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Republicans Seek To Cut Veterans Benefits For The Disabled


Benjamin KrauseRemember Michele Bachmann’s attempted $4 billion cut from disabled veterans compensation? Well, “they’re ba-ack …” Except this time, they are looking to cut away at our VA health care.

Republican Paul Ryan and the House of Representatives are looking to end VA healthcare benefits for disabled veterans – that’s for over 1.3 million veterans who are Priority 7 & 8. These veterans are the least disabled veterans using the system, usually with disability ratings of 0 percent or no service-connected disability.

According to the Congressional Budget Office “Option 35,” the cuts would leave 130,000 veterans with no health care alternative. This means veterans with conditions not recognized by the VA, like certain diseases from Agent Orange exposure, would have to pay for healthcare out of pocket if they had not other service-connected disability.

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Currently, the VA spends over $4 billion yearly on benefits for disabled veterans to treat them, despite co-pays intended to offset the expense. Ryan’s cuts are intended to save $6 billion off the VA’s tab and $62 billion over the next ten years. Instead of merely increasing the co-pay or taxing Wall Street, Congress wants just to cut your benefits out, all together.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is fighting the across the board cut because many of the veterans in question have come to rely on VA health care over the years. In times when health care costs are astronomical, these veterans will go without the care they were promised if the proposal becomes law. DAV voiced additional concerns that this attempt is just the start of a gradual and specifically focused erosion of veterans’ benefits.

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Sweet sweetness. What chaps my hide the most is that the reason for the cuts is to reduce the U.S. budget deficit. All the while, two-thirds of the largest American corporations didn’t pay taxes this year after receiving bailout money and reporting record profits as a result. GE only paid up after having received a great deal of negative press.

These corporations and the executives who run them benefit a great deal from our American system: U.S. Military, Roads and Railways, the Judicial System, Education for workers and the like. So, they get high profits and protection while we get …?

Let’s not forget that without our military, corporations wouldn’t be able to set up shop in so many countries internationally. Without tax dollars, the U.S. could not pay for the government contracts awarded to GE, Textron, Google, etc. They pay a very limited amount in taxes and provide fewer jobs than promised via Reaganomics.

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It appears this is more of a “Trickle-On Economics” rather than Trickle-Down. I think when Warren Buffett said he should be paying more taxes, I finally woke up to what he meant. Those who benefit the most from a system of government should pay a fair share of the profits they earned. Meanwhile, companies like Google take advantage of tax loopholes only very wealthy corporations can take advantage of while small businesses get hit disproportionately to cover military spending and similar programs.

Now, the House of Representatives has decided to propose cuts to benefits for disabled veterans while supporting a third war in a country most of us could not even find on a map two months ago (if the proposed cuts went through).

Don’t believe the headlines. These cuts are just an attempt to split the oyster shell in half to steal the pearl. Once 1.3 million bodies get cut out of the VA system, politicians will have an easier time justifying further cuts to VA programs.

Suddenly, the comprehensive health care you once received will be reduced to occasional physicals and virtual appointments via computer. Count on it.

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And don’t think the politicians will stop until they gut the whole system. Many of them call benefits like Social Security and VA Disability “Entitlements.” Rather, VA health care is just a cost of doing business. You break it; you buy it. Wall Street and Corporate America need to pony up their share and keep their mitts off our hard earned benefits.

Vote on whether or not veterans should shoulder the burden for deficit reductions.

Update: the cuts discussed above did not make the “markup.” Once the topic was run up the flagpole, public outcry caused the House to go back to the drawing board. Instead, the House cut spending for the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims by half of the requested funds from the White House.

This court is one of the last resorts for veterans’ disability appeals. Meanwhile, they did allow funding for the VA to police the hand washing of its employees using RFID technology. So while veterans may not get the care they need or the disability rating they deserve, VA employees will not have pee on their hands.

At least the government contractor responsible for implementing the system will get paid.

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  2. Yes Lyne at the Regional South office at the VA purchase department said 2017 will look like swiss cheese chopping lost programs like medications, rehab, closed clinics, and ER or outside care denials will be higher. Staright from our represenatives and the White house budget cuts.

  3. We need our government to reset their/OUR priorities.
    The care of (U.S.) disabled veterans should be funded and paid as a priority well before any domestic welfare payments or foreign subsidies are paid. Opportunities for cost savings and spending cuts are everywhere and in the hierarchy the service member or veteran is at the absolute top.
    The existence of anyone in this free land is owed to those who have served in a military capacity. The nations obligation to service members and veterans is summed up in the following; “To care for him(her) who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan” – A. Lincoln.

  4. It adds up that all the military are fighting wars, being killed, having bodies all torn to pieces, not being able to get promised health care for injuries, it is all a scheme to enable the Republicans & their 1 %ers to conduct business as above usual, enriching themselves & their cohorts to record highs. Then the Vet & his family get nothing, not even a decent job. It means we as patriots are not fighting for our country, but only for the Congressmen & the 1 %ers as enablers !!! Sad & it will change maybe not in my lifetime, & some of them may be in jail where they belong !!! HOPFULLY !!!

  5. How dare they – those jokers in Washington get their salaries and healthcare for life. Veterans put their lives on the line, some get injured, some ailments don’t show up until late in life, and those trouble makers want to cut our benefits. I guess so we’ll have to sign up for Obamacare! This government needs a COMPLETE change.

  6. Hello I am disable vet from Texas I have drawing benefits since the late 90s I take a drug name Quetiapine the most costly out all them all. I can not buy it out of my pocket. Every time I hear about cuts it makes me sick and I wonder how far they are going to take it each time they cut benefits. A few years I got a new doc and she cut my dosage by 2/3s I did ok for a while than I started to have problems. I had to ask her over and over to up the dosage. It been an long hard fight to get her to do it. Some feel the V.A.well go to great lengths to hurt us V.E.T.S. I am sick now and some time I am out of control my mood swings are wide and I am afraid that congress well try to do away with system that many of us depend up on for our health. I am also afraid of them try to cut all other benefits. All it well take is about six weeks for my monthly checks to stop coming, and I be homeless again. IF congress does what they say. They well set many vets on a course of death. I have not work in 15 years. I have gone back to college paying for most it out of my pocket in case this happens. I can not get a job at Wal-Mart as greeter part time because I have not worked so along. I am sick I am tired I well not last a year if the benefits are cut like congress wants to do. If congress cut the benefits the way they want. Why not march most of us out to the firing squad so we well not have to suffer. The country that us vets protected is try to leave us high and dry. I am sick of this I am sick of hearing how congress want to do away with the V. A. In six weeks after they cut benefits I well be homeless again I know there well be others that well be in the same boat.

  7. Sen Thune and House member Kristi Noem both have come to Hot Springs SD claiming that they helping Hot Springs residents stop the closing of the Hot Springs VA Center. Then they both support cutting VA benefits. They will both say whatever it takes to get re elected in S.D. (which will happen). Our residents of the state won’t make the effort to look into their real agenda. SAD

  8. Dear editor, please get your story straight.

    On the other side, more conservative members of the Senate – like John Thune of South Dakota – told CNN he can’t support the deal because it doesn’t “include meaningful spending reforms that address our debt and deficit.”

    Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, along with other senators, have also raised question about reductions in cost of living benefits for military retirees.

    “After careful review of the agreement, I believe it will do disproportionate harm to our military retirees,” Graham said in a release. “Our men and women in uniform have served admirably during some of our nation’s most troubling times. They deserve more from us in their retirement than this agreement provides.”

    From CNN

    1. Marc, this was written in 2011 and addresses different issues that were present at that time. This post does not address issues that have occurred this year (obviously).

      1. That’s not good to hear but I don’t think it’s gonna happen too many reason why it won’t happen

  9. Ok my fellow VETERANS enough said lets focus on how we gonna get paid this coming MONTH if if we dont its gonna get REAL UGLY We should contact the the Armed Forces Chairman and ask him to help us LOBBY our Pension coz our VA Secretary doesnt seem to have the courage to fight for the VETERANS rights.FEEL ME GUYS…….

