Lawmakers Take Another Look At Taxpayer Funded Gender Reassignment At VA

Veterans Affairs Surgeons

The Department of Veterans Affairs allows treatment of transgender veterans before and after surgery, but the agency is not presently conducting the surgeries itself.

But lawmakers, mainly Democrats, are now asking the agency to consider providing the surgeries. covered the topic:

Rep. Julia Brownley, D-California, who headlined the group of lawmakers signing on to the letter, said in a statement that the VA’s ban on gender reassignment surgery “is not only discriminatory on its face, it also puts the health and well-being of transgender veterans at risk.

“Let me be clear: Denying any veteran the medical treatment they need to live healthy and productive lives is antithetical to VA’s core mission, and to do so based on a prejudiced world-view that disregards scientific consensus is disgraceful,” Brownley said.

However, President Donald Trump’s stance against transgender individuals serving in the military appears to make any move to lift the ban unlikely.

A 2011 agency directive precludes the surgery, “With one notable exception, all medically necessary, transition-related medical and mental health care are provided to transgender patients. The single exception is sex reassignment surgery.”

The Obama administration lifted its own ban in 2016, but that ban was reinstated in 2017.

Rhetoric aside, I certainly would not want VA cutting off my genitals and reassigning anything, anywhere. With the horrific track record of surgical foibles that grows daily, why would anyone want a VA plastic surgeon doing anything on their bodies?

Given the present shortfall of services the agency already provides, it seems unrealistic that the agency would take on this additional surgical requirement. However, I can imagine a host of funders for research on the topic.

I give it 50-50 odds of success in 5 years.



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  2. This is what’s called “elective surgery”! Meaning, it’s not a necessity or necessary for someone to live a productive life!
    Fuck off.
    If y’all want your dick cut off.
    If y’all want it turned inside out.
    Pay for it yourself. Quit wasting Taxpayers time and dime over your selfish whim!

    Is it because y’all can’t get a woman or visa versa. That y’all have to change sex?


  3. You want to get your pecker cut off or turned inside out so you can enjoy your homo fantasies without people laughing at you, thats fine. But the VA is not going to pay for it.

  4. Personally, I do find it almost funny that we are talking about She-he-its. I myself am in my sixties and don’t give a shit about what sex some one chooses to be. As far as I am concerned it is their bodies and they can do what they want with them as long as they pay their own way.

    There is no way us taxpayers should have to fund the surgeries especially through funding for Veterans or the U.S. Military.

    The costs of treating these Fluid-Sexuals has got to be astronomical considering all the pre-care, the surgery and then the followup care for life. All because they feel the need to change their own sex.

    Should the VA start actively doing these Fluid-Sexual changes are they going to also start doing the reverse Fluid-Sexual changes when these She-he-its go through their period of Hormonal Regret. Yes, Hormonal Regret is a real syndrome that leaves a person totally unable to function within society. It occurs in nearly 50% of these people who have had the changes performed on them.

    I have to wonder how many of these She-he-its will file an 1151 claim due to Hormonal regret syndrome. Of course these people will also want to have the Detransition surgery but will be so scarred mentally after being Detransitioned they will still need to be paid for life from the VA.

    It is one thing for the military to allow trans to enlist but it is a whole nutter story to allow a transitioning person in and expect their surgery to be covered by the Military or the VA. Their transcendental nature occurred before they joined and not after so there is no way the VA should even be considering this truly utter Bullshit.


    “Transgender Surgery: Regret Rates Highest in Male-to-Female Reassignment Operations”

    By Lizette Borreli, Newsweek, On 10/3/17

    Transgender Regrests on Twiter

  5. Won’t be long until c-rations come back with “new and improved” beans and motherfuckers…….wait for it!!!
    Leftist Dems and liberals, socialists and any “special group” I failed to mention, go back to your closets.


  6. I’ve had it with this communist leftist crap. The mere fact that we are talking about doing this for what should be a warrior class of person is a fucking insult.

    If you want this shit and think the VA should do it or people should pay for it you’re sick in the Damn head. Time to start putting the lunatics back in the asylums.

    Then again, leftists, communists and the whole gay community are sick in the head. They are all deranged lunatics.

    Enjoy the collapse of Rome boys and girls.

  7. I can *just see* the VA training material that would be contracted to teach the top in their hut witch dr.’s how to attach or detach penis and boobs to nonhuman veteran patients:

    Think ‘Pin The Tail On The Donkey’ game mixed/adaptation with ‘Operation’ game, red buzzer and all, sparing no expense. All body parts and pieces would have all dialects from all regions of India, Africa, and of course Arabic, printed for stretching that muscle memory….

