traumatic brain injury

Boston VA Still Failing Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury

The Boston VA is still failing to process benefits claims for veterans’ claims with traumatic brain injury (TBI) at a rate of 1 in 6.

In 2011, the regional office erroneously processed 11 of 30 TBI claims according to a watchdog audit. Four years later, Boston RO has improved to 1 in 6, which is still an unacceptably high number.

A reporter at Boston Harold contacted me to discuss my investigation into VA nationally concerning its TBI benefits program after hearing about a local case that is similar to the cases I highlighted two years ago with VA’s scandal first broke.

That scandal involved VA using unqualified doctors to assess the TBI of veterans claiming benefits for the injury. Only four specialists can conduct initial TBI assessments: psychiatrists, physiatrists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons.

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VA instead selected family practice doctors, unqualified nurse practitioners, and others to conduct the exams, which resulted in some veterans being erroneously denied benefits.

A nationwide investigation reviewed almost 25,000 veterans were impacted by the scheme. In response, former Secretary Bob McDonald issued an equitable relief plan to allow veterans affected to have new exams with a qualified doctor.

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Veterans deemed to have been wrongfully denied benefits before will receive benefits and payments dating back to the date the error first occurred.

According to the Boston Herald:

Benjamin Krause, a Minnesota lawyer and TBI-diagnosed veteran, said the VA has shown a tendency to assign the effects of TBIs to post-traumatic stress disorder, a less permanent condition.

“With TBI, you don’t improve,” Krause said. “With PTSD, the VA says you do.”

An investigation by Krause and a Minnesota television station last year found a host of instances where vets were screened for TBI by staffers who did not have the medical credentials the VA’s own guidelines require.

In response, the VA conducted a national review of TBI exams from 2007 to 2015, and offered to reprocess more than 24,000 vets who weren’t diagnosed by a required specialist.

“We let these veterans down,” Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald acknowledged last year.

Coming tomorrow in Day 2 of the Herald’s series on the Veterans Affairs Boston Regional Office: A local Marine’s struggle to get the VA to correctly diagnose his TBI-related seizures.

Do you have a story to tell about your dealings with the Veterans Affairs Boston Regional Office? Email us at [email protected].

I encourage any readers with more information about the TBI scandal to reach out to reporter Jack Encarnacao at the email above to help with the story.


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  1. Us who have TBI can not speak for ourselves or understand the system for everyone thinks we are all right for we can walk & talk! For others can not understand what or see a medical problem! To get through each day is a struggle. If it wasn’t for loved oneswewould choose an different outcome. Yes we act strange at times for it is hard for us to interact with the so called normal world. Yes we pull our hair at night & bang our heads for we try to just through the day and it makes us feel something. A big part of the problem is that we can’t speak for ourselves or get others to understand that our problems came from.

    1. Ditto for me, James. Thanks. The maddening thing is sometimes, when well rested, we are almost O K. But it won’t stay.

  2. yeah, we all know the “wait-lists”, which makes the news more than other VA/VBA issues is only the small tip of the corrupt iceberg at VA/VBA.

    would be much better if news outlets, like @Ben’s blog does and others, presented stories of the bigger issues like the manipulation of examinations to thwart disability, mis-leading assessment reports from tests(xray,mri, etc) to twart disability, losing mil med records on purpose to twart disability, on and on…those and others are more of a problem than wait lists. and has been going on at VA/VBA for decades.

    michelle malkin’s child had/has a med condition that had been difficult to diagnose, she wrote about it. that’s what veterans who use VA/VBA go through, and its due mostly to that is VA standard op procedure…not because disagnosis is so difficult, granted it can be, but most times VA/VBA maipulates data just to thwart disability. i mention malkin’s childs’ experience, and there are many other people’s plights, but she wrote about all the neg aspects that befell her family because of wrong diagnosis. well, michelle, veterans go through that most times because fed agancy, VA/VBA, does it on purpose.

    i’ll mention again, give military personnel the same federal health care insurance federal employee’s get and like Congress gets. veterans would have the same legal protections too, in that, if VA/VBA screws up, veterans can sue them. and when warranted veterans would get their disability in a timly manor too. maybe VA/VBA would quit hiring quacks and allowing the quack medical practices like manipulating medical evidence so veterans instead get their disability codes twarted.

    that’s some of the much bigger problems at VA/VBA than the tip of the icebirg wait lists. what does it matter if a veteran gets a timely appointment if the chances are high the medical evidence will be ignored and/or manipulated to read nothing is wrong with veteran. or the classic, “we see something but don’t know what it is”, yet the civilian medical world certainly knows what that “something” is, usually.

    regading veterans so-called rights at VA/VBA, not much recourse to correct that bad behaviour from VA/VBA. next time you hear a politician yapping about, “it’s the least we can do for our fighting men and women”, call them out on such hypocrisy.

