Bring Your Child To Work Day

BAD OPTICS: Trump Cancels ‘Bring Your Child To Work Day’ To Sign Executive Order

Bring Your Child To Work Day

Today, President Trump’s signing of a new executive order not only put bad VA employees on notice, but it had an unintended consequence affecting some children.

In an odd turn of events, President Trump’s visit to VA headquarters was not all chocolates and roses for VA employees at the head of the most beleaguered agency in the federal government.

While signing into effect an executive order aimed at ultimately improving VA for its employees, Trump also cast a shadow on the children of those same VA employees.

Each year, VA and the federal government holds an annual ‘bring your child to work day’ at the agency. As chance would have it, the pomp and circumstance of today’s gala in creating the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection also resulted in President Trump forcing VA to cancel the child-centric ‘bring your child to work day.’

One VA employee familiar with the matter stated, “Today was take your kid to work day all over the government. The VA canceled it because of Trump visit. Said they will do it next year.”

He continued, “Interesting stance. Nothing improves employee engagement more than canceling this event in favor of announcing an office that will help fire more folks… Oh, and also help whistleblowers. Irony.”

Given President Trump’s command over the federal government and his incredibly off-the-cuff statements about his tremendous support for “beautiful babies,” the timing seems not well thought out.

Do we give Trump and “A” for effort or should he ask his press team to wake up?

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Is it just me, or does it seem clear that the White House chief of staff has a horrible grasp on how to help the president look good?

The optics here do not look good, and the president certainly cannot afford unforced errors like this simple scheduling goof. For a president who made a point to have his 12-year-old son stand beside him when he announced his election day win, this kind of lack of consideration for his employees seems peculiar… almost as if someone is trying to help Trump look worse day to day in the eyes of the public and his employees.

Why not have the child-centric event on a different day? Or, why not schedule the executive order signing on Friday?

Either option seems like an easy fix to this unforced error.

But for this fan of “beautiful babies,” he certainly has an unusual way of reinforcing the parent-child relationship. Few things could help sway the heart of a corrupt employee than looking into the eyes of children, right?

Maybe I am off base, but the bad optics seen only within the VA could have been resolved using a little common sense.

VA was asked for comment did not respond concerning the cancellation prior to publication.

Creation Of Office Of Accountability And Whistleblower Protection

Earlier this week, you read here that President Trump announced his intent to create yet another VA watchdog on top of the existing VA watchdogs in the Office of Special Counsel and Office of Inspector General. The new office is called the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection.

The premise behind creating the new office is that VA needs another watchdog to help the existing watchdogs do more of what they already do not do enough of – hold VA employees accountable while protecting whistleblowers.

‘Why not merely add funding to the existing watchdog offices?” you may be asking.

Great question.

Lord only knows what VA needs is yet another internal bureaucracy via the creation of yet another internal organization with still more internal rules and positions that must be created and funded by Congress.

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  1. Raymond Goff Jerry, I appreciate your attitude and all that you have done for the Veterans cause, but after listening to the 48 minute, “Excuse Me, While I Stand Here and Slap My Back”. Pep Rally and receiving an email asking for a $ Dollar Donation, Here is what I sent back in response….. Sir, As a Veteran, I am very disappointed with what you have not done for us Veterans during your first 100 days. I watched your entire speech last evening and I sat in disbelief as I listened to you. The placards the audience held said, “PROMISES MADE – PROMISES KEPT”!? You said many times during your campaign speeches, “WE ARE GOING TO TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS”!???? When? When? When? You made the big announcement that there is now a Veterans Hot line in the White House, so that Veterans can share with you, the problems they are encountering with the VA. I, along with many other Veterans, sent multiple emails that have yet to be responded to. I even sent a letter to you via USPS Registered Mail, Receipt Requested. I have yet to receive a signed, dated receipt. The Veterans Hot Line is frozen in space and no emails are being answered. The White House Senior Advisor for Veterans Affairs is in place, but no one has heard anything about what is job is or what he is doing. I Dub Him “The Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks About And Leaves No Foot Prints”. The Issues Column on the official White House Web Page, does not address Veterans Issues as an issue. Sir, your track record in these areas, drowns out any 48 Minute Pat Myself On The Back speeches that You have made. As a Veteran, I cannot, and Will not send you one red cent. I have in progress, a very detailed report of your short comings in fulfilling your campaign promises regarding us Veterans, to Senior members of the Democratic Party. You cannot have it both ways Mr. President. You need to. “SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND DO WHAT YOU SAY”!

    Respectfully, Raymond L. Goff, Sgt, USMC 1955-1958.

    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs


    Raymond Goff

    Raymond Goff Accordingly, I will not attend the rally. I am tired of the smoke and mirrors he is pedalling. I have had it

    1. One has to ask the POTUS to qualify exactly what he meant by “Take care of Veterans”…the mob used to and probably still does use that same lingo when a hit it put-out onto someone. Just saying, remember those green crackers in movie ‘Soylent Green” were actually made of people…fed back to the starving people. “Taking care of our Veterans” could mean in VA-speak, melba crackers.

    2. Thank you for sharing Ray. My thoughts exactly. I appreciate your stating that as a man.

  2. I was at vets yuku website and said I got kicked out after a year because of being homosexual. The moderator said I didn’t qualify for benefits even though I was honorably discharges. I put in a claim and was service connected. I went back to Vets yuku and told them and I got banned. That site is bad.

  3. That one above was Jo3n. It looked bigger when I did it. Thought it was Morse code. I would do it again, but it took a minute.

  4. I’ve been with VA 40+years. There’s seems to have been directives or memo’s to circumvent the law. Psychiatrists were made to lie to us. The Dr.’s had a directive to direct us away from anything that may be service connection. Throughout these many years, I have been told the VA isn’t liable even when their directives or memo’s contradict the law. Is this the way it is, or was? – ···· ·- -· -·- ··· .

      1. @Ex VA: Ex, no that wasn’t me. I will figure something out and email you later. Something to add to my post so you can tell if it’s me. This person doesn’t seem to be impersonating me, it is obvious that they work at the VA, and are asking a legit question. And their post isn’t filled with 4 letter words.

        Will talk later tonight.

      2. The third letter is a number
        I used a Morse code decoder to see who this was. It is not me. I am waiting for someone to post completely in Morse code.

    1. About 15 to 20 years ago, I actually was allowed to have a “sneak peek” at a “directive/memo” handed down from the Director of a VHA down here in Central Florida!
      I’m paraphrasing what it said to the medical staff —–

      At no time are you to enter anything into a veterans medical file, which would allow the veteran to receive compensation!

      Yep, that’s about the size of it! Does it sound familiar to y’all?
      The only reason I got that little “sneak peek” was because I knew the father of the VHA clerk.
      I even have one of two “Command Challenge Coins” given to him, the other one is in the possession of his daughter – the VHA clerk!

    2. ·— — ···– -·: What I have seen in the past two and a half years is that VA employees are expected to do illegal, unethical things, and punished if we refuse. Two years ago, I brought something illegal I found to my boss. It turned out my boss was in on it. I (for the first time in my career) went to her boss. He was in on it, too. Turned out HR was in on it, too. Other incidents indicate me the answer to your question is “is”. The culture is self-perpetuating. The SES’s promote people like themselves, who promote people like themselves, etc. In order to change the culture, the SES’s would largely have to be fired. There are a few good ones. I’ve tried to remove problem employees, but they use EEO and the Union and it’s nearly impossible, it takes a great amount of time and resources. That’s why I think VA will never take care of veterans and has to be dissolved and replaced with a different approach to veteran care.

  5. Took me all night to find my Morse code. @Cj, ya old dog, took me a while. Does anyone see anything good? This troll situation is a bit of a mystery to me. @Seymour, I cannot keep up with you on your, “revelations”. You, and others are way out of my league. Figure, after tornadoes, I will spend lots of time catching up. Questions: Is there a place where all the laws that the VA disregards, or ignores is? Guess that’s enough. My prayers go out to those of you who are either fighting floods, or other natural events going on. We have flooding, minimal here, and Tornado warning. A good day to cook early. God Bless….

    1. @Jo3n, that was some serious storms coming thru the Midwest. We got the flooding no one hurt. We didn’t have any tornadoes just unreal rain for two days. Glad to see you are ok. The veterans health administration (VHA) gives va medical centers directives on how to conduct operations in a medical centers. The va medical centers have medical center memorandums (MCM’s) on how they do their operations. They are to reflect the vha directives. There are some statutes that come out of congress and prosecuting authorities they use to prosecute an individual. You probably get the United States Codes (laws) off the vaoig website.

      The interference of any program, clinic, or operations of a va medical center is suppose to be unlawful. (This means va employees committing fraud, waste and abuse, criminal acts, etc.) The prosecuting authority is suppose to be the vaoig and they don’t want to do their jobs. That has been my experience with that agency. I hope that gives you a little more understanding.

    2. @Jo3n: Doc has me playing all kinds of “mind games” to keep the brain engaged, to help conquer TBI problems. I posted earlier this game I found, called “morse toad”, so far I am doing pretty good. For me, it’s a lot of fun, and it sure is taxing on the mind. It’s for iOS and Android, both phones and tablets.
      Give it a go if you can, let me know what you think.

      1. -.-. .—, i think you have a good doctor. It is good to keep the brain engaged. It helps with keeping it sharp. If you don’t use it you loose it. I don’t need to loose anymore i have lost enough.

  6. “ex va”,
    Yep, it was the “Life-Blood of America” for a long time.
    The “industrial revolution”, starting in America in the later part of the 19th century, was what caused the small businesses to slowly go away.
    Some of these businesses produced better and higher quality products than those on an “assembly line”!
    Not saying the assembly line was the downfall. It was the poor quality of items coming off that line, which led to the downfall.

    1. @Crazy elf, that is true. Our economy has changed so many times, it is hard to believe. And what can influence it.

  7. Seymore, thanks brother.
    I thought there was something strange about that (alleged) PCP, “PILLAPPA”!
    The wife isn’t exactly too thrilled after I read it off to her!

    I agree with “namnibor” and “-.- .—“, (are you “cj”?)
    What’s going on with all this “H1B” visa bullshit? We need to see “Our American People” get medical degrees and practice medicine here! And, why the hell are American Taxpayers paying anything to (alleged) universities OUTSIDE the US?
    Hell, look at our (liberal snowflake) universities here, being subsidized, by taxpayers? They’re turning out little “Fascists” every day!

    Oh, I just remembered something, from “” a few days ago, it seems there’s a “bill” (which really isn’t going anywhere) wanting to “charge veterans” something like $2,500 to go to school on the “GI-BILL”!
    What do Y’all think about this shit?

    1. @Crazy elf, i think charging Veterans to go to college is wrong. They put their lives in harms way serving this country. The least that the U.S. can give back is to pay for their education. It is bs??!!!!

      1. “ex va”,
        I agree 100%!
        I wish I’d kept that article. It was really bullshit against veterans!

      2. @Ex va: What kinda mindfuckery shenanigans is this? We give Goddam illegals free education, and want to charge veterans? What the fuck kinda country, exactly, has this turned into? In the land of the free, can I still follow my dreams? To be a cereal killer in DC? So many frosted flakes, so little time!!!

        Yes DV it’s me, cj.

      3. ex va,
        When the post 911 bill (chapter 33) was started, the veteran was paid a monthly stipend even when they were not in college (the break in between quarters). The govt. decided that the veterans were getting too much money and changed it to only getting paid while actually attending college.
        The college I worked at, if the vet registered for Fall quarter before the spring quarter ended they were paid throughout the summer even if they did not attend summer quarter. The vet then received a regular monthly stipend and knew how much money they would monthly.
        After the change, Many vets could not afford to pay for Fall quarter because they had to scrape by after their last spring payment which would be a pro rated depending on when the quarter ended. If it ended half way through the month, the vet received half the pay. Many vets really struggled
        We set up a deal with an outside source who would loan the vet the money interest free and they repaid it back within the vets next two stipends. It worked wo well, the college banned us from doing it. We still did it, we just had the vets meet us at the McDonalds across the street.

      4. @f8f, the McDonalds across the street!!! LOL!!! That was a great kindness you showed those Veterans. And the damn college institution was against it. You were helping them stayed enrolled in college and you would think that the institution would appreciate that. I don’t have anything against international students i just don’t understand why our government is so hard on their own students when they are just trying to improve their lives and get that degree. Some of the Veterans with the disabilities mental and physical struggle so hard in classes. Hard to focus, study and do the work. I didn’t see much help in the labs for writing and math for those students.

        I appreciate you innovation in helping those Veterans and i am sure they appreciated your efforts in helping them. Thanks for a good story.

      5. Ex va,
        we were all about the vet. The college did not want us doing the loan thing because they had their own program which had an up front charge and they charged interest on the loaned mount.
        We got “creative” when they changed the way they paid the vet. We would move them into a different degree so they could take classes in the summer just to keep them getting paid.
        We would close the office if a vet came in with a problem. Other vets knew this and were fine with it. One vet came in just raising all kinds of hell. He could not understand what was going on with his classes. We talked to his instructors and came up with the decision he needed to be seen at the Puget Sound VAMC. After they evaluated him, they determined he had PTSD and he was awarded 100%. He would stop in every now and then to talk to us. We would stay late if need be to get a vet enrolled in college.
        I really enjoyed that job. My boss retired and I applied for the position. The college did not that office ran the same way so they choose a math instructor who had been laid off. He was not a vet. The best part was they asked me to stay on for a month to train him as the Certifying Official. Can you believe that? I said yes as I did not want the vets to get too screwed over. The office went downhill after that. Such a shame.

      6. @f8f, training your replacement that is shame on them. When i worked in an outpatient va specialized clinic it was all about the Veterans too. Management didn’t want it that way. Kinda same thing happened there. Except it was on a criminal level things that were going on there. Sorry you lost a job you really liked.

        About the international students and the degrees they worked for. I always wonder how they do it? If they have problems with an English 101 class how could they get a doctorate when they could not write a paper for an English 101 class???

        These international student doctors graduate and get jobs in the medical fields possibly like writing for the VA such as C&P examinations??? They couldn’t write in college but they passed the classes with help from others with their writing skills. Do not understand why the system benefits the international students in such a manner. The colleges and universities are letting this happen.

    2. P.S.
      As far as “hurting tourism” due to that “visa program” – That’s pure unadulterated BULLSHIT!
      Because, It was reported years ago, a country or state cannot depend souly on ‘tourism’ for its economic development, stability or growth!
      There’s only two “businesses” that can do that –
      1.) farms and/or ranches.
      Basically, Agriculture and livestock!
      2.) Large and Small businesses – which up until the mid 20th century was the life blood of the economy! You know – “the Mom and Pop type stores! And other large corporate entities – like the auto manufacturers (the big four, etc.)

      At least that’s my opinion! Which I agree with some older economists!

      1. Crazy elf, i agree with the older economist too. Did you know that the first G.I. Bill created by President Roosevelt created the middle class? That spinoff created an economy that made the U.S. the world leader in manufacturing and businesses after WWII.

