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SHOCKER: Denver VA Director Late To Work 508 Times In 4 Years

Denver VA

Agency investigators caught the director of the Denver VA evading her work responsibilities and cited for being late 508 days from 2011 to 2014.

According to IG, Melanie Renaye Murphy, who apparently goes by “Renaye,” is the director of Denver Regional Office (RO).

During her time in the position, she habitually showed up to work late 508 days out of 1000 days between 2011 to 2014. Of those, she showed up to work at least 30 minutes late 90 times. She also supposedly teleworked for 180 days but could not prove exactly what she was doing while not at the office.

Who in the hell would keep their job in this context? Murphy clearly did not give a damn. We’ll just call her “Do Little Murphy.”

VA OIG provided the following assessment:

“The below table reflects, with reasonable certainty, the number of days, based on ETA, PAC, and travel records, that Ms. Murphy was at the facility, out of 250 workdays per year, and entered the building after the start of her official start time.“

So from 2011 to 2014, there were 1000 workdays. Murphy was late 508 times – more than half the time. She was also teleworking for 180 days without required tracking to verify she was working when she was supposed to.

How the hell did it take 6 years to catch this fraud scamming the taxpayers and likely veterans?

Here is the chart breakdown of her absentees:

Melanie Murphy Tardy Chart

According to the Denver VARO website bio:

“Ms. Renaye Murphy was appointed Director of the Denver Regional Office effective May 2014. She is responsible for administering Compensation and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits to approximately 447,000 Veterans and their families living in Colorado and Wyoming. She oversees the delivery of Loan Guaranty benefits to Veterans in an eight state region including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Utah. Ms. Murphy is an executive board member of the Federal Regional Interagency Council on Homelessness. She serves as the Field Leader for the Veterans Service Representative Skills Certification Design Team. She previously served as a Carey Award Examiner. Ms. Murphy received a bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University. She is a graduate of VA’s Assistant Director Development program, and previously participated as a mentor for VA’s Leadership Development program. She is a graduate of Office of Personnel Management’s Management Development Seminar and the Federal Executive Institutes’s Leadership for a Democratic Society.

“Ms. Murphy began her VA career in 1998 at the Regional Office in Oakland, CA, and worked in Regional Offices in Portland, OR; Houston, TX; and Seattle, WA before moving to Denver in 2010.”

Shouldn’t we all be terrified at the level of her authority over the claims of veterans while sluffing off at her job?


“We concluded that Ms. Murphy misused her official time by frequently arriving late to her duty station between January 1, 2011, and December 31, 2014. Although she was permitted to flex her day by up to 15 minutes, we were unable to determine if she worked later to compensate for her late arrivals, whether 15 or more minutes. Further, this time was not entered into her ETA. As a senior leader, Ms. Murphy is held to a higher standard and should set the tone for her subordinates to follow, and arriving late to work over 70 percent of her workdays diminishes her position and authority as a senior leader.

“We also found no or insufficient records to support her arrival at the facility or that she worked the entire day for 14 identified workdays. Subsequent to our interview with her, Ms. Murphy amended her ETA to retroactively take leave for 2 full days and 7 partial days not related to these 14 days. We gave Ms. Murphy ample opportunity to provide evidence that she worked these unaccounted for days, and the most she provided us was one email or email chain for 5 of the days in question. Although she may have worked extended hours to compensate for these days, she failed to properly record her time through the use of VA Form 5631 or in the ETA as required by VA policy.

“Additionally, we found that Ms. Murphy improperly teleworked for about 6 months. She not only failed to take the required training, she split her workday to care for a family member and did not take the appropriate paid and/or unpaid leave to cover her personal travel time and the time she spent caring for the family member. Ms. Murphy, as the most senior leader within that facility, has a duty and responsibility to set the highest possible example for her workforce by adhering to Federal laws and regulations, as well as VA policy. Unfortunately, she failed to establish a culture of accountability for time and attendance, and time and attendance recordkeeping was too lax to provide an accurate accounting of the time she worked.

“Moreover, we found that Ms. Murphy and her staff improperly used a local credit hour policy, which was contrary to VA Policy. Employees maintained an off-the-books credit hour spreadsheet, did not notify supervisors in advance when credit hours were accrued, and did not record these hours as required in ETA. In addition, the former VARO Director, Ms. Murphy, and the Assistant Director failed to establish a culture of time and attendance accountability, which is a primary responsibility of senior management.