    1. @Cantigny, I hope you read the story on May 2, in the Boston Herald about the combat veteran with TBI. Sound familiar.

  3. I have always felt that the VA Boston healthcare system was the best in the country. I guess the Regional Office is just that. They make the decisions about compensation good or bad for thousands of veterans.

  4. @-.-. .—, @ANutterVet, you guys are the best what more can i say. i am glad to see you both. Sometimes doesn’t take much to get me confused. i did get lost a few times this weekend, i know we were getting trolled which added more to the confusion. It brought up old issues i have, which i can only take responsibility for and have to change that somehow. I don’t fault anyone except the damn trolling. They just want to come on and argue and divide cause the mistrust. They must be some miserable pieces of shit.

    I believe if the trolls are taking an interest then Ben and this blog is doing some right things. These articles are getting out and Veterans are taking precautions because they are being educated in some of the dangers that are in the va system.

    Enough like you guys stated how is everyone tonight? I can’t stay long i have to get some rest tonight and it is going to be busy day tomorrow for me. I have to go to St. Louis, Missouri.

  5. My system crashed twice in less than 8 days. Before crashes, I experienced fake and eccentric emails with attachments, critical errors, then later combined with prima difficulties with Microsoft Support Services, missing files, email settings changed, duplicate and triplicate email folders, saved older emails are missing body information, and other circumstances that are complex for me to describe relating to the improper functioning of the computer system.

    The first scan revealed three [3] items that were quarantined, then deleted. Then I scanned a second time with no findings. I performed download and upload speed checks, and they seemed fine. I then performed updates pertaining to the applications on my system. System was then scanned a third time, and again no findings. Some applications are still loading slower and feels sticky. Could this be Microsoft Windows 10? I ask because I’ve never experienced this type of pc problem that has been so troublesome.

    I also unsubscribed to all previous newsletters. Notifications have been sent out. Please keep aware of any type of suspicious activities on your system. This is very unfamiliar turf for me [pc security]. I originally thought that I was being followed, flagged, profiled, or tagged somehow. My unprofessional testing, which has caused misunderstandings with some, has proved nothing on my end but realistic controlled confusion.

    Today [a little after 10am EST], I sent my first message directly from my email application since the second crash that occurred early afternoon on Friday, April 28th. Then, I only sent 1 [one] email through a website link that didn’t open my email application to send the message. And, there was no message in my Sent Folder that I sent this email. I’m still observing some sluggishness with my email application.

    These incidents have caused me much stress, confusion, and over 15 or more hours of pc related repair. Will post feedback if anything else changes or off-the-wall things happen. I have no clue what the problem was. I’m tired of putting any more energy and unnecessary time into this mishap.

    And finally, I’m suspicious of everyone and everything. This includes back biters and stabbers, conspiracy creators and pseudo plotters that are in the mix. Slick-n-sliders with their snide comments and remarks. They’ll be coming right back at you. Oh, and creating stories that are musically playing in their own vibrating rhetoric minds, due to neuronal misfiring and receptor mishaps. Which creates suggestive output that is total bullshit, and far from the norm of reality. Why keep thinking? Stop, and those repeating auditory volumizing hallucinations will cease.

    There’s no confusion with my point(s) of view. Keep searching and acting like a fissured or torn arsehole, and stop causing rifts in the population. I know that it’s hard not to be narcissistic and a colty type of person, that thinks they are better than everyone else; conspiracy-minded, a frigging vaunter, by seeming to think that it is their position to always correct others, while not checking out and evaluating themselves.

    Wow professor, in today’s world, with this knowledge and skill sets, it would seem like they should be in demand. Focus on yourself, and check the employment section in your local newspapers. You’ve got the dam time, energy, and most bodily functions. You’re better off in health than many others.

    **I’m only human after all. I’m only human after all. Don’t put your blame on me. Don’t put your blame on me. Take a look in the mirror, and what do you see? Do you see it clearer, or are you deceived? . . . In what you believe. . . ‘Cause I’m only human after all. I’m only human after all. Don’t put the blame on me. Don’t put your blame on me. Rag’n’Bone Man- ‘’

    1. Anuttervet, I don’t know what software you are running besides Windows 10, but there is an NBC News article from 6 days ago about an antivirus update from Webroot that quarantined Windows 10 systems files.

      It caused crashes all over the world.

      1. This is why I don’t use M.S. Now if I could only find an isp, that can stay connected during a simple update, now that would be truly amazing.

