Are 500 VA Terminations A Major Change Or A Joke?

VA Termination Numbers

VA Termination Numbers

Some senior leaders within VA are highlighting (through backchannels) that recent termination numbers are likely a publicity stunt.

While VA brags a turnover rate of less than 1 percent, the normal attrition rate is closer to 10 percent for all types of organizations. So, is a 0.13 percent attrition rate worth bragging about?

Maybe, if your goal is to NOT keep the best and brightest employees. Maybe, if you want to perpetuate the fraud of VA existing for the purpose of helping veterans.

How can an attrition rate less than one percent be anything worth boasting about?

If You Exist In Wizard Of Oz

Here, in reality, we know VA simply does not do this and no one reading the headlines could believe an agency broken for 80 years is actually functioning to help the veterans it supposedly services. At least no sane person could think that.

Let’s not be surprised, too much, about an agency formerly called the Bureau of War Risk Insurance. The modern VA is an insurance company for VA. It has been this way for a century, and the agency does best when it denies benefits at any cost.

That is what VA does well, and it will continue to strive. No president can change this direction.

Terminations Under McDonald

In the not too distant past, former VA Secretary Robert McDonald announced he terminated a few thousand employees linked to the waitlist scandal. Senator Johnny Isakson quickly corrected McDonald, highlighting that he is not good at math, either.

The real number was closer to 3-4 employees. What McDonald failed to account for were the usual problems organizations as big as VA experience concerning terminations for misconduct.

In realty, many hundreds if not thousands of employees move through VA as a result of terminations or attrition. Not all of these are linked to terminations from what American taxpayers have demanded since 2014 – – which is accountability for fraud.

Now, VA under David Shulkin has boasted over 500 terminations over six months. But is that number significant in anyway? VA is holding out the terminations as a sign of accountability, but using VA numbers under McDonald, the present boast seems like little more than bragging about the sun coming up in the morning.

VA Termination Numbers

Let’s put it another way.

VA is an organization with more than 300,000 employees.

In two years, McDonald bragged about terminating 3,000 employees via accountability measures, but those measures were nothing to boast about. Instead, VA regularly loses about 1% of its workforce. And, what McDonald boasted about had nothing to do with the accountability America demanded.

With the new supposed Trump accountability plan, the press is highlighting the recent announcement. Yes, 500 people were supposedly terminated over the past six months.


That means less than one percent of employees have been terminated despite horrific performance numbers and rampant fraud.

So why is Trump bragging this up?

Only 500 employees were terminated? Given the rampant fraud previously announced, I would argue the present termination numbers are a disappointment.

What do you think?


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  1. “”

    “But Trump’s ambassador to Israel, David M. Friedman, recommended Shulkin to the president, and after impressing Trump he proceeded to win unparalleled support on Capitol Hill; he was the only member of Trump’s cabinet confirmed unanimously.”

    Since contacting Donnelly my pc has been on the fritz then a big storm hit here putting power out.

    No links for local happenings because our media will not post certain things for the rest of the nation to know about or be spread around. All the corrupt commies and Marxist here have to censor and put on the facade. Like a group from somewhere snuck into town asking the downtown club and some special veterans about local VA care. They reported no issues or problems here with VA health care and one vet said he had heard rumors against the VA but “had found them to be false.” How the hell does one man know it all? But that is how it is in Indiana or my town. They have some special meeting over issues not letting the public know it’s going to happen, then report afterwards that all is fine in Indiana and they always have someone to put on TV to support the propaganda or play yes men, or yes women. Supposedly starting a group, have a group, or site called VA dot org. I have yet to check them out.

    I lost my sense of humor many years ago, and personally don’t find much out of Hollywood… funny. I also don’t care to distract myself or support my enemy which is what entertainment and Hollyweird is all about… ruining and distracting.

    At about the seven minute area about Hollyweird.
    Interesting one too.

    I also do not have any “hope.” I lost hope for this country and society at the age of ten or so. The more corruption, cover-ups, demands to follow the herd, or expected to jump on all the activist band-wagons out there, to assimilate and drink the Kool Aid the less hopeful, less trusting, more questioning (not permitted), pessimistic I became, and am today. Plus not to forget some of us have lived real historic events and watched as the events or reports were mostly lies and twisted (fake news) to appease the corrupt and revisionist out there and they are the majority and the majority is evil, corrupted, silent, suffer cognitive dissonance, frog in the boiling pot syndrome, and seem only concerned with Hollyweird, sports, racing in Indiana, or golf, and the Kardashians.

    They may be expanding the GI Bill for the younger ones:

    The U.S. military is disclosing a super soldier project:

    Severe cybersecurity issues found at Army medical facilities:

    Two Israeli companies: spying on the world
    by Jon Rappoport

    Yeah, not too much to be happy or humorous about or have much hope in. Especially since America and it’s shadow government want to rule our minds and the entire world.

    OH, Indiana just passed over 500 new laws, tax on gasoline, another wheel tax, and will pass hate speech laws to silence us here like they do in the UK and other tyrant countries. The two party system is a joke and the “American Experiment” has failed.

    Having difficulty posting and keeping internet connection.

    Have a great day out there in the “matrix.”

  2. And, ALL the while, Vietnam Veterans are STILL being denied claims for Agent Orange! Or, have had their compensations taken away in the past few years, during the Obama’s Administration!
    WTF Over!
    Y’all watch, even IF the gulf war vets do get compensation, the VA will take it away later. Just like they did to the Vietnam War Veterans!

    1. That is the truth, veterans fight for year’s, decade’s and finely get something !

      Within 1 year they start sending out letters telling the veterans, a new c&p and the down grade begains.

      Seen it happen to my Son, service connected for legs and knees, gets blood clots.

      His legs swell up like balloons, had to let his car go, unable to make payments. He can not afford rent, so he is living in my back house or room.

      When the VA did this to him, I could see the stress and knew if I did not step in, my Son would have committed suicide. !

      I believe that every encounter with VA should be recorded and a copy given to the veteran.

      I understand that some procedures can not be filmed, but audio can !

      Want to be transparent and nothing to hide, they should imbrace this. Covers the veterans and employees.

      The veterans being reported as disruptive, will drop. No more he said, she said !

  3. “Report: VA claims for Gulf War illness denied 80 percent of the time”
    By NIKKI WENTLING | STARS AND STRIPES Published: July 10, 2017


    ” WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs denies more than 80 percent of veterans’ claims for benefits for Gulf War-associated illnesses — an approval rating three times lower than all other types of claims, according to a Government Accountability Office report released Monday.

    From 2010 to 2015, the VA approved 17 percent of claims – or 18,000 of 102,000 — for health care and disability compensation for veterans suffering from Gulf War Illness, which is an umbrella term for certain medical conditions common in some of the 1 million servicemembers who deployed to Southwest Asia in the past 27 years. Besides claims getting denied more often, veterans seeking benefits for Gulf War illness are having to wait four months longer on average to hear back from the VA, the GAO found.

    There’s confusion among VA staff about how to handle the claims, the report states. The Government Accountability Office also found VA medical examiners, who are key in providing information for veterans’ claims, lacked training on Gulf War illness. As of February, 90 percent of medical examiners had not been trained on how to conduct exams for Gulf War illness. The VA made the training optional.

    However, the VA attributes the low approval ratings to the complexity of Gulf War illness, thought to be caused by toxic exposure. There’s not a single definition for Gulf War illness, which includes a cluster of different conditions, as well as nine infectious diseases.

    “There’s a whole range of illnesses that are covered under this umbrella term of Gulf War Illness, and it’s difficult to know the causes of those conditions,” said the report’s author, Melissa Emrey-Arras. “Part of that is because many of the people who served were exposed to things like pesticides, smoke from oil well fires and even depleted uranium. It’s difficult to piece together.”

    VA Deputy Chief of Staff Gina Farrisee responded to the report in a letter, promising medical examiners would be required to go through training on Gulf War illness by November. The training is a 90-minute online course.”

    Associated Government Accountability Office report at: “”

    1. GAO Highlights report filed to requesting members of Congress 07/10/2017
      Gulf War Illness:
      Improvements Needed for VA to Better Understand, Process, and Communicate Decisions on Claims
      GAO-17-511: Published: Jun 29, 2017. Publicly Released: Jul 10, 2017.


      1. Fire every VBA employee and start over and only select people with morals and a brain and have to sign a disclosure that they will abide by the law’s.

        If found they are not following the law or anyone tells them to break the law and they do not report it. You will be fired !

        The care authorized to veterans, start with their claims. To many veterans are being denied their deserved disabilities and their for no care.

        These veterans are forced to obtain insurance and the VA will make them pay, one way or the other.

        If a veteran speaks to a provider about their disability and ask if the provider will note something about the disability.

        Many providers will note in the chart, veteran seems to have other motives and looking for a disability, he/she in my opinion is a slacker, faking ! Oh ya milinger !

    2. 90 minutes of training, on how to deny veterans leagely. 90 minutes will piss off the employees or at least Diana rubins and graves.

      Employees after the training will ask, what did he say, I don’t know, don’t listen to him,

      If you do your bonus will not get paid. He’s not our boss.

      I like when you post, to the point.

  4. In order to save 156 immigrants a 200-mile round trip their naturalization ceremony was held at the Stanislaus Veterans Center on Monday. These ceremonies are usually held in Fresno. So what about the Veterans who had no access to services on Monday. Just another blanket use of Veterans bldgs. by non-veterans. It makes me so madd I could scream, I mean I’m glad for these people – oh hell its dubbie time.

  5. “Senator calls for emergency funding for VA Choice Program”
    By NIKKI WENTLING | STARS AND STRIPES Published: July 11, 2017


    ” WASHINGTON – Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., introduced legislation Tuesday to provide emergency funding for a veterans health care program that is expected to run out of money in early August.

    Tester, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., the committee chairman, called the funding shortfall a crisis during a hearing on veterans health and Tester introduced the “Veterans Access to Care Act of 2017,” which would provide $4.3 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs to fund the Veterans Choice Program through Sept. 30, 2018, the end of the next fiscal year.

    The bill responds to VA Secretary David Shulkin’s announcement to lawmakers in June that the program was quickly and unexpectedly in need of funds. The program pays for veterans, in certain instances, to receive health care from private sector medical facilities.

    President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget proposal for the VA requests $3.5 billion for the Choice program in that year. However, Trump’s proposal was created with Shulkin’s estimation that the program would have a $626 million surplus that it could rollover into 2018. Shulkin’s latest guess was the fund would run dry by Aug. 7. Shulkin attributed the faster spending to more veterans using of the program. Eight million community care appointments were made between January and June, which is a nearly 50 percent increase from the same period last year, he said.”

    1. Two questions Seymore,
      1.) Who are ALL these veterans getting to use the Choice Program? Are they the average disabled veterans or are they VA’s employed veterans?
      2.) How come NO one is looking into “HealthNet” for their taking/stealing of over half of the Choice Program’s monies, leaving it underfunded?

      I haven’t met one veteran, since its inception, who’s used choice!

      1. @Crazy Elf – – – I had to use CHOICE once due to Honolulu VA scheduling screwup. As it turned out, took just about as long for CHOICE to get their stuff together, as it did for the VA. I was NOT positively impressed.

        REAL choice will only come when the federal government issues all veterans a card that allows them to choose doctors in their own community that they can TRUST – – – then pays those doctors promptly (within 45 days) for their services.

        Anything less than that is not choice . . .

      2. Hey Elf,

        Remember that VA audit Shulkin had done several months ago by that wealth management firm. They found that the choice program had several billion left which was way more than expected.

        They also had some suggestions on how to better handle that money. You know Shulkin got a big chuck of that.

      3. I have used choice and the medical doctor made me feel at ease and that means a lot to me.

        Then I had to keep calling choice to pay the Bill’s, they were about to send me to collection’s.

        The VA wants to punish veterans for choosing choice. Veterans that use Choice must stay on top of their visit and keep following up to ensure the provider gets paid.

        I said it before, with the new law, veterans will be targeted by VA employees.

        You know we are employees worst enemy or they want to believe this misnomer !

