WWII Veteran

Legally Blind WWII Veteran Attacked While Defending The American Flag

WWII Veteran

One legally blind WWII veteran fought off assailants attempting to vandalize his American flag after destroying his “God Bless All Police” sign.

Howard Banks, a proud Texas veteran at 92 years old, reportedly heard noises outside his home and went to investigate after a string of vandalism previously resulted in the destruction of his American flag and Marine Corps colors.

Legally blind, Banks says he could not fully make out what the vandals were doing, but he quickly realized they could see him. Moments after he went outside, the vandals knocked him down.

“I turned and looked in the other direction, and about then – ‘wham!’ They knocked me down.”

Bank, a WWII veteran of the Pacific front survived Iwo Jima, is not deterred by the injuries, defending the flag is “the one thing I can cling to. Yet at my capacity, there’s not much I can do. But I can honor our flag.”

The attackers fled as nearby neighbors came to his aid. Banks was injured by the assault, which is a felony in Texas if the victim is elderly. But about the injuries, Banks commented, “I am durable. I can take it.”

Area police are investigating the attack.


Source: https://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/07/24/world-war-ii-veteran-assaulted-defending-flag-home/

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    1. Don’t tell Lem about this stuff it will really mess with his head. He would be shut us all down.

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      1. Donot forget they can still listen. So pull the battery.

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      2. @Seymore Klearly: Seymore, thanks for the info. Unfortunately all I have to work with is an old email, as all devices stopped accepting any inbound traffic. I am positive, the batteries have drained. I am also positive my good friend, has had some kind of medical emergency. All I can do is wait, and hope, all will turn out well, and in time, a message will appear either in my inbox, or secure messenger, or, right here on Ben’s.

        Have a good day. Talk soon.

      3. While we’re preoccupied by the Muslim so called ban the front door is wide open to others. Receivers of international migrants (more than 100,000 annually) are projected to be the USA, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, Russia.
        The countries projected to be senders of more than 100,000 migrants annually include India, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Indonesia.
        The ‘Agenda for Sustainable Development’ is 100,000 international migrants into the USA every year between 2015-2050.

      4. CJ hope you hear from your friend soon.

        NiteWish it is ratter scary with all of them coming from countries like Pakistan where Americans cannot even walk the streets without be abducted or killed. Also scary is that I found that when you look for how to hack videos on YouTube they are all posted by people from Pakistan.

        They are not all that technologically advanced population wise. They certainly are not know for any great software innovations. It just seems that the major talents that they are posting on YouTube is all about Hacking. It is like they are trained in the skill set to hack and really stay up on hacking tech. The motivation and lack of ethics is scary.

        Yet we are bring them here on J1 visas and putting them into positions in local state and federal government where they can really do some damage. Such as the San Bernardino shooters with the husbands position with the department of public health, the it staffers who were hacking Congress.

        It doesn’t stop there, if you check any states department of Health’s employees out they are filled with people from Pakistan and India in leadership positions. The VA is certainly filling up with them as well as hospitals across the country with doctors from over there treating Medicare and Medicaid as the primary insurance they accept.

        Not to mention the fact that Bin laden was there the whole time right in the counties capital city. Now we are finding out that the payroll for ISIS was going through the country right to Islamabad then to ISIS.

      5. Seymore Klearly From all the pieces of info I’ve put together in my minds map, its holy cow, we are doomed. And theres more; flood the targeted Nations with all types of ‘migrants’, then if all goes as planned Nations will no longer have any “nationalist” identity to identify with. We’ve seen mostly men fleeing their countries with minimal women folk, I conclude they are relocated by design to reproduce with the local population. The plan is so devious, so simple. After a short time local women will find the foreigners exotic & sex will produce children. The influx will shadow over the native men. In a few generations after the ‘old timers’ are dead & the old America is forgotten. Then will the desired one world order come to fruition…People united together agreeing to live under universal laws, whom obey authority, whom have surrendered their freedom/ rights for security & order.

        Syrian Muslim refugees are on the move. According to Fresno paper yesterday so far 200 have relocated from where the resettlement agencies original placed them across the country,[they are free to move about the country]. We know this because a bunch live in the same apt bldg. & they ‘sacrificed’ a goat in the yard & the police were called, who told them no we don’t do that here, next time you could get a citation. The many families enjoyed the meal. I can’t help but not like what the rest of article states. Such as more than a dozen families with 9 members a piece are crammed into 2bd units in 2 apt blocks. Theres also been an Exodus out of Turlock to Fresno. Making themselves little Syria in Fresno CA.

