va health care quality

USA TODAY Publishes Secret VA Health Care Quality List

va health care quality

USA TODAY just published secret VA health care quality numbers previously withheld from the public that shows ranking data the agency wanted to keep secret.

Previously, VA disclosed the existence of an internal rating system it used to assess health care quality concerns at all VA medical centers. When asked for the data, VA refused to provide it citing that it was for internal use only.

VA Health Care Quality Numbers

That data shows hospitals like Detroit VA have gotten worse in the past two years. Numerous facilities in the south in cities like Phoenix, Dallas, Memphis and others show poor 1-star ratings.

It is interesting that despite the hype around Phoenix VA, that facility is still trundling along as one of the worst rated facilities in the entire nation. Yet, VA executives like Sloan Gibson continue to assert its supposed incredible quality improvements.

Should it be unlawful for agency executives to make misleading statements about health care safety and quality to veterans and the public?

Yesterday, USA TODAY published the data so veterans and the public can be informed before making decisions about who will provide their health care.

For some quick background, VA was caught up in a massive wait list scandal where veterans were denied access to health care and died as a result. VA employees received bonuses that were dependent on furthering the scheme that denied health care. The scandal was exposed in 2014 starting with Phoenix VA.

Since then, VA has been engaged in massive reforms, according to the agency. The slipperly slope here is that VA has asserted massive improvements while refusing to provide the data supporting the improvements.

Basically, they keep telling Congress things are getting better while refusing to prove it.

This past year, VA has been called out for failing to publish health care quality data required by law.

Instead, VA has provided continued promises to restart publishing VA health care quality data – – in an effort to increase President Obama’s mandate for transparency – – while continuing to withhold the data after each deadline passes.

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High-Risk VA Hospitals

Hospitals on the “high-risk” watch list are:

  • Wilmington VA
  • Detroit VA
  • Tomah VA
  • Oklahoma City VA

Rep. Jeff Miller

Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, called on VA to release the remainder of the information.

Rep. Miller hopes such a release would combat previous misinformation schemes directed at misleading the public, “in which VA officials often attempt to downplay and sometimes mislead the public about serious problems until it’s too late.”

Rep. Miller’s comments, provided to USA TODAY, continued:

“The secrecy with which VA treats these quality ratings is alarming,” Miller told USA TODAY. “Veterans seeking care at VA hospitals deserve to know exactly what they are walking into. Additionally, Congress, taxpayers and other stakeholders need to have a quick and efficient means of comparing the performance of various VA medical centers in order to identify facilities in need of improvement.”

Let’s hop Rep. Miller, or someone like him, takes over the agency to pursue greater transparency and greater reforms.

Can We Take Action?

What will it take to build a system the pulls timely data from VA?

My hope is to build a legal organization like Judicial Watch, crossed with the Nader Raiders, that focuses only on VA. It will sue VA repeatedly over Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) violations and force its executives to testify on the stand using the Hillary Clinton / State Department email FOIA model.

To give context, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request seeking emails from the State Department linked to Hillary Clinton. Discrepancies and delays in providing the information resulted in the judge allowing examination of the actual executives linked to the matter.

RELATED: Judicial Watch Asks Court To Unseal Clinton Deposition Video Tapes

As for Nader Raiders, in the 1960’s, Ralph Nader created an organization comprised mainly of law students that investigated consumer rights issues in Washington DC. Numerous reforms resulted from public exposure through the work of the Nader Raiders.

Wouldn’t that be great? Could you imagine a lawyer deposing Sloan Gibson over discrepancies in data about Phoenix VA? That is my long-range plan.

But until that time, and until the veteran population collectively wises up – – realizing we need to self-fund projects like that – – we will instead need to rely on feeble leaks to occasionally get at the truth.

You get what you pay for. Surely the primary Veteran Organizations presently enjoying cozy relationships with VA are and will remain unwilling to take a firmer stand against agency scandals and wrongdoing for fear of losing funding or influence.

So, we veterans will need to do it ourselves.

Find Your Hospital

Take a look at the database at the bottom of the below cited USA TODAY source. Scroll through or search for your facility and report back here with what you find.

See anything noteworthy?


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  1. Some V. A.’s are better than others. The real problems starting under Obama were the large BLM office staff at V.A. If your not black or for whatever reason they select to put you into the JERK AROUND no star group, access to healthcare is difficult if you have to pass through One of Them. Getting outside services through vets choice can be especially troubling. I am not racist, but have witnessed the reality of being scheduled through real racist BLM personnel who routinely waste a lot of your life waiting on nothing to happen, delayed purposefully through what has become appointment mills where you wade through BLM ?? day after day, week after week,,month after month and the, seek healthcare at another V.A. NOT in the news, only to be put in the same JERK AROUND No Star Group where far too many simply pass away quietly.

    It’s time to orchestrate a work study program. Any thing can be time studied, any office procedure can be measured. It’s an industrial engineering measured work, production scheduling, quality control issue. People who use the system by making work while abusing others need to face the reality of Doing the Right Thing in Life or HITTING THE ROAD, as in Not Going into V. A. Facilities at any time whatsoever.

    Modernization is already state of the art for businesses with far less repetition than the V. A. Experiences providing healthcare for veterans.
    Watching the BLM V. A. Carnival at work while being literally detained to serve THEIR office positions which should be serving you by providing healthcare is both tiring and dangerous.

    Other personnel, rather than try and remove the BLM gang often join in the fray playing follow the BLM leader in a place where once your in, virtually no one is ever removed, no matter how horrible they become OR HOW RACIST THEY ARE.

    I hope Trumps government will unitive state of the art business management decisions among all sectors of government. Especially Law and Medicine where a dated diploma entitles some lawyers, judges, doctors, administraitors to do whetever they want, take whatever they think you have, like some used car lot picking out the old and disabled to lie cheat steal and Kill without fear of repercussions from their brethren, the self chosen MONSTERS OF THE WORLD, unreported in the news media assistant monsters.

  2. If the VA spent as much time providing good health care as they do hiding the facts, there would be fewer problems. Here in Spokane at the VA hospital the primary mission of the administration is the practice of deception. The director is being protected by VA management at the top.

    1. I guarantee that i let Candice Henderson and Boob McD! know that they were very deceptive in not sending me a letter to claim disability in 1990 and they were supposed to also send me a follow-up letter after they didn’t send the first one “By their own VA Law”!

  3. There is no accountability for the VA hospital directors or their administrative staff. We have been picketing and getting petitions signed at the VA hospital in Spokane for 17 weeks and still no one from Obama’s office or the congress persons want to make anyone accountable. This director has a rating of two and there is a good reason for it. We have asked for a town hall mtg with both congress persons and the vision 20 heads. Let’s see if they will even respond to that, doubt it.
    We doubt they will, the veterans were asked to give 110% while serving, let’s see congress give a little back, or just bury their head in the sand.

