appointment cancelation

Phoenix VA Caught In Appointment Cancelation Scheme, Again

appointment cancelation

In a report released yesterday, Phoenix VA was caught up in an appointment cancelation scheme, again, wrongly withholding health care.

The tarnished watchdog, VA OIG, spent one-year reviewing allegations, the veracity of which was already vetted in the press from veterans harmed. Again, Phoenix VA was confirmed wrongly canceling appointments resulting in health care delays.


VA Office of Inspector General Releases Phoenix Consult Mismanagement Report

Some Consults Inappropriately Discontinued Because of Unclear Procedures

WASHINGTON – The VA Office of Inspector General (VA OIG) today issued its report, Review of Alleged Consult Mismanagement at the Phoenix VA Health Care System, which substantiated that the Phoenix VA Health Care System (PVAHCS) inappropriately discontinued consults for patients. The OIG initiated the review to look into allegations made in 2015 by a confidential complainant and reported to the OIG by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

“Because consults were inappropriately discontinued, some patients did not receive the care requested or experienced delays in receiving care,” said Michael J. Missal, Inspector General, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General. “OIG’s 14 recommendations will help improve consult procedures at PVAHCS and ensure veterans receive the follow-up medical care with specialty doctors that they earned through their service in our military.”

The OIG’s review found that during calendar year 2015, PVAHCS staff inappropriately discontinued and canceled consults, and were generally unclear about following specific consult management procedures. Procedures and consult management responsibilities varied in different specialties throughout the system, which further led to staff confusion and, in some cases, canceling consults.

In August 2014, the OIG reported on numerous allegations regarding patient deaths, patient wait times, and scheduling practices at PVAHCS. That report recommended that the VA Secretary ensure PVAHCS follow VA consult guidance and appropriately review consults before closing them to ensure veterans receive necessary medical care. Although VHA made efforts to improve the care provided at PVAHCS, the OIG found that consult management issues remained almost a year later.

The OIG conducts oversight of VA and its programs and operations, providing independent and objective reporting to the VA Secretary and the Congress for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraud and abuse, and bringing about positive change in the integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness of VA. To report potential criminal activity, fraud, waste, mismanagement, or other abuse, contact the VA OIG Hotline at [email protected] or


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  1. The Tuskegee Experiments were not that long ago. Weren’t they given syphilis and studied through The VA until they died?

  2. Everyone that is dissatisfied with VA Care should apply for Social Security. It will soon become clear that The VA undercuts and devalues the severity of most veterans disabilities.

  3. Please, GOD! Just let all veterans have an unlimited Medicare Benefits card. I bet VA care would improve dramatically if that were to happen. Unfortunately for the VA, no one will need VA Care if they get an Unlimited Medicare Benefits Card. At some point, it will have to be about patient care. I am praying for the complete shutdown of all VA Hospitals.

  4. Sadly, The VA Union is a large part of the problem. This VA Union needs to realize the Employees can shop a Union. It is time for quality VA Employees to demand more from their Union. Protecting poor employees while subjecting quality employees to a system of favoritism not based on performance will be their undoing. I want VA Doctors to be ashamed to say they ever worked at The VA.

  5. Veterans are actually no longer in the military and have every right to demand that all a person’s rights are guaranteed within The VA infrastructure. Each individual patient has the right to already earned and promised healthcare and compensation. The VA is lucky that their customers are vets that are used to obeying orders without question. Using a vets basic nature of not questioning orders is wrong. Creating a RED FLAG system to point out problem veterans is just evil and again demonstrates that The OIG and The VA have no intention at all of solving veteran healthcare problems and poor process issues that vets have had to navigate for decades. ALL LIP SERVICE from the VA can be maddening. Once this election is over, it will be time for veterans to start screaming and shouting from the mountaintops.

  6. I had 2 appointments in 2015 cancelled last minute due to “machine or equipment maintenance problems”. One was funny because I received a call informing me of the 2nd cancellation without ever knowing a 2nd appointment was ever made. I did not know what to do after the 1st cancellation. Both conveniently eating 6 months of wait time when the Choice Card Program had promised me a no longer than 30 day wait. An appointment had been made by the CHOICE Card folks but the VA never followed up on the tests and analysis of those tests ordered by my non-VA care doctor. 1 hand not knowing the other here leads to convenient delays until vets often give up on getting care at all. I think a vet should demand to know when equipment or machine outages actually occurred and proof every effort is made to get them in again in under 30 days. This is another simple but verifiable step a vet could use again to demonstrate that The OIG and The VA have no intention of solving any VA problems. More of what I call a convenient “Wall of Ignorance” vets encounter when trying to get VA Care.