      6. Forgot to mention how the J1 Visa program is set up for each state to hire 50 J1 visa applicants each year. Also with the VA able to sponsor an endless supply of the Visas the fraud at the VA is costing billions out of the VA budget each and every year.

        The universities that work with a VAMC hires someone and they file a J1 visa application and then have the VA sponsor them as doctors collecting nearly $250,000 a year. Six of the J1 visa doctors I checked out after a whistle blowers complaint was filed by the former chief of staff at Cincinnati were only seeing Veterans at the university hospital and not working at the VA although they held position there. All while collect a paycheck from the VA as Doctors. Of course they were seeing other Medicare and Medicaid patients but not regular insurance patients.

        At Cincinnati alone the university was then billing the VA on a fee basised system to see Veterans at the Universities hospital by a doctor that is already being paid by the VA. The universities billing for one year for this service was over $100 million.

  2. Marines Gift WWII Veteran With Trip To DC After Vandals Assaulted Him
    Jennifer Duplessie
    5:26 PM 07/24/2017


    “Marines gifted a blind World War II veteran with a trip to Washington, D.C. on Sunday after he was assaulted by a group attempting to vandalize flags hung outside of his Texas home.

    When 92-year-old Howard Banks heard noises around the flagpole in front of his home earlier this month, he went outside to see what was going on. A vandal pushed Banks to the ground, then quickly fled the scene, according to FOX 4 News

    The veteran could not give a description of the assailants because he was blinded at age 20 by a flare in Iwo Jima.

    “We’ve honored our flag all that time and doggone it, with our political climate the way that it is, we need something to rally around and that’s our flag,” Banks told FOX 4.

    When Marines that had served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan were informed of Banks’ story, they took initiative to meet the veteran.

    “You know, first, you start messing with the American flag, I get real hot under the collar. And then, when I found out that they yanked the Marine Corps flag down, that made my bottom spicy,” Michael Jernigan, a corporal in the Marines and member of the Blinded American Veterans Foundation, told FOX 4.

    The marines gifted Banks with an Honor Flight, conducted by a non-profit organization whose mission is to “transport America’s Veterans to Washington, DC to visit those memorials dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of themselves and their friends.”

    “It’s a shame. You know, this guy is living history. He’s a national treasure,” Kory Ryan, an employee of Honor Flight Austin, told FOX 4. “People should be lined up on his porch to talk to him, not ripping his flags down.”

    While Banks has installed cameras to protect his home, the attackers will not stop him from proudly displaying his flags.

    “Once, a Marine, always a Marine,” he said.”

  3. @Cj, I am sure we can find you one of them search warrants. I would have a better chance at the search warrants than at the IP addresses. Shouldn’t there be an easy way to find out if a Dr has a licence, or at least his first licence. I honestly thought a Dr would be proud of medical licence. Ya never know where a post can lead you.

  4. @cj – – – Is the California, Oregon, and NY referred to as proxy points? After taking a large dose of a mix of nootropics, I got a little boost. Trying to understand what the States mean, and TRYING to look for additional information.

  5. @cj – – – Yahoo uses many servers like you said. Was he using Yahoo Mail?

  6. @cj – – – Don’t know if these sites will help. Information overload for me, especially the past couple of weeks. I only wish to help you to find our Brother. Let me know if I’m on the right path or not. – – – Nutter.


    1. @ANutterVet: Emails sent from a secure Iphone is tricky business, I think the ONLY way to find the originating IP is with a court order, or a warrant. I have about as much of a chance of getting either of those, as a snowball surviving in hell.

    2. @cj – – – If no luck, may be emailing administrators of the sites to see if they know how to track the ip address. This area of research is all new to me. Doesn’t seem to be confusing. – – – Nutter.

      1. @cj – – – Well hell their Brother, just say no. Easy Essay. LoL – – – Nutter.

      1. Looking at the full header all I get is damn yahoo servers in California, Oregon, and NY.

  7. Subject, “it”. Thank you for removing any and all of my misuse of the English language. Apologies for my detour from post. I got. Just doesn’t sound the same as, I got it. Only playing around, nothing serious. I got it.

      1. @Seymore Kearly: Seymore, is it possible to find the location of an ip address from an email, sent from an Iphone? or is it impossible because of a dynamic ip’s and yahoo assigned servers?

  8. Ok, what’s up with, “it, it’s,”? Don’t really care who, and I’m guessing again. “it(s), Takes away from the whole picture. When used to describe a person, it is wrong. I’m working on it…..