    (1) AGREEMENT REQUIRED.—Not later than 180 days after
    the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Veterans
    Affairs shall enter into an agreement with the Secretary of
    Health and Human Services for the provision by the Secretary
    of Veterans Affairs of such information as the Secretary of
    Health and Human Services may require to report and make
    publicly available patient quality and outcome information concerning
    Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers
    through the Hospital Compare Internet website of the Department
    of Health and Human Services or any successor Internet
    (2) INFORMATION PROVIDED.—The information provided by
    the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to the Secretary of Health
    and Human Services under paragraph (1) shall include the
    (A) Measures of timely and effective health care.
    (B) Measures of readmissions, complications of death,
    including with respect to 30-day mortality rates and 30-
    day readmission rates, surgical complication measures, and
    health care related infection measures.
    (C) Survey data of patient experiences, including the
    Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers
    and Systems or any similar successor survey developed
    by the Department of Health and Human Services.
    (D) Any other measures required of or reported with
    respect to hospitals participating in the Medicare program
    under title XVIII of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C.
    1395 et seq.).
    (3) UNAVAILABLE INFORMATION.—For any applicable metric
    collected by the Department of Veterans Affairs or required
    to be provided under paragraph (2) and withheld from or
    unavailable in the Hospital Compare Internet website or any
    successor Internet website, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs
    shall publish a notice on such Internet website stating the
    reason why such metric was withheld from public disclosure
    and a timeline for making such metric available, if applicable.

    PUBLIC LAW 113–146—AUG. 7, 2014


  5. Was told by v a phoenix 2-3 months to receive diabetic shoes n socks and ankle brace seems long time .why? Medicare don’t take this long

    1. The VA system should be at least or better than medical care in the private sector. I would like to see all VA staff that are required to be licensed, to be put in a separate database controlled by the state where the VA Medical Center or Clinic is located. The so called professionals should also be required to be licensed in that state to practice in the fields of medicine, counseling, or therapy. There would be more control of the VA staff’s actions and behaviors, keeping account of any complaints, and records of any discipline ordered by the governing bodies. VA staff needs to be put on a shorter lease. Veterans aren’t numbers, we are living beings. And, Veterans shouldn’t have to worry about the medical care that they are receiving.

      1. This would do a lot to help solve some of the problems. Lets take it one more step and have the states certify the VA hospitals instead of some private for profit company. This to would help stop some of the trust issues and create some more accountability

      2. It is easier to fill the “cover up” jobs than the health care professional jobs. Hence more cover up than care. The coverupers work for less.

        There is a high paying OIG position open in Denver for any attorney qualified.

  6. Dennis, I am not forgetting you. Of the few friends I have who aren’t Veterans, I have enjoyed sharing with them many of the anecdotes you have shared. We love ya man. No kidding, yeh, a bit long winded, but all good. There are many people on this site who have been a great help, and comfort in dealing with life as life deals with me.

  7. This newly created organization to collect FOIA’s on the va with volunteers to collect the data, where would the focus be on what alleged crimes? If we are trying to reform the agency thru FOIA’s, what would be most beneficial? I could see FOIA’s on the credentials and privileging on doctors and providers could be saving Veterans lives at clinics and medical centers. The va collects massive amounts of data on its agency but does little with it. The very least a database built, data entry, analysis, alot of work. Definitely need a General to lead the troops.

    1. You know, an electronic database just with current VA providers of any kind, nurse, doctor, PA, pharmacist, shrink would be good just to track the miles when they pop up at another VA.
      That database would be additionally helpful showing what state they are licensed in, board certifications, any disciplinary actions etc.

      It would certainly help to stop this crap of just shuffling them around the country.

      Its also incredibly easy to put together using a Google Sites page with Google docs. You could have the links right on that page, with a Google Form to be used by anyone to directly out information into the database using that form. Any vet that can click a link and read a web page would be able to contribute.

  8. If the VA is honestly trying to improve, well, in the last year, they have been going the wrong direction, for a long time. Every day(5 out 7), Ben, Seymour, Elf, Namnibor, Ron and many others have provided facts that proves the VA is corrupt and self fulfilling. I feel like a goldfish swimming in an empty bowl, in an empty room, just hoping something good will happen. It’s just not. I am one who doesn’t understand our veterans system. I’m learning, thanks to all of the Veterans who have put what they know, and how they feel, on this site. God Bless the Veterans.

  9. Yesterday, 7 Dec. 2016, the “House” passed H.R. 6435. It’s in the Senate now, or soon.
    Basically, if I read it correctly, it says a director, (SES’r), in his/her district can allow a 3rd party, (not affiliated with VA), to come in and investigate wrongdoings. (paraphrasing)! I hope I got the information correct, I’m going by memory, and my memory ain’t that great anymore!

    I googled the following, and found lots of past and present articles.
    “Veterans Affairs Committee/Utube Videos”
    There are some videos. There are many articles. Check it out.

    1. @Crazy elf- As long as they are still depending on any given VA Director SES rank and file to again, self-report, this is another bandaid on a leaky damn, not a real solution.

      I would rather allow each and every State to investigate and inspect and no notice inspections. We need the iron clad wall of the law to shine many lumens on these ingrates.

      1. Agree 110% namnibor.
        Like we’ve all said, “SHUT IT DOWN, NOW!”
        I was just saying what was in the bill. Leaving it up to y’all to expose the STUPIDITY of it all!!!!!

  10. What I saw as noteworthy in reading your post Ben and reading the USA Today article is Shulkins comments about this being an internal tool to be used by the VA for improvement.

    How long do we have to wait to see improvement?

    Shulkin claims he doesn’t want vets to see the data because we might decide not to get care at a poor VA. Hmmm. So it’s OK for a veteran to get harmed, maimed or killed at a poorly performing VA as long as we are ignorant about it?
    I also think it’s noteworthy just how many are 1 or 2 stars which tells me they are below the average of 3 stars.

    I also find it noteworthy that the VAs involved in one of the largest scandals in recent years received 5 stars…the Minnesota VAs and the TBI scandal. That makes me question the metrics used for this rating, and how factual any of them might be.
    Or why they leave out any measurement for the Phillipines.

    The real question I have is how does this rating system compare to the bonuses being handed out in these places? If I compare this rating to the USA Today bonus database and it shows no improvement compared to the bonuses given VA managers, then why are they getting a bonus?

    Also, how does this data compare with any data the VA is obligated to share publicly? Does this data show a truer picture than others they share publicly?

