VA Sloan Gibson Shifts Message, Blames Press For Bad Scandals

Sloan Gibson

VA leadership is changing its message moving into the election cycle from one supporting accountability to one of a petulant child blaming everyone else.

In the past two weeks, VA OIG attacked the press for its coverage of the Phoenix VA scandal straining a gnat to obfuscate the argument. Now, Sloan Gibson is taking one from OIG’s playbook by attacking the press for calling VA employees “corrupt” or “lazy.”


Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee Jeff Miller called out Sloan Gibson on his clear shift from “we will fix it” to “it is everyone else’s fault.”

Miller is not impressed, and pointed out in his op-ed that of the enormous nationwide scandal, VA clearly does not care because only 10 people were fired from at least 40 locations with confirmed fraud of VA employees.

Instead, Miller said in his op-ed:

“Let that sink in. VA bureaucrats at 40 locations were manipulating data to hide long waits for care, 316 veterans died and yet VA has only successfully fired fewer than 10 people for these issues.

“It’s obvious that until those who caused the VA scandal are removed from the department’s payroll, efforts to reform the department will never succeed. Unfortunately, under this administration, that’s unlikely to happen. That’s because instead of properly holding problem employees accountable, VA is all-too-often content to simply make excuses — often excruciatingly bad ones — for their misbehavior.”

Will VA ever shape up or is this just a game?

Miller is tired of VA’s new approach, creating excuses for its excuses:

“And people wonder why VA isn’t fixed yet.

“Enough is enough. It’s time for VA leaders to level with veterans and the American people. The VA scandal was not overblown, it was real. Yes, it really is too hard to fire federal employees of all pay grades, and this sad fact is causing problems for veterans as well as thousands of VA employees who are actually dedicated to doing their jobs.

“Veterans are depending on VA for solutions to the department’s most pressing problems. There is simply no excuse for VA’s litany of excuses regarding employees who can’t or won’t do their jobs.”

Since VA is insufferably corrupt until the end of time, what is our next step to help the agency shed the evil doers? The courts protect them. The press generally lauds VA regardless of the facts. Hillary Clinton thinks the problems inside VA are part of a vast rightwing conspiracy.

What is the next step for real?


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  1. >>@Ben: What is the next step for real?

    dunno, but i’ll just write this…we ALL have done everything possible regarding fixing the VA. Congress hasn’t been able to do anything, so how in heck can veterans do anything? Even WH does nothing but “talk”.

    you yourself wrote this, “Since VA is insufferably corrupt until the end of time, what is our next step to help the agency shed the evil doers? The courts protect them. The press generally lauds VA regardless of the facts. Hillary Clinton thinks the problems inside VA are part of a vast rightwing conspiracy.”.

    is it any wonder veterans’ efforts or anyone for that matter can get VA to change/fix? talk about a david & goliath insurmountable problem!!

    the MSM sure pays a boatload of attention to such protesters as, BLM., don’t they? you ask what is the next step?, add mass protest(peaceful) to the toolbox. didn’t that “2 million bikers to DC” get a lot of coverage on MSM? just sayin…

  2. REPORT VA waste, fraud, corruption OR LYING to VA Sec Bob McDonald , VA administrater Debi Bevins and VAOIG Director Michael Missal If you email them, they can NOT later claim they did NOT KNOW about it. CC MEDIA on your email, is ALL the BETTER! … if you want to CC me TOO, go for it! Ron Nesler

  3. “We discovered that VA’s Office of Accountability Review (OAR) began an investigation concurrent to ours. To avoid any duplicative efforts, we accepted the misuse of time and timecard allegations, and OAR accepted all others to investigate.”

    So, who actually did the investigation? OAR or the OIG? Is there actually a coverup between the sheets that filled the gap that closed the case that should have resulted in criminal charges against the perp?

  4. I am about to have a dead vet on my hands if they don’t approve his disability already!!! All you fine people, who is this company called, “QTC Medical Services”? The VA has all the medical records they need to make a decision but, NO, now they want to send him to this QTC place for an exam??? I wonder who at the VA awarded this company a contract as another stall tactic in awarding benefits! Extremely disgusted with the whole process!!!