“We discovered that OAR began an investigation concurrent to ours. In coordinating with OAR and to avoid any duplicative efforts, we accepted the misuse of time and incorrect timecards allegation, and OAR investigated all other allegations.”

VA OIG also made the following recommendations. Normally, the director of the facility provides comment. As you can imagine, there were no comments from Do Nothing Murphy. Maybe she did not even show up.


“Recommendation 1. We recommend that the Director, VBA Continental District, confer with the Offices of General Counsel (OGC), Human Resources (OHR), and Accountability Review to determine the appropriate administrative action to take, if any, against Ms. Murphy.

“Recommendation 2. We recommend that the Director, VBA Continental District, review whether the privilege of credit hours and telework should be revoked and ensure that Ms. Murphy receives refresher training on VA’s policy for time and attendance, credit hours, and telework.

“Recommendation 3. We recommend that the Director, VBA Continental District, confer with OGC and OHR concerning the 14 days in which Ms. Murphy was unable to fully account for her activities, determine whether she was absent without approved leave, and initiate action to recover pay she received when she was not present for duty.

“Recommendation 4. We recommend that the Director, VBA Continental District, ensure that any VARO local policy for credit hours complies with VA policy and that employees use VA Form 5631 or the ETA system as the official means to record, certify, and report their time and attendance, to include any compensatory or credit hours earned or used.”


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    1. no treatment after being shot in the head point blank and the VA lying about my military records being destroyed in a fire and denial letter after denial letter. Having to hire a lawyer just to find out they were lying.

      Suffering with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD and not knowing you had a TBI and them refusing treatment.

      Any idea what veterans like me had to deal with, just because someone ass wipe did not want to do their job.

      I am going to whine until I die and I know you hope that’s soon. You are probably a VA employee who hurts veterans.

  1. It sucks that she was habitually late. It sucks even more that VA makes their salaried workers clock in everyday, with apparently not flexibility in workday start times. I would hate working there. She might be a malingerer, but I’m just making a comment about how outdated the government system of employment is.

  2. She must be special another VA Prodigy,If a Veteran is late 1 minute they can end up waiting 90 days or more for another appointment,but VA Employees are immune to any Repercussions and may in fact be promoted to Director soon!!
    The truth is my fellow Veterans,we are on our own and no one gives a Rats ass about us.Someone will make a post now extolling the great Virtues of VA because they had one good visit or found a clinic not riddled with corruption and to you I say,”Lucky You”

    I and many other Veterans are retired in the Philippines and we only get half the benefits as Veterans who live in the US and I have asked Congress and the VA,What difference does my address make I Fought in the same damn War in Vietnam!!!

    One Pissed off Marine!!!

  3. The VA is a corrupt organization and should be prosecuted under the RICO act. They all belong in prison. I worked for a multi-national corporation and if I did 1/4 of what she did, I would be fired in an instant. Robert McDonald is letting Rome burn while he lies to Congress. FIRE HIS ASS and the rest of senior management.

  4. Why. Even have an OIG. They should of insisted something be done. No if any.?

    If I were to come in late15 minutes late. I would have been counciled ! And s letter sent to personnel management.

    More than once. Fired !

    This. Employee should be fired. ! How Many Veterans lost their case do to her.

    Yes. Employees know this and learn from it. Once again management gets off the hook.

    Hell. Just tell her to stay home and we will pay her anyway.

    Our. Lie die. The VA way.

    I plead the fifth. Was not even needed in this case.

  5. SERIOUSLY, she didn’t get fired and made to pay back any of the time, taking care of a relative. And SHE IS DOING ALL OF THOSE OTHER THINGS. OMG, anybody else would be charged with something. She stole time which are wages, which is money and with the money she makes, that would be at least grand larceny. Look what they do to VETS? KILLING THEM because of rotten or no health care and no one looking out for their welfare (that.s what she is getting, huge welfare). I no longer recognize this country because there is no accountability WHATSOEVER. Well, thanks to a so called federal contracted company like kaiser ( so called medicine too) that gets billions of federal and state tax dollars to influence to destroy our federal and state agencies from within, the accountability in our govt or military will never happen. It is all so stunning that nothing works. We as injured worker civilians could not get WC rehab either and not from the SSA either. So where did all that VOC REHAB money go? Sitting in the likes of Murphy’s offshore bank account?

