“Crickets” From The VA: New Hampshire Home Healthcare Folds Citing Lack Of Payment

The New Hampshire healthcare business Right At Home was contracted by the VA almost a decade ago to help serve veterans in the Londonderry, NH area. Starting late last year, the payments stopped coming.

VA has cited to the business owners, Rich and Janet Sullivan, that new regulations have cropped up regarding timely payment. Because of course they have.

In July, VA claims to have started rejecting entries without full Social Security numbers, even though entries with only the last four digits worked perfectly well in the past. As you probably know from your own life experiences, providing the “last four of your Social” is a common and useful privacy protection.

The Sullivans are committed to serving their local veterans, and they have even used $20,000 of their own money to prop up their failing business (failing, I might add, through no fault of their own). VA owes this establishment $60,000 they have not paid.

It is worth noting that Right At Home Healthcare also has private payors, and that these customers pay on time. If housebound civilians can manage these payments, VA should not find it problematic.

And yet, here we are again.

Veterans like Ron, 68, who refused to provide his full name for fear of retribution, are worried about where this move now leaves them. Ron loved Right At Home services, and has enjoyed their assistance with everyday tasks like grocery shopping and getting a haircut.

He told the Boston Globe that this service has been “a lifesaver for me,” and fears that without its support, he may return to “total depression.”

Depression may be aggravated by chemical imbalances in the brain, but generally, painful life situations that cause loneliness or a lack of purpose are the real root cause. For this Army vet, who takes 18 medications four times a day, Right At Home was his ticket back into the community.

New Hampshire lawmakers have written to Robert Wilkie about this situation, and hopefully increased media coverage (including us!) will call enough fed-up people to our cause.

As we know from that article about the Florida vet with an unfair ER bill, VA is perfectly capable of snapping their fingers and making these problems go away, if they think that people are mad at them.

But what have the Sullivans heard from VA so far?



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  1. It’s the VA. Reported they received new procedures and are not explaining them to their employees.

    The VA is doing this to give their enemies (other employees), they are do not like. Bad evualation’s. Then fire them.

    Could it be they have friend’s and relatives that need a job.

  2. [If we want better health care, we should try asking the patients: OPINION]

    ★Could it be that psych meds, and VA’s basturdized version of “psych care”, has it all wrong??? No wonder they didn’t work for me, and I’d bet is same for Many other vets out there like me…
    IMHO; TBI seems far more likely to be the root cause of some mental ilnesses for veterans.
    When a VA PHD Psychologist refuses to give you an evaluation for PTSD, and VA Drs repeatedly refuse to give you a TBI evaluation, it tells me they don’t want to know the truth, let alone eval, diagnose, or treat these conditions, (perhaps this could be why they are getting certain bonus checks, to nOt do the work required too diagnose in first place?) and VA can thusly get away with not paying appropriate disabilities benefits for these conditions:

    [Machine learning links dimensions of mental illness to abnormalities of brain networks: Penn study pinpoints four brain-guided dimensions of psychopathology — mood, psychosis, fear, and disruptive behavior — ScienceDaily]

    [Lack of a single molecule may indicate severe and treatment-resistant depression — ScienceDaily]

    [Friday Feedback: Can MDs Ever Be Comfortable with ‘Alternative Medicine’? | Medpage Today]

    ★Sounds to me very much like how VA treats Veterans w mental ilness, especially those who advocate for their own needs (appropriately) thru abusive use of Disruptive Behavioral Red Flagging of outspoken Veteran Patients for merely attempting advocacy on our own behalf:

    [Behind Bars, Mentally Ill Inmates Are Often Punished For Their Symptoms]

    ★@Ben: Do you know about this entity:

    [The Veterans Consortium Legal Team Wins Federal Pro Bono Program’s 5,000th Case For Combat Veteran]

    This one goes w article I listed in my other comment above, read both:

    [Audit of Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs finds agency is poorly led]

  3. [Vietnam veteran files federal lawsuit against Louisiana VA office director]

    [Trump proposes funding cuts for government watchdogs – Axios]

    [Inspector General cites Van Zandt VA Medical Center | News, Sports, Jobs – Altoona Mirror]

    [Madison VA hospital’s care deficient before veteran’s death by suicide, report says | Local |]

    [State legislators back Veterans Affairs, demand documents from auditor’s office]

    [New Smiles for Veterans program offers free dental care for veterans – St George News]

    [How a good night’s sleep can protect against fear]

    [PTSD linked to changes in gut bacteria]

    [How ugly marital spats {Chronic Stress} might open the door to disease: Study links couples’ hostility and gut bacteria, inflammation in bloodstream — ScienceDaily]

    [Brain connectivity changes with working memory after TBI: Novel TBI study shows causal relationship between CapMan tasks of working memory and fronto-parietal regions — ScienceDaily]

    [Brain scans identify working memory deficits associated with insomnia]

    [Working memory might be more flexible than previously thought — ScienceDaily]

    [DETECT: New Way to Diagnose Concussions and mTBIs | Medgadget]

  4. We, veterans, are supposed to be America’s last and only line of defense. We run toward and into hell. We dodge bullets and incoming mortars. We defeat those who are the enemy.