      2. @91Veeteran – Thanks for recognizing that Microsoft royally screwed up. No one else has backed me up on what you stated, and what was previously only a suspicion. All of you posted is absolutely spot on. I’m not an expert in many pc or internet topics, but I do know that Webroot is classified as one of the best antiviral programs on the market. Even though many believe that all antiviral and malware applications are of the same quality. I know this not to be true, just like all Operating Systems [OS’s] are not the equal.

        A while back, through shadowing and telephone consulting, I outlined, blueprinted, and implemented the set-up of a Microbiology Laboratory to test for unwanted H2O microbes, heavy metals, organic, and larger in-organic compounds. Afterwards, I retained the services of a pc security and internet privacy consultant. In the finalized report, the same antiviral program was recommended to protect their online communications pertaining to water qualities, testing, and treatments.

        This is why I rather spend my time engulfing information about K9’s. And, with the costs of service for Veterinarians, one would be wise to learn all they could about their love one(s), in order to save monies from the high cost of office visits and the types of medical treatment(s). Off topic I know, but Vet costs have extremely skyrocketed over the past 10 years or so.

        Microsoft’s Windows 10 has been pumped up so much, that you won’t know what type of beast that it is until you’ve a disaster or time consuming incident. Kind of like the VA.

      3. @ANutterVet – – – It appears that YOUR machine was “nuked”. What a nightmarish situation! For all who doubt that this is what happened, this article refers:


    2. @ANutterVet: I think too many things, unfortunately, happened all at the same time. Computers crashing, new posters, practical jokes, trolls, changing handles. Really bad timing. I think everyone needs to step back a bit, and think. I apologize if I added to the confusion, by changing my handle from cj to -.-. .— I thought I made it plain for everyone to see, and didn’t do it as a means to hide, or comment under a different handle.

      I think I also made it pretty clear, that I don’t really wish to comment on the days issues, because I feel it is fruitless. I believe nothing we say, or do, is ever going to change the VA, or DC, or the way the DOD does it’s criminal business. Each of those entities have way to much money at stake, and we don’t figure in to their plans. To them, we are a mere nuisance. I believe we should share what works, and help one another. I will read the comments posted by others, and follow the links they post, to keep informed.

      I will, still chat with people here, later at night, as usual, because I believe if outsiders come to this site, and read our chats, it will put a more human aspect on everything. Instead of them reading comments and judging us based solely on our complaints, and taking away with them, that we are just a bunch of ingrates. I hope you get things back under control, and are back in the saddle when your ready. This past week has left me tainted for sure, not knowing what to think of it all. We are suppose to be figuring out ways to combat the VA, not each other. I hold no ill thoughts about anyone, but I do still hunt trolls, and take particular pleasure, in melting snowflakes. Why not? I sure the hell can’t golf.

      1. I apologize as well. My intention, because I anxiously deleted the strange emails with attachments, was to possibly lure in a character with almost the same keywords in posted comments with punctuation errors. Unfortunately that was not the case, and I’m sorry for any confusion that I may have caused. I felt like a peeping Tom was around and snooping about me turf.

        Everyone has their own assumptions to deal with, and any personal vendetta’s that makes them think they are bigger than others. As far as I’m concerned, the screwed up disaster and confusion is over. Anyone that has a chip on their shoulder, get over it, and move on. Like I stated earlier, I’ve put enough time into this bullshit.

        Per golf; tee time is expensive, stupid, less competitive, and less engaged muscle groups while playing. No offense to you golf lovers on here, and to those that are good at the swing, hit, then watch the ball bounce, then roll into the itty bitty hole that makes up the game. I need to slide on out of here.

  6. @Lem, you’ve contributed well on this site. How long have deserving Veterans played nice. We’re dying off. Yes, I have copped an attitude towards those who constantly say, “I know but”, and dismiss the atrocities with warn out defences. I have been lied to so many times most of us get mis diagnosed til we find out too late. And Lem, some time, after being nice forty years, I get angry. God Bless you Lem.

  7. I can’t say I’m surprised the VA is still doing this. Its a typical VA response.

    Get caught red-handed screwing veterans, publicly claim that fixes will be made, then as soon as the media dies down and goes back to what the Kardashians are doing, go back to business as usual.

    It proves whatever fix the VA claimed to make had no teeth, and no follow-up by congress and VSOs to insure the VA was in fact fixing their deliberate screw up.

    And make no mistake, it is deliberate.

    Why are VSOs not demanding congress hold hearings on this and demanding a specific plan with milestones on how the VA will fix this?

    Why is congress not demanding the same?

    How will the VA account for all those veterans they claim they cannot reach after 10 years? Will they even admit to not being able to reach thousands?