  8. Do a search , there are hospitals that do not perform ” sex realignment ” surgeries , anymore . The reason was that even after ” successful ” ones . A great many patients were committing suicide and other negative factors . They were mentally ill and needed treatment / therapy for their mental illness . The US Military doesn’t exist to perform ” social experiments ” . But exists to defend our interests , right or wrong overseas and defend our country , here at home . As well , unfortunately they have allowed immoral Homosexuals , Lesbians and Bisexuals to join . Yet , proclaim lying , stealing and cheating to be wrong . As the previous mentioned . lied on their enlistment paperwork . Where it asked something like ” have you ever been attracted to the same sex or performed a sexual act with the same sex ” ?
    US Air Force 1981 – 1985
    US Army Reserve 2001 – 2002
    100 % Service Connected ” disabled ” Veteran

  9. I can’t wait, or hope I am still around to see the final destruction or imploding of the USA and it’s sick ass totally corrupt, perverted (Ancient Rome like), ignorant culture (akin to Red China or the USSR under Bolsheviks/deep state/our shadow government.) This article’s issue goes deeper than mere sex crap, operations, pro-nouns, communist demands, PC-ness, etc. But we are all supposed to bow to college kiddy or mob rule to survive in most cities or college towns today?? With most colleges today bragging about installing things like PC-ness into our lives, to having great influence over college towns, politics (right & left), mob rule, extending out to “several surrounding counties with each university” Annnnd in military life (a big issue today is male rape?), pedophiles running rampant, sex trafficking youth in gubbermint and by our shadow government foreigners are a big part in this (and interfering with our elections/life), freaks pushing for bestiality to be legal, has to be mentioned in the UCMJ, or to the VA that is mostly filled by those same lefty styled college graduates (activist/haters) and others putting professional ethics and decency on a back burner? Most media totally silent on some facts and real news. Trolls will love this post.

    Why should tax payers be responsible for such surgeries?

    Why doesn’t media report many issues of today like this and other confusing issues of life are the main causes of ever increasing youth suicides and no it’s all about dope or being bullied for being cute or smarter. Nothing like libtard Marx-Fems wanting to dress their baby boys up like girly dolls and sending them out to face the real world or to appease their sick veiws or agendas on the rest of us. They belong in mental institutions like Brownley along with other neocons and left wingers to stupid college age youth.

    Better support them all, bake their cakes, bow to all their shit or be shunned, attacked, put out of business, killed off secretly, or ruined for life. Group-think or be mobbed or shunned by leftist ruled college communities losing all basic human or American rights along the way. The new ‘murikan’ way. Good is bad and bad/evil/sick is good today. And while just being white, male and straight is a crime in it’s self along with truth. “1984” Then comes vets on “Domestic Terrorist list.” Whoa we just better be concerned with more crap and waste more money as the propaganda machines rule on. A cave man/female could easily see through all this crap …. but not many modern human bi-peds of any kind. Advanced modern intelligence and information age my butt.

    Rep. Julia Brownley, D-California: Another Marx-Fem piglet in government. From sick-o California to boot. Major hub for having screwed up priorities and being examples of commies to nation busters in full sight. How much $ is Soros or Israel paying her? She’s as bad as Nikki Haley or worse.
    Conflict Theory and creating multilayered chaos has worked, aye.




    Morn rant off. Can’t wait to hear from the trolls.

    1. Whew, you are an angry Dude. Please, for your ownsake, calm down and try to stay off some of those conspiracy theory websites. You know, the ones actually ran by the Russians that you seem so afraid of.

      1. Gee JS you sound exactly like those sitting on local councils and from local media. Same wording, accusations, etc. Can’t read either can ya. Typical neocon or commie. I am not afraid of anything especially the “Russians.” My concerns are more about the company kept of the VA cliques/circus harming others, of government officials, communist like you, lying filthy media whores, activist scum/SJWs, college town cesspool “leaders” circling their wagons, the deep-state, shadow government rulers called our “allies.”

        Seems you anonymous clowns/deceivers/corrupt/censors are the ones running on fear and afraid of discussions, free speech, truth, and some facts.

        Mike Adams. Another one helping treat cancer shut down/raided by gubbermints against holistic health care successes.

      2. A quick chat from some guy giving others something to think about. Got kids? Hillary isn’t in jail yet along with Obummer. What Syria is all about. Be concerned and research on your own.

    2. Great posts, T. you’re the best. very articulate and you hit that nail right on the head. good for you. i’d write what you write but i’m too sick. bless you. also, you never mentioned being afraid of the russians.

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