      4. Ya and why??? just wrote to my Senator Hoven,,, and let him know the disgrace of all,,, not only of the VA CHOICE<< BUT ALSO THE year after year of drain of the only income we depend on being depleated at $100 to $150 per month for decades,,,, The Fake Inflation rate they use,, is taking a toll,,,, what good is a health care even if we ever got one,,, with nothing to give a quality of life with it,,,, god GOD is there nobody out there that we have been given also a ditch digger wage to live on also,,,, I today if I could work would be making well in to the 6 digits figures,,, though we are treated we weren't any better then to join the Armed Forces,,, that all we were ever good for,,,, give me a break all of you,,,,, This so called America has not only gave us the bottom of health care,, but paint brush to color the world of our help,,,,, HOrace

      5. VA Choice is contracted to two HMO operations. Health Net and Tricare. As with all HMOs the more services they deny the greater their profit. So unless we get assigned to a good physician and send denied bills to our congressman’s office and have a congressman’s office clerk that will burn and turn on it expect problems even to collection. Don’t pay it costs them more to go to court and if you get an attorney to file suit on your credit deprecation they’ll soon learn it is cheaper to respond as contractually obligated.

        A hassle for the vet who fights but if enough do it will correct the contractor or cause them to drop their monopoly. Somebody is getting a lot of “Pork”.

      6. Also Elf there is the $3 Billion they skimmed off of the Choice program to pay for the drug developed by funds from the VA by a VA Doctor. The Hep-C drug. Even after they skimmed the $3 Billion off the top they then started sending all Hep-C treatment Veterans to Choice to help burn up even more Choice Dollars.

        Facts are the VA should have taken control of the patents for the Hep-C drug and made it available to everyone at a cost that would cover the expense of the research. The cost of the pills would be around $1 per pill instead of the $1,000 per pill currently being paid.

        Also the Choice program would still have more than $3 Billion remaining Plus any of the choice money for Veterans who received the pill through the Choice Program.

    2. My Son went and tried to use Choice and was told Nope, no ? in choice.

      Broke ahead of time. With all the ? given to the choice program and it being used up so quickly, is telling me that veterans are choosing choice over VA care.

      If every veteran had a choice between VA care and outside care. What % would choose the VA.?

      I bet at least 98 %. If that were to happen who are the VA employees going to blame for disruptive behavior.

      The 2%, would be reported or die waiting for care.

      After all the hungry hippo game must be played before the 2% can be seen.

  6. Good chit or bad chit I don’t know, but clearly neither does the VA.

    ” Inspector general says Roseburg VA used outdated colonoscopy methods”
    CARISA CEGAVSKE Senior Staff Writer The News-Review 41 min ago


    “The inspector general of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced Tuesday that the Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center has been performing colonoscopies using outdated methods.

    The inspector general reported conclusions based on an investigation requested by U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Springfield. DeFazio said he heard from a constituent in 2014 that patients experienced long waits for colonoscopies and problems with the quality of those colonoscopies at the Roseburg VA.

    DeFazio issued a statement Tuesday afternoon saying the inspector general’s findings will lead to improved care not just at the Roseburg VA, but across the country. As a result of the investigation into Roseburg’s practices, the inspector general has recommended the Veterans Health Administration’s colorectal cancer screening guidelines be revised. Those standards govern practices used at all VA medical facilities.”

    1. With the old methods not up to par will they now be calling everyone back for a new set of pictures?
      Must have new equipment coming out they want to try out for FDA approval.

      Ever get the feeling that VA doctors truly love shoving it right up the butt of all Veterans.

    2. Seymore, I like the line about policies governing standards.

      If the fucking nitwits enforced their policies they might not have as many problems.

      Like using outdated standards to do colonoscopies. That only happens when there is zero oversight from management at that shithole.

      This reminds me of the first one I had at the VA. They were trying to figure out why I had intestinal problems after returning from the Gulf.

      The “technician”, or whatever the fuck he was at the OKC VA never gave me any medication. I never knew it should have been provided.

      When I was in the Houston VA a year later and they did the same test, I found out they give medication before the procedure.

      That bastard at OKC reminded me of some greasy pervert hanging out in the adult magazine section.

      1. Likely, it be the VA and all, the greasy pervert looking one at OKC was probably already doing the meds that were supposed to be offered to you and any other colonoscopies that day.

      2. Even with medication and them letting interns complete the examination, I ended up with blood all over.

        They told me next time we are going to have to put you under.

        Guess under the sedation they gave me, I was still in pain, have not been back !

  7. As the cruel joke of Veterans Choice rolls on.

    “Congress debates how much choice is too much, as it nears key decisions on veterans health care”
    By Nicole Ogrysko Federal News Radio July 11, 2017 6:42 pm


    1. Seymore,
      I wonder IF “Shithead Shulkin” is still pushing that “…there’s a LensCrafters on every corner…” bullshit?
      Or, IF he’ll try to get “dental…” taken away from veterans to help pay for the (no)Choice Program?
      Or, IF he’ll go back on his “word” and take “IU” away from veterans who collect Social Security?
      Or, ———
      So many “OR’s” it’s confusing to think ahead of him!

  8. Just read where the Whitehouse wants to raise the buyout for firing Gov’t. Employees from twenty five thousand to forty thousand. VA employees also? Why? Why pay them at all?

    1. Jo3n, without more detail, that buyout may be offered to get rid of LOTS of dead wood…likely employees close to or at retirement anyway.

      And then the position is eliminated.

      1. I know an employee who is still working and has 55 year’s of service. Was finance manager and now a clerk.

        VA employees when they retire get maybe $1300 a month and will not retire volunteerly.

        They figure I’ll sit here and do as little as I can for as long as I can. Going from $40000 or $60000 a year plus yearly bonus to about $1300 a month.

        They can not live on$1300 a month, when they bought a half million dollor home and a cadalic for each house hold member.

        How do we veterans expect them to afford all of this on $1300, employees knowing this will not step down peacefully !

  9. With ALL that’s going on in our country, and there’s a lot going on. Schumer truly needs to get his priorities together. Another joke for today’s jokes.

  10. “Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us? The constitutional theory is that we the people are the sovereigns, the state and federal officials only our agents. We who have the final word can speak softly or angrily. We can seek to challenge and annoy, as we need not stay docile and quiet.”—Justice William O. Douglas, dissenting, Colten v. Kentucky, 407 U.S. 104 (1972) ….
    challenge and annoy I like that part

    1. Yea, I like that part as well, OLDMARINE! Only, I like the “annoying” part better! Plus, sometimes “…the tree of liberty must bleed from time to time!”

      Oh, and on that “snortable chocolate” business. The wife and I saw something about that on last night’s news.
      I wonder what “Hershey”, IF they’re involved, thinks about Chucky Schumer diving in against their “cash cow”?

    2. The VA could care less about these word’s?

      I bet if that person went to the VA and repeated that statement !

      Bam, your disruptive. And say not here you don’t !

    3. “Unjust laws exist; shall we be content to obey them,
      or shall we endeavor to amend them and obey them until we have succeeded
      or shall we transgress them at once?” Henry David Thoreau

      1. LOVE “Civil Disobedience”.

        @NiteWish- So sorry about your Maine Coon. Mine is a mix and now 10 years with me since a kitten and he helps me so very much each and every day. My thoughts go out to you.

      2. Namnibor, Today was the first day in 3yrs that cat wasn’t harassing the water as I tried to water the plants. He loved his water & I had finally trained him which plants like the cactus he couldn’t play with the water around. I miss him but still have 4 more cats. People toss them out in the alley & end up here or dead in the road. MaineCoons are special cats, he was a mix too, like 20lbs & a throw away so all the more grateful for home plus his females which he guarded. I’m glad you have one so you know what they are like. Thankx for your kind words.

  11. OFF TOPIC…Chuck Schumer’s on a crusade to ban snortable raw chocolate — Puppet Masters —
    Something is obviously amiss. What other explanation can there be for the Senator’s recent ridiculous campaign to force the FDA to begin regulating chocolate?

    Schumer launched his initiative on Saturday in order to enlist the FDA in a fight to regulate “snortable chocolate” powder that is being used by some in clubs for euphoria and energy.


  12. @OLDMARINE, where’s your spirit for adventure? I honestly was kidding. Even though, I have a good place to hang it. By the way, Jo3n is John, the 3, and the h are both silent.

    1. You don’t want mine I’m a nobody and I like it that way..LOL….JON THE TURD….I see more clearly now..LOL

  13. Off-Topic but here’s that link to story and video of a local Ohio Veteran in which Veterans Administration mistakenly declares war veteran “dead” and royally messes-up his life:


    “[…The V.A. told ABC 6/Fox 28 it was notified by a third party that Manis had died. Its statement said it “regrets the inconvenience.” and has strengthened its verification process to reduce the likelihood of mistakes like this, which the agency says, don’t happen very often.

    VA has found that these types of cases represent a very small number of beneficiaries in comparison to the millions of transactions completed each year. Additionally, VA has several matching programs that are designed to prevent overpayment and debts incurred by beneficiaries. One of these programs matches death record data from the Social Security Administration (SSA) with our database. When a match is made between SSA death records and VA records, the beneficiary is identified as possibly deceased, and a letter is sent to the beneficiary in order to confirm the match. During calendar year 2016, VA confirmed the accuracy of the automated SSA death match process, finding a 99.67 percent accuracy rate. During that period, the process automatically suspended VA benefit payments for 103,243 beneficiaries. Of those, 345 beneficiaries had their benefit awards reactivated due to erroneous suspensions, representing less than 0.4 percent of the year’s SSA match caseload. – Terrence Hayes, V.A. Spokesman

    “Why in the world they aren’t required to have a death certificate before they start killing somebody off? I don’t have a clue,” said McKenzie…]”

    1. Why the hell are they sending letters, to someone they think is dead?

      Stupid fucking VA bastards, why don’t ya knock on the damn casket and ask if anyone is home?

      Fucking idiots!!! Hey I know, poke the body bag with a sharp stick n see if it explodes!


      1. @cj- “Why the hell are they sending letters, to someone they think is dead? ”

        That was my first logical question.

        The VA only knows when the Veteran is “done” by the body bag exploding on its own, and never a minute sooner. The VA’s redefined version of “Hot Pockets”. 🙂

    2. He was probably better off driving there anyway..just like my VSO telling me I don’t get a conformation letter, always got one before,…BUT I saved all my correspondence with him and printing it out..Got to have that paper trail..LOL

      1. OldMarine, I’d bet money it has something to do with the paperwork reduction act. Save them money by not providing ‘paper’ copies plus you save a tree…Do they still make paper out of trees? I don’t know anymore.

      2. NiteWish …save a tree grow hemp…I keep meaning to ask, you mentioned it before, The laser and a plant what’s it do?

      3. OldMarine, Its used to trick flowering plants into flowering. Dark, moonless nite between midnite & 2am for outside or completely dark inside the house, just one second of red laser lite [cat/dog toy] across the plants & in a short time they will bloom. Theres science behind it but I’m not able to explain it.

    3. namnibor and others,
      That “spokesman” for the VA is a lying piece of shit!
      When I googled the article you put on about the veteran who “…was declared DEAD…” by VA through a third party, there were additional sites which proves he’s a fuckin liar.
      From: “”
      dated: May 25, 2016
      “VA mistake 4200 veterans listed dead – military times”

      The article states over “…a 5 year period 4200 veterans were mistakenly declared DEAD…”. That means from 2011 to 2016, 4200 veterans, on the average of 840 per year, were cut off of everything they had earned through the VA! Figures don’t lie, only the fuckin VA spokespersons LIE!

    4. namnibor, when my husband died I brought his death certificate into the VA Clinic, I think they copied it & then took care of stopping his meds & whatever else they do. taking care of business…lol

      1. Well, Nitewish, you think they stopped his meds.

        With the pill theft going on by VA employees, you have to wonder if his prescription continued long after he passed.

  14. After reading all the comments: rog/doyle, you are way too flaky to be a adequate ESQ./lawyer. Find another job. Also, I don’t like strangers, who know nothing about this site challenging anyone for anything. Until they understand the Veterans on this site. @OLDMARINE, would you send, or put on this site, your picture? Inquiring minds want to know… God Bless y’all.

