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Website Updates – See You Monday!

Hi All! I am busy updating the website so be sure to keep an eye out for issues, delays, slow page loads, etc.

Over the past month, I received complaints from a few readers that the ad publisher I use had ads loading on the website that were not loading right and in fact interfering with the user experience.

I hate that. You hate that. And, Google hates that.

I have not checked the PageSpeed in over a year – – having a kid and all – – and failed to notice PageSpeed changes. The desktop was a not great 67. Mobile was a horrific 9. Changes needed to be made.

Anyway, my hope is that by Monday morning, the website will have a slightly different look, and it will be faster with less annoying ads!


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  1. Ben, I wish the VA wouldn’t hesitate in getting an update, because that be the cause for another great PR twisted relate. Just saying cause you know what I mean.

    DoJ or FBI should get up off their asses and investigate the crooked and currupt VA.

    Just think if 1, 2, or 3 percent waste was found inside the VA operations. And verts make the news if they rob a bank for 10-100K. While I’m talking $Billions$ of possible savings. I know off topic.

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