John McCain Brian Tumor

One of the most infamous veterans, Senator John McCain (R-Az), rejected free VA surgical services when he instead received surgical treatment at Mayo for emergency brain tumor removal.

Over the past two months, Washington DC insiders have wondered why McCain has behaved so erratically, often tripping on his questioning during hearings. Last week, McCain supposedly needed non-emergent surgery on a blood clot in his cheek.

Yesterday, it was announced McCain received emergency surgery to remove a deadly brain tumor called a glioblastoma during a 3-hour procedure at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

This kind of brain cancer is generally terminal with a short amount of time between diagnosis and death.

According to the American Brain Tumor Association, this condition is a particularly aggressive tumor. The median survival rate post-diagnosis is 14 months meaning McCain will likely step down from office immediately.

McCain is historically noted as telling veterans it is “foolish” for them to pursue non-VA care while he refuses to receive health care from Phoenix VA. It is important to note Mayo Clinic now refuses to accept Veterans Choice to treat veterans eligible for non-VA care.

Fortunately for McCain and his family, he will now enjoy at least 14 months before passing into the next stage of human spiritual existence.

Brain Cancer Linked To Agent Orange Exposure

While some consider him a hero for his prisoner of war (POW) status in Vietnam, McCain has also been considered a turncoat when it comes to veteran rights, often standing on the wrong side of any debate affecting his fellow veterans.

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Ironically, both brain cancer and skin cancer, two conditions he has suffered from, are considered disabilities for which a veteran can receive service connection if they were also exposed to Agent Orange herbicides. (NOTE: glioblastoma is not a presumptive.)

Agent Orange is a generic term that references a host of toxic chemicals used as herbicides during the Vietnam War. There is no doubt McCain was likely exposed to such chemicals while in the military, especially during his internment as a POW for many years.

Post diagnosis, instead of receiving surgical care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, a fate McCain is comfortable with for other veterans, he, as a multi millionaire and 100% disabled veteran, chose to receive his cancer care from the private sector.

So, despite years of VA claiming its health care is top notch, and sometimes even more highly rated than non-VA care, McCain sees through the smoke screen and opts for private care at Mayo.

UPDATE: 7/21/17 – I have received a lot of emails from members of the Facebook group (Vietnam Veterans with Glioblastoma Grade 4 Brain Cancer) about this post alleging that I wrote glioblastoma is on the presumptives list. That is not what I wrote. The term “presumptive” or “presumptives” was never written in this article. It is true that some veterans receive service connection for glioblastoma. Some do not.

McCain Recent Record On Veterans Issues

For many years, McCain has been noted as being a traitor to any advancement of veterans rights despite supporting many wars and conflicts without budgetary care or concern.

RELATED: McCain’s Opposition To Adequate Funding For Veterans

Recently, McCain is noted for failing to act in preventing hundreds of deaths of disabled veterans who were fraudulently denied access to needed health care from Phoenix VA Medical Center.

RELATED: McCain Criticized For Ignoring Phoenix VA Whistleblowers

Before that, he rejected advances in GI Bill benefits citing that servicemembers would leave the military to receive educations. Apparently, McCain did not want educated veterans.

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Instead, he would rather force under-educated soldiers, from disadvantaged backgrounds, to stay in the military. His justification at the time was that enhanced education benefits would entice military servicemembers to leave the military.

John McCain Privileged Background

McCain enjoyed a rather entitled life as a child.

His grandfather, John McCain Sr, was an Admiral in the US Navy. McCain’s father was also an Admiral.

After two generations of success, the McCain family had a surprise in store for the establishment when it served up the next iteration.

After graduating from boarding school and then almost dead last form the Naval Academy, McCain showed history who was boss by crashing numerous planes. His flying was so careless that he once crashed into power lines, a feet that would be difficult to repeat without looking stupid.

In Vietnam, he was shot down by a rocket and was severely injured. When captured, he received favorable treatment once his captors realized McCain was a high profile soldier due to his father’s status as an Admiral.

After McCain returned from his POW internment, he divorced the wife (who stood by him the whole time) in favor of blonde bombshell Cindy Lou Hensley, a beer mogul’s daughter more than a decade his younger.

