Benjamin KrauseVA OIG just reported that the VA Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS) may not fix the backlog in 2015 despite costing double projections, totaling $1.3 billion.

In 2013, Under Secretary Allison Hickey and former Secretary Eric Shinseki claimed a new electronic system called VBMS would be a primary fix for the backlog. They both boasted to Congress and the general public that VBMS would be the fix America hoped for.

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A VA OIG audit of VBMS found inadequate cost controls, unplanned changes and inefficient contracting practices are holding back system development. The VA management and IT failures have more than doubled project costs from $579 million to $1.3 billion.

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VA OIG concluded VBMS lacked required assurances to have the confidence Hickey spoke with two years ago:

Further, scanning and digitization of veterans’ claims lacked a detailed plan and an analysis of business requirements. As such, we could not determine whether VBMS had resulted in improved claims processing. We concluded that given the complexity of the automation initiative, VBA will face challenges meeting its claims processing improvement goals by the end of 2015.

Source: http://www.va.gov/oig/publications/report-summary.asp?id=3595

Lauren Price

The hashtag at the end of your article should be @deptvetaffairs when will #VA fix the #backlog? (Yours has a “b” instead of a “p”).

Ben, it sure sounds like the VA has found yet another excuse to ask for at least an additional $1.3 Billion for next year’s budget **AND** an excuse already freshly “spun” for not meeting their Oct. 1, 2015 deadline of eliminating the claims backlog. (guess they could not shred fast enough) The Ca$h Cow Black Hole VA OIG even freely admits: “[VA OIG concluded VBMS lacked required assurances to have the confidence Hickey spoke with two years ago: Further, scanning… Read more »

namnibor, even if VA were to get a ‘fiduciary’, it would probably be a “group” they could dictate to, or dictate “what” to report.
Like I said yesterday, something very horrendous needs to take place nationwide for ALL of America to put VA in their place. Something even worse than what happened in Phoenix, Az.

To All, I hope McD and ‘company’ have a VERY hard time trying to convince Congress for taxpayers money. I think they are going to have to prove why they need so much this time. I also believe Congress and the Senate will Kow-Tow to VA. Even though VA has NOT been “transparent”, “accountable” or “honest” in any way to the American taxpayers, veterans and ‘voters’ and those two government entities…. I believe there’s something more going on. I believe… Read more »
*Maybe* the VA is constructing an underground high efficiency wind-tunnel type shredder, largest on Earth on scale of the Haldron Collider that connects the various VA Construction Site Black Holes? Meanwhile, Mexico is going to letting 1000’s of Middle Eastern Refugees to come-in and THAT FOLKS, tells me in according to ‘The Art of War’, they will then come right through our borders and Obama will allow it…and you cannot convince me that the very terrorists we are still at… Read more »

Oh, forgot to remind folks, another Presidential Debate talks place tonight and so do not forget to pop your popcorn and Jump Boots for the crap, as it will be thick and free-flowing.
I want to hear relevant questions and answers about the Wars we are still in. We need another Patton and Eisenhower.


namnibor, just the other day Germany CLOSED their borders because they found ISIS terrorists among the displaced refugees. How’s that for being kind to men, women and children who will do anything against any country trying to help them. Yes, women and children can be terrorists also. Remember Vietnam folks????


Very well said and to the point !!!!!!

crazyelf, I think that the VA is building more hospitals, CBOCs’ and such for job and cash security. If they build all of these “new” million or billion dollar places then how can the govt. just shut them down or not finish them. The VA will say that that is a waste of money (we all know they have never wasted a dollar. lol) to shut these new and improved places that the veterans love so much. By doing so,… Read more »
Dan F
The Government has had over 200 years to fix the Post Office and we know how that is working out. What makes anyone think the VA can be fixed within any time frame? If you own a car, for years you may be able to fix it. However, the times comes when it just doesn’t make sense or the car is not road worthy. The VA is like a car that has been fixed so many times, it is now… Read more »
namnibor, You are far from being among the few who believe “something (an internal WAR) is on the horizon”! There’s probably thousands, if not millions, of concerned citizens out there who believe our “Commander in Chief” WANTS war….Yes, I’m among the many who believes that. I also believe thousands of ‘terrorists’ have already infiltrated our borders. I believe also, if these pukes who are running for President don’t get a grip on reality, our country will pass into the history… Read more »
Eric Rolston

As usual…its all about screwing the vet….