    1. @Jo3n: Jo, “it” is all we have left, when the MSM strips the actual “color” of the skin, of a criminal. How the hell do you know “what” to be on the lookout for?
      A damn alien from “Gluton5” could fit the description the press releases. You think a description of he, they, were Caucasian, African American, Latino, Asian, Cyborgs, Cyclops, would be helpful in looking out for a “suspect”?

  9. So here’s a thought off the top of my head…

    If a government won’t take care of it’s people, what use is the government?

    1. What use is so-called “Representation” when the very congress critters make sure to exempt themselves from the ACA and any future form of Affordable Healthcare Act/ObamaCare/make your own anagram-care??

      Don’t you think our leaders would be more ‘objective’ if the laws they invent actually apply to their worthless Stairmastered asses?

      If as a People, we reflect the other way, and reflect accurately our leaders, then these pukes that would disrespect this elder veteran, the USA Flag, deserves no freedom but the freedom to leave this country through the projectile canon fodder terminal velocity so deserved.
      Rant Out.

  10. These are exactly the same kind of shit stains, that grow up to be AFGE/SES thugs.
    Coming to a VAMC, near you!!
    No description because, that wouldn’t be politically correct!!!!
    We must not draw attention to “those” kind!! Only happy stories, all else is banned. Just like your local serial rapist…. height, weight, and what”it” was wearing. So beware, be on the lookout for “it”!

    1. I keep an ax handle for shitters like that. Come fuck with my colors please?

  11. I wish there were more details to this story.

    From the articles I have read, the little punk shit stains did this once before, which suggests they are local.

    The article also says there are witnesses to this, so why not provide a description of the little darlings?

    With the way certain segments of society have been shaped by their “education” in public schools and the actions of certain politicians, I am not surprised this happened. I am actually surprised it does not happen more often.

    What a reflection on their parents.

    1. would be nice to be able to get a veteran friendly/oriented bike gang to roll through there and get his shit set up right 😀 😀 Let those little fucks deface THAT shit 😀

  12. Breaking !!!

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz staffer, Pakistani-born Imran Awan escapes blast.

    “Blast kills 25 in Pakistan’s Lahore/ Pics”
    July 24, 2017 – 5:19 PM

    (AhlulBayt News Agency) – At least 25 people were killed and 39 others injured in a suspected suicide blast near the Arfa Karim IT Tower on Lahore’s Ferozepur Road on Monday afternoon, said Lahore deputy commissioner on behalf of the Punjab government.

    “Earlier, SP Imran Awan confirmed that more than nine bodies were shifted to the hospital. At least three of the deceased people are policemen, he added.

    According to Awan, an anti-encroachment drive by Lahore Development Authority was underway in the area when the explosion took place. The anti-riot police officials were deployed for the drive.

    The injured include at least six policemen. Rescue teams have shifted them to nearby hospitals where emergency has been imposed.

    Police and other law enforcement personnel have reached the site of the incident and cordoned off the area. Forensics teams have started collecting evidence from the blast site, after which the nature of explosion will be confirmed.

    The area where the explosion occurred is a busy locality near the office of Punjab chief minister.”

    Suicide Boomer from the pics it looks more like a drone strike to me.

    Pics and articles at: “https://en.abna24.com/news/central-asia-subcontinent/blast-kills-25-in-pakistan%E2%80%99s-lahore-pics_843948.html”

    1. “EXCLUSIVE Footage of Lahore Blast near Arfa Karim Technology Park”

      “Watch LIVE | Lahore: Explosion near Arfa Karim tower | 24 July 2017 | 24 News HD”

      1. Arfa Software Technology Park

        Arfa Software Technology Park is an information technology park in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, built in 2009. It is home to the Information Technology University. Wikipedia: “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arfa_Software_Technology_Park”

        “Alternative names: Software Technology Park”

        Height: 348′ CTBUH

        Opened: February 9, 2012

        Address: 346-B, Ferozepur Road

        Alternative names: Software Technology Park

        Inaugurated: February 9, 2012

        Town or city: Lahore

  13. @Seymore Klearly – – – Thanks again. What ever you find, I’m using it. Wife found a bottle of low end muscle relaxers that only helps a little with the now back again painful spasms. What was gained, is now lost, and worse.

    Isn’t VAMC Philadelphia, PA being investigated or was this recently? Oh, kind of funny when you scan your memory and look back on things. When I firs went to the Wilmington VA, the thing the I noticed first was the grim and unhappy looks on the faces of Veterans in the waiting area. Now I know why.