  10. The American Military and American Veterans should encourage everyone to “VOTE THEM ALL OUT”. When was the last time that Congress did anything to benefit anyone but themselves or special interest groups. I could care less what one party or the other does all I know is the “system” is broken and you can’t fix it by replacing just a few Congressional folks. I say we vote them all out and even if we picked people right off the street to replace them, we have to get better than what we have now. It couldn’t get any worse. When they stop thinking about themselves and vote for the right things and not some stupid issue like why goldfish make left turns, then maybe American would not have to send its Soldiers off to fight. When are the people going to start voting for the AMERICAN PARTY??? That’s the party we need in power. I say, just vote them all out and replace them with others that might do better. Why keep them in? They don’t work, they don’t vote, they don’t pass any legislation except to opt themselves out of everything else they have made the “common people” suffer from. Congress needs to feel some pain or they won’t do anything. If they have one more committee to study something, I think I am going to have to be committed. Why will this insanity end? Maybe election season should be like tourist season (lol) and hunting season and no limits placed on them? That might help things along just a little bit. Let’s do the right thing, the American thing, and replace them all and see if we can’t get people in there that would do a better job. There is no place to go but up. Maybe, just maybe, we might be able to get a few Veterans in and not have a bunch of non-Veterans making decisions that negatively impact us because they have not served their Country by serving in the military. Replace them all. Vote for “NONE OF THE ABOVE” and maybe things will start to change!!!

    1. That has nothing to do with what is deserved to us. Veterans should be exempt from this due to the Republicans choice to stay in war & creating more veterans.

      1. It’s time we veterans fuc up some of these communist republicans Take them out at the polls!

  11. USMC Major General Smedley D Butler, two time winner of the CMH, wrote a book back in the 1920’s. “War Is A Racket”. He stated in the book our military is just being used to protect the corporations property. Butler also discovered the plot to over throw the US Government in 1934. The “Business Plot”. The goal was to abolish our Democracy and turn the US into a Fascist Corporate State like Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. The abolishment of all social programs like SSI,labor laws and today out VA. Ironic the same familys today that control our government was involved in the plot in 1934. Hmmmmm


  13. I am not a veteran, but that does not mean I don’t have an opinion on this matter! Those Men and Women that have served and are serving their Country should be taken care of. I f they were injured they should receive medical care. They put their lives on hold and many in harms way. They had to leave their families and believe me the families suffered also. Never knowing how they were or if they would come home at all. These men and women deserve the best we can give them. (That is if they need it.) But think about this, when the President of the United States don’t make sure our Americans are protected and one of our Ambassadors is killed along with two former Seals, and another American, when the forces are told to stand down by someone, and the President doesn’t look into it, to see who made that horrific call, then we know something is rotten in Washington! He should make sure ever who did it, is dismissed and charged in my opinion with Homicide! This world is in terrible shape and just getting worse. But I have good news to report, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROLL AND SOON HE WILL RETURN FOR HIS OWN. YOU SEE, I KNOW I HAVE READ THE BOOK, AND WE WIN!!!!! Keep the faith, and before I close, I want to personally thank all the brave men and women who have served and are serving our Country. May the good Lord Bless you All and grant you His Blessing always! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  14. Funny in a sick way. The old guys cutting funding to the vets most were draft dodgers like Ted Nugent. Do the research it will schock you.

    1. When are people going to realize that when a Republican is talking he is lying and when he is quiet he is stealing.1.5 trillion for an aircraft that does not work properly?I want to know everything about the F-35 and whose pockets are being lined.This amount of money would solve social security and VA problems for a long time!

  15. I believe our Veterans have paid in more ways than 99% of other Americans. If anything the compensation and benefits should be much much higher. Cut out the pay for congress and the Pres. make them ceremonial without authority to make laws or anythingelse. Its time we had some serious changes in this country and not the kind we havce endured since Vietnam.


  17. I can’t believe what I just read! Its horrifying and shameful! They served in a war, we take care of them. That’s it. That’s the way it should always be! Enough said!

  18. My husband has been out of Vietnam 43 years after serving two tours. He’s had a double lung transplant, has diabetes, diabetic neuropathy in lower legs and both feet and a whole host of other ailments, mental and other. We have been fighting with the VA for close to eight years now and do you think he’s seen 100% dissability or even close? Hell no and we are good and fed up. Would you like to know why? Listen up all you Vietnam Vets because we both have the answer for you: They Are Waiting For All The Vietnam Vets To Die! Thats why. Believe it. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer buts thats how it is. And we both think our government sucks.

  19. There is enough information that we know about and plenty that we do not…and may never know, to justify the use of our greatest constitutional asset. Download the constitution and READ it folks! It’s time to stand these non- American congressmen and women, Senators…ALL of them, down to the correct level. They have put themselves above all others, run this country into the ground and then put the blame on the people who put them there in the first place. When will enough people get tired of being held to a different standard of life? It’s absurd people! To believe that our problems are because of whiney Americans seeking entitlements, people who don’t want to work. The percentages of entitlement monie(s) payed out to disabled veteran’s and disabled people seeking their Social Security Benefits is a very small amount of GDP in all actuallity. What we are seeing is a systamatic stripping of the NEW DEAL that brought our country out of the Great Depression. Our rights to a quality standard of living are being stripped…little by little. Unions have been busted in large part all across the country. It goes on and on and on! I have nothing against people being rich and living the cushiest life-style they want but they can’t have it all! There has to be a balance that is transparent to the naked eye and we do not have that at all anymore. They want everything while telling the average American it’s because we don’t take responsibility for our lives. That’s BS and all of us should see that no matter how you vote! How can one be responsible anymore in this country when passed legislation allows any company to go overseas to hire a cheaper work force, pay no taxes and still be considered an American company…and recieve tax breaks for it! I’ve worked my ass off most of my life. I’m a Marine Corps veteran and a patriot to the bone! I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THIS ANY LONGER. I have my own story as a veteran with a service-connected injury but don’t feel the need to give the details here. It doesn’t matter about my details. I’m not getting what I was promised either and it sucks! Bitching about it isn’t leading to a resolution for anybody. It’s time to take the government back from the hands of treasonist charaltens. Talking and voting have failed and they will continue to make sure our voices and votes always fall short of their ears. It’s time to take a dramatic stand. Our own government is as much our enemy as any group of terrorists our troops face today, anywhere in the world. That’s truth to power. That’s what really needs to be relayed and I fully advocate it. It’s time to take action.

  20. It’s time for states to get their militia’s together. People always say that our votes should do the talking that needs to be done. It’s evident to me that this process has been corrupted. Look at what Republicans are doing now in Virginia. Redistricting. They make the rules up as they go and change them at will to favor their ideology. Our voices have been ignored long enough. If we don’t take serious action and soon, we will be much more sorry than we are now. Our constitution gives us this right. The right to take down a tyrannical government. What’s your definition of tyrannical?

  21. I am 100% rated myself. The one thing I do think is any Veteran injured serving on duty, whether in combat, in peacetime or stateside, IS and should be entitled to VA care. Period.

    HOWEVER…. I am seeing A LOT of Veterans that served who were not injured DURING their time of service now getting care!! And to me, that is plain wrong.

    I recently went to urgent care and noticed my nurse seemed to be in a bad mood. I asked her why and she told me she was a Vet herself and that some of the things she had to put up with were just plain wrong…. The guy she treated just prior to me was one example… He was rated as 100% service connected for PTSD…. and you will never guess what for! SHAVING! Because he was forced to shave, which caused him pain and facial issues, he was granted a 100% rating for being forced to shave on duty!

    I am also starting to see a lot of vets gaming the VA system just for medications, especially narcotics… Many families of certain vets seem to be overly interested in the benefits as well and jump into the middle of things I am seeing when they have NO business even being involved.

    The system does need some changes. But not to the extent nor at the expense of those that served and DID have injuries incurred while serving on duty.. Again it matters not where or how you got hurt in the service… as long as it was ON duty, you are and should be entitled. Period.