  7. When an appointment is made and a vet receives a letter stating they can’t be seen but make an appointment with a non-VA care provider, an effort to show these letters are actually deterrents to receiving any care at all could be made. Most vets know these letters mean try to get a non-VA appointment on your own. If you can find a doctor that takes VA patients, most know that the VA can take 2+ years to pay the bill if at all. Then you can tell the OIG that you can take such solid evidence to the news. Vets need to start thinking in solid steps to identify problems that need to be regularly updated with solid progress recorded. Vets could demand such a simple but verifiable problem without any progress demonstrates that the OIG has no real interest in solving ANY problems vets experience at the VA. Vets should also demand a record be kept of how many of these non-VA care referral letters are sent as opposed to how many are actually used by vets. My intuition tells me this percent of utilization of non-VA care referrals is very low. That would demonstrate again the OIG has no real interest in solving any problems. This could probably be explained better, I hope some vets get the idea here. Baby steps that are verifiable and show the OIG and The VA have no intent to solve any problems with the VA at all.

  8. OK…the White House can talk about the “scary creepy clown sightings outbreak” but the same White House cannot talk about the truth about the VA? WTF?
    Maybe we will get “lucky” and VA employees will be caught wearing “creepy clown outfits” so we Veterans can get White House coverage on REAL problems at the VA and a “creepy clown town hall” can be held??!!! They are ALL “creepy clowns” at the VA.

    “Creepy Clown Town Hall” kind of has a ring to it. 🙂

    1. namnibor, last night on the local news, they talked to some people, (pure rednecks and “Crackers”), about those “Scary Clowns”!
      A young lady, where they’ve been spotted, out in the country areas, said it’s a wonder no one has been shot! She kinda shrugged when saying it!
      The news even showed where one of those idiots was seen, and videoed, close to a farmers home. Kinda makes one wonder, how come none of these “Clowns” hasn’t “met his maker!”

      1. Something like that happened in the very rural farm country of Indiana where I grew-up and I remember specifically when I was around 11 there had been indeed “UFO sightings” in skies and was seen in a triangulated way by several farmers in various locations and even Grissom AFB had jets in air afterwards, so many reports. Well, this happened in late September and by Halloween there of course came the pranksters. Someone had the bright idea to wrap themselves completely in aluminum foil and yes, a farmer indeed lawfully shot was something threatening his livestock, as he was a huge chicken farmer and when chickens go crazy, you know it.

        So yeah, this creepy clown thing should only have a focus on the creepy clowns at the VA. Am thinking creepy clowns may very-well work in the VA Morgues now.

  9. @crazy elf- We have received your State’s fighter jets and they are safely protected from your incoming hurricane storm in my State of Ohio. Hope you have everything secured, plenty of drinking water, and ride the storm safely. Was it hurricane Andrew that was the major hurricane to pass-through almost 10 years ago?
    Hope Florida has some sort of contingency plan for Homeless Vets. Bound to get juicy out there.

    1. Thanks namnibor,
      The wife and I are heading out to higher ground tomorrow lol.
      It’s not supposed to hit our area until Friday at around 2pm in the afternoon.
      When it’s gone, around 5 pm Friday afternoon, we’ll come back in. Hope our place is still here!

  10. 10/05/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    When Phoenix received their “new” and experienced director everyone thought it was a joke and bad karma.

    When the reports of the unidentified 293 dead veterans resurfaced this month, something is very suspicious.

    Fox news reported: In a report released Tuesday, the VA Inspector General’s office (OIG) found that 215 deceased patients had open specialist consultation appointments at the Phoenix facility on the day they died. The report also found that one veteran never received an appointment for a cardiology exam “that could have prompted further definitive testing and interventions that could have forestalled his death.”

    I believe this one is Kargma—good thing I have not the repaired my wall the City of Phoenix ran into last December on purpose [Letter to the Mayor Stanton]. I might have to repair the whole damn thing, now.


