Bomb VA Facility

Disgruntled Veteran Pleads Guilty For Threatening To Bomb VA Facility

A disgruntled veteran from Jackson, Mississippi pled guilty this week for threatening to bomb the Jackson VA Regional Office.

The veteran, Undrey L. Jones, was charged with one-count federal indictment. His sentencing is set for January 22, 2019. Jones faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

According to the DOJ press release, jones called into a VBA call center located in Salt Lake City when he made the threat to “blow the building up” referring to the Jackson RO:

On February 27, 2018, Jones called the Veterans Benefits Administration Call Center, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jones identified himself by name and angrily demanded to talk to the Director of the Veterans Administration Medical Center and Regional Office in Jackson, Mississippi. Jones became increasingly agitated during the call, and stated that he would “come up there and blow the building up,” referring to the Veterans Administration Regional Office in Jackson. Jones used several expletives during this call. Jones was arrested on February 28, 2018.

“These charges underscore the Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General’s commitment to the safety of the Veteran Affairs’ patient population, as well as its employees, guests, and facilities,” said Special Agent in Charge James Ross.

I generally hate brining up stories like this, but it is important to always remind our brothers and sisters to remain calm and NOT MAKE CRIMINAL THREATS when frustrated about delays in benefits processing.

I do not care how long the backlog is or how long you waited for benefits. Making criminal threats to federal employees is never okay and it risks making us all look unhinged in the collective mindset of Americans.

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  1. And still the VA fuckery continues, and the VA piss-ant little fuckers know it, and gloat.

    VA and IG still don’t seem to get it, MANY Vets are tired of getting circle-jerking butt fucked.

    I fear no VA or Fed PoPo. Why? Because my anal sphincter has list uts untegrity from constant violating penetration.

    VA needs to fucking own up, and change for realz. VA employees were and are a second thought. With that said,

    Veterans first, Veterans first. A fucking scam.

    Fuck you VA, and your pussy-ass protective cronies. Oh before I forget, no threat here. I don’t want the PoPo to be called again, and yelling at them in the complexe’s hallway to get the fuck awsy from me with no justified warrant.

    Its a good thing that the PoPo understands and loves Vets, because they know that many Vets are getting fucked over.

    Question – where are the DoJ, and the FBI?

    Whose fooling who here?

  2. Gotta love the VA’s commitment to protect its employees…

    My coworker, at the Atlanta VBA, madea terroristic threat directed at me – where she said she had guns. Another coworker, after I reported him for his unauthorized access to my records and his failure to protect the privacy of veterans’ records, pointed at me one day and said ‘There goes your target practice’.

    Well, both of them are gainfully employed by the VA and I got fired. Mind you, in the VA’s eyes, me calling my coworkers “liars”, telling them I was going to get a lawyer, and that they act like children, was more egregious than the terroristic threats made at me.

  3. At the VA I go to, to contact the director of the VAMC -exact wording- “The director of the VAMC can only be contacted in writing. The director will respond in writing to any inquiries addressed to him.” In fact, in 25 years of going to the VA, I’ve never even seen the “Director’s office”, I’ve never even saw a director except for their picture on the wall. I think there’s an elevator you need a key to get up there. I don’t even think a Vet can even make an appt. to see him/her to tell you the truth….

    1. Yeah, he asked to talk to the director, HA,HA,HA. I’ve never seen one of those people either in about 40 yrs, other than in the standard VA propaganda photo, or video.

    2. It’s like the wizard of oz. When you find him or her, it will be a sawed off little bastard behind a wall casting a shadow, talking shit as usual.

  4. I agree a being should not be allowed to scream FIRE at the very top of their lungs in a VA facility, for the sole purpose of causing panic and disruption, even if it is the VA’s fault. Just break glass and calmly pull leaver, is not the answer either.

  5. the mexco people it lackwantbee they want the dream but is the plombler the can come over here and get the on the benefits they want and leves us poor whatch them care lee thank you

  6. Per article before having to make a move toward the bed:

    Not once in my many many years of 12 step calls, avocational works, do-gooding, the gutter work that the white collars, the religious, ‘professionals,’ and politicians wouldn’t do, have I ever had to call the VA for someone that wouldn’t care any who. Never did I have to call any LEOs, swat units or have some poor person go down with a felony stop or home invasion. Not once! Too many times LEO just make things much worse, threatening, totally uncontrollable, ruining what good may be taking place to not ending well at all. Including dealing with those huge egos some have and not caring one Iota about others or the outcome. Just their power plays.