      1. “I Know NOTHING”!!! — SGT. Schultz, ‘Hogan’s Heroes’

        It always concerns me when a person is insistent on unveiling my anonymity…esp. makes my back hair stand-up on a Disabled Veteran website. Sometimes it’s beneficial to adhere to ‘less is best’.

      2. No autographs or picture’s…But if they come here on my home ground they have another thing coming…I do wake up easy…LOL..But if I lived in the city I wouldn’t give my name out..

  15. A “close friend” just informed me of the following today.
    Because he smokes cigarettes, his PCP at a VHA clinic said he had a “smokers cough”!! Not really believing his PCP, he used his outside healthcare, and found he had “walking pneumonia”!
    After a $20 co-pay and $30 worth of anti-biotics, through the outside healthcare, his health is a lot better.

    Just one more fuck up by VHA physicians!

    1. YEA ELF..They give you a military check over and if your standing and breathing there is nothing wrong

  16. 07/11/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    500 employees fired out of 341,000 is around .15% of the working population at the VA.

    Any movement at the VA is good.

    The question is —“Is this a Joke?”

    The Math does not lie.


    Don Karg

    1. Don,
      The more important question is; Out of those 500 to 800 employees fired and/or suspended, “How many will contest the firings and/or suspensions just to be reinstated?” Then, once reinstated, to be moved around and/or promoted to higher positions within the Veterans Administration!?
      There’s plenty of verification this has occurred before. So, why are we to believe it won’t happen again?
      In my opinion, when the VA can submit proof, by naming the persons being fired or suspended, why they were fired and/or suspended, what VA visn they were attached to, dates of firing and/or suspensions etc., etc., ~~~~~~
      Like I’ve said before, Then I MIGHT believe the VA!

  17. Roger Taylor,

    Personally, I do have a low opinion of you and your abilities as a lawyer. My opinion is based on your being non-responsive to an attempt to contact you last year.

    As for your insult regarding courage. I am already paying a heavy price for using my real name on this same blog in the past and currently I am looking at paying an even heaver price for continuing to post here.

    Words like Courage, Bravery and Valore have repeatedly been used to describe some of my actions by both Officers and Politicians as they are handing me citations or awards for a number different events in my life. To hear you use the word courage to insult me, and others, on this blog is very rich and very telling about who you are.

    In regards to your issues of honesty and integrity. You used multiple names on this page with the intent to deceive other posters. Need I say more?

    As for your claim of trying to lighten up the page and your statements regarding Shulkin. For me and most who post on this blog Shulkin is not only the person in charge of the most corrupt agency in our Government but he is also in charge of the deadliest Health Care System in America. Since Shulkin has been in charge of the VA Health Care System he has managed to make it even deadlier than before.

    1. Seymore,
      Even though “Shithead Shulkin” ~says~ he’ll NOT touch elderly disabled veterans IU AS/because they’re on Social Security, I wouldn’t count on him being truthful!
      He’s already, as you’ve pointed out, been in charge of “The most corrupt government agency” in American history since he was put in charge of our healthcare some time ago (during Obama’s administration)!

  18. I just emailed a copy of what Jamie Stutts said to my VSO and told him the shit doesn’t match, and a link to this sight maybe he’ll learn something..LOL…And I’m not worried who the fuck reads what I post…LOL

  19. @”Rog”
    I don’t use my real name because this site is monitored by VA employees. Waiting, in the wings so to speak, to destroy our disabilities and compensations!
    That’s why many of us don’t use our names!
    You, yourself, didn’t use your real name until you were called out!

    1. See ELF I have nothing to loose they give me 400 dollars for a kidney …Just like JAMES said yesterday I would drop it like a rock if I wasn’t right, and them twisting shit around…Just like that BS service officer telling me they don’t send you anything..I just cant stand lying mother fucker’s…I’m not that educated but I will figure it out eventually…. LOL…I’m just hard it doesn’t let me give up

      1. OLDMARINE: Your the real deal, I would rather hang with 2000 OLDMARINES, then one edumacated libtarded piece of shit. Fuck all them lying assholes, and damn right your going to figure it out. Yeah I know i need to chill, still pissed off at the BVA asshole from above……

        What ya need help with OLDMARINE? post it up here, maybe one of us has the answer for you.


      3. @OLDMARINE: Ahhahahahaha soooooo right, plenty of time to rest when I am tits up, pushin daisy’s

      4. BY the way CJ you all ready did me a favor by posting that your VSO can print it out on the spot..Let my VSO read that…LOL

      5. @OLDMARINE; Yes all true, and he probably will print it out for you. Makes you wonder what the illegal delay in getting foia requests out is all about.

        For anyone visiting this blog and wondering why so much anger is here. Let me explain why.
        The VA, a government agency, when given two choices, a choice to do what is right, and a choice to do what is wrong, will ALWAYS chose what is wrong, unless shamed in the public eye to do what is right. get it?

        Veterans desperately seeking help, and being delayed, lied to, and being neglected, the results of which either end in the Veteran committing suicide, or the through neglect the Veteran being murdered by the VA.
        get it?

        Unqualified doctors and examiners being used to wrongfully deny Veterans their benetifts, get it?

        Quacks scripting heavy doses of opiates to Veterans, then after years of being on them, just stop them without any warning whatsoever, without a tapering schedule get it?

        VA stealing Veterans claims, hundreds of millions per month, and YOUR senator recieves part of those claims in his re election fund get it yet?

        The list is literally endless, I think you get it.

  20. Shit I just looked myself up there’s more than one me with a name like that LOL..but you won’t find my picture

    1. Ya, that’s the ticket, my real name is John Smith or better yet Jose Gonzalez


      2. Darn thing posted in the wrong place again. Should have posted right after Seymores, Jose Gonzalez post. But still works here.

  21. This is out this morning from:
    “ News”
    Dated: 10 July 2017

    “Quick Action Needed From Congress on VA Choice Program”

    “” | by: Richard Sisk

    “Shithead Shulkin” claims he’s leaving the “IU” for elderly vets on social security alone.
    He’s actually doing what he’s required, by law, to do! Asking Congress IF he can use monies from other “VA sources to put into the Choice Program!”
    Now, *IF* he’s being truthful, then disabled veterans, on “IU” and Social Security, can rest easy! *IF NOT*, then we’re getting fucked again!

  22. Am thinking a quota system for firings would be very good, bonuses could be paid for getting rid of those who just don’t measure up.

    1. Now that is funny. ! Bonus ! Every employee would turn in so many employees for the ? !

      The good one’s and the bad one’s ! It’s call retalation !

      But it would be funny watching employees turning in other employees and Some one would stop killing veterans and start on their own?

      You made my day. !÷÷÷ to funny !

  23. even if it’s a publicity stunt, it’s brilliant
    gonna get those VA employees workin in hyperdrive…

    1. @”Rog”,
      That’s only:
      1.) *IF* the VA employees believe it to be factual.
      But, what —–
      2.) *IF* the VA employees know it’s “false information!
      Then your hypothesis, of “…get[ting] those VA employees working in hyperdrive”, is thrown out with the dirty bath water!

    2. Rog….here this might help you chill… 7.83 Hz | The Powerful Healing Frequency of Earth’s Magnetic Field | Boost Positive Energy – YouTube


  24. Seymore, I apologize, sir, I did NOT mean to piss anyone off.
    I readily admitted that I was posting as both Rog and Doyle immediately,
    so that addresses the issues of deception and forthrightness. As I said,
    I was just getting a little concerned about all the negativity and wanted to
    bring a little humor into the conversation. I must point out that I succeeded
    with quite a few of y’all. I have nothing but respect and LOVE for all of you.
    ALL y’all. So out of respect, since a few of you senior officers would rather I made no more
    appearances here, I shall comply.
    Goodbye, and good luck, sir.
    -Rog (but you can call me Doyle, brother

    1. @Rog- Don’t sweat it. One must keep-in-check that we all have various chronic health crap going on and mix of very diverse personalities and sometimes humans just clash or rub wrong way. The defensiveness is only warranted because of the countless times VSO’s and VA employees have come here using different monikers, which tends to raise people’s hair on back like a prickly cacti patch amongst those that bear burden of PTSD in this life.
      Keeping to one moniker for consistency, recognition and camaraderie is indeed helpful when on a blog for Disabled Veterans, of whom, our trust levels are about spent in this life.
      Peas Flies

    2. To “Rog” or “Doyle” or “Whatever you call yourself”,
      Coming on Ben’s Blogs, especially when it concerns serious allegation(s) of HOW VA isn’t fulfilling it’s obligation to veterans, by NOT actually being truthful, (Which is how the VA operates daily), on this new revelation on a massive firing! As Seymore and others have pointed out repeatedly.
      One could take your flippant responses as that of being a “TROLL”! One who comes on here to make light of a serious VA problem.
      I hope you understand, we, and possibly tens of thousands of veterans, have had it with the VA lying to us and the public at large!
      As long as you understand that, then maybe you’ll understand our mindset!

      1. ok, sir.
        I’ll try harder to understand you guys.
        I’m no troll.
        Ben’s a friend.
        And I was just trying to stem the tide of rampant cynicism on his site.
        Cynicism is one thing.
        Hopelessness and despair quite another beast entirely…
        As I said, this media blitz could very well be a publicity stunt.
        But y’all have to admit – it’s brilliant.
        Just think how many VA employees will really put it in gear and whip it out now…
        Give peas a chance, fellas.
        You’ll love me later.
        -Rog (call me Doyle

      2. @Rog – – – Its hard to have trust, to think of peace, or to not be in a desperate mindset. Especially when a PCP gives you a prescription that is 95% less compared to the regular monthly prescribed amount. Its WAR not peace. And, its all up to the VA to change its ways. They hold the cards and they know it.

        Remember, at least 22 Veterans commit suicide EVERYDAY ! And that’s hard to forgive.

        Thanks for clearing some of the matter up. You should’ve mentioned that you are a friend of Ben’s. But then again, what one believes is a friend, may mean something totally different to someone else. Peace. – – – Nutter.

      3. ok, wait, just a minute, hold the phone…
        I just got the irony here, gents.
        I got called out for using variations on my real, legal name
        by guys with handles like Seymore Klearly and Crazy elf…
        I hope you can appreciate what I see from MY chair here…
        You raised issues of honesty and integrity with me.
        I hope you don’t mind if I raise the issue of courage with you.
        What are you so afraid of?
        I challenge you all to start using your real names, or variations thereon.
        Be good, now.
        And y’all come back, ya hear?
        -Turnup Greene

      4. Rog …. honesty…. we didn’t use 2 different name’s until you got caught…. your not to bright of a lawyer
        and I bet your perty shitty in court…

  25. They should have posted in their data the amount of time the employees have been with VA. I would say that most of them were within a year of service thus making dismissal super easy to do!

    1. Stop watching your neighbors with binoculars, or were you speaking of the celestial full moon? 🙂


      2. Maybe, just maybe, you are about to be experiencing an alien abduction. The probing will be much more thorough than the VA Healthcare.
        Even aliens of all types have better healthcare than Veterans. 🙂

      3. “Are 500 VA Terminations A Major Change Or A Joke?”

        Definitely joking and still maniacally laughing! 🙂

      4. namnibor … Now that make’s me feel better it was just you, I don’t believe in aliens any way…Demonic spirits yes, just look at all the politician’s, THEY HAVE THAT GREED SPIRIT IN THEM…LOL…..and good, for feeling better

      5. I AM starting to feel better. One LONG ASSED WEEK of summer flu 2017. Even with generic equiv. Theraflu RX, I was blowing my nose 146+ times a DAY. Thank the gods for Puff Plus because otherwise my nose would have been ground off by erosive friction alone. Still not out of woods and will take entire 2 weeks of Bactrim.

  26. Truth on Syria that will destroy every mainstream narrative | the real Syrian Free Press………………….””

  27. SYRIA: SCENARIOS OF DRAMATIC POLITICAL CHANGE – CIA-RDP86T01017R000100770001-5.pdf………..””

    1. I just thanked the NSA for the pdf to post…just type it in your browser they can read it…NO SHIT

  28. If you still think we go to war for free-dumb and democracy read this.Just think opposite of what they tell you..ON CBS NBS CNN. AS SLY AS A FOX NEWS ABC/It’ THAT EASY TO FOOL YOU…LOL

    OILIGARCHY: The Economic Motive for America’s Current Wars – By Eric Zuesse | RIELPOLITIK

  29. What do I think? If you remove any termination of those who were fired within their probationary period of typically 1 year, or 2 years if hired under the VRA, then this number is WAY below the number that SHOULD be fired.