    1. @Donna
      QTC – Harding Way, Stockton did right by my veteran son. They will have the VA medical records BUT will ask YOU what are your issues, is it better or worse & give you travel reimbursement in the form of a check. He went twice, one examiner was a veteran, the other was not both decided he needed his compensation increased for lumbar back injury & decided his PTSD made him unemployable – permanent.

      Its real hard to answer questions & admit any weakness or injury to a stranger but you must do it anyway & don’t hold back nothing except your temper with the examiner. Be irritability, be angry, say Ouch, winch your face if examine causes pain.

      They are not the VA & they want to help you.

      Keep your veteran alive, keep the stress down & always keep in mind the routine is “hurry up & wait”. Go to the appointment with the mind set this is a good thing & it will be. Be well.

      1. Thank you Night, that is very good information. Sorry about your son but, glad they increased your son’s disability. Can I ask another question, how long did it take after the QTC exam before you were notified of their decision? And does QTC make the decision or do they gather all the info and send out to the VA for the actual determination? Thanks again!

  5. I am always amused by those laboring under the false assumption that the VA is doing anything less than exactly, precisely, and specifically what Congress wants done. That being, killing veterans. Half you people have no idea what the Bonus Army was, and the rest think Operation Vigilant Eagle was a joke. Sheep to the slaughter.

  6. HAHAHA Sloan Gibson even you have been sent information about the lack of proper medical care from myself and hundreds of other veterans since January f this year alone! Yet, nothing for most veterans sadly. Some have died, others sit in pure agony thinking about eating a gun as the pain is so intense and the veterans know what treatment can help, yet the authorizing for NVCC and SrVA Leadership have yet to lift a finger. Oh paper work moved get veterans hope up only to have SrStaff CANCEL those consults for no reason whatsoever!
    Blaming the “newspapers” if someone can even get something in the press is tantamount to a 5-yr-old having a temper-tantrum. Gibson, you are not 5-yrs-old but a grown man who could not even answer any questions dealing with constructions of the “new VA Denver” when on TV. You looked like a deer caught in the headlights about to be run over. Now, 2yrs-later have the same look, but blame others for your failing and McDonald’s failings! along with not being able to get rid of the AFGE as YES they and Sr Leadership at the VA are the true root of all evil of VA problems not the papers not the whislte-blowers but YOU are the problem Gibson!

  7. In fairness to the great nurses, doctors and support staff I have to say this. I have been a VA patient from 1970 to present date. And yes there is a small percentage of VA staff in need of discipline or replacement. But the the majority of doctors, nurses and staff are very professional. ALSO keep in mind the VA Budget is funded through taxes. The annual amount varies depending on what the establishment czars agree to pay. Also keep in mind 2016 is ELECTION YEAR a time when politicians bend and stretch the truth.

    If and when you receive poor service at the VA Hospital – take a few extra minutes and report the problem/ person(s) to Senior VA Hospital Management. And yes I have reported only one doctor and one nurse since 1970. Also, I have given more compliments and will continue doing so until such time I can no longer tell the difference between good treatment and bad.


    1. Dead veterans can’t speak up! The next time someone dies at night or in the early A.M., ask to see if a on-call doctor was called. Ask for it in writing.

  8. Here’s a helluva great Utube video I just found. Y’all should watch it!!!!!!!!
    Published on Aug. 23, 2016
    I am think it may be older, but not sure!

    “Donald Trump care about US VETS”

    And, there’s a plea from a U.S. MARINE, a true ‘Combat Veteran’, that will break your heart.
    He’s with a group called, “Vets For Trump!”

  9. VA executive leadership and AFGE are in cahoots together. AFGE operates at most medical centers and their supplies are paid for by medical center funding.

  10. Public apathy is what the VA bureaucrats thrive upon. As long as the public has a don’t care attitude about all this, the VA bureaucrats will be happy and this stuff will keep going on and on. People don’t give a crap about us! I remember hearing this statement getting said to us in Viet-Nam after we got there; “The only person back in the world who cares about you is your Mama. Nobody else cares about you. They sent you over here, didn’t they?”

  11. Well need some VA Doctors to come up with a VA kemo therapy. Problem is, there would be no living tissue left. Whoops, all gone. Is that so bad?