    Taken many to the ER or for ED… yes of course. I have walked into many kinds of situations. Have stopped folks from making goofy phone calls to doing a plethora of stupid things including pulling a trigger. If some were armed and running a bit nuts it turned out well enough, thank God, and they were disarmed, items, kids and females, or males, removed from homes and taken to safe zones or family homes until things could be handled by them on their terms and needs. Or if need be into my own home or got them to a hotel room. No brag just fact.

    To me this article just shows the issues. Kinda tells me what his “community” may be like, the possibles available to him, and VA services are really like behind the facade and hype. VSOs too. Leaves me with more questions than will be given or reported.

  7. the veteran affairs need to to be fix so that our vet can get the they need if they quite dianil people there benefits and understand that thses people need there benefits that they was on the front line on and get the arm ,bain leg blow off and they think they going to be award them by the veteran affairs tell them we do not care for the vet or they family they do not care the goverment do not care about know one so for the people who try to blow up veteran affairs i sad that you got 10year in jail but this was come when you make the vet mad over there benefits and cant get the care they need is they pose to do when no body there to help them thank you good for the veteran affairs and dont depend on congress to do a damm thing because they dont care nether

  8. Here is a gentle reminder from the website owner (me). The comments need to be on point with each topic. I reserve the right to delete off-topic posts since it is my website. Readers wishing to address other topics should publish their comments on social media or some other medium. ~Ben

    1. Also, as an aside, I am considering creating a venue for other topics on this website so that readers and see aggregated news topics. Personally, I find the “caravan” from Mexico very concerning, and am researching the best way to allow readers to provide links from around the web to certain non-veteran issues that are newsworthy.

      1. Ben, that would be great. Hell, I’d even pitch in if someone knowledgeable and healthy enough could get a free speech kinda Vbulletin board up and running with logical well intended mods. With a special thread for trolls and vet haters. Supposed to be free but I don’t know about this stuff and is confusing to me. And got enough on my plate to deal with.

        I am past being concerned. I think the nation is or has taken it’s last breath. Locals favor open borders, the pity parties, and etc. We have been under invasion for a very long time and countless millions are here already …. just waiting. End of OT post. Copy.

      2. Ben, a simple solution is to post your regular daily article, then post a second, Open Topics article with a few headlines of topics you are interested in that day.

  9. I viewed these post, there all true, these help me stay grounded, I read a pamplete once and it says, know matter what, your the only one in control of your life,even if our bodies have been damaged by Battlefeild Exposures, some man made, some not? They have a system called “Man Break” I and others have been put thru this repeatedly and I expect more to come,so sometimes it’s best to stay at home.

  10. Frustration appears to be a common status for Vets. The source of the problem is the Congress, and the money provided. Of course, the administration is deficient, too. The way to get the attention of the bottom feeders is to change the way we are considered, by voting out the so-called representatives too long feeding at the public trough for their own enrichment. If every Vet registered as unaffiliated, and voted as individuals, for individuals, we would all be better off. It’s always the money!

  11. “making threats to federal employees is never ok” unless your madonna, hanoi jane, and other under worked over paid out of touch hollyweirdo’s .

  12. In all my years of being a veteran the fact that has consistently been made clear as a bell to me is that no one gives a rat’s azz about veterans nor about me. That’s just a hard fact of life! I can fit into that mans shoes seeing how ticked off he became about the RO. He should’ve kept his cool though and gone someplace to get over it instead of making the verbal threat that he made. Look! We all know the government hates us. Don’t do or say anything to give them any cause to do you in. Look at what they did to the World War One bonus marchers. Look at what they did to the indigenous Indian tribes over 150 years ago

  13. What’s sad is he might get better health care where he is going now, or at least the ability to sue for civil rights violations if he doesn’t.

  14. Would MLK have made any gains if it weren’t for the Black Panthers and other such organizations. Most of you are too young to remember the bus locker bombs of the time.

    The VA and the military have been stiffing Vets since the VA was formed and the military was formed.

    But threats don’t do anything and are a waste of breath. While I’m not ever personally going to the be bad cop I recognize greater gains come if there is one out there.

    The ATF of Ruby Ridge and Waco weren’t rained in until the Oklahoma City bombing. Those are just the facts that demonstrate Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were right in their theories of insurrection.