    Don Karg
    Entry in the Book series No. 30

  11. I think the politicians want the VA to get worse so they have it privatized and then make up their own little schemes to getting payouts in contracting veterans into the private sector. The lives of veterans doesn’t mean a God blessed thing to any of them. We’re cannon fodder…..That’s what we are.

  12. I read that IG report , and it seems like they had taken care of situation, and they were done. I reread it today, and I see that the IG writes in a way that can be confusing for the reader. The report I read said it was unclear whether any Veteran(s) had died. I’m not one who’s afraid of jumping in there, but; Klearly, the story you tell does frighten me just a bit. I am going to learn to better understand the VA IG’s meanings of words. Like, “doesn’t appear to”. I’m noticing a lot of canned statements. To all the Veterans, who have died for lack of care, or because of the care, because of a non caring Veterans Hospital Employees, and an obviously useless system to do anything about it, I feel you have died in Service. Truth is, I feel horribly helpless. I just can’t believe our government is okay with it. Although, it appears they are. If I knew my life would revolve around the VA for 46yrs after the war, …..

  13. It’s all well and good to have an IG. What’s ridiculous though is that nothing but a slap on the wrist happens. Where are the punitive consequences? Why does the VA get a union to protect them and let them hide?

    1. There can be no punitive punishment because punitive punishment in theory orginates from the government. In this case the employees work under the Executive branch. Obama would have to first agree to allow VA employees be punitively punished, then it would take years of undoing the monument of laws put in place to stop just that very thing from happening.

      VA is held unaccountable because they do not operate under the laws that apply to non governmental medical staff or others. You can test this. Call the FBI as I did with documentation, report numbers an internal VA police report that included a written confession to multiple felony crimes by a VA employee, and absolute proof that VA in writing that VA intended to bury the issue.

      They will tell you that unless the OIG forwards the complaint with a request to investigate that by law they cannot act. In order for VAOIG to do that, as a practical and truthful matter, they would need the President to personally sign off on that, and even then getting the FBI Director to take action would be a worthless quest.

      VA exists solely because their one and only enduring attribute is that they are founded on a principle of unaccountability built into our Constitutuion to check the powers of government. Then along came an extremely efficient and profitable labor union about the time my own father was born. It is called the AFGE, and has garnered for the brotherhood a very unique Golden Goose indeed.

      The AFGE is a symptom of the problem, much like an opportunistic infection. The mechanism in place to ensure fairness, our Constitution, has been turned it against the good of the nation infavor of itself. The AFGE cares about vets like a virus cares about the host, but AFGE is not the problem. The problem is the Constitution did not anticipate an attempt at building a giant operation that competes with the private sector. The sickness that is innoculated by failed businesses keeps in check the sickness we see spread across generations of vets by VA. We have discovered that such an undertaking can be possible if operated under the UCMJ, and in fact military medical care is excellent, but then again there is incentive to getting a serviceman back to work and in good health. Plus under the UCMJ they cut most of the bullshit out of the bull before they BBQ the thing – just see what happens under the UCMJ if you are caught falsifying a report to save your ass….I shudder to think what kind of life a Sgt. Maj. could make for a person caught like that.

      VA in short is Constitutionally free of the checks and balances that are the template for our Constitutional Republic. VA has never, will never, and can never provide a safe alternative to the medical care offered to every other American. My proof is currently estimated to be 22 per day.

      1. Very well-written and to the fat of the matter. What you wrote should be an educational sticky poster to every Veteran and every kid wishing to enlist today.

  14. Hmmm. Seems to me little Cox has been rather silent lately.

    Likely too busy trying to get Granny elected so the AFGE Gravy Train keeps rolling.

  15. “Hines VHA” made it onto Utube today!
    Google this headline;

    “Horrific: Obama’s VA Caught Dumping Bodies of Vets”

    Oct 4, 2016
    By “Next News Network”

    Exposure to the sunlight is detrimental to all VA employees!

  16. So confusion over scheduling just happened to result in consults being canceled? Confusion didn’t result in scheduling appointments that veterans were not notified of?

    For a year?

    Why did it take an IG investigation to report this? I’m sure there were a LOT of veterans complaining of this. Clearly they were ignored.

    They admit 1 veteran died waiting, but a Washington Times article posted last night says 200 died.