  12. I wonder how Gibson feels when he thinks the VA is being falsely accused, or people are reaching conclusions based on bad information.
    Well let me tell you something Shulkin, you little sniveling bitch. Veterans face false accusations and lazy VA employees jumping to conclusions every day. Its not just their public image that is affected but their health care, and far too often their lives.

    1. I think the vampires at the VA sleep soundly each and every night and are only bothered by daylight hours where the truth is blinding their path to the cookie jar.

      1. @91Veteran and namnibor

        Have y’all noticed the VA employees, sniveling cowards all, aren’t seen out at night where real vets congregate!

      2. When they do, they have been known to paint themselves as being more important of a Vet than perhaps they really are…Special Forces, anyone? You know, in order to try to relate to the homeless Vet?

        So sad that we actually have a “VA’s Greatest Hits in Major Corruption, Volume XXX” going strong. Now it’s “The Press is saying bad things about me….wahhhh!”

  13. T, REUBEN, CRAZY ELF, YOU ALL ARE CORRECT! IT is faschism, it is RICO & it is all corrupt thanks to both parties stealing from every damn program and benefit we paid into and that includes the biggest pie, which are our federal taxes, which we we all pay for the bastards for the last 5 decades. I said it before back in 2000, that we were paying for our demise, and I was right. The insurance cartel RICO Enterprise for every self insured corporation and state, city & federal agency has done more harm with the unions that at any other time in history! VETS & injured workers in the many millions did not have to happen. This is why Bernie & Trump were so popular,. The whole govt is rigged by insurance and unions & both parties.

  14. Sounds like they’re taking lessons from the Donald Trump playbook on how to blame everyone and everything except themselves

  15. IM HERE FROM VA DEATHCARE IM HERE TO HELP YO VETS HITLER SAID THE SAME THING TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I’d suggest the following.

    First, get rid of the union. Like Reagan did with the air traffic controllers union.

    Second, hold McDuck, Gibson, Shulkin and the rest in contempt of Congress.
    If they don’t like it. Throw them in jail.

    Third, get someone else, preferably with balls, to go nationwide to fire incompetent employees! Tell those being fired, their court date will take up to 10+ years to see whether or not their rehired. Of course, while their waiting, they will receive NO PAY!
    Then make those firings stick!

    Fourth, allow all veterans have access to outside healthcare. We should be able to use our VA healthcare card.

    And, That’s just for starters!
    There’s a myriad of things which can be done. Only VA doesn’t seem to care. All VA seems to care about is how much of the taxpayers monies they can get.

    If “The Hildabeast” gets in, the middle class will be gone. Taxes will jump into the 50+% rate. She’s already been stating this for some time.
    As Mr. Trump has said to the “minority class of peoples”,
    ” What the Hell do you have to lose!”
    At least with his economic plan, the U.S. has a chance to economic recovery!
    Right now our GDP is stagnated at 1.2%! Our unemployment is at almost at 1/3rd of the country. (That’s at the 1929-32 record). Our ‘Stock Market’, according to many economists, is at a crossroads. As was seen in 1928!
    The world is as “chaotic” as it has not seen in decades. Many countries, friends and enemies, are building up their armed forces.

    There’s so much going on out there, it’s hard to keep up!

    As far as Gibson is concerned, throw the bum in prison!

    1. Good for starters and scratching the surface but the major issues and problems run deeper than what we can all list.

      The entire systems, unions, special interest groups, activist, all established networking/boards/agencies, and government is broken. The entire medical and pharmaceutical systems, cabals, mafias, networks, is totally corrupt, self-serving and broken, It’s impossible for a patient, person, or vet to deal with all the wrongs, corruption, misdeeds, the attacks, retributions, total disregard thrown at us once we are seemingly put on the various ‘black list’ or black balling, or given some stupid label, pigeon holed by some quack over-educated idiots “practicing” some from of mental health or playing physicians who consider themselves to be gods of the universe. Throw in a corrupt and insane new PC socialist styled fascist, censored society that is offended with every word or action with state and federal officials and elected who are part of the problem we don’t stand a chance. Not having decent, honest, real journalist who are not afraid to report some truth and stories is another drop in the bucket of filth we have to deal with. And they all run together in one soup of sickness and corruption we call the new improved America. Where we have lost more than gained, and everyone out there has a say over our own rights, freedoms, to our health care to how we are supposed to be, act, feel, put in our own bodies, what to think and believe, to who to bow to and be door-mats for. It’s all corrupt and sick. But it’s all the veterans fault and the ones to be labeled, ridiculed and attacked for speaking some truth and for being tired of the run-a-rounds and money game.