  6. Melanie Renee Murphy is the very person, who has thrown every possible road block, in the path of children of Vietnam vets applying for VA agent orange birth defect compensation. I have dealt with her person to person, the truth is NOT in her. Or even anywhere close by. She TRIED to have VA General Council PROSECUTE me, for helping veterans, without VA permission. I think Bob McDonald KNOWS, WHY she can’t make it to work.

    1. Now the odd pattern of the VA having -2- Murphy’s in upper management that vehemently go against Veterans and Agent Orange. Really odd.
      Thanks for letting us all know that she caused so many roadblocks for you and probably still has for many Veterans.

      I am thinking by her apparent girth she may have got caught-up in heavy fast food drive-thru traffic in all those days late for work.

    2. She went from a GS15 in 2013 making $142,409 and a bonus of $750.00 per year to an ES00 making $158,214 per year in 2014 with no bonus.

      While under OAR/OIG investigation.

    3. Ron, can you write something on your site and request that all veterans contact their Senators and ask them to pass the Holman Rule. Has anyone heard anything on when they are to vote on the Holman Rule.

      It’s the Veterans only hope. As Senator’s office will not do anything or can do anything to VA employee’s even if they commit murder.

  7. >>@Ben: Shouldn’t we all be terrified at the level of her authority over the claims of veterans while sluffing off at her job?

    yes, we should. tip of the iceberg for VA/VBA. just another reason on top of many factual reasons why veteran’s & their claims are on the lower end of the elitist VA employee union(s).

    these people types remind me of that strange dark biofilm oozing along the D.C. monuments and VA has an abundance of her types.

    worry you ask?, would be foolish not to

  8. I would like to say something good about the VA,…can’t think of a Damn thing. How much money has been spent on investigating criminals employed by the VA, when we all know what the results will be. A promotion, or a raise in pay. With all the things she was in charge of, I can only imagine how many Vets suffered solely because of her. Too many vets are victims to these weasels and thieves.

  9. I live in CO and have had the displeasure to getting involved with the VR&E trying to get ILP benefits. Not only is Murphy uneducated about her position and the rules and regulations but her staff is also a losing bet for Veterans. In a conference call to her office the head of the VR&E program underling was prese4nt. When I quoted the regs and regulations they were scrambling to catch up because they had no idea as to where I was getting my information. Perhaps correctly training these dunderheads could help, but then again they would have to be there on time to meet the challenge of education. I was told to file for an administrative review BUT it is their office which is responsible for filing the admin review. Ended up sending off a 4138 to Janesville, as directed, and they lost the paperwork. Go figure, right? We Vets continue to get screwed even when there are “supposedly” rules to protect OUR rights. I am considered 190% SC at 100% + SMC’s but was told no way are we going to allow you to have the two items you requested. That office in Golden, CO needs a VAOIG cleansing enema.

    1. VAOIG has consistently shown over decades that the only thing they are capable of is defending the actions of the VA. VAOIG can’t provide the enema because VAOIG is the turd in this scenario. OIG is the blockage that makes sure the crap stays inside and tries its dead level best to stuff he turds back into the bull when it does come out.

      VAOIG smells like crap.

  10. In a corrupt organization like VA there are two classes of leaders; those who get caught screwing over the public, and those who haven’t been caught yet.

    There is no counting that can determine the deph of corruption because when the core value (as evidenced by VA Lie, Vets Die billboards) is deceit, then there is no stone that can be overturned without finding decay and corruption. Make no mistake – she is not late for work, rather she is corrupt and likely performed no aspect of the job for which she was paid.

    There is but a one word answer to your question Ben, about how did this go on for so long? The answer is corruption. Corruption does not, and cannot exist in a vacuum. It takes a network.

    VA cannot exist but for the corruption and deceit. Honest persons are vetted out within months so badly that our government has turned to foreign healthcare providers who frankly do not know how to recite the Pledge Of Allegiance let alone what a Bill Of Rights even is. These people come from countries wrought by corruption and are very good at fitting in. They sell themselves to the US government to care for those who have borne the brunt of battle for the US, but have no allegiance to our flag or to the veterans they serve. Their allegiance is to the machine that can advance their status in life. Why would they even care of a vet lives or dies in a community they are no part of? They do not from what I see, and therefor veterans die.