    How many will it take for Congress to get serious? The Wash Times article had lame quotes from McCain and Flake about access to private care, but no outrage on 160 more veterans dying because the VA can’t get their shit together.

    40 died and Shinseki was fired. 160 more for and there is little reaction from Congress.

    On top of that, the Daily Caller has an article about that jackass Harry Reid blocked passage of the VA suicide hotline reform bill which passed the House 397-0.

    The ONLY other news site reporting that is the Des Moines Register, yet a Google search on Trump and PTSD results in over a million news articles.

    1. Hey 91Veteran,

      If you follow the link to the full report that I posted above The report indicates that at least 83 people had their appointments canceled because they had already died. There is much more in the report that links those deaths and others.

      1. I appreciate you posting the link. I wanted to download and read it to see how the media may have summarized it, or left out damning details.

      2. The link that Ben provided led to the press release by Michael J. Missal the IG. As you can see by the report he left a lot out of the press release. Also he hide the names of everyone involved using only there acting titles.

        I guess the VA doesn’t want to lose any of those gem employees or chance they might get upset because they might not get their bonuses or promotions if their names appeared in the report.

  17. I contacted the VAOIG Hotline in 2010. I am now into my seventh (7th) year of 24/7 surveillance (that’s 365 days a year) by third party criminals. Just sayin’!!!

    1. Are your pet harassers anything like mine? Scratching the paint on any vehicle you buy, running into your vehicles while they are in parking lots just to damage them and even one time trying to push a car out in front of me to block the highway while I was doing 75 MPH.

      When I saw their car pushing the car out in front of me I changed lane turned my directional on and made it clear I was going to hit the car they were pushing but I was going to take them with me by hitting their car. They quickly put their brand new dodge charger with government tags and a push bar bumper in reverse and pealed out in reverse. Left me enough room to get around the front of the car they had been pushing out on the highway in front of me.

      I was in route to a web customer whose contract was oddly set up by a Government Agency. When I got to the customer’s home he clearly did not think I was going to make our appointment even though I had been to his home for 3 prior meetings. He had to call two other people who were supposed to be at the meeting that also oddly didn’t think I would make it to that meeting that day.

      When I looked outside at my car I noted that there was a strange security vehicle watching my car. When I went out to ask them why they left without talking to me. When I asked the customer what was that all about he said “oh that is just special security for the munitions plant here on the res”.

      Needless to say I dropped the customer.

      This happened not long after a failed abduction by attempt by VA personnel just after I left a VA Clinic.

      1. Seymore. I am so glad that you are still with us. Just to clarify for everyone. My reason for contacting the VAIOGH0TLINE in 2010 had to do with a very serious PRIVACY ISSUE. Which i felt then and still do, was a crime committed against me by the VA. These VAOIG contractors have continued to use friends, family and acquaintances throughout the years for information. That is the reason i know what has gone on. People talk. Just like at the VA. Again, this is a separate issue from the good healthcare i have received. I made this issue known throughout the VA Boston Healthcare System,VARO and the Veterans Affairs committees in Congress.That includes the House and the Senate in Washington, DC. It is NO SECRET! I agree again with CRAZY ELF. Each hospital has a person at the top who dictates the mandates of that hospital and all or most “do as they are told.” right or wrong. In my privacy case, i feel it was wrong. Nothing will change that.

  18. Back to the drawing board. The VA will do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want.
    It seems to me, the VHA’s are becoming more and more blatant in their schemes to hurt veterans, and collect those illegal bonuses!
    They can only be stopped when someone with high moral values takes control and stops them!
    Namnibor said yesterday, VA has already received their allocation of taxpayers monies for the fiscal year! Therefore, it’s safe to presume VA’s across the country, don’t give a rats ass about anything happening to them. At least not until a large amount of employees are carted of to jail. And, like I said yesterday, it will more likely be those in the lower rank and file. Because the upper level asswipes will retire, secretly, with full benefits!
    How’s that for a true bit of justice for all those veterans who died. Because VA employees refused to do their jobs!

    1. I cannot fathom why McCain is not on the Phoenix VA doorstep demanding answers and accountability.

      By the way, I ask again…is anyone else getting email alerts when new comments are posted? It seems it has been broken a couple days now.