    Finally, I would like nothing more than to join your FOIA organization Ben. Yes, it would be so nice to have a legal war chest to sue them whenever they wanted to claim FOIA law is different for them then the same law applying to other federal agencies, or even within the agency. It would be interesting to hear their excuse why VACO redacted names, phone numbers and email addresses from a FOIA response I received, but I got the exact same documents unredacted in a different response to the same FOIA.

    I guess it was the difference between a local response, and anything overseen by that hack Burch.

  11. Off Topic: We just lost today, a great Marine pilot, astronaut, educator & Statesman, John Glenn. They do not make very many like him and a great Ohioan.

    1. FYI- John Glenn was being taken care of medically by The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center’s James Cancer Hosp….not the VA. He had much better medical coverage and options than to be using VAMC, as he was very sick for a while.

      1. namnibor, no one in the “upper crust” of our country is using the VHA for their healthcare. Their healthcare is so far more advanced than anything the ‘Average American’ has.
        We, in the lower economic bracket, have had to deal with what we can get. Which is as you’ve so eloquently phrased many times – “Witchdoctor Medicine”! (paraphrasing brother)!

        I’m also a fan of Col. Glenn. He was a true “Pioneer of Space Travel and Exploration!”

    2. One of the men who inspired me to become a Marine. I remember watching his launch for America’s first manned orbital spaceflight on a B/W television.

      Semper Fi, Major Glenn. Your examples of leadership helped a lot of troubled youth “Straighten Up and Fly Right”.

  12. Using the C.A.U.G.H.T. ratings so eloquently provided by Dennis, and the database – – – Honolulu is a two star facility.

    C.A.U.G.H.T. Rating: 2 Star = Same catagory as 3 star, but before entering building patient was not suicidal, and medical staff was seen dumping the body outside ER door because patient was deemed unsuitable for kidney transplant study.

    I would laugh if I did not know this to be 95% accurate. But that is only the “Top of the Iceberg” as to what is wrong with the VA System in the Pacific Islands.

    The Compensation and Benefits section would honestly rate a negative 5 stars.

  13. @Seymore,
    I wish I had your knowledge of how to look things up on the net.
    Your expertise is invaluable.
    How about sending everything you’ve learned about Schiller, and others, onto Ben.
    Ben, is there anyway you can get the information off to the Congressional Committee for Veterans Affairs? I do believe they need to know about what Seymore has found. If they don’t know already.
    I believe the committee is in session now.

  14. Ben, you are doing great. There’s no doubt that the VA lies and lies, about everything. For some reason, they even lie when they may be right. ( although I don’t know of any circumstances that support them being right). This 1_5 rating…? As long as the VA is supplying the information, I have a tough time believing. Like a few Veterans said, time and again, there is going to be some changes. Maybe. Perhaps, as long as each VA has to give itself a rating, maybe they could explain the ratings…Like; why they are a 1, or a 5. My wait times have never been less than 30 days. Lies and lies.

  15. Hey Elf, Namnibor, 91Veteran, Don and all else

    I added on to my answer to Elf’s question about whether Schiller will be popping back up within the VA system. Hope you don’t miss it confirm the info provided and let me know your thoughts.

    Thank You

    1. Seymore,

      You are impressive and truly an example to follow. Are hou sure your name isn’t “Hound Dog”? because you have a gift being anoe to follow the scent trail. Keep up the great work.

      1. Definitely a very good ‘Hound Dog’ and would even freely nominate you to President Elect Trump to consider for taking over the VAOIG. Yep, Seymore Klearly is that good and formidably thorough.
        Seriously, we need that kind of fervor to turn the tide.


    2. You know Dr. Schiller’s last name and owning/operating an Industrial Colon Wash Clinic in San Fran and as a VA Demented Dentist, *all* that’s missing with Schiller’s namesake is a line across the two ‘L’s to become befitting of “Schitter”. Yeah, dark humor but that’s me. It’s snowing here and I love Winter.

      Dr. SCHITTER owning a Colon Wash & a VA Demented Dentist–you cannot make this crap up. 🙂

      Whack-a-mole Schitter? Yeah, he will be a nasty floater requiring several flushes when swamp is drained. Why do I think this? Well, there’s bound to be potentially wrongly handled Colon Cleansing equipment in that facility if he is lackadaisical at best as a VA Dentist. More to come folks.

    3. Some interesting stuff there, but I am wondering what it means. I found similar stuff when I first searched on his name…that there seemed to be several Tom Schiller’s. Is it possible there is more than one Tom L. Schiller? I see in the links you provide, there are some with information on a Tom L. and some on a Tom D. Schiller.
      What I also find interesting is the mix of information, like on the Texas site where his license information shows he is in Tomah. Not a big deal depending on when information was updated, but it should make one wonder, which license was he operating under?
      Then you get into the date issues. Texas shows he graduated in 1989, licensed in 1996, and nitrous certification in 2012. Slow learner? The Utah site shows he was licensed there in 1991 with a Anesthesia Class I Permit. Arizona shows he was licensed there in 1994. WTF really? Did he bounce around that much?
      Now, the license information for OK shows a Tom D. license was issued in 1983 for Gastro. The graduation date for that license shows he graduated in 1978, so it’s not like a father/son issue. And why does that page show it was updated Dec. 8th, 2016, and the next update is scheduled for Dec. 9th, 2016 at 2:50am. The AR license page doesn’t show much other than an issuance date of 1981, but that was for Tom D., and matches closer to the dates for the other Tom D. information on the OK site.

      1. Hey 91Veteran,

        Where you able to follow the information presented in the following from the post above?

        “Using the Wayback Machine resource at the internet archives we can follow his tracks via his Oklahoma license that lead to him being at Tomah.

        1.) Schiller’s Oklahoma License that was updated July 26, 2013 shows Schiller maintaining an office located on the campus at St. Francis Hospital – Broken Arrow. It also shows that he has hospital privileges at several other locations and accepts a broad range of insurances. This is while he is also working at the VAMC Muskogee in Oklahoma.


        2.) An up date to his Oklahoma license on November 22, 2013 shows that Schiller lost privileges at all hospitals except the one where his office is located. It also shows that he lost his office on the campus of that hospital.


        3.) Then after he was hired by the VA as a Dentist in Tomah during October 2015 his Oklahoma License was updated on 11/2/2015 ” to what it is now. Stating that he is working for the VA but not at Tomah instead they show him working at
        Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks in Fayetteville AR

        Even thought he is listed as working at the VA in Arkansas on the license he was hired as a Dentist in Tomah. The VA helped hide his location at Tomah.


        Also note the VA even took the step of listing him as employed at the VAMC in Arkansas.


      2. I did see that. If all of the information is tied to the one QUACK dentist, then the VAs credentialing and background checking process is completely broken.
        I would like to hear your thoughts on those links to see what I may have missed.

