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Does Diana Rubens Deserve The Treatment? Andrew McCabe Treatment, That Is

Scheming Diana Rubens set her retirement for the end of this month, but that should not stop Donald Trump from firing her, say numerous insiders demanding justice.

Rubens, known as “Dirty D” by her victims, orchestrated numerous schemes leaving veterans without benefits and her veteran employees without justice. IG just issued a report of backlog fraud implicating past decision by the embattled Philadelphia VA Regional Office director. And, like all good VA leaders, once implicated by a substantive IG report, they pull chalks and head into retirement.

Last week, I wrote about Dirty D’s retirement and the curious selling of her dream home. Some of her fans (sic) promised to swing by an open house at her home over the weekend to leave a momento, but otherwise, Rubens stands to get away with her dirty deeds without accountability, at all.

That is the cold implication if President Trump fails to treat her as he treated Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and other petulant federal bureaucrats. As for Dirty D, in recent years, her subordinates help disappear 94 boxes of veterans files, hold a séance with a fortune teller (the wife of one of her lieutenants), evade accountability for her cronies, and even created a remote work gig for her girlfriend so she could move with Rubens to Philadelphia.

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In 2014, Rubens orchestrated her own demotion so she would round out her career at Philadelphia VA. She received $288,000 in moving incentive bonuses to which she was not actually entitled. Once Congress caught wind, numerous hearings were held in her honor, during which Rubens pled the 5th Amendment privilege to not incriminate herself.

When penalized, VA attorneys failed to appropriately prosecute the punishment, and American taxpayers were not only stuck with the moving bill but also Rubens enormous attorney fees from MSPB.

Four years later, and after Trump implemented his supposed Accountability laws, Rubens was the target of at least one Accountability investigation. She is now implicated in another IG investigation where the agency was caught falsifying numbers concerning disability compensation appeals backlogs.

And again, Rubens looks set to sail off into the sunset without even a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, her cronies who helped insulate her from accountability are still collecting paychecks and likely will also be allowed to retire.

So what is all that talk about Accountability, President Trump? When will you actually hold these petulant leaders accountable?

Some of you may even recall how Rubens was the post child for higher accountability laws. We were told senior VA leadership would be held accountable. Instead, many disabled veterans working at the agency were screwed out of jobs after blowing the whistle concerning fraud, waste, and abuse.

What happened? The Accountability laws created loopholes for corrupt senior leaders to fire subordinates who threatened to rock the boat without detection. That is basically what happened. And, the senior leaders that create policies that hurt veterans are never taken to the woodshed.

Talk about a bait and switch.

Anyway, to the title of this article, President Trump still has a few days to make an example of Rubens, or should I say, of Dirty D. Think he will get it done?

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  1. I can’t see ANY employee, including the damn Director of the VA getting almost $300,000 to move for another position, not to mention by fraud too! (Then gets to keep it)

      1. Nexdeceptus,

        At the top of the comment section click where it says “Join the Discussion” and it opens up to enter your comment.

  2. Working example of VA “IT FIXES” hardly at work: Approx. 58 minutes ago I called the VA to update my info and was initially told by system message that a real person would be with me in…ONE MINUTE…it keeps coming on with a message about “We’re so sorry you’ve had to wait, your call is important to us….Are you trying to hurt yourself or thoughts of hurting yourself?”
    (ask me yet again when I finally get to talk to the real person likely on 2nd breakfast break or starting 2nd pack of cigs…thanks for waiting….are you thinking of hurting yourself or others around you…?).


  3. Will Trump fire her. Does he even know what happened. Trump seems to like people who break the law.

    He, even though there are no charges, Trump will probably pardon her. Who knows maybe become part of his staff.

    Yes, all of her buddies are still there and if not checked veterans and employees will still be in trouble.

    Seen it before. Others will take her que and since she got away with it. They will take her play book and count on VA attorneys to get them off the hook.

    Why are we the American tax payers, paying legal fees, so employees who broke the law could receive free council.

    Are the rank and file covered by VA attorneys.

