VRAP Vets Now In Debt

VRAP Vets Now In Debt

Veteran “Mark” commented on another post about VRAP. Politicians who supported this “success” should check with vets first before bragging.

Mark’s comments were worth repeating as their own post. Here is what he had to say about the VRAP program:

Found this page via the search phrase “VRAP vets now in debt.” This is my guess as to the “fall out” regarding this poorly conceived program. My first impression was that it was a hollow, posturing gesture from Obama.

The major drawback, here in the Information Age, was that online programs weren’t approved. A joke on applicants. You can imagine how I felt to learn that even web design courses had to be taken “on site”…. Where you have to go to the school and take their courses; ONLINE!!! Joke’s on me.

Now, this is what I was lead to believe; by them. Lo and behold, some VA rep emails me seven months later – after pulling my hair out in searches and enduring their online application process FOUR times (each time taking up to six hours!!) – saying there are approved Online programs. They do have a limited array of IT programs specific for VRAP.

However, they complicated this issue (as well) by offering the courses as bundles. Meaning you had to choose between prearranged packages as to personalized or streamlined choices. The one I wanted was (thus) over $7k.

As we know, there’s no tuition aide. So, in essence, what’s the point? I am single, no major habits, no spurious spending etc. Even here though, I need about 1300 to get by each month – where nothing else happens like with the car etc etc. They dole just over 1500 a month. I simply couldn’t commit.

Another course was 10k. Some were just under 4k but again, they let me on to this After I had already shot my bolt attempting to hook up with three consecutive schools. In any case, I’m not even prepared to take on a 3k debt in this economic climate. The 3k bundle was for PC tech training for the  A+ (and Network +) btw, which I got back in the 90’s. No one hired me.

I’d love to know how many completed their course, avoided serious debt and got hired. This is akin to “A Bridge Too Far” methinks. But I’m sure some got through and maybe the VA will spread their stories around for all to hear.

Don’t know how the other poster was allotted over 5k in grants as I was only eligible for 2k.

Although unrelated to VRAP directly, due to one of the school’s politically correct witch hunt on all things well, politically incorrect, I wound up in jail for 50 days. While matriculating I told an offhand joke which they thought otherwise. So I’ve endured some stressful times due to this VRAP illusion.

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  1. Debt Trap!! This program offered older unemployed veterans, up to 12 months of Montgomery GI Bill benefits to pay for training pursued at a community college or technical school towards an associate degree, non-college degree, or certificate. This appeared to be the break that my 55 year old brother needed since he could no longer handle the physical demands of his job working construction. He jumped at the opportunity!
    He worked his budget to where he would be able to get by on the VRAP benefits, joined the program early, found a school, enrolled into a two year degree program which was approved, and began his first semester.

    Two months into the program the he learned that instead of receiving the full monthly GI bill amount for enrolling as a full time student and attending all scheduled classes as required, he would receive a prorated amount that was calculated the number of class days he attended in a month. He would not receive pay for the days class was not in session, even though he attended every class that was scheduled. He would not receive enough to cover the budget he made while expecting to receive the full monthly GI benefit amount for 12 months. There was no way for him to make up the difference and remain a full time student without having to take out student loans just to get through the remaining 12 months. Also, When my brothers 12 months of benefits were exhausted he still had several weeks of classes before the semester end which left him in a difficult situation.

    VRAP was targeted towards helping older veterans without considering the challenges these Americans face that would not apply to younger students. Some Veterans have children, child support, children in college, mortgages, car payments, medical bills not covered by military benefits. They have less time to achieve their goals, they may have a more difficult time finding part time work.

    My brothers participation in this program which offered such hope has only put him in debt, caused an extreme amount of stress and has left him with an unfinished education at the age of 56. How does that help anyone?

    I don’t know enough about government to really understand what has happened here, what to do about it, if anything. Are lawmakers really that out of touch with reality? Really? What happened to all the money that went into this program that wasn’t used to educate veterans?

    Thank you for allowing me to share my brothers story and for investigating this whole VRAP business. I am glad to have found you!

  2. I’m baaack… Tho it may be too late in the game, your online courses must be approved. You must have their number… I’m sure they’ll clear things up for you.

    Politicians? Ponerology?

    I came back to see what might have been posted. Not much indeed. I’m sure some benefited, likely the ones with other forms of aide.
    Ya, I saw the writing on the wall at the get go but I was in somewhat of a bind. I endured that application process on dial up.

    Do you really want to get into that CJ show? I’ve had a clean record for 30 years until I told that joke. I have thus had quite the learning experience. Right, there are always exceptions and you can’t judge everyone together. Having said that, the average person on the street, today, has infinitely more to fear from those supposedly out to protect us than actual thugs. Depending on where you live, this might be an axiom sadly.

  3. I will start my last semester with the Criminal Justice Technology Program, using VRAP on Jan 7, 2014. I just want to be completely clear about the above article. Because of the available of courses on site, I have to take two on-line courses in order for me to be considered full-time. Is this article telling me that VRAP will NOT cover the two on-line courses?

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