant to Rescue the VA Healthcare System Make it Worse?” article by Michael Sliwinski, dated May 25, 2016.

    It is always good to have plenty of tools handy—you never know when you have to use a tool.


    Don Karg

  9. Negotiate a fair price? The VA has already implanted a cheap procedure that won’t cut into their bonuses.
    Cut off vets cold turkey and let them fend for themselves.

  10. My son was sent a sort of date stamp contraception and it hold something like narcone.

    Same drug as they use for over dose. He said anyone taking psy meds or sleeping pills get will get one.

    They are trying to change drugs and what I’m on. Is what I need to be on. Their working. Why change something when it’s working.

    1. veterans & civilians with incurable disease and injury, this “date stamp thing” with “whatever” is going to help? let’s see, so folks take certain meds…put their name in a fed database; folks buy certain items, guaranteed by 2nd amendment…put their names in a fed database; etc., . round em up like cattle and eventually slaughter them financially and politically. 1984 seems child play on this side of the date.

    2. @james, more likely i didn’t express myself the way i thought i wanted or mis-read your post. 😉

      many of us veterans have been rx’d psy meds and sleep aids. in my head i was thinking, jadedly, the veterans that are on these meds get “labeled”, usually negatively, and are now in need of some “narcone” device too.

      also, what you mentioned i’m sure hits home to many veterans, is that you finally find a med combo that resonably helps you, and here comes the VA and out of the blue they want to change your meds. i venture to suspect the meds VA wants you to change to, you probably don’t want and/or don’t like, may have tried them before and they didn’t work much…yet they want to switch up on you.

      between what your son mentioned to you and you being switched meds, yet current ones are working, i was trying to say how f$%^&* is that, and par for VA.

      i’ve been overwhelmed lately so i’m not firing on all cylinders when trying to convey something.

      1. I’ve been on the same medication for about 8 year’s and doing way better than before I was finely treated.

        At first it was very rough they use trial and error. The first medication. I was sluring my word’s. Bouncing off wall’s.

        They had me so high. I had to show them I could tie my shoe laces. Now that’s high.

        Went to Sheridan VA and the doctor. Told me your on to many and to strong medication.

        Were going to ween you off this one medication. Ween no cut me Off cold Turkey.

        I was hearing voices ! Now that’s pretty bad. Scary !

        They keep pressing my son to change his meds and he’s doing ok.
        I told him if their working tell them no and if they don’t listen start a paper trail first to the director and one to our congressmen.

  11. LOL. The VA wants to put a chip in the veterans that they got addicted?

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    Create a problem: refuse cannabis plant to vets in pain and in need (Including those with cancer, diabetes, alzheimers, ptsd, anxiety, chronic pain and addiction – cannabis resin extract cures all of these).

    Have a reaction: “oh, we’re shocked all these vets are addicted and killing themselves. we need a SOLUTION to this travesty!”

    Identify the solution: more drugs (implant) that requires more drugs (to manage side effects or give it a “boost”). nb: “solution” is always alway always very expensive, very invasive (requires “monitoring”) and i guarantee it will not work. highly profitable for pharma + VA, but will kill the vet or ruin vet’s life.

    The VA as well as the overall federal corporation (United States of America Inc.) know that whole plant cannabis, extracted with a solvent into cannabis resin extract, will cure just about anything and will take away the worst pain.

    Unfortunately, this cannabis plant can be grown by anyone at all except the most severely disabled, and the buds can be extracted in your kitchen, to make the most powerful medicine available. No need for huge bureaucracies, monitoring or pills/implants with chips. Unless you want to get tests done, there is no need for the VA even.

    cannabis resin extract.

    aka “Rick Simpson Oil”.

    Why would anyone believe the VA wants to cure or fix anything?

    Clearly, their job is to destroy as many vets as they can.
    Either outright thru death/suicide.
    Or backdoor by failing to provide proper care, and the vet’s life is ruined.

    Cannabis is illegal because it cures almost everything and you can fairly easily make the medicine yourself.

    Blessings be!

    1. They are using M J to treat head injuries on football player’s and state it’s helping.

      I agree. They need to get out of the dark ages and approve it for veterans.

      Hell of a lot cheaper too !

      Get the M J on your state ballot and the people will vote it in!

      1. James, I do not believe in “voting”.

        All voting is rigged. Just more racket to sucker the suckers and steal money from the tax victims.