    1. ANutterVet

      I will be looking into them shortly but got Side tracked on something I have been waiting for.

      1. @Seymore Klearly – – – OK, do what you need to do. I’ll keep checking. And, I know how research can sometimes take a toll on you. Take the breather when you need to refresh. – – – Nutter.

  14. I’ve have focused so much on my health, and despise the constipation side effects from taking Oxycodone. I made extreme changes in my diet, researched, then purchased many different types of vitamins and other supplements. Performed many trial and errors for the relief of constipation. My goal was to get off all types of laxatives and stool softeners. After about a month, bingo, discovered a regiment that not only increased my bowel movements, but I was able to stop taking all laxatives and the stool softener.

    I then shared this with my PCP. Now almost anyone will tell you, when taking pain medications, the most common side effects are constipation and or nausea. Everyone that I know that are on these types of meds, have always complained about constipation. Oh, you’d think that after I told my PCP that I’m making more poo’s than I ever did with the assistance of laxatives or stool softeners, that I would be asked, “my goodness, just how did you accomplish that?”

    Nothing. Not even a, “oh yeah, that’s good.” This is what I mean as being a Investigative Research Biologist, and the VA usually will undermine me, brush me off, not collect all the information, or to not validate me in taking care of the areas of my health without the assistance from them.

    Plus, if I was a PCP and a patient told me that they were able to go poo without laxatives or stool softeners, I want to know how they did it. Fucking strange. This is the type of medical behavior that I deal with. I can’t tell you the last time that I received a phone call from the VA, and being asked, “so how are things going now?” Many VA PCP’s don’t know how to probe their patients for information about the Veterans health, or they just don’t care. From my experience, its the latter.

    And, now that my PCP has surprised me with a tapering process, and I’m not physically strong enough to handle this right now. I’m too damn weak. Its common sense, that when a person has Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Deprivation, Hypervigilence, and always untrusting of others, that your body will NOT be able to repair itself, nor take on an additional stressor, let alone dealing with a PCP and other healthcare peeps, that just don’t get it.

    The more I try, the more my actions aren’t validated. And yes, I have proof. My visiting Nurse has been told of research and testing to see what works for constipation. This should be in my progress notes. Oh, and speaking about the progress notes, they aren’t in my file. There is only a notation that the progress notes were received. I called the Nurse Line, and VA can’t find the notes. Something surely is fishing. I smell it, taste it, see it, and now the fucking VA wants me to eat it. That’s how they roll. I want my life back as much as it can be.

    No Accountability = Breeds Corruption

    How many more Veterans need to get fucked over with incompetent health care by the VA? Enough already. We need more action and less talk. Lets roll and open up the flood gates. Or, someone is going to get hurt, or worse. I need a breather. – – – Nutter.

  15. Seymore,
    Have you heard that a “Jordanian soldier opened fire on a convoy of Green Beret’s and killed three!” It was just put on “World News with David Muir” (ABC) at 6:30 pm est!
    The Jordanian soldier “…was arrested and given a life sentence at hard labor!”

    He should have received the death penalty!

    It looks like ISIS is losing ground. What the news coverage is finding is drugs and hypodermic needles to stay high on! Or, at least that’s what ABC is saying!

    After their little bullshit they did today, I’m not sure to believe anything these asswipes say anymore, at ALL!!!!!!
    Seems ABC decided to put the Russian Flag behind one of President Trump’s tweets on the internet. Most people caught the bullshit and slammed them for it!
    According to a Washington Times poll or study last week, only “…6% of the population who participated, cared about the Russian collusion!” You would think, since a majority doesn’t give a shit anymore, the news medias would cover MORE important issues: ie; Wages, Jobs, Healthcare, unemployment, national debt, veterans’ issues, immigration, refugee status and so much more!
    But, NO, All these so-called reprobate journalists care about is “Russia, Russia, Russia!” There’s more time spent on negative publicity on President Trump, and his administration, than anything he’s accomplished FOR America!
    It’s time for the bullshit to cease and desist by the MSM’s!

    1. @Lem,
      Would you rather have had Hillary, “The Butcher of Bengahzi”, as POTUS? All she would have accomplished is a continuation of Obutthead’s Royal Reign! Possibly even started a war with Russia! It’s been exposed Putin hated the bitch! As does a majority of America!