      1. Apple just did a major update to every single iOS device operating system this week. There is not a single business with a credit card machine, or regular user of internet that is not impacted. Millions upon millions of devices all attempting to download an operating system are like millions of little moochers clogging up the internet traffic lines.

        The difference between VA and Apple is that Apple can service untold billions of humans across the globe and likely in orbit and do it with the speed of thought. They even update the iOS devices of Violent and Disruptive Customers. …and they do it without their corporate officers lying about expenditures, reporting customers to police, they do it by actually showing up to work and making the day pay off for every side – customers and Apple. When they mess up, they hold themselves accountable. When their employees screw up they are given opporrtunities to,make it right but ultimately they are held accountable immediately if it interferes with the delivery of a decent product.

        Apple is not perfect either and no reasonable person expects it. They have lost millions then billions over time and doubtless they too have departments that bought robots they could not use. My hunch is that whoever faked a corporate report about any mistake would never work at Apple again from the second the lie was uncovered, but it is only a guess.

        The incredible effort of human achievement to tie together the world under a single operating system is beyond the scope of my understanding and employs persons of every nation, creed, and color and so many language dialects Apple even incorporates a iniversal translator into their product called “localizaton” to developers.

        It is the update that slows things down for a day or two. The vast effort that must be dead on accurate creates enormous volumes of data which is all being transfered around us silently.

        Imagine that a single company can accomplish so much and do it profitably so as not to burden your neighbors with taxes. Then tell me that it is impossible to do the same thing with VA service? Is diagnostic medicine really thhat much more complex than an iPad that can now do more things than Agent Smart’s shoe ever came close to doing.

        If Apple can service billions of devices in just a few days and maintain them every single day without engaging in criminal deception, then why can’t VA service a few million with MUCH less need for intelligent individuals to do it?

        much much less need for inteligence…

      2. 91Veteran,

        I’m not receiving any notices of new comments. Never have. Don’t know why?

      3. Good points redturtle. I wish veterans were as valued as an iPhone.

        CrazyElf, when you make a comment here, you need to put in your username and email address as you likely know.

        Just below that are 2 check boxes. One to receive an email at the address you enter for a new post by Ben, and one to receive an email whenever a new comment is made. Its those emails for new comments that are not coming in. I wasn’t sure if it was my email, or a widget on the site that broken, but now it appears it is the widget that broke.

  19. I was a guest of the mental unit at VA some years back. I befriended a man with tatoos all over but most notably was a tatoo on his foreead of an anatomically correct image of female genitals. At times he needed to be restrained in the padded room because he had been off medications and the unit was meant to stabilize. Within four days he stabilized because he had been put back on medications. War veteran. Very hardcore shit went down in front of his eyes.

    I liked the guy and we talked. His medications had been terminated and he had tried repeatedly in the best way he was capable of to get them reestablished – a story that mirrors my own. He told me that he knew he was days from an emotional explosion that would hurt somebody. So he took a crowbar to the local gas station at night, smashed in all the windows until the alarms went off, then sat in there for the police to come.

    Rather than suicide he chose to use the police to remove himself from hurting others. He is a good man. The police recognized what he was doing and quickly learned what they have heard countless times from vets like him – “…the VA cut off my meds.” It took the local police to secure him a place on the VA mental ward when the VA itself refused to do so. In just four days of treatment he stabilized and was released. I too had all my psychiatric meds cut off once to catastrophic results as published in our local newspaper in two consequtive Sunday editions.

    And I am just one man, there for just one week that time. It staggers the imagination having seen vets like the man who so obviously needed and begged for help until his mind could only see a few options left, and he took the best one. God can only count how many bodies that do not belong to vets needlessly harmed by the VA who has cut off untold thousands of vets from the psychiatric care they have earned. Make no mistake about the nature of these medications; cutting off a vet cold turkey as was done to me and my friend makes morphine withdrawls seem like a warm Christmas morning. It tears the mind apart to withdrawl from these kind of psychiatric meds.

    With my friend as with myself the termination of care was intentional. The unintentional cost to society cannot possibly be measured when you consider that my friend with the forehead tattoo is but one of thousands also breaking windows in, hurting themselves or others, and transferring the VA problem into a problem for police, courts, lawyers, and victims. The suicide victims are but a TINY measure of the real cost to you, me, and your neighbor down the street.

