DEVELOPING: Chairman Jeff Miller To Retire

Jeff Miller

Benjamin KrauseJeff Miller, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, announced his retirement on Thursday. He will not seek re-election.

In a statement, Rep. Miller said:

“Fifteen years ago when Vicki and I were praying about running for Congress, we could have never imagined what may lie ahead. That day has come, and I am announcing I will not seek re-election to Congress.”


Rep. Miller plans to stay on until he retires. His goal is to ensure the committee retains his same brand of oversight.

The Washington Examiner cites Rep. Miller as writing the following:

“I intend to complete my tenure as House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs chairman while maintaining the same robust oversight of VA that has defined my chairmanship,” he wrote, adding that he will also remain on other House committees until he retires.

“As we approach the markup and consideration of the annual Defense Authorization Bill, I will do everything in my power to ensure our Armed Services remain the finest and most equipped fighting force in the world. And in an ever dangerous world, I will continue my service on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,” Miller wrote.

Thank you for your service to our country and its veterans, Chairman Jeff Miller. Your leadership will be missed.


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  1. How about giving the “Chairman” a gavel that’s made of titanium and forged by Thor, with diamond sharp teeth on them…instead of the “Nerf Gavels” currently used when telling the VA to follow orders and accountability going forward?!?

    Seriously, we need EVERY member of that Committee on Veterans Affairs to have the tenacity of fierce pit bulls…as it stands, I see only “pussy cats with no claws or teeth”; basically, we currently have career politicians that certainly want the “title held on their vitae’s”, but at least on the logical surface, it APPEARS that those Committee Members are “in bed with the VA”.

    I say that because without stern authority (of which, the VA is in need of), like dysfunctional parents, allow the volatile “2-yr old in room” to act-out and get their way through blatant defiance”!!

    Chairman Miller definitely “talks and makes shaking a stick statements towards VA”, but his words are NOT taken with ANY authority nor respect by a defiant VA…that means we need elected Reps on that Committee with BALLS.
    A Chairperson that will make Sloan Gibson slither away and REQUIRE *THE VA SECRETARY HIM OR HERSELF* to know they face PRISON FOR LIFE in a nasty Detroit or Texas VIOLENT OFFENDER PRISON if they do NOT do their jobs effectively and OBEY The People, accountability, et al.

    Yeah, had my coffee and woke-up…pipe dream above, but it’s what is required…a HUGE VA ENEMA.

    1. How do you REALLY feel about it, crazyelf?!!! 🙂

      I am fuming about the confirmed “extravagant lavish spending” of “Wounded Warrior’s Project”. There’s been on local and national news interviews with vets other than the 2 year employee that turned whistleblower, that Vets were turned away for help and aid. These were also Vets. See how $$ can corrupt…just like the VA *and* all the OTHER “VSO’s”….lamprey to Veterans.

      I have decided to only donate to Benjamin’s efforts in bringing light on corruption and holding people accountable. No more other charities other than taking food to local Project open Hand (for people living w/HIV/HEP) which also provides nutritional staff that work with your Dr.’s …and local animal shelters. No more political party campaigns.
      Just Benjamin. The trust is there and I think he could use more support from anyone that reads this site because as a collective, we Vets, with a true crusader for accountability in making the VA be the best VA, our collective mall/modest donations can help Ben operate well within whatever his dream of a ‘master plan’ and audit, for instance of the VA.
      Rant over. Support whomever, but just thoroughly do best in checking them out. I was roped-a-doped by donating to Wounded Warrior Project…I even asked them to keep the damn blanket and give it to a Homeless Veteran. They could not guarantee that…I took the couple blankets sent to me over past few years and yes, I went to an area near river bank and woods, where there’s Homeless Vets, and gave them the WWP blankets and more.
      I think it’s clear we Vets have to help each other and do it wiser, because million$ are going into pockets and not the Vets that need that help or assistance.
      Okay, rant 1a out.

      Oh…and Miller being a Rep from Florida…his State has a lot of issues in his VA in his back yard….so does McCain in Arizona. See how that works? As long as the golf courses are nice. All that count$.

      1. @namnibor
        “What do (I) really think about (Miller)?”

        Let’s just say I’m very close friends to individuals who have known him. Back when he first started with a law firm down here in Florida!
        From my understanding, most of them, (auto dealerships and other wealthy individuals), helped him get started in politics also.
        I’ve had a few conversations with some of them when I found out about his “retirement!”
        Their “opinion” is “the writing IS on the wall”! Especially if one certain Presidential Incumbent IS elected president! ie; This is a quote from them; “Your going to see a lot of them jump ship!”

        Right now y’all are unaware of “long time career dinosaur politicians nationwide” trying to figure out how their going to keep their ‘cushy jobs’ when the time comes.