      The stupid ‘war on poverty, drugs, etc., is a profiteering police state joke. Talk about some corruption and abuse along those line alone. Regardless of the constant anti-drug, “Bitter Pill” propaganda we see on TV all the time.

      Bottom line it’s all about control and money. I have had to file charges with the lying state’s AG just to get a copy of my medical file from a civilian surgeon here who refuses to give me a copy. Totally ignoring me. But the state’s reps and offices claim we have rights and law to protect, but then we are supposed to go hire attorneys for any justice and complaints. Yep, pass the corruption and money around game. So I send a complaint with the AG per the state’s web page. Which just gives them more information for them and office workers, their favorite special interest groups to attack me over. Which puts me on their watch list as claimed to see how many times or complaints I have filed so as to protect the ‘professionals’ from false charges or erroneous complaints. More BS every day while the media and all those “above’ us laugh all the way to the bank and enjoy their power positions.

      In the past we could see one MD over a myriad of issues, not today. With every issue we are forced to go see another quack called a specialist, similar to the socialist styled fascist VA system of health care. Like the VA we are forced to have special referrals to be seen by another quack or clinic for care. All these rules, regs, laws, authoritarian, fascist, Draconian interrogations over our care leads back to the same “professionals,” their boards, groups, clubs, etc. While we waste our lives and money playing the never ending game and hoping something will change, when change is not in sight. Some call that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting some change as … insanity. People are supposed to fall in line doing the same thing over and over again, and change, while the cabals/scum/agencies/professionals/bankers and all other assorted corrupt trash continue on. While we are treated and looked upon as criminals, liars, xenophobes, dishonest, or whatever they want to label us with. Sick of it all.

      1. @ “T”,

        And the sadder part about it “T”, is the American Voting Public allowed all this “LYING IN YOUR FACE WITH NO CONSEQUENCES BY THE ELECTED AND APPOINTED OFFICIALS TO HAPPEN!”

        Only when “We the People” decide to return America “To the People” will we see a true “Constitutional Republic” as it was meant to be!

      2. It has been my observation, especially in the last 5-6 years, that the”general public” of the U.S. has very little real interest in what goes on around them. All genders, all ages, all educational levels included. What America is supposed to be about just totally escapes them completely. Very, very few of the citizens have any idea about politics on any level (Fed, State, or local). Scumbags that take up seats in Congress or work for government departments, the VA being only one of many, know how lame and unaware the mass population is. The majoritydon’t have a clue how corrupt it has become – it couldn’t be any more corrupt infarct. Eight out of ten times you will find any given person don’t want to read or think about it because it’s too depressing–so they don’t!! ” It will forever go along that way” “Northing I can do about it” ” I’m not interested” “It’s too depressing” – is their level of concern. especially with VA corruption and failure. “They wish us veterans good luck, but are glad they ain’t one. The politicians and the elite that tell them what to do have grand control of everyone – and they will get it with brute force and weapons if they have to…if that’s what it comes down to..
        Oh yea, Sloan Gibson, ex- USO PR guy…ex-banking guy…he so knowledgeable a man…ex-salesperson…man with the answers – we should all listen to that important slob scum. Get the fuck out of my lane. You have no credibility. You are a true slob.

    2. VA DEATHCARE ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY @ FOR AFGE UNION CONTRACTS VETS YO ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCREWED BY VA DEATHCARE WHO KILL VETS FOR THE BONOUS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  17. Ben, you asked;
    “Since VA is insufferably corrupt until the end of time, what is our next step to help the agency shed the evil doers? The courts protect them. The press generally lauds VA regardless of the facts. Hillary Clinton thinks the problems inside VA are part of a vast rightwing conspiracy.
    What is the next step for real?”