    1. have to raise BS flag on that, because VA has specific wording on PTSD, must have had loss of life involved or witness too, forget specific wording but forced shaving doesnt even come close


      1. I agree with Todd’s statement. Except the part for a soldier recieving 100% for PTSD. I am a 100% disable vet. I did 1 tour in Afgan and 2 in Iraq until my HMMV hit an ied. There doesn’t have be loss of loss but trust me they don’t F@$#ing give it to you for SHAVING christ sake LMAO. If he was in my uni.t Trust me, he would be suffering from PSTD but NOT from F#$&ing SHAVING!! If you know what I mean??? And Yes’ Todd there are a lot of people abusing the VA system who really havn’t earned the right to use it. I’m sorry I am not one of those vets that believe that just because you signed a form saying you are in the military. Doesn’t earn you the right to be called a vet. Before you get mad here is my arguement. I have found that there are some people going to the VA and using VA’s Healthcare and many other services that had only served in active duty for 181 days. Its has to be over 180 days with a general discharge. They have some benifits. Thats just enough time to complete basic and a.i.t. (your job training). To be put out of the military. Here’s another fact. Their are even some VA benifits that some people can recieve with less then 90 days of active duty… Believe it. Their justs released from active duty no discharge papers. But they do have a DD214. They can receive medical, vision, hearing, mental healthcare and drug and alcohol treatment. The only thing that they are limited to is job search programs.They also put them in single apartment, with roommate or even a house with 4 to 6 housemates. VA also gives them $100. a month for food. THEY CAN BE IN THIS PROGRAM FOR UPTO 2 YEARS. PLUS, THEY ARE ELIGIBLE TO COME BACK INTO THIS PROGRAM FOR A TOTAL OF 3 TIMES IN THEIR LIFE TIME. WHICH IS A TOTAL OF 6 YEARS. HERES THE CATCH THEY HAVE TO BE SOBER AND CLEAN. SO THEY ARE TESTED WEEKLY. THESE GUYS ARE IN AND OUT OF THIS PROGRAM. MOST JUST USE IT IN WINTER OR HAVE NO MONEY SO VA GIVES THEM METHADONE. THEN THEY GET MAD AT THE PROGRAM AND LEAVE AND COME BACK. CAUSE REMEMBER. LOOPHOLE. THEY CAN BREAK UP THEIR STAY. SO THEY ABUSE THE SYSTEM. YOU HEAR PEOPLE TALKING TO EACH OTHER IN THE VA HOW THEY FAKED THIS FOR THAT TO THIS FOR THAT DISABILITY. YOU SEE SO MANY GUYS WEARING NAVY SEALS, ARMY RANGER AND SPECIAL FORCES HATS, BADGES WHAT NOT…. WHO WERE REALLY COOKS WHEN THEY WERE IN… TALK ABOUT THEY KILLED THIS MANY, THAT MANY.. HOW BAD AND MEANTHEY ARE… THEY WERE IN EVERY FREAKING WAR THE US HAS EVER BEEN IN…THEY GOT PTSD FOR SHAVING STUBBING THEIR TOE.. THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT PTSD REALY IS WHEN THEIR ASKED.. THE BEST PART IS MOST OF THEM IF NOT ALL OF THEM HAVING NEVER BEEN IN COMBAT OR EVEN HAD BOOTS ON THE GROUND (IN COUNTRY) THEIR JUST LIERS LIERS LIERS LIERS LIERS AND LIERS. THEY TOLD ME I WOULD NEVER WALK AGAIN IT TOOK TO YEAR I HAVE TO WEAR BRACES BUT HEY I’M FUCKING WALKING RIGHT… I HAVE SO MUCH TITANUIM IN ME i GET STOPPED AT THE AIRPORT ALL THE TIME. AND THIS PTSD THING I JUST WISH I COULD REACH INSIDE MY HEAD WITH A RAZZOR AND CUT IT THE FUCK OUT. ITS NEVER ENDING YOUR MIND JUST GOES ON AND ON AND ON YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO STOP THE PAIN. YOU LOSE EVERYTHING HELL WHEN I WAS REALSED FROM WALTER REED MY EX HANDED ME DEVORCE PAPERS… HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN TO YOUR 11 YR. OLD SON DADDY CAN’T DO THIS OR THAT….. HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO STOP HIS PAIN OR NIGHTMARES IT JUST GOES ON AND ON I JUST WANT IT TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry about that rampage…..
        Plus the Plus they receive food stamps and whatever else they can get from the state. This is not just for those vets thst have 90 plus days but less then 180 days active duty.The VA does this for all the vets. I found this out when I was in PTSD treatment from a vet who was in that program. But he was a service cont vet like me.I know every VA hospital offers different things in each state. I did inpatient PTSD program in (VA) Virgina and a outpatient PTSD program in Oklahoma Because Oklahoma does not have a inpatient or a domicilary program. Just like VA is sending me to Tucson, AZ for 10 das to train with a psychiatric PTSD service dog. Then I get to bring him home. Those type of service dogs cost between $30,000 to $40,000 and I don’t have to pay a cent.I hope this the type of benifit that our goverment should not cut for that would be a egregious. However, The some of the examples I had listed, I do believe the goverment should cut those programs. If it means keeping or not reducing current benifeits that are well earned. However, think about this. Once you open the book for the goverment to cut VA benifits it just might open pandora’s box. If you are able to keep the goverments hands off and not compermise. Just saying

  22. Fellow Veterans, remember that a congress critter who is elected for two years and retires does so, with full retirement benefits. These are the sunshine patriots who are sticking it to Veterans!

    1. Why don’t we as VETERANS get a (V) VETERANS PARTY up in Congress to the a better job than D and R are doing

    2. @Don Schneider, your statement is on point and should be posted and re posted over and over and over again. This is the crux of a Veterans argument, Congress is allowed to retire with full retirement after 2 years of service. That service may or may not be during a period of war time! Excellent comment.

  23. I care about the unqualified getting disability. Some use the VA when they also have private Health Care and it overloads the system.

    The VA hires the dredges of the Medical Community. There are health care people who cannot work in the private sector due to incompetence.

    I am 100%+100%+30% with another 200% pending. All my disability is from injuries suffered in COMBAT.

    Last Oct. 2012 I had to go to the VA to allow them to inject steroids into my spine to ease the inflamation. This was a conditon on getting my pain medications returned to me. They took away my pain medications to force me to enroll in their new Pain Management Program.

    I went in for my steriod injection, and there was 20 other vets in for the same thing. The VA doctor was totally incompetent, and ignored the overhead monitor that showed where to put the needle. He just “stuck it in” and hit the herniated disc, exploding it immediately. I am now crippled for life…

    This doctor had a “poor” rating in the Internet Doctor Reviews. His previous patients called him “horrible”.He is so bad he closed his private practice and now works full time… crippling veterans.

    Had the VA not been so crowed with “everyone” claiming disability maybe the VA budget could afford hiring some decent doctors.

    I know men who claimed PTSD and were TRUCK DRIVERS and never saw action. In a VA PTSD group they spoke about how the “claymores” in the trees scared them and now they can’t cope with life…They get 100% disability and ride around the country on their Harleys…while after some of us worked for decades until our old war injuries finally made the pain too much to continue to endure. Injuries suffered in COMBAT, spinal damage, joint injuries etc. Not imaginary bs. just to get a check.

    FYI…In the battle of TET 1968 we lost more men in 3 months than all the men lost in the Middle East Wars combined.

    1. Tom – just an FYI. Congress set up disability benefits as a safety net for all veterans injured while in the military. The reason for this is because most military jobs are inherently dangerous – “combat” being the most dangerous of them all. The disability system is almost as old as this country. As for specifics to your concern:

      First, doctor quality has nothing to do with disability compensation because the VHA budget is separate from the VBA. Every year, the Secretary asks for Congress to provide funding for the specific needs of the VA. If there is less needed, then there is less money allocated. Second, all major veteran organizations argue that the high number of veterans using health care – combat or noncombat – increases the critical mass of the VHA system as a whole. This critical mass increases the overall budgetary allocations to the VHA and allows for better / bigger facilities and MORE doctors, not less.

      Nonetheless, doctor quality has always been a problem within the VA. But, it has nothing to do with noncombat veterans using the VHA system. It has to do with the VHA having poor hiring practices.

      1. Ben, I wrote an earlier post that you might want to read. I too was injured in combat and spent 2 VERY long years in a weelchair. I still require permanent leg braces on both legs. The last comment you made about the battle of TET was egregious. By comparing death tolls. If you want to go there. Here are some facts you should concider when you compare the Vietnam War to the War in Iraq and Afganistan. Between July 1st 2nd and 3rd of 1863 the Battle Of Gettysburgs was fought. The total loss of american lives on both sides was 48,000 in just 3 days. The offical total years that the U.S. was involved in Vietnam War was 1962-1975, thats 14 years and the total U.S. casualties was over those 14 year was 58,220. Now some sources show US involvoment going back to 1955. So that would be 20 years. However, the casualties loss is the same. So if you compare 48,000 in 3 days to 58,220 in 14 years or 20 years. Which ever you want to use. You do the math. The total US casualties in the Civil War which was fought from 1865-1865 was over 650,000. I can even give you a newer example, one that is in the 20th century. WWII the total US casualties was 405,399 from 1941-1945, 4 years. Again Vietnam was 1962-1975, 14 years. Again you can do the math. Are you aware that the war in Afganistan and Iraq has had most amputees. Then any other war that america has been involved in, since the Civil War. Look, all I’m trying to say is we are all vets and some of us have had the unfortunate displessure of beeing in combat and watching friends die. And some of us unfortunately were wounded and some gave the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!! Look, the death counts does matter. Not in the way you used it in your statement, Ben. SO, I AM GREATFUL THAT OUR DEATH RATE IS LOWER. Part of that is due to new combat medical technogy> That’s a whole new story.