      2. And I’ll bet something else,
        I’ll bet these alleged Physicians don’t even go through an “internship” to become a full fledged physician, before they’re hired by the VA!
        I’ll also bet, a lot of them will be like that alleged psychiatrist CUI, in that they’re squirreling away tens of thousands of taxpayers monies to get themselves set up in a “private practice setting” – all because the VA and our fucked up government – is making money off of them!
        Whatcha wanna bet?

      3. @Crazy elf, they do hire physicians without clinical experience. The also hire psychologists, therapists without clinical experience. They go for the cheapest hire and then that usually is a colleague of theirs and get kickbacks, favors, etc. The politics of it is just unbelievable, that is why it is so hard for me to see real reform. If they really wanted to reform it would start in the clinics in the va medical centers. That is where it all starts the funding abuses, special funding for programs and unspent salary dollars. It is fraud, waste and abuse on such as scale it is hard to believe. The psychiatrists i knew got paid even if they didn’t show up for work. That is how sick it is. Major clinical reform. No one wants to even deal with it. They would rather pay off the players than prosecute.

  8. @Seymore and all,
    1.) It’s come out there are at least two or three hundred groups, “paid by Soros”, to come on ‘sites’ which benefit conservative groups! From what other people are saying, it looks like the Democrats and DNC is also involved in making it hard on conservative group sites!
    I would say “” is definitely a “conservative group site”! So, I think we’re going to see more “TROLLS” on here in the future!

    2.) Here’s the kicker to that. It looks as though Soros has been remiss in paying what he owes! There’s been some disparaging words, on some sites, from his minions – over NOT getting paid!

    On that “shrink” who’s going to trial, in May, for fraud against the Choice Program and tax evasion.
    The vets he DID help, did any of them have their credit ruined? (I hope I’m asking this question right?)

    Seymore, can you help me out with something? I can’t seem to find anything on this (alleged) PCP at a VHA clinic!
    Her name is:

    When asked “Where did you go to college to get a medical degree?” Her response was, quote: “Atlanta!”
    When questioned more, she changed the subject!

    1. P.S.
      Seymore, I’ll bet “CUI” skips town, back to that shithole he comes from!

    2. Dr. Pillappa graduated from the Med Univ of Silesia, Med Fac in Katowice, Katowice, Poland in 2004, Prior Schooling was at Debeceni Egyetem Hungary from 1997 – 2000.

      From the university of Silesia Website US taxpayers are paying to provide US Federal Financial Aid to students at the University. “”. and “”

      Her listing in the National Providers Index database does not indicate that she has a license. But states that her mailing address is 2583 S VOLUSIA AVE STE 300 which is Orange City CBOC.

      Although in her Florida health departments Practitioner Profile she states in her Financial Responsibility Section she claims “I practice medicine exclusively as an officer, employee, or agent of the federal government, or of the state or its agencies or subdivisions.” But online she has multiple listings in private practice settings accepting numerous insurance policies and no listing for any connection to the VA.

      See “Practitioner Profile” at : “”


      1. In essence she is untrustworthy. Given her connection to the VA is to secure a H1B Visa and has been deceptive in her licensure information. Hiding the fact that she is seeing patient in public practice without stating proper financial responsible.

      2. On CUI, I am sure they will just pull his Visa and ship him back to China. Maybe he can teach at the “RAILWAY MEDICAL COLLEGE” where he claims to have graduated from.

      3. It is interesting to note all the Medical Schools that are connected to the VA are flipping out and putting pressure on their states. All over the Travel Ban.

        “17 Attorneys General Say Trump Travel Ban Harms Universities, Medical Institutions, Tourism”, by Phil Helsel, NBC News April 19,2017

        “The attorneys general of 16 states and the District of Columbia on Wednesday filed a brief asking the 4th U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold a ruling that blocked a major part of President Donald Trump’s so-called “travel ban.”

        The attorneys general argue Trump’s revised executive order would negatively impact universities and medical institutions”

      4. @Seymore Klearly- I have noticed that as well with the major medical colleges and the Travel Band…and by proxy, the VA, whom gets fed all these imported quacks….well, they can just go back and be visiting mud hit doctors in the countryside of their homeylands and how about hiring English as a first language, American Dr.’s at the VA?

        Kind of makes me have a sinister grin knowing the snowflakes are still butthurt after the cold season, now the snowflakes will come out from their heads in the sand, but still up their asses to protest since it’s now…protest season.

        Sorry, still in a mooooood.

      5. @namnibor: You may be in a mood, but it is the correct mood. From what I see posted, what the hell is the U.S. doing funding education in other countries? We have real U.S. citizens, and lied to veterans, that can’t​ afford school right here. I am with you, send these foreign union hacks, back to where they came from.

      6. @-.-. .—, right on, what the hell is the u.s doing funding education in other countries??? The student enrollment is down at southern illinois university, because they can’t get grant money and scholarships. It is a bunch of BS.

      7. ex va,
        I worked at the VA education Office (work Study) as Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon WA. This is a junior college and they had more Asian students than local students. The reason? Money. The following is the breakdown for the current listing at that college at 12 credits:
        12) $3,087.44

        12) $1,522.58

        12) $1,305.96

        Active Duty Military
        12) $895.90

        International to Resident
        $1781.48 more for International

        I remember this college would send someone to Japan to recruit students. The International Students had room, tuition, food/living expenses, books, and medical included in their package. You had a better chance of getting into that college if you were a non-resident than a resident.

      8. @figure8fan, it is lunacy!!! to treat the international students better than the americans and Veterans. you reminded me when i was going to southern illinois university. The english department had a writing room classroom and the international students would pay the american students $20. a page to write their papers for them, this was going on campus?!? This was for advanced degrees and doctorates. They also had a medical school full of international students. I could not understand why the international students where given all these benefits when the american students and Veterans where not taken care of. And if i remember this right the disabled students had to pay for someone to help them to get around the campus!!!!!!!!

  9. Just a friendly shout out to a psychiatrist at the Canandaigua Veterans Affairs Medical Center. How is that H1B Visa is doing Dr. Xingjia Cui?

    I see that you have the big court date coming up on May 24. The criminal complaint only charges you with health care fraud, money laundering and tax fraud. Why didn’t they charge you with drug dealing?
    Also, I was wondering how much you were able to skim off the Veterans Choice program? In all the articles, they make no mention of the VA being involved with any part of the investigation.

    Given you scammed $200,000 off Excellus and they found that you hide about $500,000 on your taxes you must have scammed, what at least, $300,000 through Health Net and the Veterans Choice Program.

    One last Question how much does it cost to purchase a degree from “NANJING RAILWAY MEDICAL COLLEGE”?

    “VA Psychiatrist Busted For Charging $200K In Services He Never Provided”, Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller
    “VA psychiatrist charged with fraud and money laundering”, Rochester First dot Com

    1. @Seymore Klearly, good articles, about cleaning up the va medical centers, if one vamc involved there is most likely at least 50 going unreported and it is linked to favoritism of colleagues, cheapest costs, kickbacks, the mid level managers involved.

      A lot of va employees knowing or having knowledge and will never say anything because they do not want to be a target. I knew a choice therapist requiring a Veteran to see him everyday of the week on choice program. They were having choice for therapy when there were therapist without full schedules or patient panels.

      Va medical centers are involved and the vaoig has knowledge and do nothing, maybe 10% of crimes that go on they actually prosecute. The funding the waste at the vamc makes you sick.

    1. I will check in later to see if anyone wants to discuss anything. I have had power out for 3 hours and we have flood warnings. At least no tornadoes. A lot of rain.

      1. -.-. .—, yeah, had some problems with flooding around here. You doing ok up there? I bet we probably had 13 inches of rain in two days around here. Roads closed and some people had to evacuated. Warned thru NWS several times.

      2. @ Ex va: Ex, sorry to hear about the flooding. Was cold and windy here, had just enough time to mow the lawn, then solid rain. Still hasn’t stopped. I talked with Nutter, he said to tell you his computer is messed up as well, and he wont be online till he can get it all straightened out. Been some strange behavior on the blog.

      3. -.-. .—, do you think it is just the regular trolls? Or is it something different? Sorry you guys having trouble with your computers. Glad you got your yard mowed. The rain was really bad down here. Feel sorry for the people who got water in homes and streets flooded. Hope you don’t get too much of the rain up there. Someone is worried about what is being said or it someone who has a lot of problems to attack disabled Veterans.

      4. @Ex va: Sorry for anyone dealing with flooding in their homes, and the mold that comes after, never a good situation. Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this new troll. I think the best thing is to do what Seymore, has suggested, and find the ip. You can steal another’s handle, but you can’t steal their ip. Your caught busted, do not past go.

      5. @-.-. .—, i don’t understand the trolls motive and i am glad they can get busted. They deserve it. I am glad Seymore is on it. Lol!!! I can’t tell until it is past go before i know they are a troll. LOL!! WTH!!! Sometimes i wonder if it is a kid or something doing some nonsense. This last one was strange. I don’t know what has been going on. Hope you don’t get the rain like we did. The farmers are going to be upset probably washed away part of their crops.

      6. @Ex va: This latest troll, had problems with veterans applying for ssdi, and VA Disability, also thought the DOD should do c+p exams. I have to wonder why? To say the veteran would get his service connected status, because it was documented in his military record is childish to say the least. There is a wwll veteran who was shot in the head, and is still trying to get service connection status. The DOD “Lost his record” and therefore says, it never happened. Almost sounded like she didn’t have a high opinion of veterans. I sure hope Ben post’s what he finds about who this person is. Funny how they left, and tried to take Lem, 91Veteran, and Seymore Klearly with them to another site, while bashing this one.

      7. And they left right after Seymore said he filed a complaint. Makes you wonder for sure.

      8. @Disgruntled Veteran,@91Veteran,@Windguy: All the talk the other day about morse code, peaked my interest in mores code again. I found a fun, and of course free, morse code game for your device. I is available for Ipad, Iphone, and Android phone, and tablets. It is called morse toad, if you try it out lemme know what you think. I think you will like it as well.

      9. @-.-. .—, that was a bunch of shit to do all of that. I talked to that troll i thought it was an va employee or someone out of vba. They have some nerve bashing this site and trying to get people to go to another site. WTH? Talk about being a jerk….Don’t trust DOD they always loosing a Veterans record. It is BS. Yes, and they tried playing they were abused by the va. Now i don’t believe anything they wrote as being credible. I hope Ben finds out too. That is weird trying to recruit Veterans from this site to another. That is strange. I trust this site because of who Ben is and his character and their is some excellent bloggers here with excellent character qualities as well.

      10. @Ex va: I agree, most of the bloggers here are excellent people, even when you don’t agree with them, they are still, in my opinion, some of the best people. I specially like when I “don’t agree” and they stick to their guns, nothing but respect for them. Can’t say that about whoever is doing all this trolling.

      11. @-.-. .—, Morse code is pretty cool i thought that was pretty amazing how they could do that form of communication. You said you had an uncle that used that and had equipment. That is cool. I think i use to know the s.o.s. And that was about it. LOL! I did look at Morse code when i was in the military, but never tried it. Seemed like a lot of practice to learn it. Lol. I need to try to get some sleep. This rain was making me anxious tonight. Hope your dogs are ok with the storms.

      12. @Ex va: Okay Ex, you have a great night, and I hope you sleep well. God Bless you and your family. Goodnight Ben’s world.

      13. @-.-. .—, everyone has different views or can see things when you can’t sometimes on this blog, so i appreciate the information. I agree probably almost everytime with the regular bloggers on here. I have learned a lot from them and appreciate their perspective. Everyone has different knowledge and experience and the experience i respect the most. The va is one messed up machine and i think they could fix it if they wanted. They will not unless they are made to fix it.

      14. @-.-. .—, are you still awake. I can’t sleep. Too much going on with the weather. Trolls have me ticked off too.

  10. Why VSOs trying to pretend to be red Cross? I think vets need benefits issues taken care of first.

    1. Just curious since we’re talking about optics. I’m kinda sick of being told vet benefits are being messed with and then hearing VSOs say that they’re doing more than helping vets with benefits.

  11. Seymore,
    Since January, over 3,000 have been arrested for sex trafficking and/or sex with minors.
    That’s a lot of perverts!
    Also, it looks like Rep. Trey Gowdy is heading up the committee on this issue.
    One video I watched lately was where he’s going after “child protective services”!
    Seems like the child protective services is stonewalling Congress! Rep Gowdy ain’t a bit happy over it!

    Lastly, do you think this “group”, run by “elite military service members” can make a dent in these reprobate pedophiles?
    I know one thing, if my body wasn’t fucked up, I’d be standing right next to them! These fuckin’ Pedophile asswipes need to be taken to task!

    1. Crazy elf: You can help if you’re interested. Many pedophiles find victims through social media. Some people like yourself work with police and pose online as young boys/girls to identify pedophiles so the police can arrest them. You have to be able to interact with some sick pedophiles online.

  12. Sawyers’ army appears formidable. I don’t want the answer, but, who in their right mind would be against an organization that is dedicated to saving children from pedophiles? There shouldn’t have to be a Site. But, there is a need.

    1. Although you didn’t want an answer. There is a very simple one.

      With the list of links I had posted earlier to articles about teachers who were arrested this last week. Who will be sued as soon as the teacher is convicted? The very same municipalities who this abusive teachers work for. The courts in these municipalities have a vested interest in finding these teachers innocent even when they know that the teachers are guilty as sin. Thus the ruling in the case in the following case.

      “Infamous HS Teacher Who Had 9-Hour Threesome With Underage Students Just Got Her ‘Justice’”,
      By The Daily Caller, a day ago

  13. Seymore,
    Here’s a video I just now ran into. It’s from; “The Alex Jones Show”
    Being broadcasted during and at the current “NRA Convention”
    Dated 29 Apr 2017 (4:41 min long)

    “Former Seal: Take Down the Pedophile Elite”

    Craig Sawyer, a former Seal, has started a new non-profit website called;


    He’s already been “warned” some very influential people are coming after him and his group!
    He says. “bring it on!”
    Y’all gotta watch this video!
    I’ve got a good feeling about this! I believe we’re going to hear more about this in the future!

    1. Hey Elf,

      I have been following that group and had seen the Vid but watched it again. It is a solid group.

      If you noticed in the list of teachers arrested I posted almost all of them were arrested on rug rat day. It was a big teacher round up. there are many more that have been arrested that have not been reported on.

      One big problem is the prosecution of those arrested. For example the following link to where there are two teachers both guilty as sin and both admit to the crimes but the courts dropped the charges. Even though the judge said she knew they were guilty.

      “Infamous HS Teacher Who Had 9-Hour Threesome With Underage Students Just Got Her ‘Justice'”,
      By The Daily Caller, a day ago

      The justice system is working against us.


  14. Just want to repost one of my prior comments that really set the troll off. That was while it was using the name Tony.


