Republicans Seek To Cut Benefits for Disabled Veterans

Remember Michele Bachmanns’s attempted $4 billion cut from disabled veterans compensation? Well, “they’re ba-ack…” Except this time they are looking to cut away at our VA healthcare.

Republican Paul Ryan and the House of Representatives are looking to end VA healthcare benefits for disabled veterans – that’s for over 1.3 million veterans who are Priority 7 & 8. These veterans are the least disabled veterans using the system, usually with disability ratings of 0 percent or no service-connected disability.

According to the Congressional Budget Office “Option 35,” the cuts would leave 130,000 veterans with no healthcare alternative. This means veterans with conditions not recognized by the VA, like certain diseases from Agent Orange exposure, would have to pay for healthcare out of pocket if they had not other service connected disability.

Currently, the VA spends over $4 billion yearly on benefits for disabled veterans to treat them, despite co-pays intended to offset the expense. Ryan’s cuts are intended to save $6 billion off the VA’s tab and $62 billion over the next 10 years. Instead of merely increasing the co-pay or taxing Wall Street, Congress wants to just cut your benefits out, all together.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is fighting the across the board cut because many of the veterans in question have come to rely on VA healthcare over the years. In times when healthcare costs are astronomical, these veterans will go without the care they were promised, if the proposal becomes law. DAV voiced additional concerns that this attempt is just the start of a gradual and specifically focused erosion of veterans’ benefits.

Sweet sweetness. What chaps my hide the most is that the reason for the cuts is to reduce the U.S. budget deficit. All the while, two-thirds of major American corporations didn’t pay taxes this year after receiving bailout money and reporting record profits as a result. GE only paid up after receiving a great deal of negative press.

These corporations and the executives who run them benefit a great deal from our American system: U.S. Military, Roads and Railways, the Judicial System, Education for workers and the like. So, they get high profits and protection while we get …?

Let’s not forget that without our military, corporations wouldn’t be able to set up shop in so many countries internationally. Without tax dollars, the U.S. could not pay for the government contracts awarded to GE, Textron, Google, etc. Yet, they pay a very limited amount in taxes and provide fewer jobs than promised via Reagonomics.

It appears this is more of a “Trickle-On Economics” rather than Trickle-Down. I think when Warren Buffett said he should be paying more taxes, I finally woke up to what he meant. Those who benefit the most from a system of government should pay a fair share of the profits they earned. Meanwhile, companies like Google take advantage of tax loopholes only very wealthy corporations can take advantage of while small businesses get hit disproportionately to cover military spending and similar programs.

Now, the House of Representatives has decided to propose cuts to benefits for disabled veterans while supporting a third war in a country most of us could not even find on a map two months ago (if the proposed cuts went through).

Don’t believe the headlines. These cuts are just an attempt to split the oyster shell in half to steal the pearl. Once 1.3 million bodies get cut out of the VA system, politicians will have an easier time justifying further cuts to VA programs.

Suddenly, the comprehensive health care you once received will be reduced to occasional physicals and virtual appointments via computer. Count on it.

And don’t think the politicians will stop until they gut the whole system. Many of them call benefits like Social Security and VA Disability “Entitlements.” Rather, VA healthcare is really just a cost of doing business. You break it; you buy it. Wall Street and Corporate America need to pony up their share and keep their mitts off our hard earned benefits.

Vote on whether or not veterans should shoulder the burden for deficit reductions.

Update: the cuts discussed above did not make the “markup.” Once the topic was run up the flagpole, public outcry caused the House to go back to the drawing board. Instead, the House cut spending for the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims by half of the requested funds from the White House.

This court is one of the last resorts for veterans’ disability appeals. Meanwhile, they did allow funding for the VA to police the hand washing of its employees using RFID technology. So while veterans may not get the care they need or the disability rating they deserve, VA employees will not have pee on their hands.

At least the government contractor responsible for implementing the system will get paid.

Voc Rehab Survival Guide Benjamin Krause is the creator of the community, author of the Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans, and numerous other guides. 