She was heiress to a massive fortune linked to the Anheuser – Busch family.

During the 2008 campaign, his family, through its trusts, was noted by Politico as owning eight properties valued at multiples of millions. Their budget for employees in the home was then noted as being $273,000 per year.

There is no question McCain, good or bad, has enjoyed the fruits of his familial ties. He did not pull himself up by his own bootstraps, though you might think he did from the rhetoric he repeatedly employed through the years that always wound up screwing the little guy.

Good Luck

Before you move on to the afterlife, I hope you repent and correct any wrongs you have orchestrated before you meet your father and grandfather and the Almighty.

There are still many Vietnam veterans and widows still despirately pushing for benefits VA still wrongfully denies. How great would it be if your last act as Senator would be to push for fairness on behalf of all those Vietnam veterans still fighting for justice?

UPDATE: 7/21/2017 – Some readers, but not most, were shocked that I would write an article calling out Senator McCain for not using VA health care or VA surgical services at Phoenix VA Medical Center.

Here’s the deal with this article and why I wrote it.

VA is constantly hyping the quality of its health care for veterans over the private sector. John McCain has not had the most impressive history when it comes to voting in support of veterans issues. But more important than that is Senator McCain knows VA, and he opted for private sector care over VA care. That is really the gist of the article.

Now, I am not attempting to diminish the sadness and hardship all families, including McCain’s, will feel from living through glioblastoma. It is a horrible cancer that harms many veterans after exposure to dioxin.

For these families, including the family of John McCain, I extend my sympathy.

However, I stand by my position that McCain could have and should have done much more for veterans. He is a Senator who weilded unparralleled power in Washington DC. He could have done way more for families suffering from the impacts of herbicide and dioxin exposure including pressuring VA to include glioblastoma on the presumptive list for Vietnam veterans.

I hope this clears up any additional questions.



While I have never ummm…cared for McCain and certainly less so after you’ve revealed numerous skeletons I didn’t realize existed…I wanted him to retire not get cancer. I feel horrible for his daughter (who may have skeletons of her own). Sending prayers for this family. I can’t even begin to imagine.


Why care about his kid…he did not care about the vets whos kids did not get to enjoy them healthy and happy. all their lives.besides she will get a trust fund built off the backs and blood of decent hardworking Americans so don’t cry too hard for her…

Traitor/Mc-insane Mental State has been in Question for sometime and the Brain Tumor just justify his latest Babblings but hes been a Babbler for some years. Maybe this would have been the Only Way to get your Sorry Ass out of the Way of HONORABLE VETS to get the Correct Treatment Needed. Maybe you can pass some of this on to that Other Piece of Shit McConnell who hasnt done a Dam thing for the State of KY but always… Read more »

@MK: For the first time ever, I find myself in agreement with you!!

And look, hell didn’t even have to freeze over..


McCain has had a lifetime of “breaks” because his daddy and granddaddy were admirals!

Royalty birth only takes you so far in this country. We shed the “Crown” in 1776 then took it up again with certain families. Do we keep it no matter what and who get hurt? Lot of homeless veterans continued from WWII and Korea because of his royal highness “McCain” votes. Or did they carry the weight of edicts?




Those VA surgeons will have him looking like a Beluga whale, eqipped with a spout and all.

Funny how these things become full circle.
The Senate and Congress needs the same equitable healthcare provisions like any other vete or citizen.

Whenever I hear his name my mind goes to the USS Liberty and how deeply corrupt our government/media and special cliques are. Who really seems to govern our country we are never to dare question or challenge on any topic or issue. And how easily all the components of corruption and evil brain-wash the public and use fake news/fake education to socially engineer us all until something happens to wake us up. I have also lost friends due to the… Read more »

It is important to note Mayo Clinic now refuses to accept Veterans Choice to treat veterans eligible for non-VA care…….And I wonder who told them not to…NO pity coming from me for this TURD..Flush him down, JC as slow as a clogged toilet…You get what you give, jon-neee boy…..And no pain med’s for you neither, We don’t want you to get addicted ….