    And we focus on one corrupt woman among thousands of the hungry, hungry hippos who don’t lift a finger to do their paid work, and today another vet will die for lack of simple effort. Lack of compassion and loathing for the vets they serve whom and they despise so badly that they do not even show up for work kills when VA is a veterans last hope. There is no hope at VA. Only despair.

    There is no VA official untouched by corruption. She is no different than any of them – she just got outted. She will likely retire now at $8000 a month tax free and sob all the way to the bank. Next stop French Riviera and another vet dies.

    1. Nice post, you are right and we as veterans will not see any change until we contact our Senators and plead with the to pass the Holman Rule !

      That Rule is so important and our only HOPE.

      Thanks for your post.

  11. Lots of questions on this one.

    Who did Murphy piss off for the OAR/OIG to conduct such an investigation?
    How is it this fraud and theft was uncovered for the periods of 2011 through 2014, yet her bio shows she was appointed as Director in 2014? Clearly whoever appointed her certainly did not oversee her work prior to appointing her.
    Why is it all of these conclusions do not end with a referral to the DOJ for prosecution? Each and every one of them should be enough to prosecute her for fraud and theft, but instead, they refer her for “administrative” action, which will simply be a requirement to take required training, then be smart enough to not get caught stealing again.
    Who believes she has bounced around in the VA and among VA management at several regional offices since 1998, yet she somehow does not understand quite a number of VA policies on telework, properly recording your work time, properly recording your leave time, properly recording any additional credit for work claimed, properly recording uncompensated time while teleworking, etc.?
    Why is any VA employee allowed to telework without proper documentation? Suspend that program until they can show they have their shit together.
    If that is what she is claiming, she is too friggin incompetent to be in her position.
    Clearly by making no attempt to account for her work time, for her telework work product and having to take leave when she couldn’t prove she worked, she shows serious contempt for any policy, and has no concern for any level of punishment beyond an admonishment to not do it again.
    As for her list of leadership accomplishments, Each of those programs need serious review because it’s obvious VA management looks on them as nothing more than a check-off for their resume to wiggle their ass up the ladder.

    Finally, she is at the level where the AFGE has no protection. Why are VA management not moving to fire her? Why is she not given a directed reassignment to where someone can properly oversee her work, and at least insure she understands VA policy?
    180 days of telework suggests these managers don’t have serious jobs.

    1. The reason she is not prosecuted is the US government signed a contract with her that flatly states she will not be held accountable for any wrongdoing.

      We The People enterd into a contract with her that holds her harmless for any action or any inaction on her part. The Republic for which my flag stands has given her a pass on all of her actions, and she has a signed contract to prove it.

      How does that make an American feel? Sticking finger down throat now…

    2. Her own employees reported her. There is almost no love for that woman, or her assistant, in that office. Some people call her “Man bear pig”. She’s heartily despised. I know. I was there for 4 years. First she was AD, then she was acting director, then she got director, and we all moaned. She’s a terrible employee. Can’t tell you how many times I saw her come in at 10, and leave by 3:30. She also hired a hard core dirt bag, disbarred lawyer, to head HR. Workers at that office are completely dismayed by the crap she gets away with. She’s an epic liar.

      1. I think it is horrible, that everyone has a horror story and our elected officials are dragging their feet in fixing this Major problem, where employee’s can hurt another employee, just because they can.

        If the Holman Rule is not made into Law and soon. These employee’s are going to hurt the wrong person and things could end up badly and then the Headline will read. X VA employee fell through the Cracks, due to VA not following the Law and retaliated against the former VA employee.

        Veterans and Good employee’s are in real danger and until this Rule is made into law will the veterans and employee’s ever see Justice.

  12. PENDEJO VA IS ONE BIG BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY @ FOR AFGE UNION CONTRACTS SAME OLD DOG CRAP CON GAMES BY VA DC HQ RATS FROM HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL RANGER BOB GIVE THE FAT COW A $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BONOIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The union has nothing to do with corrupt mgmt existing inside the walls of the VA. The collective bargaining agreement is negotiated between mgmt & union leaders for bargaining unit employee rights, not mgmt. rights.

  13. Recommendations are like cheese in a can. No matter how much you push the lever, nothing really bad is ever gonna come out of it. The woman would be fired in any private corporation. Unions and Federal policy should never keep people who do this kind of thing. They need to dock her pay, and suspend her without pay during the investigation, and if she abused her position, and took pay for working when she did not work, she should be fired immediately for cause.