    Honestly with Shulkin’s hiring, firing and promotion practices, I believe the hiring freeze is a good thing. His hiring practices show a willfulness to hire people who are wholly inadequate to do the jobs they are hired for and in some cases the people hired have their own agendas that include failure of programs at the VA. His promotion practices show a clear “planned path to failure” within departments. His firing practices show a clear targeting of whistle blowers and people who are actually trying to do their jobs at the VA.
    Last Fridays White House release of Shulkin’s Personal Finance File and Ethics agreement show just how unethical and uncaring about patients care Shulkin is. After his being hired as President of the Atlantic Health System Shulkin accepted paid positions as a member of the Board at 15 different Vendors supplying the health care system. A glaring conflict of interest at all 15 of them. Although, not known for sure, he was likely making $50,000 per year or more in each of these board positions and receiving stock incentives. In plain English Shulkin was being paid at least $750,000 each year to make decisions at Atalantic Health care favorable to these 15 different corporations.
    That doesn’t include the numerous paid positions he then accepted as a Professor of Medicine at numerous Medical schools while being the President of the Atlantic Health Care system. Insuring the medical schools controlled the hiring, and Research, at the Atlantic Health System. While Shulkin enriched himself at patients’ expense. All while being paid as a Professor of Medicine from at least 3 separate Medical Schools who hired him while he was the Pres of Atlantic Health Care. The average pay of a professor of Medicine is between $129,271-$202,697 per year. Again, in plain English he was being paid at least $387,813 to $608,091 plus bonuses to make decisions at Atlantic Health to benefit the Medical Schools.
    Before they do anymore hiring they need to fire that walking talking unethical self-enriching conflict of interest chasing Shulkin.

    2017 Personal Finances File For: Shulkin, David J

    at: “”

    1. Seymour Klearly, These were the responses to your original post.

      Tony April 28, 2017 at 6:34 pm
      Everything you say is exactly correct. Do you work for VA? You have the knowledge of an insider.

      Jo3n April 27, 2017 at 1:35 am
      @SeymoreKlearly, think I finally spelled name right. You’ve always posted very accurately. I’m not a leader. Y’all are easier to learn from than any other sites. So, bottom line is, Shulkin’s self serving, Isaacson is just loud, Senate can’t gather support, Trump’s influence is questionable, and then, the VA won’t follow the law anyway. Sounds like the VA is getting worse. Oh well, another promise. I’m sorry for what so many Veterans who bear the suffering and pain and the ones that die so the Shulkins of the world can sleep at night. God Bless the Veterans and their families.

      Tony (previously known as Dawn) April 28, 2017 at 6:38 pm
      That’s exactly it.

      Please describe how your mind thinks the responses were trollish and “set off”. I don’t see it.

      1. Save it. Let me just refer you to the following comments. Some will be speaking to you some time this week. I am sure they will be better able to explain your pattern of harassing and stalking disabled Veterans for as long as you have been coming to this site and any others.




      2. You didn’t describe how your mind thinks the complimentary responses to your post indicate a “set-off” “troll.” It’s a simple thing to do if you believe it. You’re energy expended in evading the question, making counter-accusations, and copying and pasting other links, which I won’t waste my time clicking on, as well as your dependence on the tired, old trope “troll” to describe a woman whether she agrees or disagrees with you, demonstrate you are lying. I’m here for disabled veterans who want to develop solutions. I don’t care why you feel threatened by me.

    2. Since you like trolling this post lets post it again.

      Just want to repost one of my prior comments that really set the troll off. That was while it was using the name Tony.


      Honestly with Shulkin’s hiring, firing and promotion practices, I believe the hiring freeze is a good thing. His hiring practices show a willfulness to hire people who are wholly inadequate to do the jobs they are hired for and in some cases the people hired have their own agendas that include failure of programs at the VA. His promotion practices show a clear “planned path to failure” within departments. His firing practices show a clear targeting of whistle blowers and people who are actually trying to do their jobs at the VA.
      Last Fridays White House release of Shulkin’s Personal Finance File and Ethics agreement show just how unethical and uncaring about patients care Shulkin is. After his being hired as President of the Atlantic Health System Shulkin accepted paid positions as a member of the Board at 15 different Vendors supplying the health care system. A glaring conflict of interest at all 15 of them. Although, not known for sure, he was likely making $50,000 per year or more in each of these board positions and receiving stock incentives. In plain English Shulkin was being paid at least $750,000 each year to make decisions at Atalantic Health care favorable to these 15 different corporations.
      That doesn’t include the numerous paid positions he then accepted as a Professor of Medicine at numerous Medical schools while being the President of the Atlantic Health Care system. Insuring the medical schools controlled the hiring, and Research, at the Atlantic Health System. While Shulkin enriched himself at patients’ expense. All while being paid as a Professor of Medicine from at least 3 separate Medical Schools who hired him while he was the Pres of Atlantic Health Care. The average pay of a professor of Medicine is between $129,271-$202,697 per year. Again, in plain English he was being paid at least $387,813 to $608,091 plus bonuses to make decisions at Atlantic Health to benefit the Medical Schools.
      Before they do anymore hiring they need to fire that walking talking unethical self-enriching conflict of interest chasing Shulkin.

      2017 Personal Finances File For: Shulkin, David J

      at: “”

      1. And our replies were as follows. Can you explain how these indicate a “set-off” “troll”?

        Tony April 28, 2017 at 6:34 pm
        Everything you say is exactly correct. Do you work for VA? You have the knowledge of an insider.

        Jo3n April 27, 2017 at 1:35 am
        @SeymoreKlearly, think I finally spelled name right. You’ve always posted very accurately. I’m not a leader. Y’all are easier to learn from than any other sites. So, bottom line is, Shulkin’s self serving, Isaacson is just loud, Senate can’t gather support, Trump’s influence is questionable, and then, the VA won’t follow the law anyway. Sounds like the VA is getting worse. Oh well, another promise. I’m sorry for what so many Veterans who bear the suffering and pain and the ones that die so the Shulkins of the world can sleep at night. God Bless the Veterans and their families.

        Tony (previously known as Dawn) April 28, 2017 at 6:38 pm
        That’s exactly it.

      2. Again

        Save it. Let me just refer you to the following comments. Some will be speaking to you some time this week. I am sure they will be better able to explain your pattern of harassing and stalking disabled Veterans for as long as you have been coming to this site and any others.




      3. Since you continue to try and distract from this post I though I would post it again. After all each time that it is reposted the SEO for the page gets a higher rating.


        Honestly with Shulkin’s hiring, firing and promotion practices, I believe the hiring freeze is a good thing. His hiring practices show a willfulness to hire people who are wholly inadequate to do the jobs they are hired for and in some cases the people hired have their own agendas that include failure of programs at the VA. His promotion practices show a clear “planned path to failure” within departments. His firing practices show a clear targeting of whistle blowers and people who are actually trying to do their jobs at the VA.

        Last Fridays White House release of Shulkin’s Personal Finance File and Ethics agreement show just how unethical and uncaring about patients care Shulkin is. After his being hired as President of the Atlantic Health System Shulkin accepted paid positions as a member of the Board at 15 different Vendors supplying the health care system. A glaring conflict of interest at all 15 of them. Although, not known for sure, he was likely making $50,000 per year or more in each of these board positions and receiving stock incentives. In plain English Shulkin was being paid at least $750,000 each year to make decisions at Atalantic Health care favorable to these 15 different corporations.

        That doesn’t include the numerous paid positions he then accepted as a Professor of Medicine at numerous Medical schools while being the President of the Atlantic Health Care system. Insuring the medical schools controlled the hiring, and Research, at the Atlantic Health System. While Shulkin enriched himself at patients’ expense. All while being paid as a Professor of Medicine from at least 3 separate Medical Schools who hired him while he was the Pres of Atlantic Health Care. The average pay of a professor of Medicine is between $129,271-$202,697 per year. Again, in plain English he was being paid at least $387,813 to $608,091 plus bonuses to make decisions at Atlantic Health to benefit the Medical Schools.
        Before they do anymore hiring they need to fire that walking talking unethical self-enriching conflict of interest chasing Shulkin.

        2017 Personal Finances File For: Shulkin, David J

        at: “”

      4. Replying to posts draws attention to them rather than distracting from them. I’m not sure now that you’re consciously lying. I think you need help. Please print all my posts and your reactions and take them to a mental health care professional. Best wishes.

      1. Whether or not you can trust them depends on how reliable they have been in the past.

  15. Hey Everyone,

    Stop feeding the troll named Dawn. The troll is only here to prevent discussion and sharing.

    Also Ben, would appreciate your blocking the trolls IP address.

    It posted a comment claiming to be me at “”

    It’s last post just prior to using my name is at “”

    I am certain it was the same person from the same IP address. Would appreciate your blocking it.

    1. I have already filed the Stalking and Harassment report online. So that has already been taken care of.

      Some sick twisted people in the world when they go online to troll disabled Veterans.

      1. Oh and troll, the next step they contact your ISP and review all uploads you have made. They then contact your supervisor at the VA and let them known that you have been accused of online stalking and harassment of disabled Veterans. They then pull copies of all uploads you have made while signed in at work, including emails, and review those with your supervisor. Before they consider charges.

        Have a Great Week Troll

      2. @Seymore Klearly: I see, DV is also being impersonated. I agree, some banning needs to take place. If found to be a VA IP address? Then the criminal can get it’s just reward!!!

      3. @Seymore Klearly, they are sick trolling disabled Veterans. Thank you for identifying and taking care of the troll problem.

      4. Trolling is going to get worse, VA employees will retaliate against veteran’s for speaking their minds. They have their backs to the wall and will lash out.

        Pretend to be a veteran and make statements that will make it sound like veteran’s are just complainers.

        It’s time veteran’s must be trusted and I listened too as telling the truth about incidents that have happened to them.

        Employees who cover up for each other and it determined they did so to cover up for another employees misdeeds.

        Need to be held accountable just like the original offender and relived of duty.

        Hearsay must be stopped from being used as fact or proof. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything and hearsay is not proof.

        Veteran’s and employees must see the executive order inforced where they can see for themselves that people are being held accountable.

        A new patient rights be written to protect veteran’s from being unjustly accused of anything.


    1. I suggest converting it to burn methanol like sprint cars. Then you need to put HUGE poorly inflated tires on the back, teeny tiny ones on the front, and a wing on top and the boy o boy forget about par – just put the pedal to the metal and NEVER EVER EVER back off on the throttle in a corner.

      Irregardless of the number of strokes for the round, you win.

      1. a good brush guard on the front would help clear a path if the spectators get too thick too.

    2. Maybe build a powerful ultralight so you can fly faster and accurately than the VA crows.

  17. It is Sunday! I just had to Google for Trump and accountability.

    Up on top was a Fox news site “”

    There is no need to read what the President signed at all. Pictures speak volumns don’t they?

    What do you see in the photograph? Here is what I see. I see Trump signing something. I also see the head of the VA… Look closely…what do you notice?

    I noticed two significant things about Shulkin;

    1) He is covering his balls with his hands (a primate males natural response to any threat), and
    2) He IS NOT Trumps right hand man. He stands on Trumps left.

    Do you know why kings and persons of high political value always picked their most trusted people to stand on their right? Its because in the old days everyone around the King carried swords and shit to stab with. They always wore their swords on the left (Roman soldiers learned to wear their on the right when in combat formation for a SPECIFIC tactical reason but Trump is no Roman soldier…)

    In days of yore if the man on your left tried to draw his sword he would be at a SEVERE disadvantage because his arm would be pinned and the King upon drawing his own sword would have the tip of his own sword positioned correctly for the killing thrust. On the right hand of course the roles are reversed, so only the most trusted people could stand there because the elimination of a king was a pretty popular way for change to take place in a culture.

    What can I take away from the photo given the historical context I cited? Answer; That Shulkin is worried for his nuts and Trump doesn’t trust him.

    It turns out that Trump and I have something in common! Who would have known that I personally have the stuff to think like a President! Of course my own pen would look substantially similar to the gear the Romans used to fix internal problems instead of a pen, and my solution might seem dated… but hey, somebody needs to help feed the lions, and Shulkins nuts would be a great appetizer!

    Cmon, be honest…if you got one free chance to cock back your leg and try to drive an imaginary football through the uprights but with Shulkins protected zone instead, would you do it?

    …It is fourth down and a fifty yard field goal just might win the game! The crowd is roaring!

    1. (So far on this blog I have called the new POTUS a jackass and now I suggest that kicking the head of VA in the balls would have redeeming value all of its own. Is NOW a good time to get my DBC flag removed?)

      1. No, go back to the fully prepared DBC corner that’s covered with 35 year old fly paper covered in flies and place face in corner but….only after VA Nurse Ratchet gets her aim right with her reptile tranquilizer blow dart to ensure you create a pool of drool for the still alive flies in that corner to live on. 🙂


  18. this might be easer to get it…..””

  19. “”

    Site of GBU-43/B, Nangarhar, Afghanistan
    look at this video and try to tell me the mother of all bombs blew this shit up must have been a dud LOL what a joke. just keep watching that box in your living room

    1. You have to keep in-mind that area in particular of Afghanistan and adjoining Pakistan could be used by NASA to train future astronauts living on surface of Mars or the dark side of the moon for that matter. They have been squirrelling out caves for centuries, it’s not like they just started digging in past 20 years. War and pillaging has been the tribal way of life in that region steadily going all the way back to when Eve decided to listen to the serpent and the conflict of Cain and Abel.

      Seems the only solution is to airdrop massive amounts of chemicals that turn into a plastic foam over entire region, let it set and harden, then go in and drill for the oil through the hardened plasti-coat seal and hardened dead towelheads. Done. The plasti-coat seal could even be snow-white in color to help reduce global warming by reflecting more of the sun as more glaciers and global poles are melting…and all on earth will be a better place.

      I nuclear device is also not the answer because all that huge salvo of radiated sand that’s not fused into silica glass will become radiated fallout even worse than regular earth dirt….think massive caldera volcano explosion…but with tons of cesium, U238, Plutonium, related gamma rays and so much more.
      Plus, all it would do to those animals is make them angrier butthead towelheads. 🙂

      1. You have to keep in-mind that area in particular of Afghanistan and adjoining Pakistan could be used by NASA to train future astronauts living on surface of Mars or the dark side of the moon for that matter……. WHY TRAVEL THAT FAR THEY USE THE STATE OF ARIZONA FOR THE FAKE NASA BULLSHIT………HOW DO THEY GET PAST THE VAN ALLEN BELT?????????????……IN THAT TIN CAN ….JUST GO TO THE NASA WEB SIGHT AND THEY TELL YOU THEY CANT GET THROUGH IT

      2. I live in outer space and only visit earth occasionally. It works both ways, providing that exact same wormhole can be utilized and reutilized because space is a really big place.
        The VA should never be allowed to “service astronaut healthcare” in the future of mankind, providing we do not make ourselves extinct in short time.
        Because the VA will find a way to steal veteran astronaut’s oxygen supply and hoard it and sell it to defense contractors building massive wormhole shredders in outer space.
        It could happen because, “In space, no one can hear you scream”- ‘Alien’


      4. I keep coming out in Albuquerque, just like Bugs Bunny escaping Marvin The Martian. 🙂


      6. Now I understand my problem, I am using an obsolete decoder ring from a box of BooBerry and Frankenberry cereals. Never liked cracker jacks so that explains it all.