    This reminds me of the VAs Depleted Uranium Friendly Fire program. The VA always claimed publicly that those veterans were followed very closely, but information I received through FOIA proved the VA couldn’t even find half of the vets they were supposedly following very closely after 10 years.

    If congress or our worthless VSOs wanted answers, they would also be asking how many of these TBI vets committed suicide after years of being deliberately misdiagnosed.

    Imagine having a TBI, being misdiagnosed by the VA as having PTSD because it saves them money, being fed drugs for PTSD throughout that period with little or no effect.

    Imagine going to the VA for a broken arm only to be treated with chemo.

    Whats the difference?

    And for the ultimate question, why is congress not investigating how widespread this practice is in the VA, in addition to TBI exams?

    Ben, correct me if I am wrong, but I understood Title 38 required C&P exams by specialists in the area claimed.

    Why not have GPs perform PTSD exams instead of shrinks? Why not have podiatrists conduct nervous system claims exams? Why not have nurse practitioners perform orthopedics C&Ps?

    If congress had any concern other than saving money spent on veterans, they would at least be asking the GAO to investigate how widespread this fraud is, and it is fraud to have unqualified hacks perform these exams.

    If anyone is tight with your Senator or Congressman and has been affected by this TBI fraud, perhaps you should ask them to have the GAO investigate.

    If it is happening with TBI exams, you know damn well it is happening with every other C&P exam the VA is doing.

  8. I’m amazed that any odor emanating from the VA would close it down. Must be some type of lab; meth or something. Hell, they all smell like death already.

    1. I am betting it was cabbage and corned beef hash night on the mental ward. At those times I asked to be placed into the paded room – it has air conditioning. Phew!

  9. hmmmmm. With PTSD the VA says you “improve” with time….

    Ok. VA, please tell me the length of the list of veterans names diagnosed with PTSD whom VA has improved the quality of life for? Please VA, explain to me the road to recovery that you offer as an effective treatment for PTSD? When or where can I attend the picnic held for patients that recovered? Gee, I hope it is in the park on a sunshiney day with bluebirds, butterflies, and sweet fruit punch. If only somebody brings Jello, recovery will be complete?

    According to VHA Directive 2010-53 (the Disruptive Behavior Committee Directive) the VA is supposed to give special weight to assigning a Category One Violent And Disruptive Patient Record Flag if the patient is either “male” or has been diagnosed with “PTSD”. This is written in the appendix of that directive as a means to “predict” the future danger threat that a male PTSD patient has towards VA staff.

    So the VA on the one hand says that PTSD can improve, but on the other hand tells its staff to use that same diagnosis as part of the basis for labelling the veteran as a future threat? In fact, they give so much weight to this evidence that it is considered a defacto conviction of the patients future actions. But wait, I thought you said it gets better?

    So tell me again VA…PTSD gets better? Then why does your own directive spread the seeds of fear and distrust and empower the notorious Disruptive Behavior Committees who flag thousands of vets as violent based on the advice in the appendix on VA Directive 2010-53 that says not only past acts of violence should be taken into account, but also a diagnosis of PTSD or of being male has equal weight in predicting the future threat level of a human being? Wouldn’t Ghandi be condemned thusly?

    If having a pair of nuts between my legs reinforces the case against me in the kangaroo court known as DBC, per the instructions in the appendix, I suppose that this can be treated too? According to internal VA documents a full 50% of patients flagged by DBC never return for treatment despite treatment being indicated. No mention of the flag being removed post castration is made.

    This is why VA says PTSD gets better – because to save their own lives vets stop going to VA, or to stop the agony of life inside of the shell called PTSD they end it; so VA determines the vet has gotten better. VA defines “better” as a patient who no longer shows up irregardless of if they still breath or not.

    This is a heartless and cruel organization that has torn the soul of America and festers like an open scab. It is staffed by known criminals, known liars, and known medical misfits. My God, I hope I never learn about he REALLY nasty folks doing the nasty stuff that we don’t know about!

    The agency cannot be made to heal because the agency itself is the disease. The stronger you make the agency, the stronger you make the disease.

    1. Good points.

      And how ludicrous is it to suggest a person trained to visit extreme violence on the enemy might show an instance of violence at some point in their future.

      Really? You gotta be shittin me!

    “End Times Prophecy News”
    dated: May 1, 2017

    “Breaking: Hospital evacuated! Hazmat situation!”

    “Brother Jim reporting!”
    A VA hospital, in Philadelphia – University City – was evacuated last night, 30 Apr. 2017, around 5 pm. due to an unknown odor!
    At this time, It’s “…not clear what is causing the odor!”

    (This is talked about in the first few minutes of the video!)