Hypocritical Old Goat (HOG). Mayo Clinic will find his collection of silver spoons shoved up his brain cavity then DOJ will decide today to release O.J. Simpson and replace McCain with O.J. Simpson. Ridiculous, right? So it is as ridiculous that Sen. John McCain is refusing VA care….but expects all other non-silver spoon bearers to utilize VA Deathcare. I absolutely loathe hypocrites and although I do not wish harm on anyone else, let’s just call this Karma. Sen. Lindsey Graham,… Read more »

namnibor……Satan’s healthcare plan rivals the VA. Rest in piss….LOL good one


Ben- Nice “Bad VA Art” today. Poster material.

James Clement
I feel zero sympathy for him. He had a very privileged life for a veteran, while turning his back on millions of other veterans in need. The most troubled VA facility during the 2014 wait list scandal was in his home state, yet he claimed “surprise and outrage”. Surprise? Bullshit. He had ample warning before the scandal broke. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. I have lost brothers to slow, lingering painful deaths due to… Read more »

History will “excuse” McCain out of sympathy for his brain tumor and now that brain tumor will be utilized to explain away ALL his “erratic behavior”….

James Clement

Not on MY watch . . . In a mood.


McCain was never a friend to veterans. I suppose the POW experience made him feel so entitled that no one else deserved anything.

He was with Reagan when entitlements became a dirty name.


Va benefits are not entitlements and neither is Social Security! VA benefits were earned from blood sweat and tears. Social Security was paid into for years and was fine until LBJ and the Democrats made it legal to borrow from it! We have paid for 3 wars from it, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.


Tom, I don’t disagree that veterans benefits should not be considered entitlements, but if you ever heard Congress speak about VA benefits, they constantly lump them together with benefits that most certainly ARE entitlements.

It’s disgusting.

One last thought. Will it surprise anyone when Sen. John McCain eventually passes-on, the VA will magically come-up with a name to slap onto the still-not-quite-finished white elephant Aurora VAMC in Colorado and even though McCain refused to utilize the VA healthcare, John McCain’s name will no doubt be very soon used to slap every Veteran in the face with his namesake slapped onto a brand new over-budgeted VA facility in near future. Again, wait for it. I’m betting some… Read more »

Yeah, I know I sound like a cold-hearted bastard but karma sure is a bitch.


The VA McCain Brain Pain Clinic”, coming soon to an overbudgeted VAMC near you soon!


The John McCain Memorial Veterans Choice Act.

…wait for it…


Right, and The Mayo Clinic would still not accept that breed of ‘Choice’.

Meanwhile, that Somali cop in Minneapolis that shot that Australian woman is refusing to speak to detectives. Oh, and O.J. is free to try, try again. It will not be long before he’s in the news again. Wait for it… Maybe the VA will hire him to head their Disruptive Behavior Committee? 🙂


Minneapolis policeman goes over a locked 7ft privacy fence to get into a backyard. 2 dogs come out to see what’s going on. The officer shoots both dogs. Both dogs are alive both dogs are physician-prescribed emotional support animals. Will this cop claim the Ambush Fear too.

Crazy elf

IF a VHA anywhere puts a “sign” up calling a “wing” of that VHA the “McCain Ward”. I hope someone comes along and throws pig blood all over it!
Yea, in a fowl mood over someone who doesn’t deserve the accolades he’s received today!


I have no complaints of his service as a Navy flyer or POW. At least there are no recorded complaints about his POW time.

But he doesn’t pass muster as a Senator and especially as a Senate VA Committee member.

Seymore Klearly
Ben you stated “Fortunately for McCain and his family, he will now enjoy at least 14 months before passing into the next stage of human spiritual existence.” Sorry to have to correct you on that one, but; Due to McCain’s advanced age he falls into the category of greater than 65 years of age at time of diagnosis. The Median survival time in months for greater than 65 years of age is 7.22 months. Even with all the bells and… Read more »
McCain only met with ISIS directly in order to go directly to the Opium/Heroin connection and skip all the middlemen taking a cut, literally. Since the VA would certainly not want to give any pain meds since the VA will rely on Frankenstein Science and lean heavily on old belief that the brain cannot actually feel pain…so McCain went directly to the poppy fields to ensure his harem of virgins were waiting for him in hell. “McCain Brain Pain”….might just… Read more »

I saw that photo when it first came out, And the movie set of the fake isis beheading’s john mcain’s aid took
a video of..just another cia production company….for the great American smoke screen for more war.