Benjamin is an award winning investigative reporter, Veterans Law attorney, and a disabled veteran of the US Air Force, where he served in its Special Operations Command. After receiving an Honorable Discharge, Benjamin began his decade long fight for benefits after being lowballed with a 10% rating in 2002. During that fight, he received degrees from Northwestern University and  the University of Minnesota Law School while using VA Vocational Rehabilitation.

You can connect with Benjamin on  Google+,  Twitter,  Facebook and LinkedIn.


  1. Asel Wood says

    Boycott upcoming elections! Democrats and republicans are nothing but a bunch of filthy born again liars and cons. They don’t deserve votes from veterans!

  2. Rita Carlson says

    I copied this article and posted it on my facebook page. All responses from Republicans were to jump on me. Only one responded to the article itself and this was his post:
    “they do.
    my grandmother worked for the VA hospital I worked for the v a hospital years ago, I know what goes on there they’re very self serving. I wholeheartedly support Vets. Unfortunately they are human too and some do take advantage of the system. as in civilian society this robs the truly needy. spend some of your time and energy eliminating waste to support those that truly are in need. remember it will never be a perfect world.”

  3. says

    Admist all of this anti-veteran idealologies from republicans…I would serve my country again…which implies that I won’t give up America and I won’t allow the republicans to [just] take my benefits. My power will present itself when it’s time to VOTE!

  4. Billie Braun says

    Join around the country tomorrow! Tell those who can help as well, we need to fight! NOW

    Senate Action: Don’t Destroy the American Dream

    Your Senators office
    Friday, July 29th, 12:00 PM

    Let’s keep the momentum going! Please sign up for this gathering right away!

    Message from your host, Elliot Z.:
    Tell Senators cuts to VA programs is unacceptable
    Tell Senators NOT to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
    Tell Senators that using the debt ceiling to destroy Americans’ Safety Net is Not what his constituents want him to do.


  5. Chuck says

    Democrats and Republicans are both to blame.
    The total VA cost for an average year of a federal spending budget is about 4 percent of the total budget.
    That is pretty cheap considering all the wars and a massive cold war that lasted for 40 years.

    Veterans are not expensive. Veterans deserve more respect for sure and it’s time for Americans, both Demos and Repubs to put their money where their mouth is.
    How about a real GI bill. And how about finally providing world class healthcare for every veteran,……every veteran.

  6. Chuck says

    Well we have all vented and what have we accomplished. The American people think we are idiots for volunteering in the first place. I entered a very poorly supported military at the end of Viet Nam at 17. I watched as our congress played politics while a young married PFC with a child could qualify for foodstamps because of the crappy pay. In later years while still serving as a reservist I watched as my fellow VA employees worked twice as hard to get half as much done for the veteran because of politics. Now because my neighbors can’t afford gas for their Hummers, these wannabe’s who never served a cause other than their own, they scream about government waste while the disabled vet and the senior citizen go another year without a pay increase. This while they enjoy a 2 percent cut in their SS taxes and probably never give to charity or even consider how valuable their freedom is. Recently I think the cost is approaching 5000 priceless lives, and at least 30,000 new damaged vets who will play he’ll getting any help from the VA, not because it’s the VA’s fault but because people care more about cheap gas for their RV than they do the young man or woman who stepped up and said ” I WILL ” to protecting their freedoms.

    I feel better. Tomorrow I will call Patty Murray’s office ( senator from Washington State) and make my voice heard. The disabled vets need a 10 percent increase not a cut in their payment. Let’s find a way to band together and gaurantee our disabled veterans some dignity and help.

  7. Jesse Jenkins says

    I am a Viet Nam Veteran. I served with the 1st Air Calvary in 1969 and 1970. I am 100% Disabled and fighting colon cancer. It is and awful thing that these Republicans and Tea Partiers are trying to trying to cut benefits to those of us who served this country and left parts of our minds and bodies on the battle grounds of foreign countries for the sake of freedom. Every verteran, their families and friends should mount a campaign to send House Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Ryan and the rest of that group back home. They do not deserve to lead this great country.