    I became confused when I heard the word
    ” Service “being used with these agencies:

    1, Internal Revenue”Service”.
    2, U.S. Postal”Service”.
    3, Telephone”Service”.
    4, Cable T.V.”Service”.
    5, Civil”Service”.
    6, State, City, County & Public”Service”.

    This is not what I thought “Service” meant.

    But today I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to “Service” a few cows.

    BAM ! It all came into focus.

    Now I understand what all those agencies are doing!

    1. Yep, farm boy here as well and there’s a lot of bovine anal antics going-on at the expense of Veterans at the VA.

      Used in a sentence befitting to the VA and Veterans:

      **This miniaturized gym routine on Isaacson’s Stairmaster enabled the scientists to grow usable quantities of bovine muscle — otherwise known as beef.**



      of, relating to, or belonging to the Bovini (cattle), a bovid tribe including domestic cattle


      (of people) dull; sluggish; stolid, also see: Dept. of Veterans Affairs. (same # of stomachs to support ass end of meat grinder at the VA)


  21. @Ex va: Ex, I am getting real sleepy. I should call it a night. Will talk soon. God bless you and your family. Goodnight.

  22. @Ex va: From Wed on was rain, not too bad. Yeppers, dogs keep me from going off, that’s for real. namnibor is the kind of acronyms. Great sense of humor, make you think outside the box, that is for sure.

    1. -.-. .—, we have flood warnings tonight. Some of the farmers had to plant like 4 times last year because of all the rain. They did have a good harvest. I hope this year will be dryer. Good you got your transplants out. I am glad you are not getting the storms. Not many people on late at night here.

  23. I still getting a kik out of Disgruntled Veterans LGBT remark: Liquor, Guns, Bacon, and Tits.

    1. -.-. .—, i find myself saying some of the things on this blog or thinking them and cracking up. Nam comes up with some good ones to.

  24. @Ex va: Actually I am going to leave it till Charter’s tech comes and hits the power button and puts it into an endless on/reboot loop. hahaha he will report back to his uppers ” yeah that thing if fucked up alright”

    1. -.-. .—, at least you will get that fixed for free. That is good. I wish i knew more about tech stuff. I can navigate Microsoft software. All this apple stuff is fairly new to me. I have no idea about what you have or Alienware or any of the higher tech stuff.

  25. @Ex va: My personal email has a password a block long lol. I am not going to set it up on another computer unless I really have to lmao. Damn fingers are tired enough from typing. I must have typed, swapon /dev/sda2
    mount /dev/sda3 /mnt
    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot
    mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/home, 1000 times today. I am not touching the laptop again till tomorrow afternoon.

  26. @Ex va: I have no personal email, till this damn thing is fixed. You see nutter you let him know for me please.

  27. @Ex va: Yes he has been walking on it all this time, that is one of the reasons I am so angry. They quoted on the phone 250 for x rays etc. When I got there the price magically went to almost 600, I was like wtf? You said 250. I made the girl at the counter start crying, in the end they honored the 250, add to that the injury in the first place, the delay in diagnosis, and I swear it was one of us going the the damn VA. Too many other things as well piling on top of each other, around Wed, my anger was at a critical point, and I had to stay away from everyone for a couple days to calm down. I could detonate real easy when I am like that. All is good now.

    1. -.-. .—, good job of keeping yourself balanced. For some reason i have been having anger issues too. Stress and some pain. I am glad they honored the 250. For the X-rays. 600.00 that is too high. Yes, i have been letting some things go and it is worse to get them done when i do that. I have to send in some paperwork and i have been letting it go. No good!! Just get tired of paperwork always filling out paperwork for something. Geesh. Glad you are doing better now. I try to do something when i feel angry. I have meds for the anxiety and sometimes they help. If i can walk a little i will do that. You kept your cool, glad you did. My dog helps a lot. She trys to distract me if i start acting up. Have you been getting a lot of rain or storms?

  28. @Ex va: I said many times over “stop making him jump so high, he is going to get hurt” well, she made him jump, and now he is hurt. He had heartworm when we got him, had cancer twice, and now this…………he is the dog with the golden balls. geez. I will have zero money left when this is over, and I don’t give a shit about the money. I just hate he has to go through this shit needlessly. Just very angry is all, this has been a very trying week indeed.

    1. -.-. .—, i would be angry too. Stuff happens, cannot predict when it is going to happen. Just when i think i am going to get a little ahead, something breaks down. I know it could be worse. I have seen others have it a lot worse. A/C started acting up just testing it. I hope it will last a couple more years.

  29. @Ex va: No storms here, and it looks like the ones on the way will miss as well. Still working on the laptop, it is really messed up, I called Charter cable, and gave a piece of my mind. They will pay if I have to get a linux tech to fix this shit. Dog has a torn acl. not sure what to do from here. Dunno if we should try the no surgery route, or should do surgery……what if they fuck up? then he is screwed for life…………..

    1. -.-. .—, damn sorry to hear about the dog. Is it like a shoulder surgery for a human where they reattach with hooks? I would get it done if they can tell you exactly what they can do and if it will benefit your dog. Research it and see if it would be a benefit. I would make charter cable pay for it to be fixed. They are suppose to have security software right? My provider says they have virus software and i think there is some warranty. Plus, have the geek squad too.

      1. @Ex va: Unfortunately, this is Arch Linux, Geeksquad won’t have a clue how to work with it. It will take someone with special skills to do it, they already said they would pay for it, Charter had an outage halfway through an upgrade…………..fucked it up good. Yeah, I have to really look into what his best options are. What pisses me off is, I asked the vet to take a damn x-ray 3 months ago, he says it is a sprain, to wait it out. Then finally he takes an e-xray and you can see the damage. He has been running around on a torn acl in his rear leg for 3 damn months. I have a torn acl, I know damn well how painful one is. Either way, it is going to be expensive and a very long road ahead.

      2. -.-. .—, Good they will fix it. Charter had an outage then they should fix it. That suxs. So, sorry about your dog. I was just doing a little research on that injury they say the dog has to be in a kennel for 6 weeks to heal if no surgery. I don’t know if he has been using it all this time. Sounds very painful. I would be mad at the vet too. I applied for that care credit and made payments, i could not afford to pay all at once.

    2. -.-. .—, when i adopted one of our rescues had to pay for heartworm treatment and a broken leg shortly after that. I had to apply for care credit it was expensive. Couldn’t not try to help the dog. And you would think that dog would listen to me,,, NO!!

    3. Dash dot dash, have you tried installing a flavor of Linux on an external USB?

      I installed Ubuntu today on an external USB so I can leave my laptop as is, but boot into Ubuntu off that external USB for different network and other settings when needed.

      It works good and is very fast.

      I did it a few years ago on a thumb drive, but I can’t find those instructions. I could boot into Linux Mint and have everything stay on that thumb drive without affecting other hardware.

      It would also be a protected installation that you could boot from that should not be easily messed up from other problems like a power hit or hardware failure.

      1. @91Veteran: Unfortunately, I have been using Arch for the past 10 years, as my main OS. Very few Linux distros, are rolling, and never have an EOS date. Try Arch out, it may be a pain to install, but, once your done you’ll wonder why the hell you ever used anything else. For a similar distro try Manjaro, it’s Arch based and you can choose your flavor. With the ease of install of Ubuntu. I have had this same issue with MS, lose an internet connection during a system upgrade. With the amount of data saved over the years, it would suck, to have to start over again. Good thing about Arch, I can always, chase down the issue, and recover. It’s just a pain in the butt, sometimes. Specially when your plate is already full……. Life…..kinda like the Army, every day a new adventure. 91 the dots n dashes, just morse for cj. I like the way it looks, new look,same fool.

    1. -.- . .—, how is it going? are you getting pounded by storms? I am down here. the rain has been unreal. flood warnings. satellite is messing up too.

  30. @Ex va: Ex, hows you tonight? I ain’t trolling. it’s winter and me snowmobile is broke.

  31. Maybe one of the kids can tell us how badly they missed this day. I still don’t get why they abandoned the day. What an issue. You need sleep Dawn. Take a night off. Were you talking your kids at 3:00a.m.? Poor little buggers.

  32. Ok, I think I figured it out, and I now have a better understanding about rug rat day.

    Not only is it an opportunity to babysit your own kid at work and get paid for it through the VA. But is one more day a parent doesn’t need to worry about what is happening to their child in school.

    ” Hey, teacher – Leave them kids alone! Spate of educator arrests for sex, drugs & bullying”
    Published time: 28 Apr, 2017

    1. “You can’t have your pudding, if you don’t eat your meat” Pink Floyd, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’

    2. I am sure many VA employees are pissed that the day was canceled. After all a VA parent has to teach the future employees of tomorrow about how to survive at the VA dodging morals and ethics. Especailly with the ongoing teacher round up they don’t want their kids getting confused by words like accountability.

      Here is a list of a few of the articles on the Great teacher round up each article is about a separate arrest. Also there are a lot more arrests then the few I am listing. Also has anybody heard which day next week they start the round up at the VA?

      “Hanover teacher arrested for possession of child pornography”
      Published:Friday, April 28th 2017

      “San Mateo police arrest teacher in connection with taking pictures of children for sexual purposes”
      By Vince Cestone, KRON, Published: April 27, 2017

      “Winter Haven elementary school teacher arrested on burglary warrant”, By WFLA Web Staff, Published: April 28

      “Central FL teacher arrested on battery, molestation charges”, Posted: Apr 28, 2017

      “Teacher arrested for alleged relationship with middle school girl”, WXIA-TV-Apr 27, 2017

      “Substitute Teacher Arrested for Having Sex With Student”,
      A substitute teacher has been arrested after authorities say he had sex with a teenage boy. April 26, 2017

      “Ocoee High teachers had sexual relationship with student, police say Chad Michael Coy, Ryan S. Kirkpatrick arrested on sex charges” 11:51 AM, April 28, 2017

      “School Teacher Arrested For Spraining Queens Student’s Arm, Police Say
      The student suffered swelling and pain to his arm, police said.
      By Ali Kucukgocmen (Patch National Staff) – April 27, 2017

      “Tempe teacher arrested for suspicion of sexual contact with 13-year-old student”
      Meghan Finnerty , The Republic | Published 9:13 p.m. MT April 23, 2017 | Updated 8:00 a.m. MT April 24, 2017

      “Reports: Ex-Texas kindergarten teacher had sex with 4 high school students, 2 at the same time
      By Heather Leighton, / Houston Chronicle Updated 3:41 pm, Thursday, April 27, 2017

      “Valhalla teacher arrested in Greenburgh”,The Journal News | 22, 2017

      1. Seymore,
        Not only are “educators” being arrested for “sexual deviancy”, so are judges!
        I don’t have the article, right handy. Up in Kentucky, a former judge was recently arrested for “sex trafficking!”
        Since POTUS was sworn in, 20 Jan 2017, OVER 2,000 arrests have been made. Concerning “Sex Trafficking”! Many were arrested for having sex with minors!
        Rep. Trey Gowdy is going hard after “Child Protective Services”, of all 50 states & Washington DC, because they’ve been ‘stone- walling’ him over receiving necessary information for his committee!
        There’s a multitude of videos out now over this issue!
        I hope y’all understand POTUS definitely has a “full plate” on so many things right now, it’s really kind of hard to keep up!

  33. @Dawn, i still don’t understand your logic, you say you want to help Veterans, but like you stated about being disappointed from your day missing the bring your child to workday. To me the issues in department of veterans affairs are bigger than a cancellation of an event.

    No one goes thru this life without experiencing some adversity and i am truly sorry about your father and the suffering he endured trying to get help from a broken va system.

    I tried to give you a different perspective on some of your statements. You stated you wrote a letter to the President claiming part of the va problem is Veterans double dipping or triple dipping from the system. These are promised benefits that were earned and citizens across this country will be double dipping as you call it if their employer has a pension plan when they draw their social security.

    If these are problems to you that Veterans receive these benefits. Such as pensions, compensation and social security. How can you say you are on the Veterans side and support Veterans when you are trying and asking that these benefits be taken away from the Veteran? This is what your letter stated on the blog before this one. So, i still do not understand your reasoning. I have know doubt about your frustrations with the va system, i think it is confusing and misdirected.

    1. Hey Ex va,

      Did you ever get the feeling someone is being paid to troll you on this site?

    2. Ex va: Again, you didn’t read the post. You attribute to me your own timelines, motivations, thoughts, feelings, and interpretations. That’s why you can’t understand.

      How many Seymore Klearlys are on this site? You can tell be the posts that they are not written by the same person.

  34. @ Ex va, et. al.: You didn’t read my post. Half-day? The time on my post shows 11:36 PM. After I posted, I worked until 3 AM on that same night. I’ve been working 12 to 24 hours a day since I came to work here over two years ago, mostly due to retaliation for whistleblowing. Do you know what an atomic veteran is? Any idea about Vietnam? VA should have averted the Phoenix problem, not reacted to it after the fact. VAMC Phoenix has been a problem for at least two decades in my experience. The research doctors sent a letter to my dad to have him come into the hospital to have exams and tests for a report they were writing regarding the long-term effects of radiation exposure. Being a good airman, he went in for the experiments. While running tests, they found prostate cancer and osteoporosis, but they wouldn’t treat him. Do you know how rare osteoporosis is in men? About 4 percent. In Dad’s family about 0 percent. Unless DOD used you for radiation exposure experiments, which according to VA didn’t cause Dad any illness. They continued to run their tests. The cancer continued to spread from his prostate to his liver. It was impossible to get an appointment for treatment. I came to think VAMC Phoenix was solely a research clinic that didn’t treat vets. My dad was seen at VAMC Phoenix for treatment zero times while going in for every research test and exam. After his back broke from the osteoporosis when a clumsy (non-VA) assistant dropped him as he was supposed to be helping him off the exam table, my dad became immobile. He lay in bed at home unable to do anything, completely helpless and dependent, like a newborn except he could talk. At that point he was in too much pain to say anything that didn’t bite like a wounded animal. But once his back broke and he was in bed at home, he was lost and died within a few weeks in Jan 2001. Do you know what it’s like to pray to God to take by death the people you love most in the world and don’t want to lose? Do you know what it’s like to try to take care of someone with cancer with no assistance and lots of misinformation and fail because I’m no medical professional? In 2014 I saw the congressional investigation on CNN while deployed in Afghanistan. So, upon completion of my 13-month tour, I forewent a cherry job in the Office of the Secretary of Defense so I could fix VA. You can’t understand a situation you are not in. I had to be in it to analyze it and realize how pervasive the Phoenix culture is in headquarters and throughout VA; to learn the causes and solutions; to know it won’t be changed. VA has a self-perpetuating culture of corruption. My dad was way meaner than any of you; so bring it on. He also didn’t whine. He was raised not to complain but to take action. My mom was the same. I’m too old to waste time, and as long as I can work, I work. If I talked or acted like you, my dad would’ve whipped me with the belt after my mom used the wooden paddle and warned, “Just wait till your father gets home.” You should be careful about talking about other people. Every time in my life I have judged someone, God has given me their situation. So, I don’t judge other people anymore. You can only describe yourself. You can’t even know another person, let alone understand them. You don’t know another person’s experience or how that experience affects them even if you have had the same experience, because people assimilate experiences differently. I’m more than empathetic; the word doesn’t exist to describe my experience of others’ pain. I’m not telling you my own experience. I’m here to help veterans not to compare scars.