    In the real world, she would be a free agent looking for another institution to abuse.

    1. “She was also teleworking for 180 days without required tracking to verify she was working when she was supposed to.”

      That’s like, 6 months of pay for what? Nothing?

      1. I would like to know what the OIG/OAR recommended for that little item.

        Why are they not forcing her to either take leave, or pay back the amount paid for which she could not prove she worked.

        Why was this investigation split between OIG and OAR? Their excuse does not hold up.

        Why did OAR start an investigation? Was it because some employee was ignored by OIG?

        Seems to me the OIG caught wind of an OAR investigation, and someone at OIG thought they better do something.

        Ben, do you know if OAR investigative reports are released publicly like OIG investigations?

    2. Lolz, Cheese in a can! Look at the flab on that woman. Does that woman look like she works??? Looks like she powers through those cheese whiz cans a six pack at a time.

      Are all the leaders at VA mornidly obese??? Ben, find a skinny VA leader to post damnit! Bariatric VA art is inclusive but this is too far!

      1. Oh my, Did you have a party? There is yellow Silly String all over you office.

        No. My Cheese Whiz just got a little out of hand. And I missed my mouth.

  14. No where in those “recommendations” was FIRING “Do Nothing Murphy” a consideration!
    Must be nice to work at VA!

    1. I forgot to ask. What is her pay? Six figures sounds about right for what she’s in charge of!

      1. Probably gets a load of travel pay, considering her territorial geographical terrain. We now have at least -3- “Murphy’s” associated with fraud at higher levels of management at the VA. I am seeing another oddball pattern.

        Let me guess…she’s also a cousin once-removed of…VA’s Thomas ‘agent orange’ Murphy? Nepotism greases the VA Meat Grinder, it could happen. 🙂

      2. I suspect she is SES at her level, so around $181,000.00 starting.

        I suspect also she is closer to $200k.

        There are web sites that will provide that.

      3. Interesting. I did a search on Murphy, R on a federal salary database site, and there is no Renaye Murphy listed.

        Poor woman must work for free.

        Her LinkedIn profile shows she was an Assistant Director from 2010 to 2014.

        Again, why was she appointed to the Directors slot AFTER failing miserably at her Assistant Director job according to the time period reviewed?

      4. Sure it’s nice to work in the Denver facility …. When you’re in a management position!! If any employee pulled the shit she did, they’d be looking for a job!! She makes upwards to $150k/yrly

    2. I wonder how many Veterans that were 15 minutes late for a VA medical appointment were turned-away or were actually sitting in one of Murphy’s VHA’s medical waiting areas and it was too chaotically noisy that a given Veteran did not hear their name or number called, so they had to wait another 6 months for next appointment while Murphy floated in and out as she pleased in her faulty towers? 🙂

      Yep, in a mood today but a great mood! 🙂 (these are rare, so I take advantage of them)

  15. Maybe…

    1) Do Nothing Murphy had Aurora VAMC Black Hole feeding duties tossing morning pallets of $$$ into the void?

    2) Do Nothing Murphy is actually training to be a Patient Advocate since they are practically invisible?

    3) Do Nothing Murphy had to stop at the pot dispensary for her “lunch” each morning?

    4) Do Nothing Murphy is going to blame traffic and stopping to help each and every Homeless Veteran on way to ‘work’?

    5) Do Nothing Murphy kept forgetting her wallet when stopping at the pot dispensary?

    6) Do Nothing Murphy will be promoted to Head Time-Keeper of the VHA System after OIG Recommendations?

    1. Right…this is mere coincidence that most of “Veterans Choice” money had to go to Denver to finish the way, way, way overbudget hospital, so Veterans keep dying while VA execs collect bonuses for poor work. What else is new?

  16. Any other employee and OHR would recommend termination, if the allegations are found to be true. Unfortunately the VA has a history of juggling these turds around the national system. We need to hold these “privileged” individuals to a much higher standard. Organizational corruption usually starts at the top. It would be interesting to know how many VA employees she had a hand in firing for the offenses she is accused of.

    “The VA Bad Director Merry-Go-Round”

    1. Good question, another how many Veterans have been harmed ? Deny Denied go away, Die, You dirty veterans are trying to take our Bonus money away. I will fix you shread this veterans records or put them in the basement.