    1. P.S.
      COULD it be a dead veteran just bursted out of his/her body bag!?
      You know, like what happened up at the Hines VHA in Chicago some time ago?
      I wouldn’t put it past VA to cover-up this incident, *IF* that’s the case!

      Y’all might think I’m stretching it a bit, only that’s why I’m called “Crazy Elf”!

      1. Was there a big chili feast for the AFGE the night before that caused an unusually large volume of swamp gas to escape from the purple team?

  11. This is off subject but….. The greatest thing about this blog, is the freedom of speech. Unlike and Veterans benefit Network, who actually banned me for not being politically correct, and challenging some of their senior members.. At one time I was actually a moderator on ( in the early days). Veterans Benefit Network are so afraid someone is going to start flame wars that they actually shut down threads that the moderators don’t agree with… Hadit was and still remains a good place to go for information, but they too are so afraid of arguments between users… So Ben , just want to say thanks for allowing Free speech to work as it should. While I don’t always agree with your Blog comments, I appreciate that you let uses to freely state what they think. I salute you!

    1. @Rick B,
      This is exactly WHY real veterans come to this site! It’s because Ben believes very strongly in the “1st Amendment!”
      I also have a strong feeling Ben believes in the “2nd Amendment” as well!
      Because, without a “2nd Amendment” we wouldn’t have a “Constitutional Republic!” One, where all men and women are treated equally!

    2. I really love hadit dot com and as you say Rick b, because it remains a treasure trove of Veteran knowledge and medical crap. I never engaged in much blog activity at that time in life so had no idea other Veteran sites are snippy and sometimes full of attitude and censoring. However, I owe much of my research supporting my claims, how to navigate and what pitfalls to avoid, all from that site.

      Also keep in mind that people are incredibly litigious these days as soon as they may read a post that they think they are being attacked and thus butthurt over, looking for an easy payday or just there to sew dissention amongst Veterans, and I can see some of the VSO Piggies doing just that.

      They try here but we also devour them when they try. 🙂

    3. Free speech also means free from disagreeable speech. We have the right to moderate or leave. This site has too much abuse so while I like Ben’s articles I’m not paying much attention to the posts. Too much junk off topic after the first few posts. I would prefer more moderation so that I don’t miss well thought out on topic comments.

      1. You want your own defined form of censorship in other words. An ignore function would work just as nicely without instigating personalities or expressions of individuality in which you seem to loathe.
        If you desire censorship as such, that freedom is wasted. You have the freedom and choice to read past comments and it does not take that much work, even a caveman can do it. Yep, I am that caveman.

      2. Like I said I don’t have to read all the comments. Your free to speak. I’m free not to listen.

        And so are others for this off topic nonsense

      3. Hey Elf,

        Did you happen to catch the news that the Democratic paid strategious have completed their analysis of how Hillary lost the election. It wasn’t the Russians.

        The three main reason in order of importance.

        1. She did not get enough votes to win.
        2. People who had voted for Obama voted for Trump instead of Hillary.
        3. Nobody wanted a Commander and Thief in the White House

    4. Same here. Many times I might disagree with Ben or other commenters, and sometimes harshly, but other times I agree with the same people.

      I like the idea that we can state what we think, and still stay focused on what the main problem is.

      I would rather have people state what they think than them trying to polish a turd, and at times vent.

      We already get that crap from VSOs.

      And congress.

  12. Problem is the Psychiatrists, Neurobehavoralists, Neurologists and Neurosurgeons are refusing to minimalize their reports.

  13. namnibor,
    It’s amazing you brought up the D.C. VHA this morning!
    This came out a couple days ago from “ News” about that very issue!


    “Veterans to Disclose Experiences at VA Hospital in D.C.”

    29 April 2017
    by Stars and Stripes

    Looks like the American Legion will be hosting a type of “Town Hall Meeting” on May 3rd, 2017, to let veterans “…tell their stories!”
    It’s all about how that VHA was caught up in a major scandal recently! And since it happened under “Shithead Shulkin’s Watch”, he owns it 100%!
    On the other hand, I’ll guarantee y’all the veterans who do get to speak will tell how great that VHA is! Whatcha wanna bet?
    Good article though!
    I hope our new POTUS gets around to holding these, and other, reprobates responsible for their egregious actions against veterans!

    1. P.S.
      namnibor, this will be the reason behind VA wanting more money – Wait for it! It’ll happen, SOON!

      1. Of course with the last billion of the choice bucks due to run out in August. There is a good 3 billion in additional funding to request. Even though nothing has changed to actually improve the program.

    2. The VSO’s will hand-over those Veterans that DO happen to tell true horror stories to the Disruptive Behavior Committee for further processing and serving of the glove and finger to the brown-eye.