  16. Ben now we are or seem to be on the same page about Judicial Watch and other things but here’s my idea to

    any and all Veterans: we need someone to start a 24 hour Veterans news type of agency where Vets could tell

    their true life Military stories live on streaming “adult language” rated video with the power to cut off

    any emotional or belligerent Vet who should understand to just stick with the facts of their story where they

    could choose to talk for 1, 3 or 5 minutes only.

    1. Novel idea Genius. How would it get funding?

      I tried to help a group do exactly that based in Chicago called VSPAN or VSPANN, something like that. It did not work out. Those operations take a lot of funding and support staff to work. We also tried something like that with VA Is Lying on Facebook. It really did not take off.

      So, I am working on these kinds of projects solo, but without a massive budget and staff, it takes a long time to get off the ground.

      1. Ben,

        Regarding what you have mentioned on VA doctors listings. Send me the specs on what you are looking for and I will set up a demo website for you.


      2. It gets funded by taking several of your state legislators to a nice four course lunch at the golf club one at a time. It gets funded by buying their beer for them (and encouraging their drinking of it) and making sure you slice the golf ball far worse than they do, and when they are drunk and lose their balls out on the golf course – you find them new balls and remember what they talk about…laugh loudly and comment on the really naughty stuff.

        Then, after they are drunk, stuffed with salmon and steak, and have told you all the really cool things drunk congressman tell you on the golf course, you tell them the state needs to fund staff to assist veterans in this matter.

        By that time they owe you a favor, and at that moment stop smiling and connect your left eye to their left eye and say nothing. He will begin talking. Say nothing. They will talk more and begin to get uncomfortable. Let the moment linger then smile a little.

        Then say, “I look forward to seeing a bill passed to fund a veteran help line.” Do not blink. Grasp their hand firmly and shake it. It will damp and gross, then turn your back to them and walk away.

        That is precisely one way to get funding. I was once the flight instructor for advanced aerobatics for a woman who made her living as a lobbyist, and I have lobbied extensively for my former employer regarding aviation. My lady student was very wealthy and this is how she did it. Companies paid her to get bills passed and they did pass.

        Sometimes you have to stroke the tiger to make it purr.

      3. Those ideas are great and as far as funding, this is the exact type of projects that the existing dinosaur VSO Groups *should have* been doing instead of tight bedfellows with the VA.
        Just -1- salary of -1- individual VSO could easily fund something like this but they have the cookie jar so far up their colons they will not do such things that actually help someone other than themselves.

        That really cool Frisky Temptations Christmas commercial where all the cats react simultaneously in that decorated room when the treat bag is shaken; that’s the way VSO’s react to the Veteran Cookie Jar lid clank.
        Lots of vermin in that swamp.

        Rant Out.

  17. To the author of article,,”Ben,” unless there is a Tomah Virginia,,,i believe the Tomah there referring to is Tomah Veterans Adminstration,,,,in Wisconsin,,,just fyi,,,maryw

  18. Criminals, Don’t or know that if they tell the truth, that means a guilty verdict if they spill the beans. The VA is getting desperate and will do everything they can not to provide stats because they know it not good. And yes any employee denying to provide requested information as required should be grounds for termination.

    Lie, Lie Die they just don’t care and will continue not to care who they hurt as long as they have a job and a yearly Bonus

  19. 12/08/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    I cannot wait to read what Dennis Wagner has in store for me at the Arizona Republic/USA Today/Karl Icahn’s “newspaper”—about how all the Tax dollars pumped into the Arizona VA Hospitals resulted in a 1 rating, after three (3) years of Congressional Hearings, Senate Hearings, Presidential Speeches, Massive amounts of news coverage, Charities and Veterans Organization Protesting, Individual protests, and even some Suppliers Protesting.

    What is going on in the “Best Managed City in America?”

    500,000 Veterans waiting for service
    ½ are for little/non urgent needs [that is what the VA is saying].

    As Hundreds die from Wanton Negligence all around America everyday—USA Today reports on “Star Ratings that have been suppressed”—without releasing the ratings of each hospital [except 3] it is still a bullshit piece of Journalism.

    This is again mis-directions and it this has done on purpose.

    The Report looks pretty good on the surface—about Denver

    Timeliness Data?
    First time this writer has seen this in three years.

    Table 4 tells us that these events/waitlist scandal were extremely bad in 2012 and 2013 not May of 2014—-this is a major disclosure here, page 38 of the Denver Report 09/21/2016.

    So it took two (2) years for Congress/Management to acknowledge the problem and to release it to the American Public—unacceptable!

    Now it is 6 years and we are still getting mis-direction from our “media.”

    Christmas is just around the corner—-the gifts will be coming.

    You can bet that there is going to be a Christmas surprise.


    Don Karg
    Told Mathew Kittle to get a hold of you—he had a good article on Tomah Wisconsin yesterday

  20. Here’s an interesting article out today, 8 Dec. 2016, from; “The Horn News”, titled;

    “Revealed! Leftists plotting Army-Navy game attack”

    Seems around 1,000 left-wing radical butthurt Liberals, who don’t agree with the election results, are going to disrupt the “117th face-off” football game.
    This article explains “HOW” they plan to pull it off.
    This isn’t the first time this “radical group” has disrupted a game.
    I don’t believe they’ll be too successful this Saturday, though. Because, many veterans, both active and retired, attend. I believe this time, they might want to stay home.
    There’s going to be some hell to pay, if these butthurt asswipes try anything stupid!!!!!!!!

    1. @crazy elf- All those butthurt snowflakes will do is sit down for the National Anthem and burn a few flags, so I have an idea in which we should have drones drop salvos of sepsis bacterial infected maggots on the maggots sitting on the ground or burning flags and if I am correct, a great majority of them are vegan so they will naturally eat those maggots. Set and forget. Shamwow!

      1. namnibor, go to the “Horn” news article. There’s a video showing how disruptive these little nutty snowflakes can truly be. Plus, what if BLM decides to be a part of it!? We all know just how nutty those pussies are!
        They’re wanting to “shut down” the game. A 1,000 pussies ain’t many compared to the thousands who’ll be attending. Yet, that many little asswipes can/may cause a problem. In the article, it’s explained how they want to get past the “gate law enforcement”!
        Let’s hope the local law enforcement agencies are equipped to handle the situation before it gets out of hand.

  21. As Namnibor points out the trust level of any Sanitized fecal matter coming out of the VA should be rated at Zero on a one-to-five-star rating system.

    Given this presentation is from one of the same news networks that brought us the WMDs in Iraq and Trump can never win messages. The article sadly lacks any creditability especially when it fails to list how the facilities were awarded their stars or lack thereof. Given this unqualified unsupported internal document is being leaked by none other than David Shulkin, undersecretary of Health for the Department of Veterans Affairs. As Ben states in his article “This past year, VA has been called out for failing to publish health care quality data required by law.”.