    1. Dawn, I am very sorry to hear of how the VA treated your Father. I will not list the many different ways of knowing exactly what you went through, and still are.

      Many here are currently going through similar things with the VA.

      I am begging you though.

      From the few comments you have made, you appear empathetic to veterans, but that is easily missed or overlooked when your comments starts to come across as condescending. That you are oh so much smarter than those you are commenting to.

      Its very possible you do not mean it that way, but that is how I perceive some of your comments.

      To me or other veterans who perceive condescension, it makes me go from zero to red ass in about 3 seconds, simply because I have experienced that attitude from so many in the VA.

      That I am lowly, too stupid to tie my shoes, and most definitely too stupid to comprehend anything my betters working at the VA are trying to tell me.

      I believe you have a significant amount to offer to veterans here given your experience with your Father. I am simply asking that you consider your audience here.

      From the comments I have read here, I have perceived some very intelligent veterans, some mean bastards which are needed once in a while, and some big softies depending on the subject.

      Sometimes all 3 from the same person.

      1. I agree with your observations regarding this site, 91veteran, except that some appear to be purely trolling, and appreciate your comments. Will you please tell me what I type that seems condescending? Also, will you please tell me if the name had been Tony instead of Dawn (which of course is not my real name), the response would have been different? I’m serious. I’m never sarcastic. I’m trying to clarify.

      2. 91veteran, Thank you for your empathy. I really didn’t want to type all that. I just wanted to focus on the solution. It’s not something I wanted to tell, and it hurt to have to think about it enough to type it.

  35. Something I just thought about this for the “Bring your child to work day”.
    If your parent(s) is a teacher, you get to go to school to watch them teach. How fair is that?
    If they made it a holiday and closed schools so the parents could bring their children to work and your parent(s) is a teacher, the child gets to stay home!

  36. Veteran Court Locations by State – ‘’

  37. Veterans Courts, you got me. At the end of today, I will know more about something I never heard of. About my clinic visit, the patient advocate took my story. Promised to alert Administration. That’s the last I heard from Patient advocate. The local yocals, will not touch it. My useless lawyer says, contact patient advocate. I’m not being paid for PTSD, so, I feel safer believing I won’t be dragged into a kangaroo court. Does anyone believe this terrorist organization will ever truly serve Veterans. @Ex Va, I pray this new law for accountability and whistleblower, will be retro. I thoroughly believe you deserve a lot of back pay. You never stopped working for Veterans. Oh, I never thought about people coming on line here with different names. Perhaps, one lonely Sunday, we could play a game with phony names. I could be….

    1. @Jo3N, thank you for your consideration and prayers. I pray for a good outcome for you too. In life things change sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. I think we Veterans have seen to much bad in the va and we are all due for some good changes in the va. I pray for Veterans all the time and keep trying to have the faith and hope that issues that Veterans face in the va system will get better for them. There has been so much corruption and injustice it has got to stop.

      I am glad you talked to the patient advocate and hopefully this film/flam nurse/doctor whatever he is removed from the va system completely. You should not have had to deal with any of that. You taking action probably have helped save some Veterans lives. People have your six here. God bless.

  38. @Seymore Klearly – Veteran Courts- for Veterans with PTSD charged with minor offenses. After reading the link that you posted, the VA is a major participant in this type of Court. The VA has a hard time fulfilling proper medical care, and yet, they’ve extended their authority into not only treating Veterans with PTSD, but also with minor legal complaints that have been filed against Veterans with PTSD.

    @Seymore Klearly – See if you’ve come to the same conclusion as this; seems as though the Veteran Court may only apply to Veterans diagnosed with PTSD due to Military Service, and the Veteran is receiving compensation from the VA. A Veteran with PTSD, and NOT receiving compensation from the VA, doesn’t have to participate in the Veterans Court for minor offensive issues.

    Does the last sentence above make sense? I haven’t found anywhere that it states . . . “ALL Veterans with PTSD is to use the Veterans Court.”

    It sure seems as though that the VA extends their authority over Veterans no matter what medical condition that the Veteran may or may not have, and whether their medical condition is service or non-service connected. Seymore what do you think? Anyone else have concerns or interpretations?

    I get concerned with the powers of the VA. The Veteran Court was established to deal with minor legal offenses against Veterans with service connected PTSD. The goal of the Veteran Court is to keep the Veteran out of the main Judicial System, and to re-establish the Veteran back into society after completing rehabilitating conditions.

    Veterans Treatment Courts may also apply to Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI]. Cut and paste the following link, ‘’

    If the VA is allowed to gain more authority over Veterans, soon all Veterans will be considered Citizens of the VA. VA wants more and more control, but be accountable for less and less.

    1. @Seymore Klearly and others that are interested in Veteran Treatment Courts – While searching under Veteran Courts, I found this link too . . .’’

      1. After reading through the executive summaries of some of the reports listed on the page at the link you listed I note that there is another question regarding eligibility for Veterans treatment court. “What if a veteran is ineligible to receive health care from the VA?”

        So the administration of Veterans treatment court is through VA Health Care.

        Guess that means in plain English if you are flagged by the Disruptive committee. They may want to bring you in for some medication adjustment to your way of thinking.

        Also anyone living in or near Colorado watch your backs. Aurora money pits opening date has been pushed back again from “early 2018” to being operational “2018 at the earliest”. And since your congressman is pushing hard for this Veterans Court thing under federal law it seems clear he is trying to fill the new Veterans prison, sorry I mean “”Hospital”” as soon as it opens.

        Also with Sulkin working hard to find an excuse to keep the Hot Springs Hospital open anyone in South Dakota watch your backs also.

    2. While some municipalities call them Veterans Treatment Courts other just call them Veterans Courts. While a few require a PTSD diagnosis and that the Veteran be receiving VA disability. Most do not require it.

      I began looking at them after several comments on Ben’s blog here over a year ago from people who had been evolved with the courts. One of whom had never even gone to court but was locked up in a VA treatment facility and forced to take medication for several years without ever being charged with a crime and with out ever having a Psych evaluation. He was only released after the Obama Administration became personally involved through the Office of Special Console.

      Also I noted that while the Candy land at Tomah was hitting the news. When I took the names listed in different articles of patients of Dr. Houlihan and check their criminal histories at the public circuit court access online. I found that of the 8 names I found and checked 7 started out with their first arrest for minor violations such as disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct. Almost all of them listed an address at the Tomah VAMC. Within a three year time period between all of them after their first arrest they combined had been arrested for over 60 felonies and over 120 additional misdemeanors following their first admittance to Tomah VAMC.

      The state of Wisconsin has had the Veterans treatment courts in a number of counties for sometime now. Their requirements for put a Veteran into Veterans Treatment Court are that they have a mental illness or drug or alcohol abuse. Also noteworthy is that in each of the counties where the special courts are used they make it mandatory that the Veteran be placed on medication.


    3. ANutterVet,

      Just to be clear the main qualifier is illegibility to receive Veterans Health Care. Given the administration of Veterans treatment court is through the VA Health Care System.

      Which does not require a diagnosis of PTSD.

      1. Seymore,
        Do you think those “kangaroo court systems” are set up to allow VA employees to get their hands on veterans compensation pay? Basically, making – by force – a number of VA employees – “fiduciaries!”
        We all know how well that “program” is working out for veterans! (Sarcasm intended here!)

    4. I am very concerned about VA courts. Why not have special courts for people that have pink eye and do a minor offense. So veterans whom have PTSD and a TBI have to worry about the VA, each and every time we go into the building and if a VA employee is having a bad day and lashes out at me and reports me as being disruptive and I had not said a word, they can drag me into a court.

      Or if I stub my Toe on a chair and scream dam it or shit and someone hears it, they can haul me into court and its only veterans whom receive a disability. That makes me go HUMMMM. Veterans that are incarcerated have their disability monies stopped.

      Could that be the reason for taking them to a SPECIAL court. How about veterans receiving disability for other conditions are they hauled into court. I doubt it, they want to pick on the week link and have a servre disability.

      I would like Ben to weigh in on this. The VA accused me of being disruptive, I wonder why they did not send me to court ! ? I know why because they know I was never disruptive and they will not and can not provide any proof. Humm ! lets take him to the VA court, we cant we have no evidence oh yea I forgot.

      Ok well lets punish him ourselves, no one has to know, after all we do it all the time anyway and get away with it ! He has PTSD and a TBI, so who is going to believe him anyway.

      Just another way to take the veterans disability away or their money anyway !

      Way to go America, thanks for not caring what they are doing to thousands of veterans. If they cant get us to kill ourselves, they will punish us for not committing suicide by having us put in Jail. I guess they think that the veterans will kill themselves after being incarcerated and if the veteran does not kill himself, do it over and over, until he does.

      People who made these decision’s concerning veterans such as these courts and the disruptive committee should be put in a Jail with BUBBA, they like screwing veterans so much, maybe BUBBA could teach them something. Who knows the employee’s may not want to leave after meeting BUBBA !

  39. Hey Elf,

    Regarding these special Veterans Courts where Veterans lose their civil rights.

    Here is a Current Bill being proposed on the subject.

    “The Veterans Treatment Court Improvement Act “, Congressman Mike Coffman
    Posted: Apr 26, 2017

    Basically as a Veteran you lose all of your civil rights to due process and legal representation in these court systems and the Veterans Administration takes full control of your life. Even for minor offences and misdemeanors crimes weather you are guilty or not.

    You know how great the VA is at dispensing Justice right.

    They want to force it on all civilian jurisdictions in America.

    Also note that the author is the subject of the article making it another opinion piece dressed up as an article.

    This opinion piece is written by congressman mike Coffman form the land of the Aurora money-pit in Colorado.

  40. I maybe recommending but I tweeted this to POTUS I said they need to get rid of the Fed Unions so that they can Fire the killers at the VA. The Union helps to protect the VA from being Fired for the neglect of services.

  41. Didn’t have time to read through all the comments so this may be redundant.

    I noticed Shulkin is asking Department of Health and Human Services to assist with providing physicians. Hope they will transfer the VA C&P exams to SSA. Their examinations are much more complete as well as their investigations. My SSDI examination provides basis for my appeal.

    1. Those SSA Disability Determinatiuon Services farmed out Dr.’s are also quacks…puppy mills, but replace the puppies with Veterans or humans.
      My experience is the VA and SSA never communicate with each other and my VA claim was WAY easier than SSDI process. It’s a luck of the draw and depending on what State you live in, those wait times and lists are as accordingly play out just like the VA.

      1. It wasn’t the examiners at SSA as much as the SSA investigator. They got statements from employers and fellow employees that helped a lot.

  42. Just a bit off topic.

    Has anybody had any experience with one of these new Veterans Courts that have been popping up all over the country?

    The ones where Veterans are losing their civil rights, like rights to legal representation and due process. The courts are criminal courts in which the Veteran for even minor offenses has to go before a special judge assigned to the special court and rights to legal representation are very restricted with special prosecutors. Almost all controlled by the Veterans Administration including the sentencing.

    Wikipedia has a little info about them at: “”

    So basically for our service we are not only deprived of adequate Health Care but also now our civil Rights are being taken away.

    Which also imposes sentences where the Veteran is placed under the control of the Veterans Administration.

  43. Inconvenience, that’s all it was. I posted before that things were going to get worse for veterans, The bad apples know that they can’t hide and before they go, they will abuse as many veterans as they can as retaliation for the new order.

    Not only veterans, management is scurrying like a Fox trapped and will lash out at anyone that will threaten their position. Too bad ! But once again its all about employees being protected, how about veterans who need protecting from disgruntled employees.

    If we complain are we going to have the same protection as a whistleblower. If not, why not.

    I am going to test the new system and see what they do with my case of being falsely accused of disruptive behavior and only done so as a retaliatory act by a former co-worker. Since I am a former VA employee, I think I should be afforded all the whistleblowing protection.

    This employee accused me of wanting to commit murder ! She with the help of the disruptive committee and top management by not making the employee furnish any written evidence of the said disruptive behavior.

    yes the current patient advocate’s position should be eliminated and those employee reassigned. The advocacy should be done by someone not part of the VA facility.

    ? is where do veterans go too when they have been harmed.

    1. @ james gallegos
      ? is where do veterans go too when they have been harmed.
      james i read your posts I realize you care a lot. I am a veteran also. I am upset at a lot of things.
      I do believe things will get better. More and more people are telling their storie on this blog and other blogs. There is supposed to be a march next month— maybe that will showcase new voices and ideas.
      Off topic but relevant: This is a decent blog. When a veteran is in need people step up and help.
      Recently a vet named (Jo3n) had a problem with a doctor (Rolando m Newland Clarke). Jo3n got immediate assistance from people on this blog. I was amazed at the response. The response was great.
      I wrote down as much info as I could. I hope Jo3n took action or filed a complaint.
      Big time congratulations and thanks to the following veterans for assisting Jo3n: 91Veteran, Lem,
      Seymore Klearly, and other commenters.
      This is advocacy James G—-things will get better you’ll see.
      Peace Bro

      1. Thanks I don’t think they could get any worse only way is up.

        I sent in my evidence I gathered since 2004 that should show that I was rail roaded by a VA employee.

        If you keep fighting year after year inquiries after inquiries, they don’t remember what they said before and wing it !

        Thank God they do, their story changes and they mess up and spill the beans.

        If someone would take their time and look at the big picture, they will see through their lies and vindicate me and my good name restored and I can stop thinking about them.

        I will keep everyone posted as to what happens or don’t happen.

        I’m sad that many veterans died before seeing change.

        Maybe a mother will not have to say I sent two of my sons off to war, they returned but they are not the sons I watched leave and their not back yet.

  44. Just one less kid learning from mummy and daddy how they screw veterans over by barely doing their job. Did I ever go to work with my father? No, because there was always work to be done and no play. Do your DAMN job cucks!

  45. Here’s what the VFW has to say about the NEW executive order!
    Google this from “ News”

    “VFW: Accountability is a Two-Way Street”

    27 April 2017 | by Brian Duffy

    Duffy is high up in the VFW!
    Y’all gotta read this article!

    1. Hey Elf,

      I checked out the article and found Duffy to be nothing more than a mouth piece on what this new office is suppose to be.

      Given the nature of the article dealing with accountability I found it extremely odd that the very first line in his opinion piece was so misleading. Where it states “Brian Duffy is the national commander of the 1.7 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and its Auxiliary.”. As though they have a membership of 1.7 million Veterans.

