Rumor has it Military Reprisal is Rampant Reprisal Library has planned to become a library for veterans to fight military reprisal. It is time to fight back, and knowledge is power in this arena.

I am passionate about exposing the strongholds of those who capitalize on reprisal. Here is why. Reprisal erodes our military’s strength and only serves the bullies who do it. I am an American who plans on staying in this country, unlike many of our wealthy counterparts, and I want it to be as strong for my children as it was for my grandparents.

Nothing guarantees a country’s strength more than its education and its military. At the core of a strong military is a strong protection for whistleblowers that prevent frauds and crimes of all kinds. By failing to protect whistleblowers, we fail to keep our country safe.

Moving forward, I will start creating a library for veterans and military servicemembers to help them fight back. We will put it into our Online Veterans Resource Center, which should be launched in the next couple months.

But, my friends, time is money. There are time limits regarding when a person can file to have their record cleared by the military. Depending on the circumstances, it can be around 3 years from the decision, depending on the situation. This time limit can be extended if it is in the interests of justice. But when it comes to military reprisal, time is of the essence.

Let me know what kinds of questions you have and what information you would like me to include. While you are waiting, I will post the relevant regulations and guidance for this purpose.

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  1. My question, what does,one consider “Patriotism” when people,who have violated ethics,laws and just the moral codes? Understanding that,we had a code to follow, and I did,,yet civilians in the VA get advanced working against the ethical standards and privacy act? Tell me, where is the justice in that? I feel ashamed at this country’s behavior to feed the top half big bucks, and the Veteran’s basically penny’s per person as many more will return with issues.
    Telling females, okay you can speak, I didn’t quickly go jump into the well. It was a,matter of 3 issues,that opened a locked door. Yes, years I had dreams, twice a year serious depression, it,wasn’t till the door flung open from an 18 year old perspectives of how screwed up my life had been looking back. Each time I hear the words ;thank you for your service,” I want to say why, because,I was beaten up, life threatened, thought I was safe in ny barracks room but wasn’t? So are you thanking me for how this screwed with my head and I had no clue? One person asked me, “did you asks for counseling? How about did,they offer it? What I got,instead,was do you wish to stay in the Navy? After the first incident. Yes! I had a dream and goals,but a shattered mirror after the MST,issue. At 18, your brain is,not fully developed, cognitive skills do not exists,completely yet, so, don’t thank me for my service,,it only brings forth my horrible memories, even though I had some good times,you fake it and you fool yourself to a reality so you can stuff it all away, until events,propel that door to unlocj itself. I am TOTALLY ASHAMED BY THE VA AND,THIS PRESIDENT I SUPPORTED. GIVE,ME A JESSE,VENTURA, A,LIST WILL BE FLOATING AROUND TO TERM LIMITS FOR THE HOUSE AND CONGRESS. THANK YOU TRUMAN WHO SAW INTO THE FUTURE OF OUR MADDNESS. AND AS MANY GIVE UP ON THIS COUBTRY AND MOVE TO OTHERS, EASY TO SEE WHY :-),