    So instead they act as though public pressure is forcing them to release this bogus set of stats put out by the VA.

    Personally, I think that any information that is released by the Veterans Administration hold the same value of as the fecal matter removed via Colonic Irrigation at Abundant Health, 1278 Indiana St Unit 200, San Francisco, CA 94107; phone (415) 573-6579. Dr. Thomas Lee Schiller’s business out in California.

    The office he maintains to keep his Doctors license in California. Here on this site he is better known as the subject of Ben’s article “VA Dentist ‘Purposeful’ Acts Put 592 Vets At Risk For HIV, Hepatitis”, or DDS Thomas Lee Schiller. Also, known as Dr. Thomas David Schiller at VAMC Fayetteville in Arkansas, and at VAMC Muskogee in Oklahoma.

    He is just one of those putrefied pieces of fecal matter that has been clinging to the insides of the VA for many years.

    For any attorney who is currently looking for his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow contact:

    CPA Frank R. Peck
    Republic Bank
    401 W. MAIN SUITE 400
    NORMAN   OK   73069

    1. Oh and for the record, all of Schiller’s licenses are based on his providing false information to obtain them.

      1. @Seymore,
        Didn’t Schiller quit a few days ago, to keep from being prosecuted?
        Do you think he’ll transfer to another VHA? If so, how will we know where (until it’s too late)?
        Since Schiller provided false information, can’t he be held accountable in those states?

      2. Not sure Elf, But I do know that his license in Arizona near the VAMC Phoenix states that providing false information is a felony and can result in a prison term of 30 years. Not sure of how many years he could get for providing the false information in Utah but I am sure it is similar.






        There are more but not all will be able to link.

      3. Elf as for his pooping back up in the VA whack a mole system of no-accountability it seems very likely based on his recent history.

        Using the Wayback Machine resource at the internet archives we can follow his tracks via his Oklahoma license that lead to him being at Tomah.

        1.) Schiller’s Oklahoma License that was updated July 26, 2013 shows Schiller maintaining an office located on the campus at St. Francis Hospital – Broken Arrow. It also shows that he has hospital privileges at several other locations and accepts a broad range of insurances. This is while he is also working at the VAMC Muskogee in Oklahoma.


        2.) An up date to his Oklahoma license on November 22, 2013 shows that Schiller lost privileges at all hospitals except the one where his office is located. It also shows that he lost his office on the campus of that hospital.


        3.) Then after he was hired by the VA as a Dentist in Tomah during October 2015 his Oklahoma License was updated on 11/2/2015 ” to what it is now. Stating that he is working for the VA but not at Tomah instead they show him working at
        Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks in Fayetteville AR

        Even thought he is listed as working at the VA in Arkansas on the license he was hired as a Dentist in Tomah. The VA helped hide his location at Tomah.


        Also note the VA even took the step of listing him as employed at the VAMC in Arkansas.



        I would like to point out that when Ben posted his article titled “VA Dentist ‘Purposeful’ Acts Put 592 Vets At Risk For HIV, Hepatitis” I checked the dental employees for Tomah and only two were listed and Shiller was not listed.

        Then after his name was posted by another poster I began looking into him and made a post in the comment section for Ben’s article and that he had a history with the VA. After I posted that the listing showing him employed at the VAMC in Arkansas was removed during the late night Friday or early morning Saturday.

        But after another post stating:

        “Also I will be posting the information I found on Thomas Schiller later today early evening. When I noticed the VA has been deleting more records of Thomas Schiller employment at other VAMCs after I posted the post above yours. They were busy even on a Saturday trying to hide the information.

        For the person that is deleting the records thank you. I did make Xps copies of all the records and will be emailing them to Ben and a number of friendly news outlets. When people get caught white washing things it really makes it look very bad for VA.”

        The posting for his employment at the VAMC in Arkansas was restored with in hours after that post.

        Also a bad review from DocSpot rating system about what happed to force the move of Schiller out of Oklahoma.

        The review was posted by Concerned Sister on 3/27/2015 It reads as follows:

        “This Doctor did an elective procedure on my sister called an ERCP. She walked in for the procedure in a hospital that he wasn’t affiliated with instead of the hospital he used. Sources say he scheduled the procedure at a hospital that didn’t know him because he did a procedure he shouldn’t have done. She ended up in the hospital for 39 days and fighting for her life still today. She is loosing her kidney and may have to have her pancreas removed. The place he is affiliated with has asked him to leave and now he works for the VA. If anybody can read this please think twice before having this doctor operate on you.”


    2. 🙂 🙂 Nice, Seymore Klearly. Nice. So that VA Dentist gets Vets coming and going at all ends. Nice. 🙂

      1. We know the guy had a hygiene problem with his tools but just the thought of where his fingers have been and then to go into someone’s mouth. Chilling.

        The only procedure that is offered at that place in San fran is Colonic Irrigation.

  22. To the VA Rat Bastards, a daily lyric befitting of their veiled transparency from Alan Parsons Project, “Eye In The Sky”: Words are a very powerful thing and the VA’s withholding of such makes me believe they think we can read their minds:

    “Eye In The Sky”

    “Don’t think sorry’s easily said
    Don’t try turning tables instead
    You’ve taken lots of chances before
    But I ain’t gonna give any more
    Don’t ask me
    That’s how it goes
    ‘Cause part of me knows what you’re thinking…
    Don’t say words you’re gonna regret
    Don’t let the fire rush to your head
    I’ve heard the accusation before
    And I ain’t gonna take any more
    Believe me
    The sun in your eyes
    Made some of the lies worth believing

    I am the eye in the sky
    Looking at you
    I can read your mind
    I am the maker of rules
    Dealing with fools
    I can cheat you blind
    And I don’t need to see any more
    To know that I can read your mind, I can read your mind

    Don’t leave false illusions behind
    Don’t cry ’cause I ain’t changing my mind
    So find another fool like before
    ‘Cause I ain’t gonna live anymore believing
    Some of the lies while all of the signs are deceiving

    [CHORUS] “

  23. Ben, a while back I told your blog here that the Wilmington VA is corrupt. The exposed the public and veterans to Legionella. Senator Carper, Coons and Carney knew all along about the issues there. Explicitly wait time issues and the OIG trying to get me prosecuted after I e,posed their nasty asses. Call Carpers office, I bet he shit his pants. I have plenty of documents that prove his office knew and that the Director flagged my Veteran record. A psychologist wrote in my record and never even saw him.I am sending some things to Judicial Watch and Fact hoping they would file an ethics complaint against the 3 bafoons of Delaware for misleading the public.