    VA does not only cost lives of vets. It destroys families and communities. I have seen this myself.

    1. Good points. Unfortunately too many in positions with authority to fix this problem are blind to those costs.

  20. Benjamin, nice ‘Bad VA Art” today. That must be an actor medical assistant in photo because she is smiling and the laminated heart diagram on wall is just a page from their daily lunch menu at the Phoenix VAMC. May not even be a human heart but just in-case, it’s there to implore employees to indeed, have a heart and to remind the witch dr.’s what a heart looks like for reference in case they missed that semester in their online degrees.

  21. “[The VA released its own statement touting its reform efforts and calling for increased support staffing. According to the department, the Phoenix facility has 39 job openings among the support staff responsible for consultation scheduling.]”

    So,are the VA Employees at Phoenix just waiting for 39 employee’s kids to achieve the age of 18 so they can all be hired instead of qualified Veterans in Phoenix? WTF are they waiting for? More Vets to die? Over a YEAR+ and still not sorted? WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A responsible Senator (are you listening McCain & Flake?) in that State that just also happens to be a Veteran, would’ve stepped-up a few dozen months ago and announced, “I am only using the Phoenix, VAMC for my healthcare, to ensure it’s cleaned-up for my fellow Veterans!!!” Has Sen. McCain done such a move? Nope. Between his Congressional Benefits and the excellent benefits the Coors Co. provides, McCain is again asleep at the wheel while the entire rig is sliding into the Grand Canyon…and 200+ Vets have died. McCain and Flake could not be more disconnected in their own State. Rat Bastards! In my opinion they are just as culpable for their eyes wide shut in their State.

    1. I believe it was Gibson that was reported on claiming Phoenix was making great improvements.

      I believe it was someone in Phoenix touting how many staff had been hired.

      Lying bastards, all of them.

      Now they claim they need more.

      Which makes me wonder how long it took to hire 127 Interior Designers, and why that was such a priority.

      As for McCain and Flake, they had some mealy-mouth comments on the article about private care.

      Zero outrage about more deaths.

  22. Links to Report Summary and The Full Report.

    For Report Summary: “”

    For Full Report: “”


    1. Again, Michael J. Missal, Inspector General, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General breaks out the mega gallons of VA white wash to protect wrong doer at the VA.

      Even though Veterans did die as a result of the wrong doing. Missal covers up for the staff members responsible by not providing the names of those staff members.

      What a way to hold a title responsible for murdering Veterans you piece of shit Missal. When they kill again you will be there to cover for them again.

      1. I guess Michael J. Missal would not want to slip up and actually hold someone responsible for killing Veterans. It might hurt their bonuses or chances of promotions.

        What a rotten piece of garbage this IG has turned out to be.

      2. Hey Michael J. Missal,

        You need to get a rubber stamp to use on all of the reports coming out under your direction.

        The stamp should read, “Names withheld to protect the Guilty”.

        You corrupted bastard Missal.

  23. Watchdog =Watch master screw up get treat for not barking, get belly rub.
    Missal’s VAOIG SLOGAN

    1. The VAOIG is much like the ‘Vogons’, a race of unpleasant and bureaucratic aliens in Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. The ‘Vogons’ loved their machines and tech but barely could properly utilize the wonderful machines they create. It’s all about the ‘process’ with the ‘Vogons’, not so much about real results; such is the VAOIG.

      A Watchdog Agency that’s effectively all “Eunuchs”…**no balls**!!!!!!!!! But those ‘Vogons’ will surely march across the USA again to go through their bureaucratic processes with no teeth because repetition and failure is so much fun to be paid for. Job security? Sick job security!!!

      ‘Vogons’, the entire lot.

      1. VAOIG is in place only as a place holder for government that requires one to exist. There is not one page of paper produced by VAOIG that has any meaning outside of that context.

        VAOIG has but a single purpose alone – much like the Vogons; generate paperwork. VAOIG, in absurdly improbable ways generates paperwork that describes how to generate papaerwork. This process of course is documented and generates paperwork, which is filed and cataloged – more paperwork.

        It isn’t reasonable to expect anything out of a placeholder agency struggling to fullfill their paperwork mission without aid of time travel and an Improbability Drive. A depressed robot might help but VA doesn’t know how to make perfectly fine robots work. Poor Marvin would likely self destruct under VA guidance…

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