  8. Erika says

    I think this is all b.s. to take from the only ppl that gives them the freedom to make that decision. Our veterans not only risked their lives but also gave their lives so that our politicians could avoid war and go to college. Veterans gave them the freedom to make these decisions…and for them to even have the nerve to want to take away from those who serve how dare them! Everyone needs to write a letter to their congress, sign petitions, make phone calls! We the People need to voice our opinions! Make our selves heard! We are no less important than the rich! if we have to take cuts then they should have to take cuts I dont think it’s fair we have to give up paychecks and cuts in pay and they cant even give up a tax break or deduction really? that’s sad when greed has taken over the nation! The bible is being fulfilled everyday

  9. says

    Disabled vet here,I plan to vote agianst anyone thats up for reelection this year if he/she is part of this fiasco, both parties are the problem! Taxes should be raised on the people making the millions>>>>>>get our troops home,that would save some bucks>>>look at the countries we are still supporting after the war we fought for them>>>sick of this>>vote out the problems.We use our votes and stick together these clowns can’t win.

    • says

      I think you are right but unfortunately, if there isn’t an alternative to a Democrat or a Republican to vote for we just end up with the same shit! Why is there no third party on the ballot in any given election cycle. They make the rules to avoid this. If there was a credible third option they know they’d be gone!

  10. Robert Leadbeater says

    Me i’m a disabled vet and have fought with VA for over 11 years. After 9 years of fighting they awarded me 10%. Everybody has to remeber our world history in War World II the narzies came for the jews, and no one stood up for them, than they came for the cathalotes and no one stood up for them, and then they came for the regular people and there was no to stand up for them. That is what our government is doing with all of us people but doing it to the vets first, because we are the ones that have fought there wars and they are afraid of us. Take out the vets and you wont have anybody to stand up for the little guy when the time comes. Just keep in mind the old moto, “DE OPPRESSO LIBER” Better known as to free the oppressed.
    They want to cut our pay (the vets pay) whene two years ago the department of Vet afaires had a total of $24.6 million dollar bounes while some vets were sleeping out on the streets and other vets were fighting with the department of vets to only hear that we are still working on your case. I know this for a fact that at alot of the department of vet. afaires officers they sit on their asses and do nothing at all for at least three or four days out of the week and still get paid their money. I know this because my sister is married to one of them that work at one of the sitews and he was told not to rock the boat if he wanted to keep his job keep his mouth shut.

  11. Joe Cool says

    Paul Ryan needs to get out of politics before he can do any more damage and work in his calling which must be selling used cars. If there’s any justice his new boss won’t offer health care coverage.

  12. says

    Justin, just do a google of most bills that will aid veterans and veteran dependents and see how many Democrats and Republicans voted for that veterans bill. You will find that in most non highly publicized bills Republicans vote against aid to vets, on highly publicized bills they wave the flag as if they are the true patriots.
    ANNA MAE has it exactly right. Why do most military back the party that stabs them in the back, the Republicans.

    • says

      The Republican base is primarily Christians in this country. There is suppose to be seperation of church and state according to the constitution but that’s not what’s going on here. Christian voters keep voting for Republicans, often the same one’s, election after election. They think their interests are being served by these people who use religious bias to force certain legislation. If you’re a Christian that’s fine. This is not a dump on Christians. Faux Christians however, is a different thing all together and that’s what we have a majority of in our Congress and in the Senate. Oh no, we’re not promoting any religous views at all! That’s what they’ll tell you if you can even get the subject brought up. If any American, Democrat or Republican, Independent, Liberal, what have you…can not hear the ever deepening religous over tones being thrown around in politics then they might as well rip their ears off and eat them! It is so obvious it’s redonkulous! We are being led to slaughter by these not-at-all like Jesus supporters under the guise that they do not promote any religous view from the pulpit of government. Look at the kind of legislation that is being put forward and ask yourselves one question. How could anyone, religous or otherwise, support what is being done to our people and claim to be Christian to any extent? I would really like to know. They are ripping the average American a new one and at the same time stroking the nape of Israel like a lap dog. They have no problem finding funding for Israel to the tune of billions every year and want to cut working Americans..any American considered middle class and those below, to the core and leave them with nothing! Make no mistake, Christian bias is alive and well in the halls of Congress and plenty of other institutions around Washington, D.C. They care for Israel and the Jewish State more than they do their own. It’s obvious, painfully obvious! It’s treason in my eyes. That’s their agenda and it’s carried out in plain sight.