    1. @CorpsmanUp!
      On the VA website you can learn which state the doctors involved are licensed in. In each State there is a website that will allow you to file your comments and proof directly with EACH of the doctors involved, and with the boards of EACH licensed professional that was aware of the practice. VA cannot protect nor justify a medical professional ignoring the ethics upheld by their own licensing boards.

      Send clear proof. They will never respond to you directly. You will know you have gotten one of the buttt hurt cupcakes when you get another flag placed on your record, and be aware that you will be black listed and from then on appointments somehow just never work out at the last minute, but if you want to step up and grab the bull by the ass then go to Kinkos and make a packet of your proof and have them copy it into a copy for every single professional involved. I even sent my packet(s) to State Police and the press. The press gobbled it up and print it out publicly real pretty for all of the doctors neighbors to read.

      lolz – go get the rat bastards one rat at a time, just remember –
      a man that has grabbed onto a bull’s tail and hung onto it for any length of time knows at least two or three things more than the man who hasn’t…

  24. First I must say that health care in the US is one step above a witchdoctor no matter where obtained. We pay the most, and get substandard care. This is due to the assembly line process and greed. The system is set up to keep people sick and need care forever. I met a doctor who dropped out because she could not work under the premise of keeping sick.

    As concerns the VA. I go to the Hudson Valley system which has a rating of 5. I would give it a 3 at best. My previous GP there asked why I am coming there if I don’t take most of their recommendations. I said I took at least one, which was to supplement my vitamin D intake. Statins or low-dose aspirins for high cholesterol was not accepted by me as I did not believe in this cholesterol scam. Recent research shows the danger of statins/aspirin. I know too much about medicine to accept assembly line/one-sized fits all medicine as practiced in the US.

    The quality of the professional med personnel also is not good, and I always research what they tell me if I don’t already know what they are advising. I think it is important that all veterans research their condition so that they can not blindly accept anything the doctor says. Anyhow the VA credo is that the veteran participates in their medical conditions. I had a GP who did not or would not discuss supplements or diet. She said that she knew nothing about it. How disgraceful! I also had been to the Bronx VA several times regarding cataracts. I believe that these doctors have not yet received board certification and do not know what they are talking about. I had to repeat to one of the eye doctors several times that cataract surgery was contraindicated for me because of a long-standing eye problem until the doctor finally repeated this like it was her idea. Essentially, I believe the end result of doing the surgery would have been complete blindness. The VA optometrist keeps trying to frighten me into doing the surgery saying that it will only get worse so he won’t change my glasses prescription. This continues for years. I don’t know if a different prescription will help me.

    I also find the VA significantly delinquent in providing quality dental care, even for the rare veterans who qualifies for it. Also, emergency care is quite limited. If I had a heart attack it is probably best for me to drop dead. Since I also have medicare part A, the VA would not cover ambulance or emergency care. Again, this is doled out in extremely rare instances only if the veteran is below the poverty line. Dental and complete emergency care should be allowed at private hospitals. I live about 35 miles from the Montrose Hospital which is in my system. As a single person living along, I could not drag my dying body up there to receive substandard emergency care.

  25. Talk about repainting the allegory…

    I just heard on national news this morning them talking about this USA Today Report in Benjamin’s article and guess what? The NEW allegory is calling it, “The VA Wait List Scandal”….without…even mentioning along with that sentence, …”Where Veteran dies or will killed by said wait list scandal”.

    The bastards are removing the very Veterans affected from the allegory. Sanitizing scrubbers in place on the rear anterior of the VA Meat Grinder’s anal trumpet. Bastards. (two different news channels have done this) That is what the American Public consumes for news usually on large part…so the VA Public Relations is also very much part of this problem of clouded transparency.

  26. After 21 years of cover-up and lawsuit avoidance, I am just finding there may be medical debris left in my body tearing up my insides. No wonder I could not get an MRI for 21 years.

  27. Let me add that it’s my belief that the *only* VA Public Relations that should function at the VA should come DIRECTLY and PUBLICALLY from THE VA Secretary’s face and mouth….for transparency and accountability reasons, saving the taxpayers millions if not billions that the current VA Public Relations consumes to spin and serve the VA Steaming Poo, VASP.
    VA is most secretive agency by an award even, so I tend to view ANY released data from the VA with a mouthful of salt and a roll of toilet paper because it always has the effect of continued chronic diarrhea.

    1. @namnibor, maybe the VA would be a great recipient of the “Fickled Finger of Fate Award” and possibly “5 Pinocchio’s”! They definitely deserve it. All of those asswipes also deserve the “Sock It To Me Award”! Nixon received it. Why shouldn’t McDuck, Shulkin and Gibson get one each!
      As far as McDuck coming out and saying anything, that would be more of a “Fractured Fairy Tale”. If he were to speak, it would be lies. Just as Obama has been lying for eight years!
      Remember when Obama said he
      “…learned…” of Hillary’s ’email scandal’ the same time as everyone else!? Through the news medias! Big freaking lie. By our (alleged) Commander in Chief!
      “Drain the fuckin’ swamp” and toss them in prison!

      1. I have one “Fickled Finger of Fate” award displayed for the VA and it is centered on each hand as a middle finger. 🙂

  28. My ‘small VHA clinic’ wasn’t on the “U.S.A. Today” list. The closest one I go to, for “speciality” (eye clinic or others) is Orlando, FL.
    The report has it at a -2- for 2015, and a “*” for 2016!

    I can see, after reading the article, how “Shitty Shulkin” would not want this “VHA appraisal” being made public.
    I’ve always had the notion, -IF- something is kept in secret, it usually means it’s BAD NEWS!
    This ‘report’ is definitely bad news for VHA! No wonder it was kept from Congress and the people!
    Now that It’s out, what will Congress do about it? Reps. like Trey Gowdy and Chaffetz have said numerous times. There’s NOTHING they can do. Except maybe to hold McDuck, Shulkin and others “in contempt of Congress” for failing to follow the law!” What good will that do for veterans, spouses of veterans or anyone else at this point?
    As we’ve all said, “SHUT IT DOWN!”

    1. P.S.
      I read yesterday where the committees are in session. They are wanting
      “…answers on the Tomah VA…” over three issues. I put the “WisconsinWatchdog” article on yesterday. So everyone could see it.
      Because the Committees are questioning VA upper management, I wonder -WHEN- it will be on Utube!?
      Might be interesting to watch!?

    2. Speaking of eyesight, did you read Shulkins comments in the linked article? How he doesn’t care if a veteran gets eyeglasses, but he does care if a veteran who needs urgent care but doesn’t get it? He said the veteran not getting glasses is just poor customer service.
      What an attitude to have huh?

      So a veteran that might be blind without eyeglasses waiting weeks for new glasses is no big deal?
      It makes me wonder how many other things like that Shulkin thinks is no big deal, poor customer service if the veteran waits weeks.