    RAND Corp. has only found garlic to be marginally effective against the evil-doers at VA. The RAND Corp. recommends copious amounts of that bright sanitizing thing called sunlight, which effectively ceases all signs of life when the AFGE Zombie Apocalypse has it’s white-knuckled grip on all attempting to hold them accountable. RAND Corp. also has found that wooden stakes to the heart ineffective as they have no hearts because they are genetically modified vampires at the VA.
    RAND Corp. is your trusted advisor in the AFGE Zombie Apocalypse facing Veterans. Sloan Gibson, Undersecretary to Head Vampire concurs with RAND Corp. in that the Press has too bright of a flashlight and they should cease the use of that bright spotlight called accountability. The VA Vampires also concur.

    1. What is the next step? No garlic or stakes will work anymore. Either the good employees rise up to protect their jobs and reputation or Congress finally passed an accountability law with teeth.

      1. That’s the thing that boggles my mind, is one might think that the majority (theoretically) of good VA employees would want to all go rogue whistleblower to protect their own jobs and reputations but maybe there’s a performance bonus for not doing so as a little something, something extra…

        The thing with Sloan Gibson coming to the conclusion that the Press paints the VA unfairly…well, if the Press were actually all over the corruption at the VA instead of the actually very few news stations even giving it light of day…IF the Press also grew some balls along with Congress and made a grand spectacle of hearings on national tv like they did with the Ollie North thing (remember that?), then Gibson would be clamoring along with all the other rats jumping off the V.A. Titanic.

        Rand Corp. thanks you for your continued patience during this ongoing VA Zombie Apocalypse.

      2. I hear ya, but the press will never hammer the VA too hard until Obama is out of office. They might report if the left in Congress signals them it’s ok to take out a Secretary like they did with Shinseki, but they only do that to avoid further embarrassment to themselves.
        You want to see them do a 180 so fast it will give you whiplash, wait until Trump is in office if he gets elected.
        The press will report on other issues though unless there is a clear way to attack Trump.
        If they report on the VA, it will be just enough to try embarrass the WH and hopefully score blood from getting a VA Secretary to resign. They can’t report too much beyond that because it might mean Congress does something costing money. To many in the press, spending money on veterans is taking money away that could be better spent on other social programs like helping refugees. Besides, as they believe, we veterans volunteered for this.
        Think back to how the press reported on the conditions at Walter Reed. Think back to how they reported on armored Humvees and Rumsfelds comment about going to war with the army you have. Both were reported on constantly for days…simply to embarrass the WH or Rumsfeld, and to try score blood.
        Have you heard or seen any kind of reporting like that from the major media at any point in Obama’s terms? Hell even Benghazi the press has focused on spin and underlings as much as possible to protect Obama, even to the point of damaging Granny.

        I don’t mean to sound like such a downer on the press, but it is reality. That’s why most of the media report on Justin Bieber, the Kartrashians and things like Ryan Lochte. Reporting on them gives them an excuse for ignoring more serious issues.

  18. Did Sloan Gibson threaten to close down VA hospitals and clinics last year if Congress did not give the VA another $2.5 Billion to cover their mistakes?

    What is the Next Step?

    Well if you can’t fire them then it is time to seriously do some demotions. After all the courts have over turned numerous decisions on firing a federal employee. So if they can seriously get away with this then it is time to pull out the book of regulations on disciplinary actions for federal employee’s.

    VA HANDBOOK 5005/61
    VA HANDBOOK 5013/13

    I do wonder if there is some form of guidelines on “Impeaching Federal Employee’s” namely the whole VA?

    Is it possible to “Impeach” all Supervisory Personnel for the VA and Clear out the System?

    Or is that why the Senior Officials for the VA are throwing a fit now cause they are being treated like they have treated veterans for decades?

    Rules and Regulations where put into place by the VA Senior Officials so they could hide behind the “Blanket of Obscurity” and “Rights to Benefits.” Now I am 100% positive that if it left up to Veterans to decide whether these Federal Employees deserve any benefits and claims for benefits. The shoe would fit just a little tighter.

    I would hope that others feel like we could “Impeach” the Senior Officials” and begin by using some form of the ( # ) symbol for awareness.

    I would suggest # IMPEACH DA VA

    Any suggestions or recommendations on “Impeachment” and “Awareness” ?

  19. Too bad the VA criminals’ photos and a short summary of their wrongdoings cannot be posted in newsletters on countless websites. Their greatest fear is public exposure.


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