        I’ve said this before. And I’m saying it again.
        Americans have a short ass memory.
        Do y’all remember who stood in the way to “Bring home our POW/MIA’s a few decades ago from the Vietnam and Korean Wars?” Two of them were McCain AND that COWARD KERRY, that’s who!
        They sat on, and headed the “committee”, which would not allow it! There’s a great deal more to this than most know! I was privy to information, during the hearings, and after, many Americans didn’t hear about. So, y’all see, I have great disgust for any and all those involved in government!
        As far as I’m concerned, McCain is as much a COWARD as Kerry!

        Many do not understand this one “Presidential Incombent”! I do! I’m hear to say. These corrupt stupid and ignorant elected and appointed officials are going to learn a hard fact of life, come 20 Jan 2017 or shortly thereafter!
        That’s fact, not fiction!

        I can say a bunch more about the “Who, What, Why, When, Where and How” things are going! Only, y’all will see things starting to pop soon enough!

      2. @crazyelf-

        So basically, Rep. Miller is one of many rats ready and preparing to jump the ship’s deck before those resounding words, “YOU’RE FIRED”, are spoken!!!?

        From everything I’ve read, Rep. Miller repeatedly has stated,”… he plans to stay on-board the committees he sits on until his full retirement…”.

        Perhaps many rats will jump ship before January of 2017, making it easier to clean-up the rest of the mess. However, it will take pitchforks and flamethrowers to rid the VA of it’s lazy minions…will hopefully be a “popcorn popping moment”.

      3. @namnibor
        Remember, no POTUS can fire an elected official from holding their perspective “seat” in Congress or the Senate. Yet, POTUS does have the authority to decide who sits on each “committee or federal agency”! Those are “appointed positions!”
        As far as “appointed officials”, POTUS does have the authority to decide who will continue those positions!

        You must have forgotten what Reagan did when it came to the Air Traffic Controllers Union. It didn’t work out for them or the men and women for whom they were paid, by dues, to protect!
        Just saying namnibor!

        There’s a new article out where Mr. Trump “Slams the BLM’s (Bureau of Land Management’s) for illegally confiscating lands belonging to ranchers, farmers and Native Americans west of the Mississippi!”
        This has to do with the (completely illegal) “Uranium One Deal” the Clinton(s) made with Russia, Iran and one other country. (side note – does “Iran’s $150 BILLION nuclear deal” ring any bells?)
        The total properties (acreage) stolen, or confiscated, encompasses areas in Nevada (85%), Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Northern Texas, Oklahoma and now in Idaho. In Idaho there will be a meeting on 28 March concerning more “confiscations of lands”. There are more states involved. I just can’t think of them all.

        Also, the egregious, and illegal, act by FBI agents shooting “unarmed Levoy Finican” (sic) was caught on recording by his daughter. Who was in the truck when the shooting occured!

        As I’ve stated, brother, There’s lots of information floating around in my head!
        And trust me when I say, it’s going to get VERY interesting in the months ahead! Especially AFTER 20 Jan. 2017!

    2. Hey Elf

      I know how you feel but hate to have to point out that Miller is just going out the revolving door to collect his rewards from the companies he enriched on the back of Veterans.

      I am willing to bet he goes on the boards of directors at all of the companies. Then takes a Vice Presidents position with AmerisourceBergen for the corrupt services he provided them with that $32 Billion sole source contract to for all of the pharmaceuticals to the Veterans Administration.

      He is just on the way out the door to collect his cut.

      I am sure he will be getting a big pay day from Document Storage Systems.

      1. Forgot to add the corrupt work he has done with Robbie McDonald and David Shulkin to put the research hospitals in charge of Hiring at the VA by replacing all the Chief of staffs with Doctors from the research hospitals.

        That way they can now load up the VA healthcare positions with researchers and not have to worry about IRBs saying no to any of their research. Also with them now starting to replace the MDs with PAs who license rely on maintain the Researchers license.

        Of course the researchers are getting triple pay by not only working for the Universities Hospitals doing research but they are also paid by the VA. Lets not forget they also will be paid by the Drug companies.

        It is a very deadly situation for any Veteran receiving VA Health Care.

        Hell it is a deadly situation for everyone with the new BS drugs that will be coming on to the Market.

    3. Agreed. I never knew this post was made. I usually get an email when Ben posts sonething, but didn’t get one on this.
      Not sure why Miller would retire at this point. Did Gibson find some dirt?
      Here’s hoping the next chairman is someone that will turn the heat up to max.

    4. JEFFERY YO RALLY DID NOTHING YO WERE ONE BIG BIG GAS BAG FULL OF YOUR OWN HOT AIR GAS BAGGING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “Appeals board reverses another VA executive’s punishment”

    By Heath Druzin
    Stars and Stripes

    Published: February 8, 2016

    I see in the article that Sloan Gibson is now back tracking on his prior statements about see to it that she would be fired.

    As for Miller’s retirement, when you take a true look at what has happened to Veterans during the time that he has been chairman, it is profoundly clear who he is looking out for and it is not Veterans.

    In his position he has had the power of Congress to take action for Veterans but instead he has played Puff & Stuff for the press and only provide more money to keep the corruption profitable.

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