  29. Well, I noticed the VA is not consistent in publishing the second quarter of 2016. Some a star rating is posted and some not, even when the first column has a 5 or whatever ‘star rating’.

    This type of internal rating is worthless coming from an agency that rewards these monsters with Performance Bonuses even when they contribute to killing Veterans or outright fraud. It’s the equiv. of the way things are today with Public School Systems and The No Child Left Behind Act where if a school district reports lower test score data it will affect their funding and as we found out with a MASSIVE scandal here in Columbus OH Franklin County School System over last few years, the school board members were falsifying test score data in order to continue on the money train while the graduating students have no idea that they are poorly prepared for college, so poorly prepared the colleges at Freshman level are having to dumb it down, meaning the snowball of disinformation continues to affect society at large by stupefying our nation because of basic human greed.
    As goes the VA with the major difference in that the VA chooses to redefine anything and everything that does not line-up with the allegory they wish to paint in that, “The VA is getting much better”, and our current President displayed this snowball of stupefying information when POTUS held his only Veteran Town Hall recently in all of his 8 years and he repeated Shulkin and Friend’s mantra that “The scandals have been cleaned-up at the VA” (paraphrased)…..again, repainting or redefining the dialogue….ALL LIES.

    As long as the VA is continued to be allowed to completely police itself all this will continue because of the Veteran Cookie Jar, not because they “care” about our safety. No, they only publically “care” when they get caught. This is not sustainable. Drain the freaking swamp and also get rid of VA Public Relations, which serves to serve the VA Steaming Poo (VASP) with a cherry on top after the VASP has been sanitized, just like these reports.
    Great article today, Benjamin. Stars or Trix are for kids, not rabbits.

    1. And my grandsons nearly dropped out of high school in spite of outstanding grades due to losing interest as teachers efforts were completely used up trying to get through to students that speak 30 some languages at home. Not saying all immigrants are bad, just some of them. But all contribute to having our education system at a near standstill in many areas, yes due to these foreigners. I grew up in silicon valley & loved it as a young person & I now as an adult moved my family to Texas due to the massive amounts of rude, in your face, disrespectful, most wanting to change the USA into what they moved away from. And now I am starting to see the same thing in certain areas of Texas. Just look at Houston. Some classes in the school system speak 30 some languages at home. Our children are not benefiting from taxpayer money spent in our school system as they should. Why do we born & raised citizens put up with it. I myself had a forefather fight with George Washington & it does not mean crap other than possibly an asterisk to make a footnote sometime !!!

    1. I have severe PTSD as a result of military service, but it comes with symetrical axonal sensorimotor polynueropathy with severe restless leg syndrome.

      This means that I wake up from nightmares a lot, but the “severe restless leg” syndrome (not recognzed by my VA doc but diagnosed by the top nuerosurgeon in Oregon) is the one that keeps me awake, especially around 2am. In the 1600s doctors (other than VA docs today) formaly recognized RLS but named it “Nightwalker Syndrome”. In my case the severity is rare insofar as a “severe” case is one that presents three times a week at least. My symptoms, untreated, do not relent.

      Without treatment, when I attempted to sit still for more than about 3 minutes, shooting stabbing, crawling pain would begin to shoot up my legs and grow in intensity making me jump and twitch. The only relief without medicine is to begin walking. Before treatment I walked endlessly and my i
      pad GPS noted between 15 and 25 miles per day before I got proper treatment outside VA.

      Insomnia is a bit different. RLS coupled with neuropathy is extraordinarily painful. The Nightwalker Society members unanimously select morphine to try to curb it. The VA had me on 180 mg per day morphine, and 40 mg per day hydrocodone until I got flagged by DBC.

      The real blessing of being flagged was it forced me off morphine which would never have happened by own choice. Fate stepped in and at extactly the same time as the VA terminated pain management; Oregon passed better marijuanna laws that allowed me to obtain nearly pure THC extracts from marijuanna, versus smoking dried leaf. I learned to refine the extract further to remove respiratory irritants and use a vaporizor several times a day. I now live a good life and get housework done and take walks (on crutches) every day. THC does not numb the pain per se, but really kind of makes it just not matter for awhile. Severe PTSD symptoms are also now managed with it and do a MUCH better job than the pharmacy drugs the VA prescribed. It is a horrifically expensive drug to obtain/refine to the purity necessary but I do not want to live again a life where I attempt to sleep with one eye open while I am walking – at that point of fatigue death seems a better option.

      On VA morphine, I lived fat, dumb, and happy on my couch while my dogs shit on the carpet and life slipped away. Purified THC extract allows me comfort but without becoming couch locked for life, and my floors are spottless now. I laugh again and started writing again. I lived despite VA treatment.

      1. Ditto- Added to all the other chronic health crap and PTSD, since I no longer am on massive pain management and even the medical system in private sector has chased me away from Psych care because like the VA, they have ripped meds out from under that substantially helped since 1995, because of prescription drug abuse amongst the IV drug abusers, instead of dealing with the problem directly it’s so much easier to remove patients from meds that stabilized to a degree, wanting to continue throwing darts for big pharma at our expense….I said no more.
        That’s when the pain from my polyneuropathy and severe leg cramps crept in and torture me daily. Medical cannabis indeed works wonders and my state has 2 years to get it up and running but it’s going to be the more restrictive in the nation so if this is a crappy set-up I am moving to another state in two years so I can at least live with some sort of quality of life.

      2. namnibor,

        The huge problem with “medical marijuanna” is that for severe conditions dosage is very hard to increase just by smoking more. In particular, an organic compound known as “pinene” is present in high qty in marijuanna and extract. It is the ingredient in turpentine and smells like pine trees.

        I remove the pinene from extracts of marijuanna through a process I have documented extensively in video and posted on Vimeo site. Without this kind of refinement it was simply impossible to dose strongly enough for the symptoms. The most potent extracts in Oregon medical/recreational dispensaries now test around 70-82% THC.

        As extremely potent as that is, it still means that 20% is “something else”. My data and extensive lab testing at home shows at least 12% of extracts are alpha-pinene. Look up the MSDS on Alpha-Pinene and you will see why I needed to remove it. Extracts are not burned, they are “vaporized” into an aerosol and inhaled – no flame involved. Without burning the extracts to inhale them, the volitile organic compounds (VOCs) like pinene get inhaled right along with the thc. result = hack, cough, choke, hack, hack, cough, et al. lolz. Pure THC tastes slightly sweet and a chalky kind of flavor and inhales velvet smooth. Relief from this is delayed about 6 minutes and there is NO perception of any kind of high with pure until after that.