  24. A president cannot enact legislation, only congress can. There was never a bill for the President to veto so the Republican congress did not let this get out on the floor to vote on if it was even proposed. I know that in this area The Bush administration closed the outpatient part of the Vetrans Hospital in Spokane making Vetrans drive 3.5 hours to get to the Seattle one, in the winter over a snowy pass that many times is closed. President Obama’s administration reopened it. The President has no control over other countries. The Constitution sets up 3 branches of Government and the main powers of the President are head of the military and the diplomatic relations with other countries. Congress sets the budget and the Republicans are the ones blocking things like the jobs bill for veterans and other funding for them. Research everything yourself and do not believe all you read on the internet as a lot of it is deliberate mis information. The constitution info here I learned in Grade School, too bad they no longer teach it.

    1. technically there are 4 branches, “WE” the peoiple come first, then the Executive,legislative and judicial with the judicial being least powerful and Judges appointed for “periods of Good behavior”…..not Life

  25. Obama has a deep hatred for the US. Military. On August 6, 2011, 30 US service members were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter they were being transported in crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. It was the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. 17 members of the elite Navy SEALs were killed in the crash. Yesterday, Karen and Billy Vaughn, parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn, spoke at the Defending the Defenders forum sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots outside the RNC Convention in Tampa. Karen brought a copy of the form letter they were sent following their son’s death. He sent them a form letter signed with an electronic pen!
    As of February 1st 2012, President Obama has determined that Combat Pay for US forces will be determined by a new criterion. In general, Afghanistan has been deemed a combat zone and all US forces deployed in that region have been eligible for combat pay due to the certainty of encountering dirt-bags in firefights, ambushes, IED’s or suicide bombings. This new policy now requires having been shot at first. For those not understanding the problem with this, it now says that the US Government has effectively declared Afghanistan a “safe zone”! And this in spite of the nearly daily reports of Americans being either wounded or killed!
    President Barack Obama, in a bid to reconcile with the Teheran regime, has blocked legislation that would hold Iran accountable for the Hizbullah bombing that killed 241 U.S. Marines in 1983.
    The Obama administration on Friday threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill in part because it does not include higher health care fees for members of the military.
    “The Administration is disappointed that the Congress did not incorporate the requested TRICARE fee initiatives into either the appropriation or authorization legislation,” the White House wrote in an official policy statement expressing opposition to the bill, which the House approved in May.
    President Obama’s most recent budget proposal includes billions of dollars in higher fees for members of TRICARE, the military health care system, and is part of the administration’s plan to cut nearly $500 billion from the Pentagon’s budget.
    Feigning indignity, outrage, and remorse, the Obama Administration quietly watched from the sidelines as a Hezbollah commander, guilty of planning the murder of five U.S. Marines, was set free on July 30th by the Iraqi central criminal court.
    Yeah, Obama has such love for the US Military!

    1. To the Milts of this world, have a good life , but remember that it is often better to keep your mouth closed and appear a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt !

      1. Try to use your own words, not someone elses. This is the kind of shit I’ve heard for 60 years. Learn something new and appropriate for this decade. Don, are you a vet? If not keep your fuckinng mouth shut, join the military, then come back to being called a baby killer or murderer and say something like you did before.

      2. Yes Don, just keep your mouth closed. Here’s another tip for you. Never look directly into the sun, you’ll burn your eyes out!

  26. Many of you who are commenting here don’t seem to be able to see the big picture. First of all, words like freedom, bravery, courage and honor are abstractions. They mean different things to different people, and in different contexts. One thing you must understand is that when you go into the military or were drafted like I was (Vietnam 69-70) you are a tool of the Military Industrial Complex. That’s the organism that builds and sells and profits from the war machine. If you think or believe otherwise you’re fooling yourself. The Military Industrial Complex doesn’t care about your service, your medals, your sacrifice. It’s in place for one reason: Profit. That’s what runs our capitalist society. The Complex will chew you up and spit you out and will not care one lick about you or your family. So get everything you can from the government, everything you have coming. You can be proud of looking after your brothers during your service, but don’t believe for one minute you were fighting for those abstractions listed above. It’s all a lie…

    1. I agree with you. Words like freedom, bravery, courage, honor. They like to get on television and make heart-tugging speeches about patriotism and use all of those words you describe. All in an effort to keep from talking about specifics. It’s a technique that works quite well on many Americans. Distract and conquer is what I call it. It’s worked for far to long. They need to be called on it. You can’t do it at a town hall meeting anymore or any campaign event because you’ll be removed just for raising your voice to show your anger. You don’t even have to make a bonified threat, just raise your voice a little and you’re gone!

  27. i find the funding problem the fault of vets. some 45% of all Gulf conflict vets are applying for disability pay and health care. 45%!! we all know thats bullshit. you dont get VA disability just for being in the service! Fact is over 20 years of Gulf conflict only some 6,000 died. Only 2-3% actually held combat duties. So you lying, cheating vets…its your fault that those who do deserve are being held up and denied claims. What the helll happened to honor and honesty these days? F- you phony, lying jerks. Come home, get a job and support not lie and look for intitlements you dont deserve.

    USMC Sniper2

    1. Lloyd, I agree that veterans should not lie to the VA about their disability benefits.

      You should check out the movie Semper Fi: Always Faithful. Based on your argument, a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune during peace time should not receive disability benefits despite having cancer from poisoned water on that base. Many veterans are sick from the Gulf War because of experimental vaccines. You didn’t need to be in combat to get sick. This is well documented. We also know some people got sick and others did not. No two human bodies are the same, nor will they react to poisonous exposures the same way. Last, the VA disability system has little to do with combat. The veteran must endure a full examination from the medical professional usually only if there is medical documentation from military service. Then that exam is reviewed by an adjudicator. It would be very hard to fake medical diagnosis both in service and from the VA.

      Disability compensation is the only way Americans can hold the government accountable for how they treated us while we were in the military. If spending is the only worry, then we should focus on government contractors caught scamming the American taxpayer out of billions of dollars every year. After we tackle that issue, then maybe we could focus on the little guy who is getting more disability than he deserves. But until we deal with corporate socialism (handouts to corporations), we will always have spending problems that dwarf VA disability compensation.

      1. Everyone who served in Vietnam was exposed to Agent Orange, Lloyd. The cancers and other conditions often don’t show up for many years after exposure. Look at the statistics on the Vietnamese themselves, a country battling all kinds of problems Agent Orange related, like cancers of all kinds and birth defects. The government owes its veterans all the care they seek. Young people put their lives on the line everyday. No one, not one single person should be turned away. And who cares if they file for disability. You ought to be more concerned about ending wars that cost 240 million dollars a day to fight if your worried about the country’s finances. Put it into perspective, my man.

  28. A very real contract exists between the Veteran and the US Government. Veterans sereved and performed honorably in the military with the promise of va/medical care and earned it. I am all for reducing the mass inefficiency and lethargy in VA Medical Care, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. “There is an old saying: Never trust a surgeon without a scar.” A decision to cut VA benefits should only be considered by those who have served in the US military and understand the
    breach of contract and extreme damage it would do to those who served and put themselves in harms way.

  29. This is absurd…I was promised healthcare and other benefits when I enlisted in ’70. These “people” if you wish to call them that, will get lifetime free coverage and a lifetime pension for as little as 4 years of “political service.. If anyone should get lifetime anything it should be the veterans who have served proudly, with dignity and honor, and the spouses, partners, and families of our fallen hero’s!

    1. I’m With Larry Crouse USN, and DogsLife2, Allen, and VannWilson, Thanks for speaking up guys ! I’m a draftee 68-70 ! We need to educate those who have been watching too much Fox Gnus !