    The question then remains, where is the breaking point where veterans will go after their promised benefits? Would MacArthur’s troops have fired upon the tent city of WWI veterans on the Mall if they had stood their ground? How would the WWI warrant disagreement have been settled if MacArthur had been unable to remove them and if there were a bomber or two in the crowd?

    I’m for passive activism but I gave up too soon and didn’t stand my ground. I admit I’m a coward and don’t want an early death.

    Trump hasn’t done anything to keep his promises to Vets yet. And I don’t see anything in the offing.

  15. When will TRUMP ADMIN inspect va claims dept for bias,corruption,discrimantion, against vets.All i hear is we are working on it but claims dept dont listen to dr”s when doing medical exams.They have there own rules.

  16. “I do not care how long the backlog is or how long you waited for benefits. Making criminal threats to federal employees is never okay and it risks making us all look unhinged in the collective mindset of Americans.”

    You got that right! Criminal threats are never acceptable, nor should they be tolerated in our society. It is a criminal case now, let the wheels of Lady Justice turn . . .

    If things are that bad for this guy, he should have gone for a long walk until he calmed down. Or use whatever strategy he had stowed away for just such an event. Mine has saved my ass many times since I developed it. As recently as this past Friday . . .

    Given this individuals military training and experience, he should have known better. Had he acted upon his threat, turning other disabled veterans who are at the VA into collateral damage is unacceptable. Many of them served, and are just as flustered and frustrated as he with the horrific, overly-long benefits process run by incompetents as well.


  17. The Feds pick and choose who they’ll make an example out of. This poor bastard served his country and it sounds like he was getting the VA fuck around for benefits he earned. This guy is probably living like most of us, poverty or just above and can’t afford a big gun attorney to defend him.
    So, my point being…….why isn’t the whore Madonna rotting in a federal prison as I speak for the threat she made against the White House not so long ago???


    1. That is the “identity politics” being used today. Everything is weaponized against some of us, some are let go to create chaos and havoc like Hodonna, Maxine Waters, and many others. I couldn’t get by with doing or saying anything close to what those clowns and activist do or say. Or what local professors or activist do and say. Many of us are supposed to just play door-mats and die off like many have stated…”old people just need to die off,” or “old veterans just need to die off or shut up,” or “just die off.” One set of rules and laws for some, others get a free pass on everything. Would they treat those in Congress or John McCain like that?? The connected? Top dogs in the VSOs? Hell no.

      But then still too many think we are all alike and will respond in situations the same way, feel the same way, and etc. Expect us all to do what they might do or think they would. Aren’t there algorithm (sp) or claimed high tech by the VA and others that can predict veteran’s behaviors and buttons? “Walk a mile in his moccasins” comes to mind. I can’t, wouldn’t, know the dude unless I spent time with him. So I’ll have to Kool-aid drinkers demands for ‘off with his head’ he should have acted more appropriately. Easy to say and think.

    2. Couldn’t have said it better Warhorse. I don’t support any threats of any kind, but your point about whore madonna is a perfect example of how our justice system of punishment is tiered toward those with $, fame, and those of us who have neither.

    3. Agreed on Madonna. Or Kathy Griffin for that matter.

      Perhaps he was calling for the 94th time trying to get someone to explain why he had been assigned some unknown fiduciary.

  18. Years too late Ben. Hollywood to unions, the corrupt covering their own butts have ensured we are classified as “domestic terrorist,” “unhinged,” mad axe murderers, if we make complaints or dare question or challenge the regimes, academics, studies, activists, and institutions or media controlling ALL things. Haven’t we all read the troll’s remarks on this board too? The blame and being “whiners,” “crazy,” or the wrongs placed on us?

    How many years did it take for Vietnam vets or era vets to come forward about some major issues while suffering and dying in silence? How many suicides since being “shell-shot/shocked/AO” or ignored since the sixties and seventies to this date? Hell, we can go back to the grand WW2 as well or other incidents that were re-written or swept under the carpet leaving some with zero voice or support. Plenty of those from the glory days of WW2 who suffered and died from alcoholism and such, but all we see on media or documentaries are the ones we are allowed to see and the ‘positives’ and praise for whatever agenda or who we are supposed to through all support behind.

