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27,000+ Payments Delayed Due To VA ‘Software Issues’

On the heels of a major data sharing backlash, the Department of Veterans Affairs has announced another problem.

Some veterans did not receive their benefits payments on October 1 due to “software issues.” While the agency has yet to fully explain what the software issue specifically was, the agency did admit that 27,000 beneficiaries of benefits were not paid on time.

The following post appeared on Facebook yesterday, quoted in italics below:

October payments delayed for some Veterans

October disability compensation, dependency indemnity compensation (DIC) and pension payments are delayed by two days for more than 27,000 beneficiaries due to a software issue. The problem has been corrected and payments will be deposited in bank accounts on Oct. 3. This issue does not affect those receiving benefits under the GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment programs.

Impacted Veterans are those who received a new or changed award for compensation, DIC, or pension since Sept. 20, 2019.

VBA acknowledges that this delay could cause a hardship on Veterans and their families and will work with those facing financial hardship on a case-by-case basis. Beneficiaries may contact VA with any questions regarding this delay, or to request assistance at the phone numbers below.

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  1. Er Bill’s denied over a bonus as veterans died and noone held accountable. Veterans in crisis refuse to get help over this crap

  2. I wish the VA would stop saying education benefits aren’t affected, because they are. I didn’t get my chapter 35, many veterans didn’t get BAH. VA won’t give a straight answer to the school’s VA counselor. Wait times on the phone are three hours, then you get hung up on when you’re waiting.

  3. Funny how BONUS checks to all them fine VA staff get paid on time isn’t it? Ben you need to expose and help the absurdity of ANYONE getting a bonus in the VA when us vets are dying and being ruined!

  4. Remember the one VA Dr that was so lazy he copy and pasted his finding 1,000 times to veterans records . There articles of medical records how easy hackers can access them. Nothing is safe in the digital world. VA record are very unreliable. I went from being depressed to fine in the matter of seconds in there records.One person takes info than another person comes in takes info. Its like the game phone but worse. They write down wrong stuff all the time. Its worse if your in groups because I have other peoples records in mine because they put notes into the wrong files. I realized when they were hurrying vets to get wait times down they were hurrying up filling out questions to get you out the office without even asking you so it says this veteran says ______. Which you didn’t but its hard to sort out years later. There approx 12 million misdiagnoses a year false test results and unreliable records. Remember computers store passwords and Nurses have forgot to sign off it will even tell you in your records that they forgot to signed off. Look at your scheduling records and see how many times they have set you up and canceled appointments you never asked for

  5. Since we’re discussing “software issues”, I thought y’all might want to read about,

    The “…lawmakers stopped short of…” chewing ass!

    1. Then there’s this little “study” which “stereotypes veterans as unfeeling”;


    2. Here’s some good news on pay for veterans enrolled in “voc rehab”,


    3. Then there’s this news about “transitioning out of the military”;

      Do y’all remember how the military transitioned a vet out? It was “bye, have a nice day!”

  6. Had this been even -1- day late in paying any of the fine medical form factor AFGE manatees, these assholes would’ve wanted to be compensated for being late to their vending machines just a chair roll away from their industrial weight testing furniture.

  7. And we are confident in allowing VA to turn over our medical records to private sector.Sure.ddw

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