THE GREAT BOOGIE MAN NEVER SLEEPS…[cia] …..OOOOO those evil Muslims… Are our own politicians…LOL

Ralph Maddox //SEABEECANDO
Ralph Maddox //SEABEECANDO
I have spent many a day(and Night), wondering why and HOW Mr. McCain could turn his back on and have the ideas about veterans the way he did. Maybe that tumor has been there all along? But I can NOT and will NOT take myself to that place of indignity by cursing a dieing human being. I think we all might look back at some of our decisions and wonder “Where the hell did I come up with that?” I… Read more »

I understand where your coming from, but in my opinion that is like giving sympathy to the devil…Just think of all the decisions he made pushing for war, and all the innocent people that, KILLED …KARMA IS A BITCH

Brian Moyer
Hey Senator McCain, Please remember all of us Agent Orange Veterans of Guam, their dependents, and the Guamanian/Chamorro people who by the way are US citizens that are being denied justice for Agent Orange exposure on Guam for almost 20 years. Will Dow Chemical be picking up your deductibles and other out of pocket expense’s on your medical coverage? After all you did take many campaign contributions from Dow Chemical or will it be Monsanto? Senator please let us know… Read more »
You left out 2 that I know of Brian, south Korea, Okinawa and I’m sure there are plenty more than that… That’s like the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry study on Camp Lejeune compared to A comparison group from Camp Pendleton, so your going to compare 2 toxic sites to each other, BRILLIANT IDEA, FOR THE SCAM. Should have done a study on the difference between two peanuts , same results… BULLSHIT And then you get the stupid… Read more »
7 yrs My husband has been trying to get his Disability from being exposed in Vietnam ,finally it has just been sent from Alabama to Washington DC and now they have a appointed the VFW to represent him in Montogmery, Alabama now waiting for the VFW to read over all the files my husband has then goes back to Washington DC ..he’s 80 yrs old ,has Alzheimer’s, Coronary heart Disease, PMSS. Hopefully they will do the right thing as it… Read more »

All paths lead to God. Even John McCain’s. I wish he could answer to the families of those Veterans he has harmed or played a major role in the Veteran’s demise. Appropriately, he will die as he lived. A hypocrite and a coward. His legacy will be packed with lies, cover-ups and failures. I’ll be thinking of him while I go to the VA today. For a minute. God Bless the Veterans and their families. One less obstacle.

Crazy elf
Like I said yesterday, I’ve never wanted to wish harm on anyone. But, in the case of “Songbird McCain”, I believe I’ll make one exception! I want McCain to experience the horrendous pain MANY other veterans have had to deal with! Including my “brother” “Hangman” (“heavy ’81’ supporter!”)! Many on here have probably googled about McCain. I’ve put the “title” on before. Just in case anyone hasn’t seen, or read, anything, here it is again. Titled; “Navy Releases McCain’s Records”… Read more »
Crazy elf

The next question is,

“Who will take over for “Songbird McCain” once he resigns his cabinet position?”

Seymore Klearly
“What happens if McCain resigns?”” Dylan Smith “” Jul 19, 2017 “With U.S. Sen. John McCain facing a diagnosis of malignant brain cancer, what happens to Arizona’s seat in the U.S. Senate if he steps down, or dies in office? While the U.S. Constitution mandates that vacancies in the House of Representatives be filled by elections, it leaves to each state how to fill empty seats in the Senate. In Arizona, the governor appoints an interim senator in the case… Read more »

(dark humor warning)

Easily replaced with one of the old farts in the balcony on ‘The Muppet Show’. Choice is between Waldorf or Statler.

Seymore Klearly

Maybe it is about time for Dick Cheney to take him on a little bird hunting trip in Texas. That might cure his cancer!