        Nobody in this so-called country “elects” anyone.
        All officials are appointed.
        Elections are held as diversion and to make people believe in this election system.

        President? Elected by the “electoral college” not popular vote.

        So, why vote?

      2. You not voting for anyone. Your voting for your right to use the medication of your Choise.

        That’s different. Have a great day.

    2. it is against the law via federal law, and VA is federal. too bad fed gov won’t change the law. even if its legal in a state and one gets a mj card, i can see a nefarious VA doc putting some unremovable negative comments in a veteran’s med record when pee test comes back pos for mj.

      many of us have had VA doctors request blood tests and we think its for checking body organs and such due to the meds we are on. you know, like meds that affect liver and kidneys, cell count, etc. however you go back over your records and you see drug tests were ordered looking for street drugs. and no mention of the “normal” tests you thought were ordered.

      although a couple of docs at VA and top-notch civilian docs have suggested it to me over the last few years, i’m leery of trying it. for the reasons i wrote above. i’m too jaded about VA after years of back-stabbing. now, if VA would write a note signed by potus declaring my use legal, to protect me from a nefarious VA doc, i’d try med-mj. currently, no can trust VA. too bad really.

      1. The VA sent out a memo about this where it’s legal and the veterans who take it. May not get pain medication.

        I took my paperwork signed by an outside doctor. I use to use pain medication and some of those were really strong and I felt like I had been drinking.

        If I need to take a pain medication. I use over the counter aleive or something else.

        I have a TBI and suffer from PTSD and since.I’ve stopped pain medication and use MJ. I have been thriving and stopped drinking about ten year’s ago.

        So their is a trade off. But I would rather use MJ. For my conditions.

        The private sector medical is using MJ to treat TBI in ? player’s.

        Many veterans use alcohol and alcohol. Many times is not good for treating PTSD and not good for TBI.

        Look it up. VA memo on medical MJ.

      2. I’ve read where Congress is talking about legalizing mj for vets.
        Can’t remember when I read it.

      3. Yes, everyone who stops taking drugs (doctor drugs and alcohol) thrives.

        That’s why the VA demonizes the cannabis plant.

        I don’t care what they say. Why would anyone take their doctor drugs anyway? That’s just stupid as stupid can be. When I told them, they added “cannabis dependence” to my disability.

        Exactly. I am cannabis dependent. At least they got one thing right.

      4. The worse it could Do to you or anyone is help you sleep. You know why MJ was outlawed.

        The head of a police agency. Wanted job security. So they started putting ad’s out showing people acting crazy.

        It was stupid then and still stupid.

        I’ll bet 99% of our elected officials have used or tried. The paranoia set in when they thought about getting caught !

        IF it was legal the paranoia would not be there and they would laugh at themselves for worrying about nothing.

        They just don’t want to admit it.

      5. Cantigny,
        ” i can see a nefarious VA doc putting some unremovable negative comments in a veteran’s med record when pee test comes back pos for mj.”

        so what if they do. at least you’ll be healthy and not drugged. the evidence of healing power is conclusive.

        ” … however you go back over your records and you see drug tests were ordered looking for street drugs. and no mention of the “normal” tests you thought were ordered.”

        why do you allow them to take your blood then? you have no idea what they use that blood for. they draw your blood to test for drugs to frame you? and you would continue to allow that?

        these VA creeps really got veterans bowing and scraping around, don’t they?

        you admit the VA docs are nefarious. why bow to that?

    3. what other problems will this cause! Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; Cellulitis at the site? will the VA put a IFR Chip? (basically a GPS where n where go into out of places) it as well sooo many things can go wrong in soo many bad ways NO WAY! ever the list can go on but for here… can research those think it will cause more medical problems than good! then when say runs out how long before a vet could get it properly exchanged surgery etc? a year two?? maybe dies from uncontrolled pain 🙁

      1. No well i sure shouldn’t take that long! I am not a vet so i have NO CLUE how the VA works but i personally have the implant which the procedure took all of 20 min to do! And I was out the door so hopefully this will be a big change for vets

  12. Here’s the deal. VHA physicians “hooked” veterans on opioids. They are the ones who should do everything within their power to help said veteran(s)!

    As far as this “chip” is concerned. Why would anyone trust any government agency? Especially since its came out, many years ago, “chips” may be used for “tracking a person”!