  13. says

    Danelle, It was called the Bonus Army.
    WW I vets were promised a bonus for serving in that war. They never received it. In the spring and summer of 1932 tens of thousands of WWI vets marched on DC and camped of capitol grounds. The Military sent troops there to control the vets. A Second Lieutenant commanding army troops there gave the order to fire on the vets there. That second lieut, soon to become infamous, was none other than good old Douglas MacCarthur (sp). The same Doug who never gave the our Far East air force the order to get our planes in the air when the Japanese invaded the Phillippines, destroying practically all our air power in that sector while they were on the ground. The same Doug who said “I shall return”, while he was whisked away from the Phillippines in a submarine leaving I believe General Stilwell to surrender our troops to nthe Japanese. The same Doug who had several retakes of films of his returning to the Phillippines to get it “just right”. The same Doug whose only plus to me was his one maneuver in the Korean War. The same Doug who sat in a plane on a Hawaiian airfield waiting for President Truman to leave his plane to go see Doug. Truman did not and waited for little Dougie to come to him, which he did. The same Doug who ignored the massing of Chinese troops on the Yalu River, thinking that the Chinese would not be able to get their armaments across the Yalu. It got bitterly cold, the river froze over and the chinese armaments rolled across the Yalu unimpeded. The same Dougie who thought he could ignore the orders of the President of the US and was fired for that reason. But an Army Lieutenant giving an order to fire on American Veterans is a cross he should bear for eternity.

  14. watson,elliott says

    all the politicans who are in favor of this “HELLISH”WAY OF FUCKING THE VETERANS”needs to be stood against the wall for “DESERTION”

  15. watson,elliott says

    To all the Republicans who is supporting this proposal to FUCK OVER THE VETERANS WHO FOUGHT AND WAS EXPOSE TO CHEMICALS LIKE ” AGENT ORANGE” which has affected our health FOR LIFE WITH ALL KINDS OF DEATH CAUSING AILMENTS.GO TO “HELL”

  16. Danelle says

    This happened during WWI. The Vets rioted and set up a tent city on the Greens in DC. Took the military to get them out. The thing the politicians have to remember.. You don’t piss off the people that KNOW how to fight a war.

  17. Danny Foreman says

    Everyone who wants to hold political office should be mandated to serve at a minimum 4 years in actual military service, not some skate duty with the Air National Guard. Then maybe they would know what they are doing.

  18. John De Nicolo says

    Cut the pay to Republicans in the Congress and Senate. That’s probably the same amount of what it cost to continue helping the Vets.
    I think the time has come to take away the Republicans ability to make decisions on our behalf. It’s time registered voters be given the right and authority to vote on all issues instead of Republicans or Democrats. The politicians have too much power and make too much money to be trusted. They can’t get along with each other so why do need them. There are 150 million registered all of which could vote on the issues affecting our society via phone, internet,fax, CB,Hamm Radio and in some areas smoke signals. I’m sure 150 million voters would do better than the 524 individuals that are doing the task now.

  19. Jon says

    They make Us Disabled Veterans fight with the SYSTEM for 20 or 30 YEARS, just to get the benifits that we deserve,even when the injuries are written in black & white, or like me sent home with my teeth in my hand, but yet still have to fight for years for medical treatment, and they think it’s OK to take it away in a DAY !! THAT’S OUR FINEST POLITICANS ! THEY GET FULL BENIFITS FOR LIFE JUST FOR ONE TERM OF SCREWING US, SO HOW ABOUT CUTTING THIER BENIFITS/HEALTH CARE, THEY WERE NEVER IN HARMS WAY, OR FIGHTTING WITH THIER LIFE !