  2. My grandfather came to this country as a young teen from It+ nd worked to start saving for his dream to marry my very beautiful grandmother who refused many. WWI gave him the chance to also gain a citizenship status, so he fought for this country. He went back to Italy, had to pay her corrupt priest of a brother, and she told him only if he would bring her to America. He did, and their names as well as the ship is forever at Ellis Island. My cousin and I joked, “thank God no one got his nose! What does that have to do with patriotism? Everything. Pretty much every male has served, and I was a female who served, the first. But what a price I have paid for doing so! PTSD ANYONE? How about MST 2 counts as well? Also males who didn’t think women didn’t belong? My back injury my being assaulted, my episode of crying and saying I just needed to cry because after being beaten up, life threatened, and asked as an E-2, @ 18, do you wish to stay in sent a message of the first “don’t ask and don’t tell” message. Hey, I dealt with my back pain, and it was noted on my discharge exam as well as DAV. Just so you understand that means file a claim. But me? I toughed it out, I had children, married an abuser, which is more common after the events I had, and I even joined the reserves, which by the way, had a copy of my regular Navy medical records. Now, you ask me if I think Snowden is a hero or does he commit a treasonous act? Well, does our,government is not doing the same when they “sanitize a person’s medical and personnel records?”
    Who here thinks which is the
    biggest in committing a crime? The
    government who by the bastardized
    never should have been a president
    according to the XII AMENDMENT?
    that,clearly states the law? Just check the facts on that idiot W. Bush and his buddy Cheney. Does no one even know the Constitution anymore? Sorry, Snowden is a Hero, he did tell us,what we knew and it is fair to say, the facts speak for themselves when those involved with Iraq to keep the peace and Iraq willing to do anything we asked. Yet, research again needs to be done on this one when the not so Patriotic “Patriot Act” arrested the woman who was ordered to help, gets jailed in Texas of course under the Patriot Act and she was,on our team. When a government deceives the people, just fyi the third building that went down no plane hit it, it was a planned act, you need to start questioning everything you think you know and everything you’ve been told to fear as they so told you on tv, did you forget? Hey, I lost a firefighter cousin, his dad also one survived, yet his son who just got off duty went back to help. Look up Joseph Maffeo, check out the statue, a,medical wing in his honor. But, a government who should never been trusted, by another Bush who was devious and a well thought out sociopath, left many dead, left a country into a depression, and leave it to ignorance of those who don’t understand how the process works in this country. Sorry, I have educated myself. My partner is sick of a government that wants to please the rich and be damned the poor. Cheney, who needs to give his heart to a person who deserves it, came out today and had the balls to critize Obama for cutting the defense budget and not cutting the SNAP program, food stamps for those not in the know, what? Better to starve some of those vets working low,paying jobs and not eat? Best he finds a place to go with his family, because it won’t take
    much to “stand your ground” and get rid of the whole polluted mindset like that! Just fyi, I worked as a civilian in ICU, so I know all about donors who give and how we literally have to stay with someone who is brain dead and keep a body going till a transplant team arrives. I bet all I have that some young person could have been a perfect
    match, but hey, they weren’t Dickless Cheney! Yes, Dickless I will call him, because one, I know his wasn’t working for a long time so how does he gain one? By money, which his company managed to get the contracts in Iraq. And if you believe he didn’t profit, brain transplants no can do. But as my “SOA” states, “GOOGLE IT!” I am sorry that a WWII veteran cannot seem to see the forrest through the trees, but life in this country has evolved with deviant behaviors to be the acceptable norm, not notice how if you belong to one party, your labeled, as,the media is so controlled on many levels. Trust me, I mean no disrespect, my grandfather served in WWII on my mom’s side, and my cracker jacks are next to his in my closet. The America that cared about veteran’s doesn’t care. A fact, records do get sanitized by our government, and I know this how? Just like I know exactly the facts regarding planes would fly into buildings because
    those in the know were told. If you wish to speak to a highly decorated, held a record for a long time, he would tell you the shit his wife has gone through at a VA HOSPITAL for treatment. Yes, I admit I lost my temper when I said holy fucking shit the games you people play and change the damn plan each time I come in is really pissing me off now because I tell you I have an issue with my back, and you can’t do your damn jobs, no, it was left to me to do that! Sorry for my cursing, but I had to hear this doctor’s “feelings” and,in my head I thought hey, am I now your shrink? So, I told him my feelings. That I came here for my back. Clue, any time a new patient is seen for a specific reason a,patient history is the FIRST THING YOU DO! So, you failed now get the hell out and be a doctor to rocks in someplace that,those you may harm cannot hunt you down, and fyi, you are not medical doctor material! I went in the hall, called my congressman, but today I also sent an email to the president, then called and told the girl you make sure he gets it, because who knows who will be harmed besides people like me, and let me tell you, there are a lot of pissed off veterans across this country! GAME ON YOU DOCTORS AND NURSES WHO ARE RUDE, WHO CANNOT DO THEIR JOBS, WHO SEND MEDICATIONS IN THE MAIL YET FAIL TO TELL A PATIENT YOU ARE DOING SO, AND YOU GET THIS STUFF TWO WEEKS LATER AND GUESS WHAT, YOU CAN’T TAKE ONE, THE OTHER IS FOR SOFT TISSUE AND MUSCLE INJURIES! AND WHEN I TOLD THIS RUDE NURSE WHO KEEPS ASKING ME WHY ARE YOU BACK HERE AGAIN, I REALLY WISH TO SAY SO I CAN TAKE MORE OF THE VERBAL ABUSE YOU ALL WISH TO DISH OUT MORON! AGAIN, SHE TOLD ME TO DESTROY THE MEDS MAILED, SHE ALSO TOLD ME I PICKED THEM UP, LIE, NO DEAR, MAIL OKAY? AND AGAIN, WE WANT TO GIVE YOU A HEATING PAD, NICE, GOT SEVERAL, DON’T NEED MORE. WE WANT TO GIVE YOU MORE OF THAT GEL, SAID NOPE, STILL HAVE THE TUBE I GOT MAILED TO ME, MS.RN, AND IT WON’T WORK ON THE NERVE CENTER IN MY SPINAL COLUMN THAT SENDS THE SIGNALS TO MY BRAIN AND FEELS LIKE AN EXPLOSION THAT GOES OFF IN MY HEAD BECAUSE IF YOU USED YOUR EARS TO HEAR, THERE IS A PROBLEM IN MY SPINE! THEN SHE TOLD ME THAT DOCTORS DON’T DESTROY RECORDS AFTER SEVEN YEARS .I ASKED HER, DO YOU KNOW ANY LAWS DEAR OR DO YOU NEED ME TO SHOW YOU THE LAWS THAT STATE THE FACTS

  3. I agree that time is money but time is also a force multiplier for raw emotions. While there are many injustices around us in the Veteran and Military community, and some events rise to trauma, there are times when the fight becomes to heal ourselves.

  4. I agree to most with the exception of whistleblowers relative to the material’s they are making public. I personally think Snowden is involved in what should be a hanging offense. For the country I feel many activists & whistleblowers are a healthy resource for welfare of the country. Others are very destructive for nation. Being a dinosaur from WWII era I feel ‘patriotism’ used to be such a great guide for behavior in the world’s society. Patriotism seems to have become a lost guide to behavior in today’s intentional political divide of our nation !!!

    1. Bob, thank you for your service, and I do respect your age, however, can you tell me how Snowden harmed national security, considering he only reconfirmed what was already common knowledge, that private phone calls and other communication and activities are monitored in ways that violate the Constitution we all took an oath to defend?

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