    I see something here that just doesn’t sit right with me.
    Last night on World News, a DEA agent stated, (I’m paraphrasing), all pharmaceutical companies, (which I would assume VA pharmacies are included in this law), are required by law to report increases of opioid use. They, (pharmacies, physicians etc.), are mandated by law IF the amount ‘ordered’ rises, they are to contact the DEA.
    Example: the pharmacy orders 1500 opioid pills, (oxicodone, oxicotine etc.), each month. Then, for some strange reason, the pharmacy orders 10,000 – then 30,000 – then 100,000, or more. And the small town only has 650 citizens. “RED FLAG” big time.
    The article was about a small town in West Virginia. If anyone doubted how I got this info!
    That being said, why wasn’t the DEA contacted over the “over-prescribing of opioids by VHA?” IF they were contacted, why did it take so long for agents to investigate and hold people accountable?

  13. I can see a myriad of ways the VA in particular, could get this gravely wrong. So many ways.
    Veterans will be further research rats for the VA to get the funding but we Vets will be the body bag path to the private sector getting this implant just as it came to be with the Hep C Drug. It’s ALL ABOUT the funding….Veterans are only mentioned in order to get that funding.

    I would trust a real Haitian Witch Dr. implanting a chicken bone under my skin any day before allowing the VA to botch this. (as opposed to an unqualified VA Witch Dr.)

    How about this? How about the VA not overprescribing or allowing VA Dr.’s to experiment on Veterans as was/is the case with Dr. Candy Man Houlihan at Tomah VAMC, where he and am sure many other so-called Dr.’s across the VA System have effectively made their patients addicted because of improper monitoring.

    Lastly, this requires PROPER MONITORING. VA is not notorious for doing anything proper as in following instructions for cleaning surgical tools in nomenclature.

    WAY too much could go very wrong with the VA involved in using the back of Veterans for Big Pharma again. Speaking of which, is The CANDY MAN back in business with the VA again? Been awful quiet or have I not been listening carefully enough?

    Will Dr. Houlihan be in charge of this program? Would be the fitting slap in face to Vets from VA.

    1. @namnibor
      I believe we won’t find anything out about “The Candyman” until 31 May.
      I too, am anxious to “hear” the outcome.
      Of course, this will only be subject to IF the “town hall” isn’t cancelled for some unknown reason!

      As far as I’m concerned, “Candyman” should have been jailed long ago!

    2. I really don’t understand how so many of you get all these pain meds. Down here in Dublin, Ga. we have to BEG for pain relief. I have inoperable spinal disease. Been on Hydrocodone and Morphine for 13 years till finally got upped to Oxycodone. All the so called Addicts that apparently do NOT need pain relief are F–ing it up for people that do need relief and get some sense of a life back.. I may be addicted to Morphine. BUT the alternative is DEATH! Noone could live with this pain without something! I sure don’t want some implant that I have no control over. With my pills, I can take less if I have a good day. Ha HA. Have not had one since I broke my neck.

  14. sorry the sentence “Patients involved in a health care system that was capable of providing proper monitoring due to the additional the patient would need to take for it to be effective.”

    Should read:

    Patients would need to be involved in a health care system that was capable of providing proper monitoring care due to the additional medications required for the treatment to be effective. That is clearly something the VA Health Care System would be unable to support overall.

  15. From the page on the drug buprenorphine it seems clear that the use of the probuphine implant will require complete zombification of the patients who are prescribed it. Patients involved in a health care system that was capable of providing proper monitoring due to the additional the patient would need to take for it to be effective. That is clearly something the VA Health Care System would be unable to support.

    Considering not only the known hazardous side effects of buprenorphine the patient is also will have to deal with the additional side effects from long term use of the support medications. Sounds like a losing proposition for anyone who is put on the implant.

    From Wiki:

    “Rehabilitation programs consist of “detox” and “treatment” phases. The detoxification (“detox”) phase consists of medically supervised withdrawal from the drug of dependency on to buprenorphine, sometimes aided by the use of medications such as benzodiazepines like oxazepam or diazepam (modern milder tranquilizers that assist with anxiety, sleep, and muscle relaxation), clonidine (a blood-pressure medication that may reduce some opioid withdrawal symptoms), and anti-inflammatory/pain relief drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin.”

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