      1. Hell she would have made Obama look like a little princess and Bush a little boy playing with soldiers. We would be in the mist of WWIII if she had won.

  16. I really wish we could put the blame on faces and names, not their political parties. @Ben put plenty of information on both parties. Neither party is on the side of Veterans. Personally, I’m not for the party, anymore. I’ll investigate, and I’ll vote. Problem is, we don’t get choices other than those that have no way of winning. POTUS chose Republicans because of the timing. Without Trump, who knows? I just think it’s time we, Veterans, stick to our very real problems that appear daily. Let us focus on our enemies. We have enough of them. @ANutterVet, admittedly I cannot feel your pain. I can share your anger.

    1. Actually, I think we are being misled. We have a one party system. Wall Street and money lenders.

      Clinton opened the door for the 2008 crash instigated by Bush’s “ownership society” and the subprime loan crisis.

      1. @Lem: Lem, Google “The true origins of the financial crissis” All Clinton, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae!

        Add Obozo to the mix with his so called “community organizing” if that is what you want to call busing minorities into banks, until they give out a subprime mortgages.

        Dodd and Franks, remember them? That’s right all lefties, of course nothing is ever a lefties fault, not when you have the lame stream media in your back pocket.

      2. So you would like to drop Dubya’s “ownership society” out of the mix. Wall Street owns both parties since Nixon and Johnson.

        And since Johnson and Nixon the middle of and lower end of the middle class have lost ground in spite of the Johnson “great society” give away.

      3. Good morning Lem.

        No not at all, not a dubya fan, just making sure all the players on the stage. Inquiring minds have a right to ALL the actors, not just the fat lady.

      4. There was nothing about Bush that instigated the subprime loan crash. It all started with Clinton and his thug AG, Janet Reno threatening banks over redlining.

        The banks had no choice but to make risky loans to people that had no business buying property.

        But banks willingly did it because they knew Fannie and Freddie would be buying the loan before the ink was dry on the contract. Dodd and Frank were the two nitwits that helped squash any action to fix the problem.

      5. 91 – Banks didn’t willingly do it – they engineered it. That shit wasn’t organic or otherwise part of a free market system. The end result? Big banks are bigger, small banks are gone, the taxpayer picked up the tab and is still giving away near-free money to the banksters. None of our leadership can avoid the pointed finger. Perhaps not Carter. I tend to think he gave them the finger and let bank rates rise. His debt by far was among the lowest, even though Reagan campaigned on “tax/spend BS”. But – Carter had his own issues. Want cheap labor and dumb taxpayers – don’t enforce the boarders. Want cheap labor and cheap products? Collude with a communist country, give US companies tax credits for exporting jobs (Clinton & Bush II). The destruction of a healthy, financially stable and educated middle class has been under assault since the 60s.

        Ignorance is bliss. Fatted lambs waddle to the slaughter. Soldiers do the bidding for the NWO and are quietly kicked to the curb. Nationalism and confused patriotism obstruct veterans from speaking as one, and marching together for change.

        There are, and will be no saviors in Washington. Veterans are going to have to threaten to burn it before we get promises fulfilled. A successful single payer system, as should be the VAHCS is not what Pig Pharma and Pig Med want to see demonstrated in America. It isn’t personal. Evil perhaps, but not personal. Those fucks are printing money, and they don’t want competition.

        oops – sorry I barked. Back on my leash – next to my bowl.

      6. Windguy, now all of that I will agree with.

        I didn’t mean to insinuate banks didn’t have any culpability in the housing mess, but giving Fannie and Freddie a blank check didn’t help.

        And neither did congress in passing Dodd-Frank.

        I think a big reason why the housing market has been slow to recover is the mess made by congress and the disaster they made with mortgages.

        Yet somehow people that have no business buying property are still able to find a banker to get through the mess, because the banker knows they can sell the mortgage to F&F.

      7. Fannie and Freddy didn’t have a blank check. They had a gun to their heads. I’m not sure if it was put there by Clinton or Bush. If Clinton put it there Dubya took it out of his hands and continued to brandish it. And that seems most likely given the initial up turn in the housing market was part of Clinton’s surplus.

      8. Lem, I agree with that somewhat.

        Fannie and Freddie starting going downhill fast when their board was stacked with Clinton hacks, including the infamous Jamie Gorellick.

        The board loosened the rules on buying bad paper simply to improve their bonuses, without a care in the world about the debt being foisted onto taxpayers.

        There was direct evidence that the debt burden at Fannie and Freddie was being manipulated simply to keep the money flowing, and bigger bonuses paid.