    While Hamlin and many others still defile the VA, don’t blow smoke up my ass and tell me there is accountability in the VA.

    Their listing of those they supposedly held accountable is nothing more than window-dressing, and anyone within the Trump administration is stupid for repeating it.

    This is nothing more than a PR attempt to reduce the heat on “senior leader”s in Washington. And their enablers in Congress.

    Worthless fucks.

  30. About this Los Angeles land stolen by them. It needs to be turned over to Veterans for a Veterans non profit organization. Ben, as a lawyer, a feared Veteran advocate, and respected by Veterans, you should run this charity. You would do the right thing. Just a thought. Otherwise, Veterans won’t get what’s theirs. Lawyers and liars and thieves will win.

  31. @anyone, Is Jared still checking out VA for Pop? Is there a congressman/woman out there that doesn’t believe the twenty five million dollar propaganda machine? Perhaps it would be easier to get a record of what the propaganda machine has been able to cover up. I can remember a few. They are at least guilty of misrepresenting the facts. We need to make them visible and let people know. That Los Angeles 388 acres is a hot spot. We need to let the VA know that the land belongs to Veterans. Get support…from someone.

  32. Are 500 VA Terminations A Major Change Or A Joke?

    Clearly the name of the report states what it is “Adverse Actions Report”. But the way that it is being presented is total bullshit because they do not include the names.

    It is clear that the Adverse Actions report includes not only the initial firing which is one Adverse Action recorded in the report. In most cases another Adverse Action is recorded when the person appeals and and the original action is upheld. Then of course another Adverse Action is recorded for the same employee if they appeal the action before the MSPB and the board finds the action appropriate. Then there is another Adverse Action recorded in the report if the employee files and goes to court against the MSPB decision.

    Because the names are not included in the report we do not know if the actions were reversed at during the initial appeal, MSPB hearing process, or even during civil court.

    This report has been present in a manor that indicates that these Adverse Action have actually been up held the employees they claim have been removed actually haven’t.

    The report is total Bullshit period.

    1. As for Shulkin he knows that all of the info is being misrepresented. Only a con-artist would sit back and let this continue.

      Shulkin you need to be fired pronto.

      This is going to define you and your career, you fricken con-artist.

  33. Have y’all noticed it’s only “the right leaning news outlets” reporting anything about this
    “-somewhat- massive firing at VA”!
    Here’s another site out today, 10 July 2017, spouting how President Trump is firing VA employees.
    “Clash Daily with Doug Giles”
    “Trump Dumps 500+ Workers From Agency He Slammed Last Year”

    It’s got “846 shares” and comments praising “Shithead Shulkin” and POTUS for getting rid of a bunch of worthless asswipes!

    I actually got to comment on it. Then returned a few hours later to see my comment gone! Censorship at Its finest!
    I guess the readers didn’t like what I said, lol!
    Oh well fuck em!

    1. Yes, I noticed, Crazy. But then where do you expect most “fake news” to show up. The rest haven’t touched it because it is a bogus claim.

      Or did you read Ben’s article?

      1. Lem, yes I did read Ben’s article. Haven’t you read my previous comments? I’m on the same page as the rest of y’all.
        If you can’t tell, I was being sarcastic!

      2. Flem,

        Are you calling the VA purveyors of fake news?


        Or are you calling Military Times fake new?

        ““VA to make public all employee firings”
        By: Leo Shane III, July 7, 2017 10:28 CST
        Military Times

  34. Media Ignores Virginia Gov. McAuliffe’s Role in Green Car Scandal that Fleeced Taxpayers out of Millions – Judicial Watch………CROOKS AT WORK


    1. @OLDMARINE – – – “. But the escalating standoff in Mississippi raises the likelihood that the business deal McAuliffe brokered could be headed toward a bitter end in court. Ending his four-year term as governor with a higher national profile and record as an exuberant pitchman for Virginia, GreenTech’s unraveling could dog McAuliffe amid speculation about a 2020 presidential bid.”

      Let us all hope it dogs this corrupt SOB the rest of his life.


  35. Well here’s my humor for the day Roger/Doyle…You might learn what your eating

    Bioengineered Nano Foods; Soylent Green on Steroids – YouTube

    1. Soylent Green was people…
      THIS is microrobotics, ain’t it?
      Scary, to say the least.
      Ok, you’ve succeeded in destroying my sense of humor for today.
      Hasta manana, brothers

      1. Roger Taylor you certainly have pissed a few of us real Veterans off today. Your playing name games certainly tells us all that you want to be deceptive in your approach to post on Ben’s site also.

        Have you no respect for Ben or all of the Veterans who come to this site?

      2. To quote your About Me Page.

        “About me
        Private veterans’ benefits attorney, serving U.S. servicemembers, veterans and their families.
        VA-accredited to prepare and prosecute veterans’ claims before ALL Regional Offices of the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in D.C since 2011.
        Admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims in D.C. since 2016.
        Looking forward to helping you get your hard-earned, rightful veterans’ benefits.”

        Yet you are on this page basically playing games and trolling Veterans.

      3. @Seymore Klearly – – – If this Roger Taylor Troll REALLY is a licensed Veterans Attorney, he would be one for wise veterans to steer clear of. If he cannot be honest and forthright in his conduct on this blog – – – JUST imagine how VETERANS would be treated if THEY were his CLIENTS . . .

        NOT a GUY I would EVER consider hiring . . .

  36. @James Clement, hope you are following up on the sites others, like OLDMARINE and SeymoreKlearly, and Cj, Namnibor, Crazy elf, and so many others. Good luck on the journey.

    1. @Jo3n – – – Thank you for your support. I share all my comments, along with Ben’s articles on Google+. I do not use Facebook – – – but may return to it specifically for this purpose in the future. I do what I can to spread the word.

      I will never give up fighting both to get my earned benefits, and to get my story out to the public. My biggest problem is that i am one financially poor veteran, while they enjoy tons of money and huge staffs. I refuse to let that stop me though.

      If I thought I were wrong in any way – – – I would drop the entire matter like a rock.

      I am not, and I will not. Both for myself, and my fellow veterans who have been so wronged by this nation after doing so right by it.

      1. When your right your right and should never give up.

        When your wrong your wrong and you would stop.

        That’s the way it should be, the VA does not understand this.

        The veterans are always wrong and the VA is always right. ! Even if they are wrong.

        It’s really not that hard to admit a wrong and apologize. The VA is afraid to admit when they are wrong and will go to hell and back sticking to their lies.

        You can have absolute proof of wrongdoing and they will ignore it, don’t want to look ?.

        Some one has to investigate who the employees were that spoke with the veteran who was killed at the bank.

        I hope he has someone to file a wrongful death suit and go after the employees and the VA.

        They did this to him and too many other veterans and they have killed themselves.

        If veterans were really dangerous they would have taken employees with them. The veterans care to much about others and will not take a life in vain.

        The VA on the other hand will take many lives and then lie about it.

        Who’s really the disruptive people. !

      2. “I am not, and I will not. Both for myself, and my fellow veterans who have been so wronged by this nation after doing so right by it.”

        Exactly the reason why I continue JC.

  37. Good Article, Ben.

    “Some senior leaders within VA are highlighting (through backchannels) that recent termination numbers are likely a publicity stunt”. Hmmm. Makes me wonder why they are not speaking out PUBLICLY about it, I can understand that they may be fearful they may lose their jobs – – – then not be able to make the changes they want to make in future years. However, for as long as the current situation with the VA/AFGE has been going on – – – those “senior leaders” show NOTHING but COWARDICE . . .

    It is high time for some real leadership at the VA. Leadership that speaks truth publicly about how bad things have really gotten. Leadership that develops solutions to take better of ALL of our nations warriors. Leadership that recognizes that if they are doing a good job – – – it will be the veterans singing their praises rather than them having the need for a PR Agency to put out “Fluff Pieces” to mislead America.

    Current VA leadership has hearts the size of mice and their John Henry Thomas not much bigger. It is about TEN YEARS PAST TIME TO FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA:

    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits to the VBA that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a VBA claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent or dishonest personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    You have my contact information Mr. Secretary. Call me anytime. I have a lot of ideas to help you improve the services provided to my fellow veterans. And I will not hesitate to speak up at all.

    For my fellow veterans who have been ill-served by this CLUSTERFUCK of a train wreck called the VA over the years:

    Our battles overseas were far less stressful than our war here at home. Never Cruel or cowardly. Never Give Up. Never Give In. We are on the Righteous path.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS Trump to break up the AFGE. Most of our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS.

    Give their replacement’s one term to take care of Veterans who put aside their own personal lives to answer this nation’s call when she needed them.

    If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh or Congressional Baseball Team Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Principles before Personalities. Always.

    Want to REALLY fix the VA? The next SecVA needs to be a former Enlisted Man with a few serious axes to grind against the VA and the AFGE. Apparently, Former Flag Officers and Shithead Civvies can’t cut the mustard . . .

    Maybe a SINCERELY MOTIVATED Gunnery Sergeant or Chief Petty Officer CAN.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    1. I’m a USMC veteran myself…a disabled veteran, if I might add. I’ve also been a VBA employee for a little over 2 years now. I just read your list of how to fix the VA…and number 7 got under my skin a bit. As a VBA employee there are certain timeframes that we have to follow according to the Code of Federal Regulations. You say that any claim not decided in 90 days automatically goes in favor of the veteran? When we do any type of correspondence needing follow-up from the veteran we have to give a timeframe…usually either 30 or 60 days for a response from the veteran. At that time, if the veteran has not responded, we are required by the CFR to give a second notice to the veteran…15 or 30 days. At the end of that you really expect us to be able to decide in favor of the veteran if they haven’t gotten us the information we need to decide their claim? It doesn’t work that way…not even in the private sector. Or how about when a veteran doesn’t show up for a C&P appointment…and we have to reschedule it…usually another month out because we have to provide a certain amount of time prior to the appointment for the veteran to make plans to be at it. Or how about when a veteran doesn’t update any of their information and we end up sending mail to the wrong address for several months…or years…and we end up having to terminate benefits due to our inability to locate the veteran? It isn’t our job to hunt you down. It’s our job to get you the information you need…and it’s your job to keep us informed of where you live. So, no matter how much everyone wants to believe that every VA employee is a shitbird that doesn’t give a rats ass about veterans…it simply isn’t true. We do have our fucktards and snowflakes…way too damn many in my opinion, but we also have some outstanding people who are here every day fighting against the system trying to get veterans the help that they need. My entire goal in life after I got hurt in The Corps became to help other veterans. The VA is still the place to do that…

      1. Jamie Stutts…..So how long does it take after turning a appeal in to get a acknowledgement letter that you got it

      2. Jamie, this is being used to cause the veteran problems. I have a number on PTSD. Obviously going over these again is a traumatic problem. And why? It is all in the record. I received a diagnosis in 1985 by an examining physician that was over ruled by the Chief of Psychiatry stating there was no evidence of numbing. Obviously he did not refer to the progress notes where numerous entries of “numbing” were made and neither did the adjudicator. 32 years later this is on remand by the BVA and I have to go through these events again? Just can’t bring pen to paper to do it. Can you understand the problem?

        You think you are over it and then the VA brings it up again. And this was just over a CUE request for compensation for 18 years not 32 years. Now it is for 32 years just because it is still a problem that I thought I was over 14 years ago.

      3. OLDMARINE…it should only take about a week…maybe a week and a half to get an acknowledgement letter on an appeal. Once the claim comes in from the scanning vendor it gets checked over by a Claims Assistant (I was one for a year and a half) who sends out the acknowledgement letter. That should happen within 3-5 days of it getting to the CA’s queue.