  20. Jeremy Potratz says

    If he wants to cut the budget he should start with reducing HIS medical benefits. He can start by buying his own health insurance instead of the FREE care congressmen receive. The rich always think the way to balance the budget is to take away from the poor and weak. It may be legal, but it should be criminalized. Let the rich start paying for something for once. Get off the backs of vets.

  21. Anna Mae says

    But, but, wait…I thought it was the Republicans who really, really cared about the members of our military. I mean, that’s what they keep telling us. And then, we keep being told also that members of the military support Republicans and detest Democrats. Is there something wrong with this picture?

    • says

      I would never put Democrats on a high pedastal but Republicans are the biggest liars and put out so much garbage that is just intended to mis lead the public. It’s so obvious. How can anybody with a conscience support these people and their pholosophy any longer. Faux News Channel is a great example of what I’m talking about. They end up with egg on their faces time and time again and yet people will still watch this disgusting so called news channel. It’s just remarkable to me and blows my mind?

  22. oudiva says

    I have never served in the military myself, but my brother is a VietNam veteran (fortunately, not disabled, although he gets his medical care from the VA). He DESERVES his benefits, and so do all you disabled veterans, who gave up your health for our country. There is not a word bad enough to describe these Republicans, who LOVE to send our people overseas to become disabled veterans, but then don’t want to pay the piper when the veterans need help. Kick them out of office and into an unemployment line. See how long they last.

  23. Randy says

    who is going to do the militarizes dirty work if and when these people start messing with our safety net? I can not believe, actually I can but I don’t want to, that these same people who are getting our men and women hurt to the point of permanent disability and worse than that, killed, have the nerve to put out service peoples benefits on the chopping block as they allow those who truly benefit from these actions to slide by without paying taxes and to recieve deferments so their loved ones, the ones who will be creating war and stuff in the future and who have no idea how devastating this stuff is, never even serve.. I am telling you people in Washington, you are playing a dangerous game and that is not a threat, you are inviting a huge walk out of our nations military.. you want to save 4 billion dollars? shut down some of the overseas bases that are no longer required or necessary, but you will never do that will you imperialists? we are not your personal military force and our kids are not expendable assess to be used at your whim for and at the behest of your fascist cronies to advance your fantasies of globalism and one world government.. the day you can’t take care of our disabled veterans is the day you are saying that you no longer have the right to make them… God Damn every one of you who have even entertained the idea of slashing the benefits of our wounded, injured, disabled and fallen veterans!

    • says

      They can’t have anymore of my family for their servitude. I advocate to my daughter, nieces and nephews to not enlist and to never allow themselves to be drafted. No more of our sons and daughters to be sent abroad under the guise of promoting freedom and democracy. If they have to fight for freedom it might as well be for their own here at home whenever someone or some group gets the balls to try and take it from them. Might as well just stay here with this kind of treatment. Do other countries really want what we have going on here. I don’t think so.

  24. Joe Riley says

    Make washington DC its own country and let those pompous asses fend for themselves without the luxuries affordedd them by hard working honest americans in the other 49. If you were the president of your own company and your employees treated your hard earned capital like their own private coffers, they would be fired and escorted off the premises. Would love to be able to fire all of em and get someone with a backbone in there who has integrity…wait, I almost forgot we were talking about politicians….

  25. MIKE BERLINER says

    Re-Institute a National Draft for all adults (18-25) with no deferrments and no exceptions.
    Perhap, if the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Senators & Congrassmen were inducted into the Armed Forces, these legislators would think a lot (I’d settle for a LITTLE) harder about the impact and consequences of their actions on Veterans AND their families.

    • says

      Good luck with that man! Lol Very few sons and daughters of Congressmen and women serve and those that do wiat until peace time to enlist. Try and draft them though. You’ll see them pull a “Bush” and get away with it every time. Chicken Hawkers!

  26. Dewayne says

    Justin, do you actually believe Obama said that in 09 and we are just hearing about it in 2011? Sad Sad Sad.