    2. Notice how politicians are our best friends when they’re seeking election. That’s the only time they come around and still that’s not saying much. They will say anything and promise the moon to get your vote. I wish people would start to realize this for what it is. Once they get elected they have what they were after in the first place. A free ride for life! The best health care our tax dollars can buy. A Golden Fleece! And most of them don’t do squat for the public good while they are in office. Instead, they side with public interest groups and vote for legislation that denies Americans the most basic of health care! it’s sickening and immoral. Flag wavers and Bible thumpers who believe so much in their professed religion. Yeah, right! Even with seperation of church and state laws, if they believed in Jesus at all we’d still have more compassionate legislation in this country. it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  30.  @43211
     you don’t know anything about me its none of your bussiness if i graduated high school i did the gov is the root of most of our problems if you trust your goverment you are a fool all goverments are inheretly evil our founding fathers warned us not to trust them, what have you ever done for this country i’m 100%+ got my ass tore up in the khesanh aeria in68-69+ 1ST BN 9TH MARINES DELTA CO M60 GUNS-WPS PLT GUIDE FOR MY LAST4-5  MONTHS SO EINSTINE LET US HEAR SOME MORE OF YOUR  BS

  31. “GOP Voted Against 7 Bills to Help VeteransHere’s the Bills in numerical order.    In short,  the GOP has voted TO NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS at least 7 times.  I think that is sufficient to call the GOP House Hypocrites and Phonies. Bill’s Blocked By Republican’s Since President Obama Took Office. The media isn’t covering this story so we have to.  Here’s a concise extraction for easy viewing for those who are INTERESTED IN VETERANS ISSUES and need to know which party supports veterans and which party does not. The rejected Bills are named: H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act became H. R. 2875.  H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining ActH.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program ReauthorizationH.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for VeteransH.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business  Center ActH.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act DETAILS OF BILLS REJECTED BY REPUBLICANS: H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act – This bill would actually provide job security for veterans who are receiving medical treatment for injuries suffered while fighting in defense of their country. It would prohibit employers from terminatingemployees who miss work while receiving treatment for a service-related disability.   H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act – This bill would provide for assistance to help veterans who are currently unemployed with their expenses while retraining for the current job market. H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization –  This bill would reauthorize programs in support of homeless veterans, to assist them with job training, counseling, and placement services through the Department of Veterans Affairs through 2014.   H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans which does nothing more than direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to include information about scholarships for veterans. H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009 – Here’sanother bill in support of those who have fought for their country, passed by House Democrats and blocked from becoming law by Republicans.This would increase the amount paid by the VA to disabled veterans for necessary home structural improvements from $4,100 to $6,800 for those who are more than 50% disabled, and from  $1,200 to $2,000 who are less than 50%, disabled. This means, if a veteran lost the use of his legs in service of his country, the country will pay for the wheelchair ramp so that he can live at home.By the way, the last time this ceiling was lifted was in 1992.  There isn’t even a fiscal reason for being against this bill, as the total cost of this bill, according to CBO estimates, would be a “whopping” $20 million. That’s about a quarter (25 cents) per family of four. H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business  Center Act –  This bill would set up a Veterans Business Center program within the Small Business Administration, which would specialize in such programs as grants for service-disabled veterans, help them develop business plans and secure business opportunities. In other words, folks, it would create jobs and offer opportunities those who have fought in defense of our country.   H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act – This bill essentially combines a number of other bills that Republicans had blocked in the Senate previously, and adds a few elements. The bill would again establish a Veterans Business Center Program; …. it would establish a Military Entrepreneurs Program; … VOTERS NEED TO SEE THIS LIST to offset the distortions offered by the GOP and the silent media.Actions speak much louder than words…..And the actions of THIS GOP proves it does not support Veterans.” 

  32. It is unbelievable to me that any veterans support the politics of this country any more.  They don’t support this country nor veterans.  I don’t care what party they profess.  One is cutting your benefits, the other is cutting your funding.  Bunch of multi-millionaire hypocrites.  They don’t represent anyone other than themselves.  Their tax-payer funded pension, healthcare(tax-payer-single-payer-funded socialist-subsidised), vacations, offices + personnel, round the clock “security”, life-long tax-payer benefits but we need smaller government?  


    1.  @VannWilson Based upon your illerate ramplings I guess you didn’t graduate high school, let me guess that was the govt that caused that too!?!

  34. I remember the Republican Party came up with the “Contract With America” in 1984. The veterans’ contract with America began in 1776 and not only pre-dates the 1984 contract but America’s veterans have not reneged on any part of their contract. I once read that the definition of a veteran is someone “…who once wrote a check payable to the citizens of the United States in an amount up to, and including, his/her life.” It’s time for America to honor the service and committment made by veterans.

    1. Neo Conservative Corporatist aka rethuglikkkons, will re write history with stealing it, then copying it, then changing it, then taking credit for the good, and then blaming the bad part on the other parties.
      and the dumb ones out there will suck it up, and vote for neo conservative corporatism to enslave them.
      and then dummy it down to excuse their own selective ignorance.

  35. We as Americans did it wrong for the entire world and 2008 was just the beginning. Any Scandinavian Country has better Educacation and medical services at no cost for their people and we think we are the best. Our child mortality levels are even higher than Japan and our Education sucks and we are so deep in shit or real shit heads that we think of our selfs as superior beings in the world.

  36. The V.A creates dependency on the government. The reason so many Vietnam era vets wound up homeless or hooked on booze was BECAUSE of the existance of the V.A and its socialized medicine. Give the vets the freedom to buy private health insurance, that will give them the incentive to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and live life- not be a slave to a socialist health care system.

    1. u sound like a typical tea idiot terrorist ,  socialism isnt govt handouts.  in fact its the state govt who is sucking off the feds… and taxing their own… more ignorance from the selective dmfks who are told what to think and say… more fear tea..
      drink up .
      neo conservative corporatism indoctrination with fear .

    2. Oh yes, let’s privatize everything. That’s the Republican answer to everything. Let’s just let them have all of that Social Security money, all the trillions that has their mouths watering like a fox in the chicken coup! Put it all on Wall Street Green and spin the big wheel. Ut Oh! Craps! Socialism is a word vilified by politicians because their system works so well and is already so fair. There’s no need to help anybody who’s suffering? Why are people suffering in the first place, I mean because the current system works so well for everyone. There’s no need for that, right? People just are always thinking they are entitled to something. They weren’t actually promised these things, right? How shameful to think that after serving my country and getting hurt, that I should actually ask for any benefit that I was TOLD was mine to depend on? How dare me to think that after paying into Social Security and Medicare for all these years that I have the nerve to expect to use it like it was intended to be used when I need it the most, right? Vets already have the freedom to buy private health insurance you idiot! They just can’t afford it like anybody else in America! Their boot straps broke a long time ago pal! It’s not like a good paying job is just right around the corner to be had. That corner is in Bangladesh! It’s in Taiwan! Let’s not forget our good friends in China either. They have lots of corners. Our politicians cut those corners by hand and shipped them right on over.

  37. There was a time when the concept of a hunger strike was fielded. considering the fact that we are getting screwed either way, bring that idea back on the table. Politicians cringe at that one, gives em the willies….only part of the hunger strike is you gotta be ready to back it up or else you will never be taken seriously again.

    1. If you want to see the effectiveness (and the sad deaths) of a hunger strike, Google, “H-Block” and anything to do with Bobby Sands!

  38. Ive never served but my man has and without the benefits he gets we would not be able to afford anything these days. They don’t understand how badly they are screwing veterans already let alone cutting benefits. Without the people that have served this country we would be nothing but dust. These congressmen need to open their damn eyes.

  39. We must understand that the republicans will never understand what we do, we give our life, our mind to fight for freedom. Freedom is not cheap, so please veterans think before you vote. Who is really looking out for us , so far looks like the Democrats are doing a great job.

    Ray Ramos
    Disable vetetran/ Army
    Death before Dishonor

  40. Being a former military doesn’t necessary mean that the person will vote in favor of military and veterans issues.

  41. call it what you want…if you choose entitlement you are not wrong. when a contract is signed it lays the foundation for future promises in return. without a future promise by both parties you have servitude! so as a former army scout, now disabled, your damn right i am ENTITLED to health care and benefits. this is nothing new, it goes back to our independence and the not yet finished AMERICA as promises to young men that would be taken care in the event they were disabled. just another politician rewriting the laws our founding fathers left. and obama did give vets the largest budget in the last 30 years, now it looks like the old bait and switch…fooled you! same shit….. different asshole!

  42. There is something wrong when a government borrows money to give tax cuts to people who don’t need the money and then cut health programs that people need.

  43. As Steve stated: “Medical care is not an entitlement, Medical care was a contractual agreement when I enlisted whether in writing or verbal agreement. So lets not let any politicians say otherwise.” It appears to difficult to get a list of who voted for co-pays and who did not.