Wabbits, hunting for wabbits!

Greg Coffman

Obama is running for anything that comes open.

Crazy elf
Seymore, During the last election in Arizona, a female (can’t remember her name) gave McCain a great run for his money! Hopefully the governor will appoint her! She made it a point, during her campaign, to point out McCain’s inability/refusal to hold the VHA in Phoenix accountable! Hopefully she wasn’t using that, and veterans, as an “excuse” to get elected! I believe she’s a physician or something to do with medical out there! Anyway, I pray the governor will appoint… Read more »
James Clement

Crazy elf – – – That would be Dr. Kelli Ward. She was very vocal about McCain’s refusal to hold the Phoenix VHA accountable for their actions.

More on her here: “”

Crazy elf

Thanks James.
She was VERY vocal about McCain and his refusal to hold VA employees accountable.

Seymore Klearly

Sorry to have to say this but it will be a “Rod Blagojevich” kind of appointment since it is in Arizona. Were the seat goes to the highest bidder. Another part of McCain’s legacy.

Seymore Klearly

You do remember that McCain was stumping for Clinton in the last election going against Trump.

Sue Bush
“The Mike Broomhead Show” (15 min. segment) worth your time listening. He’s right – Sen. Kelli Ward is “despicable”, and the fact that she is a M.D. makes what she said even worse. Fortunately she is showing her true colors here. This is a moral compass situation – Kelli’s is completely missing. Also, by no means do you need to be a fan of McCain to understand this one – you just need to be a decent human being who… Read more »
Carl Swiger
This is not anything new. Louis Stokes, who has a VA Hospital named after him in Cleveland, also rejected free treatment at his VA Hospital. Having firsthand experience with having to fight through so much red tape and jump through so many hoops, only to be rejected by the VA to use the Choice Program for my own cancer treatments, then appealing to Veterans groups, Senators, and Congressmen for their support, this goes to prove that as long as people… Read more »
My life after Naum is nothing but hell,, I can’t come to any feeling for Mc Cain cancer,,, nor can I for all other betrayers as John Kerry,, who leaves his vets to live as and get health care of the lowest form of care,,,I only give Forgivness to those as what the Lord says how in 2 Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 12 thru 15,,, its the only forgivness I can give,,, to real jerks,,,,,

Good riddance.


I think I’m going to hold a “John McCain is dead” keg party. Maybe we could turn his grave into an annual pilgrimage. Kind of like a Haj except it’s only veterans and instead of paying tribute or homage to this self serving prick, we get to unlimber our members and piss in his dead face.

Crazy elf

I’d show up for that!


I would have to come with a hammer and chisel to put my two cent’s worth on that Tombstone…And a belly full of beer piss…..Cruel…NO …Just returning the favor

Seymore Klearly

Whereever they bury him there is going to a major problem with erosion caused by a never ending yellow river.


It’s too bad he’ll probably be buried in Arlington as a “national hero”. Although, if that’s the case, we can then hook up Arlington to the national electric grid and harvest all the energy from all the real veterans and hero’s spinning in their graves.