    Stop the VA from wasting our tax dollars defending criminals. What happen with those boxes. How did they find out about the record’s. Who found out and when.

    Do they know what veterans were effected. How are those veterans going to know what happened.

    Cover ups, harming veterans. Plain sick and many of these employees should be in jail.

    How many of the 300 thousand veterans who died before their deserved disability claims were adjudicated.

    Treatment that never came. Does she have blood on her hands.

  4. Let’s combine yesterday’s post by Ben, about VA performing “gender re-assignment” surgeries with today’s. Dirty Diana can be the first operation performed by VA butchers. Give it a little ole pecker.


  5. I recently found an article online and I thought I would pass it along. (No doubt some veterans here have read this before.)
    (1) Name of Article: Document Tampering and Mishandling At The U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs–dated March 3, 2009. This 97-page article is testimony given to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Eleventh Congress. By the way, Diana Rubens, Bradley Mayes, and Michael Walcoff attended–(Walcoff gave testimony–see page #27 .)
    (2) Two Filings: This year I filed two claims with VARO Newark, NJ ( Jan/April ) the plan was to re-open claims under New and Material Evidence. My elected representative assisted me in this work. My documents were electronically uploaded to VARO. I was informed by VA officials ( I paraphrase): ” We do not have any record of your claims.” I filed a complaint with the Office of Inspector General in Wash, D.C., I raised the issues of Health Care Fraud and Civil Rights Violations ( 18 U.S.C. 245 (b) (1) (B)-1988 Federally Protected Activities.) VA-OIG responded that this issue is within the VA claim adjudication–OIG did give me a case file #. I was told by VA that I should submit an Intent To File notice etc, etc. My Effective Date has been taken from me, I am forced to resubmit documents.
    (3) The Mid-Term elections are vastly approaching: I am hoping that the 22-24 million veterans out here pull together and make sure those in a position of power understand our concerns. When I read VA literature it says: The Duty to Assist, Benefit of Doubt goes to the Veteran and Non-Adversarial proceeding…it’s all a lie.
    (4) Diana Rubens attended the Hearings in Wash, D.C. in 2009 yet her Regional Office in Philadelphia ( 2015-2016 ) was being investigated for the shredding of documents. It seems She doesn’t give a damn.
    (5) Monk v.Wilkie: I am trying to lay out a case that a Class Action Lawsuit is possible based on the destruction of claims documents and other VA crimes against veterans. The recently decided CAVC decision Monk v. Wilkie has opened the door for legal action. Again, with 22 to 24 million veterans fighting for benefits–some legal scholar out there may want a piece of the action.
    (6) Final Comment: Does Ms. Rubens deserve the treatment? Hell Yes!!!

    1. Fred locke,
      There’s a very interesting video you might want to watch. It’s Sen. Sasse talking about how Congress has, for many decades, become inept in their duties to the American People.
      He stated, Congress has passed bills, which previous POTUS’ have signed into law, allowing the many government agencies, including the Veterans Administration, to “make their own laws, rules and regulations!” In complete violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights!
      This is WHY our “rights of due process” and other guarantees have been stripped from *”We the People”!*
      Google, *”Seen. Sasse wants to bring back School House Rock!”*
      He explained it extremely well!

      1. Thanks Seymore,
        That was another great video of Sen. Sasse berating Congress’ inability, or ineptness, to do what “We the People” hired them for!

        Only, the video I was referring to was the one where Sen. Sasse (R-Ne) actually talks about how Congress, both houses, are NOT fulfilling their duties; ie: Voting on bills giving the many agencies the permission to make their own laws, rules and regulations.
        The video I was referring to is “titled” —

        *”Sen. Sasse unloads on Congress at Kavanaugh Hearing!”*

        This video is “14+ minutes long.
        (Sen. Sasse really starts berating his fellow Congresspersons at around the 4:30 minute mark!)
        It’s the damn job of the Legislative Branch, “NOT the X, Y and Z agencies”, to make laws!
        This is exactly WHY there are so many people in America pissed at our ALLEGED Legislative Branch; ie: Both houses of Congress! They basically “…have nuetered themselves…” over a long period of time!