  44. I served 12 years in Army Infantry, am disabled Veteran. Medical care is not an entitlement, Medical care was contractual agreement when I enlisted whether in writing or verbal agreement. So lets not let any politicians say otherwise. Just like they try to tell you Social Security is an entitlement, when you spend your life paying into it. I think its time for us Veterans to stand up for our country again because she is in need of us once more, vote out all politicians who have authored any cuts to Veterans!

  45. I’m a Republican and I’ll stay a Republican. I may not always agree with them, but I sure as hell don’t agree with the Demorats!, that’s right Demorats! Obama hasn’t done jack to help Vets, where did anyone get the idea that he has. He is in the process of destroying this entire country. Veteran’s will lose alot in the end because of too much spending on crap stuff, bailing out GE, and Solyndra, etc. I’m a vet so I stand to lose as much as the next guy. Best thing we vets could do for this country is to vote every friken Repuplican and Democrat outta office now and start all over with new, fresh bodies. Preferably ones that have served in the military at one time or another and who has never held office anywhere’s because if they have, they’re corrupt. Hey, I’d vote for Herman Cain. I like that guy.

    1. Ask yourself one thing only !  what has a Republican Congress done for this country as Being One Nation Under God to help the President grow the economy and Help you and all Americans?  after all arent we all in this Country together?   clears throat, um well ?
      do think before u spout your nonsense tyrannical rants.


    2. Actually according to the count right now, there are more veterans that are Democrats as of now serving in public office… than their “civilian” republican counterparts.

  46. 3 wars active, hundreds of thousands of men & women serving, all volunteers, and these pricks want to cut the veterans ….. thank god we have young men and women willing to fight and serve this country….. may be the population should stop volunteering to serve. If
    these politicans keep rubbing our faces in the dirt, may be it’s time for some serious protesting, very serious. Remember this nation is well armed!

  47. Ron Paul wants to get rid of the ADA and other accessibility rights and Vets are somehow not getting what that means for VA and Edu and disabled veterans in general. If you have no claim thru yet you are likely a low priority- could you get cut out? –

    Other Gop attempts to cut even 9/11 first responders should be a BIG RED FLAG- but many vets are not paying attention.

  48. I am the wife of a veteran, veterans should not have to pay for their medical, they put their life on the line for this country, it would be a shame if their medical was taken, what if the young men all decided they would not go fight, and I would not blame them, they should not have to pay for their medical.

  49. I’m a Gulf War Vet and served with 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
    First I want to say hello to all my Brothers and Sisters of the Military in all Branches. I am Glad that most Vets are seeing this crap because you all know we were all tricked into believing Republicans took care of the Military and the Vets. The only Person I know who has took care of Vets is President Obama and he has done a lot more than what Congress would give him credit for. We need to keep him and let him finish his work but make Congress pay for the BS they have been doing by sending them a Message by getting rid of Republicans. If we do that then the Tea-Party is gone. We have to band together again yall. AIRBORNE FROM ALABAMA.

  50. All I want to know is, when are Vets going to stop supporting Republicans? I simply don’t understand it…Republicans do nothing but scream about how patriotic they are, but have the absolute worst voting records when it comes to Veteran’s issues…What gives?!…Wake up people!

  51. And of course Paul Ryan is not a veteran. This is what happens when we think the OTHER guy should have their gov. benefits cut. It always comes ’round sooner or later.

  52. Boycott upcoming elections! Democrats and republicans are nothing but a bunch of filthy born again liars and cons. They don’t deserve votes from veterans!

  53. I copied this article and posted it on my facebook page. All responses from Republicans were to jump on me. Only one responded to the article itself and this was his post:
    “they do.
    my grandmother worked for the VA hospital I worked for the v a hospital years ago, I know what goes on there they’re very self serving. I wholeheartedly support Vets. Unfortunately they are human too and some do take advantage of the system. as in civilian society this robs the truly needy. spend some of your time and energy eliminating waste to support those that truly are in need. remember it will never be a perfect world.”

  54. Admist all of this anti-veteran idealologies from republicans…I would serve my country again…which implies that I won’t give up America and I won’t allow the republicans to [just] take my benefits. My power will present itself when it’s time to VOTE!

  55. Democrats and Republicans are both to blame.
    The total VA cost for an average year of a federal spending budget is about 4 percent of the total budget.
    That is pretty cheap considering all the wars and a massive cold war that lasted for 40 years.

    Veterans are not expensive. Veterans deserve more respect for sure and it’s time for Americans, both Demos and Repubs to put their money where their mouth is.
    How about a real GI bill. And how about finally providing world class healthcare for every veteran,……every veteran.

  56. Well we have all vented and what have we accomplished. The American people think we are idiots for volunteering in the first place. I entered a very poorly supported military at the end of Viet Nam at 17. I watched as our congress played politics while a young married PFC with a child could qualify for foodstamps because of the crappy pay. In later years while still serving as a reservist I watched as my fellow VA employees worked twice as hard to get half as much done for the veteran because of politics. Now because my neighbors can’t afford gas for their Hummers, these wannabe’s who never served a cause other than their own, they scream about government waste while the disabled vet and the senior citizen go another year without a pay increase. This while they enjoy a 2 percent cut in their SS taxes and probably never give to charity or even consider how valuable their freedom is. Recently I think the cost is approaching 5000 priceless lives, and at least 30,000 new damaged vets who will play he’ll getting any help from the VA, not because it’s the VA’s fault but because people care more about cheap gas for their RV than they do the young man or woman who stepped up and said ” I WILL ” to protecting their freedoms.

    I feel better. Tomorrow I will call Patty Murray’s office ( senator from Washington State) and make my voice heard. The disabled vets need a 10 percent increase not a cut in their payment. Let’s find a way to band together and gaurantee our disabled veterans some dignity and help.

  57. I am a Viet Nam Veteran. I served with the 1st Air Calvary in 1969 and 1970. I am 100% Disabled and fighting colon cancer. It is and awful thing that these Republicans and Tea Partiers are trying to trying to cut benefits to those of us who served this country and left parts of our minds and bodies on the battle grounds of foreign countries for the sake of freedom. Every verteran, their families and friends should mount a campaign to send House Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Ryan and the rest of that group back home. They do not deserve to lead this great country.

  58. I think this is all b.s. to take from the only ppl that gives them the freedom to make that decision. Our veterans not only risked their lives but also gave their lives so that our politicians could avoid war and go to college. Veterans gave them the freedom to make these decisions…and for them to even have the nerve to want to take away from those who serve how dare them! Everyone needs to write a letter to their congress, sign petitions, make phone calls! We the People need to voice our opinions! Make our selves heard! We are no less important than the rich! if we have to take cuts then they should have to take cuts I dont think it’s fair we have to give up paychecks and cuts in pay and they cant even give up a tax break or deduction really? that’s sad when greed has taken over the nation! The bible is being fulfilled everyday

  59. Disabled vet here,I plan to vote agianst anyone thats up for reelection this year if he/she is part of this fiasco, both parties are the problem! Taxes should be raised on the people making the millions>>>>>>get our troops home,that would save some bucks>>>look at the countries we are still supporting after the war we fought for them>>>sick of this>>vote out the problems.We use our votes and stick together these clowns can’t win.

    1. I think you are right but unfortunately, if there isn’t an alternative to a Democrat or a Republican to vote for we just end up with the same shit! Why is there no third party on the ballot in any given election cycle. They make the rules to avoid this. If there was a credible third option they know they’d be gone!

  60. Me i’m a disabled vet and have fought with VA for over 11 years. After 9 years of fighting they awarded me 10%. Everybody has to remeber our world history in War World II the narzies came for the jews, and no one stood up for them, than they came for the cathalotes and no one stood up for them, and then they came for the regular people and there was no to stand up for them. That is what our government is doing with all of us people but doing it to the vets first, because we are the ones that have fought there wars and they are afraid of us. Take out the vets and you wont have anybody to stand up for the little guy when the time comes. Just keep in mind the old moto, “DE OPPRESSO LIBER” Better known as to free the oppressed.
    They want to cut our pay (the vets pay) whene two years ago the department of Vet afaires had a total of $24.6 million dollar bounes while some vets were sleeping out on the streets and other vets were fighting with the department of vets to only hear that we are still working on your case. I know this for a fact that at alot of the department of vet. afaires officers they sit on their asses and do nothing at all for at least three or four days out of the week and still get paid their money. I know this because my sister is married to one of them that work at one of the sitews and he was told not to rock the boat if he wanted to keep his job keep his mouth shut.