      The truth is of that membership the Auxiliary website page boast “Today, we have nearly 470,000 male and female members and more than 4,000 Auxiliaries representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.” Of course the prerequisite requirement to join the VFW Auxiliary is that you are not already a member.

      Also with their organizations failure to update the membership rolls to remove dead members from their life time membership accounts.

      It is very clear that Brian Duffy is a totally Un-Accountable type person. I guess that must be a requirement to head up a so called VSO today.


      Another interesting fact about this organization that is fighting against Veterans having the right to choose their own health care options.

      “Open Secrets dot Org” Center for Responsible Politics, Shows that again the organization is not very accountable. They are currently 4 years behind in their accounting. So the most recent information on the VFW Political Action Committee is from 2012.

      What is also amazing is that the 2012 Data shows: The leading recipient of the money collected by the VFW Political Action Committee was the VFW with a few dems and repub getting a few dollars here and there.
      So of the rounded figure of $1.2 million collected by the VFW Political Action Committee they transferred $1,257,827 to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. How Fricken Un-Accountable is that?


      I guess it was the VFW’s way of collecting money from it’s members as donations for Political Action. But really it was for bigger bonuses for it’s top brass.

      1. To be clear that nearly 470,000 male and female members and more than 4,000 Auxiliaries. There is no requirement of being a Veteran although Veterans who are already members of the VFW can also join the Auxiliaries. Got pump up that head count.

      2. Seymore,
        I put the article on so everyone could see how that VFW asswipe is responding to the new law!
        I hope everyone reads it like you and me!

      3. @Seymore – – – Thanks for posting those articles. Duffy is a bald-faced liar. If VFW has that many members on their active rolls – – – some of them must be liquefied remains by now. While others are simply those buried less than 10 years ago.

      4. I hope they do to Elf.

        Also just want to point out that Duffy is not only the author writing as though he is a reporter reporting. But he is also the subject of the article that is really nothing more than an Opinion piece written in a way to get Military dot com to publish it.

        Military dot com is going down hill with this kind of conning it’s readers to present and Opinion as though it were an article.

        Also I hope you take a look at these Veterans courts were Veterans civil rights are being taken away even in minor criminal matters. They now have hundreds of these courts in now and are growing at a rapid pace.

        Basically they are granting the VA to take over our lives for minor criminal offences without due process or legal representation. Guilty or not guilty the Veterans administration gets full control of your life if you are a Veteran.

        Just another part of the con.

  46. It wasn’t an either/or. The Day could have been observed, and the President could have visited. The two events are not mutually exclusive.

    1. @Dawn – – – Precisely! THAT is what makes the VA employees butthurt whining all the more pathetic. Whole drama produced by VA in order to make POTUS appear bad. Might actually play in Peoria – – – doesn’t surf here in Honolulu . . .

  47. Isn’t it just the biggest bummer that the VA folks can’t take their kids to work? The same damn thing happened here in Oregon too! Sawmills cancelled the “put your kids on the green chain day” after to many little fingers and toes got whacked off. Same thing with the official road flaggers on construction sites – just ONE squished rugrat and the government overreacted there too! McDonalds, hiding behind their corporate mascot and as child centric as it is, here in Oregon just flat refuses a take your kids to be a fry cook day! What the hell was the clown thinking!!! Admittedly the afformentioned occupations employ a calibre of folks well above those who work at VA and therefor their time is more valuable, but THINK OF THE CHILDREN! God, at least let the Disruptive Behavior Committee folks take their kids to the star chamber and help flag a few vets for Mon and Dad! Is that too much to ask to demonstrate to the kids how America works???

    Other industries have clamped down hard too… From construction workers laying concrete all the way to the employment that offers exciting advancement opportunities in the hay cutting industry, employers in general have taken the heartless approach by barring children from the workplace.

    Even federal prison guards have had their child accompaniment rights ripped away from them by a cruel and heartless federal agency. Before you know it, they will start banning combat infantry from taking their kids on site and see what Mom and Dad do there too!

    It is indeed a lack of focus in America to ban children from the infectious and contaminated VA workplace, however there is still hope for these parents. At least in Oregon we have the Portland Zoo. Oregon VA parents wishing to expose their children to conditions similar to their workplace are free to take their kids to the reptile habitat. Oregonians take care of their kids, and the Zoo is just down the street from the VA hospital. As a bonus, at least at the zoo the kids can see how animals should be cared for.

    1. What we need is a future veteran televised program like that show “Scared Straight”, where at-risk/troubled youth are shown the horrors of prison and jail, but this program will take little kiddies and youth to the VA for a “Scared Straight: VAMC Asylum” reality show where the kiddies can decide early-on if they really want to go into the military and serve or if they are malicious monster children hell-bent on abusing animals, then that kiddy will know also early-on the VA will be awaiting their application for employment as soon as they graduate and study all the Hitler Youth documents to be fully prepared to abuse future Veterans.

      “Scared Straight: VAMC Asylum Program” (S.S.V.A.)

  48. Yesterday, I put this article on from:
    “ News”! I believe it needs repeating. Due to one paragraph in the article!

    “Trump to Sign Order Creating Accountability Office at VA”

    dated: 27 April 2017
    Associated Press | by Darlene Superville

    From the article, quote:
    “Shulkin said the purpose is to help identify “barriers” that make it difficult to fire or reassign employees deemed unfit to work at the department and serve veterans!” unquote.

    As I said before, the “barriers” is the AFGE union! Until Shulkin can stop the interference by that corrupt agency, NOTHING will be accomplished!
    From what Seymore has commented on in recent days, concerning Shulkin’s net worth and business ties, does anyone actually believe he’ll help veterans?

    As far as this “bring your rug rat to work” bullshit, the “signing event” was published about a week BEFORE “rug rat day”! Therefore, VA didn’t need to cancel a damn thing!
    We all know this was about making POTUS look bad. Nothing more, nothing less!
    How many on here have gone to their clinic or hospital, to see IF VA has complied with “Shithead Shulkin’s” directive over putting up the picture of POTUS?
    I’m using this as but one indignation against POTUS by VA employees!
    The VA doesn’t give a shit about veterans! All they care about is money! And, how much they can STEAL from the taxpayers!
    This new “LAW” is now in effect! It could be said, IF the VA refuses to follow it, the DOJ (Judicial Branch) could get involved and file charges!
    Problem is, until VA’s upper management illegal activities investigations are brought before a Grand Jury, charges cannot be brought!

    Does anyone see the “INJUSTICE” in this?

    1. It is my thinking that the new accountability office has been put in place to do just that. Weed out the bad actors in the original accountability (what a joke) office. In my opinion nothing can be worse than where we were. I choose to give the benefit of the doubt to this administration until proven otherwise. The EO was signed yesterday. I will wait and see since I’m used to waiting anyway.

  49. since when did it become proper for the US Taxpayer to pay to babysit everyones kids for the day

    with that an the 5 hour shut down on training day every week, one would think that the VA was actually doing a bang up job to start with

  50. Way off here, Ben, our President is trying to make life better for Injured Veterans and he’s trying to do it as quickly as possible. He has a lot of shit on his plate. He can’t just say, “Oh shit! It’s bring your child to work day at the VA better cancel my schedule for the week to make another time I can sign this legislation!” Everybody expects super Trump but look how much he has already done? if the President was coming to my work place I’d happily not bring my child. Everyone will always find something to bitch about with Trump, I guess even you. Love your book, but give the President a break. It’s not his fault the VA over reacted.

    1. I agree with you in concept, but that’s not the way it went in practice. It wasn’t like when Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama were president and visited the workplace. The event was a tightly manipulated for optics. All employees were required to vacate the building by 13:00. He visited at 16:30. Everyone who was in the building when he visited are the ones you see on screen (except Secret Service). I don’t have minor children, but I understand it is a constructive Day to introduce children to a multitude of career options to which they are not otherwise exposed, as well as to support the nuclear family. Given that the building was vacated by 13:00, cancelling the Day was unnecessary. Also, no prior president had a problem with children’s presence when they visited. So, it seemed strange, because it was so unlike other presidential visits. Also, families who had been looking forward to the Day and had made plans around it had to make other plans with one day’s notice.

      1. Veterans also look forward to that “DAY” when we are not treated with malicious indifference by the VA.
        Your VA kiddy day must have interrupted a grand plan of having the kiddies watch while Veterans are used to play Hungry, Hungry Hippos….bet that really made you VA employees incredibly butthurt.

        Nevermind the fuckery the VA dishes out for Vets and LEAVES US WAITING….but oh, when a cuddly wuddly VA employee kiddy day is interrupted for the FIRST TIME and ONLY ONE FUCKING DAY….butthurt snowflake…Veteran or not, if you are working at the VA and kept mouth shut for long time about corruption oozing around you, you indeed are part the problem. You also come across with a strong sense of entitlement. YOU WORK FOR US….not the other way around and if the POTUS wants you all to pull your heads out of your asses then so be it.


        Rant Sorta OUT.

      2. Nam, I think we are completely missing the daily suffering these pencil pushing bureaucrats at VACO struggle through daily.

        Bring your child to work day is another day that denial letter to that veteran can be ignored. Or that phone call can wait another day. Or that complaint can be ignored. Or that claims problem/VocRehab problem can be delayed.

        I mean, veterans often wait days, months, years for the above to happen, so what’s one more day when an overworked bureaucrat can avoid that papercut, or avoid that cramp in their finger from dialing that phone number.

        The stress of having to refill the copier with paper must be almost unbearable.

        Seriously. Its like we expect someone to do their job efficiently in order to improve someone’s quality of life.

        Perhaps with their daughter.

        You vets with all sons or no kids at all are just shit out of luck. Perhaps around Memorial Day they might have time to get to you. Perhaps.

        Either we are completely missing something, or everyone at the VACO are totally disconnected from what is happening outside their office.

        I guess that DC VA director recently reassigned suggests they are.

      3. Do you have all contact numbers? There is a VA Help Contacts List. It’s new so you may not have it. Is there a way I could get it to you? I have it on electrons, but I don’t see a way to post a pdf to this site.

      4. @Sara – – – You could send it to Ben. If Big Ben deems it relevant to assisting veterans, you can bet he will be sharing it with us.

      5. Excuse me. I meant to post that to ex VA. I’m in the wrong thread, but I’ll send to Ben.

  51. Dose anyone know if the new “Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection” replace the “Office of Accountability”?

    With the joint investigation by the VA Office of Medical Inspector and the “Office of Accountability” suspending Whistleblower, Dr. Barbara Temeck yesterday. Which is the day before the new legislation was signed I am a little confused.

    Will the new “Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection”, funded out of the VA budget, also have to fight against both the “Office of Accountability”, funded out of the VA budget, and against the AFGE also funded out of the VA budget?

    I just don’t understand.

    1. @Seymore Klearly, you bring up some good points. I wonder the same things on who has the ultimate authority and who has prosecuting authority. Knowing the government, no one knows or could explain it adequately.

      1. Seymore, I read somewhere that this new office was replacing the other office that was created in 2014.

        I don’t recall the details, but I believe this new office was supposed to have greatly expanded authority. I thought the old office of accountability was only for a certain level of VA manager or upper manager, and this new office covers ALL VA employees.

      2. @91Veteran- That naturally will mean at least $1 Million worth of brand new VA Art and another Million for new furniture, even though it’s just yet another deck chair being bolted down with larger chambers, more rats.

        What I do not get is, why is the VA always allowed to police itself? Even a whistleblower office within the confines of the VA will surely corrupt, wait for it…..maybe they made the conference room windows opaque this time to spare the pigeons and crows and those AFGE Kiddies on rugrat days. 🙂

      3. The VA has harmed us so much, that we can’t see it getting better. So usa to not having anyone defend us, we are still in a time warp.

        We just have to wait and see.

      4. @James Gallegos- “[…we are still in a time warp…]”

        “Time Warp” (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

        RIFF-it good.

        (Riff Raff) It’s astounding
        Time is fleeting
        Madness takes it’s toll…

        (Magenta) Ahh…

        (Riff Raff) But listen closely…

        (Magenta) Not for very much longer…

        (Riff Raff) I’ve got to keep control.
        I remember doing the Time Warp.
        Drinking those moments when
        The blackness would hit me.

        (Riff Raff & Magenta) And the void would be calling.

        (Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
        Let’s do the Time Warp again.

        (Narrator) It’s just a jump to the left.

        (Guests) And then a step to the right.

        (Narrator) With your hand on your hips.

        (Guests) You bring your knees in tight.
        But it’s the pelvic thrust.
        They really drive you insane.
        Let’s do the Time Warp again.
        Let’s do the Time Warp again.

        (Magenta) It’s so dreamy
        Oh, fantasy free me
        So you can’t see me
        No not at all.

        In another dimension
        With voyeuristic intention.
        Well secluded I see all…

        (Riff Raff) With a bit of a mind flip…

        (Magenta) You’re into a time slip…

        (Riff Raff) And nothing can ever be the same.

        (Magenta) You’re spaced out on sensation.

        (Riff Raff) Like you’re under sedation.

        (Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
        Let’s do the Time Warp again.

        (Columbia) Well, I was walking down the street
        Just having a think
        When a snake of a guy
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        It took me by surprise
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        And I felt a change
        Time meant nothing
        Never would again.

        (Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
        Let’s do the Time Warp again.

        (Narrator) It’s just a jump to the left.

        (Guests) And then a step to the right.

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        (Guests) You bring you knees in tight.
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        Let’s do the Time Warp again]”

    1. @Jo3n, ROFL!!!! Ben deserves it!!!! Poor guy don’t know how he does these articles and all the work he is involved in. He deserves a vacation.

  52. In one day, y’all have found thirty five million dollars not going where anyone will know, and seventy six million dollars more of taxpayers money going to that same graveyard. $111,000,000.00, lost money found. Is there a reward?

    1. @Jo3n – Well yes, there is a cut, but first there’s Seymore, Ex va, myself, then you. Oops, there’s no more. You know how that goes. LOL

      1. @ANutterVet, there is suppose to be a 10% reward given to someone who finds fraud, waste and abuse. I think you could move back to the islands on that. ?

    2. The truly big question is will the new Office Of Accountability And Whistleblower Protection be as well funded and staffed as the AFGE and there fight against Accountability And Whistleblower Protection?

      Probable not since it is the VA.

      1. Given all the money funding both sides comes out of the VA Budget paid by us Veterans and Taxpayers.

        Kind of a bizarro kind of thing.

    1. @Jo3n – – – It is lobbying for the Union. Think of a “Union Representative” as a “Lobbyist”.

  53. “Veterans Affairs has 346 workers who do only union work”
    by Sean Higgins | Apr 27, 2017


    “At least 700 federal workers do nothing but work on official time, according to the GAO and data obtained from various Freedom of Information Act requests. The VA uses official time far more than any other agency.

    “Employees spent approximately 1,057,00 hours on official time for union representation activities … In addition, the data show that 346 employees spent 100 percent of their time on official time,” the GAO found in a January report.