        LEM…I wholeheartedly agree. What you’re talking about, with issues like PTSD. It’s way too hard for the VA Drs. to understand what a veteran goes through every time we have to open up that can again. In your case, the BVA aspect takes waaaay too long to happen. They only go through maybe 15-20 cases a week. Then it has to get sent back to the RO it came from to promulgate the decision…another 1-2 months. That’s after waiting upwards of 5-10 years to get that far. It’s complete and utter bullshit. That we need to fix asap because no veteran should have to go through that…ever.

      4. Jamie…look me up I would appreciate it…I can’t get anyone else to give me a answer Thomas Suhadolnik

      5. Decision dated May 5. I’m still waiting for the award letter and check on my TDIU awarded from July 9, 2009, the date I submitted my claim from the VA’s TBI letter suggesting the claim because of my record and the TBI bill signed by President Obama or Bush.

        My first claim of TDIU was in 1987. Last full time job I held ended in October of 1985. The decision back to that date is on remand for development.

        I still believe my primary problem is the TBI. That without it I would be able to adjust to the PTSD. And I believe most PTSD involves an organic problem. Even if the organic problem is TBI or disease or congenital occurred prior to entry into the service PTSD is an aggravation to the condition and needs to be compensated by the VA in irretraceable cases.

        A life of mostly poverty, depending upon my wife’s employment and my in-laws hand outs from 1985. A hell of a thing to put a woman through who became your wife not knowing you were damaged goods.

        An SF-95 Tort claim in process may make up for part of it.

      6. Lem….At least your wife stuck around, your lucky….I have been through 2 …And it ain’t happening again LOL

      7. and that not the worst as you have said,,, That is the way I had to live and right up today,,, handouts,,,parents and the success of my Grandparents,, though I made it through colledge with a Architect degree,,, and straight As I had troubled every day getting through it ,,,, and after and kept getting worst through the years and all the different ways to accomadate this shit PTSD Till one day on a roof shingleling a house,,, it all came to a stop,,, I could not push it no longer on bit further,,,, and that was the last day over 27 years ago,,, and believe me there is a lot more to this life of mine of misery,,, so as You struggle and HAVE a wife sticking with you,,, only miserable life ahead,, and YOU will have to find a way to work with it ON YOUR OWN,,, no one from the VA will help,,,, MY LIFE is like pushing a mountain I have done 3 suicides,,, out live them both,,, been brought back to life from death,,,, GOD holds me in his hands today and today I owe my life to him no one else,,,, by the way NOT one of my 3 ex wives worked,,, I don’t know any of my 3 children or my grandchildren of 8 never seen them ,,,, so yep its hard but,,, Until your times come YOU will find a way to work within the confinements of this crap,,, believe me,,, Horace

      8. So what the hell are you saying work for corruption and your excused of the miss,,,, great words,,, leave or do something about it,,, just like I did ,,, and why today I have nothing left,,,, I fight,,,, Horace

      9. OH by the way I stayed in touch I never got all I was spose to comes to over $100,000 yet do to there lying of paper work,,,, it took me over 12 years and 20 years before that they would get off the stupid law that said ,,, NO PTSD UNLESS 1 YOU SERVED WITHA CERTAIN UNIT 2 YOU WERE AT A CERTAIN AREA 3 AND AT A CERTAIN TIME,,, get it,,,,, that stayed though I have papers showing from leaving Viet Naum I had the symtons when I left documented in writing by the doctors who diagnost me ,,, it wasn’t until in the 1990s they set aside the law and started I said STARTED looking at it a different way,,,, it took losing all of all I had to even get half of what was owed 12 years later,,, and I’m not talking about the first twenty years just the next 12 years,,, of fighting for it and the DAV pissed in my face,,, only one finally helped me after a hoplessness of trying o eldererly women at the PVA got it for me,,, but took serveral year after that,,, I don’t even want to go back and rehearse this life,,,, I should of been dead,,, but God seen something in me I don’t,,,, Horace,,,,,

      10. Jamie Stutts…I called my VSO this AM and this is what he emailed me so who is bull shiting who..
        Dear Mr. Suhadolnik:

        Thank your for your phone call concerning your appeal.

        You came into this office on Thursday, June 1, 2017. I filed your appeal via fax the same day. I have the receipt from the VA that it was received at 2:03 p.m. You did not get any kind of acknowledgement because they do not do that. But, they do have it. Based on what I have seen, it will probably be at least six months to a year, year and a half before you have a hearing.

        Frank A. Pearsall
        Transylvania County VSO

      11. @Jamie Stutts: You sir, get under my damn skin, try this for a change. TBI examiner sides with the veteran, and thorough outside sources, including MRI’s that Veteran has a Service Connected TBI,

        Then the BVA decided to send the veteran on another c+p, one the veteran did not initiate, with a shrink for so called “depression” related to the Veterans SC TBI. Then the BVA uses that opportunity to declare it is not a TBI but rather a “personallity” disorder, in order to DENY a TBI claim with proven nexus. So ….BVA lying asshole, go fuck yourself proper. Nobody is interested in your damn TROLLING WHINING. You have exactly ZERO excused for taking over 400 fucking days to finish an appeal. Nor do you have ZERO excuses for taking over 300 days to fulfill a veterans foia request to get a copy of his C-File, when all you have to do is hit fucking “PRINT” and don’t even try to tell my I am full of shit, because I have a copy of my C-File, and am still waiting for you criminal bastards to fulfill it within the time the law required,

        You should be in prison for the Veterans suicides YOU caused by wrongfully denying their claims. I hope you get a fucking brain tumor and die a very slow death Marine, now go find yourself a bowl of honor and eat it!!!

      12. @Jamie Stutts – – – I am glad that item #7 on my list got under your skin. You do not know me, and I do not know you. Today, my peripheral neuropathy and CTS are giving me hell – – – so I want to be on the computer as little as possible.

        You need my background to balance against your comment. You will find it here:


        Just remove the quotation marks at the ends, and you should have no trouble viewing, then reading it.

        I grow quite weary of various departments across our Federal Government always citing regulations that they claim hinders them from doing their jobs – – – thus allowing them to “pass the buck”. Not the way my Drill Instructors trained me. And when Retired USMC Colonel Wesley Fox (then a Captain) and I were jumping out of aircraft on Okinawa in 1974 – – – If he would have heard me say something like what you just posted – – – he would have ripped both my main and reserve off my body, then kicked me out the door chuteless . . .

        Later during my service, Captain“Hammerin’ Hank” (Henry Howard Mauz, jr.) Mauz whom I had the great privilege of serving with at two commands(1 afloat/1 ashore) would have fed me to the sharks for far less than your defense of the VBA. Hammerin’ Hank began his naval career as an E-1 and retired with four stars on his shoulder.

        But I am still fighting today! And I will continue to fight! Should I receive the outcome I stated I desire in that letter – – – then my DUTY becomes to assist my brothers and sisters in receiving the fair, just benefits that they have earned.

        Thank you for commenting. Enjoy the reading of my letter. Then, when you know a bit more about me – come back on here and comment to me. Or e-mail me at my secondary e-mail address with your comments.

        Semper Fi Young Jarhead! You are about to be educated . . .

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN
        Wounded Warrior

      13. Thank you for your service and we need caring people to care for our veterans, for that I thank you.

        You mentioned that you know of many employees that are not doing their job’s properly.

        Turn them in or will you be retaliated against.

        How about this, veterans apply for their deserved disabilities and the VA tell those veterans that their official military records were distorted in a fire and told this over and over !

        Telling the veterans they must furnish more evidence by the veterans contacting someone who can whiteness the event.

        So the va wants the veterans to find other person’s who whitenessed the event. How does a person find those soldiers.

        Then the veterans hiring an attorney and come to find out the VA had the official military records all along.

        The veterans given 100% disability and the veterans asking for an earlier date, via phone call to one of your co-workers and that co-worker, laugh out loud.

        Telling the veterans ya you would have received all of your back pay, but you let your claim lapse !

        Let’s see the official military record’s were distroyed per VA, but not really ! Keep denying the claim over and over.

        How many times must a veteran be told denied before they give up. The VBA banks on this and it work’s.

        Veterans suffering from ptsd and traumatic brain injury and refused care are set up for failure and all that comes from not being treated.

        Many have taken their own lives from the torments. I had a doctor place into my file, Mr Gallegos should not be punished for his willful drinking as he was self medicating.

        Due to VA doing this I tried to kill myself why.?

        Amazing after I received my deserved disability and treated, I have not touched a drop of booze and have not been in trouble with the law.

        What happen to the benefit of the doubt goes to the veteran.?

        Why would you let your fellow co-worker’s harm veterans by denying them their deserved disabilities. But decided to lie about the veterans military records being distroyed.

        Someone somewhere does not care whom they hurt.

        Those people should have federal charges placed upon them for falsifying official military records were destroyed.

      14. No, you and other VA employees aren’t fighting for nothing. If you did, the VA would’ve shown you the door.

        Of the tenured employees (including you with barely two years at the VA), through speaking to them, they are forced to conform or be fired. In other words, even if you don’t whistleblow, your eval is based on you making your points.

        No way you can process a claim in full favor to a vet under those constraints. And BTW the “national queue” isn’t a system mandated by the law. The VA came up with that convoluted system.

    2. @Jamie Stutts – – – I replied to you, but my response is sitting in Big Ben’s Moderation Queue. I have zero doubt that it will be along in a little while . . .

      Big Ben is usually pretty good about such things.

  38. @OLDMARINE, after going through videos and reading for ever, I am quite positive that Office of Special Counsel is a stopping place for the thieves at the VA, and other wonderful government creations. We have no idea what the truth is, just the same old crap we hear all the time. How many were hired back? Within a month? 6months, one year? Bullshit.

  39. I just ran across this utube video a few minutes ago. Thought I’d share it with y’all.
    It’s from a “Martin Brodel”!
    It looks like he’s reading the “Daily Caller/Luke Rosiak” article from 07/09/2017.
    (It’s 6:35 minutes long)
    “Your Fired! Trump’s VA Terminates 500, Suspends 200 For Misconduct”

    As he’s reading the article, notice how his attitude changed when he gets to the parts where it’s about what McDonald said!
    Yet, he’s still pleasantly pleased by what Shulkin is doing!
    The comments section, below the video, is full of “anti” and “pro” VA comments! Well worth the viewing!

  40. CRAP did any of you really belive it would change,,, I GOD would give me back me from PTSD,, I would and can solve it all,,, this shit would end,, sorry God for the swear but it won’t end until you let me,,,, Horace

  41. You know I was thinking so positive and POW this story poped into my head…….John Sopko’s team of investigators has uncovered all kinds of wasteful spending in Afghanistan through its work as a U.S. government watchdog. Now the group has uncovered a $43 million gas station, which Sopko calls “gratuitous and extreme”—and possibly criminal….See roger/doyle pyle …shit… piles of it…..Being positive with a bunch of crooks will leave you like the emperor with no clothes, and you won’t know it unless someone point’s it out..[THE KID SAY’S SHOUTING OUT FROM THE CROWD]…LATTER GUY’S

  42. @OLDMARINE,@Crazy elf,@namnibor: VA new policy? Only positive thoughts?

    Fee fi fo fummmm?

    Later Gators -!¡¡!-

  43. Even through this kick-ass summer cold I have had for a week and still going, I can smell rotten cabbage prominently this morning.

    @Doyle & Rog- If you need “feel-good” illusions, just place a few cherries on top of that pile of shit the VA exudes each day all over Vets and Taxpayers. Maybe add some whipped-cream to cover the brown matter then perhaps squeeze a few unicorn farts and glitter on top…but in the end, no matter how you slice it or serve it up….it’s STILL SHIT.

    Now, that made me feel awesome.