    Let’s see here. What is worse? Being driven to madness by oppressors and the corrupt, lazy, inefficient, those testing us with intentional head games/stressors, lying VSOs/out reach groups, or those burning themselves up to get some attention to the many issues and total dis-concern by the uncaring public, the professionals, scum-sucking media, or government?? People do have their breaking points. Why many homeless vets don’t want much part of the ‘rat race.’ They are going after vets merely for trying to live off-grid and away from accepted sick society and the games. They, the enemies, want us all online and on urban styled dependency for all things. Oh we hear plenty of excuses and fear tactics from the tyrants, fascist, and all the corrupted we are encompassed with or forced to deal with.

    Threats are bad, yes. So is the loss of freedom of speech, the censoring and all the attacks/harm by means of simply… ignoring issues or complaints and many acting like (two-faced) professionals then messing with files or any other wrong doing that goes by as ‘societal acceptableness.’ That race stuff, “Identity politics” and stuff people fear or not allowed to discuss. Highly corrupt, evil, zero ethics, but accepted and protected by the powers that be. Like what has been happening to me for a mighty fine example.

    Supposedly or reportedly DHS to the DoD, White House, Pentagun, FBI etc., “the top” are supposed to be and have powers over us all. Fast to jump on ruined vets very slow on corruption and attacks on vets or citizens. Not having any representation or variables of rights and freedoms. Make sense? Not to me.

    Of course they’ll check his home and possible destroy it searching for explosives. So be it. They broke this man like countless others. But don’t let the story end there. Like cancer, go for the causes. Why focus on some phony cure alls or side step the primary issues or causes, or concerns. Minus what the over-lords want us to forget, swallow, or just let pass-by or that MSM wants to feed the public. Get the guy some needed help in the fast time, slap his wrists, a pat on the butt, deferred prosecution with some reasonable LIGHT punishment. Instead of just filling up the corporate prison system with people that don’t belong their. And fire the asshats from any and all government employment he has been dealing with.

    1. “Get the guy some needed help in the fast time, slap his wrists, a pat on the butt, deferred prosecution with some reasonable LIGHT punishment. Instead of just filling up the corporate prison system with people that don’t belong their. And fire the asshats from any and all government employment he has been dealing with.”

      Precisely what should be done in this case. While I do think the guy is a knucklehead for communicating that threat, I also understand that everyone has their ‘breaking point’. He obviously reached his, and his ‘threat’ was a cry for help. Much like calling a Veterans Crisis Line.

      I wonder if immediately after his arrest he was interviewed by an actual psychiatrist rather than a social worker, or psychologist. Certainly, a psychiatrist should have been able to properly evaluate the significance of the threat.

      If he had really been serious about what he threatened to do – – – we would all be learning of this incident as ‘Breaking News’ on the MSM TV Networks vice Ben’s blog.

      A reasonable person would also expect the VA to have a Threat Evaluation Team at each facility for just this type of scenario . . .

      After all the ‘research’ into PTSD and War Trauma that has been conducted at the costs of millions of taxpayer dollars – – – one would think they might be a bit better prepared for these types of incidents.

      Two wrongs have NEVER made a right.

      1. That’s just it, or part of it. Some folks when going through some issues may not be aware of just what is wrong or right, or real. An alcoholic and blowing steam? In a black-out or grey-out zone? Simply needing someone local to talk to that gives a shit. Then the issues of what kind of head meds this guy or those like him are/maybe on, or forced to take, possibly by court order or some secret contract with the VA to continue with lousy care.

        No physical meeting groups here any longer. Yet other states and locals still have them, odd. Then locally there are many who have found out they can’t trust people here along with any recovery groups or to keep things really private. To not many know how to communicate or those who just take their book learning as guide books, knowing it all, and LEOs to clean up their messes. And why in part I dropped my years of avocational services to a so-called… “community.” Which in large part is sicker and far more corrupt and evil than myself.

        Then many years back when ending those groups and going the way of teleconferencing there were supposed to be various kinds of “triages” set up for use. Prior to the suicide lines. I only encountered (triage) them a few times. Then told at times when calling them back, or calling who I was told to, was told by some operator or staff ‘that no such thing exists as “telephone triage,” “not aware of such a thing,” or triage for Patient (scum buckets) Advocates. Even though I was told that was who and what they were… triage. I was told previously it was to triage the more important issues from the lesser that patients had with the PAs for rotten care, get clearance for civilian care, for suicide or emergencies that were to call 911 instead of the VA. Then had to go through their ignorant process of them screen reading their manifesto..”are you suicidal a harm to yourself or others, if so dial 911 or go to the nearest ER or mental hospital.” No I am not for the tenth time it’s concerning other major issues and the phone numbers given and the game playing. “What is your name and position and office?” CLICK. May the force be with them in drastic need for help like the guy in this article.