    It is possible that even those figures are conservative. The GAO said the said the VA’s poor monitoring meant the data was “inconsistent and not reliable.”


    Oh and my personal view on rug rat day. Doesn’t Shulkin have a line of communications with Trump where he could have said something? Guess not!

    Also, what fricken moron at the VA scheduled Rug Rat Day on a school day?

    Really with this babysit your own child at work on Rug Rat Day not a lot of work going to get done. Don’t they already have enough excuses to get out of work?

      1. I wonder if they give the conic masturbators and pedophiles the day off on Rug Rat Day. Maybe even firewall the porn sites for Rug Rat Day.

        “Federal employees admit to watching porn at work”

        “An investigation by Washington D.C.’s News Channel 4 found that hundreds of federal employees said they have watched pornography at work.”
        By FederalSoup Staff
        Feb 28, 2017


      2. Nah, the VA just places all the chronic masturbators into an all glass conference room for a group jerk session….that’s also how the VA brainstorms with their “other heads”. 🙂

    1. That 346 VA employees who spent 100 percent of their time on official time doing only Union work means that as much as $76,120,000 of the VAs Budget may be spent to employ them. Note also that the 346 workers don’t include those who spend most, not all, of their time doing union work.

    2. 346 FT Employees x 172 hrs. month x 12 months = 714,144 hrs. year

      700 FT Employees x 172 hrs. month x 12 months = 1,444,800 hrs. year

      1,046 FT Employees x 172 hrs. month x 12 months= 2,158,944 hrs. year

      Which one is current and correct?

      1. @ANutterVet, that just boggles the mind. Look at how much this is costing the taxpayer.

      2. Not Known but the article does state that at least “Employees spent approximately 1,057,00 hours on official time for union representation activities”.

        Of course that doesn’t include the additional expenses and bonuses they get paid.

      3. @Ex va – How are you doing tonight. I know. You’d have to add the hourly wage, cost for worker comp., insurance, don’t forget the bonuses, and all other employee related hourly cost. For easy sake, multiply each number by a mere low end hourly wage of $10.00 hr. I’d say total hourly wage cost per VA employee maybe between $40-75 an hour. This is NOT hourly wage for the VA employee. It is the total cost per man hour that the VA needs to pay for 1 employee working hour [all costs involved per man hour].

      4. @Seymore Klearly – Your right then. It seems logical that there most likely were more than 346 employees that were mentioned. Numbers are all over the place. And they think that were dumb shits.

      5. I would like to point out that many of these are the attorneys and legal department employees with SES employee positions. My best guess estimate of $76,120,000 of the VAs Budget may be spent to employ them is very conservative and the true number is likely much Higher.

      6. @Seymore Klearly – Right on and totally agree. VA most likely always quotes lower costs to defer the spotlight being on them. SK, especially now, the VA doesn’t need anymore attention being focused on them. And, I wouldn’t doubt that they are planning to fudge information as much as possible, unless upper management is going to start throwing their cohorts under the Trumpies Bus Transportation.

      7. @ANutterVet, doing ok, how are you? Good to see you. I think the numbers are higher than what has been reported. Since the va is not honest about numbers and are being highly criticized publicly.

      8. @Ex va – Had to visit the head a few times. Urge to go, but only have to wait. I’ve have been taking massive doses of probiotics, and feeding the strains with prebiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers. VA should be prescribing, or at least discussing the use of probiotics when you’ve been on medications for a long period, or your showing signs of digestive problems. Also, been trying to cut way back on sugars, which is had to do with an American diet.

        Hope you’ve been doing ok. Weather has warmed up some, so if you’re like me, I enjoy less dampness due to the high humidity. I guess cj is still having pc problems. These types of issue are time consuming, and can test your nerves.

        The Office of Accountability mirrors other VA departments. More money being spent for the same thing. Like everyone says, follow the money. You’d think the VA would have their functions already in sync to what Veterans need to improve their lives. Shootz, all the VA needs to do is to only listen to what Veterans have and are saying to them. Simple as that.

  54. Now you know where all that money the VA is not spending on hiring new employees.
    Should say:
    Now you know where all that money the VA is not spending on hiring new employees will go.

    1. @figure8fan, typos are no big deal here, we have trouble reading sometimes anyways. Lol!!! I know what you meant the first time. ?

  55. Now you know where all that money the VA is not spending on hiring new employees. They will now have to compensate every VA employee for not being able to bring their child to work. That will take care of some of that cash sitting around not being used for veterans.

  56. what does ex va stand for? did you use to live in Virginia? use to know someone by the name of Virginia? need some Virginia? what does ex va mean?

    1. i went through some old medicine bags, and found some tabs of pills in out of date prescriptions. i forgot about this bag. the pills looked fine, and when i pressed on them, the tablets didn’t crumble. although the pills looked like they were sweating micro-beads of moisture. i wiped them off, took 3 of them on an empty stomach, waited 20 minutes, and luckily, it was enough to help me feel a little better. feels like it may be enough to cut the edge off. now i’m trying to find my friends phone number who is in charge of another va pharmacy in another facility in south cali. he told me that he has a counterfeit duplicate key for the brand name drug formulary cabinet. my friend told me that he is the busiest on days with a lot of stress in the va facility. he further confided with me, that the va will always be corrupt, and work against veterans and overseers. where’s that dam number . . . an episode of pretend.

      1. @sitmwm, i was unfortunately an employee at a va medical center. I found corruption in the va system i reported it as per policies and suffered retaliation for it. Never did get justice for some of the complaints. They just turned up missing. Sorry, i am not from Virginia, i hear that is a nice state to live in.

      2. @Ex va – – – Have you figured out who SITMWM is yet? Writing style gives him away.

      3. @Disgruntled Veteran, i don’t know? LOL!!! Is is you or ANutterVet. It is not cj right?

      4. @Ex va – – – Not me. I do not play those kind of games. My humor can be sick, but I take what I read (and those I correspond with) here seriously. Way I see it, Multiple Posting Identity Disorder impedes what most of us are trying to accomplish here.

        Major decision I was referring to the other night, was that I was thinking about beginning to post using my REAL name. Seeing these kind of games played here – – – makes me wonder.

        And cj was not playing games. Identified himself correctly as cj – – – just in morse code. But I understood it, as you saw.

        Sad, because this now calls into question everything SITMWM’s alter-ego ever told me. And I wonder can I really trust them?

      5. @Ex VA,@Disgruntled Veteran,@Joan: I have never posted under a different handle. I have changed the look though, to be clear, cj is the same as -.-. .— just in the look of morse code. Just the kid in me, and I like the way it looks. I sure thought I made this perfectly clear to all, when I made the change. I will not comment on the days issues, I don’t feel it will change the course of shit. I will, as soon as I get my computer running, chat with you guys at night. Typing with my f u. Finger on a damn tablet isn’t cutting it. Later gators.

      6. @cj – – – I know you have always been an honest poster, CJ. That is why I mentioned that. You should have my contact info by now. Drop a line sometime.

        Veterans Treatment Court in Honolulu is actually a two-year program that surprisingly works fairly well. I know a few graduates. Big Ed Kubo runs the show. He is a tough, caring fair-minded individual.

      7. -.-. .—, glad to hear from you cj. I know the tablet is a pain to type on at times. I know too that you have been an honest poster. I know who has been the jokester now. Lol!!! I know he is trying to pull our leg at times and be funny. I am an honest poster too, and i fall for most jokes a lot!! Take care cj and hope to talk to you soon.

  57. Ben asked, “Is it just me, or does it seem clear that the White House chief of staff has a horrible grasp on how to help the president look good?”.

    I guess this assumes that this president is capable of listening to anyone else trying to manage his brand/image. I don’t get a sense that this guy is wired that way. That said, I could really care less about a government union taking another day off – as much as I like kids.

    1. @Windguy, it is like POTUS does not care what is his brand or image. i like kids too. they would be the innocent ones to have their feelings in what happened in the cancellation.

  58. I find this kinda humorous hahahahahahahaha!!!! what makes anyone think that always a new agency will fix where another agency fails… Don’t think it will work, i really wish it would work and may test the waters. Just saw so much corruption at that agency. I have this feeling that POTUS doesn’t care much for his federal workers feelings. Hahahahahahaha!!!

    va didn’t recognize the laws that were in place to stop the corruption in the first place and this new agency will enforce the laws? Who will have the jurisdiction? vaoig claims they are the ones with the jurisdiction to prosecute so why don’t they???

    Having a cancellation for kiddie day at mommy’s or daddy’s workplace i find to be hilarious. The va should be ashamed of their work efforts in the va system. The va employee that doesn’t work should be embarrassed to take their child to their workplace. They fail Veterans in the hundreds if not thousands daily.

  59. i want to know when va is rescheduling, ‘kiddies see what your mudder and fudder does at work.’ i will arrange for my spouse to go to dc, sit with the curtain climbing brats, give them some cookies, and then show and tell them how to take advantage of their parents. lets corrupt va employee’s children. do you want to buy a bus ticket to the next ‘bring your kiddie to work day at your local va?’ sign here ……….

  60. It was unnecessary to cancel “Take your child to work day,” which is an annual nation-wide event that has taken place in both the private and public sectors. Parents have to go to some effort to plan and prepare–coordinate with school, resolve with ex-spouse who’s going to take the child to work. VA sent an email notifying employees the day was canceled on the day before. It was wrong and unnecessary. VA manipulated the optics of the visit. Only the higher tiered SES’s and political appointees and carefully selected disabled employees were allowed to attend. The event was held at 16:30 and all VA employees were required to clear out of the building by 13:00. So, the kids would have left by 13:00. Most people left at noon for lunch and didn’t return. Regarding the E.O., I’m a whistleblower and have been mercilessly retaliated against for the past two years since I reported wrongdoings by my boss. My immediate supervisor was forced to retire, but it took two years to get there, and the blowback continues. The VA bureaucracy has a greater hold on VA than anything/one else. I really doubt this will make a difference. I have tried to remove people; those are very long stories.

    1. contact me, i’ll show you what to put in your bosses coffee. you can buy product at your local pharmacy, or still some from the va’s pharmacy, i don’t care. add this to their food, then watch as they fall to the floor in pain, foam from the mouth as they try to ask for help, then after they expire, you can have the janitor come and clean up their excrement. don’t worry, va employees have full insurance and burial costs are take care of. sound good?

      1. @Shannon – – – Precisely. Held accountable and punished to the full extent of the law. Death would be too swift and merciful for them. Keep them alive and let them suffer.

      2. your a softie, they’ll run all over you. man or woman up. by the way, can someone please post this Executive Order by Trump. i’d like to see what and how whistleblowers will be protected, plus all the other goodies that most of us have been waiting for. shall i bring fans for any smokescreens?

      3. Shannon, no worries, i’m just razzing you. i’ll fedex shovels to va facilities. humor, humor, oh that sicko humor.

      4. lol. Thank you sitmwm. I appreciate you humorous advice. It helps, really, any moral (immoral?) support helps.

    2. @Dawn, i appreciate different opinions and views in a discussion but, you know that you are in a disabled Veteran blog, right? I take it you are still employed at the va and was given half a day off today, but upset that you could not bring your child to work and the inconvenience of scheduling with the school and the ex-spouse ruined your day.

      Do you have any idea what a disabled person struggles with just to walk or get themselves something to eat when they are in such pain because of war injuries or trauma from loss of limb or eyesight? Can you relate to those struggles? That is a disabled Veteran, it is physical and psychological pain on a scale such as being in a war zone or injury related to the hazards of being in the military.

      When you complain about the President of the United States caused you inconvenience and the va was inconsiderate on changing what was to be scheduled, i am totally speechless.

      Madame i believe you are out of touch and lack compassion or consideration for a fallen warrior and you are part of the callusness that infects the va. I have personally observed va employees make funny comments because a Veteran had anxiety so severe they could not control their bodily functions. You i believe are cut probably from the same cloth.

      Have you seen these young men returning from this war waiting in line with only a crutch with no hand or foot? Have you seen the brokenness of their eyes and faces??? They are disabled, crippled, traumatized in pain they don’t understand and waiting for someone who is paid to help them. They keep on waiting for help and they sometimes never receive any before they take their own lives.

      They are too young to be this disabled, some of these returning from war. They look like they should be in high school or college, they are too damn young. Their shattered faces, bloodshot eyes with dark circles from no sleep and so thin because they can’t eat because they are too traumatized.

      Then you have older Veterans waiting for years and years to be heard for being exposed to agent orange, injuries in war and injuries just serving their country. No justice and they die because of age or disease linked to the war they suffered. They give up hope and end their lives sometimes at the place that is suppose to help them, va medical centers and clinics.

      I do not believe that any of what i stated will affect you because i believe you can only understand your own little world and your own little problems. You seem very small to me of a person and i see no heart or compassion in you. I tried to give you a different perspective, but i feel i probably failed.

    3. Parents have to go to some effort to plan and prepare–coordinate .BOO HOO HOO .IF IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR IN THE PUBLIC AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR YOU KNOW ABOUT IT WELL IN ADVANCE….. AND YOUR STATMENT i believe you can only understand your own little world and your own little problems. You seem very small to me of a person and i see no heart or compassion in you….SO YOUR PROBLEMS ARE BIG AND OUR PROBLEMS AIN’T SHIT TO YOU, YOU SELF CENTERED BITCH….YOU NEED TO BUY ANOTHER CRYSTAL BALL BECAUSE THE ONE YOU ARE USING IS BROKEN

      1. @OLDMARINE, LMAO!!! Thank you, you had me laughing again this afternoon. Hahahaha!! I have trouble remembering half of what is say anyways. Trolls are ??!!!! Seymore has the skills to get them in trouble on this site. Troll Dawn or Tony or whatever definitely may have to answer to coming on a disabled veteran site causing trouble.

      2. ex va and old marine: If you consider any post you don’t understand or with which you disagree to have been posted by a troll, that tells you one thing: You’re the troll. I also noted there is an Ex va and a ?ex va. Act like men.


      4. @Dawn, i don’t understand what you motivation is or the pain you are in. Pain will not go away as long as you continue to inflict it on others. You may have to reap what you sow, i would be cautious.

        I use my same name, i elect to put shit in front of it from time to time trying to be a little funny. Probably is a little juvenile but can be somewhat entertaining for myself. I will make fun of myself, it helps me and maybe someone else will get a chuckle out of it. If that is offensive to someone they will tell me i believe.

        I don’t try to be anyone else except i don’t tell many who my identity is, because i have had been thru hell with the vaoig and va and that threat is real so i choose anonymity. And i don’t want anyone else hurt in the crossfire.
        If i can tell someone how the va really operates i will do it because i did it when i worked there. I blew the whistle and would do it again because someone taking another’s life is WRONG!!! No matter what professional capacity they do it in, it is still wrong by God’s standards and man’s too. My fault was believing in a system that fails, believing in justice that died so long ago in that va agency. Again, my fault.

        I have no doubt you work for the va in some capacity, you talk like them and you choose to disrupt a blog for disabled Veterans. So, i think you have been warned of harassment. If this is how you make your income coming on blogs with disruption and harassment you need to consider the harm you may be causing.