bruce wallace
An engineer, a priest, a VA doctor and VA Secretary McDonald sharing a cart, are all trying to enjoying a round of golf. Ahead of them is a group playing so slowly and inexpertly that in frustration the four ask the greens-keeper for an explanation. “That’s a group of blind firefighters,” they are told. “They lost their sight saving our clubhouse last year, so we let them play for free.” The priest says, “I will say a prayer for them… Read more »
FyrBal (@hhc16th)
I lost My Dad to the AZ- VA FIASCO, I saw his last few years of ( LACK OF ) Quality of Life. My Dad served in the US ARMY, then Civilian, My Dad retired as a GM-15 and when We put him in the AZ National cemetery, I had to pay some of his EXPENSES, because he was BROKE from going to a REAL CANCER HOSPITAL!!! HOW about the VA REPAY My MOM??? Now I am UNEMPLOYED from the… Read more »
the gov isn’t going to fix the VA/VARO i believe. the Internet is full of proven documented bits of damning evidence of how America got dragged/duped into WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the current ME wars. the Internet is also full of proven documented investigations into the fraud and corruption of the VA/VARO against the veterans and American citizens. we veterans have not seen much accountability of ANYONE or ANY FedAgency in regards to any of this. and yet the evidence… Read more »
Stephen LeMaster
The VA already has an answer to eliminating the backlog. I read a few months ago (maybe on this website?) about the VA using IBM’s Watson supercomputer to rate claims. It handles them in minutes rather than months. The problem? People within the VA said these claims were rated too highly — despite the elimination of all human bias and the machine being comprehensively programmed with all the latest and greatest CFR’s and DBQ’s. The problem here is the AFGE… Read more »
Bruce Wallace

Stephen, excellent points, especially about how the VA feels threatened by a supercomputer or software programs that can easily do their job and do it quickly and right! We need more of your observations here. It gets to Ben and others he works with, including high level media people he has access to. Thanks!

Don Avant

Here’s a novel idea…How about not forcing 80-90% to go through an appeal…The appeals have GOT to be the main thing slowing down the process, and yet the VA continues to almost automatically deny most initial claims…

Ben, I have told you all I could through your emails. But what was done to me should NEVER EVER SHOULD BE DONE TO A VETERAN! THE VA IG IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE VETERANS SHE IS “DAMAGE CONTROL.” I am the wrong person to play silly bull shit games-but I want her “stripped” of all her power, her rank and status removed. I was taught “old school values.” As a working cohesive force in the military you take care… Read more »
Robin Mitchell
The VA is being run by a cackle of inept and repugnant people. Baghdad Bob McDonald: told the crowd in Colorado that he was an engineer by training and he had found the problem with Aurora personally. The reason: too many architects and not enough engineers. Really? Where was the financial oversight? He told a Special Forces veteran on a walk about he too was Special Forces. Only he wasn’t. The man is head of the VA to build a… Read more »

Great ideas. Send them to Trump as we all have. Here’s his email address,
[email protected] dot com”

Robin Mitchell

Thank you. I think Trump is our only hope. An outsider who is worth 10 billion? I doubt he can be bought, he obviously can handle a budget, and he says what most of us are thinking.

We could do a lot worse. Imagine a McDonald/Hickey ticket.


Well, he’s not taken money from lobbyists, PACS or SuperPacs. That’s a good sign. He wants to tax the rich, not the middle class and he already knows The poor ain’t got squat.

Well in March my wife’s claim will hit the 9 year mark it was filed. We thought we had some hope after almost 8 years when we finally got to the BVA but no luck. Then we were sure we had it done after the VBA sent her file to another medical examiner in Washington DC, when that report came back smelling like roses. Even going so far as to say not only has her symptoms of Lupus been present… Read more »
Frank Calderon

Dear Mr. Krause:

Yes, it cost taxpayers 1 billion to fix the damage to veterans, but how much more did the lavish life, and waste and stealing of the VA cost, cost the taxpayer, in taxes of the money that was earmarked collected to help the veteran that was never accounted for that was stolen, that should have gone to id the veteran that never went to where it was collected for?

Robin Mitchell
I am trying to find out how much congress gave the VA since 2011 the year I was told claims were first paid out for Special Monthly Compensation T versus how much the VA spent on giving the money to veterans qualifying for SMC T. Indianapolis VBA Director ignores all FOIA requests. The veterans affairs congressional committee can’t come up with numbers as neither can my congressman’s office and he sits on the committee. And, I would like to know… Read more »