    Look, these idiotic womb rejects at the VA are like AIDS, USELESS!!!. They are thieves, murderes, liars, swindlers, defiants, distorted pieces of human inconvenience to include THOSE WHO WORK AT THE VA AND WHO CLAIM TO BE VETERANS THEMSELVES.


    These blogs. Websites. Complaint lines into the White House. Friendly chatter..

    REALLY…. To hell with the CVA, Wounded Warriors who were themselves caught up in scandal. VFW. LEGION. DAV……..Then there is islam, blm, nra, antifa along side the VA.. AND THE DIFFERENCE IS????

    Of all the damn people in this world, we are thee most capable to defeat and destroy the VA IN EVERY SENSE NECESSARY!!! Those people at the VA and their families should be shivering in their boots, NOT THE GODDAMN VETERAN AND THEIR FAMILIES…

    AAAAAHH… To hell with it, I am talking to bunch of freakin frauds…..

    1. Oh, and by the way….

      If the VA folks and their families endured what veterans and their families go through.. THEY WOULD PROBABLY SING A FREAKIN CHORUS….

  5. Note especially the comments left for this article. Am posting link here to show others they are not alone, and perhaps, just perhaps, maybe something is in the works to change the status quo.

    [Schenkat: recent D.C. trip further emboldens my justice-for-all pursuit | Scottsdale Independent]

    1. Great article!
      In my opinion, until the federal marshals – along with the state marshals – start getting the proper paperwork to start arresting the crooks, then nothing will change!

  6. I was told by a doctor in my town, anyone who treats Veterans in their private practice and relies on payment from the VA, has to dedicate at least 1 person full-time to file all the necessary paperwork, then chase payments that take on average 6-7 months, and the payments are less than what medicare pays.
    He said it is a losing proposition, and costs money out of his pocket to treat the veterans he sees.
    I was forced back into VA care when my Veterans choice was sabotaged intentionally to force Veterans like myself who needed care back into the system.
    So now I travel 2 hours each way, every 2 months for treatment.
    This story doesn’t surprise me what so ever.

    1. @Bryce;
      1.) “I was told by a doctor in my town, anyone who treats Veterans in their private practice and relies on payment from the VA, has to dedicate at least 1 person full-time to file all the necessary paperwork, then chase payments that take on average 6-7 months,”:

      VERY Similar circumstances here in SW Virginia. My Acupuncturist’s secretary recently informed me VA was $10,000 behind in payments to them, was her job to keep up with it all, forced to hire help just as you described.
      My non VA care therapist weekly treatment was interrupted 3 times in 2 years, for a month or more each time, causing me serious setbacks, worsening of PTSD, Maj Deposit, cost me 6 different 1hour drive time trips w out travel pay to address and get billing issues fixed, due to VA not paying Pre-Authorized care bills.
      VA was 11 months behind, then 8 months, then 6 months.
      Has only recently improved to 3-4 months behind currently. Too bad for me that my therapist moved out of state last month.
      We all know all too well how we are affected if we fail to pay our electric bills, credit cards, rent,bills with in 30 DAYS!

      2.) Bryce continued:
      “…and the payments are less than what medicare pays.”:

      ★Ben, Seemore Klearly, Elf, Denis, etc, your thoughts please here:
      IDK about that for sure, have my own suspicion of same.
      It seems to me that my providers are only getting the 80% part of what Medicare pays for services, but getting short changed on the other 20% by VA, Congress(?), IDK about copays, deductibles, is too complicated to figure out with what little info I have to go on that I can access, getting stonewalled by VA billing dept, and the local “Medicare help” is not being helpful here.
      Further, I’ve discovered that many of my pre authorizations for Non VA care in past 4 years, were being later billed to my Medicare account by VA billing dept. (I can prove that;)
      Still trying to clear up 4 dif collections issues from Choice Crap Care from 3-4 years ago, my med recs from choice care reflect crappy standard of care given, no follow up consults given in any area I needed care for/sent for said care to get. Total cluster#@$&…

      I have a civy Psych organization here that billed all my care thus far to my Medicare account. Had to go complain to a politician, publically, to get them to correctly rebill that stuff to the VA as they were supposed to do in the first place according to the Pre-authorization document I was not even told they had received from VA 6 months before. So they also delayed my psych care by 11 months so far, am still waiting for those billing issues to be cleared up so I can continue w psych care.
      Wtf, over?

      Bryce continued:
      …”He said it is a losing proposition, and costs money out of his pocket to treat the veterans he sees.
      I stopped seeing civy pre auth PCP over laczidazical attitude towards me, my urgent, long list of long festered health issues that VA had ignored for decades.

