Both Parties Court Vets Vote Before Election

Congress is mining the veteran population for votes this election season and both Democrats and Republicans are trying to gain some ground this essential voting bloc. Democrats are trying to get President Obama’s Veterans Job Corps passed (with a $1 billion price tag) and Republicans want to make it a crime to lie about military honors. Both parties are working on ending the huge backlog of disability claims at the VA.

From BusinessWeek:

Senate Democrats are pushing President Barack Obama’s proposed $1 billion Veterans Jobs Corps to relieve high unemployment among servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. House Republicans are pushing a bill making it a crime to benefit from lying about military services or awards.

Lawmakers in both parties agreed this week to come up with more money to help the Veterans Administration reduce a disability claims backlog.

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  1. Ben Krause!?!

    Too funny. I spent Tech school with you down at Keesler in the 332nd and stumbled on this site while talking about how the VA was less than helpful when I suffered a broken leg with some of my younger Airmen.

    Nice to see you’re doing well. Keep up the fight, you’re helping us all.

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