^^LMAO!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Crazy elf
Since we’re discussing poor, inadequate, horrific, unsustainable bullshit from VA today, here’s three articles out from “ news”! 1.) “Bill Would Expand Healthcare for Vets With ‘Bad Paper’ Discharges” 20 July 2017 “” | by Amy Bushatz (The VA can’t take care of the Veterans enrolled now.) ________________________ 2.) “House Lawmakers Propose 6 Months of Funding for VA Choice” 19 July 2017 “Stars and Stripes” | by Nikki Wentling (OK, I’ve got an idea. Why doesn’t our so-called reprobates in… Read more »
The VA will lose a POWERFUL ally in McCain. This sort of horrible event may one day lead to cooked chicken in the VA hospital and ONLY theraputic maggots and cockroaches in VA halls as envisioned in the mission statement. Although, I must say that cooked chicken might tend to encourage and incentivize vets to stay in treatment longer (at least the uneducated ones) and further burden a system already withering on the vine like hippos in a dry pond.… Read more »
Rich B
I have never considered McCain a Veteran’s Veteran. He has always waddled on Veteran issues, while at the same time talking the big talk. But one one thing I do agree, I would not want the VA doing any surgery on my brain or any other part of my body. I’ve been there ( surgery at the VA) and I have never had a good outcome! Besides the fact he has government employees health insurance, and is entitled to care… Read more »
Why leave him alone regarding his medical care? Seems to me his diagnosis and “choice” of treatment brings the issue front and center. According to Songbird the VA system is fine and dandy for the rank and file so why isn’t it good enough for him? Oh that’s right, because it’s NOT fine and dandy for ANYBODY except the grossly incompetent and lazy AFGE union pukes. I’m sorry for the way you feel but in regards to McCain, NOTHING is… Read more »
Rick B
@Wyldechylde Your comments indicate that you do have not even the basic compassion for a human being. You should be ashamed for celebrating his or any persons death. But I am learning quickly that most users of this board are ignorant, boring, whiners that have absolutely no life at all, so bask in the pain of others and just love the negative comments that are posted on this board, and who look to their daily posting of insults, and negativity.
No one is wishing McCain an early demise. They are just wishing that he would have used his position to interdict the early demise of so many veterans that passed before him. Many with the same diagnosis that he is benefiting from early diagnosis and, at least $ wise, purported to be the best care available to anyone. And then when it comes to compensation, not hold his POW years as the standard for disability compensation plus his ability, as… Read more »

RICH B…I have probably told you before, go fuck yourself, if that’s to hard to do than tell your wife to strap one on……..

I second that go fuck yourself and all the VSO piggies you roll with funny hats that would defend the traitor rather than hold the old goat and his silver spoon kind accountable for NOT using their unique positions to betterment of fellow Veterans. McCain has never been a Veteran’s Veteran. Silver spoons and platinum palaces cause convenient blinders of Rome burring in McCain’s hindsight and his very State he supposedly represented. Fuck Yourself, Rick B and all the Piggies… Read more »

*Rome Burning*

Rick B

Its idiots like you that make me wonder why Mr. Krause hasn’t set up some standards on this board. Also, don’t tell anyone but your ignorance is showing….




No. I will bitch about his privilege all I want since I go to the VA and he chooses not to.

He is a major reason for veterans facing lousy care when it comes to the VA. He is a major reason for the corruption, incompetence and lack of accountability at every level of the VA.

I have earned the right to take a giant shit on those responsible.

Rick B
@91Veteran If you really believe that one man ( McCain) is a major reason for the VA being screwed up then you have a real problem its called reality and not knowing the different between it and fantasy. Factually, he is but a very small part of the problem, and by his self he cannot do anything to improve the problems at the VA. And while I have never though him to be a Veteran’s advocate, he certainly isn’t the… Read more »
Rick, McCain has had seniority and the stature in the Senate for many years to help veterans, but in every instance he has ignored veterans, or has made things worse. At some point you would think he would advocate for better veteran health care since throughout his career, he has constantly called for boots on the ground in shitholes around the world, but he has not. I have mentioned this before here, but years ago when I was at a… Read more »
James Clement
Rich B – – – No one ever said that being a Military Brat was leading a privileged life. Let us review a few of the facts concerning this man’s stellar service to our nation: While stationed aboard USS Forrestal in July 1967, a fire broke out. An electrical anomaly had caused the discharge of a Zuni rocket on the flight deck, triggering a chain-reaction of explosions that killed 134 sailors and injured 161. At the time, Forrestal was engaged… Read more »

There is one thing that’s unclear in the article near the beginning. Are you saying that the rocket pod which malfunctioned was on Songbird’s aircraft, and, due to pilot negligence and ignorance in the safe operation of a combat fighter caused the deaths and injuries of hundreds of his fellow servicemen? Sounds like McCain was the best fighter the north ever had.