        Smoking a joint combusts the pinene which is why even really “skunky” marijuanna can be smoked – most of the mildly-toxic pinene gets burned away. THC does not burn. It boils and evaporates. The “rush” you get from inhaling really stinky marijuanna is the same rush felt from huffing glue (ethyl acetate as a solvent in glue). The rush is from the VOCs you burn and inhale and the burning sensation in the throat is only from the VOCs. Not THC.

        When I informed VHA accurately the dosages of THC I was inhaling along with precise dosing measurments by weight, and precise timings of dosage frequency, the response by my psychiatrist at the time was to enter a brand new diagnosis – THC addiction. Oregon has recognized the effecacy of marijuanna for PTSD by waiving all but $20 of the fee for the medical card ($200 normal fee).I asked my VA shrink why is that now a diagnosis when it is prescribed by a physician in Oregon, yet “morphine addiction” is not diagnosed when the VA was prescribing life shortening doses of opiates for a very long time?

        In short I asked him why the VA put THC use on my “Problem List” when medical science and my own experience show it to be a “SOLUTION” instead?

        The shrink thought about it for a moment and said, “Good point.”

        The only two words I ever heard from the mouth of a VA doctor that made sense; the VA can only see problems when presented with a solution – and then they try to treat the “solution”. The VA is incapable of sanity, and has diagnosed me with a “disease” that my non VA doctors call Treatment”.

    2. I do. Nightmared / hard dreams…not to bad though I got 415 hours last night…kinda sucks but kinda used to it

  30. If a va outpatient mental health psychiatrist manipulates a system where the most severely mentally disabled cannot use the system (identified by stop code/cpt code) can that doctor be held accountable if the data proves negligence because there was no continuity of care. (No visits to monitor wellness and refill meds)?

    1. If you personally know of such a deed, then I would suggest that the duty falls to you to report this and document it. Brother, we cannot wait for others to help. I believe all vets; man and woman, wounded or well, black, white, or green, are part of our own brotherhood, one in which OUR own oath leads to bloodshed – our own, or our enemies. The oath of a warrior is not as easily tossed aside as the oath I hear tell of taken by VA folks. The oath of a warrior is one of life and death. The oath of a Marine is “Death Before Dishonor”.

      No man or woman is responsible for another, but a brother or sister wounded in ANY foxhole just does NOT get left behind without dishonoring the warriors oath. If that foxhole is a hospital bed or a disease that takes the mind it makes no difference. We can’t save each other but we can vow that our vet brothers do not get left behind anywhere they have need.

      Maybe the question you are asking isn’t what you want to know? Do you really want to know if it is a betrayal of a friendship or co-workers to rat them out for doing wrong? Is it a betrayal of the union brotherhood to turn them over to authorities?

      I would present such a hypothetical question this way; “To which brotherhood do you owe your allegiance?” If there are indeed two “correct” but opposite choices in America then maybe you have stumbled onto one. Do you betray an oath of secrecy and your allegiance to a labor union, or do you betray a veteran and leave him behind?

      Tough choice. You might have knowledge of codes and procedures that when misused leave vets behind. Your simple question betrays unique knowledge and you could indeed be the one person who helps drain this swamp more than others.

      Let me suggest that leaving behind co-workers and union brotherhood by bettraying that brotherhood to authorities will result in hate and resentment. They will retaliate against the “traitor scab” and you will be labelled a “scab”. On the flip side, leaving behind a brother vet leaves behind you hopelessness and despair and I am not sure what the label is for that? VA might give that vet 2 stars.

      Make a choice and live with it. If you know these codes then you know how to gather information that can help either of the two brotherhoods. One wins. One loses.

      1. @ Dennis, i reported it because it cost Veterans lives. Could not, not do it. You have some idea how deep this is because of your bad experiences. I am a Veteran too and could not be a part of what occurs in some clinics. You do the right things and are harassed, threatened and hated beyond belief. It didn’t make much of any difference, they just transfer so they can continue on. The number of individuals it takes to pull off the waitlists is not a few but many and they are protected. Told vaoig, mcm directors, chiefs, showed evidence, they still came after me. Truth did not matter or how much damage their actions did to others. They are determine to stay on their courses of actions. The quagmire and stench is real. The same stories i read, i have heard many times and from different areas in this nation. They are a valid. I haven’t given up, i have wanted to. You guys give me some hope and if i can help anyone of you i will. I have tried to approach this problem from many angles, it still remains.

    1. I suppose a congressman takes an oath, but the real difference is that even a Congressman would not attempt to classify maggots in a festering wound as either “sterile” or “unsterile”.

      They would call them “unborn flies”.

      1. Dennis- But first, the VA would have to consult The Rand Corp. to be told that we cannot come to a determination nor recommendation because Watson cannot tell us which came first, the maggot or the fly.

  31. To all VHA employees;

    We have revised the star rating system so as to make it more unitorm across VHA facilities.

    We will assign stars on an individual basis then collate the results for transparent use for mostly internal VHA (AFGE) employees only. Please feel free to release 5 star data when you find some;

    The star rating is based on simple observable criteria;

    5 Star = patient walked in to office. Patient is breathing. Patient left visit in substantially the same way. Patients verbalizing by screaming and running at unsafe speeds should be reported to DBC immediately.

    4 Star = Patient walked in sick. Patient complained about 3 hour wait in lobby. Patient is assigned Cat One Violent and Disruptive Flag. Patient still sick but now infected with Hep B, HIV, MRSA, or NSU but still breaths as they are assisted by federal law enforcement out the front door. Maggots festering in wounds are allowed if determined they are sterile maggots.

    3 Star = Patients condition has worsened since arriving at VHA. VHA medical care passerbys notice the suicide next to the ER is horribly unsanitary. Medical staff often pauses to contemplate patient, showing CARE. Maggots are unsterile. The VA hot body SWAT team arrives too late to salvage kidneys.

    2 Star = Same catagory as 3 star, but before entering building patient was not suicidal, and medical staff was seen dumping the body outside ER door because patient was deemed unsuitable for kidney transplant study.

    1 Star = Same criteria as five star, but patient does not walk out and instead liquifies in the morgue, violating VHA policies on becoming morbidly gross. Even the maggots throw up. Cause for visit – flu shot. Mixtures of sterile vs. unsterile maggots are noted.

    This criteria may be modified as the needs of the facility change as determined by AFGE staff. This information will be made available except to non VA personel. This model will continue in place as part of the C.A.R.E. model of VA health care, and will replace the model implemented by the C.A.U.G.H.T. policies imposed by Congress.

    1. Stars are subtracted if patients worsened condition causes a PR problem, but can be restored if that condition and PR headache is successfully covered up. Stars restored are doubled if the cover-up resulted in cost savings to be used for bonuses.

    1. In order for an oath to hole sway over an individual the individual must posess a sense of honor and personal accountability. This is why VA oaths mean nothing.

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