  61. Paul Ryan needs to get out of politics before he can do any more damage and work in his calling which must be selling used cars. If there’s any justice his new boss won’t offer health care coverage.

  62. Justin, just do a google of most bills that will aid veterans and veteran dependents and see how many Democrats and Republicans voted for that veterans bill. You will find that in most non highly publicized bills Republicans vote against aid to vets, on highly publicized bills they wave the flag as if they are the true patriots.
    ANNA MAE has it exactly right. Why do most military back the party that stabs them in the back, the Republicans.

    1. The Republican base is primarily Christians in this country. There is suppose to be seperation of church and state according to the constitution but that’s not what’s going on here. Christian voters keep voting for Republicans, often the same one’s, election after election. They think their interests are being served by these people who use religious bias to force certain legislation. If you’re a Christian that’s fine. This is not a dump on Christians. Faux Christians however, is a different thing all together and that’s what we have a majority of in our Congress and in the Senate. Oh no, we’re not promoting any religous views at all! That’s what they’ll tell you if you can even get the subject brought up. If any American, Democrat or Republican, Independent, Liberal, what have you…can not hear the ever deepening religous over tones being thrown around in politics then they might as well rip their ears off and eat them! It is so obvious it’s redonkulous! We are being led to slaughter by these not-at-all like Jesus supporters under the guise that they do not promote any religous view from the pulpit of government. Look at the kind of legislation that is being put forward and ask yourselves one question. How could anyone, religous or otherwise, support what is being done to our people and claim to be Christian to any extent? I would really like to know. They are ripping the average American a new one and at the same time stroking the nape of Israel like a lap dog. They have no problem finding funding for Israel to the tune of billions every year and want to cut working Americans..any American considered middle class and those below, to the core and leave them with nothing! Make no mistake, Christian bias is alive and well in the halls of Congress and plenty of other institutions around Washington, D.C. They care for Israel and the Jewish State more than they do their own. It’s obvious, painfully obvious! It’s treason in my eyes. That’s their agenda and it’s carried out in plain sight.

  63. Danelle, It was called the Bonus Army.
    WW I vets were promised a bonus for serving in that war. They never received it. In the spring and summer of 1932 tens of thousands of WWI vets marched on DC and camped of capitol grounds. The Military sent troops there to control the vets. A Second Lieutenant commanding army troops there gave the order to fire on the vets there. That second lieut, soon to become infamous, was none other than good old Douglas MacCarthur (sp). The same Doug who never gave the our Far East air force the order to get our planes in the air when the Japanese invaded the Phillippines, destroying practically all our air power in that sector while they were on the ground. The same Doug who said “I shall return”, while he was whisked away from the Phillippines in a submarine leaving I believe General Stilwell to surrender our troops to nthe Japanese. The same Doug who had several retakes of films of his returning to the Phillippines to get it “just right”. The same Doug whose only plus to me was his one maneuver in the Korean War. The same Doug who sat in a plane on a Hawaiian airfield waiting for President Truman to leave his plane to go see Doug. Truman did not and waited for little Dougie to come to him, which he did. The same Doug who ignored the massing of Chinese troops on the Yalu River, thinking that the Chinese would not be able to get their armaments across the Yalu. It got bitterly cold, the river froze over and the chinese armaments rolled across the Yalu unimpeded. The same Dougie who thought he could ignore the orders of the President of the US and was fired for that reason. But an Army Lieutenant giving an order to fire on American Veterans is a cross he should bear for eternity.

  64. all the politicans who are in favor of this “HELLISH”WAY OF FUCKING THE VETERANS”needs to be stood against the wall for “DESERTION”

  65. To all the Republicans who is supporting this proposal to FUCK OVER THE VETERANS WHO FOUGHT AND WAS EXPOSE TO CHEMICALS LIKE ” AGENT ORANGE” which has affected our health FOR LIFE WITH ALL KINDS OF DEATH CAUSING AILMENTS.GO TO “HELL”

  66. This happened during WWI. The Vets rioted and set up a tent city on the Greens in DC. Took the military to get them out. The thing the politicians have to remember.. You don’t piss off the people that KNOW how to fight a war.

  67. Everyone who wants to hold political office should be mandated to serve at a minimum 4 years in actual military service, not some skate duty with the Air National Guard. Then maybe they would know what they are doing.

  68. Cut the pay to Republicans in the Congress and Senate. That’s probably the same amount of what it cost to continue helping the Vets.
    I think the time has come to take away the Republicans ability to make decisions on our behalf. It’s time registered voters be given the right and authority to vote on all issues instead of Republicans or Democrats. The politicians have too much power and make too much money to be trusted. They can’t get along with each other so why do need them. There are 150 million registered all of which could vote on the issues affecting our society via phone, internet,fax, CB,Hamm Radio and in some areas smoke signals. I’m sure 150 million voters would do better than the 524 individuals that are doing the task now.

  69. They make Us Disabled Veterans fight with the SYSTEM for 20 or 30 YEARS, just to get the benifits that we deserve,even when the injuries are written in black & white, or like me sent home with my teeth in my hand, but yet still have to fight for years for medical treatment, and they think it’s OK to take it away in a DAY !! THAT’S OUR FINEST POLITICANS ! THEY GET FULL BENIFITS FOR LIFE JUST FOR ONE TERM OF SCREWING US, SO HOW ABOUT CUTTING THIER BENIFITS/HEALTH CARE, THEY WERE NEVER IN HARMS WAY, OR FIGHTTING WITH THIER LIFE !

  70. If he wants to cut the budget he should start with reducing HIS medical benefits. He can start by buying his own health insurance instead of the FREE care congressmen receive. The rich always think the way to balance the budget is to take away from the poor and weak. It may be legal, but it should be criminalized. Let the rich start paying for something for once. Get off the backs of vets.

  71. But, but, wait…I thought it was the Republicans who really, really cared about the members of our military. I mean, that’s what they keep telling us. And then, we keep being told also that members of the military support Republicans and detest Democrats. Is there something wrong with this picture?

    1. I would never put Democrats on a high pedastal but Republicans are the biggest liars and put out so much garbage that is just intended to mis lead the public. It’s so obvious. How can anybody with a conscience support these people and their pholosophy any longer. Faux News Channel is a great example of what I’m talking about. They end up with egg on their faces time and time again and yet people will still watch this disgusting so called news channel. It’s just remarkable to me and blows my mind?

  72. I have never served in the military myself, but my brother is a VietNam veteran (fortunately, not disabled, although he gets his medical care from the VA). He DESERVES his benefits, and so do all you disabled veterans, who gave up your health for our country. There is not a word bad enough to describe these Republicans, who LOVE to send our people overseas to become disabled veterans, but then don’t want to pay the piper when the veterans need help. Kick them out of office and into an unemployment line. See how long they last.

  73. who is going to do the militarizes dirty work if and when these people start messing with our safety net? I can not believe, actually I can but I don’t want to, that these same people who are getting our men and women hurt to the point of permanent disability and worse than that, killed, have the nerve to put out service peoples benefits on the chopping block as they allow those who truly benefit from these actions to slide by without paying taxes and to recieve deferments so their loved ones, the ones who will be creating war and stuff in the future and who have no idea how devastating this stuff is, never even serve.. I am telling you people in Washington, you are playing a dangerous game and that is not a threat, you are inviting a huge walk out of our nations military.. you want to save 4 billion dollars? shut down some of the overseas bases that are no longer required or necessary, but you will never do that will you imperialists? we are not your personal military force and our kids are not expendable assess to be used at your whim for and at the behest of your fascist cronies to advance your fantasies of globalism and one world government.. the day you can’t take care of our disabled veterans is the day you are saying that you no longer have the right to make them… God Damn every one of you who have even entertained the idea of slashing the benefits of our wounded, injured, disabled and fallen veterans!

    1. They can’t have anymore of my family for their servitude. I advocate to my daughter, nieces and nephews to not enlist and to never allow themselves to be drafted. No more of our sons and daughters to be sent abroad under the guise of promoting freedom and democracy. If they have to fight for freedom it might as well be for their own here at home whenever someone or some group gets the balls to try and take it from them. Might as well just stay here with this kind of treatment. Do other countries really want what we have going on here. I don’t think so.

