The Best Quote Against Veterans Benefits Cuts

George Washington Supported Veterans

George Washington sure knew a lot about how to form a nation and how to command troops in battle. His wisdom seems to have gone full circle in founding this nation all veterans have sworn to protect.This same wisdom did not stop when his troops … [Read more...]

New Direction for 2014?

Ready for real change?

I’ll keep this one short since we are all reading less over the holidays and running around more. My point in this quick post is to ask you a question after explaining what we’re doing.These past few months we have seen an all out assault against … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to be Pissed about Texas VA Christmas Card Scandal

VA Policy against Christmas

“Holy cow!” I thought as I read headlines over Christmas about VA’s prohibition against the use of “Merry Christmas” and “God Bless You” in certain cards to veterans.In fact, I'd say my reaction and the reaction of other veterans to whoever made … [Read more...]

VRAP Vets Now In Debt

VRAP Vets Now In Debt

Veteran “Mark” commented on another post about VRAP. Politicians who supported this “success” should check with vets first before bragging.Mark’s comments were worth repeating as their own post. Here is what he had to say about the VRAP … [Read more...]

Taking Christmas Off!

Christmas Tree

Hi and thanks for checking in over the holidays. I am taking Christmas off and will return December 26. Please check in then. … [Read more...]

The Story Behind the WSJ Lobotomy Files Story

1464 Veterans Lobotomized

Sometimes the story behind the story is the most interesting. The backstory of how WSJ reporters Michael Phillips came into the Lobotomy Files is such a story.Phillips took time out to talk with Reddit to explain how it all went down. Readers … [Read more...]

While Congress Cuts Your Benefits, VA Fights to Keep You from Them

VA One Two Punch

We are all well aware of what Congress is and is not doing. It looks like Republicans are likely behind the cuts, giving folks like the Koch Brothers exactly what they want.Of course, Democrats are having no problem going along for the ride – … [Read more...]

Exposure of VA’s Lobotomy Program Outrages Veterans

WSJ Lobotomy Files

“The doctor gave an ice pick to another MD, not a surgeon. They placed the ice pick beneath the eye lids and pushed the ice pick into the frontal lobes of this veteran's brain.”One veteran cited that visual as something that stood out from the … [Read more...]