        Gorellick and others bailed out of Fannie and Freddie when they saw the market crash coming, and congress, including Dodd and Frank, stood by and did nothing about it. Instead, they passed bullshit legislation further putting the squeeze on home buyers while letting the thieves go.

        Fannie and Freddie was essentially turned into a conduit to put taxpayers on the hook for any bad risk mortgage lenders (banks) were taking. There was no incentive whatsoever for anyone to lessen their risk, and when the bills came due, it was only the taxpayer left holding the bag.

        Bush stood by silently and allowed it to happen, and signed whatever crap congress put on his desk.

        Much of this is exactly the same as what is going on with the VA. Bonuses paid without regard to performance, zero accountability and the taxpayers taking the hit for screwups.

      9. Windguy, I pretty much agree with you. The Johnson “Great Society” created a backlash that has had the middle class, particularly the bottom half of it, in a tail spin since he realized it wasn’t working and didn’t try for a second term.

        I’m for an accountable care single payer system. Open door to any insurance company paying the bills creates medical fraud. Billions collected in the last 8 years from medical fraudsters and billions more that were missed.

        One was proposed by Dr. David M Cutler before Tom Daschle got ahold of the ACA and let the insurance companies write the ACA.

      10. 91 – I have another angle. The delay in recovery – controlled by the banksters – not congress, was to enable a squeeze on foreclosed properties. Private funds swarmed in and bought up foreclosures and jacked rental prices up. Add to that, artificial price pressure on building materials, and only a portion of those who could build new homes, can. F&F were tools. The banks lobbied the rules of the rigged game.

  17. Did everyone hear P***y girl so-called vet Joann(John)McCain refused free VA surgery?

    1. Genius H Kennard – – – That was the article preceding this one. Drew the most comments I have seen thus far since I have been reading Ben’s Blog.

  18. Just got back from the “Fortress of Evil” and drank 1.5 L H2O before getting on the computer. Outside Steam Sauna bath in Teenage Mutant Ninja Hono Town today! Need a good thunderstorm to cool things down!

    This is truly a tragic event to read about. I am glad that Mr. Banks is alright. When I read about stuff like this it just reinforces my belief that there are more Americans that need killing than citizens of many other nations. I fervently hope these little thugs are caught.

    Time to read my fellow veterans comments.

  19. They must hate me “double time” time because i am both a Veteran & Christian.

  20. Most people who move to “Home Owners Associations” places, move there because they like the controlled environment, safety, etc. When moving into an HOA, read the rules first!

    I chose to move to an older house (vintage 1958, no sidewalks) where we all do what ever the hell we want. Gardens in the front, work on cars, have motorcycles, hang the Jolly Roger, Army flag, and the First Navy Jack flag. Point is: make your choice wisely based on what you value most when you invest in a home.

  21. As I posted a few days ago.
    “The Doctor of Common Sense”
    Dated: 21 July 2017 (07:17 minutes long)
    “Veterans and Christians Are The Most Hated Groups In America”

    And, as “Jo3n” has so eloquently stated, quote: “This cover story is not an isolated case. [It] Happens more than we want to know!”

    Not only by “Thugs” and “Thuglets”, it’s occurring nationwide through “Home Owners Associations” as well. These “community based (communistic) outlets” are imposing “rules and regulations” on what the homeowner is, and isn’t, allowing, ie: American Flags on YOUR property, Branch of service flags on YOUR property, Decals of YOUR military service on YOUR vehicle (while parked in YOUR driveway), etc., etc., etc..

    We’ve heard, read and seen videos of these atrocities occurring across the country.
    Only the MSM’s won’t cover it. Because …”it’s NOT newsworthy!” Because…. “Veterans and Christians Are The Most Hated Groups In America!”

    In my opinion, since the current active duty military is seeing this occurring. What do y’all think will occur when the current active duty personnel have had enough of this BULLSHIT? Especially since it’s occurring AGAINST their brothers and sisters!

    Time to “lock and load”, brothers and sisters! And no need to yell, “Fire in the Hole!”

    1. @Crazy elf – – – If I have to crawl to grab one, I’ll relieve them of their life. FUCKING ASS WIPES.

    2. Welcome to Trump world. Say one thing and do another. Which side do you think did the attack? The tear down the system? This is not a liberal act, it is a totally bent conservative act. But not a normal Republican act.

      1. @Lem – – – There all wolves in sheep’s clothing. If one knows that the other is wrong, then they should speak the fuck up. I agree, it isn’t what it use to be. Trust, whats that?

