I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy Easter over the weekend, and I hope you are spending the time away from technology and with family.

One of the other reform tools I plan to implement is the use of structured prayer about America’s leaders, including within VA, and the troubled offices we read too much about on a regular basis (I am talking about Phoenix and Philadelphia and Baltimore and Los Angeles).

Perhaps once a month, or maybe more frequently, I will include a prayer for readers to meditate on or pray (depending on religious affiliations).

I have seen this work in certain communities big and small, and I think it’s time we try to use prayer here within this community, too. It certainly could not hurt.

Anyway, happy Easter / Resurrection Day.

Ex va

Benjamin Krause, Happy Easter/Resurrection Day. I think prayer is an excellent idea and would be happy to participate.


Benjamin, I truly praise your decision to implement structured prayer. Since I have been commenting and reviewing your blog, this is the best of all your blogs. Happy Easter to you Benjamin and all. May God Bless each and everyone of you.

“”Malum In Se””…Im in the “”Motor City””(Michigan) and in 1-hr it will be “”1:pm”” and I’m humbly requesting “ALL VETERANS ” all over this beautiful country to “”submission””unto” “God” seeking his ‘Guidance, Mercy, Redemption, Strength,& Understanding, and most gracious father a “” Renewing of the Legislative Body”…peace father and more..Happy Easter ” to us all!! Please join me in prayer!! If your time zone is behind/ahead gods “see’s/hears the difference and it’s all his. Prayer,prayers and more prayers!! This is… Read more »
Benjamin, and too, I very much appreciate your advocacy work efforts. Thank you for your informative efforts with providing the necessary resources to assist all veterans to help them survive in their battle between their own lives and with VA. You have most definitely have been a great source and resource for me. I surely wished that I could be approved for Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation. My eligibility time frame has passed but the eligibility time frame was available only… Read more »

Ben, thank you, and Happe Easter to you and your family as well.

“”Malum In Se””….per my last post im very happy!!!?? with Benjamin’s idea to include “”prayers”” onto this blog. In my opinion “prayers” is essential to the completion of an affirmative destination for American Veterans all over the U.S.!! Our Bible tells us…”that where two(2) or more come together in prayer god is present!!””. Thus tomorrow trust & believe @1:00pm all veterans should stop what they are doing and “””PRAYER””” for us all. My brothers watch god react to our humble… Read more »
Women veterans as well?? Sorry for just mentioning “Brothers”…Here is my prayer for now!! “”Dear heavenly father enlighten our mind, spiritual convictions to learn how to “forgive” those whom seek to keep us at odds with each other and “them”…give us wisdom & knowledge to say and move forward towards a destination that is certain for “all veterans”that seek their benefits be it compensation,pensions, education,health affairs ,home loans, on any platform.Finally father we thank you for sending Mr.Benjamin, to us… Read more »
Ralph D Carmona Sr

Amen Brother

Disgruntled Veteran


Thank You for all you do for the veteran community. Wishing all veterans who believe a Happy Easter.


@ Ben,
thank you for your work and the suggestion of prayer. Would like to be included. Hope all have a great and safe weekend and remembering the Resurrection!


Benjamin when will you allow us veterans to show our appreciation to you for all you have manifested and even more to come.?? Thanking you in advance.Big Biz (Malum In Se) .


Prayer is good. Is that 1:00pm Southern time? @Ben, thanks for all you, and those who are work with you are doing. Happy Easter to you and your family. God Bless you Ben, and those you love.

Thank you, Benjamin. Very wise suggestion. You all know that saying of, “There’s no atheists in foxholes”? Those “foxholes” are not just warzones, but also the battlefields of life itself. I personally have witnessed the power of prayer in my own life too many times to ignore the evidence in front of me. Yes, I may believe a bit differently than my parents, but I believe all the same. This suggestion for prayer for our plight with reforming the VA… Read more »
Fred locke

Good morning to all:

Turn on your TV. Dr. David Shulkin is on C-Span channel 70.


Yes, wonderful idea! I too believe in the power of prayer! Once in while, remember to add in those still serving. Our medical plight is becoming equally as bad.

God Bless all those who have gone before, our Veterans and those serving that our only fights will have been the honorable battles against U.S. enemies and not a struggle within our own government. Amen
Happy Easter!! ? ?. ?


Jesus; Please save me from your followers

Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran
Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran

“It certainly could not hurt.” Are you kidding?

It’s a distraction.


Happy Easter/Passover Time period of Holiday to all Brothers & Sisters! 🙂

Crazy elf

Happy Easter to Ben and to all his followers of *”Disableveterans.org”!*

Today “HE” Rose! Today, all the sins of mankind had been forgiven.

To bad there are those who don’t believe in the “resurrection of the Holy Spirit!” For they will see themselves not allowed to enter into “His Kingdom!”

Prayers for thy enemy is as it should be for thy friends and family! For only then will they see the power of GOD and HIS FORGIVENESS!


Easter is a Norse holiday celebrating spring by hunting rabbits, and having kids (and adults) collect bird eggs from fields for an evening feast.
Christianity is a farce that absorbed a liteny of other religious beliefs and holidays to make it more appealing to more people.
Wake up. Santa doesn’t exist.