  27. Steve Frank says

    Cut the crap. Lose all the corporate loopholes…don’t make them pay INCOME tax make them pay PROFIT tax. Make them pay Military protection Tax, 9/11 war on terror tax, Veterans Service Tax, call it whatever you want but make them pay THEIR fair share and stop letting them rape our country. We should NOT let them make any contributions to politicians or PACs or have any part of the political process. A lot of these corporations are not good citizens and do nothing but try to improve their bottom line. Any politician who accepts money from corporate interests should be banned from public office for LIFE. They would all say they’re patriotic but make them PROVE it. Donate a (significant) portion of your profits to the US Treasury!!
    I’ll still vote – it’s better than feeling totally helpless! I get the feeling though that it’s an illusion that helps placate the masses.

  28. Carl Young says

    It turns out that an effort to end VA health care eligibility for Priority Group 7 and 8 veterans was originally included in Rep. Paul Ryan’s FY 2012 budget proposal, but was fortunately removed from the final bill before it was introduced. The bill did pass the Republican majority House (without that provision),

    For the record however, Ryan is part of the “Corporate Party” and is going down in 2012. I urge folks to read about General Smedley Butler: an Honest War Hero.
    He was awarded the Medal of Honor, twice and was a great Marine. Check-out what he said about corportations early on.

  29. BUTCH LATHAM says


  30. BUTCH LATHAM says


  31. STANLEY KIGHT says

    I am 100% dissabled with the VA. I feel if we let them do this to the 10% or less the next time
    will be the 20% guys and on. You get the picture. There is no difference between a veteran I was lucky and had documentation of my injuries. Please don’t let this happen to any veteran. The only difference between a live veteran and a dead one is one got very lucky during his tour. I want to protect my brothers in arms. Please don’t let those guys in congress take away one benefit that the veterans have earned.

  32. Linda Bowen says

    Just another example of the people who don’t have to worry about their income, education for self and family, gas prices, retirement and pensions, foreclosures, food for their families, etc. going after the citizens who deserve these benefits for their service to this country. I am so sick of the disrespect the government shows to the middle and lower classes and then turns around and rewards the upper classes for screwing us over as well. My late husband was a corpsman in the Navy/Marines (two tours) and suffered with PTSD due the many things he experienced. He deserved the benefits he received as all the vets do.

  33. William Mike Maloon says

    We as vet’s have to do as we did in the war,cover each other’s back’s.We can’t set back and let any party R or D,cut any money for any vet,if they want us vet’s to suck hind tit,they have other thing comeing we fought together 10,ooo mile’s from are home and if they think we won’t fight for or frredom at home they better think again.To all vet’s stand up and let your congressmen or women we will fight for want they said we would have if we served and that’s Va.bennfits,if we don’t stand side by side they will do nothing to help the new vet’s just like they did vetnam vet’s when we came home.We said it would not happen again to any of our brother’s.

  34. Jerry Combs says

    When will we ever wake up to the fact that the folks in Washington are not public servants, but in fact are using the position they were elected too as a self serving tool? We as veterans paid the price for these blood sucking individuals to rape the country we Love.

    • says

      They run as a full fledged corporation now. Our government has been switched to a business. It’s been privatized and they want all programs that serve the public to fall under privatization as well. They believe business is the answer to everything and makes the world turn. It’s not so obvious on the surface here at home. They manage to keep things under the radar in large part. Check out what American corporations are doing abroad in other countries. They are taking advantage of people who have never had anything and will work for near nothing. They produce products incredibly cheap and they are imported back to the U.S. with no import tax (or very little) and sold to consumers here at very high prices. They might as well manufacture them here if they’re going to charge those kinds of prices anyway. They say we used to complain about the high prices of American goods so that’s why they had to pick up and leave, go overseas so they could make a profit. Bullshit! They dumped us to take advantage of very cheap foreign labor. They don’t give these people any kinds of benefits like they had to give us. They are saving millions and millions and making record profits charging Americans the same prices they would have to if they were manufactured here. These corporations should be treat as treasonist slimeballs! And on top of everything else, they pay little or no income tax to the U.S. Here at home, when you don’t have the money to pay your vehicle taxes because you and your wife have been out of work for months and months, you get a ticket for an expired plate. Then you have to pay a late fee and a reinstatement fee. They bend you over, throw in a hanful of sand, and fuck you with impunity!