      2. Lem, You seriously need to provide more detail on why you think some little punk bastard that did this is at all possibly conservative…or even a part of whatever you think is the Trump world.

        I cannot think of a single instance in the past 5 years where anyone honestly known as a conservative or even a Trump supporter has done something like this. On the other hand, there have been numerous instances of special little liberals rioting, destroying, attacking and general anarchy reigning because these sensitive little bastards cannot face reality.

        Your comment is bullshit and disgusting. It’s like the liberal NY Times blaming Palin for the Giffords shooting, or the Bernie supporter shooting congressmen, or any other number of leftist attacks blamed on the right. Nothing but a damned lie.

      3. You know, after 7+ months, one would think the snowflakes would all have melted by now. It’s embarrassing. I can imagine McCain will be like Moby Dick but instead of the whale it will be damning Trump with his last gasp of droning air. Hillary lost. get with the program. 🙂 Nobody likes yellow snow.

      4. Show me one positive thing the greedy money changers (Wall Street) has done. All they know is feather their nest. Wake up Namnibor. Look at the real news instead of all this fake shit.

      5. I find it hard to believe that there is any one that is a true liberal, same for true a conservative. They don’t say for all issues, if its liberal its fine, and if its conservative its not, and visa versa for conservatives. Things change, peoples belief shift, and other factors will give one a different perspective on an issue that they never experienced before. And, there minds will change from what they believed in the past.

  22. Some people are extremely and unfairly vocal/expressive over trivial matter while other with serious problems simply keep quiet unable to express themselves.

    1. @Tony – – – This is the residual effects from being treated by incompetent mother fuckers. That clears it all up, wouldn’t you say?

      1. “Citizens of Delaware deserve access to nurse practitioners who are free to practice without unnecessary barriers” by Delaware Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
        yea, your screwed by unnecessary barriers. sad. be well

  23. Sadly, the VA isn’t going to change. Exposure, like Seymore Klearly says, he’s armed and ready. This cover story is not an isolated case. Happens more than we want to know.

  24. Update – – – Its been over twenty-five minutes and no call back from my Nurse or any one else. Even though they I explained everything to them, and threatened to hurt any ass wipe VA employee that enters my residence. I’m finding ways to tweak up my calls for help. And, as soon as I can, I’ll post follow ups. This in NOT a drill. I’m using Ben’s site, and by you folks reading my posts, that will verify that I called for help. Truthfully though, they don’t care. No buddy system, locally no one has my back. Its a STRANGE feeling to be in this state of mind and location. Sickening. Yeah right VA, “Do No Harm.” Take the Hippocratic oath and burn it, because it means nothing.

    And to those of you who think the VA is OK and they always help Veterans that are in need, take your fucking comments and post them elsewhere. You’re being deceived, or you haven’t done all of your homework.

    1. ANutterVet,

      For me to research the people responsible. I need you to start posting their names and titles right now. Each and every Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, …. Also what facilities are currently handling your care so that I can research and post there administrator history.

      Do It Now!!!

      1. @Seymore Klearly – – – All medical providers are located at VAMC Wilmington, Delaware of VISN 4 and SIG 1 (don’t know if these designations are correct or not)

        Estella Carrigan, APRN CNP- my VA PCP

        Here is a copy of my notes from April 4, 2017. Names with * have personally seen me . . .

        Dr. McGuire; Head of Behavior Health, *Dr. Hoang, Head of Pain Management, Dr. Dihenkar, Head Palliative Care & Head of Pain Management Committee, Dr. Marioni, Clinical Pharmacologist, *Dr. Needham, Psychologist, *Dr. Donnelly, Psychiatrist, *Ms. Estella Carrigan, PCP, *Jessica Johnson, Nurse & Primary Care Manager will attend meeting.

        I informed Carrigan that I’m too weak to make the meeting. And, because it is dangerous to do, I don’t want to take more Oxycodone. No matter what, they’re still having the meeting as planned.

        All the ones listed about without the *, attended the meeting in making decision from my medical notes and full jacket.

        Seymore, thank you so very much for helping. I want to put the spotlight on the VA as much as the light can shine. I don’t want this on my conscience for not doing something to protect other Veterans.

        Its so bad, the even the Nurse that visits me from Bayada Health, doesn’t know what to do. She can’t get the VA to do anything more. Leaving me with failing health, desperate, extremely stressed, hypervigilant, and trust, it can’t be measured because its non-existent.