      These damb veterans are a pain, send them all denial letters, don’t worry many will stop trying ! LOL

    2. She forced me out due to my medical issues. I got a $7500 settlement as a result. My lawyer got $4000 from me and another $3500 from VA. I was accused of being AWOL when I was in ICU at the Denver VAMC, and I didn’t call in on the Friday I went in, but I did call in the Monday that I was released into the regular hospital ward. Meanwhile, my co-worker that drove me to the hospital, told my boss that she was taking me to the ER.

      Once I was released from the hospital, I was on bedrest for 10 days or so. I was very clear with my coach about the doctor’s orders (which included no driving), I turned in my intake and discharge paperwork, my doctor’s note etc, but still charged with being AWOL because I didn’t call in the day I went to the ER which resulted in my 3 day stay in ICU.

      Renaye wanted me to sign paperwork admitting that I was AWOL, and also another form that she could fire me for any reason for the next two years. She, and her assistant director, Chris Holly (look up his OIG investigation–he was demoted to Denver for his shenanigans) had zero compassion that I had missed work for being so sick.

      I read the forms, considered my options, packed up my belongings, and walked out the door.

      Oh!! And, I did a privacy request to the RO and VAMC. One of my supervisors actually accessed my medical records. I requested an OIG investigation for the HIPPA violation. That supervisor’s name is Crystal Reimonenq. Feel free to google her. Anyway, OIG assigned her own supervisor to “investigate”. It was determined that she had accessed my electronic medical records, but there was no proof that she read them. So, like so many dirtbags at the Denver RO, she was let off the hook.

      1. I am really sorry, that the Denver VA did this to you. Did you try the Union or any other entity like the Office of Special council. What they did is, was just wrong you should have not been terminated, if anything you should have just had a letter placed into your personnel file.

        It sounds like you must have made an enemy and the employee Retaliated against you. They did the same thing with my wife, First they tried Firing her, I told her to appeal. I know how those people are and how they turn on each other or back each other up to produce the Lie.

        In the End they offered her $5000 to leave. I could or would not let my wife be subjected to the Harassment of working for the VA, As I knew or know that if she would have fought and they were made to keep her working. That they would continue to harass her !

        I told her to take the $5000 and tell them to go to hell !

        These people deserve Jail time. Contact your Senator’s and ask them to vote Yes on the Holman Rule when it go to a vote through the Senate. The House has already approved it. Bad VA employees MUST be held accountable.

      2. I have been to Senator Bennett’s office twice to give testimony, as well as a slew of other former and current employees. He requested an investigation through OIG (I have a copy of the request), but I’m not terribly confident about what will be done. All you have to do is see Murphy’s or Holly’s, and they’re both still there. Then there was the supervisor that accessed my medical records, and OIG assigned her own supervisor “to investigate”. While it was determined that she did get into my medical records (HIPPA violation), there was no proof that she read them. Isn’t that something?

        Yes, I pissed off a couple of someones by having filed a complaint with EEOC. They got really serious about coming after me after I did that.

        I’m sorry for your wife. They can cause so much stress.

        The battle between management and the local union is pretty epic. The union has been trying to make things better for everyone, but are constantly blocked, and it’s gotten to the point that national is involved and quite a few lawyers.

        These Managers that act with such impunity are allowed to get away with it far too consistently. Hopefully, change will come. The turnover rate is terrible.

      3. It’s pretty bad when Bennett’s office has other people speaking for us and not him. I was flat out told his office or him could not do any thing for veterans. They are very smug !

        After my conversation with his VA specialist and her tone of voice, that they could care less, if veterans or VA employee’s are being Attacked. Why even have a Senator or Congressman, when they are Limp and can not do anything. Even when the accused has real evidence.

        They seem to be blocking veterans and VA employee’s and siding with the VA. If they really cared you would see them taking action to pass a Bill, that would hold those Bad employee’s accountable.

        This Country and our Elected officials are paid to do nothing and our problems are not their problems. Their Aids seem to be just like any other Federal Employee, Give me my pay check and the Hell with the rest of you.

        Some of his Aids get good money, to do what tell their citizens, sorry but your on your own and quit bothering us. All you are is a pain in our Ass.

        Where in Colorado do you live. How did you get Bennett to see you ?

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