James Clement
Wyldechylde – – – “due to pilot negligence and ignorance in the safe operation of a combat fighter caused the deaths and injuries of hundreds of his fellow servicemen?” I am saying that when Grandpa and Dad BOTH wear four stars in the Navy, that they can help to “alter the course” of a family members career. The Navy has its’ own peculiar politics . . . “Sounds like McCain was the best fighter the north ever had.” Not sure… Read more »
James Clement

Wyldechylde – – – Damn Neuropathy! Fingers worn out. There is a reason Johnny Boy has often been referred to as “Matchstick McCain” by many veterans.

Crazy elf
First: To James Clement, Thanks for expanding the true story behind “Songbird McCain’s” miserable existence while onboard the USS FORESTALL! Also, from what I’ve read, those “500lb bombs” weren’t really safe to use on the aircraft McCain and others flew. In the articles I’ve read, the Captain of the Forrestall was aware that overloading the planes was risky for the pilots! Also, McCain was given a “blanket pardon” by our most corrupt President, at that time, by “Tricky Dicky Nixon!”… Read more »
James Clement

Crazy elf – – – Right you are! Tricky Dick pardoned McCaint for the crime of Treason that he was charged and convicted of. I imagine had that singular event not happened, we would have all been spared Senator Maverick McCaint the Veterans friend.

Thanks for jolting my brain, elf. Had forgotten about the POTUS pardon until you mentioned it.


Lets not forget the Keating Five Scandal.

Seymore Klearly
Hey Ricky Bitch, Your back! Sorry forgot, what is it you said you do for a living. Wasn’t something to do with your work as a fluffer boy at some gay porn studio that specializes in rimjobs? If you’re here looking for some of that fluffy stuff you can gobble down before heading in to work. You have come to the wrong place again. No matter how much you come here waggle your tongue, no one is interested in your… Read more »
Crazy elf

To “Wyldechylde”
When McCain “Wet Started” his aircraft, which caused a fireball out the rear, it caused the rocket on the plane behind him to FIRE off!
It’s also, important to note here, after this “…worst accident in naval history, after WWII, the navy put safeguards in place to stop pilots from “wet starting” their aircraft!”
Does this clear up the issue?!


yup clears it up nicely just another reason to celebrate a dirtbag going in the dirt

Rick B
@Seymore Klearly Any person who can attack someone with the vile that you have posted, isn’t worth the time of day. It is quite apparent that you are a sick person who perhaps belongs in a Mental Hospital. If your not sick, my apologies, because that would mean you have no excuse for your stupidly, works or actions. In which case, that would label you as a: ( listed the correct definition so I would not miss anything.) mo·ron ˈmôrˌän/Submit… Read more »
Rich, In regards to using words to “kick a man when he is down”, clearly to me you have never been pinned down by somebody intent on killing you and it is a pretty big leap of imagination to believe that harsh words have any impact on good ol John any more than an autographed edition of Winnie The Pooh and The Hundred Acre Wood has on him (second edition, first printing). But let me pose a retort for your… Read more »

Chill they have every right to speak on health care. Or as it’s nickname deathcare. Where u been? Laundry room training. Don’t agree with bashing the death issue of McCain.


It is called news, and I was unaware of all this disgrace of VA that it has been known all along. It’s ridiculous that it takes an act of the press to expose what already should of been. WTF close it. Cause certainly can’t manage it. Peace to McCain family.


By the way I feel like I fit in here just served my country for 9 yrs. My specialty was license plates. The sex was terrible along with medical care. Oops I shan’t talk bout knob jobs.


LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I needed that……….thank you!!


LMAO 🙂 🙂

Perhaps Traitor John McCain did go to the VA earlier for some kind of evaluation and check up, could be why he didn’t know he had this tumor. The VA specialist just missed it. He went somewhere a couple months ago. Thought I heard he was just over worked or tired. Sounds like a VA diagnosis. If he doesn’t resign immediately, I would be surprised. Not shocked, just surprised. At least ALL of them have a choice, and all kinds… Read more »
Crazy elf

Yea, I have the same thoughts over McCain.
Because I thought, it had been reported, he only had some “…small blood clot above his eye, and the minor surgery went fine!”
Guess the VHA was wrong again!

none of the political whores and or upper echelon administrative veterans has anything to do with the VA when it comes to health care. They want the best there is and refuse to be experimented on

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