    1. Congrats, sir, you called it. My full name is Roger Doyle Taylor, Esq., so don’t be surprised, surprised, surprised if I post as Roger, Rog, Doyle, THE Rog, etc. Don’t worry, I don’t have split personalities, just a few different names I use capriciously in a whimsical little effort to try to bring some fucking joy into you guys’ admittedly tough lives. Please forgive me sometimes for trying to see The Good in all things and everyone, but I really do cling to that model, knowing it to be far superior to unbroken cynicism n sarcasm… so I promise not to get overly frustrated with me if you guys promise to go easy on me, too. We’re all here to learn from the master, Ben, and use that knowledge to help vets and family members. I’m not a vet, but I’m a Son of the American Legion, a grandson, a nephew and a brother to all vets, happy or absolutely chock o’ nuts full o’ shit. Reminds me of a joke: What’s the difference between a lawyer and a laxative? -laxatives take time and are cheap as shit… Smile, God blessed you with Life and laughter and Love. Have a non-shitty day, y’all, for a change…

      1. The Rog, You have a valid point, now the Dept of VA believes pain is not real & in the brain so they’ve taken away our pain meds.
        Happy Positive thoughts release Serotonin, the brains natural pain chemical.
        Negative thoughts lock out Serotonin & give you nothing but more pain.
        As long as the VA is prescribing the poison Gabapentin for just about everything knowing full well that drug causes brain damage, you won’t hear any happy thoughts from the lot of us.

      2. Negative thoughts lock out Serotonin & give you nothing but more pain….Your right, and so does gmo and nano foods, which they never talk about….I’m not negative I just look at reality…

      3. OldMarine, I saw on the youtube about 2mos ago David Butler research on DIM[neg thought] & SIM[positive thought] & I’ve been experimenting to see if it can work & it does somewhat as long as you can hold a happy thought -reminds me of Peter Pam – I was not suggesting you or anyone else to be negative. Perhaps what I wrote wasn’t very clear.

      4. You’re an Oldie but a goodie, Marine.
        Never forget that, sir.
        No matter how many drugs they do or don’t give ya.
        Please let me know if I can ever try to get all y’all a scrip for medical mj. Might do some o y’all a world o good.

      5. I’m sorry to hear that, Nite.
        If there’s ever anything I can do to try to get them to give it back,
        please let me know. I did that for one guy in GA, put up a billboard n everything
        for him. It worked, and he’s one guy they never short…
        I’m willing to go to the wall for any vet with sense enough to ask for help.
        I’ll go as far as I can go, with severely limited resources myself at the moment.
        But that’s about to change here shortly, I have Faith, brother.
        I wish y’all did, too.
        Love ya,
        -The Rog

      6. Rog, how sweet this sister loves you too. I’ve overcome the habit of taking a pill. MMJ replaces the Tylonal#3 that worked rather well for me, along with the retraining the Brain games I can play by myself. I don’t want their pills anymore & if I get desperate enough, well theres the street supply.

      7. I euthanized my MaineCoon Saturday, my thoughts are muddled. Had him in the hospital for 4dys & he had awful surgery for urethral obstruction, he was bad when they sent him home & he only got worse so back to the hospital & his blood was toxic. I had expectations they were going to fix him – didn’t happen- he was given the drug [buprenex] 30x more powerful than morphine during his stay which tells me how painful the procedure he had was & the vet bill just adds injury.

      8. Roger, Roger…
        Over, Over…
        What’s my Vector, Victor…
        You’ve got Clearance, Clarence…

        Just don’t call me Shirley…

      9. Nitewish, I agree positive thoughts are helpful, but far too often during my day I run into fucking nitwits that send me from zero to seriously pissed off in about 2 seconds that drown out all positive thoughts.

        Unless throat-punching some bureaucrat is considered a positive thought.

      10. Nitewish, I went through a similar experience with a horse. When blood is cut off to certain areas of an animals body for some reason, toxins build up. The question is, how much toxin and at what level will be lethal? All of it depends on how quickly blood flow can be restored.

        It took about 3 years for my daughter to stop crying over memories after that horse died.

        Rog, stick around. Whether you are tuned or not, I always thought you had unique perspectives on things.

  44. @Doyle,
    “Maybe, sir.” (just) “May-be…”
    you should read the article I put on here this morning from “The Daily Caller”, by Luke Rosiak.
    His “op-ed” is almost identical to what a majority of veterans believe! Especially, when it comes to the VA firing “propaganda!”

    You have to realize “…the VA pays $25 million/year to a public relations firm…” to give American Citizens and veterans “propaganda” about HOW well vets are being treated!

    “May-be…” then you’ll understand why veterans don’t believe one word that comes out of the VA’s uncontrollable criminal mouth. Especially when it comes from “Shithead Shulkin”, and other asswipes high up in “…the most corrupt government agency in America!” (Except for maybe the DOD & IRS! Which have been caught on massive amounts of corruption, waste fraud and abuse in the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of taxpayers monies!)

    All I can say Doyle, is I believe you need to do lots of research. Like many of us do BEFORE we put the results on here!

    1. Oh, and my comment to “Doyle” could also be aimed at “Rog”!
      Don’t need “feel good”, need the VA to start firing incompetent employees. Plus put their names, location and reason for the firing!
      “…May-be…” then I *”MIGHT”* believe the VA reprobates!

    2. Yessir, I don’t doubt that the propaganda machine shows few signs of flagging…
      Just LOOK at how many news outlets are carrying this story… VA PR is working OVERtime on this one,
      fer damn sher… HOWEVER, it just cannot POSSIBLY be ALL lies, could it? I mean, Shithead is working overtime, too, you can see it under his eyes… He’s a DOCTOR, not a smart POOL man, so I trust him to at least be TRYING to fix some this outrageous bullshit during his time…
      Funny, I had a very brief but to-the-point email communication with McDonald around the time Ben n I had our teleconference with him a year or so ago… I told him to fire Murphy or face being replaced in January… he said HE was the one who approved the Wes Carter/C-123 case for benefits, and that HE wasn’t concerned with his tenure at the VA… should woulda coulda listened… oh, well… we start over every time with a new batch o shitheads n try, try, try to teach ’em a little somethin before they get shitcanned and shelved… VA needs a GOOD SECVA to STICK THE FUCK AROUND AWHILE, don’t you agree?

      1. Either you’re not getting medical services from the VA, or you do and they have you on more than enough happy pills. Do more research !!! When you get in a VA jam, you’ll be singing a different song. – – – Nutter.

        ~~~ Gurgle ~~~

      2. I might know where you are coming from Rog if you are the same of the KGB story.

        Doesn’t matter.

        My brief email exchange with that fukstix McDonald was a “We’ll look into it” after several months of emailing him detailed information of VA incompetence.

        It was a smart ass response from him just prior to Memorial Day 2016.

    1. HEEEEEEERE’S Hollwood………..Now for some reality…America First? Not Even Close — Israel and Wall Street First, …They need to get rid of duel citizenship working in our government…

      1. Yessir… just thought you could use a laugh on a Monday mornin… but I see you have something in common with the Men in Black… no sense of humour whatsoever…

      2. no sense of humour whatsoever…..Now you want to be a fucking psychiatrist…Are you sure your not Gomer Pyle’s brother..DUMB ASS

      3. By the way don’t call me that insult [SIR] ..That’s just a kiss ass word, for the ass kisser’s……It only took me 4 year’s to make E4 and that was 6 month’s before I got out…LOL

      4. OldMar chill brother. Ooohhhhmmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhmmm. Ooooohhh.. Oooh. Oh fuck it. Go spark up a fattie.

        Took you four to make four? Sheeeet – I made 4 in 13 months. Made 5 in 23 months. Acting 6 in 28 mo with a promised $25k VRB and warrant officer flight school. Oh – wait – I forgot – you were in the Marines… – the blunt end of the spear.

        Thank you ladies and gentlemen – you’ve been a wonderful audience. I’ll be here all week at the beautiful Motel Syph in the Drip and Burn Lounge.

      5. WINGNUT….Well the old timer’s I had no problem’s with but the boot Lieutenants not so much..Arrogant fucks…,A old COL. I would run into all the time in a town,now he was cool…LOL besides they didn’t give out rank like candy..

      6. Speaking of candy. My niece’s son in law – Girene air traffic controller – E4. The Corp just offered him an $80,000 re-enlistment bonus and any base on the west coast… Turns out the FAA has a habit of snagging ATCs from the military.

        Re: Old Colonels. We had a doozy in Udorn – 7th Rock and Roll Freak Show. JJ McFadden was a WWII battlefield enlisted man made a captain by guts and attrition. One night he popped by the barracks I never stayed in, and dined on some of our BBQ burgers and dogs. The BBQ sauce had some special herbs ground in it. A couple months later he showed up on the ops compound and cornered five of us, and gave us a panful of brownies, saying, “Careful, my daughter made these”, and he winked and walked away. Sho nuff, those little morsels were not chocolate chips. He got retired – and we sent him off in style. His replacement was a West Point puke who only lasted four months until the NSA made him go away – our combined comint/sigint/elint productivity plummeted.

      7. “”

        “But Trump’s ambassador to Israel, David M. Friedman, recommended Shulkin to the president, and after impressing Trump he proceeded to win unparalleled support on Capitol Hill; he was the only member of Trump’s cabinet confirmed unanimously.”

        Since contacting Donnelly my pc has been on the fritz then a big storm hit here putting power out.

        No links for local happenings because our media will not post certain things for the rest of the nation to know about or be spread around. All the corrupt commies and Marxist here have to censor and put on the facade. Like a group from somewhere snuck into town asking the downtown club and some special veterans about local VA care. They reported no issues or problems here with VA health care and one vet said he had heard rumors against the VA but “had found them to be false.” How the hell does one man know it all? But that is how it is in Indiana or my town. They have some special meeting over issues not letting the public know it’s going to happen, then report afterwards that all is fine in Indiana and they always have someone to put on TV to support the propaganda or play yes men, or yes women. Supposedly starting a group, have a group, or site called VA dot org. I have yet to check them out.

        I lost my sense of humor many years ago, and personally don’t find much out of Hollywood… funny. I also don’t care to distract myself or support my enemy which is what entertainment and Hollyweird is all about… ruining and distracting.

        At about the seven minute area about Hollyweird.
        Interesting one too.

        I also do not have any “hope.” I lost hope for this country and society at the age of ten or so. The more corruption, cover-ups, demands to follow the herd, or expected to jump on all the activist band-wagons out there, to assimilate and drink the Kool Aid the less hopeful, less trusting, more questioning (not permitted), pessimistic I became, and am today. Plus not to forget some of us have lived real historic events and watched as the events or reports were mostly lies and twisted (fake news) to appease the corrupt and revisionist out there and they are the majority and the majority is evil, corrupted, silent, suffer cognitive dissonance, frog in the boiling pot syndrome, and seem only concerned with Hollyweird, sports, racing in Indiana, or golf, and the Kardashians.

        They may be expanding the GI Bill for the younger ones:

        The U.S. military is disclosing a super soldier project:

        Severe cybersecurity issues found at Army medical facilities:

        Two Israeli companies: spying on the world
        by Jon Rappoport

        Yeah, not too much to be happy or humorous about or have much hope in. Especially since America and it’s shadow government want to rule our minds and the entire world.

        OH, Indiana just passed over 500 new laws, tax on gasoline, another wheel tax, and will pass hate speech laws to silence us here like they do in the UK and other tyrant countries. The two party system is a joke and the “American Experiment” has failed.

        Have a great day out there in the “matrix.”

      8. @T: T, don’t give up just yet, you know all it takes is one match to set off a powder keg, Plenty of powder kegs laying about all over the country. Things can really escalate quickly under the right conditions. This would be a good thing.

      9. I agree and some grand public uproar is what I am waiting for. Sadly my area is full of what we don’t need. College students with Trump stickers are getting their vehicles torn up, just one report on that made so far. Much more is happening but it won’t be made public or put online. The sad part is it is vet against vet, and power cliques and the corrupt out numbering we who are trying to take stands. If anything does happen it better be loud, public, and clear. With the censoring we get here If all hell broke loose in other parts of town I’d never hear about it. Or not until it’s too late to do something or prepare. So I hang in there to see what the future may bring. Besides, there isn’t much more the local power cliques and corrupt can do to me.

      10. T….watched that video John B. Wells he said #1 thing the DOD sensors the most is veterans suicide so that is what we should be shouting out, LOUDER, and not to a worthless politician but on A billboard with VA is lying

      11. “Zeusian Revelations” Wow, that looks like a great site. I’ll have to take my time ingesting all that info. Nice to have that much info in one place. Some of it and the families I’ve already read about. I’ll have to put this on my Face Book. Gotta learn something new everyday.