        This is also how those reprobates in the “X, Y and Z agencies can get away with breaking every fucking law in the Constitution and Bill of Rights plus Federal Laws! Which is exactly how “Big D” got away with lots of felonies she could/should have been charged with!

        This is also WHY we need to “vet” anyone running for any kind of office. Starting with your cities and all the way up to the federal government!

      2. Seymore,
        Sen. Sasse (R-Ne) laid out the problems our Republic has been subjected to for a long time.
        The “comment section”, a combination of conservatives and liberals, was extremely well received from both sides of the aisle!
        Too bad the majority of the people in America don’t know how our government is supposed to work! Hell, most have never seen, let alone read, the Constitution and Bill of Rights! I’ll bet, Few of our government’s elected officials have probably NEVER read those documents.
        Our school systems, 7th through 12th grade, don’t teach “Civics” any more!
        No wonder millennials haven’t a clue what certain words mean!

        Damn, I could go on and on about how our government is fucking over the majority! They just want free shit. Never mind where the money comes from!

      3. @ Crazy elf
        Thanks for the information. I got to check out this video and see what the Senator’s got to say. America needs leaders unafraid to speak up, God bless this man, he’s right about VA and others passing their own laws etc.

    2. Sir I wish you the best of luck. Dirty people and people like Rubins was running the show.

      You mentioned a Class action lawsuit. Do you know attorneys who are willing to bring a Class action lawsuit against the VA ?.

      If so could you share it. I know veterans who want to bring a Class action lawsuit against the VA.

      1. @James Gallegos
        Don’t know of any lawyers willing to take on any Class Actions right now, but I believe there are plenty of attorneys watching the veterans community and our struggles. It’s just a matter of time. Just remember, when Mid-term elections roll around, remind these politicians about the struggles of all veterans. ( 22/ 24 million veterans ) We must organize, right now the VA bureacrat is laughing their ass off, but we’ll see who ultimately wins.

  6. From my understanding, President Trump cannot fire her. It has to come from the Secretary of VA – another swamp creature!
    Because, she was hired by the head person in Washington DC, not appointed by the President!
    For example: A “lead person” cannot fire an employee. Only the supervisor can fire them, including the lead person.
    There are certain “steps” President Trump must take before getting rid of her!
    Of course, this comes down to the Secretary of VA!
    I might be wrong, only I don’t think so!

    1. In any case, my dyslexic brain saw “Bait and Switch” and interpreted it as simply ‘Bitch”.

  7. Pension: denied
    Monies: repossessed
    Freedom: forfeit
    Neck: stretched

    Justice America’s veterans will probably never see. But one can pray and dream of accountability. Especially when it comes to this dirty corrupt cunt.

    1. Trump Orders Declassification Of DOJ, FBI Documents
      Saagar Enjeti | White House Correspondent
      5:32 PM 09/17/2018

      ” “In addition, President Donald J. Trump has directed the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.””


      Posted on September 8, 2018 by Paul Mirengoff in Crime, FBI, Sessions Department of Justice
      Report: Grand jury probe of Andrew McCabe heats up

  8. Those who responsible for Veterans welfare and over see their benefits should be held to a higher standard, otherwise it’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors, not to mention the Veterans and taxpayers left holding the bag, the President should do his due diligence to fire and deny this woman’s retirement benefits and use those benefits for her victims she left without

  9. Damn, Benjamin! Today’s ‘Bad VA Art’ has had the ‘Medusa Effect’ onto my cat. Upon his veiwing my screen w/Dirty D’s stone cold gaze of perfected indifference, he turned to stone so I of course need to further check-out what this stone thing is all about. 😀

  10. “[…Talk about a bait and switch….]”- Seems the VAOIG are still masturbating.

    RAND Corp. recommends that VAOIG wash their all glass conference room windows as well as their eyeglass lenses so that the foxes can better guard their henhouse.

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