Right on LP. Insulted by Crazy Elf’ s statement that many will not enter the golden gates. That leaves out billions who believe in a different creed. Christianity is not the only way to believe. There’s so much more.

Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran
Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran
For some reason the ‘believers’ of all faiths seem to believe that those of us who don’t believe in their beliefs need to be prayed for. Believe me, we are doing quite well on our own. Whenever I get a condescending look or question about my perspective on religion, I echo a response I heard years ago, and which is so accurate. I simply look at them, smile, and reply: “I’m an atheist just like you.” To which they usually… Read more »

HAPPY ISHTAR By: Bradley Loves……. i know most wont read this article because they have a piece of paper that tells them they know everything


When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Max Planck, Father of Quantum Physics

Great quote. However, even the likes of human genius embodied in Stephen Hawking, with even more advanced theories on physics, way beyond Einstein; Stephen Hawking says he cannot discount ‘creation’ or ‘God’. Why? Because as you delve deeper with nature and the universe and physics, you quickly realize there’s “Force X” that is unidentifiable, yet is responsible for holding everything together. They now call this “Dark Matter”, which also has been determined to exist everywhere, yet this ‘Dark Matter’ cannot… Read more »
your right LP I see the lies and propaganda we Americans are fed every day, and it makes my blood boil. What I really find disgusting and discouraging, though, is the gullibility of the people, who wouldn’t know the truth, or even where or how to search for the truth if their life depended upon it.” – See more at: https://www.henrymakow.com/2017/04/……….,and no i do not hate anyone so dont even tell me that B.S….like you realley know me , i… Read more »
Albert auckland

Happy Easter , thank you for your updates on the va .

Dr. Knox

Happy Easter!

He has risen! Thanks for all you do Ben! You have truly been a wonderful blessings for us vets!

God bless all!

Robert Sarlo

Prayers most powerful thing there is Benjamin you know that and all of Christians know that. Hamster Lord to change you for his glory and I’ll do the same.


Hamster Lord? I’m thinking either a spellcheck gaff or somewhere in another dimensional universe/alternate reality earth, Hamster Lord rules over all and places mankind in extensive and creative habitrails? See, that’s what happens when there’s no cats existing in that alternate reality…Hamster Lord.

(Sorry, it just struck me incredibly funny)

Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran
Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran

I thought so too, but I’ll say it was probably an unintentional keyboard fat-fingering. (It is cute though!)

Happy Easter to All!!


Ben, Happy Easter to you and your family and staff. May the “Great Budda”, smile on your path.
I go to the West LA VA, and have been going for years, are they having issues, I just read it in your msg?


Ben, Happy Easter to you and your family as well. Thank you.

“”Malum In Se””…Lucidness evil “crys”” out and thus its ‘agent’s issue of moral turpitude finally show horns! !! If I’ve offended anyone please place the blame on all the vicissitudes about my life..I apologize…however the gifts of understanding our the “”treasurer’s of god””…And he gives unto every human a portion that seems good unto “‘himself”‘…If life has taught me anything in 61-yrs….””God is very real””and one day y’all shall know it to!!! Some sound very condescending about a little prayers…im… Read more »

where on the west coast or anywhere is there a good va clinic and hospital system?

Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran
Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran

If there are any, I would look where there are Navy bases. The Navy always had the best medical services for in-service. Maybe San Diego???

Genius H Kennard

I’m learning that they are all bad, they need some serious “overhauling employees” help!


YA’LL have a wonderful blessed EASTER SUNDAY. LAKE SAM RAYBURN TX. clear skies 82, not a rain cloud in site, mainly because i finished mama’s garden GOOD FRIDAY, when a light rain would surely be nice , good well, new pump , hope this one last 36 years. THANK YOU BEN; and all other VETS & FAMILY’S

Crazy elf

“LP” and “Rosebud”,

Sorry, it was not my intention to “insult” anyone.
These “Christian Views” are my beliefs. If they’re not yours, then as a “person of a faith”, are you not supposed to forgive?

Thank you for your input!
From now on I will keep my faith to myself.

Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran
Just Another Combat Wounded Veteran

Kind of you to be so respectful.

Enjoy your holiday, no matter what your beliefs.

@Crazy elf – Please don’t keep your Faith to yourself. Jesus Christ is the one and only God, born of a virgin Mary, whom God himself called to give up His life, so that we might have one. No other God or person, for that matter, has done this for all man- and woman-kind. I hope all of you, no matter what your faith, had a wonderful Resurrection Day and Happy Easter. And, may all Veterans around the world finally… Read more »

@Crazy elf: Don’t you dare keep anything to yourself.

@Crazy elf: You served so that I could be free, I thank you, and alll combat veterans for doing so. Saying thank you doesn’t quite feel equitable, to what the rest of you have sacrificed. Today, before our evening meal we gave thanks, to all veterans, and also asked that our brothers and sisters in harms way be looked after and brought home safely to their families, and to watch over their families as well. This is no insult, this… Read more »