        The suicides is just another censored and disallowed subject. Be it with vets or kids. While doing my volunteer work before walking away due to the power brokers lies and propaganda, suicides has been epidemic locally. Now days it’s all shoved together under “opium abuse” or “accidental overdose.” Truth is a lot of it back then and now was intentional overdose, suicide, but that doesn’t fit in with certain government or media agendas, or taking our rights away to get what we need and should have access to.

        What I constantly encountered in recovery groups is the old drug and alcohol cop-out. Every youngster and criminal out there knows all they have to do is claim the devil made me do it due to drugs or booze to get a possible lighter sentence or a trip through some drug court to get the same. So the power brokers can pigeon hole that information under the statistics they desire and to use for their purposes. While those lying elements don’t have those addictions to deal with from the beginning. Abuse maybe but not actual addictions. But those like the United Way and others can’t get their funding and powers from some truth, and the government can’t get their revenue from it all with truth. There is big money for the local governments and addiction services to admit to some truth or talk to someone who had been around the systems for many years.

        I wish I had the money or could find a sign company that would actually put up signs about truth in suicides for a top issue that would help expose other issues too. I met with many who told me that they were going to off themselves, and did. But was declared accidental mainly for insurance purposes and to get the person/vet out of pain and despair. With family knowing about it or not, or admitting about it or not. Money and security above all I guess.

        While media and colleges project us being a perfect globalist state and town….
        Locally we have many issues that are of epidemic proportions:
        Rampant HIV-Aids spreading. (and not only from drug use but media won’t report that)
        Very high Cancer rates
        Healthy kids on brain dope.
        Plus all the other issues bombarding us.
        Various pollution. Like with secretive farm land doing GMO and that Nano engineering you posted a link about. Which one scientist lost her job at Indiana University years ago for spilling the beans about Israel using our land for such things and ruining local aquifers/waters around farm land and such creating pregnancy issues/deformities/miscarriage, and other assorted problems. Then past governor Mitch Daniels ( a Bush/Mossad family comrade) coming out on a college rag stating he was creating a law making it illegal to discuss what Israel is using our farm lands for, or for farmers to disclose any info about it. He did a trip to Israel then came back to be a university president and over-seer of my town and leaders in the Chambers of Commerce. Not a peep from the sheep. And all links to the story above deleted from the net and from Democracy Now who did a documentary about her losing her job and why. Now flushed down the memory hole.

        People really need to wake up and smell the coffee. But too many refuse to read…anything of some truth with benefit.

      12. T…Your right…But the one’s we see are just pawns in there game….Just like the Forbes most wealthy list, Those are just the paupers on the list… LOL
        Having difficulty posting and keeping Internet connection…..Mine does the same thing, They don’t like people that spread the word, But I don’t give a fuck…LOL….LATER

      13. T….””

        He comes on this sight once in awhile

      14. Old Marine thanks for the bill-board link. I can use that I hope. Something needs to pop and expose Terre Haute & Indiana for what it really is. Here is a link below showing what it is like here if we don’t agree with the majority rule corrupt cliques, college or country club herd here. But the video is not local, just a link emailed to me from the Bronx. “” That is what the screamers, activist, to the local politician’s thugs may do to us if we aren’t quiet over some issues or revised history. I know there is no dealing or discussing things with people and groups of women, kids, and some men to the rear, acting like they do in this video. So here, even if the news camera is on, it’s best to sit and smile and shake your head is disappointment because to dare mention truth, or challenge a activist/whiner, would cause a riot or up-roar, or I’d be arrested for “inciting a riot.” Akin to asking term limits for city council corrupt members sitting there for life.

        Just getting back online since my ISP must have had some issues. Kinda went stir-crazy in total black-out and zero communication status. Must be a taste of things to come I reckon.

        Anyone wanna join the new “Space Corp” with me? I can do some of that dancing NiteWish was writing about. I dunno, feel “too old to rock n roll, too young and ornery to die.” In zero gravity I could dance.

        “Veterans hospital officials removed over care allegations”

        “Congress debates how much choice is too much, as it nears key decisions on veterans health care”

        They can always stop the trillions of dollars fighting other’s wars, giving them war machines, skids full of federal reserve notes that disappeared, stop the black ops secret budgets, stop padding the pockets of the war crafting profiteers to stop giving illegals billions in upkeep, and more, then dump it all on veterans and their care. Then pass some laws forcing health care providers to take us on and treat us as needed and wanted, and to hell with all the ‘collective punishments’ and laws trying to save us all by means of ‘big brother’ saying “we are here to help.” Actually meaning, we are here to help, how can we assist you in dying suffering, being tortured by all means, or doing without what works.

        Good Day!

      15. T, my town won’t allow billboards & I may be wrong on the price but I think it was like $5,000

      16. First time I ever heard of a town not allowing billboards. Here the prices on advertising is high, using those boards to bus benches are high priced. Then we have to pass the political muster of what or what not is allowed for “public consumption.” Gee I love the words and phrases the fascist tyrants use. I’ve decided to use magnetic signs to put on my vehicle and drive around with my dash-cam on to catch a pull over by cops or other acts from the corrupt crowd. Then I can easily remove them to prevent damages while at a store.

        I want to see some facial reactions to the mag signs. They already hate my “I survived the VA” bumper and window stickers.

      17. T, the so called opioid epidemic was designed to ‘thin out the herd’ & it will. When the current street drugs quit doing the job a new one or two or three will be introduced. And the refugees will take the places of the departed, bringing new DNA into the society, along with their baggage.
        Recovery groups are a joke, just give it all over to god. What a cop-out. Tell them people the shadow gov’t needs you dead & gone & see how quick they get any addiction under control.
        The World is not what it appears, that much it true. “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance”.
        –Found MY happy thought today & all is good–

      18. T….Check this out it puts more pieces together It’s a lot of reading….I’m on the bush crime family now…LOL


      19. @OLDMARINE: House of Bad Luck? Lmaoooooooooooooooooo sounds like my place, right next to, okay hold on, lips are moving but nothing coming out, ahh there it is, “Ho Lee Fuk no so fine Chinese cuisine” where I get my mis-fortune cookies. I will save this to read later. Thanks.

      20. T……..This ties in with “Zeusian Revelations” it’s long and slow, I watched it awhile ago and didn’t know what to think, but it makes sense now

        Illuminati Wife Tells All – Part 1 of 4 – YouTube


  45. Are 500 VA Terminations A Major Change Or A Joke?..Just clear coating A turd… To make it shine

    1. Trump just nominated Lockheed in-house counsel James Byrne for VA General Counsel (top law dog…

      1. Byrne is associate general counsel and chief privacy officer at Lockheed Martin Corp. He joined Lockheed Martin in August 2008 from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, where he served as the deputy special counsel. Byrne was previously the general counsel and assistant inspector general for investigations with the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, an independent government agency that monitored the use of U.S. funds in Iraq.


      2. Maybe, sir.
        But isn’t it more pleasant to hope?
        Thanks, I don’t mean to rain on your cloudburst, there, but you guys really need some good news,
        and when you get it, you sh*t all over it…
        Jesus… help US, PLEASE…

      3. Yessir, but it beats the livin shit outta abject despair…
        Are we here to learn n grow n participate,
        or are we just here to shit all over everything…?

      4. or are we just here to shit all over everything…?…When I see A pile of shit, It’s shit, I don’t call it with a cherry on top for color con-trast GO TO A VA WEB SIGHT YOU WILL GET ALL THE HAPPY YOU WANT, NOTHING BUT HAPPY JUST FOR YOU,

      5. I’m just happier than a pig in shit so don’t worry about me ….Take a deep breath can’t you smell it…The love that went into making it

    2. @OLDMARINE- “…Just clear coating a turd…” 🙂 🙂

      The VA is much like that 70’s funny movie called “Groove Tube” where they had a commercial for “The Uranus Corporation” that discovered the multi-uses of “Brown 25”. 🙂

      “” “At The Uranus Corporation, things come-out a little differently.” 🙂

      1. Yea but you only get the clear coat if you work in goverment ..The rest of us have to smell it..I saw that one awhile ago…LOL

  46. I received these two articles this morning.
    “ news”
    8 July 2017
    “Stars and Stripes | by Nikki Wentling

    “VA Employee Disciplinary Actions Are Now Public Information”

    This article says “800” have been terminated. The website to see (“partial information”) is “”! NO names are given. Just like what “Seymore” had put on here a day or two ago!
    Don’t buy into the VA’s bullshit!

    From: “The Daily Caller”
    “Your Fired! Trump’s VA Terminates 500, Suspends 200 For Misconduct”

    by: Luke Rosiak – Investigative Reporter
    Dated: 07/09/2017

    This article, in my opinion, is actually more on the lines of how we, and veterans, feel about the “firings”, which may or may not be, taking place at VA!

    Y’all might want to read the comments. Maybe even post one! I tried, yet, it wouldn’t let me. I wanted to put Ben’s site on it, so more people could see the truth.

    To contact Mr. Rosiak, here’s his email address; (remove quotations)
    [email protected]

  47. McDonald said an outrageous number of employees were fired. Then it was revealed only a few, 4 or 5, were fired.
    Now, “Shithead Shulkin”, via the POTUS’ administration, is claiming 500+ have been terminated since January. But, I’ve only actually seen where ONE was fired. That happened to be a whistleblower out of Georgia (I believe)! That was one day BEFORE the new “Accountability and Whistle-Blower Protection Law” was passed.

    There’s been NO proof – positive – whatsoever, by anyone at VA, where there’s been a “mass firing” of anyone. All we have is the “word” of a few VA upper management asswipes Which had been passed along to our favorite “Shithead”, that’s Shulkin!

    Questions that need answers::::
    Could it have been 500 under performing idiots who had NOT finished their “probationary period”?
    Could it have been 500 veterans, disabled or not, who were fired during their “probationary period”? Just so VA could say, “See, we hire veterans!”
    Since that new “Accountability and Whistle-Blower Protection Law” was passed, how come we haven’t seen or heard of any firings?
    Oh, wait. There’s some confusion over that new law. Some say it’ll make it harder to fire ANYONE, YET – EASIER TO FIRE WHISTLE-BLOWERS!
    How’s that for “accountability and transparency from the most corrupt government agency!”

    Yep, in a freaking mood this A.M. due to MORE lies by everyone at the Veterans Administration! The only way I will believe anything from anyone at VA, about this bullshit firing, is IF the VA gives “names”, “dates of the firing” and “reason for the firing!”
    At that point I “MIGHT” believe it!!!!!!

    1. Hey, Vets, all of us need to right down names of every employee (spy work) and keep track of who’s still

      working there and who has actually been let go and then find out where the fired employees have gone to!

      Remain anonymous and always send the VA and Washington your intel to let them know that we’re on to


    2. “” Remove quotes as usual.

      I agree Crazy Elf. I want the freedom of knowing who, what, when, why, and how. The usual stuff journalist and our representatives are supposed to supply us with but don’t.

      No agency, no union, Congress, attorneys, judges, cops, colleges, veteran groups, country clubbers, town or county councils/officials, secret societies, etc. can, have, or will police their own. When civilian health care workers and doctors cover up or refused to get involved over VA malpractice or over ruining a patient… then things are really bad and corruption, or “professional courtesies” are far out of hand. OH, and have been for over forty years I know since becoming aware of things, or about this freedom-less phony country with a government to match. I know, after the fourth we are supposed to keep on spouting the lies of freedom while our troops die and leave body parts overseas, while we constantly lose freedoms here. But supposed to act and feel free, ha.

      Plus the fact that lawyers and the way of America is keeping justice too expensive for many of us, and these possible well meaning groups can not cover the entire corrupt nation of the United College Campus States of Leftist America. So who wins in the end? We old broke folks won’t and we are running out of something the corrupt have, and the VA has…. plenty of time and plenty of comfy corruption to pass on down to the new crowds coming out of colleges and special interest groups. Or for filling all those visas to come work and ruin us here.

      Oops forgot too, we aren’t allowed real news on Indiana TV and must dig for it all online.