        These disabled Veteran men and women do the best they can with their disabilities and express themselves honorably and honestly. I don’t know if i can reach any part of your humanity left in you and this is probably a wasted post but i am trying to reach out to as a human being. I will not acknowledge you anymore. Stop this now!!!

        Have to get away from this blog for awhile. Peace.

      5. Again, you are projecting your own qualities, actions, and motivations onto me. I’ve revealed far more personal details about myself than you have, and you proved your lack of empathy. I suspect you are an ex va employee removed for not doing his job. Your vaoig excuse makes no sense. If you don’t currently work for va, you don’t have to worry about oig. oig doesn’t investigate an employee without a reason.

      6. Yeah I gotta call bullshit on that OIG comment about them having a reason to investigate an employee, which was not stated by exva that he was the target.

        If the IG was investigating an employee in the last 8-10 years, it was because they were either forced to, or they were being used as a tool to retaliate against that employee.

        The VAOIG under Griffin saw the handwriting on the wall under Obama and decided to investigate very little, if anything because Griffin saw Obama fire 4 IGs at other agencies.

        Hell Griffin even gave Tomah a “nothing to see here” over Candyland, and only re-opened an investigation after it became too politically hot to ignore anymore.

        The IG under Missal hasn’t improved much.

        I called their hotline last year about ongoing fraud, and got a snotty response from the operator about what they investigate.

        Almost a full year later, I get a letter from them stating what they investigate, and that I needed to sign a release acknowledging that if they investigated, identifying information would be released to VA management…as if that would intimidate me.

        Considering the hell I raised over that issue with congressional inquiries and emails to McDonald, and the issue only resolved after I sent a FOIA to McDonald’s office asking for documentation of actions his office took to resolve the problem, I didn’t much care whether they released my information to lazy VA bureaucrats…and told them so in my response…which included the chairman of the House VA Committee.

        The VA IG office in their entirety has been as useless as nuts on Caitlyn, or as worthless as any promise made by VA management.

        I don’t know what your experience is with the VAIGs office, but it sure as hell is not what veterans experience.

        Look up what they investigate. Ask yourself how many dead vets it takes for them to get off their ass and investigate patient safety issues.

        Here’s a hint…that office says it must be significant patient safety issues, so unless a VA provider is blatant in their malpractice, the IGs office doesn’t give a shit.

      7. 91Veteran: You nailed it. What you describe regarding the OIG is part of / adds to the problem.

      8. maybe the employees should stay home and take care of their kids. No that would not be fair to the kids.
        can you imagine what some of these kids have to go through at home. If they act the same way as they treat veterans BAD

      9. 91Veteran: I’m not surprised by your experience. I tried to bring my bosses’ illegal activities to the OIG, and I couldn’t contact them. The SES’s determine who gets investigated. But if you were a whistleblower who’s been out of VA for a while, the OIG would not be investigating you. I think their scrutiny is intended to push “troublemakers” out.

  61. Why couldn’t they just reschedule the kids coming for next week or something? They didn’t have to cancel it completely. Geez

  62. I agree with everyone. POTUS had absolutely NOTHING to do with canceling “bring your kid to work day!”
    This “signing of an executive order” was telegraphed well in advance for VA employees to still bring their “curtain climbers” to work.
    Like one brother said, (paraphrasing) “What a thrill it would have been!”

    As for the executive order, the truth behind it will just have to be seen.
    Will more employees come forth with condemnation about VA?
    Will the current Whistleblowers see justice from those who retaliate against them?
    Will poor, or incompetent, employees be fired expeditiously?
    Will those employees, who have committed criminal acts, be not only fired – but see charges brought against them?

    Questions! Questions! Questions!
    Will we see answers?
    Only time will tell!!!!!!

  63. They make it sound like POTUS was at every VA. Why the Employees cancelled is on them, unless POTUS cancelled Their day. There’s just a lot of stupid people running things.

  64. Basically a good day for Veterans – – – provided this new office for the protection of Whistleblowers is given some real teeth to do its job. The more people within the VA who come forward speaking out about problems within the VA – – – the quicker corrections will be made. ALL Veterans will be better off for that.

    I care more about substance than optics. VA can reschedule “Bringing the Kiddies to work”. Probably a LOT less “disruptive” to them – – – than it is to a veteran who shows up for a scheduled appointment, only to find out that appointment was rescheduled – – – and the veteran was never given the word.

    But that has NEVER happened, has it?

    1. On such days even the nurses trim their nostril and unibrowl hairs and freshly braid and bead their underarm hairs for the year and even smile with their pointy rat teeth.

      In a mood.

      1. So am I Nam. What the fuck do I care about a bunch of VA assholes, shitty little brats? Do they care that my grandkids can’t get help from grandpa to go to college. Do they consider what life will be like without their grandpa around? Fuck no that’s the answer! I’m sorry Ben I have to disagree this time,

      2. I think we are ALL in a mood. I want substance OVER optics. If they put REAL TEETH in this thing – – – it would be an improvement for all veterans. But will they? Only time will tell – – – but the VA’s past track record for the last couple decades CAN be used as a guide to current and future performance predictions. How has their performance been? Below Piss Poor.

        I think even Big Ben is in a mood, as evidenced by his last sentence “Lord only knows what VA needs is yet another internal bureaucracy via the creation of yet another internal organization with still more internal rules and positions that must be created and funded by Congress.”

        Subtle. But does convey unhappiness with it all.

  65. Boo-fucking-who. Seriously, take your kid to work day at VA?? About the only thing that accomplishes is showing the next generation how easy it is to suck on the federal tit. AFGE is probably filing numourous grievances claiming that POTUS affected their ability to distribute the coveted Jr. G-man membership cards. As I’ve stated before, and will many times in the future, Fuck Off VA and AFGE.

    1. You’re onto something there. Nepotism at the VA was literally nipped in the bud for one year. 🙂

    2. Thanks Nam and disgruntled vet. I call it like I see it. I’ve been to many meetings at VA HQ on Vermont Ave in D.C. I’ve seen the waste and shenanigans that go on there. That’s at the HQ, one can only imagine what goes on throughout the country.

      1. @Warhorse- Thing is, no matter how thin you spread shit, it always smells the exact same way a huge pile of shit smells. I grew-up on a farm and Southwest one square mile was a huge pig farm and polar opposite North East one mile was a massive chicken farm.
        Yes, two different varieties of noxious shit but at the end of the day, it’s still shit!!!

        So go VA Employees. The Shit Smear Analogy is complete.

  66. “Bad Optics” are the unseen Heroes that set themselves on fire in front of VAMC’s or blow their brains out.

    I have nothing against regular children, just not the Children of The Corn AFGE Type. 🙂

  67. All I have to say is I am out of words and out of hope. President Trump’s Chief of Staff did not schedule this properly. Even though, accountability is being enforced to promote better care, the VA employees are still people too. There are some good employees in the VA and there are some poor employees. This error could have been prevented. This error was inhumane and points to President Trump’s administration. President Trump’s administration should be promoting a more compromising affect between the employees and veterans; but however, with this error, honestly, I believe his administration is adding to the crap with further dividing the employee – veteran relationship. I hate this happened. This is not good. The signing of the executive order should have been rescheduled. This is my take.

    1. Although, the Accountability is needed as well as the Whistle-blower protection, I do not blame this situation on President Trump because he does have a full plate. I link this situation to his staff and the VA though.

    2. And too, I believe the new VA Accountability and Whistle Blower Protection Office should stand alone. The office should be apart of the Trump Administration but not attached to the VA itself. It should be separate from the VA Secretary David Shulkin. The office should serve as an oversight office with answering to the Trump Executive Branch not Congress. Also, all PATIENT ADVOCATES in all VA facilities should be aligned under this Accountability Office. The PATIENT ADVOCATES SHOULD BE REMOVED OUT FROM UNDER the CHAIN OF COMMAND OF ALL VA FACILITIES’ DIRECTORS JURISDICTION. THE PATIENT ADVOCATES SHOULD ANSWER TOO, REPORT TO THIS OFFICE, and FALL UNDER THIS ACCOUNTABILITY and WHISTLE- BLOWER PROTECTION JURISDICTION. The VA is already too damn big. This office should not be established as an addition to the VA department.

      1. And another addendum to my comments, the 24 hour Hotline that President Trump has been promising should be implemented under this new Accountability and Whistle-blower Protection Office. This Hotline should be set up to allow direct communication from the veterans to this Office of Accountability and Whistler-Blower Protection Office. If this could be done, this would be a WIN WIN to assist the veterans and get the VA moving forward. Although, it really still depends on the officials doing their jobs with accountability, ethicality, and humaneness. Trump can implement the whole world but the rest will have to follow with doing their jobs.

      2. The bottom line Benjamin is President Donald J. Trump gets an “A+” not just an A. He is having to do a lot of changes with executive orders because of his obstructive Congress and obstructive Senate with including both Liberal Republicans and Democrats. I am not including the Freedom Caucus who are the real Conservatives who want this Socialism gone out of this country and replaced with Capitalism. President Trump signed an executive order for now but for the Accountability and Whistler-Blower Office to hold weight, be honored, and continued, legislation through both the Congress and Senate needs to be passed and implementated with being engraved in stone. President Trump is busting his backside to lead this country back into success and prosperity. It’s all these other nut heads who are trying to block Trump and trying their best to make President Donald J. Trump look bad with including the VA.

      3. @Angela – – – Yes, Mam. That is the “Real Teeth” I was referring to. Do it that way, and it would be/provide a real service to veterans by cutting down on VA management dishonesty by 80 to 85%. And they should also have the power to go after AFGE Union leadership.

  68. I dunno Ben. I find it hard to get exercised over canceling a take your child to work day. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly it is bad optics, but having worked in organizations where this happened, I often saw very people actually doing this. In fact, I remember one time in the last 15 years that an employee brought his daughter to work.

    As for the creation of this new office, I agree with it, simply because the VA has shown a long history of the two existing offices not being able to protect whistle blowers, and certainly not being able to hold those retaliating accountable. Why fund more mediocrity by giving them more money when they have shown they cannot do the job now?

    My hope with this new office is that they take their mission seriously, and it allows many more whistle blowers to come forward. I believe it would be a fast way of either having accountability at many levels of the VA, or at least making the corrupt, bad managers slow down and think they might be affected.

  69. Bad optics are the children of veterans who die and don’t have the opportunity to go to work with their parents.

  70. Come on really?,,, now were going to find fault with the President because he interrupted bring you child to work day.. BS VA Employees could still have their children at work, it would have been a better day, the children would have seen the President in person as a kid , that would be kool… No this was not the President’s fault, the VA decided to cancel the event.. as far as the new office….more BS.. if the old watchdog system didn’t work they should fix it not create a new level of BS…….

    1. Well said. Give me a break! This had nothing to do with President Trump and is not even newsworthy. Another VA overreaction. Let’s focus on fixing the claims process.

      1. @fubar – good, besides healthcare, va needs to focus on fixin claims process. the va is one big popping out money machine.

    2. “Beleaguered” means broken, as in the DVA (witness WLA “HOME” given away to non-veteran Brentwood School and UCLA Baseball). If engaging that larger matter prevents this special day, bring it back at a later date. What part of “care for them who have borne the battles” (DVA’s new spin on President Abraham Lincoln’s line)?
      The new “watchdogs” are not the traditional VSO’s, let’s be clear. It is volunteer groups and individuals (for the most part) against paid government employees and, yes, VSO’S that are being funded one way or another (check out the oil from WLA) and do not want to bite the hand that feeds them.

    1. Well nothing would make Me happier than to Waite 3 months for an appointment only to find balloons Clowns and a ton of Kids roaming around the hospital , This is crazy the staff doesn’t have time to do Their job as it is and then some dumbass decides it would somehow serve the Veterans who go to the VA for care to have the Employees bring in Their kids for free ice cream?? Seems the priorities are FUBAR I truly don’t think the VA realizes the disgust the Veterans have for Them.

    2. WOW, Poor, Poor VA employees. Let’s micromanage everything that the President does and spend countless hours looking for any action that will offend anyone. “My God, how could this happen” screams the poor babies at the VA. Let’s focus on fixing it, not enabling these spoiled rotten employees. I can say this because I know, I was a VA employee and saw the outrageous behavior DAILY. Why do you think the VA is so messed up? It’s the employees. I can tell you horror stories that you will not believe-unless you worked there. Not going to waste my time rehashing it, but just one example, a Veteran was trying to get into the Emergency Entrance, after trying the hotline, the buzzer, the intercom, the VA police, she had to hobble back to her car and drive around to the other side of the hospital. Then they told her she had to park out in the lot and walk to the shuttle, then take the shuttle back. I asker the ER employee why nobody had answered the ER door, he said “we don’t always have to be here, (at the desk) that’s our policy. I gave him a Same scenario, she’s at the Emergency Entrance, she’s bleeding, a bone sticking out of her leg, she’s scared, about to pass out from loss of blood and in a lot of pain, what is she to do? He said-believe me or not- “well, I guess that they will just have to learn to be patient.” I SWEAR this is the truth! I reported the problem and actually got a lecture for trying to get this problem resolved. I did get it resolved, but at a cost to me as I was eventually pushed out by the insane management.

      I have many other stories that sound impossible, but unless you have worked there, you will find it almost impossible to believe. I got into trouble for giving a ride to a wounded veteran that was walking and dragging one leg due to a severe injury, gave him a ride to the ER door, told not to do this any more…. etc, etc, etc. By the way I am not a whiner, troublemaker, or liar. Just ask around, the VA pushes out the best and keeps the lazy troublemakers. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Everything from just plain lazy employees doing Nothing all day to even death because of employees. Nothing was ever done, and while I hope it does change, I have serious doubts. If we have any hope, it will be now or never. Whistle blow at the VA, good luck with that! Try banging your head against the wall and peeing into the wind, you will get better results.

      1. I am also a former VA employee and I agree management does not like to get bad news about wrongdoings and we hear from hundreds of current and past employees on how they tried to do the right thing and the retaliation starts.

        The new executive order to assist the secretary if used will help and they will have no more excuses as to why they can not fire a bad employee. If and when they attempt to fire an employee and the employee try’s to bring in another employee to defend them against the charges.

        when this happens, the employee’s must be advised to the seriousness of lying to investigators is a crime and if the accused employee is found Guilty, the employee or employee’s will receive the same punishment.

        If this would be done, the offender will not have an alibi !

        I am going to be the canary going into the coal mine and test the powers to be and see if they will take action or blow me off, as a crazy veteran who suffers from PTSD and a TBI.

        If enough current and former employee’s and the veterans report these employee’s to the secretary, some may be held accountable.

        I know something has to be done and they have no more excuses not to hold Bad VA employee’s accountable.

        Former VA employee’s should be offered a review of their cases and if found that they were retaliated against and or fired and win, should be afforded a new Job, if they really want one.

        I think the damage has already been done and the trust factor went out the window. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me !

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