        Then the years of back and forth about how great this VA hospital is or that one is. How perfect they all are, and caring. Or the – we are all alike and abide by the same rules and regs and run by devoted well VA trained highly qualified individuals.. blah blah. Then be told ‘no all VA hospitals or clinics are not alike or practice the same way.” Well duh. As the shit storm of confusion and lies continue, suicides and suffering up beyond measure. Money, time, years, redundant studies, testings, games, intentional retaliation, massive failures, plus more stuff continue and seemingly well protected and supported.

        Stories like this need to be seen like the suicide issues. But in locales like mine we never here outside real news. We have to dig for it and hopefully encounter something… real and useful. This guy and the many suicides need to be known about and known to be generations old… symptoms/indications/solid evidence of much bigger long lasting, deep-seated issues like corruption, the nepotism, the nation seemingly turned into a cesspool and few care, many fear.

        LOL. “Knuckle head.” Dear old dad’s and uncle’s favorite name for me.

      2. “An alcoholic and blowing steam? In a black-out or grey-out zone? Simply needing someone local to talk to that gives a shit”

        Regarding the first two questions: Yes. So I have been told, but I have no actual memory of them. That is ‘lost lucky time’ in my life. Sober since 1982. It is also one of the reasons that the VA misdiagnosed my PTSD back in the nineties, and why they have such a hard time with its increasing severity today.

        Like Lem, I also suffer from Temporal Lobe Seizures. Been on Dilantin, Tegretol and a host of other medications for it. Weaned myself off of all of them. Every anti-seizure med I have taken has done far more harm than the seizures themselves. So I have just learned to live with my condition.

        The VA of course, has just been ‘stellar’ in their caring and support. So I could quite easily understand how someone could reach their ‘breaking point’ with them and want an actionable solution rather than a VA/AFGE/VSO one.

        Worthless fucks, the lot of them . . .

      3. Whoops! Forgot to add something on my last. Who doesn’t need someone who gives a shit to talk to on occasion? Part of the Human Condition.

        Yes, I realize you were not questioning me personally. But now you understand how I know what I know. Been there. Done that. Gave the T-Shirt away (unworn) to someone in greater need than I . . .

      4. James, Keppra worked great for me. Might be worth a try for you. I was never a true alcoholic with black outs from alcohol. From 1971 I never had more than 2 drinks per day. From 1971 to 1994 I didn’t drink at all.

        Everybody’s seizures are different. Tegretol may have made your seizures worse. Look up the PDR precautions. I also had to quit Tegretol because it made things worse and the physician wouldn’t correct the medication. I tried 3 meds. Tegretol, lamotrigine and Keppra. Was also on Gabapentin for a while which had a positive effect but I was taking it as needed for sciatic nerve pain before it was approved for seizures. Didn’t connect Gabapentin to the good period it provided because I didn’t know it was causing the good period until I read that it had been approved for temporal lobe seizures.
        Neurologists who treat epilepsy focus on grand mall seizures and don’t often see the temporal lobe subtle presentations. The tendency to use the wrong medication is rampant among those who aren’t well studied on temporal lobe seizures.

      5. Hi Doc!

        Had them all except Keppra. When I quit taking Dilantin in 1995, it took the VA over a year to figure it out because they were not doing the required blood monitoring. The rest of them would work for a while – – – then the bad juju would kick in and the VA Doc’s would play switcheroo. Both with the meds, the Doc’s, and the differing opinions. Eventually grew tired of the merry-go-round and accepted the fact that from time to time – – – it is going to happen.

        Bought my first PDR and Merck Manual in 1997. Devoted follower since. Lots of good info in them. And got myself an account in the premier pharmaceutical reference database (Thanks Star-Chief Les!) so that I had access to (usually) way more info than my PCP in Hawaii did.

        Since the little move, have not been to the VA for an appointment yet. Super busy. That will come mid-next week. Then we’ll see.

        Wife’s Household Goods just made it into town from Honolulu yesterday. Got to make arrangements for delivery for the PODS truck. Glad to be out of the motel and into a decent (so far) place. Dogs sure love having room. And I am glad I do not have to eat out every day! Too damn expensive and boring to boot . . .

        Will investigate the Keppra. First I have heard of it. Thanks.