  35. Carl Kamradt says

    I served during the Viet Nam war. When I enlisted I was guaranteed the use of the VA hospital system, should it become necessary. Well, in 2005 it became necessary. Due to accute Rheumatoid Arthritis I was given complete Disability and cannot work. I’ve been under the VA care since 2007. I’ve had two heart attacks, the R.A. and now have Type II diabetes. My only income is SSI Disability. And now the Republicans want to take this away from me? I cannot afford medical insurance. I do have Medicare basic, which I have reported to the VA. If my treatment goes away I will be dead in a year, or less. Because of the R.A. I have to take Coumadin, a blood thinner to prevent blood clots. Those blood clots are what caused my two heart attacks. I presently take 15 medications, all prescribed by the VA, for my heart, the RA, and my diabetes. When I enlisted I basically signed a blank check, payable to the US Government, for up to and including my life. We send billions to other Countries for aid, yet will leave our veterans without medical treatment. What’s wrong with that picture?

    • says

      We are being abandoned and thrown under the bus Carl. They have put us into a global economy. NAFTA and other trade agreements are doing this to our country, not whiney cry baby Americans. For something that would have such a drastic effect on us as a nation, don’t you feel voters should have had a say in this decision? I do. They didn’t want our input though. It was promoted as something that was going to be great for us. Do you feel great?

  36. Robert Anderson says

    After serving in the armed forces, in peace and war, when our health fails and we require the VA’s assistance they turn their back on us. There is no way that I can afford to purchase all my prescriptions without assistance. I will just have to stop taking them and hope for the best.

  37. Daniel H. Kazmierczak says

    I would like to see how many of these politicians have served a day in the military, have a service connected disability and were cowards escaping military service by going to school, to Canada , or other wise convinced draft boards to excuse them. This includes those with with the yellow stripe down their back. Dick Cheney is an example. In addition to the count, I would like to see their names printed in major newspapers and and veterans magazines. Where were they while we were overseas protecting their rights to be a coward.

  38. Ted C. says

    Heres and idea. Lets cut their healthcare benefits. Surely they don’t need subsidized healthcare. (they don’t pay all that much for their insurance, and the Capitol staffers don’t either, though yes, it is insurance and they do pay something. But maybe that job benefit should go awya and they should have to pay full price. Most employer provided/subsidized healthcare insurance is paid, in part, by the employer. In other words congress itself. So, it the vets are getting cut, so should all members and their staff.

  39. says

    The dishonest side of Ugly politics is surfacing again and again. The Good politicians willing to take a stand for good and common sense legislation once again place importance on what’s good for their pockets rather than their constituent’s issues that support their health, social security and economic stability in this country. Priorities need to be reassessed and recognized that the health, economic strength and social security/ and education deserves more support here than
    funding multiple arms distributions to different countries under strife at this time. I donot agree
    with politicians, that we, the U S public needs to tighten our belts and pay more taxes to fund their
    particular sweetheart contracts. We donot need to later read about bonuses paid to Companies receiving Govt Contracts waisting away U S dollars on more waist.
    We have priorities in our country and the ability to perform checks and balances for projects
    OverSeas seems to take first place . Greedy Corporations having a strangled hold on politicians avoid scrutiny and pressure to do what’s right. The Pocket book has priority not the actual bill contents in fact. We read about the Bank Bailout and today they continue to tighten their proceedures on lending money to the public, in association with Investment companies literally stealing the American public’s life savings without any recourse.
    Let’s take care of America first. The citizens and veterans that worked for our survival can’t continue to be ignored.

  40. Russell Paul says

    Paul Ryan has proven himself to be nothing than another Republican Corporate Dicksuck. He needs a noose around his neck.


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