      Call me paranoid, but what better way to find out those Veterans that are “dissenters” and “disgruntled” about the VA than to have the dinosaur VSO’s come out and act as if they care then run behind the bushes or closed door meetings to exchange for favors down the road?

      Not trusting any of them at this point. That D.C. VHA/VAMC is the source of brackish swampwater. Exactly what part of the 100+ VA OIG Infractions does the VA not understand that there’s a systemic problem? Why exactly do they NOW want to hear from we lowly Veterans?
      Trust nobody.

      Rant Out.

    3. Crazy Elf, I’ve commented here before about attending the Legions town hall which is a part of their Save Our System dog and pony bullshit.

      I doubt this meeting would be much different. It gives the VA a chance to make it look like they are doing something publicly.

      It would be worth it to attend though just to see what either the Legions or the VAs response would be to veterans having problems with their VA.

      Sometimes I get the sense these Legion town halls are nothing more than a VA PR effort.

  14. I just realized something while taking another look at Benjamin’s “Bad VA Art” today with the medical person holding the TBI sign with a rubber glove and that telltale sign this was a stunt Dr. and not a VA Dr. because if you went to the VA for a TBI or even an ear infection, that VA medical hack would have insisted on sticking that forefinger up the Veteran’s ass and that glove finger is not stained brown number 2 in no way or fashion.

    Anyone else notice how the VA seems to treat Veteran’s asses as the first line of a check-up rather than the true and tried method of a tongue suppressor mouth check? Can’t just be a coincident. 🙂

    1. When I have been to the doctor and they start putting on the glove and pulling out the lube. I always tell them we are not going there today. It is a one way exit only.

      They can keep their fickle finger of fate.

      1. I figure God did not give me a rear end to help support the rubber glove, lube and hinny cam industries.

  15. I’ve got this sneaky suspicion, the main reason VA can’t perform C&P’s. Or have qualified Physicians to handle any kind of workload, is ———-
    The great, or even better than average, physicians don’t want to work for the VA! Wasn’t there “talk” about this some time ago?

    They see all the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse going on. Then they weigh their options. They know, sooner or later, VA is going to take a massive hit – possibly by the DOJ – over these issues. They also know if they “Whistleblow” against VA upper management, their future employment (in the private sector) is shot!!!!!!

    They may also believe, working for such a corrupt government agency, will not be good on their resume!

    I believe, great, or better than average physicians can make more money on the outside – in private practice!
    And, because of this, VA is getting away with hiring “incompetent foreign healthcare providers”, because someone, (or many someone’s)- (in my opinion) is stealing as much of the taxpayers monies as possible!

    Here’s something else, the VA is always going in front of the committees, and Congress, to “DEMAND” more of the taxpayers monies. In August, 2015, we saw that first hand! VA threatened to “shut down” all of the hospitals etc., If they didn’t get what they wanted! Remember that BULLSHIT? Remember how they claimed to have “ran out of money!” Where did BILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS MONIES GO?

    Here’s my take on this! VA will be going in front of the committee (AGAIN) and demanding more money – because they’re broke!
    This first week of May, as Congress is struggling with a budget, y’all watch very closely on what VA says!
    We all know VA employees aren’t too thrilled having President Trump as POTUS! Which is an understatement!
    Anything they can do to screw him – they’ll do!

    I hope I’m making sense this morning. Only had a half cup of coffee, so far!

    1. @Crazy elf– Also, only on my first 1/2 cup of java this morning, but I completely concur that very soon, the VA will be running to congress for more $$$ and the stinker of the situation is I am betting that Shulkin will claim he has done SO MUCH already to clean-up the VA **but** in order to continue (misappropriations) these changes of hands of more billions, the VA indeed requires more billions. Wait for it…

      The Three Big Piggie VSO’s may even help the VA beg for more $$$ by making a raft to float down to the big swamp in D.C. that’s fashioned from tied-up held hostage sick or dead Vets as a floatation device…all literally on the backs of sick or dead or nearly dead Veterans. (also, lots of hats to contain that $$$)

      Wait for it….you are right-on, Crazy elf. I’m betting that raft has been circling Congress like sewer rats last few weeks. All while it’s looking like we are stirring-up even more future wars while middle east is a huge mess still….making more TBI Veterans while never fixing the fix of the fix and probably yet another future fix. Agent Orange of the modern era….along with burn pits, et al.

    2. Crazy Elf,

      I agree with you, in fact the VA even conducts “so called VA C/P exams” when the veteran isn’t even present. All the examiners have to do is to look at the medical record and make a decision that they can voice an opinion based on the medical record. The name of this type of exam escapes my feeble mind, ( TB Memory issues) but its true the VA actually allows c/p exams without the veterans being present at the exam. It has happened to me twice and both times they were conducted the examiners stated not likely. I raised holy Hell over these exams and was able to get actual exams ( one was for my TBI, the other my Heart). I won the TBI claim, and am appealing the heart claim. I would even bet that the examiners get paid big money even if they don’t do an actual exam… VA really screws veterans every second then can. Oh, and congress allows these so called exams as well as the Big three….