      6. Yep, James, understood.

        Good to hear the moving situation is moving along.

        On and off been trying to find out more about this guy in the article or any other un-reported info on him. I don’t expect we’ll hear anymore about it. He’s lucky he wasn’t taken out permanently in some way over this.

        For many years now and getting worse folks, vets, with any health issues are not safe out shopping or out in public, or around. Even at home if targets for some domestic reason or not likes by some one in power. I know folks just for having Turet’s syndrome have gone through hell and much worse just for that alone, maybe with some learning disabilities officials or authorities didn’t care to understand or know of, or didn’t care about. Plus issues caused by head trauma, multiple diagnosis of addictions and, or, mental health conditions. Or being deaf, mute or both. Simple enough to explain or know of but then to hear someone has been loaded with over fifty shots or so just getting out of their vehicle too slow, or may not act like like “normal” human beings. Or what some think by their standards are normal. But ‘good shoots’ anyway. To.. why some idiots think it’s a good idea to subdue or cuff someone during some from of seizures or episodes. Nuts. And why I always steered clear of calling for any kind of possible help with more hairy situations. It would just cause things to escalate like I’ve seen before for no good reason at all. Just to exert some powers, ego, and controls.

        I am glad to know you and Lem have loved close by too. Those changes in such meds are not fun and dangerous to deal with. I was put on Gaba for pain and couldn’t get up to a high clinical dose they wanted me on. A few hundred mgs of that a day and I couldn’t function or cipher in my check book. I know of several that MDs that would switch meds from things that worked on folks to something like Gaba that didn’t work well and led them to a life of misery and they stopped the suffering in their own ways. If ya know what I mean. And no way to stop them if they are totally intent/set on doing as planned. Gaba and anti-depressants combined later was the worse withdrawal I ever went through, personally. No help at all with the pain issues. Going through what I did at that time it’s a miracle I didn’t make some very goofy phone calls because of things in my head. VA didn’t want me to end the meds, so I did. Being “compliant” or a good little lab rat was over. And I am supposed to be concerned more with image??? Oh the vanity. lol But not so lol.

        All or most of those shooters and such were on head meds or had some severe known mental illnesses or major issues. Or real terrorist.

        That is why I wish there was more behind the scenes reports coming out about this ‘bomber.’ Piss on image and the uncaring public that has shown many times over how little they care about our problems, VSOs, media, medical community, DC included. Perhaps Ben won’t allow this story to be flushed if the has the connections to reach out to like myriads of other stories have gone that way. We are supposed to please all others at the expense of ourselves, our needs, or truth, to fit in or look appealing, hip-slick and cool. Get ready for those glamor shots while we and others suffer and die off. Or killed off.

        Just take care out there folks. Oh, and make those bastards do the blood tests and frequent check-ups if lucky enough to have some medical care.

  19. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to say anything threatening,but some of these vets have been pushed to the edge.
    I do not agree with threatening bodily harm,I think the system is stymied to the point,all kinds of unnatural thinking is occurring in some vets,feeling as though they willingly served and was promised benefits only to be stiffed.
    When your mental stability is fragile,anyone could break.That’s what scares me about females bringing babies in the clinics. Some could be triggered by the child’s cry,…. what if the unthinkable happened?….
    People are sick,although the guy did readily give his name. Who is honestly in their right mind gonna do that?

  20. “[…I do not care how long the backlog is or how long you waited for benefits. Making criminal threats to federal employees is never okay and it risks making us all look unhinged in the collective mindset of Americans.]”

    ^^Totally agree^^

    The general public has already effectively been made to believe all we Vets are loose cannons and anytime there’s a shooting situation or scenario such as today’s article, the unfortunate thing I firstly do each time is listen for it being a Veteran…when it is, it only adds a confirmation bias to all the lies the ignorant general public have been programmed to believe.

    Instead, I highly recommend the therapeutic and cathartic use of reusable/remoldable modeling clay. You can pretend you’re a VA trained witch Dr. (actual Haitian Witch Dr.), and use your Hungry, Hungry Hippos group therapy and art therapy lessons and form a likeness of your most dreaded VA employee, now the choice is up to you: 1)use provided voodoo pins, 2)run over it with a steamroller or, 3)toss it in an industrial shredder and feel that warmth of anxiety leaving your body while never harming anyone and you can do this while waiting on VA phone lines as well, while never ever harming others nor yourself.

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