      Bryce continued:
      “I was forced back into VA care when my Veterans choice was sabotaged intentionally…”
      Me: @Bryce: Did your VA auths include misleading medical statements, derogatory language, omitted info needed by provider too do their jobs?

      Bryce continued: “…to force Veterans like myself who needed care back into the system.”
      Me: That is exactly my conclusion in all this, the VA is attempting to force me back into VA care…

      1. K-Lar,
        Same here in Florida. Tens of thousands of dollars are owed to private healthcare providers around the state.

        Here’s something to remember. The (NON)Choice Program was robbed of millions of taxpayers monies to give it to the illegal immigrants during the Obuthead Administration!
        That was reported on here, crickets from the MSM’s and VA, by a few of us.

        I personally never used the Choice Program. Was never allowed. Even though I had proof of eligibility!
        Lots of disabled veterans suffered the same fate!
        They were eligible, the VA refused!

  7. It seems to me, that until massive amounts of firing in every government agency is accomplished, the crap against veterans and civilians will continue!
    “We the People” see, read and hear of crap occurring against average citizens/veterans daily. Yet, those “entitled/elitist assholes” commit crimes and aren’t held accountable! Whereas, the average person is tarred and feathered.

    It’s been reported, conservatives are really quite passive responsible individuals. I say, conservatives haven’t quite gotten pissed off enough to March on Washington DC and across the country, to show our displeasure towards the corrupt representatives! When that day happens, ——-!!!!

    I read a “comment” on a utube video the other day, which, in my opinion, is applicable to the subject of today;
    “Conservatives only get pissed when lied to!”
    “Liberals only get pissed when told the TRUTH!

    That said; seems to me, VA is run by leftist liberals!

  8. Its only getting worse. They’re realizing they can do anything they want and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. They are a threat to every veterans lives and no one wants to hear about it.

  9. My acupuncturist bailed out of Tri-West and serving veterans because she rarely got paid. And when she did, the amount of time spent chasing it was detrimental to her business. I still see her and don’t think about it.

  10. “Depression may be aggravated by chemical imbalances”
    And I’m sure the 18 medications four times a day and Monsanto chemicals in our food has nothing to do with it…LOL It’s all poison….
    I guess everyone wants to be Happy all of the time with no problems,
    And that isn’t going to happen because that’s Life.

    1. I’ve honestly forgotten what happiness and contentment even are at this point in my life. Man, I sure could use some.

      1. @WyldeChylde;
        You are not alone in feeling these ways. I am certain there are many many more of us out here feeling these same ways, exactly because their lives too have been turned inside out/upside down, broken, ruined, destroyed because of our service, and all the futile attempts to get needed medical care that never lives up to standards if it comes at all, or the futility of all the years wasted futily persuing our “earned” benifits that never show up when needed.
        Who wouldn’t feel these ways?

        For me, the worst part is being expected to do all of that, advocate for myself, keep up with all the ever changing rules/regulations, beg for fubar’ed authorizations, chase down medical records, …you know, the whole shebang; and we are expected to do it all Alone, with what’s left of our bodies, brains, and minds…
        It’s no small wonder why we are not alone in feeling these ways, or why so many choose to end their lives prematurely as a friend of mine did recently. Tho I don’t have many years left to live, I still hold out hope for a better future for us all…

        Semper Fidelis

    2. Semper Fi, Old Marine:
      If the persons responsible for this bureaucratic nightmare are not immediately fired, (including the supervisors who approved this misfeasance and malfeasance and COMMISSION OF CRIMINAL CONDUCT IN THE DENYING SERVICES TO ENTITLED VETERANS), then the VA needs to be harassed to the point of degradation, hitting them with both barrels until those responsible are fired, and tarred and feathered and sued and screwed, like the “IRS” does to make an example of Criminals for the benefit of other phony Bureaucrats, and potential wrongdoers.

      1. Hell, The Dublin, Ga. VAMC all the arrangements for me to go the The Univ. Of Ga. Medical Center for MAJOR spine surgery and reconstruction. Through Choice/C3P. Well they have refused to pay the $104,000 bill because the medical center didn’t file the paperwork properly. So they are suing me. They billed MY Medicare, which paid them $1,200. They say I am responsible for the rest. I have contacted my wonderful(ha Ha) Sen. Isakson TWICE, to no avail. I called that 800 number that they give if having billing issues. Thought they had it cleared up. NOT. I told them to SUE me, all I got is my ass and my hat. And they BOTH got holes in em. Their collection agency sent me a right nasty letter, full of threats. I sent them one right back. I am considered by the VA to be Total and Permanent Disabled. Receiving pension w/ Aid and Attendance. I will NEVER pay the. But the VA doesn’t give a damn what happens to me about it.

  11. Section 4 of the 14th Amendment apparently doesn’t mean anything. No citations that I have found. But I’m going for it in trying to collect the $2,150.00 I had to pay my Choice provider.

    “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts
    incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or
    rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall
    assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against
    the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such
    debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.”

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