      1. I think the VBA does examines with out the veterans and without the medical records. just wing it, they knew ahead of time they were going to deny the claim any way, why bother doing anything else.

        if they would have used the medical records they would have found evidence from Cat scans, MRI etc. nope I had to get my records and make copies and send them in.

        If they would have looked at my military records, I would have been service connected since 1973, but no !

        told me my military records were destroyed and they were not.

    3. @Crazy Elf – – – You make plenty of sense, despite the personal H2O Black shortage. Yeah, the 2015 threatened closure was bullshit. Just like “Major liar McDonald” as SucVA. Good question regarding those lost Billions of $$$$$$$$.

      BIG bonuses!

  16. These assholes simply do not care one bit about “servicing” Veterans. If the VA “serviced” Veteran’s vehicles the VA would cause even more deaths by doing just as shitty work. Why? Because they are assholes and assholes always do shit work.


  17. I’m over at some website called vets yuku and the vets there I think are mostly VA employees or worked for the VA. They keep saying the VA is so wonderful and attacking anyone who says otherwise. It seems extremely dangerous on many levels for any vet to go to the VA, especially if that vet has gotten VA compensation.

    One little error by a nurse, doctor or psychologist can cost the vet his or her compensation. Imagine you go to the VA to get your disability treated and one little error is made. Then 5 years later you show up to your C&P exam to review your disability and you’re told “I see here that your doctor said your disability showed improvement”. Then two weeks later you get a letter in the mail from the VA saying “Were reducing your compensation because we have evidence of improvement”.

    Or worse than that, imagine a vet goes to the VA and gets that error and two weeks later gets a letter in the mail a month later saying “Your disability has shown to have improved, we’re reducing your disability”.

    Either way it appears the vet is screwed if they go to the VA. If you don’t get screwed on your compensation then you’re going to get screwed on your treatment. You may end up way worse off then you ever were. I would recommend google before the VA.

    1. 46 72 69 63 6b 65 6e 20 53 6e 6f 77 66 6c 61 6b 65 20 74 72 6f 6c 6c 21

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      2. Roger the 08:58 comment. Who is the illiterate one at 09:05 who cannot spell? Snowfalk? What is that?

      3. Hex & Binary

        4f 68 20 61 6e 64 20 44 69 73 67 72 75 6e 74 6c 65 64 20 56 65 74 65 72 61 6e 2c 20 49 74 20 77 61 73 20 6d 65 20 49 20 61 6d 20 74 68 65 20 69 6c 6c 69 74 65 72 61 74 65 20 6f 6e 65 2e 20 20 4e 6f 20 67 6f 6f 64 20 65 78 63 75 73 65 20 65 78 63 65 70 74 20 62 72 61 69 6e 20 66 61 72 74 2e

        Use to do a lot of machine language programming back in the late 70s and early 80s.

    2. LILY,

      vets yuku AKA Veterans Benefit Network, is one of the sites I was banned from because I always challenged their guy Cruiser, who claims to be a retired rating official of the VA. No doubt Cruise seemed very knowledgeable but sometimes you had to wade through the garbage to see the facts. See his comments concerning Bradley v Peake, or his comments about cataract ratings, or his comments about separate ratings for asthma and sleep apnea… He always ( as do so many others in charger there) defend the VA’s position, and if you say anything that calls out the VA they warn you not to do it again and threaten to ban you from the site. Vike was a really knowable guy too, I knew him from some other sites, but after he started moderating there he started with the political correct garbage too…

      1. Rick I’ve been reading some of Cruiser’s comments. It’s almost funny how he gets all upset anytime someone dares to bring a shred of negativity on the VA, a VSO or a C&P exam.

        Cruiser is actually a very bad guy from what I’ve seen. He will only tell half the truth which means you get denied or a lower rating. He’s only concerned about himself too. Cruiser got mad because one of the vets he claims he was a VSO for came to vets yuku and said he was a bad VSO. Instead of listening to the vet, Cruiser defended himself only and demonized the vet. That’s a bad VSO in my book.

  18. @Disgruntled Veteran: Not as smooth as an Electra glide. Welcome back to rabbit hole.

  19. Good article, Ben. What about Veterans who sustained Combat-related TBI during the 1991 phase of the Gulf War?When will the VA begin to address those injuries? Veteran Friendly my ass! The VA may be a lot of things, but one thing it has never been is “veteran friendly”. The VA lies at EVERY LEVEL.