  74. Make washington DC its own country and let those pompous asses fend for themselves without the luxuries affordedd them by hard working honest americans in the other 49. If you were the president of your own company and your employees treated your hard earned capital like their own private coffers, they would be fired and escorted off the premises. Would love to be able to fire all of em and get someone with a backbone in there who has integrity…wait, I almost forgot we were talking about politicians….

    Re-Institute a National Draft for all adults (18-25) with no deferrments and no exceptions.
    Perhap, if the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Senators & Congrassmen were inducted into the Armed Forces, these legislators would think a lot (I’d settle for a LITTLE) harder about the impact and consequences of their actions on Veterans AND their families.

    1. Good luck with that man! Lol Very few sons and daughters of Congressmen and women serve and those that do wiat until peace time to enlist. Try and draft them though. You’ll see them pull a “Bush” and get away with it every time. Chicken Hawkers!

  76. Justin, do you actually believe Obama said that in 09 and we are just hearing about it in 2011? Sad Sad Sad.

  77. Cut the crap. Lose all the corporate loopholes…don’t make them pay INCOME tax make them pay PROFIT tax. Make them pay Military protection Tax, 9/11 war on terror tax, Veterans Service Tax, call it whatever you want but make them pay THEIR fair share and stop letting them rape our country. We should NOT let them make any contributions to politicians or PACs or have any part of the political process. A lot of these corporations are not good citizens and do nothing but try to improve their bottom line. Any politician who accepts money from corporate interests should be banned from public office for LIFE. They would all say they’re patriotic but make them PROVE it. Donate a (significant) portion of your profits to the US Treasury!!
    I’ll still vote – it’s better than feeling totally helpless! I get the feeling though that it’s an illusion that helps placate the masses.

  78. It turns out that an effort to end VA health care eligibility for Priority Group 7 and 8 veterans was originally included in Rep. Paul Ryan’s FY 2012 budget proposal, but was fortunately removed from the final bill before it was introduced. The bill did pass the Republican majority House (without that provision),

    For the record however, Ryan is part of the “Corporate Party” and is going down in 2012. I urge folks to read about General Smedley Butler: an Honest War Hero.
    He was awarded the Medal of Honor, twice and was a great Marine. Check-out what he said about corportations early on.



  81. I am 100% dissabled with the VA. I feel if we let them do this to the 10% or less the next time
    will be the 20% guys and on. You get the picture. There is no difference between a veteran I was lucky and had documentation of my injuries. Please don’t let this happen to any veteran. The only difference between a live veteran and a dead one is one got very lucky during his tour. I want to protect my brothers in arms. Please don’t let those guys in congress take away one benefit that the veterans have earned.

  82. Just another example of the people who don’t have to worry about their income, education for self and family, gas prices, retirement and pensions, foreclosures, food for their families, etc. going after the citizens who deserve these benefits for their service to this country. I am so sick of the disrespect the government shows to the middle and lower classes and then turns around and rewards the upper classes for screwing us over as well. My late husband was a corpsman in the Navy/Marines (two tours) and suffered with PTSD due the many things he experienced. He deserved the benefits he received as all the vets do.

  83. We as vet’s have to do as we did in the war,cover each other’s back’s.We can’t set back and let any party R or D,cut any money for any vet,if they want us vet’s to suck hind tit,they have other thing comeing we fought together 10,ooo mile’s from are home and if they think we won’t fight for or frredom at home they better think again.To all vet’s stand up and let your congressmen or women we will fight for want they said we would have if we served and that’s Va.bennfits,if we don’t stand side by side they will do nothing to help the new vet’s just like they did vetnam vet’s when we came home.We said it would not happen again to any of our brother’s.

  84. When will we ever wake up to the fact that the folks in Washington are not public servants, but in fact are using the position they were elected too as a self serving tool? We as veterans paid the price for these blood sucking individuals to rape the country we Love.

    1. They run as a full fledged corporation now. Our government has been switched to a business. It’s been privatized and they want all programs that serve the public to fall under privatization as well. They believe business is the answer to everything and makes the world turn. It’s not so obvious on the surface here at home. They manage to keep things under the radar in large part. Check out what American corporations are doing abroad in other countries. They are taking advantage of people who have never had anything and will work for near nothing. They produce products incredibly cheap and they are imported back to the U.S. with no import tax (or very little) and sold to consumers here at very high prices. They might as well manufacture them here if they’re going to charge those kinds of prices anyway. They say we used to complain about the high prices of American goods so that’s why they had to pick up and leave, go overseas so they could make a profit. Bullshit! They dumped us to take advantage of very cheap foreign labor. They don’t give these people any kinds of benefits like they had to give us. They are saving millions and millions and making record profits charging Americans the same prices they would have to if they were manufactured here. These corporations should be treat as treasonist slimeballs! And on top of everything else, they pay little or no income tax to the U.S. Here at home, when you don’t have the money to pay your vehicle taxes because you and your wife have been out of work for months and months, you get a ticket for an expired plate. Then you have to pay a late fee and a reinstatement fee. They bend you over, throw in a hanful of sand, and fuck you with impunity!

  85. I served during the Viet Nam war. When I enlisted I was guaranteed the use of the VA hospital system, should it become necessary. Well, in 2005 it became necessary. Due to accute Rheumatoid Arthritis I was given complete Disability and cannot work. I’ve been under the VA care since 2007. I’ve had two heart attacks, the R.A. and now have Type II diabetes. My only income is SSI Disability. And now the Republicans want to take this away from me? I cannot afford medical insurance. I do have Medicare basic, which I have reported to the VA. If my treatment goes away I will be dead in a year, or less. Because of the R.A. I have to take Coumadin, a blood thinner to prevent blood clots. Those blood clots are what caused my two heart attacks. I presently take 15 medications, all prescribed by the VA, for my heart, the RA, and my diabetes. When I enlisted I basically signed a blank check, payable to the US Government, for up to and including my life. We send billions to other Countries for aid, yet will leave our veterans without medical treatment. What’s wrong with that picture?

    1. We are being abandoned and thrown under the bus Carl. They have put us into a global economy. NAFTA and other trade agreements are doing this to our country, not whiney cry baby Americans. For something that would have such a drastic effect on us as a nation, don’t you feel voters should have had a say in this decision? I do. They didn’t want our input though. It was promoted as something that was going to be great for us. Do you feel great?

  86. After serving in the armed forces, in peace and war, when our health fails and we require the VA’s assistance they turn their back on us. There is no way that I can afford to purchase all my prescriptions without assistance. I will just have to stop taking them and hope for the best.

  87. I would like to see how many of these politicians have served a day in the military, have a service connected disability and were cowards escaping military service by going to school, to Canada , or other wise convinced draft boards to excuse them. This includes those with with the yellow stripe down their back. Dick Cheney is an example. In addition to the count, I would like to see their names printed in major newspapers and and veterans magazines. Where were they while we were overseas protecting their rights to be a coward.

  88. Heres and idea. Lets cut their healthcare benefits. Surely they don’t need subsidized healthcare. (they don’t pay all that much for their insurance, and the Capitol staffers don’t either, though yes, it is insurance and they do pay something. But maybe that job benefit should go awya and they should have to pay full price. Most employer provided/subsidized healthcare insurance is paid, in part, by the employer. In other words congress itself. So, it the vets are getting cut, so should all members and their staff.

  89. The dishonest side of Ugly politics is surfacing again and again. The Good politicians willing to take a stand for good and common sense legislation once again place importance on what’s good for their pockets rather than their constituent’s issues that support their health, social security and economic stability in this country. Priorities need to be reassessed and recognized that the health, economic strength and social security/ and education deserves more support here than
    funding multiple arms distributions to different countries under strife at this time. I donot agree
    with politicians, that we, the U S public needs to tighten our belts and pay more taxes to fund their
    particular sweetheart contracts. We donot need to later read about bonuses paid to Companies receiving Govt Contracts waisting away U S dollars on more waist.
    We have priorities in our country and the ability to perform checks and balances for projects
    OverSeas seems to take first place . Greedy Corporations having a strangled hold on politicians avoid scrutiny and pressure to do what’s right. The Pocket book has priority not the actual bill contents in fact. We read about the Bank Bailout and today they continue to tighten their proceedures on lending money to the public, in association with Investment companies literally stealing the American public’s life savings without any recourse.
    Let’s take care of America first. The citizens and veterans that worked for our survival can’t continue to be ignored.

  90. Republicans have never given one iota of a crap about veterans, and that will never change.

  91. Paul Ryan has proven himself to be nothing than another Republican Corporate Dicksuck. He needs a noose around his neck.

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