      Someone mentioned the freedom of getting on our “soap box.” Nice thought but in some places like my locale that would just bring more trouble on a person and from various directions, if not from all directions legal or otherwise. You don’t protest in my area unless your a lefty or communist. We can’t protest homosexuals doing it in the parks at day times and our councils came out and said by new rules, ” we will not discuss that issue.” So it goes on and the parks are closed at dusk now. Freedom? It’s illegal here to try to discuss council term limits, nepotism, or corruption. Illegal to hand out or use flyers, or get on “soapboxes” because of “inciting trouble or possible snowflake riots.” But the college and corrupt crowds can but the news won’t report those events either for all to know of. Freedom? So I guess city councils, colleges, media, can prevent our freedom of speech, Article one, even though the US Supreme Court said things like flyers and other communications are “protected.” Like the link above but some think they are above the law like they are in Indiana and LA Calif. I think that can be called oppression, tyranny, collective punishment, to a wide variety of anti-Americanisms.

      Only problem here is I think the Rutherford Institute fears Indiana too, or must. Anyone claiming to fight for the serfs or veterans rights avoid this state and my town like the plague. But then we’ve been a sanctuary and very deeply corrupted state for generations. Why change it all now.

    3. Crazy elf, so you believe the VA should ignore privacy laws and post the names of those fired? I can see it for high level appointees, but not at lower levels. Otherwise the government be facing a lot of lawsuits it’d lose.

      1. The VA breaks the law every day, veterans harmed by VA employees should know if the offender is working and or fired.

        Please do some research, you can read a lot of veterans posts. Some spell it out in plain language.

        The VA has let hundreds of veterans die waiting for care and they tried to hide it with secret lists.

        Why should any employee get away with killing veterans.

        If a serial killer was loose in your neighborhood would you not like to know who it was or should that be private.

        Employees breaking the law should not just be fired they should have federal charges placed on them.

        Most of these employees that were fired were positions held for veterans, such as janitor, kitchen help !

        So most fired we veterans !

        These positions have no authority. !

        Fire veterans and keep non veterans, is that fair.

        When people break the law they are posted in the local news paper, why should VA employees be treated different.?

      2. Roberto, that is total bullshit.

        Public employees who acted badly do not have a right to privacy.

      3. @Roberto E. Benites: Hold on there a second big guy, what about Veterans rights to privacy? anyone and their brother in law can file a foia request on any Veteran, so why should VA employees expect any different then a Veteran?

        James Gallegos is correct, shut the damn VA down and with the money saved, YOU can be issued a government health care card, to go to the doctors of YOUR choosing, and have the bill payed in full and the government would still come out wayyyy ahead, even after approving all those claims that are stuck up some union assholes asshole.

      4. Why? Why would the government be facing lawsuits if they named those fired for breaking the law?

        The VA only hides those details so they can hide their own inaction on referring these lawbreakers for prosecution, or their inaction on referring these quacks to state licensing boards to have their licenses revoked for malpractice.

        Why hide the name of Hamlin who they tried to fire for misusing taxpayers money in an attempt to pay a $300,000 bribe?

        I say they should risk the lawsuit.

      5. If they can’t release name’s, why are there name’s like the one you mentioned in the news.

        More than one Graves and Rubins were all over the net and news.

      6. Well, Roberto,
        Looks like you’ve been answered! And, “Yes”, anyone, and everyone, in VA who’s broke the law should have their name(s) published!

      7. Why not treat the VA like cops do with drug users or sellers? Start at the bottom with users/informants then work their way up to the really big fish. Like up to those in Congress, Governors offices, state agencies, and others who refuse to do their jobs, to follow and bring back the Constitution and serve “the people.”

        I have lost track and lost my list of people, agencies, groups, I have tried to contact of have over a myriad of issues facing us, or of very corrupt Indiana and Terre Haute. I have refrained from contacting too many local politicians due to the retaliation that comes sooner or later, being ignored, or then dealing with more localized radicals who sit for life on our local councils and appointed offices. The media here sure as hell offer no protections or real news but due to the far left and globalism, their mind-set against us enemies of theirs merely because we question things or try to stand up for our rights allow anything negative or attacks on us to go unknown or totally ignored. Yet, we are to spread our personal information all over the place, and to every doctor or clinic we may see or try to get into. Today there is always a packet of forms, contracts, releases of information to go out to everywhere, ie, law enforcement, for any criminal checks/pharmacy sales/health care contacts/to and for health care type and coverage, all handed over or accessible to possible radical government staffers/interns, who are young and radicalized in their colleges to Home Land Security and others who already have us evil veterans on “Domestic terrorist watch lists.”

        I can tell ya, it’s not funny to try to attend some town meeting and have some idiot, or attorney’s son who is also a upcoming fixture in this corrupt town, stand in your path while trying to exit the room due to a medical emergency with them thinking it’s funny and wanting to provoke a physical confrontation at the time, which the sniveling little corrupt commie pig would lose anyway. On my death bed I could pin his big ears back to the side of his head. Or to intentionally bump into you by some town activist and from the local ‘in-crowd’ to mention or ask how a particular medical condition is doing for you. That or other forms of instigation or activist tactics of the far left. From the neo-cons too and all their thugs. And that information can only come from the local VA staff, CBOC in-crowd, and from local politicians family who work in the local health care fields. But that stuff isn’t allowed for discussion or never happened according to the liars/activist/totally corrupt who run the town. Everything the officials and corrupt do here is always claimed to be totally legal and Constitutional in our happy college town global village of left wing rule and important issues not to be uttered.

        Got that rant out of the way. Now with living in a totally Democrat/three major college ruled area with corruption that runneth over the cup, would anyone feel comfortable signing more releases, like below, of information knowing how the evil and corrupt grape-vine is in a town or state filled with more activist than ‘the peoples’ representatives?

        I have popped into medical offices and simply ask if it is illegal to change a patients online health care records, communications, to delete files or change prescription lists and other game playing. Everyone asked said the smallest change to our records, manipulations, or deletions, is a “felony.” Medical boards and others who sent or called with the names being “me” would not answer those questions but said to “hire an attorney.”

        Not filling out our files honestly and appropriately, as reported by the patient, is “professional misconduct” to “mal-practice.” From what I am told is…. a felony. But all is fine and allowable (legal, permissible, allowable, and Constitutional) in my fine globalist, corrupt, sanctuary state.

        Does the below request seem a bit open-ended and general to be asked to be signed and used? Especially by those in a political party that is the one most serious corruption filled problems concerning my town and state? You the reader should see the packets of contracts we are to sign here even before being accepted as a patient… with zero rights left to sign away.

        If I can’t get, hold, expect privacy then why should the corrupt or VA staff to civilian MDs be immune from any prosecution or have special privacy rights or protections over me, patients, or the people? Or political thugs, commie college kiddies to Antifa (that seem to fill VA staff) to be free to hassle vets and others for standing up to corruption or their fascist tyrannical rule. This is why there are some people in the state and town that I have learned to question or not trust with such legal formalities they claim to need, and know they are not exactly here for us as individuals/citizens or as a group. Pretty damn sad to live in an area/state/country where you can’t trust a single soul or believe what we are being told any longer. Very sad we can’t even trust civilian health care either or this thing called modern big medicine in our new socialist/global country.

        Quoted : “I am aware that the Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits the release of my personal information without my expressed, written consent.
        I hereby authorize U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly, or a staff representative designated by him, to inquire on my behalf to all appropriate agencies and organizations. The Constituent Request Form must be signed by the involved constituent or legally-appointed guardian or representative.

        Signed: __________________________” Unquote

  48. The best thing to do is FOIA , how many whistleblowers were terminated and the number of civil cases since 2014 are pending. That Tracy Cephas doesnt even answer the FOIA request timely, unless you are a lawyer.
    That Darryl Joe is no better in the OIG office.But it is so easy to trip them up in their lies, so nothing will change.

    1. I dunno CorpsmanUp! I think Judicial Watch is starting to warm up to veterans issues with their lawsuits over the California land deal.

      If I understand correctly, a FOIA lawsuit is easy money. Hopefully Judicial Watch gets more involved in veterans issues, particularly filing lawsuits for VA refusal to respond to FOIA.

  49. Great article.

    However, has the VA simply redefined what a “termination” means by VA terms, which means, “Termination with full benefits or simply moved to yet another whack-a-mole location to infect that area?”

    It will not surprise me when that number of 500 is found to actually be only -5-. Wait for it.

    Oh, and as LONG as Helman and Graves are still gainfully employed at the VA, I do not believe any of these terminations as real change.

    Banish the AFGE Union then start from there in weeding the chaff from the wheat.

    1. I agree with Wack-A-Mole the unions take care of the ones that have employment issues. Termination just means One fucks up they move up, out of the public’s eye. Still terminations do not go far enough, they should pertain to the management also, with heavier penalty. Trump can not understand this because he has never been there, so he acts on what brethren feed him.

      1. And where should veterans go for medical help then? Medicare doesn’t pay for all services and Medicaid isn’t going to help. Also, many private doctors won’t take Medicare patients.

        What we need is for Congress to do its job. Maybe if we put ALL elected federal officials on the TriCare (try-to-get-care) and VA system with a requirement they go to military of VA hospitals matters might improve.

      2. How about saving billions on VA employee salaries and shut down the VA, give you a card and let you see any private doctor and the government pay for it.

        Then the VA regional office can afford to give veterans their deserved disability.

        It’s easier to watch one smaller group of people and easier to hold them accountable.

        What is the va doing other than harming veterans that the private sector can’t do.

        What are they doing right.?

      3. James Gallegos, in many areas private doctors are reluctant to accept Medicare patients because the rates are too low and the government too slow to pay claims. So unfortunately I don’t see a new government card working that well either. furthermore, what with our healthcare system so royally messed up due to the ACA and a Congress reluctant to correct the damage, do you think the private sector will be able to absorb the influx of veterans? Also, many private care doctors and facilities don’t understand the needs of veterans.

        So I think we’re between a rock and a hard place unless Pres. Trump can light a fire under Congress to act decisively.

      4. Seems the VA does not know how to handle veterans issues, that’s why we are in the mess were in.

        Veteran’s know and have said there are good VA employees, they also know many employees will harm a veteran if they think they can get promoted or receive a bonus.

        VA employees have had decades to hire their friend’s or family member’s.

        These people will never turn in one of these people.

        Yes, if the VA was closed many new private job’s will be started in the medical field and they can be held accountable and veterans harmed could take them to court or file criminal charges.

        Can you name 10 reasons why the VA should not be closed, hell name 5 !

        How would u like your love one die in the va and left in a body bag for day’s outside of a cooler.

        How would u like to be accused of doing something wrong at the VA and the VA not able to produce any proof of you even being at the VA and they punish you.

        The VA admit they have no proof and yet they punish you and then threaten you with federal charges, arrest and banishment from all VA care !

        How about denying veterans their deserved disabilities, by stating the veterans official military records were distroyed !

        Over and over, the veterans hire an attorney and find out the VA had the official military records all along and the veterans having to suffer some as long as 40 year’s. !

        Veteran’s on this site is putting out information, no one else will tell the public. Some are very bright and are only trying to help other veterans.

    2. As long as Helman, Graves, Hamlin and others are still employed by the VA, there is ZERO accountability in the VA.

  50. Pray with me, please…

    “Dear God,
    and Dear Sweet Jesus…
    Please hold our silent heroes in your perfect arms,
    nourish them with your wisdom and your Love,
    help them to help US master this terribly complex situation
    and bring about a righteous system of justice and support
    for our beloved vets. Lord, please help them win the day for US ALL,
    every day from today, which is a Monday, until this existential
    struggle is complete and conclusive. I’m talkin ALL day long, sir,
    every day of the week and month and year…
    until thy will is done on this, your green Earth, as it would be
    in your just and divine Heavens above…
    God be praised.

  51. Which brings US back to the very root of this… the fact that the VA employees unions are about as entrenched and stalwart as any special interest group in the country. Real success at the VA, and that is what I hope and pray for every day, all day long, I’m talking ALL day long, will depend on the Herculean task to come – working with the unions to convince them it’s in their best interest to help US weed out the bad actors n actresses…

    “Never in the entire course of human history
    have so many
    owed so much
    to so few…”
    – Churchill, speaking of the Battle for Britain, 1940…

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