    @CJ – – – Thanks for calling. Laverda JOTA. Nice ride. Will keep you in the loop. May take a while to get everything sorted.

    Now, I have about 2 days worth of e-mails to read from this blog. Understand there was a hellacious ball of confusion going on. Should make for an interesting read.

  20. Ain’t that something, another law the VA was allowed to adjust for the benefit of the VA, and a death sentence for what% of twenty-five thousand? The same people still are allowed to destroy a countless number of Veterans and their families. “Veteran Friendly?”, I just ain’t feeling it. I truly believe that the numbers are worse than any numbers acquired using VA numbers. At every level, they lie. Greed protecting greed at every level of the VA. How does anyone clean up the mess that the VA is.

  21. Factually , the VA doesn’t really care who does not only TBI C/P exams but any exam. Just think about it, the VA uses NP, and PA to conduct exams, yet these same people cannot legally write a proscription outside of the VA Medical Center. I have had 6 C/P exams in the last 6 months, 2 were conducted by doctors who got them medical education one, in Burma the other India, a NP who actually conducted two separate exams and it turns out all she does is C/ P exams for a living. A psychiatrists did my TBI exam, and she was all educated in India, and finally the only American born and educated Doctor I have seen in years (at the va) did my sleep apnea c/p. Not only should PA’s and NP’s not being doing exams, but every exam should be conducted by a specialist in the field of med that the exam is for, ie: Lungs – pulmonary doctor, Heart, heart specialist etc…. The VA is screwing Veterans each and every day… Boston, was the first place I had to deal with back in 1986, and I they screwed up my first claim ever of which I won two cue claims….

    1. @Rick b – – – Agree with everything you posted.

      Why in the hell does the VA spend millions of dollars on television and radio commercials misinforming veterans, and the public – – – about how great the VA healthcare is?

      They are always showing what looks like a combination of Club Med, Shangri-La, and Queen’s Medical Center.

      What they should be doing is paying their VA CHOICE bills, so VETERANS DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH COLLECTIONS and have their CREDIT go down the drain.

      The current, continuous push to show the VA as a model Healthcare system is highly disturbing. My gut tells me this is all about giving the VA a face-lift on the same old witch. More Lies and Deception.


      1. Expedite implementing the HOLMAN RULE.

      2. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

      3. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

      4. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

      5. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

      6. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly for the care they provide veterans.

      7. Completely ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Gonna practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

      THAT solution will hep to ensure that veterans receive the “Quality Healthcare” they were promised by this nation. Anything short of that is unacceptable.

      1. I agree with you. I think that anyone doing an examination and are not qualified and it is found out, the employee and management should be fired right out. Or two strikes and you out.

        Any veteran denied should get back pay and interest. Ben is right PTSD and TBI will never go away, when the veterans did not receive treatment for a long period of time.

        Constant head pressure and migraines’, wearing a hat you get headaches or migraines’. Have to find soft pillows or your head hurts. Short term memory and long term memory.

        I mentioned before it hurts when a child or grandchild ask, do you remember when we did this or that and you cant. The expression on their face is like how can you not remember that, that was one of our finest days.

        Even if you should be authorized your disability. Some employee will read that you have a TBI and can mess with you and claim oh that veterans does not know what he’s talking about he suffers from a TBI.

    2. Oh the name of the examination where the veteran is not present is called an( ACE Exam) , Acceptable Clinic Evidence as outlined in VHA Directive 2012-025 dated Sept 17, 2012. The examiner is the one who decides to do an ACE exam. This being the case, I would expect it to be used a lot more as time goes on.

      Quote :
      Unless VBA personnel have specifically required that an examination be conducted, once
      VBA has requested an evaluation or opinion and provided all available medical information to
      VHA, a VHA C&P disability clinician reviews the request and, if use of the ACE process is
      determined by the clinician to be appropriate, completes the DBQ using the ACE process, or
      refers the request to the appropriate VHA C&P disability clinician to complete the DBQ using
      the ACE process. The ACE process may include a telephone interview to supplement the
      available records. If additional information is required, the ACE process is not used, and the
      Veteran is scheduled for an in-person medical examination or telehealth examination. When the
      ACE process is used, the clinician must ensure the appropriate entry is made on the DBQ to report
      the use of the ACE process, and must explain, in the DBQ Remarks section, the source of the
      clinical evidence relied on to complete the DBQ.

  22. This is the very type of thing that irks me to no end. There is no excuse for this kind of incompetence, our veteran brothers and sisters deserve better than this.

  23. Disgusting, what excuse do they have at this time for not giving the best treatment to vets?

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