      2. VAMC Wilmington, Delaware who supports the Atlantic County Community Out Patient Clinic in Northfield NJ. Where Charles R. Ingram III of Egg Harbor Township died after setting himself on fire just outside the Clinic. I have already done a lot of research on Wilmington VAMC.

        Their arrogance of using people fresh out of college with only two and four-year degrees as health care professionals because of the lack laws in Delaware they had them seeing patients Northfield NJ via Tele-med.

        That is what led to Charles Ingram’s actions in March of 2016 when all of their student doctors were off on Spring Break. Charles couldn’t get the help he needed all because of spring break and the bullshit Training program at VAMC Wilmington.

        That was while Shulkin was pushing for using nurses as Doctors. In the state of Delaware, it was already legal to use nurses and students who were in school training even without degrees, but in New Jersey nurse could not play doctors and they did not allow students to play doctors either. So, they used Tel-med from VMAC Wilmington to handle patients in Northfield and shirt the laws of NJ requiring qualified professionals.

        That was going on while Shulkin was fighting to use Nurses for Doctors throughout the VA Health Care System.

        Now here they are again running a Veteran around because of Summer break. What do they call that Lesson Never Learned?

        Give me some time to Check these dipshit Instructors and students out. Also to find more on whatever else they are currently screwing Veterans over with.

        It is time to break out the 100 million lumen portable sun system out and shine a little lite on VAMC Wilmington and there problems with their lack of caring for Veterans. Students and programs first.

      3. That Wilmington VA is corrupt. The previous Director went to NASA. She along with a psychologist placed a PRF in my chart after getting fired for whistleblowing about conditions at the facility. The DOJ is defending this mess and lies. The Congressional delegate Coons and Carper knows about these animals along with Shulkin who has been served with the lawsuit.
        The Delaware Board of Professional Regulation did nothing after I filed a complaint with them.

      4. @CorpsmanUp! – – – I believe your located down in Slower Lower Delaware or around Dover AFB?

      5. No, in Newark Delaware. Dr. Donnelly a few years back got his ass kicked by a veteran. Dr. Litle, was the asshat who wrote in my record. I worked in ENT , Audiology and Dialysis. Here is an article by the Washington Examiner for reference. “https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/bad-things-happen-to-whistleblowers-when-watchdogs-become-attack-dogs/article/2556324”

      6. CorpsmanUp! – – – Do you live close to the library on Kirkwood Highway (Rt. 2) before getting to Newark?

  25. @cj @Seymore Klearly @James Clement – – – Just wanted you folks to know that I can’t take anymore of being treated by the incompetent VA PCP and Pain Management Department. No one listens or hears my cries for help. Called the health care service that provides a Nurse for me. I told them, that I need someone to examine me, validate my life threatening concerns. Also told them that if I see a VA employee, that I will hurt them because I need to protect my life, and I’m in fear of losing it. Waiting for their call. We’ll see what happens. Only had 2 meals in the past week. Body is weak, and I’ve never been this defensive in my life. Even compared to being on active duty. This is insane. f this doesn’t work, I guess that I may have to call, and say, I may hurt some ones life. I’m tired.

      1. @me – – – I would, but I’m too jumpy. Trying to someone locally that I have trust in to be by my side to protect myself and others. I never felt this tweaked up. I had my health all under control. Was able to walk into the VA before, now I get exhausted going to the bathroom located in my residence.

        Trust factor diminished due to lack of sleep, super high stress, and being lied too. I know my anger, I’ll grab the first one that makes a stupid mistake. In my experience, happens often.

      2. @ANutterVet- You know you need to focus that intelligent mind of yours on a new project to force the attention of pain and discomfort in the present away to another place while you become more present in another space. Be well and good to yourself.

        I seriously encourage you to adopt a cat or kitten. I know you are a canine person, but cats also have a huge cathartic valium effect. They also bring one’s mind to focus elsewhere. Start a new research project AND get a kitten. 🙂

  26. Shoot these useless wastes of skin. Kneel them down on the fucking spot and empty a magazine into the backs of their heads. Then take the bodies and drop them on some America hating country sans parachute from 50,000 ft.

    Fuck these useless pieces of garbage.

    1. Better yet, why not get some live practice shooting of moving target and tie their hands and feet with a USA hating country’s flag and then have them taken up to 50,000 ft. and dropped out of plane sans parachute over Texas. Call it skeet shooting, Texas style.

      Wastes of O2 and skin and definitely pieces of human garbage stew.

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