SQUARE DEAL: VA Approves ADL for Children with Spina Bifida

Honey Sue Newby


New Harmony, Indiana: In a recent reversal, VA’s CHAMPVA has approved coverage for ADLs of children born with spina bifida who are housebound.

To get coverage, the condition must be linked to a parent’s Agent Orange exposure.

ADL means Activity of Daily Living. Things covered under this benefit is the furnishing of a health care professional to help the child with activities like bathing and getting dressed.

Until now, this kind of care was previously reserved only for qualifying service members. “They fought like hell for years on this, but the regulations clearly allowed this kind of care” said veteran Ron Nesler. “Our fight is finally over. We pushed to get care for our daughter Honey Sue for over 10 years.” He continued, “Finally, we can rest easy. She will be cared for now that we are too old to do it.”

Ron, and his wife Sue, have been caring for their daughter, Honey Sue. Honey Sue is a child born with spina bifida that was linked to her biological father’s 40 months of tours in Vietnam.

Honey Sue has been at the center of at least three Congressional hearings about VA care. Most currently, Vietnam Veterans of America discussed her situation.

There, policy expert Rick Weidman plead with the Senate to provide long term care for children like Honey Sue. The problem he cited was that the parents of these children are now too old to provide adequate care without harming their own health.

For years, VA has refused to pay for care that handles Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for certain groups of recipients. This group includes children diagnosed with spina bifida where VA has attributed the disease to the parent’s exposure to Agent Orange.

Just last week, VA made the internal policy decision to cover ADL’s after over a decade of denials. Now, at least this group of victims of our Vietnam War policies will receive the long-term care they need to survive.

When asked about the impact, Ron said, “It has been a long road, but I’d do it again. Not only will Honey Sue be cared, but so will the other 900 children with this condition.”

By being vocal about the struggle, Honey Sue’s case caught national attention and raised awareness across the veteran communities.

On that, Ron stated, “That’s what it means to be a soldier, you leave no one behind. As a veteran, you make sure every last veteran and family member gets the care we were promised.”

As a result of his persistence, all children with this affliction will get their square deal. Great job Ron and family!

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  1. Yes the finer points or those sneaky VA rules, rules made by the Medial Licensing boards of all the so-called professionals, the many so-called civilian clinics, staff, and offices, etc., are the other issues. IE Will the doctors accept what the VA is willing to pay? Will they accept those cards we were given? No.

    How about military folks who have brothers and sisters, whomever, that have inherited family responsibilities of taking care of those in their family like sisters and brothers who are denied and not accepted as part of the family just because after the deaths of the parents, the affected family members stricken then moved in, cared for, by others in the nuclear family unit doesn’t count. With the many issues besides SB, or with issues concerning the ever secretive, not allowed to be mentioned in groups or public, and dismissed health issues and such from DU shells and radiation!

    The VA forces us to endure what they claim are one of the various labels of sexes, They tell us how much pain we are in, to how we feel everyday or need in our affairs of health, If it isn’t VA endorsed like most things that are totally accepted by the opposite.. “Civilian Care” and “Allowed Treatments” to the VA having their very own pharmacological list that is far different and cheaper than we can get through our Civilian MDs.

    Oh and by the way since like the VA clinics and hospitals are full of liberals and Dem-communist, and the town, area I live in is full and totally censored and controlled by the same, and of course like the VA hospitals being surrounded by those loving fascist left winger colleges. And surrounded by those inept, trendy, liberal fascist, the SJWs, the Femi-Nazis and other special interest groups and lefty unions are worse than claiming all that is wrong with the VA and their liberal left fascist licensing boards and associations all allowing us to be Guinea Pigs in this system is all the fault of the other evils of the Republican Party.

    You go to stand up for your rights, over abuse, threats, neglect, Caucasian hatred, it’s the LIBTARD FASCISTS AND CORRUPT WE HAVE TO FIGHT WITH. Not just one or one lefty hospital team but with ALL them. They are no different than the haters, fascist, militants, and lying thugs we deal with anywhere else in our lives or in the streets. The VA and all concerned as just as bad or worse than any murdering thug, liar, corrupt politicians or media covering up liars you’ll ever meet. Piss off just one Marx-Feminist liberal type and you’ll have the entire state and VA against you.

    Never happened to you the readier? Just wait till it does. Or then again most people love being door-mats for others, and afraid to ask questions, or stand by while others get trashed and abused while fearing to get involved. Sit closer when you sign in to your clinics or take notice how many are allowed in before you sitting there for hours while a “Bro” or Cuz whose appointment is hours after your sign in time. So your app at eight turns into getting in at the times like 11am or 1 pm. Your time due to special interests and social movements and the libtards has moved up to appease the real haters and problematic types at all the VA systems and clinics.

    Politics, special interest groups. communist far left news papers should not be allowed in our faces at any damn VA big city hopital or clinic. But then again I’m just an old white man that’s not supposed to have a voice, just play door-mat. While other so-called younger white bragging cocky vets thinks all our issues and problems from the lefties are funny. Like the NUVO news and other crap should also, like telling us how to vote for better shitty health care should be as “Not allowed” as my freedom of speech is. And i haven’t taken religion or politics into our about the VA and scum filled Femi-Nazi clinics until a few years ago when the Fems, Marxist, commies, libtards started it all and openly, plus telling me how to vote or what to say or ask.

    Vote Democrat-Communist? Who in their right minds still vote the two party system anyway? Party lines and phony planks instead of voting for the people and best for our rights and country. Instead of what serves the corrupt and special interest groups, etc. Heard this crap at least fifty times in the past few years and in more than one clinic or orientations meetings. Funny. then the FACIST PIGS AT THE VA TELLS US “YOU MUST SIGN ZEE PAPERS OLD MAN OR WE CAN RUING YOUR HEALTH CARE, AND WE CONTROL EVERYTHING IN THE STATE ALONG WITH OUR BIG CITY IU Med center (of lousy teaching) controls the state and you’ll “never find a physician to treat you instead of the VA.”

    Have fun and blessing in 2016. We are going to need all the blessings and truth we can pack and take.

    I think I’m gonna write a couple of books. One… How the Holy Spirit came into and changed my life, atheist to believer. AND The Socialist/FAscist/Communist thugs and Beaurocrats and special interest groups and bottom of the barrels wrokers and totally burned out incompetence and training at the VA, clinics, Humana trained tryants and other trash not fit to treat human beings. A real life suckered in by VA lies, And the media and two party systems that help corrupt, create, support, defend, and promote them all. I’ll work on those labels.

  2. We have a problem, Houston. Our family physician whose signature is necessary for the VA to release this care for Honey Sue is blocking the care by refusing to sign the VA treatment plan. The doc, Dr Karen Brake agrees that the care is needed, but she objects to the VA providing it on the taxpayer’s tab. She says that it is the responsibility of relatives of the 42 year old Honey Sue to foot the bill, not of the taxpayers. This is absolutely BIZARRE, but what I am conveying is factual. After all of this time, we are shot down by a Tea Party doc. If you wanted to comment to her, her PH# is 812 485 7752 and her FAX # is 812 485 7753. Her name is Dr Karen Brake in Evansville, Indiana. She refuses to even discuss the matter with our family, the VA or the provider that is intended to provide the care. Dr Brake is part of St Mary’s Physician network and their Email address for comments is [email protected]

    Honey Sue and her family will appreciate any support.

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